The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on October 15, 1975 · 79
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 79

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1975
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MOVIE CALL SHEET los angtlr mrtWed, Oct 15, 1975-fortlV 11 t- r i City Council OKs Filmex Grant BY MART MURPHY Timet Staff Writer , Good News for Filmex: The Los Angeles City Counca passed a resolution Tuesday giving Filmex $40,000 for two free daytime film series during the l two-week film festival. Producer-director Robert Wise, Filmex co-director Gary Abrahams and teacher Carlton Moss spoke in be- -half of the project It was passed by a 10 to 1 vote and sent to Mayor Bradley. .. . r Paramount Pictures' "Mahogany," starring Diana Ross and directed by Berry Gordy, set a house record at New York's Loews State II last Wednesday when it grossed $15,420. The previous opening record was set byjThe Godfather" which opened at $13,586. Castings and Script Assignments: Bob Merrill will write the screenplay bf "The Lonely Lady," Harold Robbins' new novel for Universal. In production is Merrill's screenplay from a book by Carlotta Monti "W, C. Fields and Me" , . . Lila Garrett and George Kirgo are preparing the screenplay for The Tough Customer," a Palomar Produc-, tions theatrical release . . . Jane Wyatt has a principal role in "Treasure of Matecumbe," a Walt Disney film ... Ned Beatty joins the cast of Paramount's "The Big Bus." . . . Susan Tyrrell has been signed to co-star in Max-Palevsky and Peter Bart's "Islands in the Stream," starring George C. Scott. The film "Dog Day Afternoon" is a story of armed bank robbery, bisexuality, transsexualism, media-mesmerizing, crowd-mesmerizing and murder. It is being presented to the movie-going public as a documentarylike drama based on fact. But Frank Pierson, who developed and wrote the screenplay for Sidney Lumet to direct, says that what is on screen is "due to a hell of a lot of imagination. My imagination. My research and interviews with almost everyone involved." Pierson is staking his claim now so that when Academy Award time comes around he may be eligible for a nomination in the category of original screenplay as opposed to best screenplay adapted from another medium. The other medium in question is a magazine article by P. F. Kluge and Thomas Moore which appeared in Life magazine in September 1972. Pierson indicates that he used the article as part of his research but that the main character, played by Al Pacino, and key people and events surrounding the bank robbery were "totally fictional." The actual event took place Aug. 22, 1972. "Nobody knows the real bank robber (John Wojtowicz, alias Littlejohn Busso, who is serving time in Lewisberg-Penitentiary). He probably doesn't even know himself. Says Pierson, "We tried a number of times to see him in' prison but he kept insisting on more money. I don't think he ever intended to talk to me. "In talking to people in the bank and his family I put together a fascinating picture of a man who had known f Al Pacino the straight world and the homosexual world and had presented a different picture to each. Everyone