The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 28, 1931
Page 5
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TUESDAY. APRIL 24, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first Insertion »nd one cent • word (or each «ut>wquent lUMitlcn. No advertisement taken for less than 60c. Count the words and Knd the «ah, Phone 306 FOR SALE FOR SALE—Baby chicks. Pay this fall. Sec us about p!au. Marilyn Hatchery. IIC-TF FOR RENT LOU BROOK MAN PAtJfl P1V1 CHAPTER XLVII1 » COUPLE danced past FOR RENT—Apartment in Ingram building. Sec Parkhurst Company. 9C-TF, FOR RENT — Rooms for light housekeeping. 415 'N. 8th St. 24P-K29 rURNISUF.D ROOMS — For rent, 512 North First St. 24C-K1 FOR RENT—2 apartments, 3 roonib anil bath each, hot and cold water, newly decorated. 110 South Franklin, Dr. J. A. Salita. 2-1C-K1 FOR RENT—Well. furnished modern bungalow, 015 Hcarri. Call 40. ckl FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, 305 Dougan. 28P-K5 WANTED WANTED — Two or three room furnished apartment. Box "C", Courier News. 28P-K2 POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora Mizell, 2Z07 18th St. TF WANTED-Clcan rags, free of buttons. Courier News. POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad St., west ol courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phone 64. 24C-TF them and Gypsy recognized AUDC Trowbridge's piuk eoftu. Anno laughed and waved. Suddenly the luuslc Bounded harsh iu Gypsy's ears. The porch with Its cheap paper lanterns and 'circling figures swam bcforo her. She managed to finish the dance but pleaded a lieadacbe aud asked jiiu to take- her to a seat where ebe would get some cool air. Before he left her to lluil Auue and Phil she told him she vould be ready to no away Mon day. So that was settled! I/itcr Gypsy dauced a waltz wlih Trow- brldge bul she did noi danco again with JIiu. They stayed the club an hour louder mid thci drovo boiue. Anno said Eho tired aud sliu and Phil went Immediately lo tholr room. Breakfast next morning was served on the porch. Beyond lu ibo auushiue the garden glistened, btill win with dow. Pliil conceded thai life away from tho city did have advantages. After the second belplug ot (eathcr-llght omelet aud four ot Matilda's pop- ovors, he was luu mood to be curious. Aniio plauncd wlm'. they would do whoa Gypsy nnd Jim uuxl visiled is'cw York. Jim was an hour and a hall late reaching lllo olacc. 11» stayed to sec Hie Trowbrldgos drive away after gay farewells aud ur- geut iuvltatious to repeat tlicir visit. Tbere were learn lu Gypsy's eyes as slie said gouduy, wliicli Auuo took as a touching b,lt ol fouling. By 10 o'clock ilioro was uo one In Iho house but Gypsy and -Matilda. Gypsy went Immediately to the ho dresses aud they could utl) Monday. wait WANTED—Ambitious reliable man at once. Permanent position with rapid advancement. Honesty essential. Car necessary. Write fully. Box "X", Courier News. LOST AND FOUND kllchen. "We're changing our plans a LOST—While Gold Watch and Chain Saturday. Five Dollars Reward. Return to Courier. P-K-2 FOR- HUNT—One of Shane Apartments, on Main Street, in very best condition. A five-room house oii:Sccond Street, just freshly-decorated. Telephones 197 and 57J. 28C-K.4 little," sbe told Matilda, "instead o[ taking our vacation trip lu twr weeks I'm leaving Monday am Mr. Wallace will come later, lie', decided to slay at the Carkon iu stead of keeping the bouse ojien You can leave any time afte lunch Monday. If Mr. Watlac doesn't give you your check b sura to remind me, will you?" "You mean this Monday, ma'am? Day after tomorrow?" "That's tight." There were dark circles be- JIM DID not conic home until dinner lime. Sunday lie played olf, so that sho was alone lu Hie louse most o( the day. Wliou Jio camo buiiie lato lu ho afternoon Gypsy waa Millng rather forlornly on Iho davenport lib Iho fox terrier lu her amis. lie