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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, July 9, 1832
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MISCELLANY. TO THE PESTILENCE. Thy shadow dark cos round u,' Tby form is ia the air ; Thy fatal voice hath found as. Thy banquet will be rare ! . A sudden fear bath bound as. ' ; We know thee and despair. Thy tfeoaoy wing ia flapping, Impatient for thy prey ; Thy breath o'er nil ia wrapping A. abroad of aad decay; The. sullen grave ia gaping Thin eye doth light the way. Avenging messenger ! When will thy course he run 7 Whom bast thou marked ? Art near To me, relentlea one T When will thy dread career Of punishnient be done 1 The glowing south, the icy north. The vale, the desert bare. The city, and the mountain cot, Thoa visit'st every wber - s The mosque, the idol temple, and The christian's place of prayer. Thou hast awept in all thy terrer, The regions of the east ; Thoa bast bid the mighty wither ! The loftiest and the least; The brave, the foul, the beautiful, Alike have beeo thy feast. The patriot, the tyrant, Lord, vassal, friend, and foe : The victor's arm bath sunk beside The victim it laid low ; The hosts that met for mortal strife, Have fallen without a blow. Before thee thoa hast cast tby shade, A frightfuH;rhi!l it hath ; One moment ia the storm delsyed. The next it cornea in wrath ; Then helpless, smitten things, we fade And wither in tby path. A LEAF FROM MRS. TROLLOPE'S MEMO RANDUM BOOK. found among turn loose paper, accidentally found at ksr tcdgings. ' X Vnrk !a rather a cbarmioz little city, contain' . in from one hundred to one hundred and fifty thou sand inhabitants, mostly black. The streeli are alto - ..ihr mononnlizrd bv these sons and daughters i.f Africa, who take the wall of you on all occasion ; and it niiii'd be entirely useless, as well as extremely dang rous, to notice any insult which they msy oiler you. as tney an carry long uagger iu weir bosoms, and use them, too, with utter impunity, under the very nose of the public authorities. Indeed, 1 onte saw a little blnck boy carried to bridewell for stealing, and that very afternoon the whole negro male population turned nut in a procession, consisting of twenty thousand, with banners, winch Dure the, " Wilberforce Philanthropic Society." From this. I presume, the boy's name was Wilberforce ; at all events, the court of sessions (which, by the way, is here held in a liitle grocery store in William street, calle.i Harmony Hall,) acquitted the culprit, in con sequence of the sensation his imprisonment had produced. This took place in the month of August, a id so great was the alarm, that numbers lied from the city, tearing another insurrection. Whule families departed at once. The steamboats (of whu - h there ara two tolerable g. od ones, one plying to Albany, the other to New Orleans on Long Island,)were every day crowded, with trembling passengers, who night refuge from the bloody and attrocious scenes which y.arly disgrace the streets, and retired to Saratoga, Communipaw, Brooklyn in New Jersey. Charlestown in North Carolina, and Greenwich vU - loge on Lake George. Scarcely a single night passes without the negroes setting two or three of the hou ses on fire with the view of destroying the inbabi tanta. As the best mansions are made ol light pine wood, It may e easily imagined that they are unusually combustible; but fortunately the city of New York has really a most copious supply of water, which prevents much damage. Their theatres are positively amusing, and I must aay 1 laughed very heartily, although, to confess the truth, it waa only at their tragedies and their operas J he ran theatre was originally an old barn ; iu out - aide is ditgreceiul, and lis interior more so. Il has been burnt down fourteen times, probably by the religious party, which form the majority, and have now elected Jackson to the presidency. The establishment atands opposite the Roman Catholic Cathedral, and is under tne mauagermnt of Alesers. fierson and Drurie. I am indebted to my kind friend for many ol these particulars. He knows that I am writing a book of travels, ana although umen only an American, has kindly volunteered his services to collect materials for me, given me sketches of character and authenue enecdules. ana corrected, vuh toe snuet scrupulous) care, all my imgrapmcu mini iyw;rapnica illustrations, w which t e reader may consequently repose the most implicit reliance. The theatres have, however, two or three tolerably decent performers. Mr. Karnes is the principal tragedian. 1 saw him one evening in RonicO to .Mrs. Keppel's Juliet, aud I must say, I thought his conception of the character rather good. He is quite mail, with large melancholy eyes, and features ex pre sive of tendernesa and passion Mrs. Keppel, as Juliet, was not sufficiently poetic, but was nevertheless pretty well. This was, however, after ards satisfactorily accounted for by the discovery (hat she was an English lady. I afterwards saw Mr. Hilson in Youog Norval. The greatest attraction they have, howeye - - , is Mr. Po - vey, a distinguished vocalist. He playa the prince, in Cinderella, and Masaneillo quite delightfully ; oil the rest are not worth mentioning A fellow by the name of H. Placide andertook to personate the Baron, but I was thoroughly disgusted. There are some peculiar customs prevailing among the audience here, which am apt to pro voke a smile on the lips of a rational stranger. All their ladies dress in the most taiteless and extravagant style, and yet betray the moat incontrovertible evidences of vulgarity, sittiie - on the ham tm with their backs to the stage, between the acts, eating Caro lina potatoes, and drinking ginger pop. This is done every night at the Pack, and situe good society females smoke' lung nines" with a degree of audacious ease and familiarity thit are really shocking. The American theatre u a large wooden building in l.rcen street. Third Avenue, next door to the United States Bank. Rich mond jam is down town. From the London Tines. LAUNCH CF THE VEKNO.Y. The inhabitants of Woolwich passed last week in the expecti'ion mat the may - day ol 'his year would have neen uistingoisnea m their annals hy the visit of His Majesty to their town lo Witness the launch of the Jnryest Jna e which has ever yet been built in the JSnlun navy. T hey hive, however, been disappointed in their expectations, for His Alnjciy did not honor them with Ins presence; aad his absence, combined with the badness of the weather, rendered the ceremony less imposing than it otherwise would have been The incessant rain which poured down from 10 o'clock in the morning till 3 in the afternoon, prevented numbers from attending who hid taken places to witness the spectacle ; and though the different vessels in the river were decked out in all their finery of flags and streamer - , the abrsnre of youth and beauty, and the presence of dink and dripping nmbrellas, gave a sombre appearance to the scene. Among the company ptesent we observed the First Lord of the Admiralty Sir J. Orsham, Sir T. Hardy. Sir K. Keats, Sir F. Collier, and several other officers of distingmshed merit. Lord Ad dpbus Filzclarence was also present in the Admiralty yacht. At a quarter before 2 o'clock, the signal was given that all was ready for the launch, and iu a few minutes afterwards this fine vessel, which bears the proud motto Vernon temper vicet," slipped from ,h j !toc - : - '' ,B1 descended, amid the firing of cannon and the huzzas of the spectators, into that element w hich bears not on its surface a nobler specimen of naval architecture. In eonsequence of the wind and tide both retting rapidly in the seme direction, she was swung against the I.ancaitrr sheer - hulk, ami, in the collision, carried away her main channel, and tore her timbers slightly She was then takn in tow by the Gurnet ste - uuer, and hauled into the dock. To give our naval readers soma idea of the force and power of this frur - te. which is built upon a new principle, under the direction of Captain Symona, we subjoin tue following statement of her dimensions : ft. in Spar deck Main deck Lower deck Height between decks Height between perpendiculars Keel for tonnage Extra breadth Moulded D. - pthofhold Measured tonnnge 183 183 0 0 0 O O 6 8r 41 IT6 7 176 144 62 51 17 2,082 15 - 94 sne is to mount SO thltt.tu... stand that sh. i. .i"V "'"'""""" un We under - . , vwiuiniwioneu, ana placed un der the command of Sir F. Collier ; and thit, a. soon as she is rigged and manned, she will be seut out upon cruise with the experimental squadron, under the command of Sir P. Milcolm. To the great mortification of the spectators, who were ucsi'j BU wei lorougo. tne weather, aa aoen aa the launch was over, look up, and during the rest of the siinutigu was warm anu coeenng. There is a similar frizate launched to - dav. Hia Mi. eery will inspect them both on Friday, whan he visits the dock - yards. He ia expected to arrive there at 12 o'clock After his inspection of the arsenal he ia to sail to Greenwich, and to honor the pensioner with visit. Mexico. Capt. Dudley, of the schooner Wetree, wnicn arrived here last evening from Vera Crux, whence she left on tbe 1 ttb inst. inform us that it was currently reoorted there, that General Santa Anna. with an army of 2500 men, was within three leagues of oiapa , mat tne ministerial iorcea had been reduced , raun to anout BOO men, and were divided into A.., ; one under Gen. Calderon, was en cam p - rt!si.! is - "'d - he 0,ner w" on ,he Nationsl Bridge .j X"; r. """" lorce na vera Cruz. It was w men case the other diviaUn ... u i iT L - power. ,V. O. Courier. uu,u 00 " Taxaa Bv the ni..l r l a cantata M'CUiiahan. fA., - f nooner Hotspur, ed that the militia m 61'! xiy were concentrating their forces at Lynehbarrh for tbe purpose of rescuing the nrv,M - ZL ,0T. mt - .hn. Tk. ' , . - ""uncmrai T , , T" r . 