The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on February 24, 1968 · 35
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 35

Los Angeles, California
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Saturday, February 24, 1968
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y ; Er- MUSIC Dinah Shore is a guest on Ed Sullivan SKow Sunday, 8 p.m. (2). WEEKEND TV Vienna Choir Boys Subject of Special ' "Pursuit of Excellence: The Vienna Choir Boys" arrives on ABC at 7:30 tonight. The special, narrated by Alfred Drake, focuses on the experiences of a young Austrian boy being trained for the famous choir. Filmed on location in Vienna and other sites in Austria, the program includes musical numbers by the choir and a brief history of what is now actually four choirs. Here are other weekend highlights. . SUNDAY: South Vietnam's President Nguyen Van Thieu discusses the war on Face the Nation at ,10:30 a.m. over Channel 2 . . . Sen. J. William Ful-bright (D-Ark.) gives his views on the Pueblo incident on Issues and Answers at 1:30 p.m. on Channel 7 . . . Asst. Secretary of State William Bun-dy guests on Meet the Press at 2 p.m. over Channel 4 .. . NBC's Experiment in Television presents an original drama of a girl's attempt to win the friendship of her mother-in-law at 3 p.m. over Channel 4 ... Dr. Max Rafferty is queried regarding his candidacy against Sen. Thomas Kuchel on WEEKEND TODAY ; "Strange Bedfellows," 9 p.m. (4) (Color) Comedy about an oil c p m p any executive's promotion hinging on a reconciliation with his wife, from whom he has been separated for seven years. Stars Rock Hudson, Gina ' Lollobri-gida, Terry-Thomas, Gig Young. (First. run: 1965) "The Magician," 9 p.m. (9) Ingmar Bergman's production set in the 19th Century. A traveling hypnotist -magician re-!- turns from the dead to ; haunt a cynical medical officer who persecuted him. Max Von Sydow, ; Ingrid Thulin, Bibi An-dersson star. (First run: 1959) , . - "Gun For a Coward," 11:15 p.m. (2) (Color) Following the death of a father, the eldest son tries to make their ranch show a profit while trying to raise two younger brothers. Fred MacMurray, Janice Rule featured. (First run: 1957) Tail Safe," 11:15 p.m. (7) ' Henry Fonda, Walter . Matthau, Dan 6'Herlihy and Frank Overton featured in the tense story cf . an. electronic "ac- , detent", which sends a SAC plane on its way to ! "bomb Moscow, (1963)' SUNDAY Tht Interns," 7:30 p.m. ; (9) v Michael Call an, Cliff ' Robertson, Suzy Parker, James MacArthur and '. .. Nick Adams in the story , of four struggling in-. ' terns; the women in their lives; their reasons for a medical career. (1962) "Flame Over India,1 9 p.m. (7) When rebellion occurs - among Moslem tribes- SWING Louis Armstrong stars, Hollywood Palace, 9:30 tonight (7). Newsmakers at 4:30 p.m., Channel 2 . . . USC challenges South Carolina's Fur man University on College Bowl at 6 p.m. over Channel 4 . . . Ralph Story's Los Angeles starts its fifth year with Story riding on the Venice trams along the Santa Monica beachfront at 6:30 p.m. on Channel 2 . . . Dinah Shore, Jackie Mason and Ed Ames headline Ed Sullivan's variety-show at 8 p.m. over Channel 2 .. . Public Broadcast Laboratory examines press and television coverage of the Jeanette. Rankin Brigade demonstration in Washington at 8:30 p.m. on Channel 28 . . . KTTV airs "The Heart of Show Business," an English-produced 90-minute variety special featuring Richard Burton, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Sellers, Tommy Steele and others at 8 p.m. on Channel 11 Folk singer Pete Seeger joins Rowan and Martin on the Smothers Brothers hour at 9 p.m. over Channel 2 ... Mayor Yorty greets soldier-singer Barry Sadler, actress Kathy Garver, Stan Kenton and Marine Maj. Gen. William G. Thrash at 9:30 p.m. on Channel 9. MOVIES men, a career soldier is assigned to rescue an Ameri can governess and an Indian prince on India's northwest frontier. British production stars Lauren Bacall, Kenneth More, Herbert Lom. (First run: 1960) "The Wonderful Country," 10:30 p.m. (9) (Color) A renegade American agent for Mexican politi-cos and a