The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on December 20, 1967 · 72
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 72

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1967
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I 2Q PirtlV-WED.,DEC20,I967i i flngtlrt Zi metf IN LAS VEGAS n x v v . ;a;Vi . .T mm m n REBEL Dustin Hoffman portrays a diploma laden rebel In "The Graduate' opening Thursday in an exclusive Southland run at the Four Star Theater. MOVIE GUIDE As a guide to parents primarily, The Times lists movies in first runs or in multiple locations around Los Angeles. The categories of Family, Mature Audience and Adults Only represent a consensus of several national reviewing organizations and The Times own judgment. We take Mature Audiences to include teen-agers. I FAMILY "A Man for All Seasons" Camelot" "Eight on the Lam" Gone With the Wind" "More Than a Miracle" The Bible" -The Happiest Millionaire" "The Jungle Book - "The Nutty Professor" The Patsy" "The Sound of Music" 'The Ten Commandments" "Thoroughly Modern Millie" "Who's Minding the Mint?" MATURE AUDIENCES A Man and a Woman" "Barefoot In the Park" "Billion Dollar Brain" Cool Hand Luke" "Far From the Madding Crowd" "Grand Prix" ; "Hawaii" "High and Low" "In the Heat of the Night" Point Blank" "Rosie!" "Rough Night in Jericho" "The Comedians" "The Dirty Dozen" "The Girl and the General" "The Last Challenge" The Sand Pebbles" ; "To Sir, With Love" ADULTS ONLY "Beach Red" Bedazzled" God's Little Acre "House of 1,000 Dolls" "In Cold Blood" Luv" "Macabre" "Mondorama" "Reflections In a Golden Eye" "The Trip" "Ulysses" "Valley of the Dolls' Ml VI 1 ofamanww as damned if tie Mid and damned ' ifiiewouldnL (UMNWNBm STARTS FRIDAY! CONTINOU8 HOLIDAY PERFORMANCES DAILY THRU JAN. I SiOS 4i0S 6iOB BlOS IO1O8 mn-cmtn REST ROOMS to coNomoNwa Xl" T S87W.He I l J 93$ 6M6 I Ml CCim5Tr.1ASD3V 5 J5r . I ACADEMY YOUR CARD ADMITS MEMBERS! YOU AND ONE GUEST SPECIAL ONE WEEK ENGAGEMENT FOR ACADEMY AWARD CONSIDERATION i KIRQLLE DARC 'HARDY KRUGER GEORGES lAUTWER ; w BERNARD GERARD -- LAST I OAYSI I 1087 GLEND0N AVt 1 CR 7-0097 Til 9-9077 A Circus Circus Is Coming BY JOHN L. SCOTT T1iMt Staff Writar Another mult! million dollar complex is planned in Las Vegas with construction to start early next year. The newest entry in Vegas' gaming sweepstakes will be called Circus Circus. Alexandroff Dobritch has been appointed vice president of entertain ment, according to Jay Sarno, managing director of Caesar's Palace and president of the new enterprise, which will cost about $7 million. Circus Circus will consist of a main casino with two circular stages, a 500-seat theater, dining facilities and lounge. The site is on the Strip opposite the Riviera Hotel. A gala opening is planned Aug. 1. Dobritch, who heads his own International Circus, which is booked for a 19-day engagement at the Los Angeles Sports Arena beginning April 3, will introduce a "different" entertainment concept at Circus Circus. Quick Changes