Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 22, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1949
Page 4
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PAGE 4—XAPOATPCK NEWS (CONN.), TUESDAY, NOV. 22, 1949 t*nnlta>«o Every waning (Accept Sunday) by NAtTOATUCK NEWS CORP. NA0OATUCK. GOWN. Telephone* ZSI8 and UZ9 Entered a* second clau matter at the poet o»loe In Naugatuck. Conn SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance t Month .. .»L80 1 Tear 1111.60 Member: American Newipaper Pub. Aart N. K. Dafly Newspaper Put. Ajw'n Ponn. Newspaper Publls>»er» AM'P TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 22, 1949 Anyway, He Voted As civilians invariably get it, the United States Army breeds officers given to_ crisp, incisive judgments on which the fate of armies hangs. But what happens when generals decide to invade, not Europe, but American politics? What becomes then of those quick and resolute decisions? Does the man of iron undergo a personality change along with a change of uniform? Do those sure-fire judgments yield to the timid expedients and compromises of politics? •What brought this up is the sudden coyness in the field of tactical politics of General (or should the handle be Mister?) Eisenhower. He is a registered voter of New York now, by virtue of his post as president of Columbia University. But in •which party has he enlisted? The General hasn't said, and the poll records are silent, too. Both par. ties claimed him in 1948. Did he vote for Dulles or Lehman in the recent election? When interrogated, the General, if he will permit under unification a resort to naval terminology, engaged in evasive action. He murmured something about supporting the candidate with the constructive record. Thereupon he broke off the engagement. Scouting parties, reconnoiter- 'ng for 1952, have been alerted. .Jut they operate in the dark, '-'hey do not know whether the : ttack, if it comes, will come from tlie right or the left, meaning f.-om the Republican or Demc*- c.-atic position. Perhaps this is a deceptive maneuver designed to keep the enemy off balance.. Or i laybe it's just a higher manifestation of the old Army game. Trial Of Harry Bridges Harry Bridges' trial in San Trancisco on charges of per- j-'.ry and conspiracy to commit P-rjury climaxes the unsuccessful attempts of the government to deport him to Australia, where l.'j •was born. The charges stem from the denial by the head of t':e left-wing CIO International Longshoremen's and Warehouse- i-.en's. Union, at his naturaliza- t:on hearing in 1945, that he had ever been a member of the com: ;unist party in the United States. Prior to his admission as a citizen, Mr. Bridges had carried the deportation proceedings r-gainst him to the Supreme Court of the United States. The "luestion that tribunal was expected to decide was whether a communist necessarily believed in overthrowing the government by _force or violence. But the oourt by-passed this important question by finding it had not been proved Bridges was a communist. The present proceeding doesn't turn on the question of whether the defendant is or was a communist, but whether he did or did not lie under oath in obtaining his citizenship papers. If convicted, he will face sentence for perjury and his status will revert to that of an alien. And as an alien guilty of a serious crime he would be subject to deportation. The legal technique employed Is akin to some income tax law prosecutions used by the government against certain notorious characters who couldn't be reached otherwise. Monopoly Insincerity It is indicated in news dispatches that the steel industry, most segments of which are out of the strike difficulty, will recover quickly and soon will be at near capacity production. There is one doubtful segment, and it is quite significant That is the part of the industry made up of small firms. Small steel fabricators are at a disadvantage. New gains won by the industry-union will bring, it is predicted, price advances of $3 a ton. The little companies are handicapped there. They may not be able to raise their prices sufficiently to get the money for union demands and will suffer inevitable competitive disadvantages. When politicians pay lip service to the proposition of preventing big enterprises from crushing the small, it is a manifestation of the rankest hypocrisy. Labor monopolies work to the advantage of industrial behemoths as effectively as do monopolies of ownership. No one but the most gullible is deceived by government drives against monopoly, which are always announced w?lh fanfare and pyrotechnics. The politicians. in playing their power game, hew to the line of expediency as to which alleged monopoly to attack. Do You Remember? 