The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 16, 1965 · 62
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 62

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 16, 1965
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J 0 Port IV-FRI, JULY 1 S, 1 965 cenery THREESOME Charles Brorwon, Richard Burton and ! Elizabeth Taylor in the movie, "The Sandpiper." CHARLES CHAMPLIN Handy Spoof Kit , for Bond Spoof ers To simplify the lives of press agents everywhere, I have been working on what can be called the Bond Universal Release Piece (B.U.R.P.), a blank form which can be cheaply reproduced by the tens of thousands and used to announce all forthcoming spoofs of James Bond. It goes like this: " . . . (StudiosNetworkRadio StationPublishing Company Comic Book Night ClubColored Radar Link-up) announces the production of. . .,' the hilarious new (movieseries audio spectacular novel rtrtnn mnnnlncmo i oct pattern) spoofing the secret agent thriller type thing whichmade so much -coin for Ian Fleming, Sean Connery and a ' cast of thousands of tax collectors from Rangoon to Manda-lay. - "In this one, Secret Indicate Gimmick . .-,) and who i3 equipped with (deadly razor-sharp elbdwsari exploding toupeea peri scope disguised as a toothbrushartificial bloodother) pits his wits against the deadly gigantic razor-Sharp in ternational criminal syndicate called ... (give initials, name and all addresses for the last five years). There'll be other paragraphs about his unlisted boss, N, and N's assistant, ri, and about the curvy double-agent (blonde, brunette, raven-tressed bald but sexy) who speaks 27 ianguages and can't say "perhaps" in any qf them. ; - Also, No Spoof . This Year I've also drawn up another form, very short, which caire cimnlv tViat " fotiirlirt tp annrainfPH that it is not doing a James Bond spoof this year." But the way things are going, it'll never sell. Not just Hollywood but the whole world, it seems, is playing the old game of nothing succeeds like surfeit. ; ' : So far the only people who haven't been announced for James Bond spoofs are Shirley Temple and Liber-ace, and at that, Liberace might have made a better Goldfinger than Gert Frobe. For all we know,. somebody may be writing "From Milwaukee With Love" at this very moment. Quite seriously, I learned the other night than Dino di Laurentis is working up a Bond spoof, which ought to be called 008V1 . ' Amos Burke returns next fall as a Bond spoof. NBC has Don Adams in a Bond spoof called Get Smart. Fox has done one, a movie with James Coburn, and one of his gimmicks is a cigarette lighter with 82 uses 83 if you count the fact that it will light cigarettes, too. The last REAL James Bond story, "Man With the Golden Gun," will shortly be among us in hard-cover, and the next real James Bond movie, "Thunderball," will be exploding before the year is out. When I talked to Terence Young, who directed the first two Bonds, in London a few months ago, he predicted that "Thunder-bair would do even better than "Goldfinger" but that the cycle would then slope off sharply. He didn't then know that he would be directing "Thunderball," but I suspect he wouldn't change the prediction. The Dismal Effects of Imitation I wouldn't change the prediction, either, particularly the fact that "Thunderball" will be the peak or, to put k another way, the balloon will burst. To quote a line from "Beat the Devil" let it come, I say, and not a moment too soon. The