The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on October 22, 1964 · 74
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 74

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1964
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Shirley Picks Her Own Film Stories She's Eyeing New Novel About Amelia Earhart's Last Flight BT HEDDA HOPPER Released b CMcaaa Trtaaaa-N.Y. Newt lrcat, Im., 1M For two years now, ever since Dick Chamberlain did Hollywood Melody" with Arthur Freed, Bob Hope has wanted to get him on his TV show. Now they've ironed out schedules and rehearsal times and if you can hold your patience until Nov. 20, Dr. Kildare will guest star on the Bob Hope show. Shirley MacLaine likes to pick out her own vehicles, (bought "John Goldfarb Please Come Home" from the author) is after the new Amelia Earhart story. She stopped off in San Francisco en-route to Tokyo to open negotiations with Fred Goerner whose novel will be a March Book of the Month. Shirley wants to call the picture "Amelia": It tells the final chapter in the Earhart saga; seems the South Pacific - 7 Old English Tale Staged Instant Theater will present "a special performance of "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" Friday ni&ht, Oct. 30, at the Horseshoe Stage. Featuring King Moody, the old English romance has been freely adapted to the improvisational tech nique used by Instant Theater actors. The program is the third in a series of monthly specials called 'Instant Fairy Tales for Adults." Instant Theater presents childrens shows t on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Actress Hid From Onlookers Annie Girardot, French actress, wore far more clothes off camera than on during the filming of "The Ape Woman," now at the Lido Theatre. She was hiding from casual onlookers the fact that she was made up as a girl covered with hair from head to toe. Ugo Tognazzi co-stars in the Embassy Pictures release as a small-time promoter who converts a bashful kitchen helper into a Naples side-show freak who becomes a Paris night club sensation. IRINA KOLPAKOVA will dance title role in "Ray monda, Act III during en-gagmient of the Lennin-frrad Kirov Ballet opening Friday night at Shrine Auditorium for 11 dates. Mi HV I a - -S--"'., - The Pwdemoniurn Theatra Co. present .HE WORLD OF RAT BRAC3UR7 directed by Chart? j Rome Smitti CORONET THEATRE Set la. U Caeaa) Taao. ne: a. isa nMkihrta: Vt-XM hm: a.n. 0.7S, J4.7S Ijivi n r a. m retracing Shirley MacLaine Goerner spent months Earhart's route. It'll be Van Heflin's voice narrating "The General," a David Wolper special to be released on the anniversary of Douglas MacArthur's death. Van has signed to narrate six specials in all, will start right after his present picture "Scratch A Thief" is finished. Johnny Mathis, in Honolulu for a singing engagement, writes he's branching out into the acting department. A guest star role in Dr. Kildare being specially written for him is his first venture. Then he'll play a Puerto Rican in New York's Spanish Harlem in "Rebel