There will be top attractions changing every 20 minutes throughout the day. They'll perform in the casino and,' in some instances, over the gaming tables (a special net will be suspended, from the ceiling). Dobritch is to sign performers on a 52-week basis and predicts his dollar commitment for talent will be the highest for a single establishment in Las Vegas. Currently h's negotiating to import acts from Israel, Europe, South America, the USSR, and Far East. He's also booking American acts. Set to date are the Flying Caver-ettas of Italy, Flying Pala-cios of Mexico and Joe Gerlach's Sponge Plunge (into a 2-foot sponge!) of Hungary., . , We plan to make Circus Circus the most spectacular attraction in the world," Dobritch said. We'll incorporate the most exciting elements of circus entertainment in a way never tried before." Besides his other activi ties, Dobritch supplies circus acts for Hollywood Palace, Ed Sullivan Show and some TV series. Danny Kaye has been signed by Hotel Sahara to a two-year commitment, covering 1968-69. He will headline his own show at the Sahara for four weeks, beginning Jan. 30, and also is to appear at the Sahara-Tahoe later in 1968. Acquisition of Kaye gives the Del Webb organization an impressive list of stars, including Donald O'Connor, Johnny Carson, Buddy Hackett, Smothers iittilliiiiiiiiili: r i n n 3 i " A a HIM 8 mm&n mi ii" rra iti i r i I ht rift I nUUOL, .M0RGAM-KENDALL BECKfry mMY BESWICK saai sums moM-mmm first am showihss, 1 UUHonrvntglML ISLJI" H SEATS-CARPETS REST ROOMS AIR CONDITIONING COLORFUL DECOR DOORS OPEN 12:00 - SHOWTIMES 12:30 2:30 4:30 8:30 10:30 P.M. V i I i? 1 m ii tmmm GALA PREMIERE TOMORROW at 8:00 F.M. SHARP! Benefit of the Motion Picture and Television Relief Fund IN PERSON - STARS OF ."DOCTOR DOUTTLE" MG Rex K' Samantha , v Anthony Richard HARRISON Ofc EGGAR NEWLEYTf ATTENBOROUGH STARS! UGHTS! SURPRISE GUESTS! StAMS IN ATTENDANCE Jullt Andwwt. Frd Astalrt. Maiy Andenoft, tucllla Ball. Anna Baxter, Ed Beglay, Beulah Bondf. Ernest Borontna, Walter Brennan Gaoraa Burns, Laslia Brieusaa, Yul Brynnsr, Polly Bergen, Carl Betz, Gower Champion, Jack Carter, Carol Channlng, Chris Connolly Richard Crenna, Robert Cummings, Tony Curtis, Joan Collins, Linda Cristal, William Demarest, Bob Denver, Howard Duff, Britt Eck-luhd. Buddy Ebson, Richard Egan, Clint Eastwood, Henry Fonda; Richard Fleischer, Norma Foster, Greer Garson, Ruth Gordon, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Dm Hartford, Tippi Hedrin, Leila Hyams, Charlene Holt, Gail Hire, David Hedison, Arthur P. Jacobs, Sam Jalfe, Jennifer Jonas, Burt Lancaster, Janet Lalgh, Trinl Lopez, Diana Lynn, Ida Lupino, Jerry Lewis, Fred MacMurray, Dean Martin, Shirley MacLain Agnea Moorhead, Host Martin, Raymond Massey, Johnny Mathis, Steve McQueen, Robert Mitchum, Patricia Morrow, Gary Morton Elizabeth Montgomery, Jim Nabora, David O'Brien, Gregory Peck, Fess Parker, Walter Pidgeon, Monica Peterson, Joan Patrick, Irene Rum Omnia Raari. Dahhia Ravnaldi. Cuar