saw him differently. Nobody knew who he really was. "So I made up a character for Pacino who would have done and said what I think John would have done and said." Besides the Pacino role, Pierson says the character of the wife was farthest from the truth. "John's wife Carmen JsS ' was a little fat and had the "''.' same style of machine-gun delivery but she wasn't nearly that bad. I can't stand how Sidney cast the role or how Susan Peretz played her. I dont blame Carmen for really being upset with that portrayal "Out of fairness to the real people in the bank, it should be made clear that I never met any of them except the bank manager. The cop played by Charles Durning was also a ficitious character." Pierson says he is more than a little angry at the campaign which is selling the film as a true story. He intends to take his case before the Writers Guild. "Let them look at the Life article and my script and make a decision for themselves," Pierson said. Sidney Lumet, the director, was unavailable for comment. Pierson now turns his attention toward a final version of the remake of "A Star Is Born," a screenplay which has been rewritten many times. Jon Peters is the producer. "What's fascinating about this version," says Pierson, "is that attitudes have changed so much toward success, failure, man-woman relationships and stardom that there will be a much greater difference between this film and the versions which were made in '53 and '36. The problem is to update a story which is basically a sentimental romance in a time when people are harsher and less sentimental. It's a real challenge." Dino De Laurentiis and Nat Cohen of EMI Film Distributors Ltd. have formed a distribution association. EMI will exclusively handle De Laurentiis films in the United Kingdom. Upcoming for De Laurentiis are "Buffalo Bill and the Indians" starring Paul Newman, Joel Grey and Geraldine Chaplin with Robert Altman as director; Michael Crichton's "The Great Train Robbery", and "Raging Bull" to be directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Robert DeNiro. Jumping on the Bandwagon Department It was inevitable in this era of. uninspired movies that a film company would announce the making of "Claws." It is AJP's film about a man-killing bear. Alan Caillou will write the screenplay. le must hilarious military farce since IMS II ! It HieArmy's prize rxjmangiineapgs tumonthegas! GEORGE BARRIE PRESENTS A BRUT PRODUCTION ELLIOTT GOULD WHIFFS EDDIE ALBERT PRODUCED BY I FIX. HOLLYWOOD LAKEW00D CENTER, LAKEW00D 'WD PG HURRY LAST 16 DAYS! GEORGE BARRIE 10 GODFREY CAMBRIDGE JENNIFER O'NEILL 5Y WRITTEN BY ED POST MM MARMORSTEIN ' JOHN CAMERON AND STARRING DIRECTEDBY HOLLYWOOD CINERAMA 70mm s Stereoohonic! 00ME James CaanROLLRBALl(R) Sunset nr. Vine 46M401 -A-PANTAGES Robert Redlord plywood 3 OF CONDOR(R) at Vine 1ZJUJ:UU5U8:UUIU:JU 463.7161 50c Parking Opposite Pantages S. Pettier B. Cosbv PACIFIC LETS DO IT AGAINIPG) HlywdBLnr. I2:30.3i0f5:30 Cahuenga.466-5211 &O010:30, PIX Hollywood nr. Cower 464-6113 -X-WflRI II Always low Prices! ifflywoodat . ""'"d?) ir 2. Evervtnine adoui miiki M 469-5866 3. Around worm ranny nmiKj From 1230 Noon Late Mow nigmiy 12:303:00-i30 8 00.10:30- No Passes HOLLYWOOD Last 16 DasIAWS(PG) lZ:3r2:43'SUW:15 9:45"12:0f2:30 A.M. Sorry, No Passes 50c Parking Opposite Pantages VINE MASTER GUNFICHTER(PG) J5,I:h 2:15-6:30-10:30 west ot Vine ' . DOC SAVAGE(G) 463-6819 12:3r4:3O8:30 BEVERLY HILLS WEST LA. BEVERLY HILLS OHWilshire Mat Canon 1271-1121 CLOCKWORK . ORANGE(R) &30 DELIVERANCE(R) 6:30 & 10:45 PICWOOD ON" IS NOT ENOUGH(R) Pico at westwd. ,. 