In ;The Streets" with Nick Adams and Sal Mineo, a motion picture which Richard Bernstein produces. Las Vegas Flamingo lining up a new entertainment policy to keep stars for only two weeks in future, with exception of Mitzi Gaynor and Jack Jones, both of whom will be signed for four weeks by Morris I-ans-bufg. If you want an evening's fun and to take the children along without embarrassment try "Hello America" at the Desert Inn which my spies tell me is fresh as paint, gay and eye-filling. Don Arden who directs and choreographs features all the famous popular songs: surprising how good the old-timers are. They have a reproduction of the San Francisco earthquake and fire on stage for one number where the entire set falls down and seems to burn simply fantastic. Hollywood Make Up Artists and Hair Stylists couldn't have made a better choice than Helen Rose as fashion consultant for the 12th annual Deb Star Ball. Helen built up her reputation designing costumes at Metro for Liz Taylor, Cyd Charisse and Leslie Caron recently did the clothes for Debbie Reynolds in "Good-' bye Charlie." No Longer a Maverick Wooing James Garner into an extended contract of any kind is difficult. Once burned, he dreads the fire, but if Metro has their way his Cherokee Productions will be making three films for the studio Garner's take $1,500,000. The first. "Caravans," with a locale in Afghanistan, involves a beautiful heiress and an adventurer. The studio admits they'll settle for this one if they can't tie up the package deal. Gene Barry and wife Betty celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary Saturday net with a mighty wing-ding at the Beverly Wilshire. Gene, who was once a boy on Broadway opposite Mae West in "Katherine Was Great" for Mike Todd, will sing and dance in the Hollywood Palace November 1st show, also has a first album for RCA Victor coming out thia month. Neile Adams and Kamala Devi never take jobs when Steve McQueen and Chuck Connors are off on location (they go along). They've signed to guest star in "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.," are old TV pals from Four Star days. Neile spend3 all her working money decorating the Brentwood manse, plana to be in Formosa with Steve for "The Sand Pebbles," Bob Wise's next production, and will drop off at Manila to see relatives. Neile was born there, left as a small girl and hasn't been back since. J&V4t '" STUDIO TOURS . M. thru Prl. CALL TR.T.JU1 ii Til'" frr- tj i i nniin..ii.iiniiiiiiiiiiii af-. f KM .jjat HUlW1" 'o- 4fU..fAlf 'rS. Rock has Dons... M tyJVet' I,. JV3 A At where shell lLL0fiV wants him...l WmMwm -33..-m J 7- no m lusmme Ksmuiv josf fh i smi mm mm m wooaps liatYwtMiMiM-lrHraj (SESSTtCHNtCOLOR' nCHNISCOPt fUyjT ( unauTffilm mm ft now playing! tlftl Tl.k,r. 1, .f r .... Qi- Cont. Prforminci DOORS OPEN :U MQA RlltklTt IM. at (MM Bf, FeiturM I 30, I 30 A 10:30 t- ff if V4 If" Ireland Retunis in Suspense Film ,John Ireland will co-star with Joan Crawford in "I Saw What You Did," suspense drama which William Castle will film at Universal City Studios later this month. Cheater poken Drama fa m LAST 4 DAYS TONIGHT 8:30 PM thru THIS SUN. OCT. 25 t. t. fr .1 4. - wm -m v I f KAL MARCH RUJL LYNDE EITA'ARO AJiORWS PATKK5A BARRY-CUNT WALKER wxm . mem mvjwM . 