The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on January 28, 1921 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Friday, January 28, 1921
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WEATHER Fair Saturday, No .change in temperature. THE GETTYSBURG TIMES NINETEENTH YEAR GETTYSBURG, PA., FRIDAY, JANUARY 28th, 1921. , PRICE THREE CENTS ITS CHASE GORILLA , TO MOUNTAINS Posse of Rouzerville Citizens Make Futile Attempt to Kill Animal. TEN MEN RELY ON MERCY OF COURT Largest Group in Recent Terms Appear Saturday Morning. VILLAGE WAS IN UPROAR Jig NO T A -HIGHWAYMAN Marksmen Form Line of Attack But investigation Proves Brooklyn Boy Gorilla Makes Escape. Was Seen at | -\y as a Salesman Instead of a Hold Up Man. Release Beartown Youths. Monterey Golf Links. t SITJB^FOR SUMMER f GAMP NOT CHOSEN Third Army Corps Officers Await Word From The War Department. " " i Nothing definite has been decided in regard to the location of the Reserve Officers Training Corps summer camp ] for the Third Army Corps, it was an- j nounced at corps headquarters at Fort Howard i Thursday, according to a BaU tiniore newspaper. The site selected will not be made public until word is received fromgfche War Department at Washington where the recommendations of Major M. Crawford, who in- I spected possible camp locations at Frederick, was sent for BRINES GOES FREE (By Associated Press) Philadelphia, Jan. 28--Judge Ferguson in criminal court to- 3ay granted the motion of .the defense 'to take from the jury She case of William P. Brines sharged with first degree murder in connection with the death of Elmer C. Drewes on the grounds .that not sufficient /evidence had been submitted to connect the defendant with Drewes' death. STREETS NOT ON FIRST ROAD LIST FARMERS FAVOR BIG STATE FAIR Stale Highway Department Starts Season of J921 Let- | ting February 18. JFarm Products Show Said Have Been Best of Its to ] "Gorilla" warfare which was start-1 One of 4he largest groups of men ed last -vyeek in the vicinity of Idavilldand boys to appear before the Adams when Adams county residents, wellj CO unty court for sentence in recent armed, pursued what is believed to be j terms will be taken before President an animal that escaped from^a circus!Judge McPherson and Associate car when it was wrecked, not long|j uc ig es Dicks and Miller Saturday) ago, was renewed by citizens of Rou-j mO nring at 10:30 o'clock by Sheriff ! merce who accompanied Major Craw- | zervitle Wednesday night when an j John W. Hartman. !fnr * TM ^* *""" "* f1 "" fiaM ""'' M " ! arm'ed posse scoured the Blue Ridge slopes in the hope of getting a shot at the beast. ^embers of the Chamber of Corn- ADDRESS CLIMAX OF POST BANQUET |ford in his tour of the field and dis-j of jcussed conditions heue with him, arej Rev -,,T. C. Hesson. Arendtsville, !confident the camn will be located at! ReSDOflds to Toast Before Ten men, according to the report , , District Attorney Raymond F. TSp-j* onfide / lt the camp %vfll be located at | per, have pleas of guilty The animal was discovered in an al- throw-ing themselves on the mercy of ley just as dusk was falling on the j the court, village. The word was quickly spread ! Seven of the nine", Edward thereby Gettysburg ^ tne Major's recomttien-1 daiions have any weight with the War Department. Miller ' -^ * s estimated that between 750 and Responds to Toast Before Legion Members. The Gettysburg street paving contract - for Baltimore and Carlisle | streets is not among those offered by the State Highway Department in the first letting for the year just announced. The Department has announced that bids will be received February 13 j for 104 miles of new roadway in the' State. Other "lettings" will follow from time to time, the report says. The Department, if conditions permit, !hopes to put under contract not less (than three Jiundred and fifty_miles of (new I'oadway before the actual begin- jning of the construction season. The stretch of road between Confed- · erate avenue and the Peach Orchard which was only recently taken over by i Kind. TO FORM CONCRETE PLANS Ex-Congressman Lever Suggests Co- Operative Method of Meeting Crisis. Erie County Wins Potato