The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on February 9, 1966 · 60
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 60

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1966
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10 osJjanstlf0mejS PartlV-WED.,FEB.9,1966 "A TALKER Sidney Poitier tries to persuade caller from taking life in a scene from "The Slender Thread," playing at theaters, drive-ins in area. TODAY'S CALENDAR MOVIES "BEFORE THE REVOLUTION," Los Feliz Theater. First in Italian film series, co-billed is "Umberto D." "LAUREL AND HARDY'S LAUGHING 20s," citywide. Collection of the comedians' films. "THE GREAT RACE," citywide. Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Natalie Wood star in comedy. "THE DROP KICK," Silent Movie Theater. Richard Barthelmess and Hedda Hopper star. Co-billed is Buster Kea-ton comedy. "THE MONEY TRAP," citywide. Glenn Ford, Elke Sommer and Rita Hayworth head the cast of drama of people who live beyond their means. "THE SLENDER THREAD," citywide, Sidney Poitier, Anne Bancroft and Telly Sa-valas star in drama. STAGE THE CHERRY ORCHARD," Playmill Theater, Occidental College, 8:15. Caltech Program Paulene Myers will present her show, ' "The World of My America," at Caltech's Beckman Auditorium Feb. 26 at 8:30 p.m. TIME Magazine calls it "Virile, Enthralling Entertainment ! Measured against the run of adventure epics "The Flight Of The Phoenix" is a BONANZA!" "FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX" SUPERB ! James Stewart is wholly convincing -Richard Attenborough wonderfully good ! Brilliant portrayals by all !" - Clyde Leech, LA. Herald Examiner "ONE OF THE YEAR'S BEST" - Abe Greenberg, CitizenNews JO CWUtT FOX tv 8K MMQM1S MB HJMCK COaann RKWCtM mm mi'im m&n 1cqmrV EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT urm niro nA urrv! ItLLU UILII AtlU HLUIti (.04 W,i.. Cma Of - C t-"?' DOORS OPtd 615 RTuf T'MtWK THBUrHMOtnsm MT.DOOK0KH1.45 FUTURE TIME IT ?7O-5O-74Sft103OPt. SU DOORS Off NIK) FtATlUt Tint AT 1 SO-4 30-7151 1000 ' garagi cacn cr:r::ns by ALLIANCE Manufacturing Co., Inc. AveilebU Through ecrriY cvzzv.zilo czzz co. 4829 W. Pico Blvd., L A. 1 V.'f. IYL 8.2124 Young Composer Don Ellis Isolates Neophonic Sound BY LEONARD FEATHER A young trumpeter and composer named Don Ellis grasped the entire mighty Los Angeles Neophonic Orchestra, stuffed it in his very hip pocket, and ran off with the show Monday evening. His appearance in a work aptly entitled "Synthesis," marked the first conjunction of the Neophonic and Ellis' own group, which delights in the name of the Hindustani Jazz Sextet. Ellis' long verbal introduction, in which he explained that his piece would use Indian rhythmic devices ("the most sophisticated rhythmic system in the world"), became so complex in its explanation of the meters about to be employed that some listeners were a little concerned about not having brought a