6 . I'"1 oi inem had actus 11. suwembled before hi departure, and the 6th JunVwii the day appointed for the attack. Shonl.1 k. sutvo vivw u:u. a,. j, iucx. our, june Z0. Tbe premium offered by Mr. Manager Caldwell, for pocuoai auorvss on lie opening oi a new theatre at . Ciucia - ati, called out nineteen competitors ; and the prizs was awarded to Mrs. Caroline Lea Heats, distin - f ujfUd lready bj Iwr isixible tragedy, Dt Lara, BTSlTIlTG - 'PCSTw' MONDAY JULY . By the report of the proceedings of Congrese on Fri day it will be seen that Mr. Webster baa at last, after much sbnfliing and evasion, come out fully and eipli citly on high Tariff ground, and, to quote a phrase made use of Dy himself, goes for " flat prohibition Mr. Clay, the father and hitherto deemed the head an.) front of the protective system, now sees himself lurt as seu oy to is proselyte ere while so warm and so fore Die a champion of free trade. We most say that we did not look ever to sea Mr. Webster the advocate of the absurd, of the abominable, of the accursed mioimara system. The two woollen minimoms, it will be seen, were re jected on a motion of reconsideration, bat only by the casting vote of the Vice President. We should like to have the yeas and nays should like to give up to tlie execration of our readers those who, by voting for those unfu - t minimums, have plainly shown that they prufer their own i altry pecuniary interests to the salvation of our inestimable Union. Rut though these minimum " a mend menu were negatived, a good many others have passed, or ere expected to pass, the effect cf which w ill be to render the bill much worse than wben sent from the other House. Whether these alterations and mutilations will receive the concurrent action of the House of Representatives ia eiceedingly doubtful. Should the Bill be such a one aswili not prove acceptable to the moderate party in the South, an immense weight of responsibility will be upon Messrs. Clay and Webster, and their tariff mad faction. The veto of the President on the Bank bill was not com municated to Congress on Friday. This we presume ia partly to be ascribed to the desire of the Executive not to interrupt the progress of the Tariff debate in the Senate, and partly, peibaps, from a wish to go into some length of exposition as to hi reasons for withhold. ing his approbation. We have no doubt that the Bill will be returned to Congress vetoed either to - day or to - morrow. THE TARIFF BILL PASSED. After the above was written, and after the Report o the Proceedings of Congress on Friday was in tj pa. we received the National! Intelligencer dated this day, but printed in advance of the usual time of pub licatioa, containing the important intelligence that the Tariff Bill was ordered to a third reading on Satur day evening at eight o'clock, by a vote of 31 to 15, two friends of the Bill being the only members absent. The Intelligencer says, " Somo of the main amend ments made to the Bill .in the Senate, which yet re quire the concurrence ol the House of Represent atives, and in which it seems to be thought that they may concur, are, the abolition of all duties on Tea and Coffee; the reduction, by one half, of all ex' ia ing duties on Wines ; the retaining1 of the present rate of duty on sugar, at 3 cents per lb, instead of 21 ; fixing the duty on Cotton Begging at 4 cents instead of 31 j the ad valorura duty on Broad Cloths at 57 per cent instead. of 50; and sundry provisions respecting Lead, Copperas, Cordage, &c. die Congress The Senate, in Committee of the Whole, further discussed and amended the Tariff bill in the ses sion of Friday, and after all the sections were disposed of it was reported, as amended to the Senate by the Com mittee. It was then taken up in the Senate. The amendments reported by the Coramittee,contain - ing the two minimums to which we alluded a day or two since, were, after various attempts at modifications finally rejected. In the House of Representatives no business of gene ral interest was transacted on Friday. Since the foregoing paragraphs were written we have received the Washington Globe of Saturday, from which we copy the following report of the proceedings of the Senate on the day previous in relation to the Tariff: THE TARIFF, On motion of Mr. Clay, the Senate resumed the consideration of the bill to amend I he several acta imposing duties en imports ; and the remaining amendment, reported by Mr. Dickeraon, from the Committee on Manufactures, were considered and disposed of all ol' them being adopted, with the exception of two, which were rejected by consent. Tbe last amendment of the Coramitta was ih auk. jerl of a long debate ; it is as follows : sec. . line il. alter tbe word pert, insert" the duties following that is to say : such other manufar - iiimi of wool, or of which wool is a component part the actual value of which, at tbe place from whence imnnrt. ed, shall not exceed fifty cents the square yard, ahalt oeaeemeo to nave cost any cents the square yard, and paya duty thereon of thirty - five per centum. And all such other manufactures of wool, or of which wool is a component part, tne actual value of which, atihelace from whence imported, shall exceed fifty cents the square yard, and shall not exceed two dollars and fif'y cents, shall be deemed to have cost two dollar and fifty cents the square yard, and pay a duty Iheieon of ihtr - ly - hve per centum. And all such other manufacture of wool, or of which wool is a component part, the ariuai value oi wnicn, at tne places whence imported, shall exceed two dollars and fifty cents the square yard. mere snai t do leviea a amy oi tniriy - nve per centum ad valorem. Mr. Clay said, two descriptions of woollen goods are c hi fly used hy the south, viz. coarse woollens for negroes, and superfine cloths fur the wear of gentlemen. The duties on both of these descriptions of goods are reduced lower by the amendment, than by the proposition of tbe House of Representatives. The protective duty on coarse woollens is given up, and the duy on fins cloths is reduced from fafty to thirty - five per centum ad valorem. Tbe class of goods ranging between fi ty cents and two dollars and fifty cent, per square yard, is subjected to an increased duly, and these goods are chiefly used bv the middling classes in me nuruieru, eastern, anu western states While this amendment profits the south, it also profits the north and ea - it, because it gives adequate protection to the manufacture of a class of goods, extensively made and bUIIBUIUCU. Mr. Lickerson and Mr. Holmes supported the amendment, and Dir. Smith opposed it. Mr. Hayne moved to strike out the words "he deem ed lo have cost two dollas and fifty cents the square yara, in oraer to teat the principle ort he amendmeni The duly proposed to be imposed on woollens costin irom M cents to ag DO cents, will range between f0 and 170 per cent, thit the duty is crohihitorv. 1 h,. oejcnption ol articles embraces the only woolMm which are ma le extensively in this country, and whirh are most generally consumed. The equivalent proposed to be offered for this, was a reduction of duties on fine woollens which are not made loany extent ia this country, and the whole amount of which imnMl i. only about hilt a million. As to the coarse woollens not embraced, the uuty u not materially modified. 1 bis then was the compromise ofihu committee. They take all they want, and give up what is worth nothing to them Mr. Hayne went on to say. that the obiert nf thfl liill prepared by Mr. McLane, was to destroy the minimum principle, a unjust and odious, while the proposition of the committee revives that principle, with its most objectionable fia ures. Messrs. Dickerson and Webster spoke at length in support of the amendment ; and. alter further debate. the question was taken on the amendment, and it was agrt eu to. oy a vote oi ioZ3. un motion of Mr Chambers, the words " thirty - five' were stricken out, and "sixty" inserted ; so as to make ihe duties 60 percent, on alt articles to which the mi nimum, stricken out, was applicable the vote being 24 On motion of Mr. Hayne. the first rlmae nf the a mendraent was then stricken out, abolishing the 50 par cent minimum ; ana tne other pert ot the amendment, as amenueo, was agreed to. Subsequently the last vote was re - considered, end ihe remaining part of the amend menu as amended was rejected by the castins vote of the Vice President On motion of Mr Webster, the duty on wollen cloths was men hxed at 57 per centum ad valorem. After the disposition of several other amendments the bill was reported ; and, at 6 o'clock, the Senate was still in session. Congress Saturday, 1th July. The Senate were occupied yesterday till 3 o'clock, with the Tariff Bill, when it took a recess till 5 o'clock in the evening Session, the bill was resumed, and the amendment having been gone through with, were or - ot engrosaea. and the bill read a third time yeas 31 . naya 15. When, at near 8 o'clock, the Senate adjourned. in the House of Representatives, Mr. Evans, ot Maine, submitted the following resolution : ' ThMhe Seceta'y War be directed to ay oeiore this House at the commencement ot the "Zr""u: " statement of the number of fortifications ! " ,u,u y Detea in the Suite of Maine ; and also tbat he accompany it with rn..rt - .1 ks ;... Hi, TX,Ped'enr3r.?f i""""" - t military defence. o - ms tjiiiica oiaiesanu the British North Ameriean Possessions ; and tbat he also communicate such informant n as he may be enabled to procure relative lo the number and kind of military ivitiiwwu. ciimcu uiu uiajuiaineu in said xfritfcb Possessions, and tbe number of troop therein. Mr. Clay, from the Committee on Public Laail. re port ed the bill from the Senate with amendments thereto, extending the time lor issuing Military Land Warrant to oibcers ana soldiers ol the revolutionary army. Mr. jntia moved lo commit the bill, with the amend ments, ro the Committee of