Prize. Many Adams county farmers and orchard men who have been attending the State Farm Products Show NEGRO JOKES ON WAY TO GALLOWS George H. Perry Pays Death Penalty For Assaulting Whit* Woman. INSISTS HE IS INNOCENT Victim of Attack Identified Him Out of Score of Negroes. Man Had Served Two Jail Sentences. (By Associated Press) Baltimore, January 28--George H. mp err y- a ne g ro convicted of assaulting Harrisburg returned Thursday night | Mrs . Sache Sibleyj a ^^ woman at declaring it the greatest event of its j her home in Mount Winans September, kind ever staged in Pennsylvania and] 1919 was hanged in the city jail to- Secretary of Agricul- day _ He pro t e sted he was innocent Fred Rasmus.sen in saying "What and the members of the Rouzerville -charged with a. statutory offense; Ed-! 1 - 000 students from educational in"-, Affair in Thomas Brothers Hall, Big. _ *. _____ _____ _.. _ · f,4-Z4-.-,i-: ~~.*. : _ n ______ i _____ · T-S- j. · . *» 1 - i we want and what we need is a big the State, it is understood, will be let j state fair in Harrisburg " along with the contract for the paving j The pl . 0 p 0sit i on of a state fair was . . .. , . jof Carlisle and Baltimore streets. j brought before a number of meeti were binding hm preparatory to |BETTER AMERICA HIS PLEA i There are no J° bs on the list in this land Governor-Sproul urged it in his |mar ° h tO the scaffold - j jsection of the state. Bids are asked opening address as the show started. saymg his father knew the man for whose crime he was convicted. Perry joked with the guards; as they the deer camp and every one else that had ward M. Hill, rt f William Smith and stitutions in Pennsylvania, District of a rifle soon tamed out for the hunt. I Harry Minor, the three boys who 1 Columbia,_ Maryland, Virginia, and lerMlIe, .Most Successful in History of Ira Lady Post. on one five-mile stretch on the Lincoln Highway in Beaver county. definite action was taken bv any of " "* After the mobilization of marksmen, broke in a house at Guldens; Clarence i West Vir ginia will go to the summer] was completed, the attackers in battle j Hansford, charged with larceny of a j cam P- Wherever the camp is located, j formation started up the mountain. gold watch from Paul King; Edward \ il is to be Permanent, it is said. iAnzengruber, who stole fifty cents i., ,. , , ... /worth of coal from .a Western Mary-1THIEVES BUSY IN ^^ ^^^ ^ TM' ''· - -- - · So declared Eev. T. C. Hesson, pas- "Whether or not you put the em- Iphasis on I or%They or We determines PLUNGES IN RIVER ABOVE THE | the farm organizations which were in ! awav is there?" "You sure are tying me up tight. There is no chance for me getting session in Harrisburg but concrete! Most Brutal Crime j plans will probably be ready by year. , Numerous speeches and · : tor of Zion Reformed churcn in Ar- j I ,....»usville in responding to the toast j the thicker brush of the slope. i*TM» ~£*«? · i Etch ^ of Hotel Raided. Owners i^J t^^Z*TM*** ^' -It was then that an elaborate cam-' ? ou » s Brook ' who hails from 135, of Homes Plan to Protect paign was decided on and a messenger'. Cleannount avenge, m Brooklyn is the | . Properties. was sent" for reinforcements: The fir-1 lad su ^ osi to be a bold ^hwaj-man ' ing in the mountain was heard in the village and thejown was soon in an "" Rail as Guard Looks On. , . next I The crime for which Perry was exe- jcuted was one of the most brutal in meetings; the annals of Maryland. On September 24, 1919, a masked negro entered ( the home of Mrs . Sibley and brutally j throughout the city. Among the speak- [assaulted her. Fearing to cry ers at these meetings was Asbufyj awaken her daughter on the second which kept visitors hurrying for fear Unidentified Man Leaps From of missing something were held jnual banquet of the Ira Lady Ameri;can Legion post in Thomas brothers jhall, Biglerville, Thursday night. who held up automobile travelers; Sometime between Sunday-night and t,^^^^TM* *'*?*?** GS °^ along the-iincclti Highway near Piney Wednesday afternoon" a thief or tbiev- f Francis Lever, now of the Federal I floor, Mrs. Sibley, who is 52 years JFarm Board, and former member of j battled several hours with the negro. 