The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on December 20, 1965 · 79
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 79

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 20, 1965
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lllpilp'lil sf"f Illllli V , ' - - i - IN THE SWIM Sean Connery in "Thunderball" scene. COLUMBIA OUTPUT Continued from 19th Page ing in color from his own Screenplay. Producer-director Mark ftobson is now involved in post-production work at the studio on "The Lost Command," formerly "The Centurions." This high-adventure film, the story of French paratroopers, stars Anthony Quinn, Alain De-Ipn, George Segal, Michele Morgan, Maurice Ronet and Claudia Cardinale, and was filmed in color on location in Europe. J Studio-based films are !The Innocent," from Sam Spiegel's Horizon company, with Anthony Quinn to star. Elliot Silverstein )f "Cat Ballou" fame will direct and Jud Kinberg will produce. Filming begins in Miami next month. Sam Spiegel will launch and maybe Tame and the finks would have buried any other 16 year old kid. But Daisy learned to do her own sweet scratching in this monster jam they call lire. if t MO P1MIN9 y FOR AC EXCLUSIVE WEDNESDAY! another major production, "Night of the Generals," with Peter O'Toole starred. Anatole Litvak will direct and Spiegel will personally produce, with locations scheduled for Paris, Berlin and Warsaw. Stanley Kramer is pre-p a ri n g "Andersonville," with a screenplay by Abby Mann, based on the Mac-Kinlay Kantor. best-seller. Oskar Werner, acclaimed in "Ship of Fools," has been set as the infamous Captain Wirz. The Broadway musical, "Wildcat," starring Sue Lyon and Ann-Margret to be produced by Seven Arts. Productions planned for Suropean filming include "A Man For All Seasons," which Fred Zinne-mann will produce and direct from Robert Bolt'9 screenplay. X" f ..... J x. C (J- - IN A PAKULA-MULLIGAN PRODUCTION 'V the story of what they did awakis ENGAGEMENT STARTS Action Galore in Thunderball,' but Cinematically It's a Dud BY PHILIP K. SCHEUEIt Times Motion Picture Editor James Bond movies, I suppose, should be taken no more seriously than Pop art or comic strips. They are conceived as entertainments for adults, though they are not really adult, and children enjoy them equally (which makes it seem too bad that the producers never can resist throwing in that extra little patch of blue material). The latest, "Thunderball," will be a Wednesday arrival at the Chinese Theater. It is the same as its predecessors, only more too much of everything, from sudden desire to sudden death. The tone of the whole affair, the tip-off to "don't believe a thing you're going to see and hear," is sounded in the first minute or so when Bond, in the person of Sean Connery, outsmarts some would-be assassins (Who are they? Who knows? Who cares?) by simply soaring into the air, propelled by what a program note calls a one-man jet pack. Once past the credit titles, Bond