tbe Whole House on the state of the Unioi ; upon which a desultory discussion arose, in which Messrs. Wickline, Clay, mason, J. w, Taylor, a ad Doddrige participated. The motion of Mr. lrvia was tully negatived. Some papers are taking sides with tbe medical Parties which have been set to loggerheads by the Chol era. Doctors will differ is an old adage, tbe truth of which ia !.. ..i nl ; CA re is moat need of mutual forbearance aad amenity One party, itaeema. is 1. Kn aa tbey allege. Doctor. Ts. c - dl: i - I i. . mJ mUM UUIUDWUUOi astawww not been treated with snffi.;.n. ...r. u - u. r. . Of Health. Another nart. t.v - t. i.. t ...... .1 - is ut sign uuugeon ma i Dr. Manly waa not called Into the Special Council of lb Board. A third rail became I he Board of Health s composed of the Mayor and Aldermen, a discovery which evinces great sagacity and shrewdness. : We advise all these parties to battle their qoax - ra out ; bat suggest to then with respect te the mode o so doing whether it wouk) not bo well, instead of but ting their beads against each other, to set their lancets in rest against tbe Cholera the com soon enemy of doctors as well as patients. That physician who cores tbe greatest camber of cases shall be pronounced vie tor. If they do not choose lo adopt this advice, let them postpone attending to their private grievances until the Cholera shall have disappeared. The com munity still then have much more leisare and a much better opportunity of lists ning to their several plaints. During the existence of the panic in Montreal, among other rumors circulated, there was one stating that a piece of beef placed on tbe spire of one of the highest churches became tainted in the coarse of two or three minutes. It bsd probably been banging a good many hoars in the hatcher's stall before the experiment waa made if indeed any such experiment was made at alt Some one who bad probably beard that slorv, tried a similar method in this city yesterday of testing the purity of tbe atmosphere, but with a very different resell. The Gazette says A niece of fresh beef was elevated to the mast head of a ship lying at Old alip, where tbe atmosphere is thought to be aa impure perhaps as any part of the city The beef remained at an altitude of near 100 leel from 9 to halt past I . ex posed to the rays of a sc orch ing sun, tbe mereury below in the shade standing at about 90 degrees. When taken down it was found not to have imbibed the least impurity the only differ. ence in its appearance was, being in some degree dried by its long exposure to tne neat. Nearly all physicians concur in ascribing tbe unusual malignancy of the Cholera Morbus this summer to some peculiar constitution of the atmosphere. Could not tbe nature of the atmospheric causes be ascertained. then, by a series of eudiometrical experiments. We are aware that there ia bo eudiometer which can be depended upon for precise results, but an approxi mation to the truth might be come at by analytical ex. periinenu, either on Priestley's plan, or that of some of the French or German cb; mists. We are not aware to what extent the peculiar constitution of the air during the previlence of the Asiatic ep.demic in other places baa been as ascertained by analysis; but merely throw oot tbe bint that, if we have among us any scien tific person who has given bis attention to eudiometry, he may exercise his ingenuity in the way suggested. It might lead to very important results. " The King of France with fifty thousand men Marched up the hill, and then marched down again !" Alderman Rhinelander, M. D. has performed an ex ploit hardly inferior to that of the King of France. He resigned his seat in the Board ol Health in a great huff tbe early part of last week ; but beginning to re alize the truth of the saying, which be probably learn ed at tbe same time he learned joining - band though he seems to have forgotten it at the moment that " hasty actions bring leisure repentance,'' be has kindly consented to "yield to the wishes" of certain friends who wrote for aught we know, at bis own re quest or suggestion a letter to him, asking him to go bock again." The correspondence is a curiosity in its way. The good citizens of Newport seem to have an undue proportion of p eople among them of the kidney of Bob Acres. Not content with tbe order of the Board of Health prohibiting all persons from places where Cho lera exists or is supposed to exist from coming within several miles of the town, under a penalty of $300, they have, as we learn by a private letter, drawn a cordon of militia around the place, who are duly authorized to keep offfithe Cholera Morbus with gun and bayonet. Verily. Newport ia in some danger of rendering itself the laughingstock of tbe whole country ! We further learn that Mr. Jacob Barker, of this city, having disre garded ihe injunctions of the Board of Health and over. passed the prescribed hroits, a prosecuiion was irame - 1 diately commenced against him for that offence. The Proprietor of the American Hotel has called upon us, to request ns to contradict a rumour, to which some ol the newspapers have given currency, that that Hotel bad been closed in consequence of the existence of Cholera in this city. It neither has been, nor will be closed, although there ia a clause in the lease by which the les - e is permitted te do so in a time of great public excitement in consequence of the existence or apprehension of pestilence, Ac. We are assured, that so far from having been closedit haa bet n doing, and continue to do, a very good business, having at this moment npwards of seventy regular boarders Per ms should not give publicity to such silly and inju rious rumours, without first ascertaining them to be authentic . This remark we may especially apply to an instance like the present, where a three minutes walk would have shown the report to be without a hadow of foundation, The suggestion which was sometime ago made in this paper, relative to the propriety of establish! ng a sort of Medical Exchange, or a daily meeting of physi cians at some appointed place, where ihey might freely merchange opinions, and ascertain each others mode practice and ha results, is worth cons .deration. A plan of this kind was found of great use during tbe ex of Cholera in the German cities. In Philadelphia last July, during the week ending on the 13ih. there occurred US dea ha, nf which thirty were occasione d by Cholera Morbus. The number of eaths the next week was 116, of which S5 were occa. iioned by Cholera Morbus. This circumstanco theu occasioned no alarm, and very little comment. The people I hen had not been alarmed by the spread of the Indian Cholera into Europe. Should a similar mortali iy occur at this juncture, half the population would leave the city, and the other half would be half scared to dear . We publish the following communication not from any desire to make light of the disease now existing in this city but from a persuasion that it ia better to laugh than to cry. We are of tbe school of Democritus in this res pec , and though we would advise no one to blind himself to facts, aad then, not seeing them, deny their existence, yet we wonld have all keep a cheerful mind and wear a smiling aspect. " A merry heart goes all the way ; A sad one tires in a mile - a." For (As New York Evening Pott. Messrs. Editors : I wish to make a few additions to the catalogue of anti - choleric cautions. Ihe list already presents a lormidable number of items, but tbe safety of our citi zens demands tnat it be I urtber increased by my sug gestions. A committee should be appointed wi'h special pit naiy powers to compel the milkmen to water their milk only lrora wholesome pumps. Brackish and impure water is an insalubrious diluent, and aa efficient exciting cause f cholera. They should be empowered to suspend for the present all salea of logwood port, and gooseberry cham paign. lho grocers will not complain at this restriction. They should station custom house officers alonr the Connecticut frontier to stop the importation of oak and cabbage leaf segars, and direct the common hangman lo bury or burn those which have already found en - Lawyers should be advised to promote an amicable I arrangement between their clients. Litigation discom - poses the temper and irritates the nerves : thereby Die - 1 disposing the syatem to receive infection. I All scolds, termagants, speech - making politicians, I and disputatious physiciana should be confined in the I Lunatic Asylum till the danger has passed. They promote one ol the wont symptoms of tbe epidemic buzzing in the ears. Short petticoats and low bosomed drosses are ht Cr those wno wear them, nut worse for ' the opposite sex." who are daneeroualv excited bvaueh exhibitions. The Board ot Health. Special Council. So ciety ommitieea. uoctors and and all other fermenting bodies should be copiously treated .;.k V ;.:r .. J 1.M KSUDIl UUU WLIIimUUI II1LJ(.II. No handsome physiciana should be'allowed to attend upon the ladies too maeb admiration ia aa bad as too mucn tear. AscheerTuInes is efficacious as a nraventivii. vr man should look as much like his honor theRecorder as possible. The Courier and Enquirer with other niluutnoAs snouiu oe speedily aDattd Oa the subicct of asarantme. to nrevent ihn rhUr, from nreaHin tllA Knst..n CnnriAs mms.l. - w natever opinions may be formed in relauon to the I reports of this disease in New York, we think there I cau be but one opinion, in respect to the itannin. i I the steamboat and her passengers, on their approach to I Vaana.s J sL - s ... 1 I . I '"ry" nu mas upiiiioo, wo imagine, win not Dc I much in favor of lho proceeding. In our humhlo an. fthogBlher un called fur hy extating circamktancssav Iff thaw Pkls. . - - J 1 - . F assii j si aa. wna Xfl VHrv cruni. tflnfl BV. varw lw jofctifiahfe on any principles, ioeetbe medical fultv aVain munA.mJ - .l ... : i .1 . w wiiuiua WfSIsB RJfaiaHT.SBTJI in IssVt rain IBD IrilMi anrl nn aV: vtiij HiiKuinuiy.Daveagreca uai nu notto We iincervlv hnM that similar m.aiitM - will I . J J . r . .....wsu.iw uupicu py our municipal authorities to prevent the wuixn tree ana unrestrained intMrautsst !miu this and other cities. 