30. J, FRFE PARKING 8:30 LOS ANGELES AREA CENTINELA Centinela E. of Seput. 670-8677 EGould.'WHIFFS(PC) SPYS(P6) PfWTIIRV 1 Century West 1. HARD TIMES(PG) of C Shaw 2. T0MASINE I BUSHR0D 673-1824 3. THE GAMBLER(R) CENTURY 2 Only D. RossMAHOGANYIPG) JUGGERNAUT(PG) rinoAi Precio Ganea Carro Lleno Rdnr Brooklyn PADRECIT0 Z62-0MI UNO MUltH rRWR 9BDHUUa GILMORE 3rd & Fairfax 933-2211 HAPPY H00KER(R 5WINGINI CHEERLEADERS(R) SAN PEDRO Calf ey Not Channel 831-3370 " MATINEES AT THEATRES ( BELOW WILSHIRE DISTRICT WILTERN Wilshire at Western 387-6147 CLOCKWORK ORANGE(R) 12:3r4:30-8:45 DELIVERANCE(R) 2:457.0rU:00 WESTCHESTER PARADISE Sepulveda Nr. La Tiiera 641-5666 WHIFFS(PG) 8:30 SPYS(PG 6:30 & 10:00 WARDMAN Greenleaf Nr. Philadelphia 696-1238 ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH(R) GREAT GATSBY(PG) Continuous from 6:30 WHITTIER Whittier At Hadley 692-0077 CLOCKWORK ORANGE(R) 9:00 DELIVERANCE(R) 6:45 8. 11:15 WHITTVYOOD Whittwood Ctr. Whittier 943-6402 Special Engagement HIDING PLACE(PG) 7:00 & 9:45 Sorry, No Passes! MONTE8ELLO GARMAR Whittier Nr Garfield 723-2133-728-1219 HARD TIMES(PG) LITTLE BIG MAN(PG) OOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES TOWER Broad CAMEO Broadway And 5th 628-1974 ... ' 1. Master Gunfighter(PG) headway 2. The wrestlers(PG) At 8th 3. (font Rons Connection(PG) 622-9109 Open 10:00 AM 1. Stage Coacli(PG) 2. Sassy Sue(X) 3. lovers t Strangers 4. Don Is Oead(R) From 9 AM Open All Night LONG BEACH LAKEWOOO RIVOLI 5th St. Long Beach BT. 432-5480 CLOCKWORK ORANGE(R) 7:00 S 11:15 DELIVERANCE(R) 9:30 TOWNE Atlantic at San Antonio 422-1221 Special Engagement HIDING PLACE(PG) 7:00 & 9:45 Sorry, No Passes! LAKEW'D CTR 1 Facuf Last 16 Days Acuity At Candiewd. jawsipo) lakewood l:0O3:3r6:0O 531-9580 , - 8:1510:30No Passes! FREE PARKING! LAKEWOOD Tom laughlin r?MTfD 9 MASTER GUNFIGHTER(PG) LtNltrt I B0C SAvagE(6) Ct. from 1:00 LAKEWOOD once not enough(pg) pruTrg o 3:45 & 815 LLP! I tit i GREAT GATSBY(PG) 1:005:45-10:30 HAPPY HOOKER(R) l:fJO4:45-8:30 RED HOT LOVERS(R) 2:45-6:30-10:00 LAKEWOOD CENTER 4 SAN FERNANDO VALLEY SONGS BY GEORGE BARRIE AND SAMMY CAHN MUSIC BY HEAR SIEVE LAWRffi S (MAUVE RE IN LOVE" ON 2UT RECORDS Jf Made without the cooperation of the US Army COLOR BY TECHNICOLOR" PRINTS BY DELUXE P GlrMtMU. GUIDANCE SDttfSHO 3& IBlt'WFRt UtHAGinS CORNELL Burbank 842-8193-5:45 Gene Hackman BITE THE BULLET(PG) ODESSA FILE(PG) ENCINO Vent. Nr. Hayven. 