Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 30, 1960 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 30, 1960
Page 3
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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30, I960. THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT? PRESS, PAGETHREK MALE POLISH AWesfyD/efOfMewWP To Grow lYif hout Swelling "And here's a little job^for your lunch hour," says the new boss, forgetting the penis that accompany a job promotion. takes on airs. His only recourse is By-DON.GOODWIN * If pride goes-before a fall, what goes .before pride? Very frequently a job promotion. It's a heady feeling all right, moving up • the ladder, and the '. rung itself means .little. A nev.'ly made Pfc. can be as unsufferable as a newly made V.P. Nothing, • as • a matter of fact, makes a .man 'more vulnerable than a promotion. It exposes him to contempt from below and censure from above. . If he doesn't hobnob with the old gang, he's a swellhead. If-he does, he hasn't "grown" with the job. To grow without swelling is a sizable order, but such is ex- : to be- friendly, unassuming and— for a while at least—as unbossy as the job permits. A MAN'S first thought on receiving a promotion • is to rush out and tell the world. His second is (or should be): Whoa, boy! Maybe the company 'wants to announce it Maybe the promotion is. one of several and there are "politics" involved. At the very least, wouldn't it sound boastful? These are considerations to be weighed,.and usually, in'the.ab- sense of an official announcement, it's safest to wait for the wore to .get around, not denying it if asked, but not volunteering in- Galveston Pep Club GOLDEN YIARS Elects New Leaders A Letter To A Boss As Retirement Comes By JUDY WINSLOW pected of the newly promoted formation either. "• Going slow is, in fact, the key How does he keep the estepm of those he now outranks and still meet his superior's expectation? Demanded is that slippery- vir- ture, modesty. Unfortunately modesty doesn't come in tablets and can't be purchased at the drugstore. A man must watch his .every word and deed, being modest in actionlf not in thought. 1 MEN who go up, however, tend to -look up, and even "nice-guys" may unwittingly snub someone below them. Frequently more, than feelings are hurt. . _ " Orders mysteriously disappear. Mail is lost. Inefficiency soars. -Who do the.higher ups blame? Not the mail boy.'Not the secretaries. The new man, that's who. Is he "big enough" for'the job? The snub may have been trifling; it doesn't matter. Who does the guy think, he is, lording it over his old buddies? Big shot, eh? Well, we'll see. A stranger filling the job wouldn't have encountered such sensitivity. But in the case of a..pro : motion, the new man is the 'old man, and woe betide him if he to passing through the period unscathed. Go slow with your pet reforms, your fresh approaches. Go slow first-naming your new equals. Go slow availing yourself of the privileges that go' with the job — longer lunch hours, fatter'expense accounts. Above all, go slow stepping on toes. The toes may belong to a heel, and the heel may some day be YOUR boss. Q & A oil P's & Q's (Q) "My wife insists I invite my employer home for dinner — then hit him up for a raise. I'm leery." • : - R. V. (A) Leery you should be. This is the worst possible way to wangle a raise. Apart from-this angle, it's bad because of the'rule: never socialize •with your boss unless he socializes .with you first. (COPYRIGHT 1960, GENERAL FEATURES ..CORP.) GALVESTON—Marine McClain was chosen president and Diane Klepfer. was elected secretary, Tuesday, October 25, when .the Pep Club held the first practice. The group* decided to buy white beanies with blue engraving of '"Galveston" and red and blue gloves to compliment their regular outfits. Our first basketball game will be November 1 -with Sharpsville at the high school gymnasium.