The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1931
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Served by the United Press VOL. .\XV1II—NO. 3G BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS T!IK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AKKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blythevllle Courier, BlythevUle bally N«-v», Blythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. BLYT11KV1LU-;, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, AI'RU, 21), 1031 HOME EDITION ~ SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS BASSETT Jobless Millions Menace American Security Driver Tells American Legion .Uiicmnlnyincnl, world wMi- anrl rlnonio. extending to njricuUiiral as wdl as to industrial workers, th? result not of icmnovary business ilnoiY.ssInn hilt of tho failure of civilization to adjust Its rconoml" ^ r u"tiire to the mechanization of production. Is Ilic one overshadowing prehl?in facing the United Hiptpq flnrl tho v.'orld today, Judge William J. Driver. Osccola, representative of tli? firsi Arkansas dis- Irlct in the federal conarrss. told Hnd Cism pnst. American Legion 1251 nteht. Members of the Amerlnn L?';ion who \vi!!:ii: a few years will b: oc- ru'pylnt Ih? i>lrr.-fs of pov.'or an.' rr?sponsibi!ity In the uoveiT.tnent of the- nation, musl fi" 1 ' 1 and solve this problem, Judge Driver •• cd. if Ihe security of American in litlcal and economic institutions i to-bo maintained. Farm Workers Crowded Out In America and throughout Ihe v/orld. In agriculture as well as ii industry, mechanical improvement are lakin?; from laboiin<: men th , oppnrtunitv to c?.rn a livlui. the s-ieakcr said, dccbrins! that si>(-:h of sncial and political unrest find fertile soil in the hearts and mind:; of jnhle?3 men. What automalic machinery his Gangster of Gang Victim Gnus PER IK Carefully Planned Menus Provide for Health ami Energy at Low Cost. MOTOR'S NOTE: This Is the first of two articles on hnw lo make the family dolhr provlitu Ihc nfost in food and other n"- crssilies. as recommended by the U. S. Bureau of Economics. BY RODNEY DUTCHER NEA Service Writer WASHINGTON. — Families of ..evernl million unemployed uorsons as well as those of many drouzlu- Schoolboy Hero of Bus . Tragedy at White House WASHINGTON. April 29. (UP) — ,-yan Untlcdt, schoolboy hero of ,c Colorado bus disaster, arrived the Wliltc House shortly nflcr a. HI. today. He will spend the day and tonight Ihc guest of President nnd Mrs. cover. Jack "Legs" Diamond, New York racket czar, near de.ilh bany liospltal from wounds Inflicted by rival gangsters who down from . ambush at a CatsVIH mountain resort. Diamond was i -•• ~ --- ,, , - ., ,„„ nearing recovery from a similar at- i ridden farmers arc | living on sUn- temut upon his lite In a New Yorkl"" lnc . cl . ncs . fl .!!. d .-" 1 ".. f .^°™ hotel last fall. eminent is underlaklni; lo tell them how lo cat as cheaply as possible ,and still retain their health. i The Bureau of Home Economics recently worked out a die', on wlilc) a family of five -two adults an; Hires children—could obtain nor ma! nutiilion and maintain iiealtl witli a minimum of food allowanc | of $6.55 a week during periods o 'emergency. The sum was based 01 average food prices In 14 large cit le.s and a menu based on the to 11'HCe SuSOCCted Pro- gesled diet Is given herewith. ft represents a food cost of atou ' cents per person, per I Even in prosperous times, it 1 CATSKILL. N. Y., April 29. (UP. ' ^™ d ^ £ rsons do llot -While .lack "Legs" Diamond's eon- ' j ood {o lnsure good he , u , dition grew sraduallv worse at Al- Normal i y . there are few cases o uspect in Connecticut Slaying Takes Own Life HAMDKN. Cnniv. April 29. (OP) —William Wctmore, 25. suitor and Insman by marriage of the slain inlly Kirk, committed suicide with shot gun and polsoti today as au- iiorltles nlannrt.l again to ques-t Ion him resuming the. girl's deqth. After his body had been founl .1 the underbrush behind \he tarm- louse In which he lived with his larcnts authorities said they bcliev- l li!s death solved the slaying of he attractive girl whose body vis ound after a village social at the Saturday night. .