20 Years Ago John E. Caskcy was elected president of the NaUK'Uuck Y. M. C; A., succeeding William G. Boies. Raymond Jurzynnki was elected president of the NuuRatuck High school Golden Lane Dramatic Club. One Year Ago Two inches of snow fell in the borough's first snowstorm of the year. Edward Stein resigned his position with the Sodlosky Drugstore in Union City, MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. What is the proper way to cat artichokes? A. With the fingers. One leaf at a time is pulled off and the edible end is dipped in the sauce, and then bitten off. When the center is reached the thlslle part is scraped away with a knife, the edges are cut, and the heart is eaten with a fork. Q. If an Invitation is received over the telephone or in person, may one say that he will ] e t the other person know later whether he accepts? A. Never; in this instance, do some quick thinking, and give an answer one way or the other. Q. What is the correct way to Introduce one's father to a woman? A. A proper introduction would be, "Mrs. Brown, this is my father." Household Scrapbook Cleaning Pewter Pewter may be cleaned by rub bing in a circular motion with a cloth dipped first in powdered rottenstone, then In a mixture of equal parts turpentine and linseed oil. Follow with a regular soap and water cleansing. Silver Eggs have a way of darkening silver, and these stains may be removed by rubbing with moist salt. Finish by washing in ammonia water. Ink on Wood Black ink may be removed from wood by washing with soap and water, using salt, vinegar, or lemon, and rinsing thoroughly. Look And Learn 1. When is the abbreviation "Ms." placed before a woman's name on a letter? 2. If two figures coincide when placed one upon the other, what are they called? 3. What new province was added to the Dominion of Canada in 1949? 4. What is the one common flower that produces true yellow, blue and red blossoms in the same species? 5. What State of the Union has monuments to two sons who served simultaneously as presidents of nations? Answers 1. When it is not known whether she is married or single. 2. Congruent. 3. Newfoundland. 4. Hyacinth. 5. Kentucky, in honor of Abra-, ham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. THE CLOCI —• Jimmy Valentine, younj; ;ion of ICilwin anil Doris) Valontlnc of Maple street, recenlly celebrated his fourth birthday. . .We under- Htand Ihnl llamlllon HOUHC on Walnut .street was named after Dr. Alice Hamilton, who will take part in the 50th anniversary presentation of the National Consumers League next monlh in New York cily. .. Understand T'hylliH .lohnKiin, phynical therapist and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kvuld Johnson, has rocfilvod an appointment at the National '"PolIn Foundation hospital In Warm Springs, Gu., where she'll go In about nix weeks to study.. .Waterfoury hospital, whero she's now employed and hi'r many friends will miss her.. .but congratulations on the advancement. It's happy birthday tomorrow lo Town Clerk Ray St. John... another Ray St.. John, .son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray of Scoll rtfc-eel, turned nine yesterday... tomorrow also la the natal day of Ernest Weber of Lewis street. Cynthia Backlund, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Backlund celebrated u birthday Sunday. . We'll wager Ihn-e little Ixiys won't attempt to cross tin- liitarwo- tion of Church and Maple strwts against tho policeman's signal again. . .they did just that yesterday afternoon during a busy por- iod and wore subjected In a serious talk by the patrolman on duty. Don't fnrget.girls...tonight The Playmakers have a reading for the show, "Cry Havoc," which the drama group will present In February. .. Director Jack Conway will hold forth in St. Michael's parish house at 8 o'clock for the reading. . .the play calls for an all woman cast. . .any and all arc welcome to the Iry-outs. Many happy returns of the day to