- ' November 5 is the date set for. thp district F.T.A. Convention at Argos, Indiana. Those" planning to attend from Galveston" are Diane Klepfer, Sharon Naphew, Georgia Fisher,\ Sherry Mah'coat,- Connie Edwards, Marilyn Spence, Sharon< Stafford, Soridra Stafford, Diane Hardin, Nancy Ravencraft, Becky Edwards, Marigail Vicfcers, Jeannie Graff,-and Judy Winslow; At the regular'. F.T.A. business meeting everyone decided on paying their dues-'by Tuesday, November .8, before -initiation. The persons to be initiated are Connie Hawkins, Connie Amos, Mary Ann Cree, Joye'Bone, Connie'Johnson, Beverly Brown, and Gloria Fisher. Galveston '-. will hold its annual Halloween Carnival on" Monday, October 31 at the Elementary School. The program consists of funhouses, games, contests for the best and worst dressed personalities, and good eats. Pies, cakes, cookies, candies, and many other foods donated by''the students' parents for the Country Store, ' A tang and queen will be chos_en for the Carnival. The high school students have chosen the candidates from each class! They are as follows: Sharon Schriver, Qim Vickers—Senior Candidates; Beverly Bullick, Jerry Weaver—Junior Candidatess; Wanda Taylor, Lee Pettay—Sophomore Candid- ales, and Susan Malicoat, Dan, - ...... , Ronk-Freshman Candidates. and, I both feel it's not fun- A baked tenderloin supper is ny "for you to have been being sponsored by the music By THOMAS COLLINS Mr. "John J. Brown, President, The Company, Sity. "Dear Mr. Brown: ,.^. , "I want_to thank'you for the letter you'wro'te' me on' the occasion of my retirement last week. -'" "It sounded a little like a funeral oration, but. I realize-you 'didn't mean it that way. However, it did have,the same punctuation-errors that were in,the letter George McLain got from you in 1951. /"Of-course, you still" have the same secretary you had in 1951. And maybe she has a hidden sense of humor. But in that part of the letter where you apparently intended to say, 'We hate to see you go,' George boosters on Saturday, November 5, at Elementary School from 5^00 p.m. to 8.00 pm. Susan Spence, Carol Peterson, Susan Sonafrank, Barbara Weaver were elected junior high cheerleaders by the members of the elementary 'and junior high .students, Wednesday^ October 25. The Music; Boosters will spon : sor/wrestling Nov. 8, in the gym- TiptonTwp. Names Honor Roll Pupils Honor roll students for the firs grading period have been an nounced at Tipton township hig school. The honor students are BecM Busch, Bonita H el vie Sharon Schwalm, Cinny - Sturm Susan Townsley, Joyce Harvey Hoby Lowry, Marsha • Minglin Mark Preiser, Danny Rush,.Roge Erbaugh, Ruth Goldsberry; Jan ice Hinkle, Jill Bowman, Tim Butz, T-amara Hopper, Victoria Ross, Clifford Snyder, Cindy Den iston, Vickie Scott, Bill" -Winters Kathy .Busch, Carla Butz; Judy Ely, Lieba Higgins, Arleen Price Mary Price,. Patricia-Quinh, To nia Logan. Receiving honorable mentio were: Judy Carney, Jane Cheek Sarah Erbaugh, Bonnie Frantz Sue Keplar, Gerald Clem, Kathy Lloyd, Sharon Balsbaugh, Gloria Brock, Pehona Eaglin, - Phylh" Ford, -Nikki Frey,', Rebecca Hed rick,. Dennis Lake, 'KatKy .Leffert, DONATE BILLS TAIPEI, Formosa (AP) - U.S. pharmaceutical companies have donated 9 million vitamin pills to Deborah .Balsbaugh, Donna Kun | He,-. Carol Powell,. Linda" Nicho •ias/Becky Cook,, Brenda 'Metcalf Lynne" Smith, DeEtta Van Meter Richard Winters. The senior . class .. Other You", was held last week end .in. the auditorium. Ad] Hollon was faculty director, assisted by student director Sharon Schwalm The"' cast included Terry Hed civilians on Quemoy and Matsu islands, the American Bureau of Medical Aid to China reports. CAN BE YOURS BY SAVING THE HOLDEN RED STAMPS OR TOP VALUE STAMPS You Receive with cash purchases, COAL OR" FUEL OIL DON'T KEEP THIS WOLF FROM YOUR DOOR WOLF COAL & SUPPLY 3-14 Heath " " Phon* 3990-2374 -WOMEN'S UNIFORMS ">':''/*;•>! ' ''\ Dacron and nylon in i',| white or pink. . Misses and half sires. Cleart- PENNEY'S i&AiLCO'NY BOYS'SPORT SHIRTS "Long' sleeves in gingham fyiq plaids and novelty patterns. Buy now for, Christ- : ,$}f,y'* mas. Broken sizes. SCATTER RUGS '"'%, ^f'/f'/'. '$£'»sd'''~'''<''i''"'*'f™''f~"£4S"%v>5~' $tf'-M.Vift*ttttZjHt '' «' ' W',7 &'/"-<.;/,{ Af/J/V/M *<,•'/#&# i«vm i bit i<i.ww«« i • .. •;>•/,/•!'e!