entertainment world ia never more dismal than when it is displaying its powers Of imitation, the Xerox mentality. I was an early Fleming admirer and ran still read any of the first half-dozen books with vast pleasure. Fleming had touched something universal in the modern psyche, that urge to kick over the conforming traces and break rules, but in a noble cause. His own epitaph was, "Oh, it's been a lark, But the evidence Is that the lark got to be pretty heavy-winged for him, that he had got pretty bored by Bond, if not by Bond's earning power. Some of the ersatz Bonds will doubtless be slick and funny. Gene Barry is a performer of great skill and Don Adams is a fine comedian. Neither show will have to strain to be brighter and funnier than the over-rated UNCLE. But they're derivative goods. Whatever there was to be aaid has by now been said too often. Thsj Bonds have depreciated. We need some fresh capital. WINNER OF THE JURY rixn, FOUR PART COLOR FANTASY BY THE BRILLIANT DIRECTOR MASAKI KOBAYASHI WITH JAPAN'S TOP STARS TOHO LA BR IZA U BRLA It 9TM WE. 4-232 Id SnfftLf 3 Zimti Great; 'Sandpiper' Isn't aWiSi.fW... Charles Champlin PRIZE AT CANNES 1965 A llt-l 1 Aft ,'S,,,,,NiiJ 1 i . "i BY PHILIP K. SCHEUER Time Motion Picture liltor "The Sandpiper" can be likened a little to "Rain" of some 40 years ago, though the new picture comes clo-" ser jn description to "Drizzle" or "California Mist." It " stars, of course, the Richard Burtons, Mr. and Mrs., along with Eva Marie Saint, and is today's booking at the Hollywood Paramount following a special premiere there one week ago. When I note, in this instance, that "The Sandpiper" is for adults I mean less that younger folk, should be kept away from it than that younger folk will find it a bore and a drag. It reminds me of the' glamorous sob-sister , dramas that the same studio, MGM, turned out so profitably years ago, except that It is handled, of course, with a little more frankness. The treatment, in the final screenplay by Dalton Trumbo and Michael Wilson and in the direction by Vincente Minnelli, is old-timey, with some good arid some, cliche, dialogue and about the same proportion of fluctuation in its delive ry. The ladies, I imagine , will give it a sympathetic hearing but only in ratio to their personal prejudices or lack of them against Burton andor his Elizabeth. Beautiful Backdrop The . - film is talked against the majestic and spectacular background of the spume-tossed Monterey coast and the Big Sur country. One can always stop listening and just watch, though this probably won't be necessary-there are, after all, many Veteran skills involved here. The woman is a pagan free-soul who is raising her 9-year-old son (illegitimate) in a picturesque cabin perched on a rock. The . man is an Episcopalian minister, headmaster of San Simeon,, a private school for boys, and married (to Miss. Saint). His exact theological status, howev er, is rather vague like that of the Rev. Davidson in "Rain" and, for that matter, the unfrocked clergyman Burton played in "The Night of the IgUana." "Call me 'doctor' or 'mis-Ur,,M he protests; Me-thinks Richard is in something of a rut; he should get away from the church for a while. Proper Pillar This Dr. Edward Hewitt, unlike the roistering Rev. Shannon of "Iguana," is a very proper pillar, a man devoted to his God, his boys and, it develops, other boys who are underprivileged and not permitted to enroll at San Simeon. However, it becomes