Justine Drophy. Jlillcrest av- «nnr>, who was a year older Monday . . she is the daughter of Street Superintendent and Mr*. Leo J. Brophy. Photographers found work difficult at the Spec Shca-Gcncvieve Martlno wedding Saturday because of the huge crowd... all sorts of cameras, movie and still in the hands of both amalcur and professional shutterbugs popped and ground as the bridal couple left the soon as the Sheas entered their car and drove off, autograph hunters swarmed George Sternweiss. Union City residents are displaying considerable interest in the proposed Little Lea^uo there, according to Pete Wislocki, head of the Exchange Club... community spirit and cooperation will do much to help the project become a success, Pete said. The toastmaster read a portion of a church program which was as follows. . .Itom one: "The minister's sermon for l.rxlay will l>e —How Can We Deal With the Present World Situation".. .Hem two: "Mrs. Smith will sing- Search Me, O God." Driven* of tarn leaving tho Niiugntuck railroad station need X-ray vision to sou through parked cars in order to tell whether It IH safe to drlvo onto Water at.roet or Cedar street.. .Cnra parked on Water street do a fine job of blocking vision and drivers must enter the street with a hope and a prayer. Car owners near Maple and Oak streets arc wondering where they will park their cars when tile Oak street parking ban gofis Into effect. . . does anyone have a spare sky-hook. Sharon and Artie Algren, children of Mr. and Mrw. Art Algren, 20 Beebe street, are on the sick- Hat... All out Wednesday night list... Sailor John Ostroskl has had a change of address, his dad, John, Nr., Informs us... Friends may write him at the following address: John Ostroskl, 1IA71MH326, 1). S. Naval Hospital Staff, Beth- rsila. Aid. Football fever Is mounting at Naugntuck High school...It will reach its peak tomorrow wllh a gigantic pop rally in the high school gym... Highlight will be a cheering contest between 'the four classes... The class which is chosen as the winner by a group of teachers will be awarded a cup. The student council of Annonln Illtfh school has arranged for a "Victory Dance" for students, Thursday evening at Uio high school following tho annual Nuu- Katuckr<Alisonlu football classic. . . Dancing is scheduled from 8 to 11:30 o'clock. Tomorrow night the Gold Star Post will hold its annual ball in Falcon hall and the firemen will promenade at their annual ball In Odd Fellows hall... Recently the American Legion and Marino Corps League held dances on the same night. . .Also scheduled for tomorrow night, is a danco in St. Francis' school hall under the sponsorship of the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary. When the Rev. Wlllard B. So- por, toastmaster at last night's YMCA banquet introduced Mrs. Harry L. Carter, wife of the Warden, he said..."Hero is the power behind the local government." ... As Mrs. Carter rose to take her bow, the Warden quipped... "Ain't it so.".. .Amen. Rev. Soper did a line job In Ms first venture as a toastnuwtor at a /YMCA affair.. .He displayed a fine, dry Bcnse of humor which reminded us very much of Raymond K. Foley, principal of Nau- Katuek High school... Congratulations for a fine job. Reverend. The Rev. and Mrs. O. H. Bertram were guests at a housc- warmlnjf In honor of a Middletown church pastor Friday night In Middletou-n.. .It's nota strange sljjht these brisk mornings and late nightn seeing auto owners much perturbed over stalling cars., .most of them due to forgetting the ole antl-freeze. THANKSGIVING r-i. WALTER WINCHELL In New York TIIK CASK FOR A GALLANT SAILOR Tln> JttpH burned the uniform off Captain John D. Crommelln, but it didn't stop him from roBCiiiny his wounded men lying below In sick bay...The politicians arc try- Ing to keep the Admiral's star olf Capt. Crommelin's shoulder this week, but unlike the Jups, they won't face him in open combat... In the best tradition of Hitler, they have denied him a court martial because he has a complete defense. There Is now an official public reprimand In his record, placed IHero by Admiral Forrest Sherman. ...The best constitutional lawyers tell me Admiral Sherman had no more right to do that than the cop on the corner has a right to electrocute you without trial. Thin In how It wa* done: Admiral Sherman, without trial, placed thin death