computer to The Music Center. When the music was performed, however, mathematics no longer seemed relevant. Ragas Outlined The two basic ragas (Indian scales) were outlined by Hari Har Rao, who played the sitar and the ta-bla. The rest of the group comprised a conventional jazz front line (Ellis and alto saxophonist Gabe Bal-tazar), plus mallet and rhythm instruments, all fortified, of course, by the 25 towering neophonicists around them. The synthesis wound an extraordinarily jagged route from New Orleans to New Delhi, even taking in 'Dolly' Signed for Film Role NEW YORK UP) Carol Channing has been signed to play the role of the richest girl in the world in a film comedy called "Thoroughly Modern Millie." Miss ; Channing, who was a sensation in the Broadway musical hit "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,", is now touring in the Chicago company of "Hello, Dolly!," the latest of her theater successes. "Thoroughly Modern Millie" will be the second movie in which she has performed. Ten years ago she played in the film, "The First Traveling Saleslady." Besides Miss Channing, Julie Andrews and James Fox will star in the film. i at times the staccato of rhythm and blues and the unison ensemble sound of an Ornette Coleman combo. This was no mere musical wedding; it was out right polygamy. Indian ragas and rhythms, European classical concepts, American sounds and African touches were all fused in a work that built to a wild, searing climax in fact, two or three wild, searing climaxes. Over-long, perhaps; pretentious, true; but when it was over we all knew that Ellis is a major talent as soloist, composer and catalyst. His is a name to watch for in the music of the 1970s. The Ellis work was the only one of the evening that gave full meaning to the term neophonic. Since He'd take on anyone, at anything, anytime, was only a& N&j amatterofwho came first! METRO-QOLDWYN-MAYER PRESENTS STEVE KcQllEEfl Kisni EDZliDC. THY IVEID METRO COLOR See Directories for 2nd Features and other Theatres playing "CINCINNATI KID" AT THIK IAIDW1N MI7IM' VM NUTt FQX 7!b 04 moilvwooo mm city UNKFJtSKUf. TEMPLE P0 5J9H ATMlS Muna HMTIN RANSOHOFF MLB OA HHIM in MEIR0C0L0R n -1 URSULA ANDRES3 -THE MOST ELAUTIFL'L VOMAN Ml THSVVOuLD! Cffr!ai IIC iif iiLwiii HM'l Wi n frPTir pir it was played third among seven works premiered and conducted by Stan Kenton, two were pre-cli-mactic and the rest anti-climactic. Effective Fusion A composition by Dave Grusin provided an occasionally effective fusion of the orchestra with Shelly Manne's excellent quintet. Bobby Troup's "Oalvelli's Dance" (orchestrated by Bob Enevoldsen) h a d a march-like, almost Khach-aturianesque quality. Only one work was content to keep a traditional swinging jazz pulse throughout. This was J. Hill's "Tribute to a Poltergeist," but like so many writers for this orchestra he made inadequate use of HffiJ " t -V ! an THIATRIS lOt aMfLfl aUMOOM