The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on August 22, 1964 · 21
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 21

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1964
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JOHN HALL Yeah! Yeah! f 1 I George Ringo It had to happen. Well, maybe it didn't, but it has. On top of the other phases of the mania. ve'e now also got a wrestling Beatle. Mania, as described br Webster, is madness . . . inordinate craving, abnormal passion ... a craze. Like, you said it. One might better undtM-stand what Xoah had in mind by driving by the Hollywood Bow! anytime between dusk and " dawn Sunday. - It figures? that wrestling 1 -milHnt lo f-jr 1-iAhinrt The Wrestling Beatle is booked to appear at the Olympic Auditorium Wednesday night, and it's not by coincidence. He's been following the Beatles from town to town. The Beatles sing and be grunts, or maybe visa versa. "The big diWenme between me and those other Bailie? is that I've got a BODY,'' says the u restlcr teith a ttraight jnce. And please get that, lie insists his real iianie is George Rmgo. and he was born in Liverpool. Lherpool. New York, that Is. Even Freddie Blaie. Baron Leone. Count Billy Varga and the late Gorgeous George would be embarrassed. Ringo has been groaning for pay since lfif. He started in Chicago, but in those das he figured the name George Ringo was t sissified. He called himself Bob Sabre. " never hit it tun." he admit. "Ami I derided to gait to piny the guitar and sing. Then, nil of a sadden out cf England came the mop-heads. It opened a whole new career for aie. Peojilr started railing me George ilmgo, the Wrestling Beatle." He swears on a stack of guitars (hot it i ail true. One of those moments in history. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Please pass the aspirin. Morton Another Dean Chance? The Angels may not realize it yet. Inn thev've Rot another young right-handed hurling hope with the Dean Chance trade-mark growing up on the farm at San Jose. His name is Lon .Morton, nephew of Mike Morton, co-manager of No. 1 banty contender Jesus Pi-mentel. Lon has a strong arm that is matched only by his confidence. It seem? all youngsters in the Angel organization are asked to fill out a questionnaire at the start of every reason. One of the questions is what, is your ambition. Every Sun Jose player but Morton put down 'heroine o big lecgiie ballplayer." Morton trrote "Ha1! of Fame" Rocky Bridges, the manager, talks about Morton, among other things, in the current Sinrts Illustrated, and it's nice to see that the rest of ire world is beginning to appreciate our old hero. When Rocky Was an All-Star The former Angel coach and pride of lxng Beach repeated a few of his favorite stories, including the one about the year he was a hitler in the majors. That was in 1958, the strange season Rocky made the All-Star team. "1 ir as hitting M)7 at the break." said Hot kg. "Rut then I checked out a Frank Lary fast ball on my jaw. The trouble with having a wired jaw Is that you never can tell when you're sleepy you can't ynn n " Bridges, whose wit has been sorely missed at Dodger Stadium this season, played 11 years in the majors and coached two more. He may have set the record for uniform changes, jumping back and forth between Brooklyn Cincinnati, Washington, Detroit, Cleveland. St. Ijuis and IiOs Angeles. "I've had more immberx on my bark than a bingo heard. My wife had to write me in care of Ford Fnck. He was the only one who knew where I was. It's a good thing I flayed in Cincinnati for four years it took me that long to learn how to spell it." said Rocky. Confessing he finds life in the California League a little different. Bridges describes