U.S. Cavalry major become involved with gun-runners. Stars Robert Mitchum, Julie London, Gary Merrill. , (1959) "Contest Girl," 11:30 p.m. (4) (Color) ; ; . Drama about the pretty . and not - so - pretty aspects of the beauty contest business. Features Linda Christian, Janette Scott and Edmund Pur-dom. (First run: 1966) "Tribute to a Bad Man," 11:45 p.m. (7) (Color) A powerful man with a strong will loses all friendship when his pas-sion for his horses drives him to acts of cruelty. James Cagney, Irene Papas, Don Dubbins star. (1956) Channel Call Letters Changed ; KMTW - TV (Channel ' 52), the Kaiser station ' serving Southern California, has changed its call letters, to KBSC-TV. The new call sign serves two purposes.. SC identifies with Southern California and KB is the group identification for Kaiser Broadcasting. KBSC is the sixth Kaiser station to have KB within its call Others are WKBD Detroit, WKBF Cleveland, WKBG Boston, WKBS Philadelphia and KBHK San Francisco. FORECASTS Universal Wtattsr ferric IAN FRANCISCO BAY AREAt Cloudy wrni Mfcnr ground m morning nours, becomlrvfl partly cwudv mid momina through late tvenlna tc-tty and Sunday. Wind westerly to 12 m.p.h. Hish today nd Sunday. Si to 42. Low Sunday. 41 to .'- NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, COASTAL AREA: Cloudy with Intermittent rain showers today and Sunday. Winds southwesterly lu to IS m.pJi. High today and sunaay, 10 as. low aunaey, aiou. NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. VALLEYS AND MOUNTAINS: Cloudy with scattered rain and snow showers today becoming isolated Sunday. Snow level near 4,500 ft. Winds westerly 10 to 20 m.p.h. today, Becoming variaMe s to is m.P.n. Sunday. High today and Sunday, 40 to 50. Low Sunday, z to ss. SAN JOAQUIN VALLEYi Partly cloudy today and Sunday, with some patchy ground too beginning early Sunday morn ing. Winds variable 5 to 12 m.p.n. High today and Sunday, 60 to 61. Low Sunday, 41 to tt. SANTA MARIA-SAN LUIS OIISPO: Some patchy tow c touch and fog remaining mostly off-shore with partly cloudy today and Sunday. Winds westerly 10 to 14 m.p.n. Hign today ana sunaay, to . Low Sunday, 44 to Si. MONTEREY BAY AREAt Cloudy with patchy ground fog morning hours, becom ing partly cloudy mid-morning through lata evening today and Sunday, winds westerly S to 10 m.p.h. High today and Sunday, 55 to 62. Low Sunday, 47 to 53. SIERRA NEVADA: Cloudy with scattered rain and snow showers today becoming isolated Sunday. Snow level near 4,500 ft. northern portion, 6,500 ft. southern portion. Winds westerly 10 to II m.p.h. today, becoming variable 5 to 15 m.p.n. Sunday, nign tooay ana Sunday. 6,000 ft., 38 to 46; t,000 ft., 34 to 44. Low Sunday, 6,000 ft., 20 to X; 1,000 ft., I to It. SOUTHERN NEVADAt Variable hiah cloudiness today and Sunday. Winds variable 5 to 15 m.p.h. with soma gustiness below mountains. High today and Sunday, 70 to M. Low Sunday, 44 to 54. COASTAL WEATHER POINT CONCEPTION TO POINT DUME: Patchy low clouds and fog over coastal waters, otherwise partly cloudy skies today and Sunday. Winds westerly 10 to 16 m.p.h. with some northwesterlies off shore to 20 m.p.h. High today and Sunday, 65 to 74. Low Sunday, 48 to 56. POINT DUME TO MEXICAN BORDER: Patchy low clouds and fog over coastal waters, otherwise partly cloudy skies today and Sunday. Winds westerly 10 to 16 m.p.h. High today and Sunday, 66 to 76. Low Sunday, 50 to 58. SUMMARIES U.S. Woathar Bureau WESTERN WEATHER SUMMARY A weakening weather front extended from Wyoming through southcentral Utah, then westward Into California. The front moved toward the southeast, but with little weather along the south portion. A high pressure of 1026 millibars was centered near 30 north 121 west or about 650 miles west-southwest of Los Angeies. A weak pressure noae extended north and northeast through Northern California Into northern Nevada. A low- pressure area covered the Northeast Pa. cific and Gulf of Alaska, with lowest pressure 991 millibars about 850 miles off the Washington coast. Fair weather prevailed along the southern California coast. There was variable cloudiness from Central California