Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 25, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1949
Page 2
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J3.95 SLACK SETS ... $4.95 DREW PEARSON ON WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Som« Admirals Have Never Forgotten Their First Conference With Louis Johnson; Congressmen's Air Junket Canceled; AMA Was More Enlightened In 1916 Than It Is Today. Washintjton~-WhlJe Adm. Forrest Sherman has been doing a valiant job of whipping recalcitrant admirals on to the iinlflniillon team, Homo of tliom have never rorK^ltun their first conference with the new bccretary of derennc. The admirals find comn into LoulH Johnson'H office to brief him or. their budgetary needs, and gave him a long, solemn-faced recitation of how many men they required in caHe of war, how much money, how many shipyard^ how many civilian workers In thone shipyard.-*. Johnson listened carefully, but finally interrupted. "Gentlemen," he said, "If we followed this program-we would have j. budget of fifty billions for the Navy alone. Furthermore, there would be no men left for the other tervlces and none fo the civlllnn needs of the rest of the country." Johnson's voice was unruffled, completely friendly, but decisive. "You are wasting my time,' he continued, "and your own time — until you can come In with a reasonable proposal. You've got to coordinate with all the armed services. Please get together with them before you come in here again." To mollify the admirals, John.-ion added that the Air Force or the Army could have made the came mistake of shooting too high. But his diplomacy made no difference. The Navy delegation filed out -of his office red-faced and furlouj. They have never forgotten Johnson and probably never will. Air Junknt Spoiled Apologlen to CongrcHsman Victor Wickei'Hham of Oklahoma and Tom Fugate of Virginia. It. looks as If this column has spoiled their nir junket through South America Everything was all set for the»c two gentlemen to take a private Air Force piano from country to country through Latin America. In fact, Chairman Schuyler Bland of the House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee had even sworn that the trip was in the interest of national defense Ho hod to do thlH If they were to gel „ free plane. However, once their junket pli.ns wore cxpoHed in this column Congressman WIckcrsham announced •ho wasn't going and Congrcssmun Fugate agreed to take a regularly scheduled military transport plan.. lu Panama, then fly commercial airlines the real of the way Note — Though Fugatc's trip won t be as costly as having a private Air Foce pl Hnn to chauffeur him nround, the toxpaynrn must still pay for . h | H vacation Doctors Vs. Health Insuranco It looks like the American M.-rt- ical Association was heading bark •coward the dark ages. Most people AMA r a , !ize "' but in 191 6 the AMA took a much more cnl'glit- oned v| cw O f the nation's health uian n« current all-out r'rchl npalnst a national health program Back !„ 1918. the AMA's hou ,,o of delegates actually wont on i ,-r- *." ai> '' rovin « Jf'Jvernment insurance. They even pns'.cd a resolution submitted by their judicial council which referred to government health insurance -is cne of the forces tending to human betterment." Today the 1-n- guage of that resoluion would prob'-" ably bo regarded by the AMA as downright dangerous to the American way of life. In contrast to this 1916 pronouncement for humnn bcUcrm ' here s what the AMA stated editorially through the New Yo--k 15 ™49° Ur H nI ° f Mcdlcin « ^ Aup. hf'e: l prt ' scrvl "ff ""man "We readily admit that under It (the present system) a eertr.m number of rnsos of enrly tuberculosis and cancer, for example, mav go undetected. Is it not better that u. few such Hhould perish than that the majority of the population Miould l>e encouraged on every occasion to run .sniveling to the dcc- tor " Truman.'s Whltttln Stop* T3aby-kisning may be out of rlnte, hut the old-fawhloncd handshake :»tlll pays