Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 30, 1960 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 30, 1960
Page 4
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. PAGE FOUR THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and 10GANSPORT PRESS; LOGANSPORT, INDIANA Editorials... "AH.that,is necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good "men to do nothing." GEORGE E. SOKOLSKY 'The New Colonialist THE CUBAN REVOLUTION Robert Paul Wolff is ^instructor in philosophy at Harvard Uni—Edmund Burke versity and as such is presumed 1 1 . I , _- j to have some passing scquaint- MOK6 plans nOW to VOte On I UeSday, ,' ance Wltn the ancient art ofjogic. Nov. 8. PROP'OSED UTILITY ;. SERVICE BOARD ^ Many local citizens will vote for the establishment of. a local Utility Service board November- 8 in the hope that it will remove the - operation of the municipal utilities from poli- • tics. ^ Most people agree that the political spoils . .system will never give us efficient and^economi- , cal utility service. It is usually extremely diffi- " cult to induce any- truly capable people, either. . on the managerial or the employe level, to accept a job which is subject to the, vagaries of' politics. The staggered terms and bipartisan nature of the board should help give it the continuity and stability which is necessary for long range plan- 'ning. This in turn should help attract new indus- tries'to Logansport., Furthermore, the Utility Service .board law- providing for competitive examinations to determine the relative fitness of applicants should help, weed out those political hacks whose only qualifications for their jobs are their' party activities. Industry would be more likely to locate, plants in Logansport if it could be assurecTthat our utilities were.free from political interference, and run on a. businesslike, dependable basis at competitive rates. 1 By'far the most important thing in connection . with the Utility Service Board—the key to the '; whole proposal, if approved by the voters, is what, sele'ction is made by the mayor and coun-' : cil of the members for that board. Unless-men of the highest caliber "are appoint- • .ed to this board, its function will not serve to improve our utility management in any appreciable degree. These men must be free of political bias in their views on utility operation, they must be fully convinced .of the necessity for properly serving our present industry and for seeking out and assisting in bringing in new industry,- and they must see to it that the utilities operate on an efficient, economical, and businesslike basis. However, the instructor in philos-' opby moves from Plato' and Aristotle • to comment on the '' politics of Cuba and permits himself a letter in the^, columns of "The New Eepublic" which once counted among its editors the - eminent Walter Lippmann but which has in recent years fallen upon hard- times. In his letter, ^Robert Paul Wolff says: " . .'. The revolution is not a tragedy to be 'contained' by tactful 1 diplomacy; it is a wonderful victory for the Cuban people, to be cheered and 'aided in every possible way. We deserve to be Tiated by Castro, and it is a tribute to r .the Cubans that, they have not turned on us more •violently. Only after we have worked as hard for. their welfare in the coming years as we worked for their misery in years past will we have 'a right to expect their: good will. . ." PRECISELY WHY is the Castro Communist revolution in'. Cuba to be "cheered : and aided-: in every, possible way"? What benefit is the revolution,to the'people of the. United 'States? The Cubans have seized American property, molested American persons, interfered:>with. American trade and turned the island