north and a few light showers were reported along the Oregon and Washington coasts. NATIONAL WEATHER SUMMARY A variety ef hazardous winterv weather continued to grip the Deep South. A low on the central coast of Western Florida set off wet, wlntery weather on the Gulf Coast. The low has turned Northeast into the Atlantic, snow amounts up to 5 Inches were reported1 at some Interior sections of Louisiana and Mississippi. Temperatures hovered in the mid 30s. Southern Florida was mostly cloudy, warm and humid with showers and locally heavy thunderstorms. Temperatures still remained on tne coia side east of the Rockies, although readings have been moderating very slowly the last few days. Mild or warm weather continued west of the Rockies. Warm 80-degree weather was reported in extreme Southern Florida and over the desert southwest, with a 90 at Imperial, Calif., as the nation's hot spot. LOCAL TEMPERATURES Friday's maximum and minimum temperatures at Southern California points, as reported to the Los Angeies office of me U.S. w earner Bureau, were as follows: Station Max.Mln. 83 58 77 37 75 56 64 - 27 73 34 82 56 82 55 90 52 72 51 4 36 78 47 76 52 58 36 83 53 72 52 86 ' 61 77 51 87 58 59 29 84 51 83 40 84 46 77 54 85 ' 50 83 51 84 59 70 55 70 57 66 42 Big Burbank Airport Culver City El centra Palmdale Palm Sorli Palm Spr Santa Ana Santa Barbara Airport Santa Monica Pier RELATIVE HUMIDITY High, 49; low 35 TEMPERATURES AND PRECIPITATION OVER THE FAR WEST FRIDAY PrecW- Station Max. Min. tation Albuquerque 25 11 .02 Eureka 59 43 .42 Flagstaff 56 26 .... Las Vegas 75 49 Phoenix 76 45 .... Portland, Ore. 63 49 .41 Red Bluff 63 58 .12 Reno 67 50 .... Sacramento 73 58 .05 San Francisco ... 64 57 .03 Seattle 56 49 .53 Yellowstone 37 23 . .01 TEMPERATURES & PRECIPITATION . OVER THE NATION FRIDAY Preclpl- Station Max. Mln. tation Albany, N.Y. 25 11 .02 Amarlllo 45 16 .... Asheville 44 15 ... Atlanta 38 26 .03 Billings 48 32 - . .02 Birmingham 46 25 Bismarck 21 9 .... Boise 61 43 .30 Boston 30 20 .... Brownsville 52 39 .... Buffalo .....20 16 .03 Burlington, Vt. .......... 15 2 .02 Casper 46 26 .... Charleston, S.C. 39 34 .30 Charleston, W.Va 34 4 .... Charlotte, N.C 44 22 .... xChattanooga 43 23 .... Chicago 38 18 .... Cincinnati 36 1 Cleveland 27 .... Columbus, 0. . 35 7 .... xCorpus Chrlstl 48 32 .... Denver 55 27 .02 Des Moines 32 2 .... Detroit , 37 14 .... Duluth ..., 31 -2 .... El Paso 67 38 Fairbanks -5 -19 .04 Fargo 21 -12 .... Fort Worth 38 26 .07 Great Falls 51 35 .... xHatteras 41 33 .... Havana 84 68 .... Helena 54 33 .... Honolulu 81 64 .... Houston 40 32 .01 Indianapolis 39 7 .... Jackson, Miss. 38 27 . 29 Jacksonville 49 42 1 11 Juneau 43 32 .21 Kansas City 36 22 Utile Rock 42 25 .... Louisville 31 10 .... Memphis 42 23 Miami Beach 76 43 Midland, Tex 51 20 .... Milwaukee 30 11 .... Mlnneapolls-St. Paul 24 0 .... New Orleans ... 36 33 .17 New York 39 23 North Platte 28 8 .... Oklahoma City ......... 31 21 .01 Omaha .................a 29 11 .... Philadelphia 42 21 Pittsburgh -..27 13 .... Portland, Mo. 26 10 .... xPresldia 73 38 .... Raleigh 40 16 .... Rapid City 29 18 .02 Richmond 47 21 St. Louis 37 11 St. Petersburg, Tampa ..69 58 .09 Salt Lake City 51 40 .13 San Antonio 47 29 Sault Ste. Maria 22 13 .01 Shroveeort . 40 . 26 .04 Spokane 56 41 .38 Tucson 75 44 .... Washington 43 20 .... Wichita 31 22 .... x Unofficial. CANADIAN STATIONS Calgary Edmonton Montreal Ottewe 18 12 t t a 4 Toronto Winnipeg Vancouver .10 .... 40 .... 23 .... IS .... 13 .... 19 .... .... St 1 1 v9Hs vreAsCerN fjAI I mam l dm, . n : I " U IX SAM XNTO . - - bbs v -v m El&SSl&i SUNDAY FORECAST! N Copyrltm, 1947, Figures beside the station circle Indlcato the Mgn temperature predicted for today. COLD FRONT: A boundary line between cold air ana mass of warmer air under which the colder air pushes like wedge, usually advancing southward and eastward. WARM FRONT: A boundary between warm air and retreating wedge of colder air over which the warm air is forced as It advances, usually northward and eastward. STATIONARY FRONT: A line along which warm air has been lifted from the earth's surface by the action ot