„ .• in ,_l.-i tcction (Kackct. already done lo workers in manvj banv hospital after his bein? sho. ' such M ^scs due to dietary den- lines of indu--trv the tractor and at n madhouse Sunday there were c , as scurvy nnd beriberi, bu oihor mechanical ennipment is be- r ' ! P° r , l ;'^ nn A , p ?. rso . n ;1._ °j^ [. th ™ I tickeis and pellagra are not un sinning to do to farm laborers, members of his • gang might | common and such troubles as tndl Jud^'urlver said, and clle-J In- drawn into Attorney General John i BEsUon> constipation, soft or ma re of reductions as crcrit as 80 i J- BenncU's Investigation of Dla-| form . rt tec th and poorly-shan; " "" is arc often attributable to im or DO iipi- cent in the number of Election of Local Man As Assor.ialion President Slated for Today. LITTLE ROCK; April 29. HIP) — Hie Arkans3s Bankers Ass'i^tloii at the closins session of its 41st annual convention elected B. A. Lynch of Blytheville president, for the coming year and unanimously adopted the new banking code. LITTLE ROCK, April 29 (UP)— The Arkansas Bankers association Aung .into the srcond day's'-session- of'-'thsi '.*)st convention here today confronted by a full program which will with the election of olTlcers for the coming year. The nominating committee was reverted to have selecled B. A. and ..Jas/. t annual ," u . for adulU. Milk furnishes the body men of wealth must, accept the »,.,,., ,-pector increased ta£,o r p^^^ a great variety of valuab* „ Catskill and vicinilv. ' materials. Canned and powdered • • - substituted It neces- thoir incomes nge pension!: nnd employment in sunrnc??. Tf \vo cannot solve th2 !ircbl?:n cinv belter way v.'e must re=ort to the dnlcv" Mr. Driver referred to Ihe movement already -under way toward the five dny wee"-; and shorter hours of I Tomorrow Final Day to sary. ' Cereal is also recommended In for S a ed Loans'' 3rgo <J uantit ' cs ' *creal and milk being the two things whicli supnlv ', th" greatest food value for the . MEMPHIS. April M (UP)- -With •* E sgsshouw te USC(1 nbun . labor as a pMsioie solution of the -approximately S2I.OW.OCO loaned to (Continued on Pa»e Five) problem, but indicated doubt if this j farmers in Tennessee, Arkansas, could eliminate the difficulty. j Mississippi. Louisiana, and Ala- Advises Asainst Pension Bill ' bamrt since Ihe establishment of Tiirnlna to Eiibjects of particular the federal peed loan office here in interest to members of the Ameri- January officials announced see? can Legion and veterans of the { lean applications would be refused World war in Keneral ?,Jr. Driver j after tomorrow, expressed the oninion that anything [ Tliis is tile date set In the loan (he American Legion asks of con- i regulations for close of the loan peeress and of the American people :riod. Majority of farmers in the fiv? will he granted. Within five years.!states served by thh office have he'predicted, the American Legion i made their applications, officials will ask pensions for all veterans' said, and In most cases first pay- of the World war. "I will vote for such n measure, and with apolosies to no one." slid Judge Driver, "because T remember the promises I made to the men who went to war. but I think furh a nension system would be a mistake." "'Ihe fairest, mos! equitable law ever devised, he said, is t're nreseni. disability comoensation act. He urged that the American Legion b?nd its efforts toward obtaining a more neirly porfect administration ofthii law. rather than sork to overturn the principle of compensation in prooortion to sacrifices made In the nations service. In conclusion Mr. Driver referred briefly to the success which effort'; to obtain a nostofuce anoronrlation for Blythcvlll; have finally been crowned, declaring that he believed C V Cunningham wns the man to whom credit is due for the department recommendation for this city. mr-nts have been received. LEHPS10 FJRTH DETROIT. April K. (UP)— Lieut. Krncst Warburton. 