took an envelope from his pocket. "Here's something 1 (or tot to give you yesterday." b< said, handing It to tbo girl. Gypsy opened the envelope. A folded bll of green paper which wns her railroad ticket. A smallei pink Elub for the Pullman reservation. "I'll get some Uavolors' checks in the morning," Jim continued "and bring tlioiu out when 1 coine to tako you to the train." "It Isn't necessary lor you to •bother. Lean tnko a cab aud stoi [ your, ofllco. Ho insisted a bit gruffly tha e would come to drive ber t lie station. The Iralu was to leav "1C there's anything you wan ic lo do I can come early," Jlui ffered. "There won't bo anything. A! most everythiug is packed a! cady." Tboy discussed closing up tb IOUKC. They disctissed for wba iccmcd like tbo hundredth tin vbat Gypsy was lo do in Item Suddenly the girl could Bland 10 longer. She Jumped lo be :cet. "Why do you keep on tollin .no all thai?" sbe demnmlei 'Vou'vo told me before. 1—1 dou't want to bear II!" Slto ran up llm blair^ to her own room aud locked tbe door. Slio listened but Ihcre wan tio •ouml downstairs until prc-senlly the green roadster slid oul Ihc driveway. Though she was awake until after midnight she did not hear tho car come back. Monday dawned as fair lays visit, win. and beautiful as an August day can PERSONAL CARS WASHED, Greased, Tops Dressed, Bodies Polished. 50c each job. Dob King, 417 W. Ash. 28P-KO EDGAR COLEMAN — or anyone knowing of his whereabouts, please write John Forshawc, St. I.ouis, Mo., General Delivery. 28P-K4 be. Tbere were tho usual [ormal exchanges at tho breakfast table. Wallace, started to go and then came back to remind Gypey that he would be out in time to get to tho train. She nodded, not trusting her self to speak. All through tho. morning she kept Pat beside bar. They went out to the garden and for the lasl time Gypsy looked at tho flowers Ehc had worked over and loved fa. She wanted to romembc-r the •ncath Gypsy's oycs. She thought thai Matilda looked at her ralLcr ] garden Just as It was now will 1 curiously aud wondered 11 sbellhe golden glow and tho asters "They too." lug I could help with," bo vol-i itccrcd. ^YPSY snl back, "There isn't," Ehosald. "Eveiylhiiig's packed id I'll be ready just as BOOU uu i slen up those things." "Well. I can do that, can't I?" Tlie girl tugged imlencndciilly or a nilnuto but sho could not udxo ihe bar. "All right," she ouceded. rlslUR. "Maybe jou'll e bolter at II Iban 1 am." I'al began snllling around Ibo rutik. "Go aivay!" Jim tohl Iho dog ruffly. llo forced the fastener nto place. "Sure there's ncilliluB iioro lo go in bore?" he asked. "There Isn't, but I'll tako one more look—" Ulio tnrueil toward ho clothes closeL "No—" she egan anil suJduniy lior oyo foil u the terrier. "Pat!" Gypsy exclaimed, "go way. You mustn't do tlintl" The terrier wns iwkltig liln nose lown into llto corner of ttie brown suitcase. As sho spoke he raised ils head. Triumphantly In his mouth he held an old pair ot bed- j™j' n ' f '^ "^,,V" room slippers. Not llio tiny, toml- n I no slippers made ot e-Mn thai Qyiisy wore. Old. battered, brown leather slippers that, could beloug to no ono elso in that household but Jim Wallace. A ruiucd, disreputable, hopelessly vroruout pair of bedroom slippers. She Iricd lo gel to the dog btit Jim -was beforo her. lie took tho slippers from tho dog's mouth aud held them up. "What," lie asked, "aro you doing with these?" "I — I took them.". : , t "Uut what lor?" "1—" Suddenly Gypsy could not speak. She buried her fucu In icr hands and Eobs shook her shoulders. Thu man stood by awkwardly. •'Don't, Gypsy." he said. "Please don't cry. I didn't mean lo make feel badly." Tho tcar» continued. Jim put his arm around :hc girl and she clung to him. "Oh, Jim, 1 can't stand It!" sho moaned. "1 can't eland It to go away and leave you!" Ho pressed her closer. The girl's tear-wet cheek touched his chlu. "Do