and we are off on the new "plot." Well, what's up this time? A top-secret atomic plane, that's what hi-jacked by a planted pilot paid by SPECTRE, sunk at sea without a trace and held there for ransom by NATO. Waterlogged This picture is unique in that almost as much of it must have been shot underwater as above the former, presumably, at Ivan Tors' glassed-in studio in Florida and the latter in the Bahama Islands. The submarine sequences are as pretty as can be in Technicolor, featuring besides fish and flippered bipeds, all sorts of awe mm mm -gjir-" mm I 1 n i i: a- . . m. -m Screenplay 6y GAVIN LAMBERT-Produced by ('Directed by ROBERT MULLIGAN PANAVISION PACIFIC'S PAIMTAGES THEATRE HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD BLVD. nr. VINE HO. 9-2211 some diving bells and pow-. ered sea slsds not to mention an arsenal of. lethal spear guns. If I could have just known more than half the time what, precisely, they were doing, the effect would have been ' prettier yet. Fortunately, when the terrific but overdrawn undersea battle occurs in the closing reels, the opposing forces paratroopers on our side and SPECTRE minions on theirs come in two different colors, so at least we can tell who's who. Hydrofoil Prop My favorite prop this time anyhow, my favorite BIG prop is a hydrofoil boat which, manned by the enemy, suddenly sheds its stern like a butterfly its cocoon and takes off hell-for-lather on its own. My favorite floozy? Hard to say, since they're all fully packed and nubile and nimble, come and go with bewildering speed. The principal one appears to be Claudine Auger (Domino); bikinied others are Luciana Paluzzi, Mar-tine Beswick and Molly Peter6. My favorite zinger is that delivered nonchalantly by 007 when the one he has been dancing with in a Nassau night spot is shot from a wicked - looking silencer. Bond deposits her carefully in a ringside seat and murmurs to the other occupants, "Do you mind if my friend sits this one out? She's just dead." SPECTRE'S No. 2 man, Emilio Largo of the villainous eyepatch, is played FOR ADDITIONAL THEATERS PLEASE TURK TO PAGE 17 PART IV r i. t h i b to a kld..V . ALAM 1 PAKULA Music- Andre Previn j nCKNlCOLOfT FROM WARNER BROS. by Adolfo Celi, with Rik Van Nutter, Roland Cul-. ver and Lois Maxwell in the large roster of players. The writing s a composite of Ian Fleming, Kevin McClory, Jack' Whitting-ham, Richard Maibaum and John Hopkins; direction by Terence Young; music by John Barry, with raucous theme song; main titles designed by Maurice Binder, ; THE BOOK THE WORLD COULD NOT LAY DOWN IS NOW A MOTION PICTURE. n ft A c. a Bit l'JRfP,!?!) fiMM lifiKHitiliAUl m mn It GEORGE VOSKOVEC-RUPERI OAVItS-LYKl C'.bACKmirfilfca In , K'ARIIN RUT PAUL I.M M l lit SPY WHO Ct m FWU Wi a iuiiia nnriilEDE . UAL A nULLI rtJJU rutmiSRf WEDNt5DAY-8:WU K.m. lit SAM FERNANDO VALLEY CHILD GUIDANCE CLlNlCi'-'-" . Li POR PREMIERE INFORMATION CALL ' ixfaKM m)i'i afeiU- 788.3952 872.3S95 i3llIJMatik WARNER HOLLYWOOD .THEATRE 64J3 HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD at ViiLCOX OK WELL! YfiU CimX OFFEND EVcRYOSIEl "STARTLING! TOUGH! CANDID! GLITTERING! SHOCKING! RAUCOUS! " WitretrtWfjiiMir tiririlntiirtiM. Mirtis Runiliri PredwUoa Loved 0iva ROBERT JONATHAN MORSE WINTERS MJANEITECOMEa Dtu Amlitn Mittffi Berli lima Ohm khi GMfai RoWn Mortry (iriurt tlickot LmwISUffir 4 iRODSTEIGER.