2n fiTU n4 - m coicw i r, - V If &3S M WM WUIIII W It it out Ntnm state wtrTtM "WYBM mutt tot iwmct iTmuk cowt rm muthsati a mimic ""'"I s.ns.,, ,- , , ' mm-o, i ' 1 mum 4 fifS1 CWFIL KISEMT roi iSSItlf wstn t fo THtra wiifMni rtuoiu ncaw mm una- SKMTIH! hSW JM tIU wli.'H "' mnmtmt kimi " SO OUT mnomjm wno umbhh to a VIC DAM0NE -GUyS c nni I c MARILYN MAXWELL EILEENCHRISTY LEONARD STONE SID MELTON SLAPSY MAXIE R0SENBL00M GOOD SEATS AT ALL PRICES 2 WEEKS ONIY TUES. OCT. 27 thru SUN. NOV. 8 A SA 1 1 1 II 1 EVE ARDEN - WONDERFULTOWM 9 RICHARD EASTHAM PETER P A LM ERIe wrecki HuiieiT LEONARD BERNSTEIN otmcTio iwnit sjiihucino 72f CoU-Bhoded Ki!I$r Who Tirrorizeda Tom! i...n..!i.j iu ii G02nnr llftlll liUii J TZrZrZd suxcoeor PLAYING IDkHoSKS? fttmxs pix "Sn i v-. y , gjfsr ! unu fox nrKiK. f 4.1419 MTrmtA MM "J " CftRJ o3j tOVW AtllJCtM 1 IT DAVE WW I , M JM17 VtCTOtT Dtivt-M w wrtt cswuss CMKUfttt Uiikudn CM MH9 BtlVf.M TO A TO i in S.HUR0X rto Leningrad Kirov pari Ballet lisa COMPANY OF ISO FULL CORPS DC BALLET SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Full Ungth Mostarpiacat and Highlight Program Limited Engagamant 11 Ptrfermanca SHRINE AUDITORIUM STARTS TOMORROW REPERTOIRE Frl. 1:30 Sleepini leiuty (Full Unth) Sit 3:00 Clndenli (Full Length) Sat 8:30 Cindereb Sun. 3:00 Gala Parformanca () Oct 27 8:30 Swan Like (Fun Untth) Oct 2t 8:30 Swan laki , Oct 29 8:30 Gala Performinei () Oct 3Q 8:30 Raymondi (Full Ungth) Oct 31 3:00 Sleeping Beauty Oct 31 8:30 Sleeping Beauty Nbt. 1 3:00 Cinderella () Bayaderka. Nutcracker Waltz I Pas it Deux, Cersaire, Prince If sr and ether Highlights. GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE $a.SO, 7.50, 75, $15, 4 15, J 15, 1.M ON SALE Al Calif. Mvik C., 37 U. Hill St. Mutual Afanciu A Shrina lax OfYica TalaahaMMA7-124lfarNaaragtAWMy HidtkeTiitaniim winner leit Actus ;t J i teaming fVr J iestleriptl R ,n L PtorPy -Plehmt th & LA BREAWC 4-2342 TOKO LA BREA F T TICKETS at bax affica (M3-9900). So. Cat. Mutle Ca. (37 Sa. MHI 4 all Muruai ascys. mwena Music City Marcs. Evas. Tues. thru Sun. Wat San PICWflnn (it "art Uartu An CarintrDtiaraa Rirr NIEHT OF THE IGUANA ANT NUMBER CAN WIN HOLLYWOOD LONG I EACH-SANTA ANA DIV Yul Brvnntr TOWNE Oo"s Dj H,l.4.rVI.. INVITATION TO SEND ME NO FLOWERS H0 4- MI GUNFIGHTER: Or. No 6 2-JWJ k9?!ynlF: Lovi Ct. If. Noon, Fre Pk., Open All Night STATF Rock Hudson "WORlfj Piul'Nswnw. loiT'oVaw SEND ME NO FLOWERI mw5L.t Gk THE HUSTLER HEjr-27y LmV!J?Ll? H0 7.mii Blue Denim RIVOLi Glenn Ford Ct. Fr. Noon. Free Pk., Op. All Night 535 V" BM. FATE IS HUNTER mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwm HE s..W07 Seven Deys In May PARADISE DoruDiv ki 2-473? from Russia wUve yaar SNontNFQorFLoT."S TORRANCE-GARDINA SAN FERNANDO VALLEY M" SENDEE NO FLOWERI pifi Citt Rether Be Rich Bur bank TM 3-IM7 CORNELL Burbank TN a; all MM ENCIN0 ST 4 -83 RESEDA Rtwda Dl 4-0151 SEND ME NO FLOWERS Looking ForLo Paul Newman THE HUSTLER BlueDenim Rock Hudson SEND ME NO FLOWERS Td Rather Be Rich Rec. for Adults Yesterday. Today 1 Tmo.: New Interns STADIUM Tarrane FA 8-6375 PARK Gardeiia DA 4-4049 Open Fri.