gentence of promotion in Capt. Crommelin's record: "To the degree that you deliberately ignored your responsibilities to your Naval superiors and disregarded the well understood privacy of confidential and privileged communications, you brought into question your fitness to exercise a position of trust and confidence under those superiors or elsewhere in the Naval Service." Admiral Sherman rmiHt have known when ho wrote—as everyone In Washington docs — that a largo number of Senators, Congressmen and senior officers of the U. S. Navy arc almost fighting each other for the privilege of testifying for Crommelln.. .To the extent that he ignored the evidence, Admiral Sherman was slacking the cards. But to the extent that he Ignored the law, ho was breaking it himself. Admiral Shermon wrote mo a letter explaining his position. ..Examination of It reveals he used the exact words of Naval legal authority but added to them words which suited his purpose, omitted those which restricted his authority and ignored those which questioned the legality of his act... The Admiral relies for his authority on the inherent right of a com- mandcr-in-chlef to express approval or disapproval of the official conduct of subordinate officers under his command, .. He omitted to say that the very same book he quotes, the Naval Digest, 1916, specifically states on the every same pages, numbers 600 and 501, that "public reprimand, even as a part of a court martial, Is not favored by the Navy." To railroad Crommelkn they had (.o go far back. That Naval Digest, published in 1916, was quoting Naval Law as'far back as 1893 and 1864... I know Admiral Sher- man will have the greatest difficulty trying to produce before the Congressional investigation committee which will be formed a single instance where the Chief of Naval Operations has acted in this manner in the last 50 years...The best research lawyers have been unable to produce a single case in Uin last 30 years, as this BOPS to prcsd, Admiral Hhrrnmn quoted to in,' the directive of the Secretary of the Navy, dated January 7, 1949. He neglected to state the directive of Secretary of Defense Johnxon. dated June 8, 1949, six months after, in which the Navy Dop't. Ulong with the other armed .services, was directed to lift the grig on all officers except for ma- ferial which was classified "for .security reasons".. .Capt. Crommelln was also prepared to prove that the confidential dispatch In an- swer to which Admiral Bogan's loiter wns written HAD BEEN OPJ5NED TO THE PUBLIC BY DIRECTION OF THE SECRETARY OF TUB NAVY SOME 10 DAYS PREVIOUS TO CAPT. CROMMEIJN'S RELEASE OF ADMIRAL BOGAN'S LETTER .: In-whorl. Cmr-l. Crommelln h«« hrj-n spnli-nrud. without trial, for Inilkini; public ar answer to a l«'t- t<-r which the Secretary of the Navy hlmwir hnd made public 10 diiya before Tlicsc ore only a frw of the legal pojntit in the (freatOKt outrage in the history of military justice £inoe the framing of Captain (Continued on Page Five) NEW ENGLAND S URGfSl PETROLEUM STORAGE HRMi "WE, THE MUSIC SHOP—" A frequent topic of conversation at a meeting of married women Is: "Where did you first meet your husband ?" Here's a story. An attractive lady, was employed at the record do-' partment of THE MUSIC SIKH". A handsome young man gazed In through the open floor on a warm spring day three years ago. A strange Htlrrlng prompted him to walk Into the MUSIC SHOP and Introduce himself to the charming girl at the counter. One thing led to another: He to become a nationally prominent-athlete; she to become M* wife three days ago. Yen, you've Riiessed 11! Frank "Spec" Shea first met the former Oenevleve Martlno In THK MUSIC SHOP. . . Fate and music mix well. (Radio need repairing? — THE MUSIC SHOP). : ADV. BUNKEtt "0" Fuel Oil 4 J??/. 100*" r ' j", . per c*V°n F. 6. B. Our»Tormln*l MAKE 'EM MEAN IT when they say "hot" Every hot wator faucet i?i your home will , respond to your need for piping hot water when you have ari\ Automatic Gas Water Heater. Whether you need a cupful or a tubful you simply turn the "hot" i'ancct and there it is — any minute of the day and night! There's always enough for baths, always enough for dishes, always enough for washdoy — always enough for everything! Stand in Oforf Here's The Answer To All Of Your Hot Water Problems! 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