Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 22, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1949
Page 7
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Employment Help Wanted—Mule FI.N BUYS W ,\ >• T KII - Awiiy H & M l;ip«-!inic AIU--.I. in Mni-it St.. N:>UK- Hf.ll> Wunt«d—Female [H'A.N'TKD <jjc.s K»r pli-anam tr-l».- jilH.n. vv,.r» An- 3:. u I nvi-r. Apply upstairs t,v<>!- .Vant;. Drug, i'.oom "2 . or married wom-in lor afternoon clerical work. Rci.-y Box "il" care ol News. For Sale Houses For Sale 1M.VKD1ATK OCClfANCy—5 roim bunjtalow. J'roypect-Umon City I:U. Prewar, well constructed. Nicely .'.-.- cated lOL approx. 200 n. sq. Geo G:ir- rity. T.-1. Wthy. :.-lsr.O. For Sale HOIMCM For SaJo KOU HA UK— In Hfuei.n |.'nl| K . j-ri>oin MUimm;r houHt-. ItirrilKlictl. luirllv [in- iBlii'd, mi liniu-ovfinentH, i-li-cli icily titnl wlfplione n v u lift Ilk'. uimrox. 1 !-•! ncruM, IdO It. IrnnuiKv on main Ma\}•*-ay. Kofhuli'd yi.t 1'iiHliy iici;uHHlliii< I'ricwl riphl lor <iuick siilc. t'hsmi; Wtby. a-00 4 5. MO11KHS I - ItOOM IIUXGAI.OVV- S6.SOO. MODHIIS 6 - ROOM HOME on west side, (irei)laco. oil hent. BKACOS V,\I>],S—-!-rooms. 2 imfln- ished. lilc hath, oil heat. A S Phone 2433 or 5144. KOH SALE—In I'rosucct. Juat ovi r NauKntuck line. 0 room houae v.'ith sun porch, llrenlace. 2 car garni:'-, beautifully land.scaiiod. Kxterlor i'c- cently paintt-tl. Interior chmn anil in A-l cimdltlon. 120 (t. /ronUilU 1 . ^00 il depth. No iiKCnt-M. Call lor auuolntmunt -:!0.| - r, to s u. m. I.OVKLY O1,ll OOKIMAIj 1IOMK— On 6 acres ol land. To he wild lir. mitdlately. Very low down naymcnt. Call Madijrnn HealLy. Oxloril 'tu; 26UI. Seymour. JA.M15S MOdllK Heal JCstnte — ADuralner Phone 25'^ |.>r Selected Homes For Sale For Solo KIMl SAl.M— -L. iiunlly IIIIUHC wllll I riniliiH mi imc-li Hour. Komi riiiiUlllmi. I1IMI Im'.ULInn. IM-IUI'd 1-l-UHomibly Ol'l Anvhunv Kiirn-r -12:111, IiiHuruni.'r & Hcul HMtnlti l-Oll HA1.K— ; iiuniiy r. rnijin liuimu altuiurd on Union clly Iiuiul. oil Lu.-n- <ir lurmiuu, mwulutcMl. l^ot !lf)xl.'iO V. A. 1IKA/.1CKI, Bcill JjHiat'! 