7844233 CARTHQUAKE(PG) 8:30 It BOY t HIS DDG(R) 6:30 & 10:30 TOPANGA Iclockwork orange(R) TooanBa& Victory 3:00&&00 883-3300 DELIVERANCE(R) 12:30-5:45-10:30 Free Parking TOPANGA 2 WHIFFS(PG) 2:00-5:15-8:30 SPYS(PG) 12:30-3:30-7:00-10:15 LA MIRADA 1 Rosecrans at La Mirada Bl. 714994-2400 HARD TIMES(PG) LITTLE BIG MANjPG) FREE PAHKING Ct. from 1:00 LA MIRADA 2 WHIFFS(PG) SPYS(PG) Ct. from 1:00 LA MIRADA 3 CLOCKWORK ORANGE(R) DEUVERANCEIR Ct. from 1:00 LA MIRADA 4 ONCE NOT ENOUGH PG GREAT GATSBY PG Ct. from 1:00 EGYPTIAN Hollywood 467-61 67 UA CINEMA CENTER Westwood 474-41 54 UNITED ARTISTS Pasadena 681 -51 71 CAPITOL Glendale 243-4261 UA CITY CINEMA Orange 532-6721 UA CINEMA Los Cerritos Mall 924-7726 UA CINEMAS Westminster Mall 893-0546 MERALTA Downey 861-2281 MELODY Thousand Oaks 495-0881 NIGUEL Laguna Niguel 499-2327 LA REINA Sherman Oaks 788-831 1 FOX TWIN Covina 332-0500 TOPANGA Woodland Hills 883-3300 CANOGA PARK DR.-IN. Canoga Park 346-6211 .. BIG SKY Drive-In Duarte 358-2565 PARADISE Westchester 641-5666 CENTINELA DR.-IN. Westchester 670-8677 LA MAR Manhattan Beach 372-8500 ROLLING HILLS Torrance 325-2600 LA MIRADA Drive-In PARAMOUNT Drive-In Paramount Santa Fe Springs 921 r'2666 633-4646 SAN GABRIEL DR.-IN. San Gabriel 288-5502 FASHION CENTER CINEMA Northridge 993-0111 TITAN CINEMA Fullerton 871 -551 5 SADDLEBACK PLAZA CINEMA El Toro 581-5880 LA MIRADA La Mirada 994-2400 I : r M . I Alii A& J . . . ! . 1 I . ; . i . i L Mon. thru Thurs. Open 6:15 Fri Sat.. Sun. 6:00 Show Starts at Dusk IMPORTANT NOTICE! CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE! ORANGE COUNTY E.GoulrJ WHIFFS(PC) SPYS(PG) STUDIO Seoul, at Jefferson 3984250 CLOCKWORK ORANGE(R) DELIVERANCE(R) TORRANCE Tor'nce Bl. W. of Hawthra. 3794491 CLOCKWORK ORANGE(R) OELIVERANCE(R) TWINVUE Fieueroa At RedondoBchBI. 324-5127 (XINo One Under 18IX) Russ Meyer's SUPER VIXENS(X) SWINGING WIVES(X) VERMONT Vermont at Artesia 323-4055 LET'S DO IT AGAIN(PG) THE HUNTED(PG) VENTURA COUNTY SANTA PAULA . , , ,, Santa Paula Precio Ganga Carro tleno Fwy atPalm EL PROFETA MIMI 805-525-2121 IICENCIA PARA MATAR 101-A Ventura Fi Telenhone 805644-S595 Riverside Fwy. CLOCKWORK ORANGE(R) at Lemon . DELIVERANCE(R) 714525-3526 LnUDlegoVFwyASTER GUNFIGHTER(PC) Brookhurst(So) DOC SAVAGE(G) 714962-2481 HARBOR BLVO. happy hookeriri Harbor-McFad'n LINDA LOVELACE FOR 714531 1271 PRESIDENT(R) HI-WAY 39 BeachGGFwy BronsonHARD TIMES(PG) 714534-6282 HoftmanLITTLE BIG MAN ORANGE 1 , erf . , Santa Ana Fwv Sidney PoitiW itcCfan ' LET'S DO IT AGAIN(PG) 714558-7022 THE HUNTE0(PG) ORANGE A Tale Of Survival 4 A BOY I HIS DOGfRI 1 SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE(R) PAULO SO Fwy ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH(PG) At Bristol GREAT GATSBY(PG) ,714545-3313 Im SSSmL CLOCKWORK ORANGE(R) BcSHarLei,, ; DELIVERANCE(R) 714871-1862 BUENAPARK ::n , - . , Lincoln West "nty Drive-ln Run of Knott 3 DAYS OF C0ND0R(R1 714821-4070 MACON COUNTY LINE(R) ffiwof ";" ;E7J!0KER(Rj Knott 5 , . BOY t HIS DOG(R) 714527-2223 WARNER r; ,JU111;.,BP1 Warnerw.of . . E.GouldWHIFFSJJ01 eeachBtvd SAPYS(PG) 714847-3591 e Exit , DcLIVERANCE(r! 101 B ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH(R GREAT GATS8Y(PG 101-C .Gould-WHIFFS(PO SPYS(PGl SKY VIEW 1250 S. Omard 805486-1212 OONo One Under 1800 russ Meyers SUPER VIXENS I SWINGING WIVESX 1000 OAKS Ventura Fwy. Newbury Prk. iM Newbury prk. . U 805498-1163 CLOCKWORK orangecr; DELIVERANCE(R SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO 3 MISSION ,... . uqy (NOUGHIR l" 'rll. . BOUT C4TSRV1PG capmraiw - SAN BERNARDINO BASELINE 26653 Baseline 714862-8136 CLOCKWORK ORANGE(R) . OELIVERANCE(R) BEL AIR SB. Fwy. Citrus 714422-0373 (X)No One Under 18X) Russ Meyer's SUPtK VIXtNIX SWINGING WIVESjXI FOOTHILL 555E.Footriill Rialto 714475-2545 E.GOuldWHIFFSIPB' spyspg MT. VERNON 1 632 So. Mt. Vernon So. of Mill . 