'our tenement in Hsin street Geneva, were Knm out on toe jo. in - courier printed there, sav. tha occupants wno were Dir. rLU stone, nr. Walter T. Taylor. Dr. bmith. and Mrs. (widow of the lata Jnhnl Smith. Messrs Stooe and Tavlor lost their furnitnra ana ciotbes. and tne latter, who kept a grocery and provision store, hi entire Moms. They barely escaped with their Uvea, ana Jnrs. atone ana ner iniant child war severely burnt. By Croat sierrion. moat of Mrs. Smith's furniture aad Pr. Smith'a effects wait saved. The extracts which we givs below in relalieei to tbe Cholera will show that there is yet but little teal occa - sioa of alarm. Tbe geoerel health of ike city continues . . . ., . f W e mumr&MD jy gooa. . ... . , SUNDAY. JULY 8th - 183219 M. Tbe Report lor tbe last S4 hours aniioisucee 89 new cases, and tec deaths.excloiive ellba Hospitals. 13 new cases m the Hospitasj and 1 1 deaths. In all, 43 new cases, , . 21 deaths. AS lolloWS ... - jr. . Caaes 1 Division street, convalescent Deaths 1 Third street, near Avenue D 1 433 Pearl street 1 0 Henry street, convalescent 1 136 Crosby stieet 1 25 Watts atrret I 1 Hudson comer Vestry '' 1 1 114 Walker street 1 1 35 Laurens street 1 1 76 Roosevelt street, recovered 1 88 Chrystie street, recovered 1 38 Catharine lane 1 50 Eldridge street 1 74 Provost street, convalescent X 74 Provost street 1 74 Provost street, dying ! 174 Chapel street 1 Barclay street 1 Warren street 1 Broome, corner Eldridge street 1 Crosby street Hospital 1 1 do. do. J 1 122 Clinton street 1 51 Division street 1 Greenwich, corner Hammond street 1 28 Ludlow street 1 1 Washington, eorner Reed street 1 49 Chrystie street 1 87 Mulberry street 1 85 Mulberry street 1 20 Eldridge street 31 10 Two of the above cases were rr ported yesterday. FROM THE HOf PITSXa. Park Remaining since Last Uopuct IS New cases 6 19 I Cured 4 Dead 4 8 Remaining H Greenwich. Remaining I New cases 7 9 Died A Remaining 4 Crosby street. Died 2 BOARD OF HEALTH. Julv 8. The following Resolution were presented, adopted, and directed to he published. Resolved, That berealter all reports to this Board, which are sanctioned bv the aumamre ut anv Physi cian duly licensed, shall be published as received, and that a Clerk of this Board shall be in attendance at the City Hall, lrora 8 o'clock A. M. te 8 o'clock P. M. for the purpose ot receiving aud registering all such re porta. Resolved, That the Board of Health in their renorts. publish the number of persons who may have been brought to ihe Hospitals the preceding twenty - lour hours, distinguishing the number so brought to each Hospital. Unsolved, That tbe names of tbe resoective Phvsi cians who report cases of Cholera be also published with their report. Resolved, That the Physicians of the eirv be reaueaU ed to make their reports by 1 1 o'clock A. M. daily to the President of the Board of Health, at tbe City Hall, to the end that ihe aamemay be made Dublicai 12 o' - ciock at noon. Resolved, That no reports made afier 1 1 o'clock will be published nnttl Ihe following day. The President of the Special Mudical Canned n re sented the following Report, which was read and direcl - ea to oe puoiisnea. - Mew - York July 8, 1832. To the President of ihe Board of Htalth : The Special Medical Council Renort. that thev have visitea in is morning the Hospitals designed tor the re ception or tne L - hoiem patients. In tbe Greenwich Hospital, were found 4 patients, of whom were afflicted with malignant Cholera, and was anticted with another diaeaae. In the Hospital in Rivingwn street, there wat no cane oi malignant (cholera. In the Hoapitol in Crosby street there were no pa tieiita. in the Park Hospital, there are II natieni. The Special Medical Committee are happy in being enabled lo assure their fellow citizens: that the general health of the city is good. They have reason to believe mat rule some cases ol a doubuul character were re ported a malignant, spasmodic, or Asiatic Cholera, very few or no case ot this latter disease occur, which are not emoraced in their renort. Hie greatlv dimtn. iihed cases of this day induce them to hope, that by the bessing of Divine Providence, our citv msv escaoe from tbe ravages of the Epidemic, the more especially, because the suhiect ol almost all the rasea have been persuoa who are in indigent circumstance, and living in connnea naDita tons, or who have committed irrsgu lariiies in living. feigned in behalf of tbe Special Medical Council, ALEX. H. STEVENS, M. D. President. BOARD OF HEALTH ALBanr, Friday, June 6 5, P. M TO THI BOARD OF HEALTH. The Medical Staff deem it a duty incumbent on them to state to the Board some facts in relation to the health of tbe citv and the now nrevailin - ni(tomi. I'in'iiin. Until about the middle of last month, onr citv con tinued r marxaDiy iree irom diseat. Perhaps no city in the world, comaming so larce a nsnulaiion. could show so small a bill of mortality as ours at that time. But very soon after the breaking out of the cholera in Canada, bowel complaints began to become more numerous and common cnoicra morbus was frequently met with. Tbe diarrhoeas and common cholera yielded raadilv to medical treatment, acd no fnlal case of the latter took place untit the third insisut. when two case occurred; preceded by symptoms of unusual mslignuy. tlu the 4th. one cae ol severe cholera was reported. On the 5:h, the case reported on Ihe 4th Droved fatal. as well as three other, all attended with avmtoms of malignity. 1 u - day, 12 new rases are reported, and 8 deaths. Almost all the new cases are of a mild character. Only three at the most can be regarded ss malignant. From our extensive intercourse with the citizens, we are convinced that much error prevails in relation to toe now prevalent disorder. From the fact that only a few casea of cholera have been reported, and ihe trreater nart of these have Drov ed fatal, tte impression seems to have gone abroad that few cures have been effected, and thit the disease, so far as it has gone, has been extremely virulent. Such, however. M far from being the ease. Within the last ten days, vie are sure that there have occurred in this city more than 100 cafes of well marked cholera morbus, although only a few of the moat severe have been reported to the Board of Health, as epidemic cho lera. As loner as no deaths took olace. Ihe nhvsiciana deem ed it unnecessary to report, considering it the common coolers oi toe country. Within the last few days, perhaps in some deal owing to the intense heat and other causes, the disease has been not only more ventral, but more severe than ai us commencement. Several deaths have taken place from it ; but iu almost every instance the patient have oeen oi irregular nanit. ot broken constitution, or beeo guilty oi some single act of imprudence favorable to an attack, or adding tuit haxaro. 1 be disease has been malignant only in such cases Of all the cases, it is safe to sav that 19 out of 20 have recovered. And unless the epidemic should sud denly change its character, we sincerely believe such will continue to ba tbe case, if timely aid be called in. proviuea the citizens continue to be careful, cleanly uu cueenui. We have no reason to attribute the disease here to contagion, or to think that it is of foreitrn oriein. It commenced smoneour own citizens, and haa been gradually increasing in severity as well as ia extent to tne present lime. We do ant consider it tttcntiaUv different from our ordinary cholera. We attribute its present unusual fatality to a concentration of tbe ordinary existins causes, wnicn, this season, nave been sumeiently pow. erlul to rive it an epidemic cha acter. rhe epidem ie character of ihe disease depends upon some peculiar constitution oi ine atmosphere, not yet understood, ac tug upon local causes, which greatly modify the ie se - - verily oi the dlsesse. 1 nese local causes are well derMood. both as it respects places and individuals, We would strongly urge upon the Board the necea. sity of constant attention to cleanliness in streets. houses, aad the persons of individuals, the removal of crowded families from unveniilaled places, the dai Iy sprinkling nf our streeis with solutions or chloride of lime, and all the other means already pointed out. We would also recommend that all cases of well marked cholera should be reported U the Bosrd. We consider them as differing onty in degree from severe or spasmodic cholera, and we do believe, that if all the cases were reported, and it was found that the mortality was so small in proportion to tbe whole aum - her attacked, most of the alarm at present existing I would vaniah. JONATHAN EIGHTS. Chairman. WILLIAM BAY, C. D TOWNSEND, PETER WENDELL, HENRY GREENE, JAMES M'NALGHTON. ALDEN MARCH, JOEL A. WING. The Board of Hsa'ih adopt the foregoing reporLand authorize the poblicatioa thereof. JUrtrv lun nsciu, juayor. Frnf Rochester Dailv Advertiser. Prepress of ths Cholaru fit Vrmet C:nada. The in tercourse by way of the Lake having been cut off, we are without advices from any of the ports on the Can - I ada aide of the Lake Inter than the S7th. From the Canada narssr mivil vastsrds w - o - ther the follow. mg particulars of the spread ol the disease in the upper I i rrovince. l or Un to June 29th. there had been 37 cases and 17 deaths. BrockvilU. Jruva 29. 3 ease. 1 death. Cornwall. J una 21 Several deaths had occurred at this place and its vicinitv. and a number, who bad been attacked, were in a fnir way of recovery. isumrg, June XI. 3 cases, 1 death. Port Hone. Juno 6 I . Brandt fort. The Hamilton Mercury of the 23th alt. says there haa been S cases at Kraridiiort, of which 1 uau proved lalaj. MowTBtai, July 4Tbe bealth of oar city is de - sidedly improved as tn cholera, though still souse aew ciaedly innmrtd ss tn rknUr. OSes have occemd. Tmhn f - wr i. mssssuh'. aad twill be i.n ssis. rniiiu . ..r . d - . - j r H..i.k '.' a "Tr - At Cbamblv. th - ihn .TT.'