-Sat.-Sun. THE CADDY Never Too Young JAPANESE MOVIES TODAY LOS ANGELES MONTEBELLO BROOKLYN Swhi Loren RXhiI. a.. Yesterday. Today E l a an -4i.ifi Tmo : McHale's Na Sophia Loren GARMAR Mvntrkrll PA J-2IJ3 VOGUE Montefetll PA 1.1225 Doris Day SEND ME NO FLOWERS Looking For Love Jack lemmon GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM Robin & the 7 Hoods ; BELMONT : I S. Vaunt 1 du e-isoe Yesterday. Today I Tmo.: The Visit LA HABRA LA HABRA La Hakra OW 7-4)77 Walt Disney's DEAR TO MY HEART ' Incredible Journey 4 1 aKtl wm mm Olv P W - III! . Good Seats Attiltllj nvaiiduic r... Philharmonic Boa Office. So. C...I. M ua Co. L-" Oritj Prod, w.;- ''ILMIUJ - UtM S ""Heal ana Ail Mutual Aganciea Southern California Spphony Association presents SAN FRANCISCO 28th Los Angeles Season NOVEMBER 6 THROUGH 29, 1964 DM SHRINE AUDITORIUM WWNDOT'WCClMaw-u.) DIE FRAU CHNE SCKATTEN - ' NllSS0NA0RFJiGATAaiAVIfT0Zn J- STRAUSS ( G) 130 MOilNAII-ftADtmMANSOUH Mb LKKUCHTADAUJ sat. TROVATCRE VERDI juiim) tSSSLr T?$wffimm GIANNI SCHICCHI PUCCINI ( MOLINARI-PtADELLIAiANSOLftl M VORAaDBBIPHERSONFOLDI ludltu) ' 11. LEITNEtyMANSOUtJ rinrilfl BrrrumTru SAT D' FIGARO ( Wia) mom. FIDFJLIu BEETHOVEN ( Cermn nov n MOZART N,0i' KKT i hSHAi'QRArANSWAECKTIf IUDWIOHAOK LEITNIRHAGER II TDIU1ITI ,rrr,fM PARSIFAL WAGNER (J Gmm) tues. LA TRAYIATA VERDI (j nov a DAiisK0WAWAftHJiiVT0Z2i MOV.10SUTHlUNDWIEIIT0DI . METREHAOEt, .cSga mom. KATERINA ISMAILOVA- TiiBiiinriT n,, , r ,. v nov. a SHOSTAKOVICH x)- NOV-" NILSSONAORENGARTAGIIAVINITOZZI lUDWlOHAGER i:o mcnarmar CARMEN 'EIZtK.f-) AlDA-VERDI(JW-)' SKr1 NOV-'nEEISA0D0VICrRStUDGINHlWT ' mTRNNOPOUlOS : der"rosenwiyal1eF" at. NABUCCO' VERDI (IltlUn) NoTi. STRAUSS lGm NOV '4 KUCHTAMARTINEOBBITOZZITASLIAyiNI 7ioT SSff MOUNAH-rHADElUHAett lllTrrtoW -' suN THE BARTERED BRIDE " IUDA VERDI UM) nov. ij SMETANA U EngUib) VgSlwSi 100 C0STAVIN0RAAVAfvSfmtS0Nni 1?. Mf"KA'-mpauHAGe5 tDwieMANsoutj I FASLi'.DCI'HOriCAYALLO mom: twa-msmt araSi5U; fW) mvIkfEWauci!NA CARMli IURANA CRFFi'?2- ,!W UITHtAANOXJlO ISTVr0iANS1(YVCI(TAt JSmwrn- . IL TROVATCRE VERDI (hiuiim) W MOLINA Ri-EADEU.IAANNOfOIJLOI aimMANSOU.. 100 TICKET OFFICES OPEN ORCHESTRA $5, a, 7. IIAICONY S3, 5, , 7, I at HOUYWOOD OWL. JMl N. Highland Aa, IJL. 21, HO 9-3151, Southern California Muric Company, at! Mutuol Ag.ncio end ALL AUTOMO-BILE ClUI OP SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA OFFICES. ' Opera (ait lubieot ta ChfreN Saetlni After Curtain' ' Na ftaftMMt r fjtchi(at JL i ii i mi , . ,.L, , . UI.TIHT0 HARTFORD THEATRE lata VINTtT HOLLTWOOO I I PLAYING NOW thru Saturday. Nooember 7 GERTRUDE RERG Im the Rlolfiit Laugh kit DEAR ilE,TfJE SKY IS FALLLXG Tldiett at tn Offlca aai All Aftatiet. tor Mai Drear Feral 1 Theatre fart? lafanaaUea aneaa Mr. ffotaVt R0 f -Mtf M If t to 3 k.4 ai MM Tii H I f ri r i 1 1 1 r n-1 1 r i 1 1 i r w 1 1 y SHOW STARTS AT OUSK CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE j LOS ANGELES AREA CENTINELLA Cut A Soul. OR 0.