714460403 BLACK CHRISTMAS(R) IT'S ALIVE(PG MT. VERNON HARD tihesipg; LITTLE BIG MAN(PG; PASADENA SAN GABRIEL SAN FERNANDO VALLEY CANOGA PK. Canoga So. of Roscoe 346-6211 E. Gould WHIFFSfPG) SPYS(PG) PICKWICK Alameda W. of Victory 842-5723 Once is not enough(r) great gatsby(pg) RESEDA Reseda at . Vanowen 343-5550 (XINo One Under 1SX) Russ Meyer's SUPER VIXENS(X) SWINGING WIVES(PG) SEPULVEDA Sepul So. of Victory 7866520 " HARD TIMES(PG) LITTLE BIG MAN(PG) VAN NUYS Roscoe E.ot Seputveda 786-7510 Only Area Drive-In 3 DAYS OF CONDOR(R) CAPONE R VICTORY Vict. W. of. Cldwtr. 763-5511 LET'S DO IT AGAIN(PG) THE HUNTEDjPG) 1000 OAKS Ventura Fwy. in Newbury Pk. 805498-1163 CLOCKWORK ORANGE(R) DELIVERANCE(R) WINNETKA 1 9300 Winnetka Tampa off-ramp 349-6806 A Tale of Survival A BOY I HIS DOGfRI . SLAUGHTERHOUSE. FIVE(R) Foothill ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH(PG) 1 W.olCit. . GREAT GATSBY(PG)C 334-0263 . l BIG SKY M Huntington at : E.GoulrJWHIFFSJPG) Buena Vista SPYS(PG) K 358-2565 H : .4 EDGEW000 Carload Bargain Price J San Bern. Fwy. .1. Walking Tall IIIPG) f At 605 Fwy. 2. Wild McCullocfis(PG) 338-1156 3. Branniian(PG) EDWARDS - ... m, . .! peCL a A Tale Of Survival Live Oak A BOY l HIS OOO(R) . 4474179 SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE(R) LLA RdE : H TIMES(PGI S Temple City Bl. LITTLE BIG MAN(PG) , 448-8422 , - . SAN GABRIEL - . . ,..,...., m valley at E.GouldWHIFFSIPG Del Mar SPYS(PG) J 288-5502 , STARLITE (XWo One Under 18(X) R mead S. Garvey Ross Meyer's " 448-7631 ' SUPER VIXENS(X) 286-0443 SWINGING WIVES(X) ViSd""1 CLOCKWORK ORANGE(R) ! No ofVly. OELIVERANCE(R) 4 336-7518 I WHITTIER NORWALK AREA WINNETKA 2 CLOCKWORK ORANGE(R) DELIVERANCE(R) WINNETKA 3 HARD TIMES(PG) LITTLE BIG MAN(PG) WINNETKA 4 ONCE IS NOT ENOIIGH(PG) GREAT GATSBY(PG) LONG BEACH CIRCLE Pac.CoastHwy, .atXimeno 439-9513 CLOCKWORK ORANGE(R) DELIVERANCE(R) LAKEWOOD Carson at Cherry 424-9931 E.GouldWHIFFS(PG) SPYS(PG) LONG BEACH S.D.Fwy. at Santa Fe 834-6435 (X)No One Under lfXX) Russ Meyer's SUPER VIXENSm SWINGING WIVES Los Altos 1 SO. Fwy. BellflowerBI. 4214831 Branson HARD TIME S(PG) LITTLE BIG MAN PG TRI CITY Redlands Bl. AtLomaLinda 714489-2025 ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH(PG) GREAT GATSBY(PG) Los AltOS 2 Loslitov 3 A Tale Of Survival BOY t HIS DOG(R) SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVEJR) ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH(R) GREAT GATSBY(PG) NORWALK N'wlk. N. of . Imoer. 8684317 : ' Precio Gansa Carro Lleno! SANTO OFICIO 7 MUERTES PARA TEXANO WMTTIFRI WhitWol i A Tale Of Survival Rosemead A BOY t HIS DOG R 692-7581 SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE(R WHITTIER 2 HAPPY HOOKER(RJ LINDA LOVELACE FOR PRESIDENT(R) Wa!hDatWN ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH(R) Lambert GREAT GATSBY(PG) 693-3242 ' ".'ri '''i- ' t . - " (TuntwgtoTpaTkcomptom I 6364557 GaeEof MASTER GUHFIGHTER(PG) Gaffield OOC SAVAGE(G) 927.1135 " ' PakS5tN BronsonHARD TIMES(PG) RoffiS ' LITTLE BIG MAN(PG) 6344151 "Jacques Brel is alive and well and enormously funny in this hilarious, inventive laugh-filled farce." . -Donald J. Mayerson, CUE MAGAZINE I - UNO VENTURA and JACQUES BREL in . , .'