MANCHESTER iLENOORA I KiMl I B5-W8 maitwooD IMPERIAL o. i sin Him CRAMAOA MONICA AERO USo Will ART THEATRE H3 IUS AIDER m. hms PRaOUCTIOM rTTTlLAMIMDA C0V1KA ' I m m I Mm butt uuai youa ?mrs , ; METRO. OOIOWYN. MAYR AROMRT YOUNOSON PRODUCTION "A magnificent feast of sidesplitting laughter... sheer delight." .Bill Wolf, CM MB'ne "Unbelievable heights of . .a ITtirtni -FrmkMorrist, Toronto Gob A ' "Some of the finest film fun which has ever been screened'" Malory Adimt, 77i Boion 6ooe "Nothing could be more WelCOme!" -ArttmrKnlDM Tfte Saturday fiayiew "A masterpiece of mimed madnessl"Kooy uwiim y E U Presents A SCiDi ARTS KAj'!fl? U PTD U1"" TECHNICOLOR r" ri'TT ' i - i.':e LwwlLlrtfitJ a'i i-.vj I n ". r'Trf lTttTC trM"f I its improvisational resources. Duane Tatro'i "Sally IV" was rich in textures and made good use of Bud Shank's flute. The eve-'ning's opener, "Fusion" by COMPLETE-UNCUT-EXACTLY AS SHOWN DURING ITS LONG ENGAGEMENT ATTHE PANTAGES THEATRE mm LEicm. DACLCYKa m in i ." mi JnL mm IN A PAUdLA MULLIGAN PRODUCIiutl the tory CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES Opm Daily 12:19 Stiow starts 12:18 REGULAR PRICES-OPEN ALL NIGHT MCC PARKING ( WINNER! GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD! y" Ifw. w-m a. a nioninr A"eBaBiBBBaaaaafc. Sk NEW YORK FILM CRiriCS-AWARO.Zi ATTENTION: ACADEMY MEMBERS YOUR CARD ADMITS YOU AND GUEST TO THIS ENGAGEMENT JOSEPH E.LEVINE presents- LAURENCE HARVEY DIRK BOGARDE JULIE CHRISTIE i powful ud bold Botioa pictire.. aide bjr tdalo.iti adults... for adshsl A JOSEPH JANNI PftOOUCTlON AN EMBASSY PICTUWES RELEASE ..-.J ,rol " .r-." SEE THEATRE DIRECTORIES tct1,V palace etta tm ruw tor 2nd features ToS'X minti n mi twit HUfSiiT 'Wll 'jKHIMS I H0V349I IV: k mmim -..".:'::.:;:v iff t ' -mf r !fi, f J - . a . . a.i - Y"','fl " ' 1 rp"'r"i,"i. V'TTfiyV 'Til ls ? j. LL n a. J hi j IiuIwaI Frank Comstock, was academically impeccable, employed the tympani to melodramatic effect, and had all the freshness and neophonic vitality of Forest Lawn. of what they did to a kld. TECHNicotar ttwraac ncawuiiEinosL Acine't R3 1 TMEATRC HOLLYWOOD torn ik Vaa HO. 4 61U 5th SMASH WEEK! : (. U. FULL LENGTH nut at W(ir4ai V SECOND FEATURE AT ALL PACIFIC DRIVE-INS AND SOME THEATRES SEE DIRECTORIES FOR OTHER SECOND FEATURES . ONLY LOS A'.GELES SUDWINS! BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT WITH THE PRODUCERI Cj Lj Li 0 L J OjQjOZ IIOWatthePAHTAGES! ALL SEATS UN RESERTD (BUT SEATING GUARANTEED) KATS. DAILY 2 PMiexcsuw EVES. DAILY 8:33 PM 3 SHOWS SUNDAY- MATS 1:30 1 5:00 PM EVE 1:30 FM STUDENTS AND TEACHERS.. (WITH IDCNTiriCATIOM ::.STUNNING...MASTERPIECE!...WE MAY NEVER SEE ITS LIKE AGAIN!" PHILIP K. SCHEUCR, LA. TIMtS From the Nslional Theatre of fr3t BrttxTn TIME AND PRICE SCHEDULE MATS EVERY DAY (Exc. SUN) at 2 iun ma.15 at 1:30 and 5:00 PM..S1.50 EVERY EVENING it 130 P M $2.50 STUDENTS AND TEACHERS...!!! ENGAGEMENT ENDS HOLLYWOOD VINE Ha9-aai1 WARMR BROt I 1 1 RESERVED SEATS AT B0X0FFICE OR BY MAIL ua-imom pi lw ALL MUTUAL TICKET AGENCIES PROM WARNUt BROS PACIFIC'S THEATRE HIOHLY RECOMMENDED POX CHILDREN I Is- Bf .iiAri,i MAJOR STUDIO . TECHNICOLOR PACIFIC'S CINERAMA DOME Henry PACIFIC'S VU.