20. Boston, member of the army first pursuit grouo til Selfrldge Field, rode to safetv in n flaming parachute today after his Diane caught fire. Warburton suffered severe burns about his and arms and his right les was Inlured when he hit he earth. The plane was destrov Hospital attaches here said hh condition was "temporarily serious." Prices 41 Perish inEgyptian Train Fire CAino. Egypt. April 29. (UP) — Men. women and children were burned to death tonight when the Alexandria express caught fire near Benha. Forty-one -passengers Including (en children, -were estimated to have lost their lives an:F 36 others were in hospitals. The engineer of the train wa; unaware of the fire until a signalman halted him at Bcnha. A strong wind fanned the flames along th speeding train. All those taken tt hospitals were In a serious condl lion. The cause of the fire is un known. Lynch, Blytheville banker and executive vice president of the association, for president. Other nominations Included State Senator S. . Whaley of Sulphur Springs for ce president, and H. W. Jerni- >n, McCrory, for treasurer. The 'morning session opened with discussion of the proposed new ankiiv; code and reports of vat 1 standing committees. William . McDonald, vice president of the nnkers Trust company of Little cck, delivered an address during ic morning on what Little Reck anks have done to Improve their Killings. He was followed by P. Brady, vice president of the Coninrrce Trust company of Kanas Clly. v.ho discussed preventable auscs of recent hank failures. Past and present officers of the sssoclallon were guests at a lun- heon given in their honor at noon oday. Delegates will leave tonight for Farmer Charges Pair Robbed Him While Drunk George Duncan and Bill Payne were arrested by sheriff's d?mil!es nnd Sam Haulin. deputy constable, this morning, charged with tho theft of S50 from John Jihnson. Number Nine farmer, during clr'nklns hoik at Payne's place in the Oiines miar'.ors las! nlfhl. Joi'iisin. under Indictment for the s'lcotf'vz of D. M. B^tts In 19M. rm.-le the complaint against tho pair th's momln?. He alleged they removed the money from his pockets while hn was in a drunken stinwr, and refnsixl lo give It hick lo him. Officers are seeking another man In rnnnpcMnn wllh the case. Informal Senate Session Planned at Ozark Resort Courier News today resumes pi'hlicatton of cK«:in<* trices on a selected list of New Yirt: stoc>- Othsr slocks will be added to the list as requested bv readers. Her<>- LITTLE ROCK. April 29. (UP) — A canvas of all members of the UD per liouse -->t the gfiieral assembl conducted by Seiulor S O. Wlulo Sulphur Springs, shows that 3* o the 35 members favor an unofflcla session of the senate in the O?ar playground region this .summer. Accordins to present plans the sc-islon will be held In Wonderland cave at Bella Vista and will be at- cm MS i OUENCH FLIES TMIHtLEITB NP\Y East Texas''Gusher Fired l>v Spark Tuesday While Crew Worked. CiLADKWATER; Tex.. Audi 20. IUPI—Woikl famous oil field fire flshlers sued here loday to bailie Ihe flames enveloolnp Sinclair company's Number One Cole wild well whicli cost the lives ot at least ten men. . It caught fire late, yesterday two minutes before two derrick Moor crews exnectcil lo shul In Its 18.000 barrel dally flow. 