-,,. MnlknlhK'llflWlllk trTmySnthtni. Mi CltriilAntifr TtWrwmJ rnMtrMlCllle dHukellWulw H Wilshir nr. U Cwnefl OL. 21330 C;00 8 05 10:15 PM SAT. SUN. I GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE AT B0X0FFICE FOR ALL PERFORMANCES! Miy-n LHAKUUir KhX HEST0X HARRISON JOACniwjFarpmmi DIANE CILENTO','J''J'"TODD'0 70mm RESERVED SEATS ONLY Ticktli Now On Sill. I CARTHAV CIRCLE So. Calif. Musi: Co ,637 S. Hill Stmt vMA All Mutual Aienciti Vocll 1 7m S 7v; XCIUSIVI INOAOiMINT Starts THU WdSrN( fW 'Flea' Will Take Holiday Hiatus "The Amorous Flea," musical-comedy based on M o l i e r e's "School for Wives," will suspend performances at the Las Pal-mas Theater until Christmas Night. The show, which stars Lew Parker, Imelia De Martin, Jack Fletcher, Ceil Cabot and Philip Proctor, will reopen Saturday at 8:30 p.m. and will continue its regular schedule thereafter. y ''X'. tit mimv Bumon CLAIRE DiOOM OSKflR WERIIER THE SPY WHO cnriE III FROM THE COLD MARTIN RITT PMDUCiiOd i Mi l B I If A DtrtN ard 3UT TROJPtR THE CS13" t. Jew It CftK 'Rv(XJNt Si,- REGULAR EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT STARTS THURSDAY! - HO. 6-5211 -Belli) Cnwthw, It Y.TlMt 11 WORTH .A SEEING... n FEROCIOUS VV i h " Judith Crtit, Htnld TrlbuM EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT DAILY M0N. THRU FRf., HOLS. 1:35 0:40 5:50 8:00 1 10:05 PM Thcitrc, 71?. nrwwiiinfiMMtiiiipii , StN yiniT it tM;tM m(ig"I jvt1 MM.iilot l .i. Wf . 8 0106 ii Fell in Lvfiw(LK 7 ' wT Village 'WESTWOODi'lBiAH a t i I 81 rr nfn ri-Tin i 0t :'-':c:Tr-r''"ww'fev: 9 RSDAY wASftT Brtnioa A utrf Wtvhun GIFT Kill HIE II U IOS ANGEIES TIMES MONDAY, DEC. 30, "SPECIAL HOLIDAY DAILY 2:00 and 8:30 Andrews' IrvT It ROBERT SEATS FOR ALL TERFORMANCES tBOXOFFICE m mm, FOXlllilsIti "K VVwiShHtlilA OL. NATIONAL GENERAL CORPORATION m call THEATRE or lWMBIiJllltiUWlWI HOLIDAY MATINEES AT MOST CALLS GEORGE BETWEEN LANCASTER AND SINATRA." LASTDAY!Gp aa CRAUMANI f mese m moil vwooo live, mo.iiiii f f MUS OPEN . - FfruEAr International Claitici present cinemascope NOW PLAYING! DOORS KawEsrwooo timi I i PLUS 5 COLOR CARTOONS For I heaters Theaters Directory HOLLYWOOD CHINESE OlMl M 5 HO 4-8111 Segal-Courtenay-Fox, KING RAT Hollywood Die Monster Die H033.H7iM" Pnet Of Vampires OPEN ALL NIGHT UNTIL 5 A.M. DAILY VOGUE Maximilian Schell, Sb7 5 H o 1 1 ywoo d B C T 1 1 R II . c u e HO 1 2 : 1 S IDIC THE BEATLES in HELP MM Hllwd Bl. & HAR0 DAY'S NIGHT; ho 3-2184 12:30 0. Clark 5-Roll. Stones LOS ANGELES CARTHAY Heston-Harrison In CIRCLE Agony & Ecstasy ggafoB"""' Tod3yat2 8.30PM- EL REV