Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 23, 1949 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1949
Page 8
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Caulfield, Juliano Retire John Zandowich From Ojeda Council Posts Caulfield Resides In Torrington; Election Planned Francis Caulfieid, past-grand Knight of Ojeda Council, Knights of Columbus, who was elected to the post of d<vuty Grand Knight for tht> ensuing year, last night tentlcrcil his rcsiffnrUlon of tho p<»?t. at the res'ulnr irretinjr of the local irroup j n the K. of C. rooms, in the N'eary Building. Mr. CaiiWcW, who for yearo haa hcl'l offices in the local council. and various rhurch croups, has <•»• tahlijih-d residence in Tr,rrinj.-ton and will l\n<l It Impoittlhto «> c'm-y out hi« duties fin nn oltlcer hero. ! His rcsljjriatlon was accepted by | the council with repret, and Grand Knight C. J. Woskowl.;z. expressed the feeling of the entire council in thanking him for hl.» tine work, and wishinjf him well in Ma new environment. Also tendering his resignation TOWLE • GORHAM • LUNT • WALLACE • INTERNATIONAL • WHITING Lay Away Now For Christmas Easy Terms William Schpero Jewelers 62 CHURCH STREET Guest Of Honor At Stag Party wa« Albert Juliano, warden of the council, whose workir.K schcdulo lui.s been chunked inaluntf it Irn- !.-,'...silik- for him to attend the rneetinsrt. Mr. Juliano too, was (fiven a risinp vote; of thanks for the splendid excrciaingr of his duties while in office. Elections to both po.-ts will be held at the first .-p^'iilar mccUng- in Dccombnr. Other buslneHH transacted at tin- mcetinB included reports of Ralph Hoy on the 'riianUs K 'ivirur dance to be held in the club rooniH (his Saturday, nnd the report of William -Adnmskl. membership chnlrman %% bo announced that tho Father Wnnat cl«.ss to be initiated ^jiirintf the next few weeks will equal the quota set for the entire year by Supreme Hrafio,imrlet a of the Knights of Columbus. Frank Owens reported that toys for tile needy children party 01 the K. of C. are coming- in satisfactorily, but ui-ffed residents of the borough to clean their ctdlars and attics of used and broken toys, ;md to drop (hem off at the col- Iccilon-s Ktulions in the 4>orcmr.'!i and lificon F.-illn early' ro" tliat !hcy may be repaired in linn:. MacDonald's iMarkct. on Church Kt.roet. OuwittV, Mnrl;nl on Hirh- land avenue, the Fire House- on M.-ipl.- street. Chuck's Friendly Service Station on North Main .-treet, rind Br-i'n Package Store, Mum street, Beacon Falls, nre lUt- od as collccl'ion stations by Mr Owens. John Zandowich was honored at a sta« pnrty Monday nifjht at Rudy's restaurant, ' Bridge street, with more than 35 guests and friends attending the event. Mr. Zandowich will be married Thanksgiving-Day morninR- to Miss Dolores | JLupkas In S3. Peter and Paul church, Wntnrhury. Edward Flt/.i'orald wns maHtor fif cpromonli'n, with ypo/ikerN including; Hnnry \VlthonUI. Edward Adarnwkt. I'^raiik P.'ilakowtiki and (xhi.'.stor Furs. Othci-H JitteriflinK wnr«: ICdward |Nnplcr, William Fo^nrly, Wall or Hii.'lrskl, Wallnr Wujtali. Henry SnwlcUl, Antliiiny I'allucovMtth, Ml- rli.'ii'l KnlliKinltl, Kriink BlHlnlnltl, Klnnli-y Solilnsiikl, Mk-hiu'l Snu<K- ii'lskl, Joseph Sxcuopitowskl, Ar- ihitr niuKokeckl, Theodore Swldcr- iki. Micluiol Glbran. Thomaa Ostrom, Goorfje BIffran, John (Jibran, Benjamin Evankip- wicx., Donald Wnodflcld, CharieH I'"inkf,-, Van J3or>tun. Van Vltalln, Mntlhnw Grabowskl, Bruce Mur- doclt, Jiimois Grant., Joseph White, Marion Bloamccnukl, Scot Polomski, Al Polfjiimki, Wnltur Plonk!, Adolph J'lo.Hkl .