over to '.the Communists, utilizing Czechoslovakian and Red Chinese experts to assist them. Should we be grateful for that? Perhaps we ought to compensate the Cubans for their kindness in killing" several Americans! Precisely.why do."we," as Mr. Wolff says,! deserve to be hated by Castro? Our State Department 'helped him get'his job. Herbert Matthews of "The New ..York Times"; created • an .American" opinion favorable to Castro. The deskman in the State Department, William Wieland, assisted'Castro ;. to achieve success. Our ambassador to Cuba-, Earl E. T. Smith, WALTER WINCHBLL ON BROADWAY Norma Shearer's dghtr Kathy both in London's "The Last Joke," (recently .unknotted .from Jack' were"- trounced by the critics. Reddish) and actor ~liichard An- s —•• • , derson (ex-groom of, Carol Lee " JEdithJPiafs depression (besldei Ladd) have- coasters suspecting }, er . lon g iu ne s s ) v can le -triced an elopement plot. . .Mane Me- ao her vpes'wth the, Fr^ch-tax Donalds newest JeUer is'John dept _ Th c]aim ^ ^HJjia Heller. His fathers- .Chicago, „„.„, . . . Paris reviewers pan-' financier. Wanda Hendra and ne d' "Let's Make- Love." Said Edson Stroll' of ,G.I. Blues - are- Montand ^ oked stupld ^ a brand new too.'. .Insders, hear - such „- foolish role » . / Pro _ Casey Stengel was aH set to quit ducer Arthur ^^ Ba;n j ot but changed- his mind . .Lana ^ j- offer rf $150000 for Turner and Fred May planning to . ty -_ appear-^ here . Suge do it by Chrishnas?, . .Elaine ffi ht . _ . sheJJ Bermgn , ; ^ Stewart and Earle Lyon are Ha* stardom (and Ws a]buij)s) ing . They say flan Baileys atoacted ove f 2mo patrons in - next wiU be/Candle Williams, 4 shows - >t L afay e tte, Ind ... . now with him m London .Big p<)st deb Evelyne Bjssone d brawl between the- banquet mgrs GeoffPa] - ha Xme,son bf th. of the Commodore,and Roosevelt CBS ^ ' m smitten -^ hotels. One needed stitching . . gM .^ Janet Mck apparen tl y •Dorana once a .top model, has doesn - t w fo - f ^ ]adg filed suit for a mdhon agains Ve read competitor Eileen Ford, model 0] Cassini agency due f. . The Beno book.es und * r control differ slightly from Vegas gam- rocco _ biers. The Reno boys are laying ( ' 6to 5 on Nixon. t E ,- Mor . Song never stopped being his wife's sweetheart. Sends.her. a dozen Virginia Pope, ANGELO PAIR I Experience With Facts Too Costly "Gypsy" composer J. Styne and Sandra Church, recently of that roses daily hit, debunked the items that their praise-agent for "Guns"of Nava- idyll; had faded in a love-feast at ,rone," will wed Peter. Yates, the Luchow's. . .The Keith Andes are film's /ass't director 1 . ( . The ex- reported asunder. He's,:the lead- .Mrs. Warren Cowan and her 2nd ing man of "Wildcat". . .Mandy groom, actor Douglas Dick, are Mercer, dghtr of the songwriter, editing a flash . . . Anne Helm becomes Mrs. Bob Corwin Dec. (she's a coast heiress)..plays a 27th. . .Actor Chas. Bronson'and sexpot in "Desire in the Dust" his- Harriet are adding to the Her suitor is Thomas McLain, Mom-and-Population. . .Ditto the H'wood Arthur Murray exec . . . John Aliens. He's.stage manager Lark Connie Francis, who has all for "Tenderloin." Mrs. Allen is the necessary attributes for Mary Stanton, last seen in "Once dheesecake photos, xefuses to pose Upon A Mattress". . .Audrey for .them . . . Toni Vigorita of Meadows wore dark glasses for ABC's "Flair" radio show and Bromley was given routine help, her tryst at Cafe Madison with Penguki ragr" Jerry Simon are . The facts.ia the. case are that J. Costello, but who could'mistake 'having'it annulled. He has re- Bromley's ; slot machines operate those beautiful gam's?.;';* .S. sumed courting.Shirley:Linde, ex- in Army, Navy, and Air, Force American beauty Erna. Paz'is on "Ice': Capades"'star, with whom WASHINGTON. —Hawaii's im- Clubs, through a .company incor- the other end of those calls Gary he steadied before. the unhappy peccable, imperturbable Sen. 