The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 29, 1966 · 77
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 77

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 29, 1966
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WEDNESDAY RADIO TV KEVIEW r TODAY'S FM HIGHLIGHTS KABC 790 KFI KALI 1430. KFOX KBIG - 740 KFWB . KBLA . 1500 KGBS KDAY- 1580 KGER- KEZY - 1190 KGIL . KFAC - 1330 KGFJ . KWOW . 1609 49 K6RI 1280 KHJ . 980 KIEV . 1020 KKAR . 1390 KLAC 1260 KMPC 1230 KNX 7:00 A.M. 11:00 A.M. KFI News Bishop KNX-Newsi Housi Party KNX-Wortd News ; W KABC-Hemingway Dick Whittlngton KMPC News Whittinghill KFAC Wusic Hall .. KFAC Spphonetta KLAC Joe Pyna KHJ Robert Morgaj KGBS Joe Nixon KGIL Doue James KFWB B. Mitch Reed KRLA Bob Hudson , 7:1S. KFI Geoff Edwards KNX Rege Cordic KABC News 7:30 KNX-News KABC World News 7:43 KFI News Bishop ' KABC Allin Slate , 8:00 A.M. KFI News Edwards KNX News; Cordic KABC News-McGuinness KMPC News Flynn KLAC News; Joe Pyne KFAC Stock Market KPOL News; Music 8:0S KRKD Fulton Lewis 8:15 KABC News-Allen . KMPC Business Stone 8:25 KMPC Sports-Hessler 8:30 KFI Reporter KABC-News-Hemlngway KMPC-Gary Owens KMPC Whittinghill - KHJ Don Steele 11:15 KFAC Master 11:30 KNX Dimension"! Mike Roy 12:00 NOON KFI News; Sportsi Starling KNX News Hour KABC Paul Harvey KHJ Gary Mack KPOL News; Musle -KFWB Joe Yocam KRLA Casey Kasem 12:15 KABC Pamela Mason 1:00 P.M. KNX At Your Service KABC News; Wells KMPC Roger Carroll KFAC luncheon it , Music Center 2:00 P.M. KFI News; Chuck Cecil KABC-News; Jack Wells KLAC Joel Spivak KFAC Masterpieces KGBS News; John Fritz 2:55 KNX Kirby's Corner 3:00 P.M. KNX News; Firing Line KABC News; Jack Wells KFAC-News-Joy 9:00 A.M. KFI News Edwards KNX-News-Cordic KABC News; Condylis KFWB Reb Foster KRLA Dave Hull 3:30 KFAC World of Opera 4:00 P.M. KMPC News; Whittinghill KFI-News: Cecil KLAC-joeryne KNX-News; Sportsi inj rrann leny KFWB Martindafs KRLA Charlie O'Donnell ; 9:15 KFAC Concert ..' ' 9:55 y KNX Dear Abby- 10:00 A.M. KFI News';' Sinclair ,. KNX News Godfrey KABC News; Breakfast ciub KMPC-News; Ira Cook KLAC Lohman & Barkley KGBS News; Kingsley KFAC Concert Stage : 10:30 KFAC Pops Concert KGIL Dudley Williams Finance KABC-News KFAC World of Music KPOL News; Music 4:30 KFI Brlnkley; Cecil KABC Bob Considine 4:40 KABC Tom Harmon 5:00 P.M. KFI-News KNX Lowell Thomas KFAC Serenade KABC News-McGuinness 5:15 KNX-News-Arthur KABC News; Finance 5:30 KFI Sports-Bennett 909 KPOL 1549 930 KkEL 1379 . 870 KRKD 1150 1220 KTYM.1469 . 570 KWIZ . 1489 710 KWKW.1300 1070 KRLA - 1119 XTRA-690 KNX-News KABC-News . KLAC News KfAC Varieties 5:35 KRKD Fulton Lewis 5:45 KABC Sports Jackson 6:00 P.M. KFI Dodgers-Reds KNX News; Business KABC E. P. Morgan KMPC Sports-Hessler KLAC Danny Dark KHJ Johnny Mitchell KFAC Concert KFWB Lord Tim KPOL News; Music KRLA Bob Eubanks :15 KABC Sports-AIIin Slate KMPC-News-Clenard 4:30 KNX-News; Kendrlck KABC News; Financial KMPC Roger Carroll KFAC Milestones 7:00 P.M. KNX News; Sports KABC News; Jim Healy KFAC Interlude 7:30 KNX-Boyd Harvey KFAC Echoes & Encores 8:00 P.M. KMPC Tigers-Angels KFAC Evening Concert 9:00 P.M. KFI News; Bob Kerr KABC News; Bob Grant KHJ Sam Riddle KFWB McCormick KLAC Private Line KRLA Dick Biondi 9:30 KPOL Musical Comedy 10:00 P.M. KFI News; Life Line