Romero. Rosalind Russell. Buddy Rogers. Rachel Roberta, Barbara Rush, Peter Seller Frank Sinatra, Robert Stack, Barbara Stanwyck, Tom Stem, Phil Silvers, Dinah Shore, Tony Seotti, Danny Thomas, Marshall Thomp .son, Aflawwsat, Natalie wooq.tisensnwynn. Set Premiere Activities In Color Tomorrow Night on the JOEY BISHOP SHOW - ABC-TV, Channel 7-11:30 p.m. u A glorious score captures the gaiety, romance and exuberance of the world of Doctor Doiittle. I'i. no m v , . . jaC: :::i::.::!iv:?' t "AFTER V TODAY" im& "BEAUTIFUL jr THINGS". i ANYTHING LIKE IT . 20th Century-Fox presents hi 'r AN ARTHUR P JACOBS Production "AT THE CROSSROADS" f I "WLK TO THE torlnbv HueiiUsiant ilfrieakif LESLIE BRlCUSSE.Mr HERBERT B0S8.CSS RAY AGHAYAN Produced ia T00O A-QT Color by OE UDC 1 RESERVED SEATS AT BOX OFFICE OR BY MAIL-BOXOmCE0PENOAflY10IUI.ini. $UK.12H00H-6MI SChtDtnElfPRICESMl FCIFOItXAItCES MATSlt2PMaEVESitUBPM SUN EVES at MO PM, 1 rndSttuRkytianlnta Wta.k 0rch,Uaa woo Buiulw MltlflM tuniti Umi Thuidty tvtmnit Hvkmiq a Siluntegr Mtlmns 11.00 Ofca, 3M W.00 KM KSUYKOOLI PARAKOUHT 6838 HOLLYWOOD BLV0. I K TTTIT-f- - ... i KM " I i i ii i IP """ntq '""y Mutant Plim imII ttwm nlftMrtiiW wvilcpt mini etmti if tyit mtar ityatti ts Ttmlri J I Plim imII itMptl lf MrtiiW mvilept wllk etMck sr mm mtar ityatti ts Ttmlri TUkitsonsaltatSo. California Music Co. Inc. 137 So. Hill St and all Mutual Agenetn.Pliona Mal-miloryournaaratt location. Alio al ill Wallichj'lluiic City item. MJlIwifvifOifDriKHirlKl.aielillrlitnitiriii 10 1.1a. Christmas Wnk Die. 2) tin Die. 30 (Ewiet DM. 24 v 2S( Wadnudqr ktelitwi Prien SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THEATRE PARTIES Par Information Contact Vie Ron S318 Wait Saa Vicente Blvd., lot Aniolos, Cillf. 90041 ' ; -. ,. Phono Number 8330147 SI 'II dtuSr ' . PirMnt S0 with validation HolbwootJ Paikina CinUr aerMThiitna Brothers, Don Rickles, Robert Goulet and Connie Francis. Tunny Girl to Bow' Funny Girl" with Mimi Hines and Phil Ford opens tonight at the Riviera. Ed Ames ' headlines at the Frontier. Red Buttons stars at the Fremont Wayne Newton opens Fri day at the Flamingo; Bud-f-dy Hackett and Sergio Franchi are at the Sahara. Fiddler on the Roof has its Vegas premiere I Dec 28 at Caesar's Palace, j Casino de Paris opens Friday at the Dunes; Follies Bergere resumes in its new edition at the Tropi cana. ' 8 ; fooiajvivirl ' Q : m u-MXI (i'i"ul a.-M.i1.,.H. m v mmmmmmmmmmmmmmnmmmmmmmmmmmm. a m ID CD CD CD ID ID CD ID CD ID ID ID ID 03 Q3 ID ID E3 G3 CD CD ID ID ID CD CD CD G3 'N ow the word is out on ED a Once in a long while, films such as "A Taste Of Honey", "The Seronf , : "Darling" and "Blow-Up" create a special kind of excitement : ' " . The reviews make it clear that it has happened again. Judith Crist, on the Today Show praised "Our Mother's House" as "a movie you won't want to miss." Time Magazine termed it "Splendid! A modern gothic tale of innocence and evil." Saturday Review said "A triumph of the director's art!" If you only see me "must-see" films, you must see "Our Mother's House". , Starting Friday at Loew's New Crest! Metro5oldwyn-Moyer(rtFlrriways(rt ' D!rkCSrd3JockaaytortFHmof HcrjoHafare'HsS&e, KJ JackCJayton Martin RansohoffS4 XaVriiii ! in Mwecafct ...and Friday the word will also be out on Loew's New Crest! Moviegoers will, love those new, widely-spaced and staggered seats, the sparkling modern rest rooms, and the hew mad Modi decor. . . There's a new refreshment center,too. wesTwooo CD ED ID CD CD ID ID CD ID ID ID ID ID ID (D CD CD ID CD ID C3 ID Holiday Performances at 2:00 4:00 6:05 MO & 10:15 PM. - i lOT 122 WtStNOOO ILVD. Ir jTi rt? . I UST 1 PAT n J RichnrdBurton.Elizabeth'Gylcr Alec (iuiimess'WtCTUssmory )Thy 0, thqr aAia ttey (tatty., tbajavaa try tt tort. tatttaaawGnkaOrma' ' " ' E m nRBHaMlnQanMaT ': J axuotr skiauat Hianrii I as aamitM k mj psrftrmaiKa, dsm aapiniTtwaawiyiwiotviipuir. laiuww rumfmutJ" ' IK)l.ftrrW..7iO0an49:PJI. JAT. ONLY M0 5:20 8:00 Md 10:40 P.K SUN. and H0LS.-1:3Q4:106:55 and 9:35 P.M. fa) ; MhSMauraaiw I1 UST DAY L- aWrtlfcpB'afcf yiMnd ' AMdBisiMirvjRlfaateftA LEE MARVIN "POINT BLANK" ttAaEm tauitto, art m rutit iU n nainia at siqr fsmrmaiKs, apsa ahslaylni tkaatmy Mtmbsrthlp Carl IbP inisltlatiHnl Mitrooajaj KATUItl TIMES ATI 12:11 Ml 4.1.6:1J.:IS. 10:1$ P.M. naTWaj mm Wm nKkwkwkt Mm Mm fM lam ssa Taasa. 1 1 LTJ i KMHffi. POINT BLANK ZSZ 4W-S2U Gt. Dally 11:30 a.m. VJ CENTURY ComD'etely 51 IS Nlyad. BI. Will Reop mmmm ails ninra. BI, II 1 4.4l Remodeled Will Reopen Dec. 22 THE PENTHOUIi L CD L CD CD CD (D ID ID J EIMIR0 Stnta Monica U4.I703 GRAND PRIX Tonight 7 & 10:00 BEVERLY THE COMEDIANS 27S.4485,Wly Dr Tonight ? ti 10.00) ; Completely Remodele Will Reopen Oec. 22 .1 our Mouisr's must WBLi Sound of Music I7MISI 12.20. 3:45, 7.00, 10:00 MUt S7SJ77S in Marlut Ins. THE BIBLE Tonight 7 1 10:00 7 m BUMS' Mil BOOK S7.o6o. cis a.m. Charlla The COUGAR GRAND PRIX rulltrtoa Coawlth..Niitd. 87I-S9I5 12:30, 3:45, 7:00, 10:00 ID CD ID ID CD Q DIRTY DOZEN S22-2SI9, 12:10 NUTTY PROFESSOR LU iSSF SouniJ ol Music 772-S902 Today 2 4 8:00 CD HMO Bush IL aa-iso4 SAND PEBBLES Tonight 1:30 CD CD ID CD BBL Sound of Music SM.S600 12:30, 3:45. 7.00, 10:00 1 WWLu. aian dozen SB0-1I7I I2:S0 ENDLESS SUMMER 481.6721 CREST Wetlwd.-WIUh. 272-687S CRiin DtTDDice L.Sri, i R.dM W S.WB1.W 293-7IM.S:4S Rough Night JerlChO PICFAIR PlN.FlrtSJI S38-J29S Completely Remodeling Will Reopen Dec. 22 THE tlMNQER r... . it mm wiais. sja. 9 ru 294-5131 ROXY . Glindtl. 2J-6593 DIRTY DOZEN JACK OF DIAMONDS 7 6IAND PRIXx Tonlfht 7:00 t. 10:Qff f 'Jt CROWN PauSina 79S.IIJI COLORADO rawmusni 7M-9704 THE BIBLE JiOO. :, 7:00, 10:01 CAPRI WM Covtaa SS2.U7S GRAND PRIX Tonight 7:00 10:00 i GRAND PRIX ; ' 12:30, 3.45, 7:00, 10.00 Houatol 1000 Dolls' jm-mos. ulst Million Eyas Su-Muro 1 ' 'VI 7 m-tm 2:30. 3:45. 7:00. 10.M : STUDIfl 44JW. BaHllaa eaa-Moi, n-Al DIRTY DOZEN Rough Night Jericho I 7- SHgfi tMND PRfX 12:20,3:45. 7:00,10.00V x OOEECiHOQiaPDQp 6-

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