'Coining by plane from Tnlsa were \i N. mid P, T. Klnely. brothers, who have extinguished notable oil and gas \vefl fires in all parts of Nortli America. Fire flshllng cquln- iiicnl from Longvlew and other cast Texas points was being concentrated hero (cdav for the use of the Oklahoma exnerls. Came In Out of Control The' well was brought In unexpectedly Monday. -It was out' of control from the time the oil spouted over the derrick. A disaster was narrowly averted then, bill roustabouts quenched fires in the vicinity. For a time gas sorcad over'such a wide expanse that t.Vnk builders walling (o erect containers could approach no nearer than a quarter of n mile. With the oil snout- ing wildly over the ground, an Effort was made Tuesday to curb th? gusher. • The drilling crew wns trylna to regain tools left In the hale when the oil began to flow, when a spark was caused by friction, resulting l< a tremendous faploslon, followed by fire. -. Brings Tell to 23 .. Last night's • casualties ran* .the death list In Ibe new east Texas field to 23 within the pnsl lO.davs The others resulted from a scries of fires and explosions. Bodies of five .of the victims snatched from the edge of the naming oil.pool about the well were brought to Gladewater. Several bodies could be seen In the . Inferno which spread over an area of more than 300 square yards.' She's Unlucky In Love Beryl Dorden, above, whoso opportunity to sing over radio came by accident, proved Juct as unlucky In love as she was lucky In placing hsr name among the stars of the air. Below, right, Is Irene Everett, the singer's half sister, and above right. Tommy Wilson, acquaintance ot both girls since childhood. Beryl Borden's Ill-starred love for Wilson Is the central theme of an ab- Eorblng new serial, Girl," written by Droves. This romance of the radio world begins today on Page Three. Fire Traps Negroes in Insane Ward CLARKSVII.LE, Tcnn., April M <UP)—Trapped In a locked room five negroes regarded as criminally insane were burned to death room wing of the Montgomery when flames destroyed the ten I noOSEVEl.T FIELD. N. Y., April county poor house 20 miles from 2P. (UP)—Hugh Herndon Jr.. and here today. ! Clyde Pangborn departed for Porto So swift was the course of the! Rico today In the cabin monoplane Charleston Jail-Breakers Arrested'at Bassett After Spending Nif/ht Here. Cnntured late lost night In n farmhouse near Bassett, In the lower end of Mils county, by deputies of the sheriff's office'hero and Missouri officers, Beverly Hale and Lundrnm Nfcycrs were back In the Mississippi counlv ,1all at Charleston. Mo., from which they escaped Sunday night after fatally injuring w H,-. Lapds .aged Jailer. The canl'irc of the two Jntl- bicakers was carefullv nlanncd and they offered no resistance. Clarence Wilson, Arch Hndsoy rind Sl-nlt Harrison, deputy sheriffs, nnd the Missouri officers, entered the home of .1 relative of one of Ilic men and found them sleeping on n cot. The pnlr seemed. EUT- nrlscd hv; cmnovod when told that the Ml:-- i jailer hart died as a rrfilt r,. .'no attack upon him. The two men, who will be charged with murder, were serving year sentences tor theft at tha lime of their escape. They'attack- ed th5 Jallir as lu 2i;'.'vcrcd their meals, .striking him over the head with an Iron bar so;"?d from Hie cell barriers, according to reports. After beating him Into" Inserislhtl- lly. the men locked Hvj jailer- In a cell, rcmovlrlir.the jail keys from his pockets. ' . ] .'• x ' It was revealed today that, the ualr ' stayed with - relatives . hers Monday night/deluding officers who were :watc\iing n house in another KCtbn oM.he city ;under the impression that It was -'occupied by tlielr relatives/ -..'