-mil Hits Kucut of lionor. PROBATE NOTICE I'ltOIIATK NOTICK DiHtrl<:t "I NailtCiilnrk. KM. ITullil'o .'wirl. .N'fiv. 22. A.I). itP-ll). ICSTATC: .,1 Jli.piry M. Tlllt!y. Idtn nl i \'nimalui:k In n;ilil DlHlrlr.t, il<!ni>iiMi>o. Thf! Acliiilnlmniirlx. Imvlnn f.jthl!illi-il lii-r affintiiL wilh milil i-Hiiiti! in UilH <'r,urr (fir :illnwiiiii:n, mill in:nlr iiniilli'n- llf.n Ifir ;ui iinii-i- nl illMtrllmtlon ol Hiihl tiMlnli!, II IH olinujIKD, Unit thii iHl flnv fif li,.i.f.|iil..-r, A.h. 1!H!I, in 2 f> I'lntilt. In Hi,, iilti.nuifiii, Hliuitliinl linifr ill tin- I'rlmti- lllllro In NiiuKlitllfk. lii! inj'l Ihc; nami.. In. HHxlKlmti Itir :i liear- IIIK 'in 111" ullnwani-f. D| milil .11:1:0,nit, Ului Ji|)|t!lf.-;it Inn ntiil llm Cnur! flh'Hr-tH Ihf AilinliilKtriilrlx In ulvo nutlrn Iliurc- "i, !>y |i(lMi."hifi^ llil.s . nrili'r in Mfiim; hfWHiMnu.r Imvliu; a clrculiiiliin in unlil UlHli-icl. Mini liy ifuvlHR with, fir by Hiiillllil! In IfHIfi'H .•iilrlr.jNMnil In f;irh nl (In- pcrmniH inti'iTBled, nnd ru.Kklini; wilh.nil lli<. |'i-f,linif. DlHirlrt nl N.uirtii- 'm'k. n fnpy ,,| I|]|H fii-fli-r. nil .it loas-.t 2 d-iys lidfrirf. snlil flay nl ImarliiK aii'l i-t-liirn tn this ('oiirt. AtlOMl. AXN N. UNnF.TlHrt.T^. Clerk. COMMERCIAL and DOMESTIC REFIUGEKATIOK WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St., Ucacnn Fulls Tel. 74SI Cill 6557 I 1 It 1 1 MA 'I'M NOTK.'K JJltilrlrl ,,l NiuiKJiUKvli, MN. I'nilmtn riiuiri. .\nv. sa. A i). r.H'i K.STATI-: nl .1, ,*,.„!, 1 1. |[,,il|y. Ink, ,,l N.MII;;I| in'k in ;-iii(| Ijirilrlcl, ilfH-nns'"!. 'I'll:- Kxm-iilrlx. liavliiK nxlilhltivl lu'r ai-finunt wllli milfl lOstnte In thlH Cnurl lur nllfiwiinci'. mill made aiiullriillnn d.r an nrili-r nl ills trlliiltinn nl MnUI HMtrit!.. it is fiIiHK'RI-:[). Hint i|,f. I HI il.iy .jl l)|.ff|ilhfr, A.I), ill.)!), ;il 2:|fi o'l'l..,-!! Ill tlif allfriioiiii, Htiiniliirrt time. u| tin,. l-'rf.liaii- (Hllc,. in Xiuiwitiifk, hr- i,n.) Ihc same in assiKiii.-d Inr ;i hi-arliiK "ii I hi- alliAViincc nl .miirt iirrnunl, ami :in- lillcallf.n iillil tlif Ci.ui-l illrnrtH Hip lOx.-i-ijii'lx I,, K H-f j»,ll r(r tlicrnol, t.y nnlillMtilni; thin nriliT | n H nin<- nt-WH- inilM'r hiivlni; n flri-iilnUrni In finlil l>l.i- lr|rl. jinil \ty Ifiivhu; with, nr In- ninll- Ifil,' In lf.'t(fCH arlrlrfKMfrl tfi «'fmh fi[ Itif lifrmiriH IntcrfKtt-rt. and rfMldlnn wltli- nnt tin- I'rnhiili liiMtrlct ol N.-niKMlil-k, a fnpy nl llilK f.rili-r. all nl ILILHI 2 ilaj-H iM-fnrf s:iid d;iy nl lu-arltiK and return In ihlK Cfiurt . ANN N. TTN»1)KIUITr,T., Ci'-rlt. THANKSGIVING IS NOT A NATIONAL LEGAL HOLIDAY.^ TURKEVS COME FROM TURKEY/ 3 1. Fact. Each state has jurisdiction over tho dale for this observance. 2. Fiction. The common lurkey is a native of North America and serves as the traditional bird for a Thanksgiving feast. If some of your relatives and friends can't be with you for'Thanksgiving, wouldn't it be nice fo call them by long distance. Besides it costs so little. See the low rates I'sted on the inside bock cover of your telephone book. Then call your friends ond make it a perfect Thanksgiving for everyone— especially youl ITS A FACT. LOWEST LONG DISTANCE RATES ARE IN EFFECT AFTER G RM. AND ANYTIME ON SUNDAYS THE SOUTHERN N £ W ENGLAND COMPANY Yale Library Receives Early "News" Maps One of the earliest examples of an American "news" map— dating back almost 1*0 years—has been presented to the Yale University Library, Tho map, which was made on AnRUBt 20, 1813, shows the Now London, Conn., urea and the blockading of Long; luland Hound and Ihr- Th.imnn Hlvrr by trm Hrlttah ilm-lnR- Uie War of 1812. Announcement of thia I;itCHt .'ic- riiilBltion was matin today by Alexander O. Victor, Curator of Imps In tho Y;'lo Lilin-iry. Tho map wne rircHnnle* hy C. HanforoT Hull, Yaln nn.