. " I;. T7s7 I . ... . uHii vrrv aerirma nsnstalitv attll wrs.aila rivalled malirnit ' .... n... At CaiighjMwata ti, (ame mortality eoaUmKd, , . " them Office ef the Board nfHealth, I - ., - - . Montreal. July S, 183t. eases Irom 19th to Suth June, at X P. M Burials from Nth, at 7 P. M. to 4 th at 7 P - M. Cases from SOib June to 1st July, S P. JJ. Burials t7P.M. Caws from 1st July to 2d July, 2 P. M. Burials to 7 P. M. By order. J. GDTIiRIE SCOTT, Sec.'ry. Cgdentbwrgk Extract of a letter from a gentleman at Ogdensborrrb, dated Monday. July 2d. 1832 " The cholera is disappearing from our frontier, no new case here since Friday one death on Snturday. the rest are recovering. Tbe alarm has subsided, and business is resuming its accustomed activity ; out new steamboat, tbe United Slates, will make her first trip to - morrow. No new rases of cholera at Prescott since Friday. The sick are recovering. Cheerful nets has "gain appeared on all countenances, From the Montreal Herald. AMERICAN GENEROSITY. lo a time wben tbe hveiizirur hand of Providence has Wisitsil 1 ...I i..X .fill .ni.innjnal. ..ffllvtnft power has caused ibe hearts of men to shrink within . ...1. - vui isuu,a.iu hid sifi.i vwmvw them ; nt such a time will man's heart be found most susceptible of impression : and the public feeling, sol - ened as it is by public calamity, will, we doubt not. au:y appreciate the instance ol genuine pniiantnropy which it is our oleasirur office to record. The citizens of New York have held an assemby, with a view to meet the exigencies of the approaching awful crista. With few words and proffessions, but with open purses and generous hearts, I hoy have organized a Committee with a view to relieve iheir suffering fellow creature, which Committee have selected Dis. Stevenson and Forrester, two very eminent physicians, to carry their benevolent views into effect ; for which purpose these two gentlemen were appointed Commis siouersby virtue of the followins document : To all to whom the present shall come, Greeting, in ine cause oj humanity The undersigned, a Committee appointed at a meet ing of the citizens of New York, held on the 22d June instant, to recieve and apply such monies and other contributions as shall be collected for the relief of the unfortunate Emigrants, recently arrived in this country, on the northern frontiers of this State ; who are aeffering under sickness, or want of subsistence, cloth - ing orsi.elter nave appointed. John B. Stevenson, M. D., Pete Forrester, M. D., Commissioners for the above' purposes, to distribute among the unfortunate emigrants who have sought refupe in our borders, money, clothing and medicine, and to provid shelter for ihem, and in all practicable modes to alleviate their sufferings ; and the undersigned would earne tly commend to the civil authorities the said Commissioner in all places through which they may pass, and to the inhabitants of our Slate em - erally, for counsel and co - operation toward carrying into lull enact the humane purposes of the citizens of New York. (Signed) JAMES G. KING, S D. KENNEDY. THOMAS Sl'FFERN THOMAS DIXON. JOSEPH WALKER, New York. 23d June. 1832. ! Committee. I J The same gentleman vibe basso kindly furnished us the copy of the above commission, with permission to publish it. now that Drs.Stevenson end Forrester have quitted our city, have also favored us with a copy of the lol lowing very beautiful letter of instructions, from the New York Committee to their medical Commis sioners : MEW - YORK, 23d June, 1832 Gentlemen, Yon are hereby authorized to nroceed te the north era Frontier of this Stale as Commissioners in behalf of the citizens of New - York to carry relief in medi cine for the sick, clothing for the naked, food for ihe hungry, and shetter for the houseless. To all emigrants from what country soever they m?y have come to our continent, and you are herewith furnished with $1000 in money and a letter of crtdit for 2oOO and we commit to your discretion the employment o! these utius, so as most eincienuy to carry into practice tne benevolent views of your fellow citizen, who re y upon your philanthropy, of which ynu give so noble a proof, in willingly acquiescing in our selection of you for the.e high purposes. After bavins a leviated. to your utmost Dover, the stiflerings and wants of tbe strangers within our borders you cannot err in our opinion in carrying your surplus aid to such emigrants within this State, whose condition may require your services and accordinsrly we recommend them also to your care well assured mat ii we mus exceed in the letter, we do not in the spirit, the benevolent intentions of our constituents. v e request you to keep a journal of your proceed ings ana to lurnisn us uany witn succinct extracts Irom it, to be laid before our feilow citizens finally commcndiar vou to tbe peculiar care of Pro - viaence m tnis work ol good will to all mankind, vv e remain, Gentlemra, your Friends. JAMES G. KING, 1 D. S. KENNEDY. i THOMAS Sl'FFGim, . V "" THOMAS DIXON. mul,ee - JOShFH WALKER. I To John B. Stevenson, Peter Forrester. It surely required the indiscriminate ceneroaitv of purpose which the Isew - ork Committee have evinced. to inspire tne UDguace in which ihetr lustructiona have been so beauliiutly conveyed. Nolinan possessing a heart which responds to the anguish ot his fellow man, can read tlie above letter unmoved. Oh excellent mrislians ! Irenerous Americans! unon what a proud preeminence you stand, and how humiliating are some of those comparisons, which it is impossible not to teci ana to express on ibis occasion. From the H oitAtnfoa Glths. Information has reached ihe War Denartment from the bead quarters of General Atkinson, foot of Illinois napius, the ZJd June, slating that General Atkinson was lo march on that day with the Illinois militia, and about 100 regular troops to attack the Indiuns who were stationed on ituck Kiver. in the neuhburhoo 1 of the roar Lakes, where thev dHistrti smnli nanis. ..f II 2n and 40 men to annoy the frontiers and commit denuda tions lim on the 16ih, Captain Snyder's company of volunteers oati a rencontre on the bead ot flain Kiver, wi in a party oi tony or fitly Indiana, and killed five, with a loss of three on the part of the whites that on the same day General Dodee, at the head of twenty - one Iy potted under Ihe bank of a lake on tbe feketaiica, ueiu tell in witn a Dartv ntA fvra ins. inH , and succeeded in fcillioe the whole number, havins? threeof his own party wounded that about tbe same time, one white man was killed on the Da Paye River, another on the Bureau, and nva an, ihn Hii M.iun.i diggings ; that General Atkinson exnected to be on the ajruunu at met tune occupied by the 1 ..rl . n n.. U 30th June and that hy emoloy ins some ol thenrineiual I men of tbe Winnebacoea and Pottawatiomie.. he had i 1 I c I Bum succeeded through the lormer. in rescuing the two ie - York ; Mr Stewart of England ; Mr Musgrove of Caaa - males. captured hv the hostile Indiana, wh.. ha. I kn I rlmz Mus ICells - ..f ih P..L ti.. . im. a i. r . , , - - ' I restored to their friends. Correspondence if the Boston Alton Washington. June - 25. 1832. mi J . T . - 1 . . a ne aeraicanon ana tne atienmteo etorjeraent olthel""" iwoct iikuiui oeuast ; nir vvaiaer l Sergeant - al - Arms of the House of Representatives lur - I ungues ins principal topic ol conversation tu tbe quid I nuncs. in and out ol Coneresa. Mr. Dunn waa a tie - I fsulter to ihe amount of three thousand dollar at tbe I Anm.nnnAma... Mr UA . : .... . .,....:....o. to,, out u po, - uiar among tbe members and was re - elected, without I difficulty. At various t mo, during the session, indi - viauai memoers nave complained that be did not pay over to tbem. with sufficient promptness, the money which tbey drew through him, from ihe U. S. Bank, for tneir per diem allowance. A formal complaint was made to ihe Speaker about two months ago, that he had in one instance, shown manifest intention to defraud a member, but ihe Sroker hushed the matter up, and rue money was all paid. Since that time, be has received checks, for a ijrge amount, from members, which he had collected hot not accounted for. On Sat - uiday Col. Johnson, of Kentucky, went to the Speaker and stated tbat the complaints of members were heavy and almost universal against ihe conduct of the Ser geant - al - Arms, and that he was strongly suspected of uisnunestv in ni transactions with them. Mi. Kneak - er Stevenson sent for Dunn and told him in the presence r" - i ii .... .. . - oi voi. jonnson, teat ne roust explain his conduct Dunn carelessly said that his books would speak for themselves, and brought them, to Col. Johnson re questing bun 10 look them ver. The Col. replied tha: no doubt all w rieht. but tha member. w..uld ile did njt pretend to know I J" tlunfr bout 11 himself, and declined examining tbe t&nkTe. after, was seer, ., BlbhTtm T road to Bal.r. kJV." . i J rnl Pre amazing celerity, and I re It is with feelings of extreme regret we have to aliment furnished a mora intimate and frequent cora - oy 1Z clock, a pursuit was started, and ll mnmhara i state that tha horns hslnmrms I.R.. s ..u I miini .n r.. .u . . II . i m ,r ,, , r I severally left the Tariff arid all other political, and so - cialconsiderauons; to inspect their accounts. The re - suit, mine examination, were forcibly depicted in the number ol elongated and wo - begone faces. In the majority of cases, the sums charged exceeded consider ably the sums which honorable gentlemen had received, many were overcnsreitl one or two hnnrirxl H,.ll.r. others five or six hundred, and some to the entire a mount of their pay and mileage. Some