opposing wedges of cold air. The lifting of the warm air often causes precipitation along the front. OCCLUDED FRONT: A cold front which overtakes a smuts QBiyo 70 53 smito yum HMMnHHW(fMiMMimimi.i WJMMBT 54 WATER TEMP. 57 ;wrr mowica IMS ) 78 1 SEA IEVH PRESSURE INCHES OF MERCURY 3Q.18 HIGHS FOR SATURDAY LOWS FOR SUNDAY SOUTHLAND FORECAST k Universal Weather Service LOS ANGELES: Variable high clouds with continued warm temperatures today and Sunday. Winds variable 5 to 10 m.p.h. High today and Sunday, near 78. Low Sunday, near 58. BEACHES: Patches of fog over waters, otherwise mostly fair with variable high clouds today and Sunday. Winds westerly 8 to 16 m.p.h. High today and Sunday, 68 to 76. Low Sunday, 50 to 60. MOUNTAINS: Variable high cloudiness today and Sunday. Winds variable 5 to 15 m.p.h. with gustiness below canyons. High today and Sunday, 52 to 62. Low Sunday, 36 to 46. SAN FERNANDO VALLEY: Variable high cloudiness today and Sunday, Winds variable 5 to 10 m.p.h., with some northerlies reaching 20 m.p.h. northern foothills. High today and Sunday, 76 to 84. Low Sunday, 50 to 58. SAN GABRIEL VALLEY: Variable high cloudiness today and Sunday. Winds variable 5 to 12 m.p.h. High today and Sunday, 75 to 83. Low Sunday, 50 to 58. SAN BERNARDINO. RIVERSIDE: Variable high cloudiness today and Sunday. Winds variable 5 to 15 m.p.h. High today and Sunday, 75 to 83. Low Sunday, 40 to 48. ORANGE COUNTY: Variable high cloudiness today and Sunday. Winds westerly 8 to 14 m.p.h. along western portion, otherwise variable 5 to 12 m.p.h. High today and Sunday, 74 to 80. Low Sunday, 48 to 58. SAN DIEGO: Variable high clouds today and Sunday. Some patchy low clouds and fog over coastal waters. Winds westerly 8 to 14 m.p.h. High today and Sunday, 74 to 79. Low Sunday, 52 to 57. UPPER AND LOWER DESERTS: Variable high cloudiness today and Sunday. Winds northeasterly 10 to 20 m.p.h. High today and Sunday, upper deserts 66 to 76, lower deserts, 78 to 88. Low Sunday, upper deserts, 46 to 56, lower deserts, 50 to 58. FOREIGN CITIES (Local Time, Friday) City Weather Temp. Berlin. 1 a.m Snow 32 Cairo, 2 p.m Clear 66 Hong Kong, p.m ciouoy ss London, 12 noon Snow 36 Manila, I p.m Partly Cloudy 77 Mexico City Haze 75 Moscow, 3 p.m .Snow 27 Paris, 1 p.m ciouoy 3f Rome, 1 p.m Cloudy 59 Saigon, t p.m Partly Cloudy 81 Tel Aviv, 2 p.m Cloudy 66 Tokyo, p.m ...Cloudy 34 VITAL RECORDS Dtatf Funtrof Announnmanft ALtAX. Edith, mother of Wllma M. Kicnarason. winurea Schmidt and Robert W. Allan. also 13 uranachiidren. Service Monday 1 p.m. at Rainbow Chapel, Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier. Rose Hills Mortuary, dlrectitur. ARNOLD, Letha M. Forest Idwn-Hollywood Hills. BAILEY. William, beloved husband ot LiUia u. uaney. Service 10 a.m., Monday, at Pierce Brothers' Ingle wood Park Mortuary. . BALTJE, Robert N. Cunningham & O'Connor Alhambra Mortuary. BARNETT, William Oscar. lAtm Anneles Mortuary, inter ment Verduro Kills Cemetery. BENDER, Adelheld 8.. a resident of LOs Aiieeies for 65 years. survived by her nephew Mat thew Bender of Ltot Angeies, nieces Lois Zehring of Long . Beach,. Eunice Steele of Garden Grove, Etta Sumner of Pacific Grove, v Neva Renter of Los Angeles and sister-in-law HatUe Bender of Long Beach. Recitation of Rosary Sunday o:au p.m. at ingiewooa Mortu rjr Garden Chapel, 1206 Cen-tinela (OR. 8-3381). Mass Mon day 10 a.m. at Transfiguration Catholic Church. Interment Holy cross. . . BENSON. Ida N. Forest Lawn-Glendale. . BIGELOW, Geraldine. BISBEE. Henrr K husband of Nan. father of Mrs. Patricia Jame son, Mrs. wuilam Grant, Mrs. - Lynn Paul Grlnn, V. W. and Dr. E. F. Blsbeo, also IS grandchildren. Rosary Sunday 8 pjn. and ' Requiem Mass Monday 9 a.m. both at St Phlllo Church. Pass dena. Cabot aV Sons, Pasadena, directors. BOREA, Marianna, beloved wife of r ranK a. Borea of West Covins, lovina mother of Mrs. Josephine Ansstasl of West Covlna and Mrs. Camllle See- lenDinaer or Santa Barbara also survived by 3 brothers and 4 sisters. Recitation of the Rosary Friday 7:30 p.m. at Valley Community Chapel, Requiem Mass Saturday fl a.m. at St. Chriirtopher catholic Church. interment Queen or Heaven cemetery. Valley Community inapei. Directors. i( g, uen-dora Ave, (3324225). iimtsi mm m mm 015' talbi sur iBt ilm ru OKLAHOMA f y A ft. worm t Vi 55CCWJS CHRIST! '58QU0WNSV11LE moor) COLD WARM STATIONARY OCCLUDED DIRECTION OF WIND FRONT FRONT FRONT ' mnv O CLEAR 3 CLOUDY SNOW miles per hewOrtmO Om OsOlwoOzMS The Log Angeles Times From Universal warm front, lifting too. rain at snow. Isobars (solid black lines) connect points ot barometric pressure and form pressure patterns control air flaw. Labels are In Inches ef mercury. 