KNX-News; Harvey KABC News; Grant KFAC Crossroads KPOL-News; String Shift 11:00 P.M. KFI News; Sports KABC-News; Grant 11:15 KFI Chatterton 12:00 P.M. KFI Ron McCoy KMPC Pete Smith KLAC Ray Briem KHJ John Williams KFWB-GeneWeed KRLA Bill Slater Dark Only Suspense in New Soap Opera BT RICK DU BROW UPI Stiff Wrlttr Dark Shadows Is the) name of a new, half-hour daytime suspense series which premiered Monday on ABC-TV, and which the network describes as "styled in the tradition of the classic Gothic novel." The story, which obviously is trying to emulate the romantic as well as suspenseful effects of such works as "Wuthering Heights" and "Jane Eyre," revolves around a young lady who leaves New York to become governess to a 10-year-old boy in a mysterious house In a Maine fishing village. The mistress of the strange house, and the star of the series, is veteran actress Joan Bennett, who is obviously well equipped to handle such a role, but had little to do in the premiere. Benefits of Soap Opera One of the chief problems of Dark Shadows is that it is ancient in tone, and is merely another form of soap opera in its approach. The soap opera is an honorable form of broadcasting in that it gives actors a chance to keep working at their profes sion, and to learn teen niques of the trade if they Stone Signs for Jean Arthur Show : Leonard Stone has been signed by executive produ- ; cera Richard Quine and ; Jay Kennedy as a co-star-i ring regular on The Jean Arthur Show, new half-; hour comedy series debut-jing this fall on CBS. He I will portray the chauffeur ' of the title star who plays a zany but highly success-' f ul woman lawyer. A former winner of Broadway's Tony Award fop his performance in , 'Redhead." Stone was a regular last season in Camp Runamuck. Elaine Dunn to Be Guest on Palace Elaine Dunn has been Inked by producers William 0. Harbach and Nick Vanoff to guest star on the Hollywood Palace. The signing marks the third Hollywood Palace guest stint for the singer-dancer, who is currently co-starring with Roger Smith Ul "Bye, Bye Birdie" at Salt Lake) City, Indus Arthur to Guest Indus Arthur makes a guest appearance in "An Echo of Thunder" episode of The Virginian. UHF Channel 52 to Dehut Today KMTW UHF Channel 52, begins broadcasting from ML Wilson today, servicing Los Angeles and Southern California. The station is owned end operated by Kaiser Steel Corp., with studios located in Corona. Initial programing, scheduled to begin at 6 p.m., will consist of public service pro grams, travelogues and sports films. Strother Martin Due Strother Martin plays a space hillbilly in "Monster From The Inferno," first segment of the new season for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Arthur Hill also guests. 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These Isotron machine are rrsilabla for lease or purchase from Fignretone. Demonstrations are given in your horns ' or in the Fignretone studio. 