1 . Phono 6tSi, Koot and Boyd, Inc. RealtorB limurnnct 174 Grand 6t Phone 4-81C1 Wtba n-i}- or Si-ii n Business JOSEPH HA1PEH1H, Broker lUMinuice, Lots, Ueul Katate «• K. Main St. Tel. 4-(BUS Win? B-. A. BRAZICK1 — ICc ft! Entttt» — -.74 PROSPECT ST. PHONE 6421 List Your Property lor Quick Hale The A. It. M/irtlno Co. Real EBtate And Appralaale Z03 E. Main St. Phone 3-3286 Wtbj WALTER A. INSURANT 1C 209 Church 8L NDUWASH. Airy. HEAI-.TO1 Phonn 4784 N-u* —6 ronmH <m HlKhlomi Av« Tol. 5031 JOHN HKALY, 118 Church IIYHOLI/Vh HEAL KHTATU 48 Spring Bt. Tol. 8-ZflH' WiUerfoury, Conn. *A Wanted to Buy WANTED—Cloco 3 tuintiy hounn, 5 or i roomN on uurh ll.ior iirufnrrnd, 1 him a cfl«h ciiHtmriur wultliiK lor «uuh » M. Mimrnv rimil ICntiili- nnd ADprnlHiilH Telephone S-4032 Wntorbury HAi.i:— Bulldlni; lot on Nc-r'h Ht. roiisoiialilu. I'liono .(1153 allot- 4 n. m. or on Kiit. For Rent ROOIIW lo Bent Automotive l-'OTt RKNT— li-iiitnlHhi.'tl rooin in i)r ' llou.M— Km- iviit, with kitchen nriv- )]<ii;uH, wood locution, i'huno 423!), , i b Oflicos To Kent I'on 11EST — Office* lor prolcasloiml man In Naugatuck. Tel. 3-VB65, Wlby. 14 AutOk For Wule rj»» 1, D rM D , W i? N HT « UI -'* < STATION Jos, C'lrlullo, 1'rop. Tel. a-Dim Wtby or tlltlfl NMIW. ib Announcements Opportunities THIIliTYt Slop At The 8THAITHVH,LE SPA New Huron Jtuiul Pftoa* 484* Fitzpatrick- Romano — Public Accountants — Phono Null*. ZH06-R007 KuuY-8 BRIDAL. SHOP <51 No. Muln St. Tol. 3-1834 Wtby. .iijwna—>l>rlU«H, brideHrruiidM, (lower ictrla DHESSMAKI.MJ null AlKir.ululll done ruiiHunftble. Phono 5S41. Mrs. L,OU|H<J McQulro. 47 Binuham Bt. , ""A BJSB MOTOH MAI, EM II7H ThuBuitv. Ar«,, W.terrlM. ret LOHI-UKEP CAltj * 2t)ft OpportunltloH ViHlt Our NiHlii Fountain Oiion 7 n, m. tn n |>. m. Kxcopt Bunrtny ANDY'H CAMI'US - Church Streut IS C»r« Buaint SKIM-V MAUill SOTOB HAI-B8 _ . **• WAa'KinrowH AVK" Tel, mty. I.Mgl or W»« lilt >H4 Bold SOTOB Bpoclal Notice* Trailer* WII.MAM M. C1IITTKNUISN ItiMui IHII;I. .. Hwtuli, ISO Clilirrh Ht. Pll(.n« t U 0 Automotive 14 All tOH For Sale KXFKHT—Cnrburotor and Kenurator Borvlce. Check now lor wlntur. A & D AUTO 8SRVICK 814 Bank St. Tol. 6-J3Z2 Wtby "•'m« Ji23i KU ? .*«AJ«.I!B COACH HOI!fK»-Compl*t«r with b»tlirooro», showtirn, tub«. Fumoim Llhnrty Trnll • V« CJ .^' u;h< "' ' MW »yullHl»lo on D y«»)' &1Si llnanuy plan. 6th«r well known mak«H Ilk.) Vagaboncl, Trotwood, American. National unil Pralrlc Hchooner on reauonuble torma. Opnii 8 a. m. to 0 p. m. daily. Ryder Trailer Co., Post Road, Mlllord. Conn. (1 mile eaHt ol nllllord Center) Mllforfl 2-203!