off In an election campaign, according to exi>ert Hnny 3. Trumun. Ho even cited statistics i.o prove hlH point In a. recent chat with District )of |qoiumbla Young- Democrat leaders. ."1 Khook hands with 20,000 people hern in the White House last year," the President recalled. ''Mrs. Tru-, man outdid me, shaking 50,000 hands at home, but I shook a quarter of n million during my cam- IJ.'iign trips." He added that he addressed 7,000,000 persona at Democratic rallies and "about 15,000,000 people saw me" during the campaign. Like a fight promoter counting th« house, Trumnn likes to keep tnb on public turnout.-) for his truvcla, Mid he estimated that about 600,000 men women and children greeted him on his recent trip to St. Paul and Minneapolis. "My St. Paul audience was one of the most enthusiastic I ever addressed," said the President "Bill Hussctt (White House secreary) told me we might to bottle it up find take It niong with us." John R. Ptjley, president, and Don Junior, treasurer of the local Young ncmocratM, both remarltn.J on how "fit" Trumnn appcaro-i, dniipllij his long hours oC work. "How do you do it?" they aiiked him. "! work my staff imrd," grinned the President. Proper Trees Make Winter Landscape Colorful, Cheery Trees and shrubs with colorful hark nnd twigs can help brighten up the drub winter skyline. It's comparatively simple to plan a more companionable landscape for the dormant season---and one that's fine when foliage is In full glory, too M. W. Staples, field supervisor of the Duvey Tree Expert Co.. ad- vlsfts there's tt wldo range of trees nnd shrubs from which to select your color scheme. For Instance, the Japanese maple has red twigs; the silky dogwood, purple; the Scotch pine, salmon-colored hark on the upper trunk and branches; the sycamore or planetrce, pooling bark that ex- POSCH inner hi.rk of bright yellow; birch, grayish white bark and the flowering plum bark of a pronounced black on older branches The green-twig dogwood in colorful, while the twigs of the rcdosler dogwood are a deep red nnd those of the purpleosicr willow, a good ornamental reddish-purple Color isn't the only important factor in improving the scenery the expert adds. Trees also should be planted for shape and tracery of silhouettes against the sky Particularly beautiful in this respect are the maples. When biting cold keeps -the family indoors, tree and shrub friends do a lot. to cheer with their placid and solid beauty. Oive Niiluro a hand, nnd she'll work for your aesthetic nnd morale uplift around-the-clock nnd through the calendar. SCULLY, Florist Flower* for Every Occasion *80 BALDWIN ST. IJ5O T. SCCT^y, prop PHONE WAT. 5-7280 For The Best In Jewelry C.H.Tomlinson MICAT PACK CANS More than one billion metal cans are used In an average year to pack meat In the U. S. Belated Reckoning BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 FLOWERS For All Oocailoro FXOWEB8 EVEBYWnEBE MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP UO RUBBER AVKNU* T«L BtZO RELEASED from prison after serving 21 years for a $100,000 gem theft la 1927, Arthur Barry, 59, enters Nas- Bau County Court, Mineola, N. Y., where he pleaded guilty to six old Indictments. When Barry Is brought back to court for sentencing, District Attorney Frank Gulotta will do his best to keep Barry from going back to prison. (International) SANTOS GENERAL REPAIRS Radiator*, B«tterin Washing Mitchlne*, Baby Carriage* Bicycles, Soldering UVWN MOWERS 8HARP3NEB tSO Rubber A»e. Phone 6377 What's Doing In Naugatuck A Calendar of Events Today, Tomorrow and Every Day Wednesday, Nov. 23 Annual Military Bnll, Gold Star Po»t, CWV, Falcon Hall. . Annual firemen's ba!l« 8«iwd»y. Nov. 28 Harvest pop, sponsored by La dies' auxiliary of Montanarl-Rado post, Cristoforo Colombo hall, South Main street. Fh.t annual parade of quartets, -sponaored by Naugatuck chapter of barbershop lingers, high school auditorium, 8 p, m. Monday Nov. 28 Naugat«ak Woman's club Juninr- ettea mccling, Legion Home, 7:30 p, na. Naugatuck Junior Woman's club pot-luck supper, meeting, Method- i.