•.' PoBee-! as Kidnaping Suspects ST. LOUIS,,Aprlt 29. (UP)^-A police drive against known criminals >vas under way here today as police searched for- suspects in the kid- naping of Dr. Isaac Kclley, prominent and wealthy nose nnd throat ,11st who was returned home'. Now _., . - r\ I' * hl-Hlt'lUHAl ' v» nu wua i vLiiiutu iiwiL»- Flight Is preliminary to ycslcrday alter being held captl'Je W l 1 P' 11' PI Ti-in b y kidnapers for more than a week. oriel uiraiing-i lane niu Thrce form( , r members of heir homes. Adoption of the new banking :ode which was presented yesterday by A. C. Kahn. president of he Union Trust company here, ap- learcd likely today. A special committee created at Ihe meeting ast year has beni working con- Inually on the code which calls for changes in bank operation de- sisned to eliminate danger of failures similar to those which occurred last fall. A feature of outstanding Importance embodied In the new code was the recommended adoption ol service charges nnd elimination of free services. Charges recently- placed into operation by Little Rock banks were given much attention by delegates favoring adop- tlon'of standard service charges. Blytheville- Entrants Conceded Excellent Chance in State Competition. Following a victory In the northeast Arkansas district literary meet at Jonesboro recently the winners of first and second places will leave tomorrow for Conway In hope of capturing honors at the state meet of the Arkansas Athletic association. flames only the 15 Jnmat« not in. locked rooms escaped along with James Powell, kceiicr of the Institution. The state contest is to be held Friday and Saturday. Because of the unusually high records made In the district meet the city high school Is slated to win first honors in state events. I Preliminary Formalities Make Construction This Year Very Unlikely. WASHINGTON, D. C.—Hopes of Blytheville residents that the new In which Ihey plan laler to in; a night around the world. Captain Lewis -A. Yancey. At- lanllc. flyer, who has been the advisor of Herndon and Pangborn In their plans for a world flight, accompanied them as navigator. Herndon, 26. Is a wealthy graduate of Princeton. Pangborn, 34, who will do most of Ihe piloting, is n skilled pilot credited with more fly• ing hours than any other aviator today. The men are set to break the world girdling record of 21 days set by the Graf Zeppelin. On the trip the fivers plan to stop In Florida and Cuba. Cuckoo gang, a notorious St. Louis gang of criminals, were understood lo be the object of the police jsarch.. Police refused to comment. H was underslcod the search was the result of a newly found clue. In the I meantime no additional statements were forthcoming from the Kelley residence. would be a reality In the near fu- Swedish Flyer OH On Greenland Rescue Trip IvTAIATOE. Sweden. April 29. (UP) —Captain Albln E. Ah-reuben;. not- after this list will appear on the' tended by Governor Parnell and Lt classified page, . ' Gov. Lawrence Wilson. All sessions • A. T. it T. Anaconda Copper 27 5-8 Auburn Auto 188 1-2 r^hrvsler 163-4 Cities Service )4 Delegates Arriving for National P. T. A. Congress HOT SPRINGS. April 2<3. iliP) — Delegates to the 35th annual convention of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers, which convenes here Friday, are arriving dally. Approximately 800 delegates are expected lo attend the convention with Urge representations scheduled lo come from Missouri Kansas, Iowa and Ohio. Brlscoe. voice and piano; Virginia Bourland, spelling: Woodrow Fisher, violin; Katharyn Denton, algebra, girls' debate and geometry; Evrard Welsburd. debate; Byron Morse, declamation; Thelir.a Wor- thlngton, Latin and composition; Kenneth McAnally, Alton Hood, Carl Rylee and Woodrow Fisher, said. Continental Baking 178 I!™ "* lnformai ' Scnalor Whaleyj x t rs . H ugh Bradford, Sacramento, 'Cal.. president of the congress, ar[ rived last night. She said the organization gained nearly 3500 nev: members during the past year. 10 5-8 Ocneral Electric 41 Creucral Motors 37 7-8 Montgomery Ward '« 5-3 row York Central 95 Packard "I can't see how any cnntem-1 Augustine Conrlauld, son of the plated federal building project not ; British silk millionaire, ha* IKIP. now under way can be started with- i Isolated all winter In a meteoro- In a year or a year and a halt," .logical hut on the Ice cap and wa« said Glnder. The join', committee I feared to