-M of 1SI«, of MliJillnhiiry, Cnnn. The map WIIH drawn by Arnun Doollttle of New Haven. Only threr; other coploH of it are known to exist. One belonging to the American Antiquarian Society, of Worcester, Ma™, and tho other wo in private hand*. In describing the newly-acquired map, Mr. Victor ipolntcd imt' the oddity of Itn being dated lo tho exact clay, a practice on war niapn which ciimo into popularity about the lime of World War 1. By checking through hlhtory book.* and old newspapers, Mr. Victor learned that on August 17, three days before the main was made, the British frifratfln "Orpho- UH" and "Ramllliew" took up a position off New London, where they .am pictured Along with an unidentified sloop on Doollttlo's map. The 'purpose of thl« move waa to hottlo up tho American frigates, the "United States" nnd tho "Macedonian," and the ulonp-of- win- "Hornet." The three U. S. vessels nro shown lying- off Gales Forry, present-day Bite of the Yale crew'iH boathouse. Men's Chorus Pushes' Plans For Opening Of Fifth Season Tickets went on sale this morning for the first concert of the fifth season of the Naugatuclc Men's Chorus, which will take place at the High School auditorium Friday evening, Dec. 2. ' Paul Anderson, vice-president of ectly by phone. Soloist for th* winter concert will lie Dorothy HunnJford, who the crltlcH »uy pnmoaHda "not merely a lovely voice but a r-'-'raonallty to match. One of the fine young American nlnKeivi, who, with youth, attractive looks and abundant talent, Immediately commands! attention." Mlsii Hunnifnrcl lin.n nung locally nnd In Wat.nrlMiry In tho pant, nnd thn local nlnglnK group, chnlrmiin of tho ticket commltt.eo, haH announced that admissions may be procured from any member of tho chorus, or by calling him dlr- her appearances have brought only the highest praise from those who heard her. The Naugatuclc Menu Chorus IH Notice Jesso'F. Davis, director of the group, remarked after the group's last rehearsal Monday, that they were "coming along very well," which bodes well for another evening of male singing that will please the expected capacity audience. Christian Science Lecture Friday A lecture on Christian Science will be given by Arthur Pcrrow, C. S., of Chicago, 111., in the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Holmes and Mitchell avenues, Watcrbury, Friday evening at 8:15 o'clock. Mr. Pcrrow, a members of tho foard of lectureship of the Moth- In the procoHH of putting on the NAOGATUCK NKWS <CONN^,JWKI>NKSnAY. NOV. 23, iKO-PAGK finlnhlntj touuhoit on thislr pro-' /?ram of noInuUonn which will rnnun from a traditional HO.II chantey to tho ever beautiful "O Come All Yc Faithful," in wnlch they will be Joined by the guest artist, Dorothy Hunniford. <ir church, Uoslon, Mium,, will talk on the subject, Christum Science: The Wny of Freedom NEW COMPANY Ally. Lawrence J. Matzkln of Pleasant View street la secretary of a new company In Waterbtiry. A certificate of organization was filed this week with the office of (he secretary of > state by the New York Bakery of Watcrbury, Inc. Subscribed capital of $15,000 U lisU fd. DlMtrlcJt ol NlHIKUllll'k, MM. I'rollilto Cniirl, Nov. 22, A.U. )!H(|. KHTATIC ol Amilo Aflitimilt/M. l:i|p i>( NniiKiLtuek, in milil DlHIrlul ileeoiiHcil Tin; ISxeuiitor. having exhibitor! II)H account wilh snlil oH'.ale to this Cniir! lor allowance. unit nuida annllc.iLtlrin (cir an ordor ol distribution ol Hald os'iitr it is ORDERRD. thai tho 1 HI il.iy ol December. A.D. l[Mr», at 2:30 nVIo-'k, In (ho nftf'rmmn, HUinilnrcl llm«. tit th" Prolmln Olll<;» In NnilKiUllck. IMS nnd tho sumo In, usslKnud lor 11 hnnrlMK fin Iho allowtinuii ol snirl (irrount, MH! ni»i)llnntlf>n and tho Court dlreelH tlif llxniMitnr, to itlvii nollno thoronl, l>y DUhllnhlliK till* order In Monir- nnwn - pii l>er hnvinK ii (ilrmiliitlnn In milil Plv. trk'l, and liy IxnvInK with, or hv mitlllfiK In If'ttm-H n.fldri.HHnd tfi pnnh of Ih'i rmrHoiiH atiil residing without tlm I'roluilu HlHlrli:! i>\ Nmwilii-k, :i wi|)y of IhlM onlpr, all at IIMIHI. 