58 1 46 1 sutjjntMora t0SMKB.ES I 0" A A I 0 wtn, (.emu w 7858l:",.-myB(Dr-- civic etiffa LM iasEEI 53 g8252 90 1 55 PALM SPRUUS LUBE COSTA KM ItEWORt WATER TEMP. 59 L7655 aUT ..! J?.U Deaths, Funeral Announcement! BOWKER, Mrs. TjnretU T be loved wue or uewiw g. .bowk-er. Dassed awav Feb. 22. 1968. Service 2 o.m. Monday Feb. 26 in the Chapel of Pierce Brothers-Fred A. Turner, Al hambra. BRAUN, Sadie, beloved wife of jvienaei, loving motner or Harry Brown, Louis Braun, Gertrude Wcrren and Lillian Pul- ver; sister of Rose Kessler, also survived by 7 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. Service Sunday 12 noon at Mount Sinai Memorial Park Chapel. Mount Sinai Mortuary. BRYANT, Mrs. Margaret Buchanan, wiaow ot coi. iesiie ueorge Bryant, beloved mother of Robert Bryant, Betty Winsor and James Bryant, also survived by 7 grandchildren. Private memorial service was held at Hnlv Trinitv EdIkrodsI Church, Alhambra. Contribu tions, in memory of the deceased, may be made to the Los Angeles County Heart Assoc. Pierce Brothers-Fred A. Turner, Alhambra, directors. CANO, Esther. Jjos Aneeiea Mortuary, inter ment Verdugo Hills Cemetery. CAVES, Bert. Armstrong Family, directors. CLARK, Hlhna E. service i n.m. saturaav. eo 24 at Pacoima Ward. Latter Day Saints Chapel, 1555S Sati- coy st. fierce urotners' van huts, directors. COT, Ruth. Forest Lawn-Glendale. D1MANCO, Rita W. Westwnnd Villare Mnrtnar. DONAGHOE, Robert J, loving nusoana or natnryn. Visitation in the slumber-room 3 p.m. until 9 p.m. Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday, at Pierce Brothers' Lcs Angeles Mortuary, 720 W. Washington Blvd. Private cryptslde service Monday. Pierce Brothers' Los Angeles, oirectors. rn.u-4.ioij. FINEHOUT, Elisa M. Forest Lawn-Glendale. FORD. Catherine E. Forest Lawn-Glendale. . GATLORD. James Maaon. of Pass. dena, survived by son James M. Gaylord. of San Marino, daugh ter Mrs. Roswell R. Roberts of Pasadena and 4 grandchildren: chief electrical engineer of Metropolitan Water District Graveside service 11:30 a.m. Monday at San Gabriel Cemetery. Turner V Stevens' Albam- nra, directors. GEISSINGKR. Josenh and Sarah. Service 10 a.m. Monday. Chapel of the Chimes, Ingle- wooo uemetery-iuoriuary, ai- rectors. (OR.8-1251). GIVAX, Alba Cox. Utter-MrKinlny'a Wllshire. GREENFIELD. Rose. Service and Interment Chl- raeo, III. Groman Mortuary. GRICIUS, Domlntcua, passed away in Los Angeles, Feb. 22. 11)68. Deioved nusDana or Annie uri-rlus. lovina father of John and Domlnicus Griciua and Mary A ma to; also survived by 12 grandchildren. Remains forwarded to Pi trolt. Mich, for service and interment in Mount Olivet Ceme tery, Callanan Mortuary, dlrec tort, mm& m-wr MOKOfAl liOSTON STEAU XK9 ? NEW YOtK WASHINGTON J FRONT EAST WIND Od-OUOT I RAW FOG SNOW Weather Service It aloft with resultant low crauainess, actual whicn VyL-OsAUT ewers': mzm 4 CMONNAT1 3. wAjSfc CWTTArA(MMcHAwST CITY t . .V" JKii-:..7Bi.sjrv-s.l V- Y. flftl r Ldfei iirvcmuvn i it mm 1 "IflCSNMIAMIil iiii HAVANAXfc w nn .. Y WEST WIND Winds are counterclockwise around the center of a " pressure system, and clockwise and upward from high pressure areas. Pressure systems usually move eastward at an average rate of 500 miles a day in the summer and 700 miles a day In winter. Broken dash tines Indicate a trough of low pressure (such a trough usually indicates an area ef expected showers). Deaths, Funeral Announcements GUSTAFSON, Anna E (wife of the late ueorge tt. uustatsoni. beloved motner or uana it. Klath of Hollywood and Marilyn June Ristow of Germany. g-andmother of Cheryl Lynn istow. sister of Sieurd. Ed ward, Hedloi and Elnar Enge- Dretson. Service 1 p.m. Monday at Pierce Brothers' Hollywood, oao santa Monica Biva. interment Valhalla Memorial Park. Friends may call at Pierce Brothers Hollywood, from 12 noon Saturday. HAMILTON. Dr. Vernon B of 226 S. Heliotrope, Monrovia, former Whittier Foursquare Minister, died Feb. 22; loving husband of Mae, father of Le- land B. and Allan Hamilton: also survived by 4 sisters and 2 brothers. Service Monday. 