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JLoi jansrlr Zimti AUG. 28,1 M-Pv tv 15 Younger Cinema Set Frolics in "Wild Surf la Revue Parisienne Gav and Effervescent BY MARGARET HARFORD Tin Statt Wntr Call il flair. tle or just bv tJeorses Simenon with Mage PeiT inner Also urking in TV Ken Berry, co-star of "Billy Barnes' Hollywood" ai Las Palmas Theater, has played sruost roles on some jittery music by Ceorges Auric, and later she turns up as a lively bride in a wedding dance with music by Maurice Thirtet adapted from Offenbach's "Valse Chalou-pce." Zizi Bubble "Quail on Toast With Pink Champagne" is a dance sketch bv Roland Taylor's direction none of the three romances develops with any originality. Completing the bill at 27 theaters and drive-ins is another Columbia relea-e in color, "Devil Ship Pirates." KEVIN THOMAS HERE AM) I0V at.w.v. "dark of the moon'." Studio West, Tarzana, 8:30.

LAURA." San Gabriel Lit tie Theatre, 8:1.1. "TARTUFFE." Actors Theater. San Francisco Mime Trmipe. Midnight. Ml SIC FESTIVAL OF ft A "Cosi Fan Tiitie." Irvine Lacuna A'i Saturday, DIEGO ft XI.I.ET, l.tml Bowl.

Re.IUii.l-, s.i:,. Eree. SVMI'HOXIES BY THE SKA. Marais and Vti-landd. Santa Monica High School.

8:30. Free. ACCLAIMED as Walt Disney's run into some stiff competition from a group of regulars, headed by Jim Mitch um, the local king of the surf, they fall in love with a trio beautiful girls. Fabian, whose poise is equal to his good looks, pairs off with lovely, blonde Shelley Fabares. Brown, an accomplished actor on his way up, and Barbara Eden, a good comedienne, provide the humor.

Likeable Player An old hand at this kind of mov ie, Hunter winds up engaged to pretty Susan Hart. Fortunately, those six are likeable performers, because under Don motion achievement! WM CORPORATION Wl WIIMIIIIilll mil '-V JaSlliJ pink champagne tf French have more of it than an one else. When Zizi the sultry Carmen and cruncher of diamonds in ballets past, promises her public a revue, she gives them a revue that bubbles like the very best French champagne. Not everyone would want to follow the New York City Ballet into the Greek Theater. But Zizi is tiny and potent and when she follows as lodestar of Roland 1'etit's Ballets de Paris, n's in a swirl of pink feathers that work almost as fast as wine.

They can make you think you're drinking the bubbly stuff at Maxime's or the Lido. Much of the choreography in Mile. JeanmaJre's "La Revue Parisienne" is hybrid but with the fresh appeal of something different. Best of all. it looks so gay and effervescent, the dancers surely must le dtv ing it for fun.

This typically Parisian revue is a lighthearted blend of ballet, jazz, night rlub and music hall dier-sion. and it makes a glittering package. Designer Score Credit Yves Saint-Laurent with the visual lau-ty and glitter; his costumes establish some sort of record for lavishness Thoe ostrich feathers alone would bankrupt an American producer. This is the young Dior designer's first show and if they can afford him in France, let hope not his last. After the prologue, a fiesta for girl-watchers who can appreciate loely, long-stemmed extensions, there's Zizi.

an eyeful herself in black leotard and stockings. Felix Blaszka exjKTily partners her in "La Cham-bre." a narrative ballet plucked from a crime story Tf TMKATRE or CR, -0411 BR. 9-9261 i "HUMOROUS, SATIRICAL!" I mh j. SEDUCEDad 3n liHIBw i ui.flBflnMfiED iiiBiilf KTI i'fef 1 nuntnln 1 SVNDRA DEE wears wool coat with wolf-lined hood and wolf vuffs in picture -I K.tln-r Be Ru-h." due cit id next M'edrtPMla). KvParatroojMT Creates Hairdo.

for Film Flacr Six- new hair styles are introduced by Schneider in "Good Neighbor Sam," showing at 1" citywide theaters and drive-ins. Miss Schneider's hails' I tv were neaK-d by -1 i pai ooper l-'rodenc Now York hair stvlist ho designed the hairdos fiomv wore in "The Car dinal." the new Miss Schneider ortrays the "other wife" in the life of Jack Lemmon. who is hunnilv marriwi to Mw Provine until Romy moves in next tioor. THE BEST" 4- 2 ACAD. AWD.