members are really very much embarrassed by this loss, which had iiikicu uno ureir unanciai estimates, and which ol course they were not prepared for. One or twogeotle - men with whom 1 have mnvrnwH Kid Jn n...k. - during the whole session, but bad signed blank checks uu icuuwtni unn io orrag tnem the money due them thMweek. Mr Dickson of N. York, not having drawn a - ny thing, called for the Check Book on Saturday, endor - seu a mtcH, ana nueo it wit - h nltvi. k.,n.i - .H li. TheSpeakersigned the check and Dunn drew the money this morning. I mention this case to show tbe way in which the money passes through the h snds of the tier - 1..,., is some instances, perhaps generally, be members do not insert the sum. but leave it for the Serjeant to fill the blank wiih the sum ascertained to uc uuc to num. ii is nut ascertain!! wh.t Mr. Dunn has embezzled, but it ia helirvi .,. .,i iwemw Muynrrw aoua s XOu Will observe that the "'" "w.uieij upon tne members, not upon the Ku.i - ruiucnt tor tne . j. - .t. inr officer either of the House or of tbe government! and the collection of the checks is devolved upon him by tbe members, aa a dhiih c members jiusneeting him, after an aflsir he bad wiih ,r. V...1U, uio 1.01 trust him with any money At 4 o'clock this evtnina. Mr. f t ' brought back to the ehy, and lw was iminedistely waited npon. at his house oa Capitol Hill by Mr Ansaker Stsnssns. C..,k - . . J PM.IVI1 InlAmiklin. n. .1.. . . - mi IOC SUDlCCl. r. o. eeven o cioeK - jjuan declares to the Speak radlarsintiMworU ' " "ul ,ur,J rm fv,iH - T uqiiiniw irienaB f tit k. u.. r Mr. Diuia tendered his resignatioa oa the follow - r d.y whir w" .eeped. He is a younr man. doom UDoal ffu'T!e - de', 'ther " the office, ia the wm - er of 1824. It is probable that h - r.n . - ." - T Ed It'i, Mas. ... - - m ikuui su made Froas the Phtladehnki TKt sehfMMier Iailv H...I.. . . . .... fMmT. ,,r BC"1' j... - ,Mh . - . " . .TT incni nWA ft bj imM. ll.uri.... rMdwu. Ik. - U L . I . Mr. A, P. Osmaa, Americaa CoiinseT ThTT " tie is eontiaoally firing into tewa, and every house baa more or leas, damage', don) to it. It put one ia mind of tbe deserted Village. Peter Craser, the super cargo, went to town every day, and one instance eeroe very near being killed, being ia Mr. Osmaa'e boose a !4 pound sbot passed ibtough within 10 feet f him. The Don Migael party on our arrival had 4 small vessels, but thev have lost two. one shin wrecked and ear disarmed at Balize ; remain, which is the support of the castle. Here they are arming three American vessels, the Wasp, the Plan dome, and the William, to blockade the castle and cut off supplies tne only way bv which it can be taken as the town oarrv has no artillery, and the casile has some thirty IS and 24 pouodt rs and plenty of powder and shot Tbe castle is said to be abort of provisions, and by a strict DiocRade it must surrender. Truxilla market full of American produce, 6 cargoes have landed, sufficient for three year' supplies, and no money nor produce to be bad, the most ruinous business evrrknown. Price of Flour nominal 6 to 7. Nossles have been made since our arrival. Sundry times) while the crew were getting o ff the matiOganV firinor ii.nwJ mnA mmkci hall fl V - I ing about; thev had in im nit' . wa lust sometimes I half. .. .. - 1. . I ; . n uph iiirouea il, On Sunday. Mav 20ih hstilatnob ahont 11 mile south ol the castle in sight of us, in which the castle party were routed. and Iot21 killed and wounded, 4 prisoners, 35 missing, and 700 bead of cattle, which was a good help to tbe town party aa respects meat, and a great loss to Die other. The walls of the castle are about 35 to 40 feet, which makea it impossible lo scale tbem the force within is about 200 merj, and 300 women and children, and misery within is beyond description. There is also about 50 prisoner within, one of which is said to be an American. We were much indebted to an English schooner stationed there with troops, and a corvette to protect the Englisd commerce, who offered us the same protestion as the English, and gave notice lo the corn, mandant of the caatle te t at i Sect. Extra et of a letter from Tampico,of the 10th of June, recei ved per U. S. achr. Shark, arrived at New Oi - leans. Santana was near Jalanpa. bis force Increased four fold. General Terati is waiting with a small force aoout4 leagues from this, watching the operations of Dantana. The expulsion of the Spaniards goes on and we are receiving good from such as owe us. Business was re - commencing, every thing tranquil. Important Case. A bill has been filed in Chancery by the stockholders of the National Insurance Company in the city of New York, to recover from the Prasi dent and Direciora a large amount that waa purloined from the funds of tbat Company by Oliver G. Kane, their late Secretary. The allegation is that tbe Directors wero guilty of gross negligence and inattention to their duties The capital slock of the Company was $300,000. The amount of deficiencies 8178,426. Mr. Kane entered upon the duties of his office in October 1824, and sbot himself in the latter part of December, lml7. He commenced hia plunder in January, H25, and continued it during a period of three years, without detection, or even suspicion. Kecapitulaaun of his monthly plunder 1825 1827. January, 839 CO 192 41 753 24 435 97 807 76 275 81 3,903 75 bH 3H 4,309 62 239 27 1.024 17 12,667 48 3 639 76 January, February, March, April, May, June, July. August. September, October. November. December, $201 86 16 0(1 1,552 61 2,148 77 13,617 43 9.082 5v 8,201 75 8,967 88 1 1,493 47 24,681 61 2,900 52 8,328 28 rebruary, March, April, May. June, July & August, September, October, November, December, lb6 Jn St Feb March. A pril. 8.398 04 5,376 34 356 43 10.216 15 4,646 06 16 350 82 7.284 97 May. June. June & July, August, Sept & Oct November! December, 7,221 42 Total. $178,426 49 The decision of this case will be important to lho whole community, involving as it does the serious Ques tion whether the Directors of raonied institutions shall be suffered to escape wuh impunity, when they have allowed hy their remissances the stockholders of a company to be defrauded of two thirds of their invested capital It seems incredible lhat the Secretary of any company could carry on a system of embezzlement for three years successively, without a discovery. W shall looK with some anxiety to see how tbe facts strike the conscience of Ihe Chancellor Boston Atlas. from the American Turf Register. A CHALLENGE. Roxborough. July 3. 1832. Mr. Editor Will you be kind enoueb to state ia tbe next number of your Sporting Magazine, that I propose to run Bonnets o' Blue or Andrew, against any horse, four mile heat, for five thousand dollars aside, half forfeit. The rare to be run over the Central Course at the next Fall Meeting. The acceptance of this challenge, with the name of tbe horse, toaetber with he selection of one of ray two named horses, to be sent to the Secretary of your Club or to yourself, on or before the tenth dsy of August next. John C. Craig. 1 o J.S. Minnir uq. Cor. sec. Md Jockey Vlub. The following slakes are now ooea to be run fur over the (.Vn'ral Course : Baltimore, June 1. 1832. 1. Chateau Manaux Stakes. A Dost sweepstakes will be run fur on the second day of tbe next fall meet ing, two miles out - Entrance S 100. p. p. Each gentleman over twenty - one year of age to ride his own horse. Four or more to make a race. The winner to pay six dozen of Chateau Margaux wine to the club. To close the first day of Aueust. To this there are al ready eight subscribers. z. A sweepstake for colts and hllies. three Tears old. bred and owned ir. tbe stale of Marvland and District of Columbia, two mile heats. Entrance 9100. b. f.; to run first day of fall meeting, 1632. Four or more to make a race. To close and name 1st of October. 3. A post sweeoatake for next fall, free for all am. four mile heats. Entrance SSOO. d n. the nroorictor lo add 1000 : four or more to make a race. To close 1st of O. tobcr. Subscribers. John C. Stevens. Wm. R. Johnson, J. M. Seld n. a A sweepstnke for colts and fillies, three years old. to run next fall meeting, two mile beats. Entrance $2000 h. f ; four or more lo make a race. To close 1st of September. 5. A sweepstake for colts and fillies, three veara ..Id. (that have nsjrer won a race) to run next fall meeting. two mi ip neats. entrance visj, b. f .; tour or mora to make a race. To cloe 1st of October. Passengers per packet ship Napoleon, J. P. Smith, for Liverpool : Mr Jobn P Smith of New Tork : Mr 1 T W Kruwn nf the II s Armn Mr irnn. e fin - ... Mr Edward B rflndt flf Arphanool Mr kiwli.n.n ..f M ' ' " , . a,i. jm utti - nmore : Mr Nicholas Crooks of Uvnriuu.1 - Mr II.,K - - - 1 horopson ol Florence. Alabama : Mr Rdwaid Clarka I and iady of Antigua ; Mr Robert Gillespie of N York ; Mr Robert KeJ of Manilla : Messrs A W fe J Claeon nl ! Vn.k. It. D .... . UT...I . . C r, . . sr ... I ' Jglnnd. I : 1 - - r :OCCURREJff:ES OP TltR niv. jfc. 1 I . . I xhe lme encer snva it that I The Intelligencer says it is certain that Congress would not adjourn this day, and that it was not proba , . , , . . . ble, unless they should be dispersed by some sudden panic, that tbey would adjourn before next Monday. the 16th instant. We learn that the Boston Tokon and Atlantic Sou venir, two Ameiican annuals, which hitherto have in some respect been considered as rivals, are hereafter to be united, the joint work to be uader the cjntrol of Mr. Goodrich, of Boston. A splendid silver pitcher wa a lately presented to the Managers of the Philadelphia Arch street theatre. f .l I nra ... (I .1 . T w - . . . I t public approbation of iheir management generally. and I i'uuT bi.u ti . r ore ii as a toKen ut 1 mora especiaHy of their libera, encoursgemen, of Ame - nciin dramatic and histronie talent We have received a copy of a little pocket volume, p""1,"a 1"""el AIPle,. Clinton