> 15 Auto tmrt» FOU »AI,K—inn-, Ford 4 dr. nedan. Must Hell!! GIXHI motor. Only 1100. Can be Keen lit KHHO On» Stulitnl, North Main St. Ank lor K«y Caron'B our. 8AI,E_4 Delco our battorl« B 100 amp. olio red at an ner cent ol my cost. Phonu 3-3885 Wtby. 35 "NAKCO- IIKTTKU imiil) OAIIH T1IK NAUOATUCK Fl'KI, CO. Bear. Wheel Alignment Axel and Frame 8erv|co —Wolcllnr Axel Palntlnft — Col I In Ion Repair* KHNIK'H- AUTO BODV WORKS 128 Watcrtuwn Ave. Phone .1-0241. Wtby. We cmrry • fait line 'ol Hmrtlord. H?*K«. Autofite ft Arnuttronp: ^p fc f<»r!liff.' , JOE'S Tinn SHOP 141 No. Uklii Ht Tut 1-X4I4 Wtby Large aolecttun o| Nnw and Uiied Auto PurtH, nlrfo New am) U»o<l Tiro -•rerjlMMlj'a V»»i Carn and Part* No. nivi)rMld<» Bf T«l, 0-049 Open Sunday Moririnn «re -- «—vl.i i/nrrisn tyni! »*M:H ."• I %» 1 Tire distributor - • ubber Cfo. employe* dlsooum oertln<!«t«« for tlre«, honored here 3D JeBemon St., Wtby. Phone J-lHI SA1.K— Southweiit xecllun "J Move rlKht In ~- new lieautllul iW. r. r-ooniK nn one floor, llrf- place, natural illu bathroom, oil hent. Cri-atly i-^fluc'Ml In pi Icr lr<un sISOOil lo $! 3,000. No leli-phime Inlormail.j.i. Call me today and »et mo whow you 1'ATMY J.AIIIIIOI.A Heal T'hone NuuK. IMr,s or Wthy. Land For Sale FOR 8A1K—fcevari.! butldlnR lotH o/ Now Haven R4. "Rcationahlo. Cltj water. Phone Harry SchmlU, 4086 nftor * p. ML TRY NEWS WANT ADS FOH QUICKER «KSIH,T8 WEU, TMOilE "ARE ELtt'J£ < 3S^l'»SS*l ^S^SKT^m US ARRIVES IN WASHlNflTON, TOAIORRO^! THAT'S THE At FROSTY^ PHIL TELEPHONE* THE NAVY DEPART/WENT.. AFTER VOU HAVE BROKEN THE NEVW TO MR$. HAVE HER CAUL THI* OFFICE! NOOBBT! /MOUNTAIN* OF MINDANAO! HE A PRISONER Of- A 6MALI TRIBE OF OUTLAW?! THE NAVY HAS FLOWN HIM BACK TO THE STATES — fiOOJ? PART OF THE NEW*. FffOSTV ! NOW) FOR THE REST OF THE PICTURE - Complete l,tn» oi Beat Cover* Joe's Service Station 178 Bridge Bt. Phone 4970 Contractors OUERPERDUCTION DOME IT!! V6 PF.RDOCED eiGHTV COILLVUN PftTCHVOORK TIES AN' HfilNT SOLO NARV ft OWE!! THflT'S ONP05518LE! EUeR'BODV IN VCOONE GOT TO TH 1 BOTTOM!' HPllM'T GOT WO MORE HIRED HftNOS CflU ICO ftU. HIRED HflNDS I'LL GIT TO TH BOTTOM OF THIS No |ob _ c _. i, — -;^-i. ™»-oiiaW» rate* Robert Prot*, Pearl Head. Tet 7JB1 VORE f eusreo we HAIN'T eor TWO Ft€0 CENTS TO ROB T6TCH60 INTH' HflID!! M. V. 8CHTAROL.I — Bulldlni Cootfactor — Phone JtHf Bulldlnr «Uterfatl» Wood • Brick. Band, Conor»t« 8«nd, Latin Phone «548-«r 83B4 Mmrl.po Trucking—Mover* -ME'LL BE * LOT MWDER IF WE DON'T 5TOP TKAT AMMUNITtON TRAIN. THE TRAIN 1 . HERE IT COMES! I *EB THE HEADU6HT1 SET READY, MEN 1 . THE MOMENT THEY «TOP, CAPTURI TWMt IS.SOiN&TQ HE WAP AT Ui HIS TKESTLE. MARIANO Paintlm. P " Ue " or - AND IF THEV TRY TOMCAPS SHOOT BUST INVKHTMBNT In ft. paint rour property. Call 4071 for free J2S mateM. Wj F. Cola, • HEY.'DONT VAGET A Y 6I-.L EWVVTBR..'