What's New Pussycat 5517 Wllshrr. Connery, THE HILL WE l-IIOI. :IS tSiDFiY 12:15 Santa Claus Conquers M i"' Eve. 6:45-Lynley, BUNNY WF9" ,c missing, Bedford Inc.dent HlGHlANT THE WARLORD cls.sms'' Lewis' FAMILY JEWELS WESTCHESTER INGLEWOOD I nVfll A 12:45 THE BEATLES in HtLP Asm HARD DAY'S NIGHT; p .i4o p.'k D. Clark 5-Roll. Stones ACADEMY 12:45 Park PL I-SI5I Elvis Presley In HARUM SCARUM; Red Line 7000, In Color FOX I2:IS nia Mnnclar Dia Infllowood OR 8-7323 Planet Of Vampires 5TH AVE. Sth-Monch. PL 9-SIHfi S:45 Simmons-Mature In THE ROBE; Poitier. Lilies Of The Field INGLEWnOD 103 N. l Br.i Adults Only! PARIS SECRET; V. Leigh In Ship Of Fools B73-)322. 6:45 SANTA MONICA VENICE .TOM KTayVK EX 5-8282 D. Clark 5-Roll. Stones WILSHIRE 00. 6:45 EX 5-M95 Michael Came In THE IPCRESS FILE: Bogarde. Agent 8-3i ' TnyUonlpa Santa Clau$ Conquers I "is p. Martians 12 30 & 2:30; EX 6-4215 Eve. 6:45 WAR LORD; Dr. Goldfoot and Bikini Machine RED0ND0 MANHATTAN HERM0SA-PAL0S VERDES FOX-Redondo 12 '3d Park HARD DAY S NIGHT; FR 4.0495 D. Clark 5-Roll. Stones I AM&R Santa Claus Conquers MaKn Martians 12:30 8 i 2 30; FR 2-6500 12:15 Eve. 6:45 H4RUM SCARUM t RED LINE 7000 HFRMrKfl IT'S A MAD MAD, MAD, On. 6:45 FR 2. 5245 How To Murder Wife FOX 6:45 What's New Pussycat ! WaSfeSK Conner, THE HILL HUNTINGTON PARK 714-622-1353 Taboos of World ! SIT DAI ny THE BEATLES in HELP ' rAI IFflRNIA THE BEATLES In HELP CU' HL uvJrn, & HARD DAY'S NIGHT; LU 7.51 1 1 D. Clark 5-Roll. Stones rDftNAriA. Elvis Presley m DARK Op. 12 JO HI. Uaail Ilia SilfrSiii 4S HARUM SCARUM; Red 6PSKti. Die Mn"8r 0,8 Lln 7000 in color lu 7-3442 Planet Of Vampires uiiiap.e Children's Mat. 12:30 j ALCAZAR 6:45 lf's 8 MadJ MadA Mad- C .r".nt Eve'Thlr7:,S.3,n.iPer iti it g"," Mad World; A. Quinn. na 4-2i2 The Collector Lu's.3306 50. High Wind in Jamaica wm Llli RIVERSIDE SAN BERNARDINO LONG BEACH-SEAL BEACH , DluFRCinF For Adults 0nly! WEST COAST THE BEATLES in HELP ffj VisT PRIS S"RET Coot 12 & HAR0 DAY'S NIGHT; ov 3-7212 Taboos Of World HE 6-4209 D. Clark 5-Roll. Stones rni FN Co'or Spectacular! CREST What's New Pussycat STATE tokyo olympiad; sea O.. 6-Park ..i,.,, Sh. 0( F00, OV 4-48B0. 6:45 Connery In THE HILL , ! ; CALIFORNIA Die Monster Die E0NT IVffi;' ?f5. Planet Of Vampires HE 8.1001 S. Connery, THE HILL ., IMPFRI&L For Adults! BELLBOY & REDLANDS BANNING Oo.ll2 THE PLAYGIRLS; Nature 0Hr-'32973 Girl t The Slaver REDLANDS Sm BAY Stewart, HOW THE WEST g..i45 Connerv In THE HILL 5i WAS W&Ni 0. Reynolds, PY 3-4331 connery in mt hill h 6 e 0.H23. :45 Untlnkabl Molly Brown PftNWINri St.w.rt, HOW THE WEST n. 6-45 WAS WON; D. Reynolds. ORANGE COUNTY visVi4 UnslnkabU Molly Brown WEST COAST THE BEATLM ln HELP BAKERSFIELD SANTA PAULA 1 an. & HARD DAY'S NIGHT; Kl 38317 H:4J D. Clark 5-Roll. Stones env COLOR Spectacularl j fjw ! Elvis Presley, HARUM " Bk.r.flld ffl?n?llIlS"lllil DJ;.i1 SCARUM; Or' Goldfoot fa 3-751 1. 