28-- l 0011 ^ 33 and author of the Smith-Le-; A t one stage of the fight the mask A · T i-c j - ^ , , ver farm act, who suggested a plan Irlronnprl from tht fire nf W-r -i«raii An unidentified man is reported to · .. - . . . . . . . _ ^ i "^oppeu xrom i,ne lace 01 ner assau- (By Associated Press) Niagara Falls, N. Y., Jan. fanner to tide iirmself over the | a nt. Just 107 Tatpr Jater "The good cit^en avoids the egotism have jumped into the river above risis in the markettne of £arm nro \ T T ^ays mer rerry was and selfishness of the T class JLl the the falls at 2:15 o'clock this morning £~ Sen he said ' P ^ ^ ?? ? T .. _ . _ ! j _^^ =, j_ . -- . . . i-- ,, 3 "mil lie suu. [oToes Tsrhn fiar! hfxvn.- TrrrnmrM-. Tnafm-o _ uproar. It was decided great circle around ^^ ^ U w.».i U .,, , . . , where the animal was last seen. De-; that the . y ? ujl had no mentions of J means a matter of some dollars ployed in this fashion the grizzled ·*»»»*"« *»*' such crime. -^ j to ,the owner. While the hotel has hunters and young- marksmen moved - According to the story^ obtained i been closed since the summer season learnini , h(wr *,,,,,,,,_., to livp , W(t , into the woodland * i^om^.P. -Duncan, Red Lion, andfended there was quite a quantity of jS^^Shtto w i t - -'--other York county men supposed to [canned goods and other eatables j _ ° _1*,"^_ 1^,1 [groes who had been-''brought before ^ f n r m a Investigation by the Us entered the Edgewood hotel at' msOTSt - suspicjon ana misunderstand-1 -»« »« TM*v- -' -- «v« ^, .. My suggestion for financing the ^ Sibley and exonerated he was *r^2^1±^rsi^^ before he made the leap. He said ducte in ,,,,,,. rf « M ,,,, ^., ^. J Perry served two terms in the Mary- that 1 the post room you have been! he was om Cleveland, Ohio, and' commercial ^papeTbe iss"u"eTwith t h e 7e! land penitentiary ' one of ! en years for ! that he had come to the park to take'nrnrl^t-.* n « «!1 ^^+^,1 T^l! !-!!i murder and another of 1S mon * s Dog Pays Penalty " - - 'have , been held,,"up by this alleged! stored there. It was these articles They scoured the mountain slope half highwayman,?y were traveling'that were stolen, ,: ,_ 1 f 'and sacred sense as signifying your jown comradeship. 'We' meant yoa a farewell Cleveland. -.products as the collateral. Alone look before leaving for farrner fs not able to meet thfise for The officer believing the man was sponsibilities, \)ut joining , way to Pen Mar-bw found no trace of.; toward G et£ ^ OUI | J when stopped the gorflla. A black dog running. · Entrance was made through the with those thousands of. ot ' * Te { hiTM assets i j r^farmers, _.. --^TM^ M l , STOCK REPORT Gener^^sMng said at the[ alri sht tarried and left Khn looking, he can secure moriey^oT..,.^ ,,,,,,,,,,.,,, the" gallant Frenchman, 'La-, a* * h e falls. He was attracted by or a year, which he^must have because j Short Coverings Force Market-Higher. Gains Forfeited. *« t j continued his efforts to sell his revol- . from 'the ver until he met a party of more ex-! mountains, reports say, the town was "citable persons who thought they were t«' in a turmoil--the animal had been' being held up. seen there while the hunt was on. j Brook told the district Young women -who happened to be on IefrWs home in Brooklyn the streets when the ·'panic" started,;, ·were afraid to go home and escorts had to be provided. Since the Rouzerville affair, the gorilla was seen at Monterey by two I young men ^who "were on their Tssrayr home from a party. As they neared ! the Monterey golf links, they saw! what (they thought was a man ap- ! ficer and disappeared over the rail. *** TM *"* sec- j "There is perhaps nothing -our coun- j there are pretty summer try needs today so much as the spirit j BANK GRANTED NEW POWER i hotels and cottages. From the result'of comradeship and mutual helpful-! ' itoThp'Tn^rnnH^/'IJI^it "T attorney he' o f their work it looks as though theyiness, so much, fir-evidence when around | First National Ma ^ Act as ' Trustee Wss eave T~u°~ ,^ ^ n with the ! seek nrincinallv food for in a number'irnn nnr hTMTM vmmo- TM D r, ,-,, I-T,-,K i Or Guardian Now. · ? _ . . ' , ,. . 