Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 21, 1949 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1949
Page 5
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N THE AIR TODAY :30—WATR—NAUOATUCK WT!C—Just Plain Bill WWCO—Tom Mix *!i—WB14Y—Oort Mussey Time WTIC—Front 1'age Farrell -AJ] Stations—NCWB 6:13—WATR—Spons WWCO—iiportscope WTIC—Strictly Spor's WBRY— Penthouse Serenade «:30—WATR—Von Tube!; .Music WTIC—Wrightvilie Folks 7,'BP.Y—John A. C'lUney. Sport WWCO—Who's Taiktas 6:45—WATR—GUI' Lombardo WTIC— t Star Extra WBRY—Lowell Thomas 7 :00—WATR—Names In the News WTT.C— LiRM l?p Time WBRY—What Do Pf-ople Do WWCO—Fulton Lewis 7 :u5—WATR—Headline Edition 7:15—WATR—Phone Kour Answer WTIC—N'ews WWOO— Parade ol Bands WBRY—Voice ol the Army 7:30—WATR—SpeUine Bee WTIC—Cote Glee Club WWCO—Gabriel Heatter WBRY—ciub is 7:45—WATR—WTIC—Gov. Bowles WBRY—Edward R. Murrow WWCO—T Ixwe A MvB'oi-y $:00—WATR^-Share the Wealth WTTC— Railroad Hour WBRY—Inner Sanctum WWCO—Straight Arrow S :30—WBRY—Arthur Godfrey W4TR—Polka Parade WWCO—On the Green WTIC—Barlow Concert S :45—<VATK—Henrv J. Tavir-r WWCO—Spotlight On A Star SCHPERO'S BANISHES DIRT! Dirt and ops stop many a^ fine *atch. Let Sfiperot's tvatch repair :department give your watch the thorough cleaning it needs fo give you perfect time at all time. William Schpero 162 Church Street 8 :UO— WBHY—Kiullo Thonlcr WTIC—Teli-uhonw Il.iur WWCO—.Murder By Kxpfrta „ WATU—Kali; Smllti Calls 9 :30— WTIC— Band o! Ami-rk'n WWCO—Crime FiBhlors 0:00—W .\TR-Arthur Gaeth WTIC—Directors Playhouse WBRY—My Friend Irma WWCO—News Commentator 10:15—WATR—Gov. Bowles WWCO—Newsreel 10:30—WATR—Holler Derby WBRY—Bob Hawk Sho%v WTIC—Ethel Merman WWCO—Marvin Miller 10:45—WWCO—Music You Want 11:00—All Stations—News 11:15— w * TR—RiKirts , WTIC—News WWCO—UN Today WBRV—SwinR Shift 13:30—WTIC—Boston Symphony WATR—fJema : Dance Orch. WBRY—Swine Shin 12:00—All StatI(.ns--Neivs WWCO—Dance Orch. Four Of The 18 Survivors Of The Crashed B-29 tTVHC-TV Clinnn'el • : 00—Ted Steele Show :30—Teletunes 45—Howdy Doody :00—Film Shorts sn—Lucky Pun : 15—Film :"*5—Ivonrite Film :OB—Kukia. Fran and Ollle 30—Show Room :45—Newsreel .00—Silver Theater :3ft—Barlow Concert :00—Candid Camera :3f>—The Goldbergs :00—Studio One :00—Late News WCBS Channel g :30—Vanity Fair :00—Ted Steele :30—The Chuck Wagon :30—Lucky Pup :4ri—Bob Howard Show :00—Roar ol the Trails :lf>—Paul Arnold Show :30—Television N'fws :45—Sonny Kendis Show ::">—Herb Shriner Show :00—S'lvpr Theater :3fl—Godfrey's Talent Scouts :00—Cjtndid Cnmera : 30—The Goldbergs 00:00- 00— P;mdi<! Cnmera 30— The Goldbergs f>0 — 5Judin One 00— f:\\f. F.mtrRon Show WXTIT ChajlDliI 4 : 15— Judy Bplintors :30— Howdy noody :00— Kids AC -3rt— F->sy Does It ::jfi — Weatherman :00— Kukia. Fran and Ollle :30— Show Room :4." — "New? Caravan" :00— Tele-Theater :30 — Voife of Firestone :00— IJehts Out :3ft — Barlow Concert •ftn_Ouiz Kids : 30 — Weatherman :35 — Yesterday's News Reel HEBSONALS Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ort, Jr., and family of 125 Quinn street, will soond the Thanksgiving holiday in Williamsport, Pa., as guests of Mrs. Ort's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Chase. After being carried from the Canadian destroyer "HaiJii", four survivors of the B-29 crash into the'sea are given medical attention, .'.board ihe U. 3. Army , ash bunt to which Lliey .vere i-emoved n lit. Oeorge Harhor, Bermuda. Eighteen men, who had survived '.': h >urs or; a »torm Sossed liferaft; were picked up by the rescue, ship. Shown here (1. to r.) rtre: r,gt. r,,y Coulter, Beverly Hills, Calif.; Corp. Bryce Woal isau.t St. Marie, Mich.; Set. William Pratt, Brockto i, Mass. ;i,,d Sgt. Manuel Orpoza. Globe, Ariz. (ln- ternatlonal tfcidlophcto) PERSONALS A class of two from St. Michael's Episcopal churoh was amor.^ those confirmed' yesterday aftnrnoon at the first confirmation service in St. Paul's Episcopal church, Waterville, when it v.'.-is dedicated by thr, Rt. Hev. Frederick G. Budlong, bishop of Connecticut. Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Pires, and son Kenneth, of Hillcrest avenue, spent the weekend with relatives in Cranston. R. I. Mrs Muriel Campbell of Fairview avenue, entertained guests from Waterbury and Naugatuck at her home recently. Mrs. E. F. Easter-brooks of Beacon Valley Manor, returned Saturday from Newport. R. I., where she was called by the serious illness of her mother, Mrs. George P. Platt, in the Newport hospital. Mrs. Platt has visited Naugatuck often and has many friends here. Miss Ruth Sengstacken is a member of the arrangements committee for a harvest bridge to be held tonight at 8 o'clock under the sponsorship of the Waterbury hospital alumnae association in the Nurses residence. The public is invited. Mr. and Mrs. John MacDonald of Melbourne court entertained at a party at their home Saturday night. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Peaslee, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ort, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. George Bird- •ali, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Weaving and. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stras- clas. Columbian Spires Have Big Schedule For Wednesday Night Members of the Msgr. Plannai^an Circle, Columbian Squires, will have a busy session Wednesday night. They will meet at 6:30 o'clock at the Maple street firehouse for a tour of tht building and an inspection of the fire trucks, led by Fire Chief John J. Sheridan. Later they will meet at a round table discussion with William Piedmont of the Supreme Council, Boy Life Bureau, New Haven. After the j conference, they will go to the high ' school gymnasium for the regular weekly basketball practice, according to C. H. Green, counselor. Nancy Anderson, Naugatuck, was a bridesmaid at the wedding of her cousin, Doris M. Blsdon, Hatboro, Pa., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Elsdon, Waterbury, to Robert J. Rea, son of Evangelist Samuel Rea and Mrs. Rea, Hatboro, which took place Nov. 12 in Hie Gospel hall, Hatborp, with Lhe bridegroom's father officating-. MV. and Mrs. G-. Edward Anderson. Naugatuck, were among the guests attending. • - - \/ V \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \s \/ \/ v/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ /V /v /v /v /v /S /v /v /v /\ /v /v /v /\ /v /v /v /v A v^ CHRISTMAS CLUB NOW OPEN FOR EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY It's Time To Start That Christmas Club Again The most popular form of saving in America PICK YOUR OWN CLUB CLASS j Deposit Heccive Bi-Weekly Next Novem ber S1.00 2.00 4.00 6.00 10.00 20.CO 025.00 50.00 100.00 150.00 250.00 500.00 The NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION . FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM »»»^^<</./c/^^XXX 'V \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ ^/ /v /v /v /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /v /v /v /\ /\ s\ /\ /\ /\ /\ A Miss Patricia T. Spencer, Bos*on. Mass., and her fiance, John H. Simonds, Brookline, Mass, are eucsts of her brother and sister- in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Spencer, 3d, Naugatuck. QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST CUPLETS CUP CAKE MIX Here's the baking mix that assures cup cakes "like mother used to make." 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LB D D** OVEN-READV U 7 5 ttl I^lfC PANCY PLUMP M •%. DRAVW WVIV.49 ftEG. DRESSED-4 TO 6 IBS. 18^3* ° RAWN ' OAD"^M^ fancy Genuine Native XA ^"*"s ^t^« Re 0 . Dressed-6 to 8 Ibs. LB O V ^^•**^ LOIN5 FRESH-WHOLE or EITHER END u4! For A Delectable Stuffing Be Sure to S«rv« Marvel StuUino Bread SAUSAGE MEAT IB 49 C OYSTERS HESHLr 0fttEO ^i iSL, and, OVEN-READY LB 69' 1 DR'WN, A A, OVEN-READY LB Olr Customers 9 Corner Wil! A£P be put out oi business if the anti-trust lawyers win their suit against this company? Absolutely: And here's why: ASP's retail stores will be broken up into seven groups and sold to new owners. A&P's lactories, which produce many of our fine foods, will be sold to still other new owners. None of the stores and factories can be connected in any way, which will wipe out the savings you now enjoy on the foods A6.P makes. None of the present owners' or management who -have made A&P what it is today can have anything to do with either the stores or the factories. So, while there may be a lood store where your A&P is now located, it won't be your A5P store.. It will be operated by different owners and under new management. Make no mis.'ake about it, if the anti-trust lawyers win their suit it will mean the end of A&P as you know it. ORANGES CRANBERRIES YAMS CHESTNUTS SQUASH APPLES FLORIDA SWEIT JUICY CAPeCOD UNIFORM BAKING SIZE LB LARGE SIZE BUTTERNUT OR HUBBARD fAclNTOSH HOME GROWN ' 1O "~ |C t U ^ LK 48U« i •• A-WINTER KEEPING BAG New Crop A&P S.edl.s. Mixed Nuts ,.39 C Raisins ^15* Diamond Brand Cello Wrapped Walnuts L ,45 C Fresh DatM 2*^29 t PLUM PUDDING RM CRANBERRY OCEAN SPRAY ' Q|_ 1%/BC SULTANA STUFFED ^^ fcl • K * MANZANILLA MINCE MEAT FRUIT COCKTAIL Al A&P SQUASH CAN k 16 OZ » CANS «'/jor JA* »oz PKG NOZVi CAN NO2V'j CAN 35 e 34 e rv. 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