Hall, entitled 1 " Kefuge ; containing the Righteous Man's Habi - fation in the lime of Plague and Pestilenc jecol this Utile work is ,o furn ,he mala ce." The oh - I malady which ' Pen, .ime in this city ,. a religion, use. .7 O" o " - .u.ii v. K.iuitjt, I anc occupied hy Major E. T.J. Woodwaid, at Kings - bury, in Baltimore county.about four miles from this city, was, on Tuesday night last, with all the aiock. hooks and papers contained therein, entirely consumed and about 11 it was discovered to there was no fire lelt in ihe house, it was evidently the I der work of aa incendiary. Bait Rep. From Levy's New Orleans Price Current, June 23. Retreshing showers have cooled the air . nd laid the dust, and the weather ia favorable to business. Tne Mississippi continues to recede, and v. as yesterday 3 feet below high water mark. Cotton. Arrived since the 15th inst. 1241. Cleared in tbe same time 17,433, and leaving on hand, exclu - aiveof of all on ship bt ard, not cleared on the 2 1st inst a stuck of 70.422 bales. Liverpool Classification. Ordinary 7, Middling 8 a 81 I s9t , nominal tsood fair 9j a IU Good lOt a 10 J We remarked in our last number that ih markt was extremely dull, and thai our quotations were nominal, sucb is yet the case, though there is now some inquiry for the article. The particulars ofaeveia: salea made last week, to whii h we then referred a in treaty, are ma at 8 and 9t; 7ca do at 8; 500 do averaging about if . . .w usibs uiissippi at a j; cu oo at 81; OOV Also 8; 1000 leiineseee at 8. and 50 do at7i cent per lb. VV I be arrivals are now uiiimoortant. aial will anon eease entirely, as it is probable that the crop (with small ex - ception) haa cot in. Shionienlaeuniiunu ta be nearlv infant 5 all on plainer account. ar No change in price hmt come to our kaowl - eug ,ana ine article remains as dull aa ever. Molasses Smuil parcels in tlie city continue to com - 1 powerful Voice. Slid he familiailv .rnn - inlt wilk mis. mand 24 a 25 cen:a per gallon, casks included. On I plantatiuo we bear of nothina - duioa : there is little or I to be had. I ary JiAXttx At the moment there is not much doinr. I those otherwise disposed lo purchase delay doing so ia 'bia anticipation of a reduction in the rate of freight, in such I event it is thought that large transactiens would lake I TITaNTED A small Bed - room, with or without place: asu is. tew or no sales, for exportation, ran h I IT R. i - . . - .I .v. .L.. at ao avsrage over 9t 40 a l 60 per 100 lb. I one 1 Freights Tbe rates last quoted for Cotton to Liver - 1 'erred, t y a young man enssied s a elerk fa this cuty. tus ' pool and Havre, remain without change ; ft Tobacco J Ttss terms tauet he m. Karate? and it ins. private faavi. 15. tu Europe. 55 and 60shjings per bod. m asked, and Iy or where, there are few boarders, it would be pre - uu v suou.... ir in. asaeo, and I 'J T.i " v ocen i - ' - POSTSCRIPT. BOARD OF HEALTH. CHOLERA REPORT. Monday, July 9. 1832 - 12 M. The Report for the last 14 hours announces' Cases Deaths Mrs. llesly, 64 Orange. Dr. Gardner Edward Graves, 3. Avenue C. Dr. Lrggett 163 North at, do T nomas Hunt, 3 Oak at. Dr. Bradsbaw Mrs Morris, 4 Desbrossea. Dr. Ructul dead. John Cherry, 130 Houston, Dr. Holt John Marshall. 185 Reed, Dr. M'Cordy Christ. Graham, 259 Water. Dr. Kissam, dea d. John Forsyth. 631 Provost, Dr. Hilcoeock, Wm. Powell, Bank, Dr. Stewart, Mr. Paer, 1 19 Cherry, Drs. Basset de Cromwell, dead. MrT Joseph E n, 353 Grand, Drs, Ackejly at Belden, Mrs. Haw. 204 Mott street, Dr. Reese. Miss Davis, 162 Mott street, do. Mr. , 173 Rted street, Dr. Wright, John Chambers, 187 Reed, do. Mary Healy, 64 Orange, Dr. Rifter. A. Child, Broadway, cr. 12th at. Dr. KeiUon. dead Cases. Deaths, Cured, Convalescent, 18 4 1 8 GENERAL HOSPITAL REPORT. Horpitals Rtm'g. Arw Cases. Curtd. Dead. Iiem'g. Park Greenwich Rivington st. Crosby st. Bellevue 11 11 3 5 o 4 5 3 1 ( 1 3 1 S 4 o 6 as 16 30 6 10 31 33t 57 3 14 7 Yesterday. tTo - day. Total new cases in 24 hours 105 Total deaths 28 J. MORTON, Sec'ry of Board of Heath. To the Hon. Walter Bowne, Presideut of the Board of Health. Tbe Special Medical Council report to the Board of Health, that ihe cases of Cholera contiouu to occur chiefly among the intemperate, tbe indigent, and the im provident. Tbey further advise tbe Board of Health to cautioa their fellow citizens to guard themselves and their children from the effects of the suddta change of temperature which b&s occurred in the last 23 wearing w arm flannel next ihe skin, and avoiding exposal to wet, aud especially to night air. Also to abstain from the use of crude ft nils, watery vegetables, and late suppers. The Special Medical Council are persnaded tbat if proper attention to diet and clothing, and an early resort upon the appeaiacce of any bowel complaint to medi - dal assistance, tbe disdase may be prevented or cured in a large majority of cases. They further inform the Board that tbey have re. ceived from the Commissioners of the Alms Hoase, a communication requesting their opinion as to tbe propriety of making a change in the diet of this establish ment ; and tbat tbey will immediately visit lb insula lion and report thereon. All of which is respectfully submitted, In behalf of the Conneil, ALEX. H. STLVENS. President. NAVY DEPARTMENT. Extract from a letter to the Secretary of the Nary by Capt. T. W. Dowries, dated Feb. 17th, 183!, Sue boo, on the coast of Sumatra. " While lying here a flag of truce has been sent off from Quallau BuP.oo." The bearer " beg. ged that I would grant them peace. I stated to hi ta that I had been sent here to demand restitution of ths property taken from the Friendship, and to insist oa the punishment of the persons who were eonrersed in the ontrtze committed on the individuals of tint ship." s I " assured him tbat if forbearance should not ha exercised hereafter, from committing piracies and murders upon Ameriean citizens, other ships of War would be despatched to inflict upon them further punishment. Several Rajahs from towns, in this vicinity, have visited ray ship, and other who are distant, have sent deputations lo me. All of tbem hare declared their friendly disposition towards the Americans, aud ihsir desire to obtain our friendship. Corresponding assu rance were given on ray part, and (bey sett tbe amp apparently well satisfied' Aftniofnrc Steamer. The Hartford Review speaki of a beautiful little steamboat plying about tbe harbor, belonging to the enterprising firm of Messrs. E. w. u. 4. uuh wi uu cut. measure irosa steal to stern only 18 leet, and about 6 or 6 leet beam. Tbe engine is a splendid specimen of mechanical genius, of about one horse power, and was construcied by Mr. 6. L. Hanks, "a young man only 18 years of are. bat pessessing as aaaca real practical ingenuity as aay ana in the State. Her boiler is placed ia the bow, aid measures 5 feet ia length, and 1 in diameter. We understand, ssys (be St, Joseph (Missouri) Beacon, that Mr. Adaia Payne, a travelling preacher, he psssed hear on his way to the State of Illinois was killed a week or two siuce.sixrX or seventy mile oa lbs other aideof Chicago, by the Indians The presentation of a pair of Silver Pitchers tout place on Ibe 4th of July, at twelve o'clock, to Alderman George D. Strong, at tbe house of Abm. Le Foy. The following address from the Committee waa delivered by the Chairman. Mr. Jaraea Rogers. Ex - Alderman George D. Strono : Dear Sir We, the undersigned, have been appointed a committee, by your fellow citizens of the Sixth Ward. lor toe purpose oi presenting you w ith a pair of Silver Pitchers which you wilt nlease accent) aa thair - roony not only of your independent and efficient repra sentaiioa of Ihe interests of the Sixth Ward and citv in tbe Common Council fur three successive terms, but IU Ik. IVmi.m IV...II C. .L - . . '. as a mark oi respect they have for you as their sullow citizen, as well as their expression of legret tbst yoa declined serving another terra ; nevertheless they do . . . r " uw ,r uuwti. wuvu ihev will rsa ohfutrarl witt. tha .ni.;.. . that you have consented that your fellow citizens shall again call into reouiaiiion tunr valnahU imi.l our puuiic conncile. Ihev would arid Hwnnimhi L I . M .7 wish that your health and life, as well as all thute who are connected with you, either by roosansniniiy or inendshiD. mav Ions b nresarvar! srl ,.... be abundantly successful in vour merrantiU nnmuit. U7 - It ... uiaiu yourreMow - cillxens, With great respect. JAMES ROGERS. ISAAC F . WILLIAMS. ISAAC KI1 - P, JACOB 8. BAKER, ABM. LE FOY. To which Alderman Stronr mada thai i..IInssins. ss. ply : . Kw Yort, July 4. 183J. Gentlemen I receive the gilt which the partiality of my fellow - citizens haa bestowed, with the most sincere emotiens Having retired from the responsibiliiies and duties of puuuc me, toe connuence end esteem ot my neighbors and associates ia peculiarly deaf : anal whan thair L - . . acn ""d valuable a tribute of regard, it comes freighted i - evii:ceu oy tne Dreaentatiiin or ma mh ZuT '"U HaviruT entered nnhlip. life with tK) snts sans nf bringing into requisition whatever taints I possessed in furthering the beat interest of the ward and city, and looking for ato reward but tbe approbation of my fellow citizens, the present exoression of continu..! confidence affords a cheering gratification, which I ex - rr'nu7 "'r" paricr ... Kniiiiicii. man ... T prvsnit avOUutlOnS Will Permit, I could not but be gratified with the Prospect of then renewal if the Daramoont demands of .n in. creased business did not prevent its accomplishment, I. however, have the satisfaction of hein. ..... tk.t whose auspices it continue ta ateadil v rZ.Z.. ia wealth and respectability. Accept, gentlemen, for yourseKes and those vou represent, the assurance of my continued friendship. IsriU. V. 61KONU. To Mann. Jaa Urmirm I a vxr.ii: t - . Jacob S.Bsk - r. nnd Abm. Le Foy, Eaqra. Cusnsaitt. BALKS THIS DAT AT TBI STOCK XZCHAKGK. 