-IS KlClC Our OF HAVIMS ' •-—-'".>'•.— ..-"• HOWS AbourV I'D DEFINITELY LOV^TD A DATB l"0» I BUr I CAN'T RBALL.YJ SATUBDAY.* X I'M SONG TO BE CBOWNED 'QUEEN BIVS SCHOOL.. 1 BBMCMBEC £a Merchandise Bur BILL THA7& P»AC TICALLV LIICG o 0 Wuterburv B-3S18 01^4-3 Blnmnn Ave. Ave.. MWaiobury , -.Ready. lo-.' OAK FARM PA! W*rr A MlUUTE „. COME BACK HERE * 4i .MATTER?, WELL/rUt^ SQUARE IT NEATLY OKI VOUR HEAD A HAT " l ,' lt *S"i»«ted' • '* °'" or - Alive .t l -a* or *»'' Nau^ TM. 4*10. «7» Office nfrd Othitr WHERE *^ PUMNY. I DON'T WERE YOU SO-J REMEMBER A IKS WHEN I <THIMG... EVEN NAILED YOU, HOW I GOT INTO EARPHONES INSIDE IT_. AND SOME KIND OF PICKUP DEVICE IN THE EYE./^- ' r wfi, >?*iiM 7 TAkE A ^r <NOW WHtfT'6 IN THI6 DOCTOltB. b»NflB!ra.,0»BBIT'l ^.«»fefrf,J JOB! *lial< yoii Wanted us or hnve our reoreiwrttjillve . "»ll ON'll,8Al,JB8 * aL Uouoehold Articles « , 0841 ttltor'S^SB'p. m. l-'OM HALK—1D41 CudllUio 110 Bortttii. Mxoellent ooWtlon out. A real buy. Completely rehtUlt Packard WaterbUry, Inc. Packard Bale* & Servira. "A 8ule Place to Buy" Watartown AVe. . lil«J4-il(9 MEMBKH OP #AMA »« Houachold .Article* JTOll MALM—Ulue iiver.'ituilco IJvTiia i'i>oin uhlilr. 'fo(. 6823. Alter p it. m. KOIt HALK—lluauor «IIH linnliir. Uomn lioalur, 37 Ollvo tK. Tel. 3flDO. 10 , _ HublM-u'a 'Service BUtloi. 1»5 Rubber Av». Phone 4»47 — Washing—I»oll«hlm—Waxln« — HOTCHKISS ST. QAKAGE DODGE CtBD JtKlPltlGIKKATOlM FOB NALJC-«t* AND U» "~ ~ APP.LIAWCB Termoia BUCI* b»a- r •« »•***• •PUIMI wvfianMtv wiB.pi* D*a- room eulte, »»4.50, OaKvilie Ifurhi- ture Co., 1C* Main At,. Onkvllte. Tel. VUt 1J«. Waurhttry KriujL-h. ta& Baldwin «L "HfV 1'ISII. Ue« our NEWS (CONN.), TUESDAY, NOV. 22, IMft—PAGE Services Ilu»lnetH< Service* Rendered i CITY RAKF*KY OHDUJtX TA.KKM hTr Silt) OovJr"» O - Mutui-lui HOkrtlKMm rlg»» Oa *ll Meau— --.^.jtJMt—te* »o,u Hula KaacatMk — Maj MIT _ . Ata minim ComblB»llou Storm Hlxiow. 1.0C , CO. Wtby. ».1»M RAY MELBOURNE »I AT*. * rium* m«chlr,e», vacuum*. BALK—TW«iM. c'oal with i!