2 p.m.. at the Whittier Foursquare Church. White-Emerson .Co., Whittier, directors. HARALSON, William Orr. jlos Angeies Mortuary, interment Verdugo Hills Cemetery. HOLLY, Willie Mae. Armstrong Family, directors. HOOVER, Freda Bernice, beloved sister or E. w. Hoover ana Mrs. Gordon BalUie. Service Saturday, 2 p.m., In the Sunrise Chapel of Gates, Kingsley ft Gates, Culver City. JENSEN. Tena. Forest Lawn-Glendale. JEONG. Kim Yuen. Service Sunday 2 p.m. at Gutierrez & Weber Mortuary. JOHNSON, Miss Esther, sister of Evelyn R. Swenson, aunt of Mrs. Muriel J. Splttler. Service 1 n.m.. Monday. Feb, 26. at Oakwood Memorial Park Chapel, Chatsworth. Gates, Kingsley & Gates, Westwood, directors, KASSON. John A. . - . Services Saturday 2 t.m. In Grace Chapel, Inglewood Park cemetery, ueea Bros., xapiey ueiger, directors. KAUFMAN. Pauline. Malinow A Silverman Mortuary KAWAHARA, James Kazno, be loved husband of Sumako, father of Takeshi, Mayumi, son of Tameyo. brother of Tokio. Mmes. Hatsuko Yasuda and Ayako Koyama. Service 7:30 p.m., Feb. 26, at Pasadc la Buddhist Church, 1993 Glen Ave.. Pasadena. Fukul Mortuary, directors. KENDRICK. Effie S. Forest Lawn-Glendale. LEWALLAN. Mrs. Marion. Forest Lawn-Glendale. LIDSKIN, Corinne Linda. Service and interment Chicago, 111. Groman Mortuary, directors. LUBIN, Leah Sherman. Service Sunday 2 p.m. at Hillside Memorial Park Chanel. Groman Mortuary, directors. LYONS, Elmer Leroy. . Forest Lawn-Glendale. MAN ASTER, Henry, formerly of cnicago, oeiovea nusoana of Rose, fond father of Seymour. Leona Kalcheim and Jean Stone of Belmont. Mass.. grand father of 4, great-grandfather of l. late member or Mystic Star Lodge No. 758, A. F. & A.M., Chicago. Service Sunday 11 a.m. at Mount Sinai Memorial Park Chapel. Malinow A Silverman Mortuary, directors. MARQIXISEE, David. Malinow A Silverman Mortuary McCUNE, Alma. Forest Lawn-Glendale. McKENNA, Margaret A. service Saturday, iz noon, at rtter-McKinley's Wilshire, 444 S. Vermont Ave. MEEKER, Louise M. ravate service was neia at Pierce Brothers' Inglewood Park Mortuary. Donations may be made to the Los Angeles Cancer Fund. MOSE, Sam of Van Nuys. service, interment cnicaeo. MOTT, Laura Denson, of San Marino, widow of George Morgan Mott Jr., survived by her son George Morgan Mott III, 9 grandchildren and 13 greatgrandchildren. Graveside service 2 n.m. Monday at Sunset View Ceme tery, Berkeley. Turner & Stevens' Alhambra, directors. MTJLVOY. John F. Westwood Village Mortuary. MTJNSELL, Ann B. Forest Lawn-Glendale. NETLAND, Marshall G., beloved nusoana or Jane netiana, son or Liauntz Metiana, also survived by his sister in law Lydla Netland, 2 nephews Lance, Leslie, and niece Len. Service 10 a.m. Monday at David J. Mallov Mortuary Cha pel, 931 Venice Blvd. Interment Rialto. Calif NISHINOVCHI, HiroshI, loving bus- Dana or Mrs. cniyo JNisninoucni, father of Wayne and Alan Nishinouchl; son of Mr. and Mrs. I w a m o r 1 Nishinouchl. brother of Shizuko Nishinouchl and Mrs. Toshlko Tova. Service 7:30 p.m. Monday Feb. 26 at Los Angeles Holiness Church, 3650 S. Gramercy PI. Shlmatsu, Ogata A Kubota Mortuary, directors, PERLIN. Anna. Service Sunday 11 a.m. at Groman-Eden Chapel, Eden Me morial rarit. PETERSON, Helen passed away r eo. za, wue ot tne late can a. Peterson. Service 3 p.m. Monday Feb. 26 in the Harford Funeral Home, Hemet. Burial San Jacinto Cemetery. mother of Helen Lundell and" Mary Harper, also 2 grandchll dren. service Monday 1 p.m. at gravestne. nose Hills Memorial rarit. wnittier. Kose Hills Mor-- .tuar.y dlrecUng. SACK. Jack. Malinow aV Silverman Mortuary SANDS, Marcla Gibaon, loving motner oi Mrs. Mae s. Baker. Mrs. Catherine S. Massey and