8343 Vilnhlre BI, Bererlr . Ililla, 653-8900; Compton, 632-3031 1 Vast Nays, 785-7607; Glendate, 243-0678 EI Monte 444-9314. Daily 10 AM. to 7PJK. r - . tasAspOOaJ Cc9t0af SttloflLs 5910 Faeadtr Are, 634-7060 uJ oJ cut esTcsr-KFcs t ma a tm WaV. sooaris lHt H lasers. are young, and does the same for neophyte video writers, too. But in this particular case the soap opera approach does little to dignify the "classic Gothic" attempt. The show has waves breaking on rocks, train whistles in the night, trembling violins and every other hoary film trick to signify suspense. Better Way You can have raging seas and shadowy cliffs and moonlit coasts, but a fine script and sharply directed performers are even better at setting moods. At present, Dark Shadows, particularly because of its New England setting, would seem to be better titled Son of Peyton Place. Furthermore, the landslide of commercials during Monday's premiere, cumulatively assassinating the "romance suspense" with their offensively phony good cheer, tended to make the debut a mystery indeed. One sometimes got the feeling that a chief character was a simpering mother who asked a librarian about cavities. i ' Mi"'. 1 I A J '? Mr'i ACTOR Cliff Robertson Is seen in his Emmy-wining role on Bob Hope Pre-sents repeot ot 9 p.m. (4). Fugitive Guest Star Michael Strong takes the guest star role as boss of a gambling syndicate in "A Clean and Quiet Town" segment of The Fugitive. :00 a.m. KCBH (98.7) "Tha British on Broadway," Ornadeli "Le Djinns Singers." (Stereo) 1:00 KGLA (103.5) "Carta Blanche," Raoul Meynard. 1:00 KVFM (94.3) Featuring Caterlna Valente. (Stereo) 10:00 KRHM (102.7) Featuring Astrud Gilberto. (Stereo) 10:15 KPFK (90.7) Handel, Puts Sonata. 11:00 KVFM (94.3) Featuring Jackie Gleason. (Stereo) 12 soon KCBH (98.7) "Great Themes," Mantovani; "Beautiful Music of Hawaii," George Greeley. (Stereo) 12:00 KGLA (103.5) "Music for Romance," Living Strings. 12:00 KRHM (102.7) Featuring lain! Kazan. (Stereo) 1:00 p.m. KVFM (94.3) Featuring Pete Jolly. (Stereo) 2:00 KBBI (107.5) "Jumbo," Ornadel. (Stereo). 2:00 KFMU (97.1) Mozart, Horn Concerto No. 3 in E. (Stereo) 3:00 KBBI (107.5) "Latin Rendezvous," Mantovani. (Stereo) 3:00 KGLA (103.5) "Music of Kern and Berlin," Stanley Black. 4:00 KFMU (97.1) Mendelssohn, A Midsummer Night's Dream Overture. (Stereo) 4:30 KPFK (90.7) For Young People. 5:00 KRHM ( 102.7) Featuring the River Boat Five. 5:00 KVFM (94.3) Featuring Peggy Lee. (Stereo) 6:00 KBBI (107.5) "Tha Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm," David Rose. (Stereo) 8:00 KCBH (98.7) "Yellow Bird," Arthur tymani "South of the Border," Tijuana Brass. (Stereo) 7:00 KBBI (107.5) Featuring the Me-lachrino Strings. (Stereo) 7:00 KMAX (107.1) Grieg, Concerto in A Minor. 2lo9&nfjrir0 Zlmtt 19 WED., JUNE 29, 1966-Part tV 1:09 KCBH (98.7) Rllsager, ConctrtJ- no. (Stereo) 1:00 KVFM (94.3) Featuring Ray Charles. (Stereo) 1:09 KGLA (103.5) "A Saluta to Bogie," MGM Strings. 1:09 KRHM (102.7) "Tha Blues (Part . 5). (Stereo) 10:09 KFMU (97.1) Massenet 'Hera- diade" (highlights), Crespln, Gorr. (Stereo) 10:00 KVFM (94.3) Featurlnf Nat ' (King) Cole. (Stereo) i ft f "AM in the PM on FM" J & Tod "Pods" for Adult Listening! mm The Al Manners Show MON. thru FRI. KTYf.l-Ffal 103.9 FM-1460 AM 1 mm Ihs Soot an Your Rorfla Dial Whsra j r.:.JJ KTYM Diiplays Its MANNERS" 4 AV O discount on rental ratoo r"" " From noon Friday to noon Tuesday (July 1-5), the Fourth of July Avis package lets you get away with a bargain. Charge for the whole long weekend is only $20 plus eleven cents a mile for a brand new Ply mouth or other fine car. 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