>p-ln lining J2S.OO. 1'rn.ctlcnlly now. Cull Article For Sale TO SOME KJ3L.IAULE PEK8ON WHO N1SBDH ' « HOOMS OK FUKNITIIUIB Credit manaKer ol lui'Ke lurnhurj Ntoru will turn over account lor the UNPAID BALANCE ON ISAHY MONTI IUV PAlfMBNTIi Thin lurnllure IH brand n«w. II wan Mold on AUB. ],4th. Unr lortunalely, lhl» nei-Hon ,l« not KutiliiK mill I'liirt. Km' Information umi uuttillM iilwDid • Wiuiir- hury 4 -8 HI Ank lor Mr. Albert. A—L«-]J—E-K—T—'8 200-74 80. Main Bt., Walerbury Open ThurBdayn to 9 u. m. Main Bt •'(MJANTITY-ttm w.jol CO. Phon» 2731 Clearance Bale — Huyon DrcsB PrinW — BOc A Yard L. & C. FABHIC CENTER 48 Grand 8t. OOP. Hadlicy» HAUOAI.NH—Unefl Electric Range* HO ana up. alm>, uiicd WaHhlnit MachlneK, (1 u and ui>, Watts Electric Strait" Turnpike Tel. 3-4070 Wtby. (THEU lIKVHUIBCfK COOI.F.H - 12 C&BB founlor type dry oiwler. To be •olil below coat, complete with unit. Original cont 1 year nxo '{C96. 8«oi' Main St., Bftncon Tel. CAM, • FBBB - FlJlf rttM*. bttUe luro. none finer, Walllhtlpra, 2J11-M HOWAT Ttm Tilt*. THK HlfOI* »» Grtml Ht. , Tel. 4.7IS8Wtbjf 1,««thf r OloT»i—Br*«n. DClvtHi THE TOT HOUSE Btlectlon Now At MB BeNt WlHO To Shop Early 4(| Pleiisant Ave. T«l. 8073 KCIA^L on irt>iin rayon T.Oc a y.-xrC. Call Mm. Ruth Pllukln at C80B. , KALAlaAZOO Sfllea and Bervlce Tel. 4-6&3S Wtto , «%»»'"• W»n*rw * Cltfton Ave. CleMUiw „ _ *" Co. ._ _ t, X. TIFJPT CO. B7 Church Bt. Phono 27:10 Plumblnif-Uetttlnt-Oll Burner Service GEwi>OWLH-HK"PTIC TANKS ~ Cleaned. Invtolled-— l>ralit« UuplB AJUrthuK, Aajrnhon; 1'ramtOr SCOTT HANITATJON HKHVHiK nini «3;>t OABWHlf'8• COMTOM TAO.OJI Tailor-Made f*lrt» - )7.VC »-l>»y Clnantnc t)«rvlco 147 •. Wain Bt. I'h'.no 2011 j. * M.. KLiacTiuoAi, WOHKB Houne Wlrlnc and Itopulr 17 Bernum Court. Phonnn 3JH4-53II COVPLETR lamcoape HerTioe. . •verirveno, tree removal. Bxperl- •qoed men. fully Inured. AIM) «r»v«- J, BenettL TeL 8»4». Cleaning and Dyeing _ . Drnpe/i and Blip Cover* Beautllully Cleaned. Dependable Delivery Service Free. KIFVMAN CLEANERS »'TAIN1<B»8 STKELi Double Bowl, «« Inch. Below Co»t TOWKR APPLIANCB 288 No. Main Bt. Phone 4-1294 Wtby. •HOIIMIKH PXDH-KmbroMery, tHm- mbiRR. Billions. I^irfenl in utate. Reliable Puctory, «7,,8covlll Bt. Wtby. oksKHAI, ~TK if OTttlO Vacuum Clitjiner'lor ID8.9B. RICCARDO FURNITURTI! CO. 4«Ti W. Main 8t Tol. 4-«Z9« Wtby. MUcollannoue FOB HAl.K-'HWKfiT C1I>1!B'-JU nutde. Harry Sawcauk. Tel. 159?. SWKKT OIDKB—Made frenh dully Irom •ound api>lo» at Scliilfl«en'» Cider Mill, New Haven Road. Musical MECCA MUSIC SCHOOL Hucklneham DM*. Phono 5-at46 Wthy. ~tn Furnlitbed Good ThUi»« To Knt i. ROMA PAflTRT • 801 NORTH MAIN