The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 31, 1952
Page 1
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TCHL XLVIII—NO. 59 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKA^A.. !„,-, ., ' T * V«^ Bivtheviiie c n nri,r ^^;-^rr^-,^r.~~;- — aftbr ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISBOUHI Blytheville Courier Blytheville Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllle Herald EM-THKV1LUO, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, MAY 31, 1.052 RED GERMANS SEIZE HAMLET NEAR BERLIN Arms and Ammunition Seized . ***•******„ ^^ ^* • ™ I^Bi H B W and Ammunition Seized— French Raid Reds At Dawn in Severe Party Crackdown PARIS (AP) —French police cracked down hard on the Commumsla today with a series of dawn raids on Red party headquarters and offices throughout the country The Ministry of Interior said arms and ammunition were seized In a number of cities. A raid on the headquarter* the Communist-led General Confederation of Labor In Toulon uncovered cases of cartridges loaded with buckshot, the ministry said. Toulon was the scene last night of bloody rioting In which several police were injured. Machine Guns Carried « 8teel-helmeted police armed with . submachine guns pounced on Hed offices throughout Paris In simultaneous raids, and searches In other sections were said to be still going on. Red leaders apparently knew they were coming, however, and man'• ged to burn most of their documents and records Police seized the rest. Headquarters flit The raids took place In the party's Central Headquarters, live district oJIlecs In the P.-iris area and headquarters of the Communist- backed peace movement. There were reports of similar raids throughout France bnt- these could not be confirmed officially. 1 Tear gas squads spearheaded the raid on the party's national headquarters leading to speculation Doors Are Barred Communist die-hards were barricading themselves In headquarters rooms. Communists barred the See FRENCH RAID Paye 8 Manila Council To Meet Monday Council will hold Its regular meeting here nt 8 o'clock Monday night. Mayor I. D. Shedd •aid this morning. "Only routine matters are scheduled to come up at the meeting," the Mayor said. Weather Arkansas northwest. forecast: Cooler In Missouri forecast- Thunder-! not - rin <" ! " island are "tryin itorms south and east central this _ prj "' Qk<i "s Into a rash move." Reds Charge UN Blocking Truce To Extend War Allies Reply, 'We Could Swap POW's Now But for You' MUKSAN. Korea Mi-Communist truce negotiators today accused the United Nations Command of provoking prisoner of war incidents to delay a Korea armistice and "to prepare the ground for an extension of the war." The U.K. delegation replied that except for Communist stubborness the exchange of prisoners could be under way now. Tanks Hit Communists SEOUL, Korea (/T>, _ A three- pronged United Nations tank-infantry patrol smashed into Communist lines today on the Central front and the supporting foot sol- reifad'i ll - ttlCd "^ RCdS Wilh lla " d A U.S. Eighth Army staff offic. said the Allied force struck if predawn darkness and roamed-' <iwj •IStftiin-y.'w-.fer. of<iMi'- River tor' nine hours before in? to Its base. The tank force was split int three groups. Reds Want "Rash Move" KOJE ISLAND, Korea </P,_Unit ed Nations prison camp officials ex pressed the opinion today that Com munist led prisoners of war on thi riot-ridden island are "trying t We Can Win/ Clay Says He Doubts War Is Near Former Victor Over Russians Hand Out Hope NEW YORK (AP) — The man who broka the Sovie blockade of Berlin with the historic airliCt of 1948-49 says the West can whip another one, if and when the Russians impose it. Gen. Lucius D. Clay, former I/.S. military governor of Germany noted the Soviet Union is making menacing gestures in Gerniam but he does not believe limy are ready to make .war. "It is always possible that they would push us more than we would take, but I doubt that," he lold this reporter. "I think war wil come only if the Soviets are ready for war. f daubt very much (ha they think they can win such i war now. If Ihey had wauled i See CLAY Page 8 Couldn't Hear Yourself Think Today? Shriners' Din £nlivens the City You couldn't hear yourself think this morning? Neither could we. You didn't need to think though. Tin's was a holiday. Almost 2,000 Noblemen of the ' help. Seventy-five novices 'find more than 1.000 Nobles had. registered by mid-morning a'nd moi-e were coming. The rollicking, roistering