-Jd'iiif.n .vssmsim PANTAGES HOI.S4M OLIVIER IN OTHELLO Hlvwd. at viti. PICWOOD Pit. near Weitwooi Cont. 6:30 HOLLYWOOD PX Natalie Wood Hlywil. nr.Vln. INSIDE DAISY CLOVER HO 4-6113 Wild Seed Ct. 12:1$ A.M. Free Pkg. Open All Nite WORLD Eke Sommers Hlywd .t Gow.r THE MONEY TRAP HO 7-osii Coast of Skeletons Cont. Noon Free Pg. Open All Nite SAN FERNANDO VALLEY CALIFORNIA 'Mfft1?" Cont. 6:30 CINCINNATI KID TH a-1507 Sandpiper CORNELL New Uw Pri" Burbank Jul'e Christie Cont.6 :30 DARLING TH 2-5251 Yellow Rolls Royce ENCINO Elke Sommers Cont.6 :30 THE MONEY TRAP 8T 4-6233 The V.I.P.'S RESEDA Ann-Margret Cont.6 :S0 CINCINNATI KID Dl 4-0153 Sandpiper MONTEBELLO GARMAR tmI??Vbb Cont.6:30 THE MONEY TRAP PA 3-2133 The V.I.P.'t VOGUE tmiW lA HABRA TaK Cont. 6:30 THAT DARN CAT Cont. 6:30 THAT DARN PA .l"" c'milv jwl 1 ow 7.77 CAT I BOX OFFICE OPENS S:00Dffl.SH0W LOS ANGELES AREA CENTINELA THJMrt'' CANOGA PARK 6'"". : :: Cunt I Sepul. THE GREAT RACE 7WI Canota Park THE MONEY TRAP . OR 0-8677 Coast of Skeletons Dl 6-621 1 The V.I.P.'s CENTURY Sidn Poitier LAUREL Ton Curtis :! Century at C'ihaw SLENDER THREAD Laur. Cyn. N. Van THE GREAT RACE , ORJ-1824 Outrage 899-2588 Coast of Skeletons -J FLORAL tlayucan . PICKWlCK yt . :t Mud.N.ol B'lyn Cnt.Hait Ala'da-Victwy THE GREAT RACE ' ANJ-07S a"aa TH 2-5723 Outrage J GILMDRE Sidney Poitier RESEDA Laurel & Hardy's 3rd I ! Fairfax SLENDER THREAD SSS. at V.. LAUGHING TWENTIES f WE J-22M Lilies of the Field di j.5550 sne Supernatural ! OLYMPIC I'""1 H"d' WN VAI Bancroft -l Olym"o i Bundy LWGHING TWENTIES SLENDER THREAD ' -i. GR. 7-9817 She Supernatural TH 2-1177 Outrage ; SAN PEDRO Elke Sommers SEPuTVEDA Sidney Poitier , Giffyf of a"'Ni THE MONEY TRAP "ilv". SLENDER THREAD te 1-3370 The V.I.P.'s ST 6-6520 Outrage ; STUDIO Elke Sommers uTsf" UYC Elke Sommers - 8.wl .tJrf(-M THE MONEY TRAP SSc"l siiTul. THLM02NE1(1TRAP EXJI-82M The V.I. P. s st 6-75io The V.I.P.'s TORRANCE Laurel Hardy's IMPT flRV Laurel 4 Hardy's -T T.r.w!S HVth. LAUGHING TWENTIES Jt LAUGHING TWENTIES FR 9-8491 She Supernatural po 1-ssi I She Supernatural VfOMftNT Jack Lemmon "i"1"- Vmt it IS24 THE GREAT RACE HUNTINGTON PARK-COMPTON DA 3-4055 Coast of Skeletons mWPTflN Anne Bancroft PASADENA-SAN GABRIEL p.," -W. All. SLENDER THREAD ne. 6-8557 Outrage v FnnTHIII Elke Sommers egPC Elke Sommers Arun'LL THE MONEY TRAP Mtt THE fONEY TRAP ED 4-0M3 The V.I.P.S (27.11311 The V.I.P.'s - BIG SKY JhVwaVVogo ROSECRANS ruW.fJU :: Duarte WHAT A WAY TO GO Lak.wd. at Bmct. THE GREAT "ACE ' ELt-2565 Von Ryan's Enpress me 4-4151 Coast of Skeletons EDGEWOOD The Beatles SOUTHMTE fttfi$l IrXW Hard Dm' Wight fttitS VQ Ryan's Express pPJfLiSOAK uSo'TWENTfES HI 7-8179 She Supernatural EL MONTE Nr.Aius.