Robert G. Sands. Rosary Sunday, 7:30 p.m., at St. Victor Church. Requiem Mass Monday, 10 a.m., at Calvary Mausoleum Chanel Inter. ment Calvary Cemetery. Can- ninvnam u tonnor, airectors. In lieu of flowers, please send rontribuUona to your favorite charity. Deaths, Funeral Awounnri SAUNDERS. Gloria Jane, wife, of cnanes w aaugnier oi mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Oliver and John a. Gomez, cister of Sylvia L. LaSalia. Juanita . Oliver. Adeline Gomez. Carlos J. Gomez. John Gomes Oliver. Anthony and Robert Oliver, granddaughter of Mrs. H. B. Gomez. Rosary Sunday at 7:15 P.m. and Mass Monday 9:15 a.m.. both at NaUvity Church. 3743 Tvler Ave.. El Monte. Boae Hills Mortuary, directine. SCHWARTZ. Mary J, beloved motner or i"nyuis Arnnoiter. Frances Austin and- Mary Spears: also survived by 4 sisters. 3 grandchildren and 10 STeat-Erandchildren. Rosary Monday, 8 p.m.. at Snvders Southwest Mortuary. Requiem Mass Tuesday, S a.m.. t St Mlohaol Phurrh SELBERG, Helen Mildred, beloved wife or John P., motner of Jonn R.. Steven W. and Nancy L. Selbere: daughter of Georse W. Kendall, sister of Edgar Kendall and Margaret Maynes. Service Monday 3 p.m. at A n a e 1 e s Mesa Presbyterian Church. Vtter-McKinley's View-park, directors. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to the American Cancer Socie ty. SHEEHAN, Beatrice Dougherty. Cunninrham A O'Connor. SHORT ALL, Mrs. Mary C. loving sister or Hazel Margaret carl of Los Angeles. Tlosarv Sunday 8 n.m. and Mass Monday 10 a.m. in Kansas City. Mo. D. W. Newcomers Sons. Kansas Citv. directors. SMITH. Frank (Pete). Forest Lawn-Glendale. SOWERS, Lula E beloved wife of cnarles . sowers. Service Tuesday 2:30 p.m. at Armstrong Family Mortnarv. SPARKS. Galih E.. husband of trances, tatner of uau Mart-ineau. and Gay Sparks, brother of Clifford Soarks. Mary Wirtz and Anna Lee Bays, also 1 grandchild. Julie Ellen Mart- lneau. Service Monday 11:30 a.m. at Memorial Chapel. Rose Hills Memorial Park. Whittier. Rose Hula Mortuary, directine. SPERLING. Joseph, beloved hus band of Mrs. E. Lee Sperling, lovine father of Bettemae Gold berg and Jacob Sperling, broth er ot Henry Sperling, son of Minnie Sperling, also survived by 3 grandchildren. Service Sunday 10 a.m., Mount Sinai Memorial Park ChaDel. Mount Sinai Mortuary, Family prefer donations to the Heart una. SPOKONY. Hedwis-. Malinow & Silverman Mortuary, siaijLBUHM. Arnold vavia. Armstrong Family, directors, SWAIN. Leo A. Forest Lawn-Glendale. SIMMES, Carlton, E- aged 75. of 1103 E. Helm Ave., orange, beloved husband of Grace. Service Saturday 2 p.m. at Melrose Abbey ChaDel. An aheim. Shannon Funeral Ser vice. Oranse. directors. TERRILL, Betty, beloved wife of H. Guy Terrfll, loving mother of Mrs. Kutn Lee ana Mack v. Andrews, also survived by grandchildren and 2 great- granacnuaren. Service Monday 10 a.m. at the Wilshire Methodist Church. Interment Rose Hills Cemetery Reed Bros., Tapley & Geiger, directors UNDERWOOD. Marion L. Service 1:30 p.m., Monday, . Little cnurcn of tne r lowers Forest Lawn-Glendale. ' Forest Lawn Mortuary. WALTER, Judith, beloved mother of Jay Randall, daughter of Benjamin and Clara Burs, sis ter of Henry and Marion Burg ana rtutn Hints. Service Sunday 3 p.m. at Hillside Memorial Park Chapel. Malinow & Silverman Mortu ary, directors. WEISBERG. Rose. Malinow A Silverman Mortuary wuisun, irene. Armstrong- Family, directors. WOHLFELD, Lillian, beloved wife of samuei, loving motner of Sevmour. Service Sunday 3 p.m., Mount smai Memorial rark cnapel, mount Binai Mortuary. YEE. Kay Wah. Service Sunday 12 noon at Gutierrez & Weber Mortuary, funeral Directors 18 COMMUNITY LOCATIONS DUNKIRK 8-2481 MMES PIERCE CLARENCE PIERCE MART 0. HAMKOCK 921 Yenlci Btvl Rl. 9-9231 Affiliated wim WESTWOOD yiUMt MORTUARr 1211 Gltntfsn, Watt l.s. B. 2-24U Groman MORTUARIES lot Angths 0nr Rl. 8-2201 AA Valley TR. 7-0335 INGLEWOOD Cemetery-Mortuary WITHIN INGLEWOOD CEMETERY TEL 678-1251 FOREST LAWN Uneertaking A Cemetery Toaetnsr Ponaral Flowers with Rosas from $4.01 Gltndale Hollywood Hills 254-3131 4&44143 Cyams Covlna Hills 828-3131 9M-3a71 MALINOW & SILVERMAN LEADING JEWISH