Shrln- ern were having a big-time this morning, but next week Ihcv will go back to the serious business of aiding crippled children, the principle purpose of the club afternoon or evening; fair north, considerably cloudy south tonight with showers and scattered thunderstorms southeast and extreme •outh; tomorrow partly cloudy extreme BOUlheast. Minimum this morning—64. Maximum yesterday 87. Sunset today--7:07. Sunrise tomorrow—4:49 Precipitation 24 hours to 1 a.m. —none. Total precipitation since Jan i —20.51, Mean temperature (midway be- rweet high and low)—15.5. Normal mean temperature for May—61. This Date Last Year Minimum this morning—73 Maximum yesterday—98. Precipitation January 1 to date —20.42. ^L £Ju Skriners: Fun and Good Works Hundreds of Shriners converged on Blytheville today to hold their big spring ceremonial in the usual spirit of lun that attends these events. Blytheville residents were treated to a parade today which displayed the color and comedy that Shrine parades are noted for in welcoming these Shriners to Blytheville, we feel it Is In order to reiterate the serious and worthwhile purpose which lies behind th» Noble's fun. Main purpose of the shrine it aiding crippled children. In Arkansas alone, 14 hospitals are owned and operated by the Shriners So. as the banners throughout the city say: "Welcome Nobles" And we hope you enjoy yourselves In Blytheville in the knowledge that jour good works are appreciated. OFF To BOvs- STATE-Blythevlllc's five delegates to the Legion-sponsored Boy's stale at Camp Robinson Jefl. by car tt 3:30 a.m. today for the week-long encampment. The delegates and their sponsors are .(left to right) Johnny O'Brien, Ki- wanls Club; Donald Gentry, Lions Club; Eddie Joe Wliiitlf. Kiwanls Club; Tommy Harrison, notary Club; and Johnny Logging, American Legion. Albert Fail-field also will attend Boys' state this year as a counselor. Boys' state will end June 7. (Courier News I'Hntn} , Charles Ray Hall Wins Teen-Age Driving Event Charles Ray Hall. Id-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hall, won urst place In the "Road-e-o" teen-age drlvl,, e contest sponsored here yesterday afternoon at the air base by the Blytheville Junior Chamber 43 Families Told To Move in Action For New Blockade today and ordered its 43 familie8 to t out U cstcrn authorities here said it was part of the uommunisr prorram to sea. Berlin oH from the surrounding^Sn •* As part of the Increasing Com- Zr P ,'L CRSUrc In lhe «»»P.lga asrafnst the newly signed West German peace contract, the Ru»- sians also turned back Allied patrol cars on the Berlin.Helm.tedt autobahn for the sixth airtight day. West BerlincrB feared a new blockade was In the making. Oilier Seiturfm Feu-ed There were reports other frltiM .erntories also would b« seised notably Stelnsluecken which borders on the American sector. Inhabitants thero and elsewhere on he fringe areas were alarmed as thejlusslans and the East O«rm«n heightened lhe cold Gen. Eisenhower Leaves Europe With 'Regrets' former NATO Head Due in Washington At 2 p.m. Tomorrow PAULS M'I—Ocn. Elsenhower took olf for tile United States and a pos- rrlble political future today after nearly a year as the western world's top soldier in Europe. His plane left Orly Field at 7:04 a.m. (CST). Ti: » brief farewell address at the airport, the general declared: "Mrs. Eisenhower and I arc leaving this wonderful country and hospitable people not only with a fccl- ln<! of regret and gratitude but with a feeling of confidence that the glory of France Is again on the rise." He spent about 15 minutes at the airport In a last Jovial goodbye to Allied officers and their wives from Shape. He Is to land tonight at Steiilienviile, Newfoundland, and is due In Washington at 2 p. m. (C3T) tomorrow. After two days of conferences In Washington the general will take off his uniform late Tuesday and cutei the political arena as a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. . -•'- Communists war tempo. Buergerblage lies just within th» Russian zone but adminlsratively It belonged to the borough of Sp»r£ dau, In the British sector, suddenly this morning the black-clad Communist Volkspollzel Peop!e'« police appeared nnd knocked on lhe doors of the residents. The 4* families were told to clear out They were given no reason. "Security Belts" SKB But the action was believed part of lhe Communist pattern of creating "security belts" for the Russian zone. These "no-mans-l.nds" are being created around Berlin as well as along