-Ellit Gl 8-6422 Elke Sommers THE MONEY TRAP The V.I.P.'s SAN GABRIEL Vead Valley at Dal Mar SLENDER THREAD CU 3-5H8 Outrage STARI ITE Shirley MacLatne Wi" 6.ry WHAT. A WAY TO GO Gl 6-7631 Von Ryan's Express VINELAND Kk lemmon Valley at Vimland ThE.G1E'.T ED 6-75it Coast of Skeletons ORANGE COUNTY ANAHEIM "" Bancroft L . at O-thert. SLENDER THREAD LA -352 Outrage HARBOR BL. . h.rbor. Mef a4 THE GREAT RACE jc I. i27i Coast of Skeletons HI WAY 39 Mr Gre Gr.BI. IE 4.422 GRANGE O-.i.e ki rtoit Elke Same's THE MONEY TRAP Trie V.I.P.'s Shirley VicL.ire ViHAT A WAY TO GO Van Ryan 6 Etpresi laurel I H"1y l lA:)i.M,KG TAtNTItS nt Si o".atiifel PAU10 HI liU LA HABRA e-M?J ii H' H i A Nfif II, LINCOLN 6,.:-. . l I .1 Tnv CjI'I THE GtT RACE CMt erf f 'f,rr,- t i ! e v. PM $1.50 TICKETS NOW AT BOX-OFFICE OR BY MAIL1 rr Ti..rri Partfts Call 4tM3l2 TUESDAY. MARCH 1 SUPER II : 1 ,'iT'l TECHNICOLOR' -I 3 4 DOME "WHERE MOVIE-GOING IS AN EVENTT SUNSET new VINE HOLLYWOOD HO C-3401 PARTIES - CROUP SALES f YOUTH SHOWS-TR 1-29 IS WtSTCWSTH ste IB ISE I PARADISE omti Fondj Robertj Ryan-Pier Angell Cinerama BATTLE OF BULGE Color i Shm Tiwlay J P M. S l:3 P M. Wilt, 7 F N, Eve,; 8:30 P.M. Run. Only 1:30.i:00 :ao p W.) JaclmmoruiiJcTin THE GREAT RACE Technicolor and Pansvijlon WESTCHESTER PARADISE Cont. 6:30 BP t.0300 Ma(. Stu. Preview Elke Sommers The Money Trap LONB BEACH-SANTA ANA TOWNE Cont. 6:30 GA 2-1221 Sidney Poitier SLENDER THREAD Outrage STATE Cont. 12:30 HE 7-2721 RIVOLI Cont. 6:30 PM HE 6-3207 BROADWAY Cont. 6:30 Kl 2-4737 Glenn Ford THE MONEY TRAP The V.I.P.'s Laurel a Hardy's LAUGHING TWENTIES She Supernatural Anne Bancroft SLENDER THREAD Outrage TORRANCE-GARDENA Rolliner Hills 325-21,00 Tor' no. Pacific Coast Hi way & Cren. STADIUM Cont. 6:30 FA 8-6375 Cont. 7 P.M. David Niven WHERE SPIES ARC Young Cassidy Starts Friday RIDE WILD SURF Sgt. Deadhead PARK Cont. 6:30 DA 4-4040 Starts Friday DISORDERLY ORDERLY Gidget Goes Rome CHILDREN UNDER 12 STARTS 6:30om L' SAN FERNANDO VALLEY SAN BERNARDINO AREA BASELINE the'grfat'race Sin Bernardin THE GREAT RACE 8f2-8i36 Coast of Skeleton TRI CITY Loma Lindl-Hy.if TU 8-2025 Sidney Poitier SLENDER THREAD Outrage BEL AIR Val. Bl. F.nta.l 122-0373 Glenn Fort THE MONEY TRAP Ths V.I.P. S WHITTIER-NORWALK AREA NORWAIK tJJW... Morwalk nr. Inpar THE MONEY TRAP UN 8-6317 The V.I.P.'s WHITTIER S",B,V H'r" Whit. W. it Raw SLENDER THREAD PA l.6i Ji Outrage LONG BEACH CIRCLE At Tr.iiie Circle GE S-SiH Glenn ford THE MONEY TRAP The V I P 's IAKEW0CO Crii if Cnffry G4 4-til S'4nr Pni'ier SlENPFR THREAD Outrage The Femes HUP Hard tut Ai'fhf lift IrmmtiM Tnf GFti! :f Cocit ef tieitioM LONG BEACH 2. i.ii ' r. . TE 4 Hii LOS ALTOS B"iHlr.bif VIMTURA-OANARS LA HABRA 101 DRIVE Ifl "-L'TaVU Ml i ;.7l h M H-ji'l r.l;1" ii :-- ,ll it '( Al lUff.H VJ-'rR T,t we -' p but M

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