the San Jose bus with enthusiasm. "Oar bus is uir conditioned " lit said. "IE yon open a window. Every so often we have to tell the driver to throw another log on the air condition r" The hotels also don't exactly match the Shoreham nd the Sheraton Cadillac. "But they're interesting said Rocky. "In one hotel lobby they have an artificial plant, ft wasn't, always ortificial. It's just been there xince the stone age." Rooky's San Jose club is currently battling it. out with Santa Barbara for fifth in the California League, but the pennant race is secondary to his work with the Mortons and such as Cotton Xash, the Angel-Laker from Kentucky. Berra Shows Signs of Strain Things have obviously changed in the American league. The Yankees have cracked. There's no truth to the rumor Y'ogi Berra is going to ship Phil Linz west so that he can play his harmonica down on the pier at Santa Monica, but when the Pinstripes start grumbling among themselves it's time to officially recognize Chicago and Baltimore. However, an old warning from the Commissioner, Rob Cerv, comes lo mind. "S'ever laugh at the Yankees, even when yon bent them." said Cerv dining the days he wore an Angel uniform. Cerv liked to recall the 1 f if U) season and point out how Baltimore swept a key series with New York and led the league by two gaint.s. as laie as Sept. '. But the Orioles made a sad mistake. They ridiculed the Yankees in the papers and started printing World Series tickets. The Yanks brooded silently. They got the Birds back in Yankee Stadium later that month, took four in a row, and once again won going away. But this, of course, is 1964, and Berra is definitely showing signs of strain. Go ahead and allow yourself st least a little chuckle. Magic Number for Phils Is 34 And speaking of flag races, can I be the first to point out that the magic number for the Phillies is 34? Willie Davis, talking about how he feels when he goes up to the plate in a clutch spot, may have said it best or the Dodgers and the grandstand managers of 196M. " give my best." soli Willie. "But I try to stay loose. 1 say to myself 'it's not your wife and it's not your life.' It's not the end. Outside of Sandy Kou fax it's been a disappointing leason. But Willi is right. VYIl all survive. Yankees Play iSame Old Tune, in, 7-0 CHOLLY NOT SO JOLLY Justice Agents Grill A's Finley, Chisox Owner on Yankee Sale like! I Anai . .v,..., . j cilit'A(;() (I'l'I) Tines-,him I didn't like to hax to. Kmlev said he didn't BOSTON" i.f Bob TilI-!,tea,or ,or lne Department account to the Department) "to see my investment jeo-j man's grand slam home tun.jof Justic e quizzed ownenof Justice, and that we'djpanli.ed through his shen-j one of three homers hit bCharle O. Kinley of theibetter do something to'anigans." 1 Boston, and Bob Heffner's.K a n s a s City Athletics iorjehange the stupid image' r thought it ceitainlv was Srtv lo a 7-0 vii-tnrv ovi-r IheiinfAi-mtUn '.,i,,,i i';t,. i,;., ' uisgraee to oaseuaii . , - . - ........ - - i n i u i in a t i u ii J 1 1 i iui j 1 1 1 it ru in 1 1 i - it u l d II I staggering New York, projected sale of the New j "protested vigorou.-U the Yankees Friday night. 'York Yankees fj Columbia! fad that it now becomes The Yankee-' losing to baseball to! have the Department of j Justice investigating thej loss extended t h e broadcasting System. 'neces.