5 , tnat seek principally food for in a number'you, oar brave young men in khaki, hej of cases, as in the case of the Edge-^the -whole nation united to win the! .was told by some of his friends that j-wood, valuable table silver and 'the'war. May the same spirit, preserved' _all Texans "packed a gat." ] uke is left undisturbed while food-Jin the American Legion, - be dissemi- j Since Tuesday Samuel Shockey, one' by Problem · ^ Prof. Leon Mover Estabrook, chief; '(By Associated Press) ! of the United States Bureau of Crop! New York, Jan. 28--Coverings | Estimates, who has recently returned ! shorts, in shippings, oils, steels, from Rome, where he was a delegate {pers and motor specialties accounted iternational Airricultnral' Con- (largely for^the rise of the first hour there! in the.'stoclc market today. Tobac- is an ample supply of bread grains and'; cos, textiles and leathers also taken Uhat sent steels higher. Much of the . , , .. , ,. , . ,,-,-x,--- +T, * number of «ty folks who s p e n d j g ^ft and proaching on all fours. When called the animal rose on its hind legs' and came toward them making gurg- ] ling 'sounds. The young men did not^ investigate any further. -{Continued on Second Page.) FORM KIDDIES' CLL^B Kindergarten School "Will Open i thereabouts and it is believed that a Here Febrnary 7. j general roundup may come soon as in mutual ^ their summers in the moun tain sec- 1 ^st and service for the bon and own their own cottages have S weaL Ma j the motto of all A^iencans ° f T ***»Z ** L ^ T h e - v ' BUfc ^ 6 ' ° ne ?* a that they have been aitlons o l t n e ^ ur( Pean nations. '.however, Mexican -petroleum and to ^ ^ , Erie Wta, in Potatoes j , e neral asphalt declining to or below legislator, registrar; Er5e «*** ^n high honors in the ! yesterolayf final prices Themar- ardia / of ^ potato exhibit, winning the cup of the ! ket became dull on the reaction, f one country, one cit-izenr-y, one and f ° r a better America, a j , tates, -assignee, receiver, and commit- ' Pennsylvania Potato Growers' Asso-i shorts hesitating to press Iheir tees rf estates rf lunatics or other 'ciation for the second time and having ', vantage. Call money opened and re- . I I J *? The little building beside the jail i their properties guarded, on East High street which was used 1 NEW GRADUATE MANAGER I grammar school until about 1912 i .C -. , for many years as a primary and: TELLS OF RUBBER INDUSTRY Doyle R. Leathers Replaces Clarence. A. Neal at College. I be put into service again the morn-1 Richard M. McKer Spoke At High) become the universal brotherhood oil man." ' j i The address of Rev. Mr. Hesson was | the climax of a banquet which far snr- j effort on the part' "Continued on Third Pace.) ' · newed into next week at seven per ing- of February seventh when the ; Kiddies' Club convenes for its initial session. School Assembly. jof the Ira E. Lady post members. Professor Charles Rutschky. histor- porations come in competition withj national banks are permitted to act- under the laws of Pennsylvania. The i Marion :ise of these rights is provided; by the Federal Reserve act and] TITO «Tt"i- ««, ^ , HIS OWN HOLD UP i cent, but offerings were less liberal jthan recently. County Official Confesses 1 Robbery of $14.000. BIG CUT IN ARMY BILL Richard M.' McKey, general man-} iatt * of the Postf George Klepper, post; ] the regulations of the Federal serve Board. Doyle R. Leathers, who for the past j Parents of fifteen little children of'ager of the Sure-Foot Heel and Rub-j finance officer nn ^er whose auspices] DETECTIVE WHITE IN TOWN sir years ias been head master of j Gettysburg have so far applied for-ber Company; addressed the students! ' Gettysburg Academy, basketball -and j membership into the Kiddies' Club'of the High School this morning atj track coach, assistant football coach i which is the name Miss Henrietta j assembly. ' j and physical director at college, hasJHersh and Miss Amelia Butt have' The speaker explained the process! been appointed graduate manager of] chosen for their kindergart ·».--» ! - . ' · · n .- - . .