you mean that?" Jim asked in a lono sho bad never heard him ILSO before. "Do you mean that, Gypsy?" A nodding head confirmed the stalemcnt. "But I thought." Wallace be- l)ou t ber ciirllriu lushes and tbe (.oftness of nor hair. There was llio miracle ol Jim's kisses to 'ie reckoned with. Oh, there una so ranch to marvel at in ti world ihtu luul suddenly become paradise for theso twol No wonder logic and reason nnd "11 tlio things that were topsy- turvy and unoM'lalnablo teemed unimportant. Afterward, of course, they cot around to discussing ibo where- tores. Jim confessed liuw long igo ILO hail tumid ibo 3tinp-.0inl picture ol Crosby In a book. 11« :iiil forgotten nboul It until, 16 nno. right aflcr Crosby'* ho lind conic ucrosa the book i. Tlieiv wan ilio photograph tlih time lie • know who It He bad been euro bofor« ibo man wna Gypsy's licarl. It bud been natural enough to tibsviuio why Crosby had returned. "You see. dear. I couldn't bear lo feel tint I WHS keeping you from lni|i|iiiioss — " "Happiness? You'll never know how UMTililc! these last days have OUR BOARDING HOUSE 'By Aliern wero U'rrlble for me, "Hut. Jim. suppose I'd actually Sottou on that liunlMu trninl Suppose it liiiiln't been lor I'at and the ellppors! Do you Ihink — would you liavo gone through with It?" "I dou't know! 1 don't know anything except Ihtu you nro l!io Gwcotcst, tbo prettiest, tho most altogether nddriililo girl In tbo world. I'm not oven Interested in anyllilni; else! I wouldn't listen if someone offered nio ft railroad or a gold inlue or oue-linlC ot Australia — !" "Wouldn't you though? Foolish! Anil all tho wlillo 1 wus so sura you wauled lo marry Marcia!" "Why, Marcl.t*n gone hnck lo Long Island, Dldu'l you know lhat? Didn't you seo ber plclure the other day lu Iho newspaper? That's rlgbl— 1 guess I dldu'l bring It home. TUoro was u picture ol MarcEii and somn Ilall:ui count togelhor. Tlio headline tiomelbing about Gupid's bow uud arrow's. 1 suppose 5500,000 looks good to Hie boya wllli the titles i guessed what was really taking place. She had heard tbat household servants always knew all about their employers' affairs. It had been agreed that later Jim and tho dahlias lu full bloom. She went back to the house and surveyed each of the rooms. In the library she paused before Jim's desk with hi3 books and New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, April 28 (UP) —Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close May 1003 1003 995 1004 Jill 1024 1030 1014 1023 Oct 1050 1064 1049 10J9 Dec '10S2 1037 1072 lOSlb Jan 1003 1097 1085 1093b Mar 1112 1119 1104 HHb S|X>ts steady and unchanged at 357. was to tell Matilda her services Ibis untidy papers that no ouo else would uo longer would pay her lu needed, lie advance aud there WHS no danger that a cook so skillful as Matilda would lonj; unemployed. Tue small trunk which Gypsy go trip New York Cotton NEW YORK. April 28 (UP)— Colon closed steady. Open High Low Close OD4 100-1 988 BOG 1020 1028 1012 101P 1057 1064 1048 1055 1079 IHSfi 1071 1077 1000 1097 1082 1088 1100 1121 1105 1110 and unchanged at Mas- Jill Oct Dec Jan Mar REPAIRED WASHED] IGRFASHH EATON AND SON rh&ne 700 Main k t 5th S( 1 REPAIRED] had bought lor tbe motor was upstairs in ber room, went upstairs, opened it. and began to pack. Tbe trunk and the old suitcase which she bail brought with her to Forest City were ber only pieces ot luggage. Half a dozen limes since sbe bad kuown she was going away stie bad packed and then unpacked her belongings. She set about it onco more. There was nothing much to no into the trunk except t MALDEN, MO-, April '.'7—Sis men, two of them residing at Par-1 asould. Ark., were placed under arrest, here Saturday afternoon by chief ol police W. M. McMillan charged with repealed looting ofi the AIiUs-N'appcr Wholesale Gro-1 eery company. During the past three monlhsj more than $1.000 worth ol