-ry to be interviewed' np d eiiami n streak t,r Arthur C. Allvn. owner ot bv t he ant i-mis! di isinn nf d " ,oma nav "efn P,ev- El Sequndo Eyes ivitzimt 3 , , T , -7, SAT.,AUG.22,1964-Partll Babe Ruth Title ! WOODLAND (CPU Thp'"ns across the country will World Series begins todav Icompete in a double eliminator the Babe Both League. t ion tournament to climax thai is. (next weekend. El Segundo .ine teams of l'l. 14 a nd represents the Pacific Soutii-!" sear olds from eilit re-uvest SW W0RLD ' viinuiriwii DODGERS ii vs i their longest this so; five son. : The Yankees also dropped 'five games off the pace in ;the American League pen-'nant race. ) Solo home runs by Dick IStuart and Eddie Bressoud off starter Kahm lerrv in the fourth inning got JRed Sox off to a 2-0 load. I Tillman's blow off Stan .Williams in the eighth cli- imaxrd the scoring. The Red! jSox loaded the ba-es on a i walk to Stuart and singles b Lee Thomas and Bressoud. j Tillman then connected into ;the net in ieft field. I Heffner making only his the Chicago While Sox. re-Uhe Department of Justice." jf'nl('(1 if "e sealed at the same time that "Had this been handled in ",e lpdle as president ot was doing his 1.1" i. - i. i ... ii .i ne iiao oeen quesuoneo ovpne manner mat the pi esj the Justice Detriment ren-iident of iIia 4 m r i a n resentatives earlier. I League should ha ve handled' an'v0t!; Sale of S()r, of the to CBS was re- Pwnh l-'mlev Mix nit ii a-uU ha. 1 vealect last week, ami ironin protested the fact that thWjcurred. Your ment action in'dnnounte1 ,ht eiht mv,v were subifHted to a feleral!the sale of the Yankees is ers ln ine l(,SV nat1 aP i 41 t P I' V iflV to Impi'il'nl jnnlKoi' . -n.uto ovMmnlo f bl'OVed. hinleV' - - - ..iiiviivtiii iaiii'iiivi vllviVl t QiltlIC lJ (rifl League president Joe Cronin. our iot leing qualified toloie i called ironm on tne;reoresen1 the American: 1JUUI phone." Allvn said, "and told.League a- president." Lie had and Alhn the onl opponents, have challenged the Ivaliditv of the .sale. CINCINNATI 7:35 PM TONIGHT KFl 640 W ec2ah Jv. j: 50.000 WATTS DAY AND NIGHT CLEAR CHANNEL $ Fresetsted if ONION OIL COMPANf SECURITY FIRST NATIONAL BANK CHEVROLET DEALERS OF SO. CALIF. 5 POWELL MIGHT NOT BE OUT FOR FULL MONTH BALT1MORK Anthe chip bdl k' in place. He orthopedic sureon declined iould not predict at this av how that might jMMU uum .um,a,Ho, . , , . Ilme now long won ins sixth game against - " take to heal, four Hr-ttc ,1 ovvel of th Baltimore Or- -tu . , ,,. .tour oriedis. 1 he do tor was unw illing i The Yankees, shaken up j ioles would be out of action;U) make a final decision until bv a harmonica - playing 'after examining the voung'he sees the X-rav films taken jhassle between Manager -sludger's injured left wrist, in Boston." an Oriole I Yogi Berra and mfielder; But the surgeon --aid "itispokesman said. jPhil Linz. manageil onl doesn't look as bad as indi-; The films ate on their was j singles otf Heffner. Linz was ( a!e.i." Po.vell hurt bis wrist 'and if thev are not too clear jfinetl S2tX shonly before the, m a game at Boston Thur-; Powell's wiHt will be X- (garne. uUv when he ran into the raved again. I he spoke-man j Mis key Mantle, playing x-oreUxii'd chasing a flv s,.,d. I left field for the first time in. The gue then was thdt In the meantime, the Or-, his major league tareer ar.d puwell would be out a mle insiructed outfielder oacK in tne une-un alter an month i . I:,, i-m tn rttom imhp right knee; The surgeon, whose name, team in Chicago from its In-out twice r ,(s not dixlostvl b the Or- tei national League farm iole. said Powell appeared t in b at Rot he-ter. to have suffered 'a small' J.k k-on w ill not be acti-chip in a lone " ated until it is determined It w as possible, the dot tori w hether Pow ell will le side- for at least a month r i 11 !F0R OFFICE, STORE,!! fT JxAlkmhwM and school i j ; tvj ' . jjEXTRA DISCOUNTS Tm"l I KAJ)- i .. i. . ... j . . . aosence tiue io a ailment, stmck and f'ied deep to cent f NEW YOK iOSTON t r k k. k r k b R.cVi n ?B 4 0 0 0 V'nr'M 4 0 10 I unn n 4 0 0 9 s.nft io j ? i i explained, thdt bantla:ng of lined i tX"V 4 0 3 o 17T ' o I i 'the wrist could hav e puhed and put on the disable list. xLXNewCeBerallOKey licr nun nir X uol uim Dm jT , JLr SAVE $30 nniinr "t V a Made to Sell at $49.95 I 7SAVEM0-Ref.M29.5fl a i i 111 I I .Sr. 100S SIWMCTS . MULTIPLIES SUB TOTALS TOTALS J r I Bor 3D J 0 0 0 T c 3 1 7 ' T'r p 1 0 0 9 HrMrv p 4 0 0 0 ' Loot? 01 10 0 0 Tli lilt Tmih 4 7 u ; Nt 0 M H g Ml tt E k C -- Nf Yw-d J. Boron j 1. LOB hw Yivt . 