lhe Russian «me'» border with Allied West Oermnny The East German BF.RLIN P . CommunUk Winning second place was George •CTP. 17, grandson of Mrs H B Oskes. Finishing In third place was Albert Fairfleld, n, son of Mrs A. B, FalrJIeld. A field of 18 contestants—all boys —took both written and driving assisted by Frank Harsliman, T I! Caraa-ay, Bill Hraboreky and Ro- Leachville City Council Votes To Purchase New Fire Truck LEACHVILLE-A new fire-truck Is to he purchased by the City of Leacnvme, lhe City Council decided at II., regular meeting l»,t night Council representatives are to contact salesmen and deteimine the type a, ld price truck which will best serve the city's needs land Bishop. Judges Dnn Blodgelt. Police chief Ortves and State Trooper were Mayor J°' Cecil ests. Young Hall, who received the contest. Sii'flley. Airport Manager W. Bickerstafl also a-sssitcd with Tom J Is to protect rating. Other fire equipment. , « purchased in order to | Lenchvillc'5 fire Insurance ,,,UII B 1 A suite fire inspector visited the city recently and said a new truck and other equi[mic I to IK purchased If would have Ihpi;" ."" '•""•"•>»"' « me city wanted '" B |to keep Its eighth class rating. will ! .,'"°' hcr acll °" to'ore c 'ty Coun- Road-e-o" to be held In July. He was awarded a trophy and he second and third place winners received driving certificates. fr, addition to the written exami- lation, each student negotiated five road tests over a course laid out on the airport laxl apron. It was the firs', such contest held here, and Its purpose was to promote better and safer driving among teen-agers Joe Warren was chairman ol the Jajcee contest committee and was * * * are "Roacl-e-o" contests nationally by the „ Chamber of Commerce and Liberty Mutual insurance Co. >rc<l j n sva.s tlccidcd to put a -street nior | cieaner-jail janitor on a straight the | salary of 5100 per month. Previously '"" i"bs have been parceled out. Inside Today's Courier News' . . . Van fleet <j, m |,[ s R( .,| S ,„ atlnck again In Knrca . . . Arkansas News liriffs . . . J'ligf H . . . Soclcly . . . Page 2. . . . Snorts . . . I'uLgr. 5. . . . Memorial Day's meaning f.iotl for (hotijtht . . . tililnrlal . . . Page 4. James Roy of Hlythcville, city attorney for Loachvllle. advised tho count-Hindi there arc only two ways a city of the second class, tuch us Leachville. can set up a zoning law—by forming a nine-member pl.-innins comini.v,loii to prepare likit.s of the surrounding area tor future development, or set up lire zones which can aliect only business districts. Council decided neither method would be satisfactory and agreed to let the matter ride. Mr Roy told the aldermen he 'bought l-cachvlllc had H "prctlv good case" lo present to the rnl-r- statc Commerce Commission In ^-t- irosing Frisco's move to abandon the line from Leachville to Manila feian.-, to inform people of traffic ordinances are to be erected oil Main Street. All rrmnnilmcn were present at the meeting. Five Added To BVD List Firms Participating To Date Total 66 Five more firms are participating in BVD promotions. Blytheville Value Days now hat 58 participating merchants and will begin June 1 !!. Additions ' made yesterday wer« Horner-Wilson Motor Company, Hays Store. Jlmmic Edwnrris Furniture, Sullivan-Nelson. Berry's Tor- gcry and Phillips Motor Company. The promotion calls for a special value day once each week lor 13 weeks. Participating merchants ar« to get decals for their windows UTTLC LIZ— The fellow who proposes on bended knee usually needs several years to get bock, on his feet. j, BU ens, 15-year-old sor. of Mr . and Mrs Sam ^ u by d ri , Bn Teen-Age Drivers Compete- Eighteen tfen-aee drives nft>otlat*rt a soriej of five drlvliw if-sts M ° * " O|>> shows Row l»inl Mitchell, 16, son n| M r . a , iivr'r "\u ^ 5e h " C J '" t<?I ' dl(y to " ame «-»•»>"«? *ho will represent area » Polce'ch^' r 'n° , Mn ' e " Ulv< ' 90 - tir 8"f turn! •ty I-«Y]^. JK M*U VUJA 0ocopeUU«a. la Uie Puuu«- Xe. i, Sf^t Ow- Lh *nrf rj K* ' ' Oravps, one of the judges, Smallcy walchci Ronnie Bagley, H. son of the Rev. and Mrs. Roy Bag- sum his rar ,t » , ::; "t,;-: ,:r"r:rmr^:»r; —HHE-™ ™- -" "* - prcgit-.^ as iu irji Ills hand at parallel p,,:kinj. In picture No. 3 f -i,,,f ir | r( i-oks on ( '^^ *'.""" A ' b< '' t Ka ' rf "' W ' 17 ' so " ot Mr « *•»• Ibotlom), Ui«r judges ^atch M RoiuiK linishcs i tesi ol hit ability U. Phow K«.t«r,, *" "' '""""* VMV " °" ''"" *'' ' A COUrICr N>

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