be In dcsoerate plis"t will h?v; to p'.ck a site first p.nd ! and in danger of starvation. A rc- thls wl ' """ '" months. t!e to the land to establish Vst right New Pensions Are For the Blind, Not the Aged A state pension fund for the indigent blind, created by an act of the recent legislature, Is not to be confused with any form of old age pension according to E. E. Alex- , nnder Mississippi county representative. The representative states that ho has rp:i:-.pxl numerous inquires from p'-isws evidently under tha iniprc.'slon that the recent legislature estabiished an old age pension fund. Such a fund does not exist a'Micuph rumors to that effect ha>? b:en circulated here, it Is stated. The pension fund for the bltad provides for pensions up to $25 per month for the helpless blind provided application is made for the aid within six months' after the passage of U~o act. The act was passed on March 30, 1931. Chinese Leaders Unite ;-lll take from one to four j l!ef expedition lias been umtb ti | f n R evc ]t Against Dictator s. then the search of the tl- ifind him. trio. Air Quiet on Kentucky or more. The government must advertise for bids b5fore awarding the contract to a construction companv Battle Front Today ! for "reeling the building. All 111 sill. HARLAN, Ky., Apr. 29 <UP>All was quiet In the Harlan min- is year or more Is consumed before 'construction Is bc?un. "This Is the general rule and It B*by Girl Is Born to Clarence Saunders Family Ing districts today and the bands will hold good In Blythevllle. so far of men who staged a long gun as I can see," concluded Cinder. battle yesterday with depullcs were i ' . causing no disturbance. Sheriff I John Blair told the United Press. MOSCOW Receives today. MEMPHIS: April 59. (UP)—A si;: \ and a half pound baby girl was born | 7 1.4 to Mrs. Clarence Saunders, wife of' Rndto Com • 141-2 the well known chain store mag iMrs. Whitelaw Reid Is Dead, Relatives Hear _. . PARTS. April 29. (UP)—Relatives Simmmu Beds 113-8 no f c. today. "Mother and daugh-! of Mrs. Whitelaw Reid were inform- Texas Corp 213-4 ter are doing fine," a doctor's state- ed today the New York society lead- U. s. steel , 115 1-4 ment said, icr died at 9:50 a. m. WINDSOR, En?.. Apr. 29 (UP)— : omlnoi" -'rablings. The Prince of Wales came flying POW- •! political figures, sup- home today after a three months ported by military war chiefs thru- tour of South America in the in-. ou t the land have Joined In an at- tcre.=t ot British empire goods. | tempt to overthrow Chiang, by Accompanied by Prince George bloodless means If possible, but by the British heir cnt"od his trip of fighting If necessary, more than 20.000 miles when he arrived by airplane from Paris at; 1:C9 p. m. Both princes were In good health and apparently hap-| py to be back. | WEATT-'R of Serious Earthquake Brazilian Government MOSCOW. April 29. (UP)—Two serious eir'thmjakes have taken a heavy toll of life and dons wide Buy New Police Car A new coach model of a popular . low-priced car has been purchase.- 1 . | damage In Trans-csucasla by *he city police department to re-1 Advices received today said 63 Place the car which has been used j persons were known dead and hun- for patrol duty by the department rircds were Injured and many vll- for the past two years. lages had been destroyed. ARKANSAS—Cloudy with scat' tered showers tonight and Thursday. n i c n I n.,..-!»i According to tho official weather Crushes aao raulo Kevolt O v, ervcr? charl , s Ph!1 i lps ^ tho j minimum temperature here- yes- SAO PAULO, Brazil. April 29. | ter^ay was M dtgr.^s and the (UP)—The Brazilian government ', maximum, 74 degress, clear. Today c.-vshed a military revolutionary outbreak within a few hours yesterday and re-established complete maximum, 84 a year ago the minimum temperature was 61 degrees and .the calm today in thts slate. cloudy.

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