SHORTS S.rt. Clvti't I lk Nobln't "MOON BIRO- UNt UrO I movi moking Aworfcofort." i 1 Newiweekj SHIRLEY CLARKE'S Ih rMMi 1 I rT iTl I III I II LzM. I '-Brando's enmedv I 'A fSTT I ir. CTyi- --sg mm imwmm fersfj mmm mmm 1 Eia-titmttit pi 'LI iiutwom 111 il tyinrt pk, QiL. whItTmoco iS.H'niE MARY POPPINS I if 1 ill Hf I i wm rr? iwt 1 1 IWwM iU 1 vfc.

II WITH 10VI. f. Slltr. ti M. WVAI A wr 10 GO: if -4 I fcj fyT'-vogue shot in dark 11 WlWpSAU Petit topped off with Zizi.

bubbling up out of a mass of Saint-lurent feathers as a glass of pink champagne. The sketch also has Blaszka. who has a superb flair for comedy, doing a lino pantomime as a clown. Mile, has bk-omed as a chanteuse since her last visit here so the second half of the show is titled "Zizi Sings." She's not another Piaf. perhaps, but she can turn the voltage sky high on a love song and her impislmess flares up in "Les Tatou-ages" i The Tattoos I with Felix Blaszka silently breaking up the show as "the beautiful tattooed one." Frank ie and Johnrn" is an amusing French version of the old American song, is pistol-packing Frankie in a gown Dombrowski, another excellent featured dancer in the company, plays hapless Johnny, and Blaszka rushes in to claim the corpse, white wings stuck on the back of his undertaker's owl.

All the dancers expend vast energy and style to give the petite star lots of assistance along the way. If she is a tonic, so are the pretty girls and husky men in the corps de ballet. Michel Mention conducts the Creek Theater Orchestra with Gus Wallez. percussionist, and Jean Car-don, accordionist as solo artists. "la Revue Parisienne" stays at the Greek Theater through Sept the huge Fisher Theater in Detroit.

The show moves on to Washington and will open here at the Imperial on Sept. Jo Mielziner will dt-ign the settings and lighting for the new comedy. "The Owl and the Pussycat." which goes into rehearsal in October. "Love on the Moon." which has been scheduled for off-Broadway this fall, has been postponed until next spring. Frank Schofield and Bon Ali.a have been added to the cast of "The Sign in Sidney Brutein's Window." Ila)pr Loaned Hillary Hunter, under contract to Anthony Mann's independent company, has loen loaned to 20th for "Epitaph For An WHERE BARE meets the sand.

toys I FIRST N.Y. THEATER BAR TO BE INSTALLED the "Dick Van Dykt Show." and "Dr. Kildare. In the Barnes cast with Berry pre Joyce Jameson, Jack Grinnage, Jeannine Rurnier. Caryl Rowe and Bob Rxxisers.

picture rinr MARY POPPINS 5:00, 7:30 and 10:00 P. M. AVMM f. bedtime story fox Vridge lyvfHfjP.w; V- 1 ftM I "0. HI A MT TO GO I tWfcjiUsi Pisisggii jXJ4Jk3xi ABANDONED "'t ytqg3: ynt-n.

rM Hi MmL. ni An if "Ride the Wild Surf" skims along tine at sea but is nagged by script cliches on shore. Not concerned with the cult aspects of the sport that i have given it greater interest, it is wholesome, routine entertainment that should please the younger set. It has an attractive, healthy-looking cast, some exciting shots of expert surfing and a lot of lush Hawaiian is ands scenery in color. Trio of Surfer Fabian.

Tab Hunter and Prior Brown play a trio nf handsome surfers who forsake Malibu for the greater challenge of the giant waves of Waimea Bav. Just as sure as thev COLOR iai hwomr Honom Ki iia al 1 1 so i 4 SofMfKTltt II HOW TlMl' i Nif II HOKif STAUUTE OtIVI-IN gi ttn WYI SErULViCA DIIVI-IN ST 520 --f jtKTAIN OIAXCE MIVi.lN 3 W0NR0YIA 10 iKY DtlVkVIN El lbbi si.joii mm FOR STUDIO TOURS Mm. tkm Fri. CALl TN 3131 JSSaBmK I Sll? li UPROARIOUS wmj "Stands up as one of 1 comedies of the 1 .1 ei a 1 mmzt SAGE CUVE-IN I bllVE-IN Wm M94I I T0 2-7HII I Kill i' A I KM LOS FELIZ ESQUIRE lit) VtnMt JI70 Ctlt fit. NO 4-J It IT.