BT. .' flnent Itallan-Aniertcin And French Pantry In All New England. Aluo 8ru- mvnl, Oelntl and 10 oronm, Kvery- thlnir rnadu on premliioH, Sd«ol»t tt- tentldit given to wedding Partlod, O'it prlcoB are the 'lowent, but our IMF- olMndlne dullnlt»)y the hent. We deliver mid Khln nny whij r D In the U. B. T*1, Witerbury 0-8)17. aldwins, Sploa. OretmlOi* BOc per liuMhel &, un, Apple elder 5i'C n'er Kill, W. K 8lllN, Benuon Hd.. Mlddlolmry. Phone 4-8280.'Wnlorburv. Education In»lnictloiiH mAnnnjin LATIN — TnuKllt. Call 4-0794 or 4-0780 Waterbliry. OANAHTA/-Moiit talked ol «amo the year, J will loach vou In home or . mine. Special rut'jM , lo KrotipH, (tood ,ev«nlnK'H entertainment, ArranKo a luirty now. Phono Wuter- bnrv •' • • TO BllIVE-Call •• Central Dual Auto. Driving School. Ill) Went Main St. Tel, 4-621*. Watorburj-, MattroMt* (ixiil old MATTBKSS remade IMt> aa J«n»mprlnir Mini* fn NV,W, HI .1 1>a>. Mattrne. ATtby.. »•«»>». Mattresses Remade Day Sei^loe—Work Guaranteed 3tapI»y>'Mattre»J' Birvhse 1 ; Phon* «-»»7» *St»rh«iar -. FOB HAT.K—'deluxe w»Mhln« -n«r-hlm>. 17.5. Ur.-v«rM»l Innifti-. ->'il). «I,J3. ilwil control elei!irjo.,bimilter. *:r.. All-2-yen,- old, ,Cn» dB'«7.' : ro« SA t'H'- CotaWniltlon -ran & nil Htov«, 4x4, pritatlimlly new. Vary reasonable). Phone 5822. . Services Ha SurvlM» D(.'lcli. It limy unil Aulolllc B*r-lc! Exixirt Auto ftt-iMilr'* MOUtr Tuno- Nnii I>lck HlHloii . Vtliltidl HMftiry/* Bl«c(rl» C<>, 138 Bubhcr. A»e. . •:••. .Phone ' •S ,.; -*^— , — v> •—« '-<*-~i iJn O-IT.' BVB3<Kit t-M.KCTBICAI,, Bt). JHmBTTB. WOBK TBti. 43ST J]tarner« Cl«na* t l anil <H«rm|reK TariK Ver All Mak<i* ol 1itrn«r«- Harry CHirehlll. »8 I-rooect Bt.. «Ml repalrnd •!» on tirork.".-. . U-OIS7, Wtb» polntert nnrt eipert. All tyu'ita r>l BuiH JOHN p]>OM Phon* ; HOLTiANT) - , Hot Air Yurimce 749 B. Main St. CO. rimcen. Tel. t*(1 OOi' Wtby, .. , rTprraoe, Phone, 213C. - It- SECURITY yonr Inmirnnc* »lv» qtuUi prtttoctlnn tod»r? UO VdW HAVK Mf* * . ' ''Bee, V ':'. '. . INSURANCE AQENOY :,--:..v::i" act;-: . Building;, coat* tiro ateMlll> PRONE 2080 . .