(ih77 CENTURY OR i-lh.'4 Ctntury at C'lhw FLORAL M.d N al B'klya AN 2-07 GILMORE da A Fairfax Paul Newman THE HUSTLER Blue Dtnim Rec. for Adults BLACK LIKE ME Women of World PUEBLITO La Que Se Oculte Al Mundo i SAN FERNANDO VALLEY I Alpi!.'' invi'tatTon'to j D .2II Gl'NUGHTER. Or N9 ' lilicri Rock Hudson i EM 9."L SEND ME N0 FL0WER1 i Laur. Cyn N. Van I'd Rather Be Rich Richard Burton PICKWICK TH 2-72i Ala'ea Vieianr OLYMPIC f.R 7-H8I7 SAN PEDRO ti i.n;n tally S af An'h STUDIO ftppul at lffff'il TORRANCE F ft S-Kl Tar. W. al H'ltia. VERMONT DA 3.403.1 Varawnl at IHli4 Doris Day SEN0 ME NO FLOWERS Td Rather Be Rich Yul Rrynner INVITATION TO SUNFIGHTtR; Dr. No Richard Burton NIGHT OF IGUANA New Interns Richard Burton NIGHT Of IGUANA Any Number Can Win Rock Hudson Send Me No Flowers I'd Rather Be Rich Paul Newman THE HUSTlEn Blue Denim NIGHT OF IGUANA Any Number Can Win nrrrna Flnric Dav I ni ?. SEND ME NO FLOWERI Roida at Vanewer I'd Rather Be Rich SiH VII "Paul Newman TM 2-1177 1HE HUSTLER 8.F. M.-Wmana Blue Denim Open During Remodeling PfiM" the' hustler Sfpi at Virt. Blue Denim , VIM WHYS Richard Burton si b?;si u NIGHT Of ,GUANA Raca at 8ai. Any Number Can Wm UirTflRV Yul Brynner poH ssii INVITATION TO Vt at Caldwatar GUNFIGHTER; Dr. Na PASADENA-SAN GABRIEL VALLEY FOOTHILL Aruta ED 4.i:m BIG SKY Daarta el i:j.s Richard Burton NIGHT OF IGUANA Any Number Can Win Rock Hudson SEND ME NO FLOWERS I'd Rather 6 Rich EDGEWOOD iVrinnv 6afy E. at i Pta. . THE CADDY EOt-HM Never Too Young EDWARDS Yul BrYnner P." "... O.U INVITATION TO HI.I7 6UNFIGHTER; DrN9 EL MONTE Do,i!, D,y Nr A.!,.illi. L. SEND ME NO FLOWERS 61 a J22 Td Rather Be Rich SAN GABRIEL NfB1;nNA Valky al Ort Mar NIGHT OF IGUANA CU 351 ia. AT as2 Any Numbrj;an Wm STARLITE ' 'ISt'SS. at Garyty 'HF HUSTLER 61 732- at M44J Blue Denim VINELAND Yul B,nner J.l",""l.. INVITATION TO EO. 7511 GUNFIGHTER; Dr. No ORANGE COUNTY HUNTINGTON PARK-COMPTON COMPTON NE -855? Rour.-W. Attn. Yul Brynner INVITATION TO GUNFIGHTER. Dr. N Paul Newman THE HUSTLER Blue Oemm Richard Burton GAGE 127-1 13! Gait E. af 6artih niirnniur .nyy'.y.r-" NIKHT OF IGUANA Lakmd. at Raw. Any Number Can Win SOUTH GATE SEND noTloweri Atl. at Fira.tana I'd Rather Be Rich SAN BERNARDINO AREA Yul Brynner INVITATION TO UNFIGHTERDrNe Richard Burton NIGHT OF IGUANA Any Number Can Win Paul Newman Val. Bl. Fantana Blue Denim BASELINE Gl 8-8136 Sun Bwnirdin TRI CITY TU -202S San Bcrnari'ina WHITTIER-NORWALK AREA L'awn A O'ttiar Blue Denim HARBOR BLVD , T0 Bat. BeU.Har GUNFIGHTER; Dr. No Richard Burton HI WAY 39 IE 4-62H2 Nr. 6rn. 6r. Bl. ORANGE Oranea Kl 7-MII NIGHT OF IGUANA Any Number Can Win Doris Day SEND ME NO FLOWERS I'd Rather Be Rich Richard Burton NIGHT Of IGUANA Any Number Can Win PAULO Kl 5-JJI3 Carta Hue Li HARP. A Yul Brynner 7?.i,2 INVITATION TO .aerial'a GUNFIGHTER; Or. No Baaeh A Harter Btyv ... m v '1 I' SUNDAY MATINEI 2:30 LINDY OPERA HOUSE Wilshiro at La Brea WE 7-4440 WE 7-3500 y Nov.2thnit THE GREAT JOSE MOLINA AND HIS FABULOUS FLAMENCO TROUPE EYeninis: 1 tV.tineei: J3 JO ta $150 UNDY OPERA HOUSE ,:gigSm LINCOLN JA 7-2223 Butna Ptrt WARNER VI 7. 