-)t church hall. Tuesday, Nov. 20 Meeting of Naugatuck Council of Catholic Women, St. FrancU' church hall, 8 p. m. Wednesday, Nov. 80 Regular meeting 1 , Proapoct street school Parent-Teacher association, 8 p. m. Friday, Deo. 2 Food Sale, Brennun's Store, 10 a. m., Sponsored by Glendalo Manor Community Club, Squarft dancing, open to the public, Lewis Memorial hall, St. Michael's parish house, 8 p. m. Sunday, Dec. 4 St. Francia' Holy Name Society- Forum, Rev. Benjamin Masse, 8. J., speaker, 8 p. m., St. Francis' School hall. Vesper service of Evergreen chapter, Order of Eastern Star, Methodist church, 4 p. m. Thursday, Dec. 8 Christmas bazaar and public aupper, Evergreen chapter, Order of Eaiitern Star. Masonic Temple, bazaar opens 1 p .mi,, suippor, 5 to 7 p. m. ASKS DIVOBCK A divorce petition has been filed in New Haven Superior Court by Theodore Dlugolcskl, Ansonla, against Mary (Fltzpatrick) Dlugoleski, Beacon Fall*,-. In .which he charges habitual intemperance, Intolerable cruelty and fraudulent concealment of a mental lllnesu. They were married April 21, 1946. "PAINTING PARTY" Members of Crusader Post Veterans of Foreign Wars, are taking part in an all-day "painting party- today at the post home, Rubber «« e i?i" 8 ' " OCOPdln K to Commander William Gerber. The home Is being completely renovated, he said Labor, Management, Ownership Topics Of Forum Speaker The Rev. Benjumln Manse, S. J., executive illroc.tor <if the Catholic Mind and iiHxoclata editor of Amor- lea, will discuss "Labor, Management and Ownership" at the St. Francis' Holy Name forum. Dec. •< In St. PrancSi)' School hull. The forum will Blurt nl. 8 o'clock. J-'ronldont John IB. Ash reportn that tlckotn for the affair mny bo obtained |f r o r» ticket chairman I Jamog Casey or any member of the j committee. Members of the committee are Bern'ard Sullivan, John O'Donnell, Eugene St. John, John Dooffun, Clarence H. Grcun, Jo- Hfiph Blarnnckl. FranclH Caulflcld, Alfred Fratesi, Coleman Decgan, Michael Kiely, John Fitzgerald, Wll- IliamRado, William Evuns and Mr. Ash. The speaker duccd by Mr. AHh. will be 5n)ro- ATTKND Ft'NEKAJL The Nauijatuck Pollc* - ment wnn rcprcncntcd at thv funeral In Watorbury of LJeut. Jo»«ph H. Pettit yesterday by CapUin AII- thony A. Malone. Lieut. Richard Oatrom, Stft. George Smith and Patrolman Ucnjmln Ezen»kl. Lieut Pettit wan director of the Accident Investigation Bureau of the Waterbury Police Dcpurment* HtMfeng stalling Comfort -AUTOMATICALLY YOURS! * Warmth of three blankets — the weight oj one! * 'Adjusts automatically to weather changes/ * 'Average operating cost, only a few pennies a night! With the G-E Automatic Blanket, you con laugh •I sudden weather changes! You'll be snoozing inugly under the Hght-wcighl warmth of onr automatically controlled blanket . . . alaiayi kept «t the temperature you've selected. (Jutl MM the Bedside Control once a MUOO^ Get your "automatic sleeping comfort" today I Select from blue, io«t, green, cedar, 72xM io. Fits any beij! Launders beautifully. Carefully made to rigid General Electric safety standards, aad approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, lac. Makes A Wonderful Gift CARLSON'S FREE BUSES FROM BEACON FALLS FRIDAY NIGHT Open Friday Evenings Open Dally Mondoy. Through Saturdays Until Christina* 5 Ce ** ft<Etfe * ! ^^ popped up At M. Freedman Co. the monTH Before Christmas And all through the store There were oodles of bargain s - . . * And gift-buys galore. ^ i \ The wise early shoppers were laughing aloud , ' As they made their selections ahead of the crowd. In no time at all they had finished the chore, :' And spirits still high,swept out of the door. • 'Twas the WEEK before Christmas And oh what a din — Every aisle jammed with shoppers \' And tempers worn thin. '•(•('*' •\* *.. Our moral? Be early and happy and wise! The service is better—and so are the buys/ Charge And Budget Accounts Invited y M. Freedman Co. Is Ready For Christmas m * S8 ** a ^^

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