8 shares United Slates Bank, 1211 SO do. do do .121 12 Itt 122, 122, 87 110 ll(Ji 107 108 100 SO 50 25 SO 63 46 36 10 do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do do do do do do do do fTiroe tt latA Delaware & Hudson Canal Co. N. Orleans Canal dt Banking Co. Union Bank, Mutual Insurance Co. ftoston A Providence Railroad Co DIEO, On the evening of the 5tb inst at Grassy Point, af - ',,,8enng illness, aged 19, Hannah, wife of John i, ". On Monday mornin - . ths Rih daughter of Laniel Str - knl. m'..A a ,A .lavs. ' . A1J ts wauled in the choir ofaa EpuCOJ Church to taae tha 1mI. mi.s mn.i . .sd practically aad scientifically. Also a second, eitfm nsu ... rl - L. a l. - k.s.i ..) - will be allowed. Address Mn.ii. rn.i... :.k jt... office. . ' - i9St ' mile fronl the City Hall, if nearer it woald be m - r wiera there are lew hoaruVrs. it we . . . . . . . . . i. a aotauressed s. b. anq wt at ia emc. Sun rises, 4A 3 out. Sun sets. 7. 2 Hifh Water To - morrow. 07 - CLEARED THIS - FOHENOON. Ships - Albanv. Hawkins, Havre, John 1 Samuel Robeits - a. Griswold, Loudon, Ch Bardett. ARRIVED THIS FORENOON. Brig Thompst.ri, 13 ds Ira Pirl coal to order. Left brig Ward, for NYurk Ide? . for dc; oo tbe Eastern edge of St (1 spoke brig ueorge, or txat n. um Ira Bremen Bi.ST Splendid. Branscomb. 11 ds fm Lnbd plaster Ac to II Carlton. Left sch Plato, of fel NYork Idg. Scb Turk. Howes, 3 ds fm Boston, mdze to Godfrey at Koomson. Br sch Congre Grant. 10 days fm St Joh with plaster tu J Wood. 23 passengers. Sail, with Br scb Chns Kinr for Philad. ' Scb Alert, Baker. 3 ds fm Boston, with fisH to Albany. ARRIVED LAST EVENING. Ship France, Funk, Havre, May 20ili. wit to J I Boyd. Spoke 22l, brig Ieandrr. frni snoath. Eng. for Bait. June I8ih, 1st 401, - ahip Lucinda, Ira Halt for Liverpool. 19tr, Ion 42i. ahip Lucills, tm Liv'l for Bait. Pa Madame Amelia Brokerhoff, Ijeut J T Jen km Henry Weston. II Waller, and 182 in tbe surj Ship Joh. Linton. Wibrey. N Orleans. 21st. June, to C & J Barstow. Sailed inco. wiih srl Tm, for Havre ; Calmut, fur Liv'l. and brig To j Boston. Left at anchor at the Bar. about M Pasacnpra, Mrs Smith, Mrs. Ki'cben, 3 child tervt; Messrs Phelps, w r.ite, fanning, Oernt Swan. Turnbull. Roae. Maronal, Maves. Ho Flacg, M'NeiU, Howes, Fiost, Lelland.Genet, a isr Bonabel i Brig Poland, Land on. Tobasso, 16th alt, wj . i d..i..j t .. .. i : . wOOO Iv isiiniww. s - c. urig voillicr, ml. basco, for NYork. 6 ; scb Caroline, do uo. . aula, sch Consolation, and brig Com I'rebli sch Charlotte, do. Sailed in ro with scb Juif and seh Ellen. Spoke, June (7th, off Tortus! Cha josepn, iu as ira ntineaa ror llarr ; aft Koo ttoy, 11 os im i x org lor 1 ampiee. Bremen bug t.harlntte St Louisa, Weasels, fff S7ds. to Meyer tlupedeu. Passengers, P 2 and V Aaoipn. oi uermany, and 77 ia ihe a! Sailed from the river 28th May in eo. withship ard, for this port ; Sophia, and Everhardt, a Amelia, for Baltimore. Lelt shin rnli mi,,,. Tork, fewds; Draper, snd Neptune, for Bait Spoke, June d, 1st 421, Ion 61 45, brig HrutJ nimi nn, or orig Lrrpenaant, Andrews for Liverpool. fThe Charlotte & : made the northern passage, and reached the Ba tbe iatn uay out. Brig Iyai.otigh, Snow, Mayagnet, June 20th, coffee, eve. to J Foulke dc on BALTIMORE, July 7. Arsch Yellott, M Genoa sailed 2 1st May. Lsft brig Herald, H fm Boston, in quarantine ,fnr Gibraltar; Black French, fm NYork for Leghorn Jum f 4. lat t loo 86 10 W. spoke brig Athalia, Weld, fm YN Maraoham, 22 ds out. 27th Juue, li.t ii 53 68 W. spoke sch Potomac, fm M Crux for NY da out. 39ih June, lat 28 40, Ion 70 i4, snokii junma Augusta, roiger, im rviora ryr tiiima, out. Sch Rambler, Boss, N York. 8 ds PHILADELPHIA. Jnly 7. Below, packn Arab, Ball, fm Liv'l. May 17th. NORFOLK. July 6 Ar schr Astrea. from N tinn t.rnpe. Bell, tm NV.Hk NEW ORLEANS, June 28 Ar brig Motion ars, irnra xiavrv. PENSAC.OLA June 23 Ar achr Fiancis, Ulsey, NYork. Brie Ann Elixa Jane. Holmes. NYork. PHILADELPHIA, July 8 Ar brig Magoun let. Malaga. Below BrigJames Coulter. Bray. Laruira. Spanish brig Alla - Gracio, Cancels, fm ManS, and 11 days Im Havana. Captain Cancels repoi a small schr bad arrived at Havana, from OmoaJ ine intetligence, that the whole ol thai country. eVc. had declared in favor ef Spain. Io conseque this news tne opanisn tngaie nestauration, wi cera. men. die. was fitting out for that utace. BOSTON, July 6 Ship Hull, Crowell, L 1 13d May. Left ships Sampson, Chad wick, lor P J5th; President Monroe, do, 10th June; brig S King do. 1st. June 3d, lal 67 23. Ion 16 40. exrl signals with ship Groton. fm NOrleans, for He Capt C. atates that the large brewery of Bsrckle; kins dt Uo looK lire oa me aa, snj was burning tne nun mi lAinaon. John Henderson died passase 4 weeks ago of fever, aa Cant. C suppJ Passed off Ihe lMore 25th May, brig Heiscswll f yana via r l ork lor London. Brig Nereus, Parker. Croustadt, S'th May, E 3d Je Left at former, ships Havre. Dwight, N V Passed Elsineur 27th May, Vermont, Stone, Co C, for NYork. Spoke, 3d inst. oil Georges. 67. ach Sea Flower, of Harwick, and look Ir Cap Kenny and crew, late ol scb Friendship, o cester. wrecked on the seotb breakers. Soud Islands, near Cape Sahle. She was from Grand with fish, bound ts Gl uceaier; vessel and cargo lost. Tbe crew look to the boat and lanl Blanch Island, and thence took passage in Hi r itiwsr. apt rarser iniuraif ua trial voa orig Wen l worth, fm Boston, fur Cmnstradt. was cas oil hlonekar Reef, on the 12th May in very thirl tber. Capt W bad been a number of davs m sisdt and St Petersburgb to procure a vessel, an succeeded in obtaining one, in which he was lo d dowo on the S6ih May, to aave all be could frd wreck. It waa feared the vessel would be totals and it could not be ascertained what ar.tonnt of tt go woald be saved. The lasso and cargo, we are informed, vierf insured et several otiices in Slate st. They belu Mr John Bruvtn. Sch Aaaetica. Titcomh, NYork. Via Quarantine, brig Virginia, Davis, Malagt May. May SO, Graciosa S K. 70 miles, pasti wreck of aa Am built brig of about 120 tons, rf green, both masts gone, bowsprit stardiag. atert aa. decks washed away, apparently a new yesi 41, loo 48t. aaw several island ol ice, one of nearly t miles long. At Quarantine, Br sch Industry, Shaw, Cam lo,22d ult. Telegraphed, arh Saco, fm Mansanilla, Cuba! T OBBERY. The store of Ibe subscriber. A XV Washington street, was entered, app through the scuttle oa Saturday evening, and bj 4 and 5000 Spanish segars taken on. 1 he sega in quarter boxes, branded lnlima Union and on the too with the letter P in blackmr. A ail sooon marked W. C. F. was also taken. Ded oerars. Pawnbrokers and otbets, are requested the same if offervd by suspicious persons, and sj formation that mav lead to the detection of the I aad recovery of the properly will be thsnkfully rd and tbe inurmauoo liberally rewaroeu oy appin above. I iv9 3t WILLIAM FALCON J ANTED,an American white or colored wd IT do tbe house work oi a small laniuy. psrsoo wuh good recommendationa may call Broad sireel after 3 o'clock. HAhTEU A Cook fj do tbe Cooking ant fW ing of a private family. Apply to 1V7 wich street. .XTAH I'KO. a suit ol Rooms, in li. vici II Broadway, with or without board, A 342 Broadw - J. mT AftTED. ma Diug More, a Lsdwbo If well recommended sets moral and ind person. Such ane can hear al a permanent by applying at 47 Cherry st 7tT OTIC E - Pursuant to ao order of Jamea C IK Esquire, Surrogateof ihe Ctty and County York, notice is hereby given to all persons v. I claims sgauut lite Estate of Timothy Kttgrles.dt late of Granville in the Province ot nova scoti tlefnan. to exhibit the same with vouchers the Adam Tredwell, ihe subscriber, at hia atom 171 street in tbe aaid city, on or before the sevenleel , of January next. Dated ihs 7ih day of July,lu ADAM TREDWELL. Adminisl j9 law6ra HORSE LOST Sirs ved or stolen on the Irom the pasture of Cato Alexander, a I Horse, 151 hands high, with black mane, legs i tbe latter a switch has a lone neck, with d, bo ahoes on. but tips on his toes ten yd A reasonable reward will se paid lor bis reco S) . couth st. UOARnii The (t.bscriber, residing JL miles of the ciiy of New York, where thfl ooai John Jay plys four limes a day, on the tbe Hudson, in the Stale of New Jersey, begs inform the public that le has accommodations fJ anare ooaruers, N. B. All necessary information may be had Wandel. on board the John Jay. Persons acquainted with each other would bi ted ABRAHAM CANlJ j9 ii sOROSS KEYS HOTEL. Morristovta. N sabaerihey having takedthis large aud cf ooa Hotel, (fronting uu the Green) inform ttit . tnat no pain will be spared to accommodate His Bar is furnished with choice Liquor, excellent, and tbe Table properly attended fcmilies spending the Summer mon bs in the this may be considered a desirable situation, as ie high snd very healthy, and a few hoars ride celebratod Scbooley Mountain String. PALL W. pE Morristown, July 6. 1832. Afft DOLLAH O.N WED.NEoIJ four prizes of Ten Thousand each At WA1TES'. Coruer of Maideu Id Broadway, mav be had. besides the above, oj sea of $2260. feu of $ 1000, ten oC 500, ten of 30(1 oi X00, &c. and Ticket oul . su. QUucurreet money as usual taken at a very s count. GENTLKMEVS Summer Undervests dt consintii.g of Gauze. Welsh dt Canton Marino, lambswool. Cotton knit, whits aiJ Lussn. dec. L.T sale at WELLS dc PATTERSq 277 Broi Also, a few fine Linen Roundabouts. PATE.NT & GAUZE FLANELS. scribes bssj nst received a few bales o jelehntted Patent Flannel, that will aotshrinl ing, of a very fine quality, and suitable for thd a i . j nm..,..n.nn.i. J . m guuu ss. v. . i.i i . v . lauiivi. Varhrtst Pun.. - ..ii.1. sll slntsiA.1 I Shirts. ..: . ' . ' . ei . A tAnuEitiuu rn at ra tuot kOUBLE End Gum Elastic Suspehders. uasuc tsariers, tor aaie oy VV ELLK sK CA I 1 FiKo i tamstiiAw aitcRwoo, ivif ' fs77BrJ

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