-, -, *· ,-. .1 fContinued on Third Pace.) Ke-j (By Associated Press) J v Marion. Jan. 28--Treasurer Harry! ] G . Forry, of Marion county, who re: ! ported Wednesday that "he had been I . robbed of $14.000 by two bandits who! J . Measure Reported to House. Bases For · Regulars is 150,000. Associated Press! Washington, Jan. 28--Framed to for a force of 150,000 regulars KELLERS' STAYMANS WIN ,tive who has figured in many cases of j interest to= Adams county people, was j Although Adams county failed toi i n P ett ' sbur £ today relative to the' first honors at the apple exhibit theft of a J 01 ^ from a York man nam - i ed Detvireiler. Leo Darr, of Gcttys-' ,May Try to Have Leo Darr Discharg- j knocked him unconscious in Jiis office- the arm " appropriation bill reported | ed From Army. i i n thc courj . housei was plac * cd un( j cr |to the House-today carried a total of ( , , i i arrest todav and confe^ed to the'^28.861,123. a reduction of $63,697,- » x- , -r^ rtHI school -i w Wch rubberis put throughfrom thc' Co t Growers Brinc^Two Firsts' Charles S " White ' the York detec -!theft of the monev the'nolico in -'242"from current appropriations. The athletics to succeed Clarence A. NeaLjThese two young: women will have'time it is taken from the trees until] Back From Show Hv " "**" ^'~ * " " mon^, the polict an-. acting: graduate manager, who has {entire xdiarge of the kindergarten; it becomes the finished product. He] C ... ^ m ° W ' resigned. | classes which will be held every week told of the method of manufacturing I Upon assuming; his new duties at the; day morning excepting , Saturday the Surefoot Heel, displaying sam-j close" of the basketball season. Mr. ,from nine until eleven thirty o'clock.'pies of rubber in its different stages! j n the State Farm Products Show in physi-! 'before the final product is reached. I Harrisluir^ this -«r«t * *K» *,,«· « r . Forry Leathers will drop his work as cal director awi assistant football j ROWE STEWART EN~ ATLANTA coach in order to devote more time to the graduate managership. ] Outlined Principles of Club of Which j s -, a de. product Mr. McKey explained in a manner how the was arrested immediately, the arrival of a new He is the father children and is ;War Department had asked for $692..' r The Philippine scouts man- about Vdets and 14,000 commissioned officers of. Mr. Neal. who succeeded S. F. Sny- m T t.__sj_ t der as graduate manager, tendered ] his resignation on account of thc work j conflicting with his studies at Theological Seminary. the ° f manager] = ] PAGEANT SUNDAY NIGHT Will Be Given Church For In -Rowc Stewart, busiriess Philadelphia Record and pres-- adent of the Associated Advertising I Ciubs of the World, was one of a | party of four persons which recently j imadc an official inspection of the! Arcndtsvfllci c ^*y of Atlanta, Georgia, preparatory!, | to holding a convention of their organization there- w Harry In Closil35r he SDoke enthusiastical-! dt5vinej best stages i n the State Farm Products Show in "" "-"" e " Kr - "» "wr, 01 ucitys- \M A - ^-T V are not included in the 150,000 total. _i,_j ] ,, · fin--rr nnk- ?n *4i» T7n?t«vr? 3»TM*n.~ \__,,. i iiiTve oincr cnuoren and is tnirtv iivci ichcd. jHamsbnrc this.week, the few or- OUI *- no ' m rne uml ? d ^ lates } i v ear; W " 'deduction in the army, the committee general; c hardmcn of this countv who contend- i is char « cd ^^ stealing the pony and, · ' - 'report said, was nropo'sed with view to ubhide" jed wcre amonR the -^ Wlnners . ,» is understood that Detective White] *» his confession Forry said h«; an ^^ ^3,^^ of Americans in : . * . -- , . . _ T*nll nmlrrf* ^t-n ^f4»-mT»f ·*·/» ^oi-/» i«^i *$?*· ' iramod tno roDberv sforv fo rnvor _ - n j o » . Kellec and Sons, Aren- the first prize for thc ° f Stayman Wm *~» and tsill make an attempt to have him discharged from service. the students to visit the factory see the heels made. The Junior Class will write essays] iv of his Concern in the Weaver TEACHERS MEET HERE the robbery story to co'.-or 3 his theft. He admitted he scratched , his face and hit himself over thc head ! with a hammer in order to make his J robbery story more realistic. ·. the m~\ BACK FROM HOSPITAL J ^ n T J f «** . Mo » nta3n There will be a meeting of , second jnlork Imperials. 