'Hi-" Pprated in .Panama .called Ser- 'Grant makes from Paris. 'marriage. ' . ram Fong has been pulling back- " " stage wires to help Martin Bromley, the Hawaiian' slot-machine DREW PEARSON king, whose slot machines -are Games Panama. -On Okinawa:when the U.S..military' government refused to license Bromley's slot, machines, wui LU vuua-, jjan xj. i. ULUIUI, . Something is wrong with our • , ,- ... ,, was discouraged from opposing society, that's plain. The number ' servlce clubs around the world ' Castro and' was apparently in- of illegitimate children rises. Internal Revenue is now mvesti- structed to be antagonistic to Why? Of course the population is S atln S whelh «r Bromley counted Batista. Our. ambassador to Mexi- larger.-We have in the big cities, Ms mckels . correctly in making co, Robert Hill, got into trouble 'a larger number, of depressed out hi « income-tax returns. Actu- with the State' Department "for families. These facts "do not alter aUy the total take from Bromley's telling the truth about Castro, the situation. We have more The Marilyn Monroe'- Yves Hope Hampton's beau-friend, Montand film; to the surprise of ,wealthyBreslinBaker,.now ; makes .. , , , ,.- . theater mgrs around the land, ^ .Chateau Henri .IV .rath Bar- reaping a harvest of nickels, he.got : around the ban by using isn . t doing tl)e biz-expected. . . °ness-Ro'sa DuPerier;... ..' Merv and quarters from GI's in a-license already granted'to'Bar- -Rosemary MacDougai of the El ;GriffihIs many, outside, invest' clay and Co.,, a-respected, im- ; :jf orocco se t doesn't even try to meats,have 'hini paying.'the in•firm. Barclay cancel- ^^ ^ shiner she>s wealin come taxers more coin than he arrangement on October Merdy ^ les whal asfad ho *_ makes in show biz ... Pat Wy- after a visit from cum? _ . Termessee Wi iii ams ^d more's attentive escort at Im- agents who were Barbara Bax] prefer _ 0ne Kfth periale was George Greif, 1 '**• f*ivn(? - . ____ t .___ /__ T>111 TT'^.l-^.iT Itn. slot machines ,s not measured in Brondeys tees. Meanwhile the revenue agente have accumulated several reveal- STUDY CANDIDATES AND THEIR ANSWERS ' s In this and preceding issues, we have made an effort to acquaint the voter not only with the -background of some of the state and national- candidates for office, but also to give the voter an opportunity to study all local candidates as well - - In today's issue, we are presenting the views of the local legislative candidates so that all voters might be better able to cast an intelligent vote for these all-important offices. We suggest that eyery i feader,- and 1 especially every voter, read the questions which have Keen proposed to the legislative candidates of both parties and study their. answers thoroughly. It might be of assistance .in helping you decide ' which candidates' philosophies are closest. to your own, and which candidates you would like to see elected to public office. An informed voter can always make a better decision. , . Why should not Fidel Castro be schools, more teachers; more pup= nickels, but in millions of .doUars. grateful for all this? Instead' he ils in school, more students in ™ s slot machines are stafaoned «g ^dopumen^ indudmj [aj memo has followed his brother, Raul, college. The churches still stand. ln se ™ ce clubs aU over tte ±T a ^ TrL M K into the Communist camp and at And still come these sad reports. worid ' ™* each dub also S ets a p, ay - S W?f m J^ t ' fh a ta " Hewnr.tt warned ttat the com- the United Nations acted and The slums are not the cause, cut for its recreation fund. voted