2 dayx bulimi ntilfl flay of liourlHK and return to Ihls Cfinrt. AtlONt, ANN N. UNlVKniirr,!,, Clisrk. DON'T Buy any washing machine until you have seen THIS NEWEST — FINEST — GREATEST 1950 MODEL APEX THIS YEAR'S GREATEST BARGAIN _ IT HAS EVERY NEWEST IMPROVEMENT COME IN - SEE IT ITS J'llICK ONLY $10995 PAY ONLY $995 DOWN J'AY AS LITTIJB AS $1.25 A WEEK Triulc-In Allowanco On Your Old WiMher CLOSED MONDAY Xincoln ( f ) Siore 61 WEST MAIM ST. What a whale of a difference when WHAT DO WE MEAN when we say that in Dynaflow Drive* "oil does it all"? Simply that in Dynaflow Drive, the spinning of oil in the Dynaflow unit does what you have long needed shifting gears to accomplish. For instance — does it all / Here you are starting out. In most cars, you have to throw out a clutch and shift into low gear to get starting power. In Dynaflow, you simply set your lever in Driving position—and nudge the gas treadle. Oil spins in a sealed drum to give you all the power needed for starting—but there's no transmission gear-whine whatever. Here's a slow-moving vehicle you want to pass. In other cars you may have to shift again—with a definite loss of forward motion. That means a lag before you get action— and maybe another shift back into high after you have passed. Not so with Dynaflow. Just step on the throttle, and spinning oil takes the path to give you extra power for passing. Response is as fast as engine response—practically instantaneous. Now you are beginning to move. In most cars, you shift manually— into second, then third — each time repeating that press-the- pedal-move-thc-lever routine. With Dynaflow, oil simply spins in a different path within the Dynaflow unit and you move into cruising pace easy as a bird taking off. Here's a common traffic situation. Usually you go into second or low—in order to get a good fast getaway. With Dynaflow, just press the gas treadle, never touching the shift lever. Spinning oil will find the proper channel of flow to give you getaway power—power that's ever- smooth—and great enough to step you out smartly and with unbroken, velvety smoothness. Does that mean you never shift at all? Not quite.- For emergency braking power, for starts on very steep hills with heavy loads, for rocking out of sand or snow, you may occasionally change to Emergency Low range. This simply putt the entire Dynaflow operation into an extra powerful range. But for all normal driving, you can use Driving range entirely. Oil will travel whatever course is required to give you the kind of power you need without any gear- changing whatever. To see what a whale of a difference that makes — in case, freedom of mind, and restfulness in a long day—ask your Buick dealer for a demonstration. That, plus some very particular advantages in economy of upkeep, will convince you that Dynnflow is truly the "drive of the future." R. «ftlen,il at •*!'<! ail in SUPITK Jnrf JPKt.Mi, m,,t,l,. When better automnhitn* are buUt BUICK will build them Tuno in HEI-1BY 1, TAYLOP. ABC IJnlwott, e«mr Monday <-venI HUNT BUICK INC. 80-82 SOUTH MAIN ST.

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