3591 HntfneM Parit Fabian RIDE WILD SURF McHale's Navy Sean Connery FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE; 633 Squadron UftDWAI K Richard Burton un ""1; NIGHT of ,GUANA Narwalk nr laiaerialAny Number CanWia WMITTIFR 'w lur,5 PA l" 131 H0USE ,s N0T H0ME whit. w. al Roira Women of World LONG BEACH CIRCLE GE 4-951 J At Tratfie Clrela LAKEWOOD GA 4-9931 Paul Newman THE HUSTLER Blue Denim Richard Burton NIGHT Of IGUANA Caraen at Cherry Any Number Can Win iflNC P.Fitti Martin-Lewis TE 4-643i THE CADDY 22t2 ista. Fa Av. Never Too Youni MAS 722 InVTAt7on'tO Billflmer.Serine GUNFIGHTER; Dr. Ns VENTURA-OXNARD 101 Ml 2-22! Vantura Jack Lemmon GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM Pink Panther SKY VIEW HU i-1212 Oxnard Burt Lancaster 7 DAYS IN MAY Great Escape RICHARD HON-M GMLH-DH Kl-1 LYOII allltiiir"" akHi " "' ' i i . "ANY NUMBER CAN WIN" AT MOST THEATRES t DRIVE-INS s mvmt W liw M FEtwrj!! r;M-6-lat Mma V - i BUMS ' f i1 UNIVtRSITY Of REDLANDJ SPEECH AND HEARING CLINIC . DR. ERICH FROMAN ;t (Authw of "Tha Art of Loving") I lacfuring aa: - I "Freedom nd Determiniim es a Personal Problem" t 'm ' "- PJA- OCTOBEI 26 hi " "' m 4 .oimn ruia .ampia, jj vriitnira aivav Lot Angela j Ticket Avoiloble of AAutuol Tickat Agancy, 637 South Hill, MA 7-121 NOW Frank Silvera't History Makinj Produstion vra-T5' i'aaaaaaaaaaa2aaaaaLaaaaa BRIVf-tNtaaaaMiaM cuevtaem auaaanc vaNmiYi I SSSS ""m TstaS Kd "SS ' "Uff1 ; HA4427I H0J-21M KM2I1 ;-2MI fx ,IA0 W2HIS SIHSlt I imtua. aaaaoeHA uuu im axaawi S "'" AMII8I "u7 liimi ' tD4? ffjj HOaVWaaUL L ALEX j"mno CWTEWON CAPW W. KECIAW .;.T7S tMil5',S "555 - wSiTi IW . I UM 16117 I ( BvJI Jk Yltajararaft PCfMtO tO OUT I . FR J 1 THEATRESI ton..hT. I k1 ,i. -'--i ' 1 "' ." I : Awny wNirr- wnjtje lD0 I . , . ; ' WA-,HU "",32a W45I27 QR383S0 g838&35 ? MUSIC UQK (tslljrve at U arm-US Mm Waal, thra frl t:3S S Shtwt Sal. 7 10:4J Sua. 4tt:30 . U$T WEEKS le-Grsnd 1451 H. C3fiuBnEa J ' H0.MI55 NITELY. SAT. 138 A 10 4S Evary Sat. MM. 2:30: ief . Oct. 34 A Childrea't Muiiral "THE PUNY PLANET aSl.OO anly . . . IMMar Parfiaa m LAST 3 'SAMI'ruNT SAMI SHOV a SAMI HLS ' TT "QMS n 6cGo" faii:mmtiiii..a!iji;i.fliti3n ( t'aiia Av at Arrat ' BHil BOLPHIHS P-ona. ,fc. Cren. IBOKiMB FOR LBVI HARTOR 7tTDAWM , RUBIDOUX SlS HASTiNSST ; TOM JOKEfT SUNDOWN - THE HUSTLER Ir.r.rthtn- . toMtimrottovt ' imm LA MiRADA TOM JONES . SUNLAHD S"" ,Ay.n'A...era IMKINSFBR 10VI MA6N0L1A THE HUSTLER TWIN VUE MiV"" BEHIM ; JMlS , LCCirtM MIGHT OF THE VtllFY - INVITATION TO A Pwa'aA (-(Ml . IfiUANA; ANY Pout On NA 9-711 1 l"HflSHTER! FROM MiHIaa a Raman mjMBtllCAN WIW u.g H A Cantraj RUSSIA WITH IWI m(i.4m JtT'tA vhba. 1 r."5Tri' Paumwat-aewHeB AABMAM ArtlaitM OV 1-lMt II IICM A

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