/' '•.'• '- ,1 " - 1 " ' , , &•''&'<',$. - Big Selection Size c/nd Color ^. ? ; V '-" sw»*i .- CLEANER PRICED" V'/-'- '<;;v6l,; v ft ill $112 $3 CURTAIN CLEAN-UP '. YOURC-HOIOE ' - f Cafes, Priscillas 'and " , novelty, cottage sets Also tier styles. Good selection of colors. •> Some Valances to Match rick, Paul- .Price, Judy Carney, Susan Townsley, Sue Keplar, Sarah Erbaugh, Bonnie Frantz. —Joyce Reedi Reporter SEA LORD VISITS U.S. LONDON JAP)-Adm. Sir Caspar John, first sea lord and chief of the naval staff, left Saturday for New York and a two-week visit to U: S. naval installations. saying over your signature, come will be $209. a month. If that is golden, then the salary of 'We Sate to. see you. Go.' |?595 you paid me must have been "Maybe you should read over this form letter you are sending to employees who are retiring. And while you're about it you'it was. sapphires and diamonds. I never thought it was such And you should hear what my wife-thought may want to eliminate that reference to. _the Korean 'War. It's over. "There are several downs in The Company, as you know. Well, one of these clowns had a tape recorder 'at the retirement party, you gave for me. And he recorded that speech Mr. WMth'erwhip- ple made about me being one of the stalwarts who built The Company, about how The Company could never have/made it without guys like me, etc., etc. "THAT RECORDING, .along with the financial statements. of "As- for the goodie? you wished for me, along with-the gold, I would like to . assure you- that I have been reaping them since the day I-walked out-with my retirement watch . . . which incidentally was marked 14 karat, but I won't go into that.-"The first goodie I got-was the Monday .'morning after I retired. I got down to breakfast 15 minutes too late. My lover girl said she hoped the eggs werea't too hard. Every time I was 15 minutes late at; The Gompany.someboss glared The: Company for the 32 years I've atJmeVthrouglr a ; glass partition been with it have been sent to my! as-:tf. I hadn't paid the Bill of lawyer!. You will be hearing from him soon. Eights. -"THE SECOND goodie was on "t-am appreciative of-the senti-ian'-expense account. Do you.re- ments expressed" in 'the last par?.-1 member what happened when I graph of your letter v . . that part where- you wished my retirement years would be golden years, with all sorts of goodies: I" don't quite understand what you'were talking about. My retirement in- tried to'collect for buying a couple of beers for Hugh Cuiicoot in 1956 ... because I wrongly thought Mr. Cullicoot should consider The Company a -Big Shot that could afford a couple of beers? Well, my wife on Tuesday gave me a five spot from the household budget to walk to the market for some hamburger and such, for a total outlay estimated at $2.85 Lran.into George McLain, and we had a couple of beers.. I though! it advisable for Georgie to think lover girl and I were doing -O.K., so I paid for the beers. I got no back, talk when-I got home. "Other goodies have come along You know about Roscoe over in AccpjKiung- Roscoe would leave the "computer running, with all the red lights on, at 5 -P.M. because Koscoe was due to be off at 5.P.M. And if you wanted the gadget turned off you would pay time and a.half for it. oi had you rather go "to Arbitration? Things have changed.