12 :4S Connery, The Hill KE'fi-3602, 12.45 Bikini Machine, Clr. QVLIFORNIA Di,K Boa,de ln, CT Santt Claus Conquers BakmfHd ,, AGENT B-Ki; Pau I rUA Martians, 12.30 2 30; fa 7-7783. B:4S Newman, The Hustler J 526 4747-12:15 Eve. 6:45 WHAT'S tfjv k;4S Color Srec.tacularl NEW PUSSYCAT; SHIP OF FOOLS JUA T0Ky() 0LYMPIAD. s,Jn i ... ., .... 1A 5-4M9 Connery in THE HILL " R0SSM00R LOS ALAMIT0S SAN LUIS ODISPO toy Sant Clans Cohruers RiiVmoor Martians, 12:30 2 30; FREMONT c"nr Spectacular! ?96"m12:IS Eve. 6:15-HARUM OwnW TOKYO OLYMPIAD; SCARUM & RED LINE 7000 543-1121 Dr. Goldfoot Machint V always go first class. 1965 -PAKT fOUK- FOI TWtNTY-ONI PERFORMANCES PM (SUN. 8:00 PM) - ra(Ii1nce a : univ'tlic .tnuurrcTLiv'o RODCERS mt HAMMF.Rf TEIN"S U'ISF. . COLOR T. Liuriui I ntif Mmlr r.n . ifC 637 S.Hill St.. iacickcM (MA. 7-1248) 3-0863 I All Mutual Agencies. (WEST COAST THEATRES BR. 2-9261. CR. 4-04H I FOX WEST COAST THEATRES SEGAL 'A CROSS A COtUMatl PICTURES RbIcui j-tm.i Tv. 11:45 tM T'1 ' 1? 05 2 40 5 15-7 WJ I I0PM exclusive engagement OPEN t OO PM Fnluns 6:15 1:1$ 10.00 PM 1 BOORS OPEN SAT. SUN. 1:45 Fiituni 2:00 4.00 6:00-1 90 1 10:00 PM ii. . 1 . 1 ieei Below BEVERLY HILLS WESTW00O CULVER CITY WILSHIRE 8440 Wilshir. OL 3-0AH3 Julie Andrews In SOUND OF MUSIC Today at 2 i 8:30 PM FINEARTS THE LOVED ONE OL 2-1330. i:45 at 6; 8:05 8 10:15 PM LIDO 6:30 8507 W. Pico M2-8087 Purk Rita Tushinjham In THE KNACK: The Beatles, HELP VILLAGE West wood GR 3-3042. :45 Michael Caine in THE IPCRESS FILE) Leigh, Ship of Fools BRUIN Wfilwood GR 7-2487 S:(M) THE RAPTURE 1 Week Only For Acad. Award Consideration CULVER 12:43 Smoka VE 8-3124 Teen Hit! VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS; Dirk BoRarde. AGENT 8-V. SAN FERNANDO VALLEY LA REINA Mi?lCo0sfl2e3o- Sherman Oaks Martians, 12. JO a i.JU. ST 8-8311 12 MS Eve. 6:45-Quinn, ZORBA THt UKttli penTOto hiliupih rov atimnnr Canti r.lant Cnnnuers Rfd7.Den,h Martians, 12:30 S 2:30; Dl 9-7495 12 18 Eve. 6:45-What's New Pussycat; lonnery, mL Tiinm city stw'rt' H0W THE WE,sr tlrM ?iiT WAS WON, p. Reyno ds 769.4441 unsmwauie m.u"-. EL PORTAL THE BEATLES in HELP ' S. C?ark 5-RQll. Stones mill II Santa Claus Conquers FOX Van Nuyl 7H5-Q449 12:45 "IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD. WORLD; lemmon, How To Murder Wife pnpi Elvis Presley In ST 5-3919 I2:4S Line 7000, In Color CONEJO VILLAGE THOUSAND OAKS C0NEJ3 On. 12 495-7008 Elvis Presley in HARUM SCARUM; Dirk Bogarde, Agent 8V4 GLENDALE PASADENA 1 CV 12:00 THE BEATLES in HELP r..Al. HW0 "AY'S NIGHT; SlfaM!?.. D. Clark 5-Roll. Stones GLENDALE Elvis Presley in HARUM SCARUM; Red Line 7000, In Color 00. x:43 T.H 5.2815 ACADEMY What's New Pussycat Xm. n c" THE HILL CTATF IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, Pasaden. MAD. WORLD; Widmark 8Y 2-7139. 12:45 In Bedford Incident dim Tfj Santa Claus Conquers So' P.'aden. Martians 12 30 2.30; SYfl-3161 1 2 : S Eve. 6:30-IPCRESS FILE t AGENT 84 POMONA ONTARIO LA VERNE . CLAREMONT ..go FOX WEST COAST! 4.

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