FUNERAL DIRECTORS Rl. 9-1051 REED BROSTapleyt Geiger tOtS W. WASHINSTON 732-61 IS Cunningham & O'Connor LOS ANGELES Rtt. im ri. f-om ALHAMBRA CU. S-SM4 OL S-7210 HOLLYWOOD B re see Bros. & Gillette St W. WASHINGTON BLVD. M12S Sinct IM Rl. CALLANAN MORTUARY LOS ANSELES HO. MJM GARDEN GROVE JE. 4-7574 114 VENICE BLVD. 747-4SM ARMSTRONG FAMILY 1101 SOUTH HOPE STREET. Rl. 7-9121 HERCrBRCWHlRS 10 Nsithbertioed MorttisNts. Rl. Ml 31 HOUSEWI HALi 1H7 I. Rtowsr St. Rl. Mill ROSE HILLS MORTUARY RAymona- -5m Oxford t-mi Sun, Moon, Tide O 5(g) C ioo Su- oo 4ua Fib. 17 March? March 14 March 21 SATURDAY. FII. 24 Sun rlsts :2f a.m., sstt 5:44 a.m. Moon rists 4:24 a.m.. stts 2:04 a.m. Fob. Low High 4:04 5 0 7:00 4.0 7:42 4.2 Low High 14 12:00 2.S . 25 12:54 2.1 1:30-1.1 M:12 4.0 2:04-1.3 t:36 4.1 14 1:34 1.7 27 2:10 1.3 2:42-1.2 :04 4.4 3:12-1.0 :4.5 1:24 4.1 'Donotts a.m. Ocitan tamparaturtt: Sinta Monica. 54. Long Btsch, 57; Vt I 1 1 Hk'i HHI awnf COUMflWl OMNI rTrrrvTTTTl FT! M kTLo4ZnstU4Zimti 3 SAT.FEB.241968-riill!! Yorty Visits Projects in Watts Area Mayor Sam Yorty went to Watts Friday to see for ' himself the progress of. Watts Labor Community ; Action Committee projects ' designed to produce physi-' cal change and economic upgrading in the area. Ted Watkins, chairman of the. agency that was formed by 11 international trade unions to spur self-help efforts in the Watts-W i 1 lowbrook communities, took Yorty on a tour of WLCAC's new chicken ranch, credit union and vest-pocket parks. Financed by U.S. Work on most of the projects, financed by U.S. Department of Labor and federal Office of Economic Opportunity funds, is being done by Neighborhood. Youth Corps and Community Conservation Corps enrollees with volunteers. At WLCAC's new consumer education program headquarters at 11313J6 S. Central Ave., Yorty commented, "We're very proud of what Ted Wat-kins is doing. We want to give him all the help we can." He indicated he hoped his visit would -help call public attention to various positive programs under way in South-Central Los Angeles FUNERAL NOTICE BURDICK, EMMONS R. Private service at Veterans Administration Cemetery, Westwood Village Mortuary, directors. CEMETERY LoH-Crypts Forest Lawn-Glendale, Interment spact 7 & 8, lot 141, section wnispenng pines. Sacrifice. Owner, 721-8822 4 choice lots. Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills. 465-5883 after 5. Forest Lawn, Glendale. wnispenng Pines. 2 adiacent lots $500 each. 376-450 DOUBLE LOT. Inglewood Cemetery OS. 4-4253 1 Crypt, Forest Lawn-Glendale, Azalea 125. 3367 31st St., San Diego, Cal. 92104. Inglewood Park Cemetery. Park Terraca 2 Cemetery Lots. Roosevelt Park Ceme. tery; Call 477-8914 Ingl. dble. grave 4 (2) burial, $275 ea. Cash or terms. 072-0640 Bkr, LAWN graves-Mausoleum, sensible prices. Roosevelt Memorial Park. FA.1-048J UNDER DIRECTION OF . Pierce Brothers 20 NEIGHBORHOOD MORTUARIES "The Perfect Tribute" SINCE 1902 IN REMEMBRANCE "TK Lord tt my reek, and my fortress, and my deliverer; mv God, my strength, in whom I viU trust ..." Psalm JS:$ BAILEY, William BLAKELY, Lucinda BOWKER, Lauretta T. BROWER, Clifford A. BUFORD, Roso Tharaia CAMPBELL, O. V. CLARK, Hilma CROWE, Edna S. DOANE, Paul ESCARCEGA, Haraldd) FIEBELKORN, Rot M. GASKILL, Willi GILCHRIST, Jttti (aka Green, Jstti and Campbell, Jessie) GONZALES, Frank Vincent GRIFFITHS, Orville L. ' GUSTAFSON, Anna GUTHRIE, Hollis N. HARRINGER, Jacob HEEL, Beatrice Amparo HOKOM, Albert HORSLEY, Phylisi HUNTER, Troy H. JONES, Jessie L. JONES, Watkins Fred KARADASHIAN, Nevart KUNKLE, Esther E. LEEK, Ray M. MACKEY, Virginia Ruth MEEK, Thomas O. MENDOZA, Spec. 4th John Dee MILHOUSE, Elizabeth MORLEY, Jeffrey Paul MUELLER, William MUNSON, Lillian C. NEWHOUSE, George NOTTINGHAM, Iris POGLIANO, Alexander ROHR, Olga SANDEFUR, Jetsie SCHLEE, Christian SIVAK, Peter J ST. CLAIR, Mabel TER-GAST, Charlotte VISCO, Angelina WHALEY, Bertl WHITAKER, William Clayton WOLFE, Helen WONES, Dora WORRELLS, Angelin FOR SERVICt INFORMATION CALL 749-4151 .1 ' I mr mm 0 '''IJiJflSJssIlM1' V flSJ .4fHI .4V- Jt4J0mjiK,0 4SsVsdia 0mr00m,

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