'Principals Association, which In the second class which called for; c3udes a3 , high stAmA and rfte best exhibit; of three barrels ofij^jj^j ^ ac h er s of thc county, in 1hc- After succcssfully \ apples, any three varieties, L, L.'jjjg], ScJjooj BuiJdinir ncro. on Salur- operation for a misplaced muscle MRS. CODORI RECOVERING -A special service, "The Rainbow While in Atlanta President Stew- Pageant," will be given CTidtsvaHc Reformed evening for the benefit of thc AT- outlined thc fundamental principles eration for appendici mcnians. The Sunday School class-] of the Associated Advertising Clnbs derwcnt "Tuesday in thc West es giving the pageant arc prompted, of the World, which is founded on "Sanitarium in York* by eight motives personified bycignf "service to mankind" .and "cmpba-j _ _ .. . . .. , * ne jtwHiiuu^v j tviiiiu in .rttiiiiiiii rresiacni oi«w--; ·.··«, ».iii»« v"»-^- j^* WIMH. vwxvttjuu riven In thc Ar-jart, who is a son-in-law of Dr. and; Mrs. Joseph Codori. of Gettysburg, · *""e barrels of any commercial v. I Church Sund«-3yjMrs. H. L. Daeh3. of Gettysburg.'is recovering splendidly from the op-'ety, H. M. Keller and Sons ·« nefit of thc AT-] outlined thc fundamental principles eration for appendicitis which she «n-I again winners with Staymans. MORE SNOW.SHOE RADP,ITS ', .Gettysburg, was first and j a y morn i nj: at ]fl o'clock. J H . M. Keller and Sons, second. In] \ the third class--for best collection of barrels of any commercial van- were t Leo Busbimn, Adams county jrairc mien, has rore5ve3 n shipment of Rid-c i ^n the olher classes which called sixty snow ;hf^ raKbiis from Maine. n \ his 3«r. Tliee-dore Smith Tias returned COUNCIL REACHES CRISIS Reparations From Germany And Methods of Payment The Cause. By Associated Press) Pans. -Jan. 28--The Supreme Council of the Allies reached the most crj- ·io Gcttysbiinr from the West Side hcal stace of it3 3cHberation S this af- sanitarium in York. Mr. Smith is a tornoon - Th * ^"" """" "TM '*" Sophomore at college and sustained She injury in the Pcnu Sfcafc iraTOe, -for exhibits of -.arictics grown only in Twenty one of the sixty rahhi^ wre _ 'small quantities in this county. Perry'dead upon Ihcir nrrival in Gettys- youn-r ladies, Marie Hartnian, Mnr-'sazcs the necessity of making truth j SHOOTIXG match Saturday after-1 county orchardmen took all thc "burg. ion Walier, Leila Cnlp, Viviennc the underlying principle of business.",noon at J:00 o'clock on William Bash--prizes. | ,Tnan farm. Clay birds and sJill tar- ^ WILL ha\e -alt on Mar"i 2nd of DIPHTHERIA C \SE Hesson, Ellen Gulp, Mary SchJosser, Margaret Raffensperger, and Viola The Jllno^s of Ncvin Epley, hvs near Two Taverns, lias K»OTI nownced ili^hthcrin. Di R X Lin-ln- man, of I ittl« -toivn, is hJ== atlcndin- SPECIAL sale on Tabard Inn L5- get,--advertiseroent 1 PUBLIC AUCTION: teraoon, January 291k, Strausbaugh. The motJvcs are love, brary memberships for ten days at, gratitude, obedience, ioyaliy, privi-9S cents. Lot of new books jwst pat ] WEEK-EX"D special. Chocolate cov-j courthouse all kinds of household i 3e|re, ambition, honor and self denial. 5n; read all the. best books for five ^red marascnino cherries, 79 cc^ts igoods, several ranges and one double 1 Mrs. W. W. Wood has charge -v * i i i i Saturday nf- ' slock ami nuMnnery. in front of ,Xew Chester -- .-s D. H. Sharrer, physkian. crisis came over the amount of from Germany aral the method^ of payment. T^e session of th» Council wh:-h was to have begun at 4:30 o'clock thi*; 'afternoon was abaTMJoned. The divergence of feelinp ef th« members of the council regarding Gennan reparation caused an inter- ruptiAn in the council and it is said 'to be in danger of breaking ap. of cents. People's Drng Store. The Rex( per pound box. People's Drug Store, jhoatcr. Charles S. Mumper.--ndver-J'Eand, Tn *iay t ev jail Store.--advcrtiscTnent 1 The Rexall Store.--advertisement 1 .tisement 1 i 1st. Goo*3 music.-- i BUCHANAN Valley Hall BIG dawe. Benefit of Citizen 5 ; Supper. Ixnt near; borrow ga^olins? SEE Ovler evening, February and come. Saturday, Januarj- 29th.-- ,n;ent on another .--advertisement 1. ^idvcrtisement 1 (men* . 1 advertij.e- »dv*rti?e- 1 j

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