increasingly obvious after he has met Laura (Mis? Taylor) and inadvertently caught her posing in the 99 and 44100ths nude that he - is a goner and the louder he remonstrates the more sure we may be of it. And pretty . soon . he turns that morose Burton visage upon her and in- ATI A til Q II"' nte V I X It this mm UHMJMl J v g I f I I t i lO rr- !f IT'I Mta TO I T TMIY CH MO I I txil iCTutr I 1 .Ht Tt I PUate call thalr for 2nd daring feature. ivnic sunsEi C1R0C Finns ItaTttKIIAIVtt mini fltlMIMIIfKI UITITI MtllKIM Hit ii"i tones, "I want you, Laura; I want you." To Laura the "tender affair that ensues is "clean, content, blameless, without any kind of guilt." ' But not to Edward (there's something a bit stuffily preposterous about that "Edward" as it is spoken here). When his God fails him in prayer he confesses all to his wife, breaks with Laura and in a breast-beating sermon to his congregation on man's corruptibility "in many, ways," resigns his position as head-; master. ; His New Concern His concern hereafter ' re-inspired by Laura will be , for those underprivi-. leged boys. So much for the film's social significance. These discoveries come hard to both women. Toward the end, poor fellow in sequences that are too closely juxtaposed Edward has first one and then the other run screaming away from him into the woods. Relaxed otherwise, I guess, is the word for Miss Taylor's, performance.; She lives well (inside her "shaCk" and gowns .by Irene Sharaff) for a painter who sells only an occasional canvas. Burton has that harried look, but his resonant tones .carry the day. Miss Saint's reactions are not always served by a script which slights her somewhat. Charles Bronson and James Edwards move in and out as beachniks, Edwards often unintelligibly, with Robert Webber playing a "friend" of Laura's. Morgan Mason is excellent as her son. DEFINITELY DIFFERENT NOT SINCE THE UNFORGETTABLE MAEDCHEN IN UNIFORM ANYTHINS LIKE THIS IvaWtf.VaW.; HOLLYWOOD'S 5 ? OTHER WORLD t i iwogig o' Womin) ; lSECZ 8 YOUNG FE-" I MALES AT A RESTRICATED , PARTY FOR ADULTS. t- AN EXISTANCE ; ? AWAY FROM THE PRYING s EYES OF SOCIETY. 4 .plus r 1 OUR REGULAR GIANT j UNIQUE ACTION SHOW f FOR DETAILED INFORMATION CALL: OL. 6-1181 THE NEW POLICY EVERYONE IS TALKINO ABOUT The Vlita li an "open' theatre, unhidden ft Un- mhamtd. It kep( nt trett from tho ecrttn. All tks of III cuitomeri I ! eyei, an opn mind and heartl RARE I FILMS I THAT I ARE A MUST FOK SERIOUS ADULT VIEWERS! NEW! -OUR GUARANTEE W Want To B Friendly! YOUR ADMISSION IS FREE ir OUR CASMItK FAILS TO SHEET you . . . no tar "think rnu." ASK FOR THE MANASER SHOULD THIS NQT OCCUR. HOLLYWOOD HEADQUARTERS FOR ADULT ENTERTAlfWuiENT (special, prices ro Sf SVICf MF 8 Cell: NO,i-5tr VKuHkUJwJilr.iii i 5UN51T 7 BUS. .amM0NI 666 9070 SMOKINQ OPEN EVERY LOGES MORN. A 1 4 mm ', .? - ? ' ' 1 4 I ' 1 m OPEN 9 45 AM I II nil SHOW & I SMOKING NrW EVERY I I l'tRMimD ' FRIDAY " 8163 Santa Monica Bl. mmm,mmmmmmmm S M MmMhbhmmm w m 1 1 V- ,T ' - - T R .'irHEhrfl l. 5 ABOUT THE "IN" THEATRE g I V jfj'JirH '"( TODAY'S : MOVIES DIARY OF A CHAM BERMAID," Cinema TheaterFrench. "KWAIDAN," Toho Ia Brea Theater. Japanese. "THE SANDPIPER," Hollywood Paramount. Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton. STAGE "ANYTHING GOES," Burbank Civic Light Opera, Starlight Bowl, 8:15. "AUNTIE MAME," Westchester Playhouse, 8:30. "CLERAMBARD," Robertson Playhouse, 8:30. HAY FEVER," Orange, Studio Theater, Orange, 8:30. "MAN FOR ALL SEASONS," Occidental College, 8:30. "TAKE HER SHE'S MINE," Riverside Com- &cater0 Spoken Drama .... ... mm b w Noon to II P.M. Adulti-$1.7S MILESTONES IN MOTOR CARS Set for tht first tim... world's most exciting display of unusual cars ! ! ! Many nVr befprt shewn to th public!!! 200 rare autos from Bygoni dy .i.l&90s-1930s...ovtr 100 differsnt makes! SEE: ersiiM Carriigei-i-lhiiqua & qiassig Autos Electrics & Steamers Early Indianapolis and Road Racers Uniqu Can of Stan & Royalty Sporli Can of Another Day! All shown in an exciting Gay '90s setting! A Piellic PtgMnti Production . i Hollywood Bowl75S5i FRIDAY AND SATURDAY POPS SPECIAL LIGHT OPERA PROMENADE TONIGHT AND TOMORROW AT 8:30 PM HOLLYWOOD BOWL POPS ORCHESTRA JOHN GREEN, Conductor RUDOLF FRIML, Special Guest PEGGY BONINI, Soprno BRUCE YARNELL, Baritone ' CARL 01SEN, Tenor ROGER WAGNER CHORALE A Memorable Evening of Great Musical Theater BUY TICKETS NOW FOR TUESDAY, JULY 20 College Night MILTON KATIMS, Guest Conductor RUDOLF FIRKUSNY, Pianist Thursday, july 22 A Season Highlight featuring Guest Conductor MILTON KATIMS and -recipients of 1965 Young Musicians Foundation Grant: STEPHEN KATES, Cellist, and JAMES FIELDS, Pianist, TICKETS: $6.00 5.00 3.50 2.50 2.00 1.50 and 1.00 SOLD AT OVER 175 TICKET OFFICES THROUGHOUT THE SOUTHLAND. HOLLYWOOD BOWU BOX OFFICE. 2301 North Highland. Daily 10 AM to PM. Sunday 10 AM to 4:30 PM; all offlo AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA; Southern California Musie Company; all 5 Wal-lich't Muaie City Storai; all Mutual Thaatar Tickat Aanci. Tlphon HOIIywood 0.3151. ARRIVE EARLY AND ENJOY PATIO DINING. PATIO RESTAURANT OPEN 6:30-8:30 BEFORE PERFORMANCES. THERE'S MAGIC IN CAMEIOT" - Morooraf Horford, l.A. Timaa R I BVAN8 MYHBRS R I JACQUELYN MeKEEVER tw a r 1 1 2 WEEKS 0NLY1 TUES. - KITIIT (HI. Mm. 1)1 sun. at ORDER YOUR TICKETS Alia Sa. Cat. Muiic Ce. 117 S. Mill St.. held oveq: "A theatrical triumph ... Likt a fist in th bell . . . shattering" ... FRANK SILVE3A & DEAN HARSCNS r m m smm LIKDY OPERA HOUSE Nlihtly Mm.) :M. Sal. 4 Sua. Pram n. tkr Thurt. n on, Jl.Jfl, H.Ml, IJ M PH. A !. twi. 17.00, IS.tO, 14. JO, ll.JO. Mall. ll.OO, A.M, SI M, St. CALENDAR munity Playhouse, Riverside, 8:15. "WAITING FOR GODOT," Beverly Hills . High School .Auditorium, 8:30. : . MUSIC LUISA TRIANA Flamenco Dancers, musicians. Redlands . Bowl, Red-lands, 8:15. Free. . HOLLYWOOD BOWL POPS ORCHESTRA, , Roger Wagner Chorale, John Green Conducting. Hollywood Bowl, 8:30. Also Saturday, 8:30. SYMPHONIES BY THE SEA, Santa Monica High School, 8:30. Free. Terry-Thomas Films Two Terry-Thomas comedies, "A Matter of WHO" and "Man in a Cocked . Hat," open today at the Vagabond Theater. Kida-6-12 $.90 (und.r t frt) i'JS i t in nuMi'iwJi sWTQNITr: 8:3Q. PNDS SUN. MATS SAT AT 2 1 SUN AT 3 CHIISRCN UNDER 11 VPRtCC SAT MATS JULY 20 THRU SUN. AUG. 1 ETHEL HERMAN RICHARD EflSTHAM RUSSELL NYPE S snare, mats, sat. at I, SUN. at S. BY PHONE 883-9900 Mutual Aliaciii i Walllcftt' Millie CUT i l.A. Timaa In Wilthir at La Brea WE 7-3500 FT? C&catcts Gpckcn Drama I i PLAYING HOW this wk only thru Sunday, July 13 ' " with the) Creek Theatre Orchestra A Great Musical Extravaganza, don't miss It tIAliniU III1W IA .1 r . MONDAY. JULY 26 through SUNDAY, AUGUST Good seats available all sections, all performances. RESERVED SEATS: $5.50 $4.50 $3.50 $2.00 TICKETS NOW FOR THESE AND ALL PROGRAMS OF ENTIRE SEASON AT BOX OFFICE hfiily from 10, Sunday from 121 fc