••*.. W. BATON, Mgr. 78 Church »t. MAI'I.K HT. . O|«,n Dally 0:90 A. ML lo • r. ML Mince and Pumpkin Pie* Marzpan Frtiita Birthday Cakes TURKEYS BAKED SANTOS GENERAL REP AIM Kadiktora, Uatterlea rVaahlnj( Muchlnea, Uaby Cmritmget Blc^dea, Solderlnc U»WJ» MOWERS BHARPZJffD 4M Rubber Ave. Phone 1871 STOJtM WINDOWS A UOOHA NEW ENGLAND BALES OO. ALSCO tn Itank St.. Waterbury 1'hone OAESA& KBZYKOWSK1 — I>econitoi HHK,NNAN ST. TKL. fTW It AMOS IRON WORKS 4M BOBBEB ATEXCTB «a«"et Nelal • On»ai«Btaf*M«el - 1'ortaMe WeMlai EaUai TKLBFHUKB «*!» Phon* 2021 ! hKUFBOLBTERINO, B1.EFCJVKH Iflld. NKW CIIHTOM MADB I.1TI8I. KOOM rVRKITUUE. CARPBT1NO OBlFVIlf'H CK.f'I'KU BT. WACO. «•»• WTBY. 4-MM THE CHINA INN U tfarrlmn Ave. Wutfirbury Cloaca All Day Monday* . Tuenaay thru Friday Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. Saturday 11 A. M. lo 12 Mldnlfbl Sunday U Noon to 12 Midnight LEWIS CARROLL Tke l)»al»r o» Ike CKKTKB HQUAIIK — COBWEB PEOKl'KCT • tTNIOlf KTItKKTU •avehu Til* B««r« Ckroiaa Trl» Dmt Fra»e« Wladow Baib *' Fra«»e falali Floor Maadere lei Meal Oeo. Wigglesworth & Son, T PLUMBING. IU5ATTNG and AIB COND1T10MNG MAPLE 8TKEBT M Bour Oil Burner Service TEL. EMS . PLASTIC TOILET SEATS Lifetime Quarm>te« Anaortad Color* $B.9S WEISS BKW FRANKLIW STORK CKCROH ST. NADOATUOR U.C.A. — AdmlrtU Tol««vlM»o .. • '9»ht and Service •••';' . -SWAN'S RI«rtrU-ttl'CimtrMti>n Slnco «g OEHAH 8T. TEL. BKRT A CUTAWAY VuU THAT W* Caa Kh HOB«'T.>O HI« IMBIMBO'S »?•«*«• faew AH I* I7a|i>a Hi., W«a>, TJIE~NJBW" CKIVERBAL WASHER ' '. «. -'. '• »t Gerald's Appliance — New Low Prk-n* — M>7 SPniNO ST. UNION CTTY TELEPHONIC MM . BU1KU8 Mlantic Service Station F«MJ, nnd Cliettnut Sta. NOW OPENS ! Atlnntlo Top Grade OH SOc-SSc ^ ^ • . ' W#w A nd<v>nffltltmc<1 Mnton> PORD * HEnCUKT RiirtKC* Plan ^vallahlft The NAUOATTTCK TUBL CO TELEPHONE SALE Starting Wednesday Of Unpfiil Hounehold Articles ny NmifTAtiiRk Pout No. 17 AMERICAN LBGION AUXILIARY Punda to Be Used for Veteran's Christmas Hospital Work TONY'S Poultry Market 100 JOHN STREET '•-TM- 2681 , flnisst Uve Poultry, Vrwh Killed nud Dfemetl to Tour Order. UKOILKllS, FKYEU8. OAKKRS, ETC. In All SlRe*. KOGS nt ALL TIME? TED'S AUTO BODY WORK! B7 HOTCHKI88 BT. TEL. 81W — (Jolllalon Sp.xUllat» — — Bodto* _ Auto TowInK ........ Mezzio's Offers: — Complete Brake ferrlee, Waeel A •eel aa« <*k««l Hauaefew, rr<tn ••Mlrlnt. Ba4lau>r Hererie •do* . Ar>«troa> MEZZICTS IH «rTERBI»E PBITK. TBi. ett* The MUSIC SHOP . . . record* for children wonderful year-round jlfla . 88 Church St. Phone 6287 A PLEASANT j'l.ACE TO STOP- ROCKY '8 WAV8IIJE KITCHEN Waterbury Hoad at PUUta BUlto O|"«i »»lly u Noon to It Hundayn S p. M. to H Kltner Wheeler Cuune> In TESTED SALESMANSHIP SturU Mon. 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