cigarettes ami lobacco have been lal'.en Irom the warehouse here in addition to several hundred dollars worth of candies and other mer-'; chandise. The last robbery wasi Wednesday when more than worth of cigarcls and $53 worth 'of cantly was taken into Arkansas, t is charged, where a lobacco lax s maintained and where Ihry wore 'boollcgijcd". Those arrested charged with Ihc hefts are Gene Bray and Paul Morgan of Paragonlcl. W. It. ISi'.ler, D. Nelson, Ernest Richardson and Oral Nishwongcr o! tins cily. was allowed to louch. "Ob, Pat!" she crieil, dropping to her knees beside the foi terrier. "What nm 1 going lo do? What am 1 Koiiig to do?" I'at rubbed his cold liltte nose against her chin and wagged his tail as comfortingly as possible. Ehc had expected Jim about four for he was always punctual. Instead it was not later than 2:30 when Gypsy, down on lugging at the patented fastener that was lo hold smooth in tlie trunk, heard footsteps on tbo instant Jim appeared IIL the doorway. gan, and suddenly held her away from him. "Look here! Urosby tbo fellcw you used to be n lovo with? Didu't ho come back hero to tell you ha still wanted you?" Now it wan Gypsy who Tvas surprised. She looked up at him through her tears. "Yea," Gypsy said, "but I sent fiim away. I told him"—ber v \vas a whisper—"1 lold him 1 love you!" Out or BOOTS A1N13 HER BUDDIES By Martin WHO IS WHICH? FAY 0. DAVIS Atwalcr Kent Dealer Vhonc 421 Invest With Safety 6^ paid quarlcily on full paid slock, $100 and up. Guaranteed by first mortK-iBo loans on homes in Blytlieville. Secured and Insured. Blytheville Building & Loan Association W. M. Burns, Sec, WANT USE PKONE WOW 1 TttOW- Mt ooHol-lOHOM \ and no bank accounts." "Do you 3uppono fihe'll him?" "Haven't the least Idea. Maylio it's Just another piece ot gucs»- work. SUM, it 1 know Marcla al all Bbc'd get a lot 'Ol out of aunexlntr the word "coun- teas' lunoro her name. like that." Gypuy's arm elolo closer. "Say something else mean about her! I lovo you wUen you talk liko that." Jim grinned. "\Vhnt's this— a METO-WEY! YOUR ? bull. " oice Jealous wife 1 .'. Madam, you fiiir- prise me! Gypsy's impertinent nose convenient, tbo UisH landed thb bewilderment Suddenly Uio gi'r) fronting each ot tliein three facts drew back. "There's nothing in the kitchen for supper," she wailed, "and Matilda's gone. What will we do?" "We'll BO chopping. And" — Jim's voico became emphatic — "whilo we're at it we'll buy Pat a bcefsfcnk. lly the way, when TVC start for Canada next week let's plnn to be gone six wceka were made plain. Jim's lips found and conquered Gypsy's In a man ner amazingly satisfactory. Gyp rested against the most wny mid his arms were Ihe protection sbo had always dreamed of. TIMS trip's go honeymoon!'*11 1C "Thought there miqht he some- warn-, wbilcncss of Gynsv's One of the oldest forms ol sell^ i^ of auction by Ctindle. is lighted as the Inst bid made before it burns on ui> for sal: nml the is (he fcuccessful one. KNOCKliI) COLD! ILMtECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS LlliE OF BE GUAD TO _ LET YOU LOOK AT ~IT •(' I'M RV3HT ASAI1J IT'S JUST IT VJAS HIS \JiELL, VJWO IS HE? ANYBODY 1 CAPTAIM J \>JAS . PERSOM SWHO sTot£ HECTOR'S RUBY, VJCOLDMT VCWCM4 IF L DID TELL YoO.... 1 U|Jo\>J \JJHO TO FOR...TMATS ALL THAT'S I'M JUST DV1SI To WJOKl,. f? A\MRl(jHT, PEDRO. / AvMJvy. 5UOx\j THCM tKDS ) WNE.RCENT tR GUILTY, THUNDER, SER V.NCES f\RE LIKE ft. 1?1O FU\W£E MS.OOO. ME IF I fMM'T Ot-' ^ MIMO TO TURN MOO iw M' COUE.CT TH iiooiv MtSEir, / AKS \f NOD T«INK?> t pi\$KT BO IT, JUST G>T "s CWM^T Wl 1 ME.. W3V1 UVELV. VOU 3u'i\65,, Pitt S IMOT VtR PCfEAKtp OF. Tut P.OPES -T^EY WAMTS TO 'KT OLP COSTA CtU(\K!DE VOD'RE C.RA7V. SEE! Venezuela has lifted its ban on radio apparatus and now allows Lhe importalton of scls and \iarls, subjecl to government periuils. Crane

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