ALL AGENCIES, MAILORDERS: Maki etiick psyibl ta Sntk TUtiUi AtMeiaUoii. For hrthw InfarmitleR, Qroup Salt A Ttmtrt Partlu phoni Hr. Woadtn M0 1-1 J85. Curtiln it 1:30 rCrrV- FimPvUii kt-' ;a HARRY SECOMBE in 4 Ho FRANK P0RRETTA and Introducing LEO fox Officii: Thi Music Centir Bix Off ic. So. Cat. Music Co., all Mutual Agencie No Mail Orders. No Phone Reservations PLAYING NOW thru Saturday July 31 Good Seats at Box Office TICKETS ALSO IT MAIL a ALL AGENCIES "Sparking, delightful . . . iolid inerrimenll An evening of high fun!" rHorild'Exam. ILL- i;..i;..t..i A j HAPPINESS is coys SPECIAL PREVIEW TONIGHT at 8:30 GALA WORLD PREMIERE JULY 28 Nightly (Exe. Mon.) at 8:30 Prlca: Sun. thru Thura. $4.50, $3.50, $2.50. Frland Sat. $5.50, S4.50, $3.50. Sun. Mat. at 3:30-Pric: $3.75, $2.65. Tickets by Mail, or at boxofflca I all agencies. Far Mail order make checks payable to Musie Box Theatre, 7080 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope av "Cindertlla" in a J Nitely :30. SauaJO 1. 10:45. Tlcketli $3.j, 1S, 1.85. Boi Off. t til Aganolei Las Palmas Theatre, 1642 N. Ill falmaa HO. 5-7 191 NOW P LATINO SAT. -SUN. rnnnm mumrt inrarnanoitoi nit flgf "A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE' STARRINO JAMES THAYNE CU-'7 UNIVERSITY OF JUDAISM THEATRE. fi5 SIINOT RI VI) rktd CURTAIN 815 P.M. PRICES, 1,000 Laughs . . . Spicier than "Pajama Tops" "THE nOfiEYHOOU GA1.1E" Nitely 8:3 O-Sat. 8:30 A 10:45 LE GRAND, 1451 N. CAHUENGA - HO. 3-4855 Ma NilD "The Mest S mm CORONET THEATRE, SSS P. U CIENESA, l.A. 41 . OL 7-1210 STUDENT HATESS aaaaaaaaaaaBaaaeaaaajaaaaai Tithati at am Paris has UlUn. but... "THE HOTEL BABEL WILL HOT SURRENDER" Utile Nagy'i ilsry of youth, leva, tari anal laughter In the latin Quarter BRINS A SUtlT ONI TICKET ADMITS TW0I )t P.M- JULY IM7-II CAHUENGA PLAYHOUSE 3333 No. Cahuenga Blvd. leH Sorham thd.) hi litkut nil thtn b HltHO. t-itli W.a1. Thm Sal. 1 Shawl lit. HOLLYWOOD CENTER THEATR1 HO. J-0351 AH Aaqft. S1.50, I SO, i ts BRIGHTEST MUSICAL INTOWNI LAST 4 WEEKS! A? CLLSMSSH0WHr0THm IVAX THEATRE 1605 N. 1 Shews Sat., PRINUiS 1HLAIKE a 8Q N. VINE ALL TICKET AOENCICt 1 7th WEEK EVERY WED., THURSj W. S SO P.M. 1 1 0K MEllERDRAMA . . SHCU10 DO WELL . . . PLEASANT TUNES . . . I A. TIMES . . DELIGHTFUL SAT SO S SATIRE ... A FUN-FILLED EVENING , . ," ClUaa Neerl fMlKSi'f 'Id iLaMJUAl 1XU7 Jk iX NS AIL ACLHblU VN .RtSERVAllONIi SAINT OR ? FRANCI'S WACKIEST COMEDY COM ALIVfl I SO P M., Ml., SAT. I SUN. ,-.mFaMW. '"CLERAMBARD" KSXV..r ROBERTSON FLAYHOUSI f"! r-) vy oaooaos . t IIIIAIU A Thi music ofJOHANSSTRAUSS.Sr.aniJr. in a spectacular new f mentation I GIORGIO T0ZZI . .nd JEAN FENN starring. ANITA GILLETTE FUCHS te DON PORTER PATRICIA CUTTS RICHARD ROAT IMWIKMIirt liiil timi WEdNEsdAy MONICA MORAN 4t ..KflrtT MHM n A NEW MUSICAL COMEOYI .Or m THEATRE HOLLYWOOD AT LA BRIA Phwi HO, V1T7 Jtwish Z Wholesami Musical -et for Entire J Family -MON. (1 SHOWS SAT. NIOHT) $2.50, $3.75 lASSS OViRI Delightful Theatre' shows tonight I .. m B 4.H.AM in wiutuy nit ui me viuiuc V 1 v. a MititCtZt. Dai imm qua werit in iown"-i.A. Tmes sum a r 5 Uf Iraa'avry'a Canaaty . ' THE WONDERFUL ICE CREAM SUIT! wti Afwciaa aaaaaaaajMajajaaaajai I AMERICAN PRMR N.T. SMASH HIT MUSICAL War HO 4-7121 Nitely 1:30 110 I 104S P.M. ST. riU. 2 8444 KO. 7- 3831 CORUDT THEATRE 5955 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys 42 -'a (i.-'WOOO) OR ST S-IS31 (VALLEY)...

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