MlO HO 4-114 MO 4-1774 tttt ctniti, lUrr.t II Fx WarUKW-Htwrntu I II il I 111 1 Tt: 11 I'l I I pSj 1 WM 0 WtT Co CM $. Potd, Tbi'H 1 fl AFTER-HOURS ADAMS-WEST NOW CtUM IU1 WiTtl This Fri. Sat, i a.m. Ramsey Lewis TRIO James Mood QUARTET King Pleasure 4413 W. AOAMS NEW YORK The first Broadway show that will play with a bar in the house probahly will be "The Committee," a rene from San Francisco that will premiere at.

Henry Miller's theater on Sept. 16 A bar will be in operation from opening night on but, until the new law permitting the isale of alcoholic beverages in theaters becomes effective Oct. 1. the drinks ill be on the house, meaning producer Arthur Cantor. "The Committee" had an IS-month run on the West Coast.

Alan Myerson directed the cast of seven. The engagement here will be limited to eight eeks. "Fiddler on the Roof." the new musical starring Zero Mostel. had a successful month's troul at IT'S The surf 1 1 IT'S AN ALL 1 NEW BLAST OF FUN INTHF 5llfJl HiRVFY CANDY i I i i Frankie V-' 1 AS YOU DAHE IS TOE RULEI meet tbs ciris and beach eartiis art hf t.r han vr nnnn AMERICAN UUU LZlLTU U.Li v- vr- a HUM 1-PANAVISION PATH ECOLOR Ife Avalon 'Annette Funicello Martha Hyer I rURFftr.TlfiN Dirvi rc. huti icut ry.

Innv UrPori 4 Villi rWUkk fibwrvw 1 a. lOHN.flM 5TFVIF Ummrp Tur PVPiMirx: Mjtmee Of it' Ot THE WHO SURF: ACADEMY Cl. II STATE in-S. Fabtt in I0 THE WILD SURF: mo Tnmli Mitmwi Oi'iy WHAT A WAY TO CO Mscli'fttHewrtn RIALTO HU i4 Mtlmet Daily' Hoili, Tht 7th 0ni THE BEATLES HMD CY NIGHT a R0 Tri MlUtl.CUICMMT FOX WHAT A WAY TO CO: Thin) Sfftt MT. BALOY DRIVE-IN FMtli.M.WBit, IY THE BEATLES HARD DAY'S NIGHT F.

A4ion, Bikini Btach GRANADA Ontari VILLAGE Clartmetit W4 4 I '4J THE BEATl ES in HARD DAY'S NIGHT; funkit Aflllon. Biliini Btach 2 Ard. Aw4id Wmneri! Federico fellini't i'l i D01CE VITA CI CRM6t COUNTT f. Hj urcr fnfT nwi iiunji trnst in McHAlF NAVY; Grtf Pf, Cant 'Newman III VSII7 FOX Anahtim. I 4) Maclains-Nman.

WHAT A WAY TO GO: Boyd. Tihrd StCft KE FOX Fabiin-S. Fabrj. RIDE THE WILD gUPTj Devil Sh'P Piratfs FnllHM 17:41 tlVERSISE RIVERSIDE CI. 2 HO ov MtcUin Nwmn, WHAT A WAY TO GO: 5, Boyd, Third Sfcrtt G0IDFN THE BEATLES in HARD STATE DAY'S NIGHT' OV i Avalon.

Bikini 3 CALIFORNIA Oain 1 tu Ernest Boritnlno In McHALE'S NAVY: Gr Ptk, Captain Ntvman lAXERSFlELB SANTA PAULA FOX BiknrfiIO FA 3-7l I 1 1 Emeit Borgnino In McHALE'S NAVY; Kit Of tho Blue polf-hint CALIrURNlA Ummon. GU0O ll.k.nilslO NtlGHBOR SAMj S. A 7-7m' in; Matchmakir FOX Wm. Holdtn-Ctoucine, THE 71 DWN John Wayhp In Mclint.xk Santa Pnala A 5-4im AN LUIS OBISPO 23 FREMONT 0b. THE BEATl ES lit HARD DAY'S NIGHT; D.