-1 now hire a man lo rake • and burn my leaves for $7.50. He does this, Mr. Brown, or he doesn't trespass on my private property any more. "AND BUS FARE to the office; lunch money; deductions for Social Security, - income; tax, '.insurance, charity, -pension; donations to the flower fund for the sick and to the cancer fund for the dead; a buck for .the; anniversary of the boss, the wedding of-.the secretary, the birthday of Gerald and the'retirementiof Joe. I don't get a pitch for, those'things; any more. . ... "There are 'other /goodies .of retirement, Mr. Brown- most of which, haven't arrived "yet but which I expect. I won't have to prove myself .from, now. on.. I've run the course and won my .pension. If some-guy-in-Toledo overshoots his quota;-goody,. goody! [ won't have, to,- too; If I get ,sick some neuter-gender nurse, from he office won't come around Instead my lover, girl will be giving me the poor-darling treatment. If Eusfice Glickmore gets sick I won't have to double up on my job and do his work until he gets over His malingering. Instead I can send him a postcard, if, I want to. "I "WON'T HAVE to argue with some lunkhead about when I can take my vacation. I won't have to scrape up an intellectual answer to squirm out of some goof. If I pile the percolater, TV set, power saw and sun lamp on one circuit and blow a fuse—or if I get mad enough to slam the front door and break the glass panel in it—I will have only to grin at my girl and tell her I goofed. And everything wifl_ be all right. " "I think, Mr. Brown, that you run The Company very well. I believe in the business- system you uphold. I understand that you are squeezed between the bosses that stand above you and the people like me who are below. And I just.hope-you get to where I have got before you get a heart-attack or an ulcer'and- die dead." For a copy of the new Golden Years booklet by Thomas Collins, send 35 cents in coin (no stamps) to Pharos-Tribune and Press, _Box 1672, Grand Central Station, New York, 17, N.Y..;. • (COPYRIGHT-1961), -GENEREAL FEATURES: CORP.)- sizing me up as a malingerer, iieet' Carnegie Medal To HdbariToufliOMS PITTSBURGH (AP) -, Richard M. Baron, 15, Hobarr, Ind., was named, a Carnegie, hero Friday for saving another schoolboy from drowning May 15, 1957.; ; " The citation.'of the: Carnegie lero Fund : .Commission said. the soy dived from a .pier and swam 30 -feet .in rain.- swollen L'ake George to rescue'Robert IX Bergeson,-15, who was--struggling in swift current between two -sections of the lake..The rescuer had.to . >reak the other "boy's hold on him", repeatedly to "tow him 90 RICHARD M. NIXON for President HENRY CABOT LODGE for Vice CRAWFORD F. PARKER for Governor and Sound Republican Programs for Debt-Free Indiana! KEEP KEEP KEEP education under Hoosier Home Rule. More school rooms haye^been built under the Republicans . . . state aid to local schools has been increased 75% in the past seven years. i building a strong labor force by continuing to bring new industries into Jndianato create new jobs. Today, Indiana is FIRST in the nation'in new plants and new jobs. speeding the expansion program for Indiana's retarded and mentally ill. It jumped from approximately 812 'million under the Democrats in 19511952 to over-$27-million under the Republicans in 1959-1960. KEEP KEEP KEEP today's greatest road building program in Indiana history. Indiana now ranks among the top 10 states in road construction. taxes down. Help Crawford Parker abolish the tax on household good*. Tax loop-Boles must be, plugged. The Republicans pledge every effort will be made to hold taxes down. .a strong'Social Security program* Social Security benefits Jbave been expanded under the Republican Adminisr tration... from 5 million receiving benefits in 1952 under the Democrats lo 14 million in 1959 under the Republican?. 1 -Insure America's-and Indiana's Future VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN NOVEMBER 8 96 IOWIN W.IIAMAH,CA*frmM* MARTHA IWHITIHEAD/MMAttiM* m u

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