like a Communist stooge, not all of it though they help. Hiram Fong, first Chinese- p ny Do we need to pay him for his This situation exists in every so- American ever elected to the U. I DO NOT KNOW where Rob ert Palll Wo]ff instructor j, philosophy, Harvard hails frU and what ' S et lnto trou ° le Its arran 8 ement "" »» tad , Avenue which doesn't include nosy for BJly Ecksfane .. What s the .Fame Is Like feud about between Connie Fran- Speaks/ , an fillpee c^ and Jom_ James, husband, chi ef s most eloquent £ aest T° Acqaraja? . Lena is reviewed in Bill- Homes son Ted, is okay after *f« el y at University Hosp . . . The ex-lfo. Warren Stevens mar- TMs: of th e ^dresses, board under "Novelty Disks". . . Panic has stuck ^ casts rf several Broadway-bound plays be- ried Bert Fields . caus e- of -the many " fast flops. " ster . theatncal bar"' .,,,f orlg - ,. , , , . he fad : ffffiraS L PMB tte N ' Y " ' KeDnedy " We &st tipped -er ABC on Oci 90, Wat- ttat «, TI * r f list' now in- Servi(:e Games machines in its . clubs," the confidential memo de- du <?« New Yorke . r ma S senior partner m dare j .^ mean time, the critic J. McCarten and producer & Robmson ' a ' Navy has requested an investiga- David Merrick. Plus Lucy Kava- tioa of Hiram Fong in Hawaii to ler. author of "The Private World , , ^. _, , csonnection .,,;«. of High Society," and society his- aeter mine r ong s connecnon witn . 6 J '. - - /l \/ Am Answers ~" public" Js, of course, a Jimmy Foxx, Mel Ott and Ted of no consequence. No matter who Williams. ' is elected, we shall do what; we surely~wrong. ator in Honolulu. He heads the Recently-a newspaper told the finance Eealt y c °- * e J™™* University, story of an abandoned baby left .Investment Co the Grand Pacif- he knows in a hotel room, that had been IC Investment Co., the Finance In- ied for some time by a per-' surance Co " tte Finance Home is adoration of the Castro sonable young lady, who had dis- Bulideurs ' J 1 nanc f, Fact ° r f u nth revolution causes one to wonder appeared. The three-day-old ,-in- - Drailch of&ces ail ove r ^6 Is " what a normal example he is to -font was placed in a foundling j? nds> J?" 11 the young students who meet an home. Another nameless child left f °"S. Mlh ° . instructor in Philosophy I, where to'face life with three strikes on la . w flrm wlufch , has been the truth is usually defined as it before it started.. " " ' abl y suceessful m wrapping up uclt:lllmjc the great minds of the human , Maybe the personable young real e , . deals f °F Fong s ' far ' Service Games " ' ' - . torian ^holly Knickerbocker.' race saw it. But it does not take lady .-was one of those who 'told flung housln g operations. , ^ Senator ^, hen querie( j sa j,j Jazzophiles has a new pet in much of a great mind to discover her mother pertly, "not to be so Senator Fong's office, when he has no connec ti on with Service 'Jimmy Schmidt, composed for the that the United States is definite-, square"." She knew the -facts of queried about his representations Games, claimed he had ne'ver ad- Sal Salvador crew. They call him ly imperilled _ by a Communist iif e ^,5 cou i,} take care of her- on benalf c ' slot-machine opera- v j set j {j, e ^ av y { 0 use Bromley's " on e of the most talented cats" base 90 miles ' off the Florida se lfj One fact that she and those, tor Bromley, was quite familiar S i 0 (. macn ines — . to hit the local scene in years, coast and-that that island could in her grqup do not know, is that *"* fte matter and said that NOTE-In addition to the tax He's 19. . .The Village Voice critic become a submarine and an air one O f the facts of life is the one Fon g' s assistant, Kenneth Naka- pro b e started by Internal Reve- dismissed the recently folded base to our danger and detriment ftat cin get out-o£ their control- nur a, had been assigned to work nu6j ^e government of Okinawa "Valmouth" show -as "high Perhaps Wolffs logic does not so 'fast that the wise young lady. on Bromley's problems. nas also fi]ed a 5345^00 ,-iaijn camp," but so were its few ail- project ; itself that far but the <jidn't Joiow it went. And that is , The Senator himself, however, against Service Games' for back diences.