. AHIMMIE THEATRE . EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT NOW SHOWING MON-FRI 7:00 1:30 10:20 PM SAT-SUN 1:45 3:20 5:00 6:S0 (:30 10:20 PM io67 Clinton WESIWOflD VILLAGE 477 0017 One Hail Block 'fam Bullnch SOUTH GATE (XW 0n Ur",w im FirestoneW. ' 1. To.r Of L.V.(X ofL.B.Fwy. 2. Strinje Desire 564-1137 I. Women Of Pleasured; How can someone care so deeply about the freedom of others, that they willingly risk all they have ; : everything they are ? There Is an answerl HIE IIIDIC3 FL1G5 iteBawwiqil " ' , , ' IPGlwmnmnwiiBsi :M,,ii I,, ALLAN SLOANE .mil LAWRENCE HOLBEN 1 ANAHEIM Century 21 Twin 772-8902 costa mesa soutn coast piara r. 546-2711 GlENDALE Alex 241-4194 LONG BEACH Towne 422-1221 REDONDO BEACH South Bay Cinema 542-4361 WHITTIER Whittwood 943-6402 ALHAMBRA El Rey 282-8404 MONTCLAIR Montclair 624-9696 PASADENA Hastings 796-71 1 1351-BB88 WESTMINSTER Cinema West 892-4493 SEPULVEDA Airport 692-1181 tire i tfti'li!, if ijI'Sl fi.l-'i f US ' ILfigf- .i 4 .I.i'i;.life'.ii Kay t' NASHVILLE 11 Originil i sundlrack aviiabtt on I MCRwyfliinaCftTiipei. NOW PLAYING at Specially Selected Theatres! FOX Hollvwootf 463 7184 v THE MALL CINEMA Santa Mnnica 394 CINEMA 1 Montclair 714526-3534 SOUTH BAY CINEMA 1 Rfdondo Beach 30 8W AMERICANA CINEMA 3 Panorama Cil 893 6441 EAGLE ROCK PLAZA 3 Eagle Rock 254 9102 CINEDOMt 20 Orange 714634 2553 CINEMA Huntington Beach 714847-960S "I predict James Whitmore will win an Academy Award'.' A Fill A fri-rtr -i r,ivi. niiicnva "BRILLIANT" HAN fHJrvCSCO txAMINtR "EXHILARATING" NBC HADIO INi, 'He, A Biff Cafitt JAMES WHZTBIORE ' as Harry S Truman in GXEVEM HELL. HARKY! , ,?JIli'vl'l , , , , , ' Pioduced on Ihe laqc by SAMUEL GALLU SAMUEL GALLU and IHOMAS J.McERLANE P(m!uci?fl tW AL HAM and JOSEPH E. BLUTH KBILL SARGENT and JOHN J.TENNANT , o.acKdbvST.EVE BINDER and PETER H.HUNT Technitnlnr omoitvBi- sol 1LBll an 4th SMASH WEEK! CENWIIT CITV. PLIIt Ccntart Pllia S53 47SI LONG (ACH, Lakewood tin 475 84Jt EVERIV RILLS. Full Arts 652-1330 , ' NDRTHRIOGE, fa!m Ctnlei Cinama 991 0111 ARCADIA. Santa Anita Cltiem 445 6100 LA MABRA. Fashion Squire 2 6914633 CtRRItOS, Alondra I S24-S53I .' RESEDA. Riseda 936 3800 . '' FOUNTAIN VALLEV. Fountain Valliy 1-139-1500 BAKERSflELD. Stocidale Village 11805) 3-il7l g.iwi.iii.n;M.' ii.'i-iu SAN BCRNAROINO. Central City ' 11141 114-1051 EL TORO. SaddletaiA 3 1714) 511560 PALM SPRINGS, Villagt WI41 335-6033 SAN DIEGO, fashion Valley 2 ' 1)141 391-4494 MARINA DEL REV. Manna Otl Re) 0336)24 SHERMAN OARS. Sherman TORRANCE, Rolling Hill! 335 2608 SAN GABRIEL, Century AT. 2-5166 610 PASSES ACCEPTED NEWPORT BEACH, Newport Cinema 1114)6440110 SEAL BEACH, lay -1431 9901 WESTMINSTER. Cinema West 092 4493 CHULA VISTA. Vogue 425-143B El CAION. Parkway I 1141 449 )808 SAN DIECO, Century turn 1114) 561-1611 A3

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