Van Dyke, Byo Byp Bird' EDUK0S.t' 1 REDLANDS Own PY thf beaties in hird DAY'S NIGHT; Frankio Avalon. B'k'nt jach THE BEATLES Http py; xicht imimsai tMacademy Mtijin-Nti4n. WHAT A WAY TO GO: tyfi. TItJ I SHI mat THE BEATLES HQ pY'S MQMT bSTH AVE. HIDE THE WILD SUf; firlpt 1 04.

44 Wm. Holoen C4pucin, TH 7th DAYrNj John Wnn M'-lif'orli FOX-Redondo 0. II mo the who surf( HERMOSA Ailrtd Hilcitcdck MAMIE; S. MKli.n. A.

QuifH Hot 5p'l UB. LaXJf it LAMAR M4N4ttan t-isM a Mitifir DaiiYl HotdtB, THE 7th DAWN THE BEATLES H0 DAY'S ft'GHT PALOS VERDES FflX M.I. Oni u.j til 7-W1 Pr WHAT A WOY TO CO rr HUMTtMCTOM PARI IEIUC0MPT0N CALIFORNIA MacLaini-Ntwmin, WHAT A WAY TO GO: S. Boyd, Thud. Mk.

LU 7-Sllt P4RK Erntit Borinint in -904 Paifi Hi pi lo PjcK. Capt, l6AlCA7AR.m. D.iiy LuiuCV 0 LA I Ltd HARD DAY'S NIGHT F. Avalon, Bikini Brh TOWER Wslin.t Oailyl BIKINI RFHrH; rf IhCij T'VN Y-i. i 'i in JLQN6 BEACH SEAL BEACHI WEST COAST nm.

Maclain-Nwman, WHAT A WAY TO GO; 5 Boyd. Third Secret WCREST Maclainv-Ntwman, WHAT A WAY TO GOs S. Boyd, Third Stcret Atl.ntit it. -bo ni BELMONT 0pH IMPERIAL HH-5S21 Alfrtd Hitchcock't WARN It; Shirly i MacUinn, Hot Ernrt Barumn in McHALE't NAVY; 6ri( CPt Ntwman SAY Wilt Disny't THE MOON-SPINNERSi HI Of Trrt B'ut fjolphini LOS ALAMITO! FOX ElMSt Isrfnint III K.u.Hr Mr.MALE'J NAVY, Srl( Sin-ins Pick, Capt. Ntwmn lot AHmitB Bl.

tt Csfdw G'sv; Bi. mm THE BFATLFS 1 ri r. I MtiAainii-Nawwiilt, 55SBADDELEY bD0TRICE MATTHEW GARBER us LAN CHESTER ARTHUR REGINALD TnrAAiirn nAlTM KtrtWltK UVVCIM and ErJi Scfoenplay by BASED ON THE "MARY POPPINS" BILL WALSH DON Da GRADI books by movers co Prod.carBILL WALSH Dir.d.d byROBERT STEVENSON Music nd Lyrics by Music Supofvised RICHARD M. SHERMAN and ROBERT B. SHLRMAM and Conducted by IRWIN KOSTAJ by BUt MA VIJTA DIMRlBUTiON (.0..

INC. 'CM WALT OIENE-V Pft00UCTIOt TECHNICOLOR STEREOPHONIC SOUND ttK SWI 1 ASHE i JAMfS B. HffSWfiftJf SIMifTf AMtnFf'-. I m'AHnfd Day' StarttTOD AY 7 kia If" IST LOYOLA TOWEI MWHESTEI fEfii fOWBS I lilt l.w Fim wt tQ Z-2O0J I Call Thiairi rJiiW wuarm I TJA CWni CITT CW COlliN KEKALTA mtn i mmm mi sti un, MWM wemoai FOX COIlfl AlCflZAI BOULEVARD MAJESTIC IMPERIAL I 8 2731 PO 2-2272 IU 5 330 AN 2tfc5 EX 246? CW 15131 At All ACIflC tRIYt-mt M4 Mft TttMliM lusTRtavHowwcbH HOitt Stt Directories for Other 2nd Future! "HOMC Of GIIAUMAN'S CREST MM HH BuuiAPm IIWHE ROXt CM B-JMI Hoawvooo Feature at 12 Noon, 2:30, 6925 JefXINI BEACH" Mo SKoVa AiiwtuM 4T2 404 set iTOfWf ics fw rscgta I BANNING ft 4-44 vi Mm WHAT A WAY TI GOi I. SYd.

ThiftJ Srtt Avalwi-tumctlio in miNI ajEACH; Cwwio frantit, fallow loyt LiSJU 2.2MI Ml A.

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