- Such swishes you've nev- rest of us are deeply concerned w h'y this baby was born and left/seemed vague. At first he said taxes and customs. & seen!. . Jack Lemmon intro- in a hotel bedroom. /-he didn't know anytffing about Army -and Marine Corps heli- duced his new sugar to the Ha- Maybe if a father _or mother 'the matter. When reminded that > copters certainly got a workout waiian Room bunch. Her "name is actors, John Richardson, others) last week predicted the Peter Lombard on the 15th _,. . would come out for ' T °P boxin g figures will be dis- T when the Senate probers , , :his in the Attic." The star's applause is .thunderous . .. Nancy Kwan's ("Suzie Wong") photo on a was the one was selected encies . . . Sad, but they're yanfc- at T h bo x office ° by this danger which has now become a principal issue in the" ^•HMW*" tl ? 1 (+ Campa <!™''' -~-D ' whose son or dau S hter brushed his assistant had been assigned during Ikeis recent" "nonpoh'tical" Gwen Crawford, wolff s letter to The New. Re-_, tj,em off when they tried to warn to help Bromley on his problems, tour. At Palm Springs where the world's greatest i matter them, tried to make them' see he corrected himself, said that Presiednt golfed with George Al- Gielgud and Ralph what they were heading for, read ' — • i en , the China Lobby's oil partner, ' article to their so-wise young- is too expensive. It costs the fu- three helicopters were at the air- might help, tare's, prizes, today's youth, port and one flew Ike direct to Words mean little to children, growth,and happiness. Let's try the golf course ... At Schilling "Q—What animal is sometimes What is significant here is that - , . «. -.-.— u ...._«. .u.v^u - v ^.. u ^ u . u ,,. £-•* •• -»* . MUU. uufsfsj.iiv.ija. -UC4, a LI v uic cuii. ^vuxoc , , • C\L ok,(iiiuiig •urrnncr referred to as the fastest ex- °ui 'joung people are being eSu-. The y do not ge t the M meaning plainer' talk. Study such head- AF Base, Salina, Kans ,-two heli- T ° g baseball players have hit 500 or . eloped with Iby feel about foreign entan- Korody, a model . . . Israeli star replied Bob, "What's Ziva Rodarm debunked all the with American girls?" false items (Unking her" -with a Hope's Presidential platform: singer) in a page ad in Israel .. __ , J,«>l&lJ.CUi IAJ «k3 LliC - - - _ ^ S ^ m!my ™^ ll 3 /" 6 ^vator in America?^ ^d by many who are inserisi- of them m $ expHience puts it ]ines as m one V the ^ c ters flew tte Presidential Par . - - f A - The American badger, t ! j? T Uruted ; - te them. This sort of experience • paper..And let public opinion sup- tj- to Abilene while -six 'copters ;._„ ^"IL^L «'f'» ? *?^ ° ?%r3TA<i* \Uhn THF !5nmp Tpncnn _^ ,—. .. ,, ^^ , ,, _ ,_ ., . * »• , __ . _... more horn, runs,during their ^VtelSnTalS- 8 ^ ** *? careers? " " - ~ juana, and'the' tsetse fly." "The way to make : says ^° me . Teas ° n '" ' port the father arid mother who stood by from Fort Riley . . . underground in a matter of'a y l • United Mates j; eves that the American people insist upon protecting their chil- After the Kansas City Star en- A-Only four-Babe Ruth, few seconds. S?