8aton ' !B Y,tTrfr"bk. iB - T'.amsi MR S'url Broud 11 I. T'l'mjn (13). yitrry. S'iIlM l M (I SO ' T". l. vn I 3 J vm,ams 1 $441) I Hrlffw, W 4-4 4 i I 4 T-:!5 A.; 5 'V . TOP 0' THE SIRLOIN STEAK S2.99 i '- V Dinners, too They're Priceless Wl , T JJU M L N'S I FOOD '2T FU1T PLEASE CALL WE 3-7361 6220 W. 3rd Street SUNDAY BRUNCH 12-2 ?M. $2.29 NEW. FULL SUSPENSION Letter Size Steel File (1695 h m n w.ttn mi. Iki j Uri IN jtttC Cl: ;rs;! nMl. CARBON PAPER RIG. $3.50 ISO sheet Ints. M AQ W 4T rAw. t ZmA 1095 u VS. j V'Priiices clear, den i X No special installation m v - ( II UJA. ail UL jf-' ' f Ml V. V lnnrau.4 J B WE LOAD Your Car. Truck 5 5 1 SfUUYIAi. I 1 GUA,Nm Um till Niriof JH' rtltite Hi t Mtf Mirt (' CISt tliM III kir(i tf t lick SK ter tm SIK SMtf lit!tttt Imit cist I Attache J0 CASE 0 W S95Valye 7p 395 lM tHIUf. til- i ' : V: s jrf Jit 2 ttm I if laftattts. Ir.H tjtit STUDENT LAMP? Reg. S3 95 i? Mttii iise. 4 no ) iljasiaie 1 00 slew, plastic I r?V smt I . Wgpr ''0;: Wxr' "s?g: 5ft: rWS vSE-"'1 j lttlef " 1tl ' ;? $: i 1 035 HH Reg. $54.95 J ..:s. " v ' ' ysj ' 1 1 ... bwtM.tHi ..twewtn flitt w Pica Tyu "' 1 llMp t, vvK h. S1"' OORR QWiFlTB1 S tfis smart LikiH .esl. P lV, . ' I ?' ! ,.L,' H00 ittTi Tl II t 5 raers large lap drawer. ,y ' ' r " j nfTT LO CUILO 0eail construct,., tnr.uthMt. t e X"-. V V " ',J '1 esJr " ,("'' ' I w3 JUST 1 iP-'f-T I1 . S?.fTi.! "7 ' ' " " ,; i m IB y Xl h" ' 9 E taUrtn.. lm listiif Mir nit cuMi'H iJSUtcMI , v '- ' " r-oiiiiiin" -tti nmiiii i mi 1 1 n miim mm i mi m, r-iwrtfr wciwrrrTwwwii wr'm0nitrrmmur Ti ;: V .. iraaiKiisHi iMM'M J Oriri mrY2 m 60x34 IN -EXECUTIVE WOODj I WZ: 5art walnut tisisi, plastic citr-1 N 1 sale of men's furnishings another money-saving value from our terrific selection of August bonus buys Our own white and solid color cotton broadcloth boxer shorts, size 30-42. Fine combed cotton T-shirts... 1 no PEHULARLY 1.50 NOW .US BOX OF 6 F0S 6.25 Ankle length rib hose of lambs wool nylon, clastic topped. Black, charcoal, med. gray, navy, char-brown, oHve, natural. Sizes 102-13." Knee length nylon hose, cotton lined, one size fits all. Black, navy, char-gray, brown. Swart walnut tiRisk. plastic civer ti arms, iphilsterel it wear re ustant lautahyde, lecirattrs ctl irs. Easy rtllmt casters. In t titii nrt ali. lilt tllMf Ml It'rlltl kts. t Stlflity C4UIIKIH UfMMt Mil nil taut taflMti 4t lull ctitt( lUMf lackiaf tinct. finsNt "w IlKllVt MllRfl. USED WOOD SWIVELS WITH ARMS irwm i steel r TABLE CHAIRS 60x34" NO-MAR TOP DESKSB lijuUr tit-cstue style. M r...r.4 i... -"-'ii. 1.;.... - v ........ Harl wos and ieaw w.iMiniit -, Steel, iracticillv ini- rS tit. Ttirs if - Strwtlill. iwvct- I' 4 , REGULARLY 1.50 NOW Qui BOX OF 6 FOR 5.85 Order by mail orphans MA 9-2221 cr ZE 2653 mem w iS 1 Hj V E R i '1 CI'0:H IF'2 -! ILUHT fWfTT Imm, rr I- linn 1-. .x ws. e I mmUUt i iitiwrt AVrnt't I i steer, practically ,nie- CTS'tK. T.ns .( j- ry i 11 Strt..l,. 1 -"- viiiirt OnC I WHILE nSrAJ tf A Pfl ' ? i USED V COD ijiyi'jiHtfVpjf i(i);i;ini1ffiIiiPostureChairs3 'S tititfwiHtniniMtmmi WJ-; IsSSiV. " 'htt tofTitjilli I i PRICES ARE wmwe. jist s'uitccin stkk mm wietjwons m m cisn 1 mm! MON-SfiT 9-B"l J I GUARANTEED n Htwiunm. wticMif tuts n it iomd. 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