£S. "Nt'toU -~formed,His is a noble dren from such experience, dorsed Nixon and Lodge the fol- ^fribtel^fr' puoiic quesuons. not Knowing sen tunent of patriotism but-what - ^ . lowing announcement was heard , v 'who Wolff is, except that he does he tell the-.young ladies of Angelo Pabri offers readers on station KFRU in Columbia, •" The Sunflower state of Kan----- - -"- normaaly rock-nbbed Re- Leland Hayward's lovely daughter Brigit, a >.victim of an over- close friends) over an affair- of CARNIVAL '0-MJ 01X0 by KU. Inc. T.M. R.i-. Ui ?it- Oil. and Allen Turner, editor for Holt- can, hasn't gone Democratic Rineh'art, gorge on candlelight FDR carried it in 1936. In and wine at swanky Charles V T.™ „„.„«, ™ , u appearance of" hundreds rf' Red 303, "Feeding Children," send 25 Kansas City Star distributor"... ? h <% *****?.**!* ? el ? ocra j c -'.- ^^ ^^ da "S hter . JUST ABOVE Wolff's letter,was advisers and exnerts who are now in c-oin to him. c /o ah »»». Wiffiam S. Rob.rt,. th' P W 3S hm P - rleader 5 think they may be able Chris and Timothy Everett ar« a cozy < nightly one by Enrique Noble, .professor of Spanish, Goucher College. This man is a Cuban who t ney is happy to discover that someone in the United States "is not 'antagonistic to Castro and-'he ; be- > THE SUNDAY;",,, PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS Publishea .«aen Sunday; Dy th« Pha.ros-TrJbnn« and Pr«m 517 E. Broadway; Lognnaport,' Indlao. Entered: u «econd cla,«i mall it th» FostoffiCA at Logamport,' Indiana, under th* act of March I, IS7S. The Pharos-Trlbun»-est.:lI44 : The Preu-e»t. 1921 v The Sunday Pharoi - Tribune JLnd I^ogTMisport Preai,*'. lOc"- peif copy. Sunday <0o per week;bj jarrler. The Pharos-Tribune..eve- rilngrs and The Losansport Pre«, mornings md Sunday 40o per week by carrier The' Pharos- t Tribune/ .and,. JJoca.nsport---Fre«* a Ido 1 per week:'by carrier. In Lo- L gansport. J5c per-week outside of Lopansport. By mall on rural route* Jn Ca»e. Carroll. Ful-* ton, Pulaskl,, Miami -and ^Vfhlte. 'countiee, each'paper 110.00 year;" outside Indiana. $18.00 ner year. • -All mall subicriptloni payable In ndfance. N'o mall lUbiorlpUon-' •old wherever carrler;-»ervlo«l», malntalneiL Inland .KewBpaper Renresenta- advisers and f experts_who are now in coin to him, c/o this paper, William S. Roberts, the Washing- living in American-owned- and P. 0. Box 99, StatioirG, New York ton attornev, is sending friends - ,_., , .,.- Cuban-owned'rhouses, for, which 19, N.Y. • , the -following telegram: "As an m Wicfuta was ternflc ' not^paid? ' • ' ," (Released by The Fell Syndicate) .American I resent the discourte- "" conduct of the Republican . Don Grilley, leading -f, HUBERT "Your Jimmy doesn't hava any trouble getting the right answers, Mrs. Murphy! It's getting them matched up with the right questions that bothers him!" "Bfc ft grtwreil oaid from little Bobby OoUing." ous candidate,to his wife. He may have 'had his own ideas but it was^-thoroughly discourteous for him to say "America can't stand paf." . . . Congressman^ William S. Broomfield of Michigan clutters up the Congressional Record with every organization he has ever joined from Greater North Woodward Optimist Club to the Royal Oak Hi-Twelve Club to Berkeley Lodge No. 536 F. and A! M. But'he does not list his war service. Broomfield. lists-himself' as a member of the American Legion but doesn't say how he served his country. This •is"'a very hush-hush matter. The truth is.' however, that Broomfield was inducted into the Army June 8,1942, was dropped July 28," '42,"just 40 days later. This was shortly after Pearl Harbor when the Army really needed manpower! If you ask ,the Army why Broomfield was discharged; the "> answer "We can't reveal this without his permission. It's sensitive." Bob Hope, running for President—on NBC-rwas asked: "How LAFF-A-DAY "Idont eee what.allthecommoti

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