Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on July 1, 1975 · 33
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 33

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1975
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Chicago Tribune, Tuesday. July 1, 1975 Section 3 TempoMovies MOTION PICTURES MOTION PICTURES- DOWNTOWN -MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN MOTION PICTURES - 1st Rua Chicagolaad- . MOTION PICTURES -1st tu Cfeleagelaad DOWNTOWN The western Brooks 9 'Bite lives in the Bullet9 TRIBUNE MINIREVIEW Th Wect livas 'a "BITE THE BULLET" Wrtttaa and directed by Blctitrd Brooks, FMtoeraphtd kf Harre Stradline Jr., music by AIM North, Colombia rlea It Reiahborlwoe theater. Beta PO. TUB CAST Sam Clayton Owl Hadrmm Mitt jonoa Candlce Bene Luke MatikowS Jemee CoOona "Mister" Bon JobnsoR Norfolk l BeeneR Cars Joe-Michael Vincent Trie MerlcoR Marie Arteaaa TM Roportor Robert UfMf Lm Christie Robtrt Hoy J. B. Parktr Paul Sltwirt FOR THOSE WHO may have thought the westers was dead, look again. Look at Richard Brooks' "Bite theEullet." It's been a few years since we've seen a western that didn't try to comment on previous Old West movies, critically or comically. From the grubby "McCaba and Mrs. Miner" and "The Great Nortkfield, Minnesota Raid,", to the comedy of "Blazing Saddles" and "Rancho Deluxe," the traditional western of broad emotion and oversized characters has been derided and condemned thruout the 1970s. Some said the western died along with John Wayne in "The Cowboys" 11972. But Richard Brooks, who similarly revitalized the traditional western nine years ago with "The Profes- sionals," has given old workhorses and old myths new life. "Bite the Bullet" is a simple story. A western newspaper sponsors a 700-mile horse race across the American Southwest. The prize is $2,000, win-. ner-take-alL A note to youngsters: Kids, this film is set in 1906, before television, was invented. That's why the prizo fund is so low. The competitors, eight in number, include a former Teddy Roosevelt Rough Rider who loves horses Gene Hackman, another Rough Rider who's a big gambler James Cobura, a reformed hooker who needs money to support her jailed boy friend Candies Bergen, a young hot-blooded cowpoke looking for thrills Jan-Michael Vincent, an old trail hand searching for final glory Ben Johnson, and an Englishman and a Mexican who are around, presumably, to help the movie sell outside of the United States. . IF YOU READ thru that list again, youll notice writer-director Brooks has covered the major mythic human types. The characters include both sexes and all age groups, and their motivations range from short-to long-term happiness. The film covers a wide expanse of good-looking territory and climate, from snow-covered Colorado mountains to the white sands of New Mexico. Eight riders pushing their horses and themselves to the limit. Both foam at the mouth. The dominant theme that Brooks hammers at, hammers a bit too hard at, is that for Americans, winning is everything. "Nobody remembers the losers," says one of the contestants. ! : . The film legitimately criticizes the winning-is-every-thing notion, but it does so in spite of Brooks' occasion-ally overwritten dialog. Like few films I can recall, "Bite the Bullet" does manage to make you believe in . the joy of competition to the point that you actually ; don't care who wins the race.. I honestly sat in the ' theater, halfway thru the picture, and. decided It wouldn't make too much of a difference to me who won. V ; Gene f d Siskel U J Movie critic L And I got that feeling because I was enjoying the characters and the scenery. Gene Hackman's character turns out to be simply one of the most decent men we've seen on the screen in a long time. THE ONLY PROBLEM with Hackman's Kindness to animals and other living things is that occasionally he appears too good to be true. But that's not a fault of the acting cr writing. We don't believe in truly good persons anymore, because cynicism and self-aggrandize ment have become the dominant themes of most movies. A selfless human is a fool in the world of "The Godfather" and The Sting." " , ' Ultimately, however, we are convinced that Hack-man does exist, and ultimately it is his good will that .turns our mind from victory to sport Hackman's humanism also enhances the characters of Coburn and Bergen. The two guys have an enjoyable conversation about competition while soaking their saddle-sore skins in a pair of adjoining bathtubs; in the film's best monolog, Hackman muses to Bergen about "the people people marry." It's one of many fine speeches in "Bite the Bullet," a film that should inspire more original screenplays. "Bite the Bullet" strikes a strong balance between majestic vistas and wise words, the very balance that has always made the great westerns memorable. FILM NOTES: I fail te see the reasoning behind the title change of Carl Reiner's comedy "Where's Poppa?" 1970, The film currently is being revived at the Marina City Cinema under the title "Going Ape." But in both the newspaper ads and in the theater's recorded message, the film is additionally identified as "formerly Where's Poppa?' " If you have to reveal the original title, why bother to change it? Unless, of course, this is a two-step maneuver to change the film's title without further identification when it plays in more theaters at a later date., That way the distrib-, utor could claim sufficient notice and still fool most of the people most of the time. Buyers, beware. 1 KiTSE" The Real Cool School! IA 1230 EXT. El r n j NOWIOpwf u. 105 u. . Ca!S ti Mows tatavcaUnaOordUtta Opt. I C La. LastFaatars Bur u jo ml wswLef $ Score Jessica To Death" F fitly: "QiOfATU JCXES t US.W) Of 6010' Jtl'MHt ) INSUALI SHAMEFUL! mm M ' J SAVAGE t SHOCKING! tj 0peB$LOL iMtFutcm l:4S MI- SUSAN GEORGE PERRY KINS KEN NORTON warren beaity Julie chrislie goldie hawn oenelMom. HE HAD THE LIGHTEST TOUCH IN A HEAVY &) rtUffiUUJ 4th KSiiTH BOWOTOWM tommy Open S km. LKtFettun 1QAS ML LAST 3 DAYS! :J llii They fought their way Across 800 miles ol escape, adretttuis ut sturvtvoA in A f in r ... - ' oroi:oe.M. n qLII I m 11 11 I I -TURI P.M. I B . n' I p ii 1 1 it nl immssn - ' 1 ItBIHBBBBBlSlBBHBMBBBMnd - II u , 1 1 ft it ft Fill PILLOW PARTY ran Z,Y" 'J "'"A WOMAN :si25mcvickersi2 ICHtSEFWlTHEGaOaiEOLEl t SPECTRE OF E0GUU1MKE i IK UKB THAI IDE FOBGOT m n . mma ptut GIHL SERVICE "THE FIRST ADULT FILM ABOUT LOVE." Slating CtOSONASFOVN or OMnhrf WWWW f- Sn4BIO OUlT MtTli) IV I I Y . i2 min itrtst imn -1st Run Chieaqolond- lit Ran Chlcaqoland- -MOTION PICTURES --1st Run Chicagoland- . MOTION PICTURES -1st Rub Cblcagoland - 7 EMI it it it it i ROGER EBERT, ' Chicago Sun-Times ."Kyi no infirm nmim L.uTLDOlSTS occtCJCItfU ari;ir c:tFr;..H2 Tnt.'nii'' ' Oncaqo Nile Lombard -MOTION PICTURES 1st Rub Chlcogoland I . MOTION PICTURES I- SPECIAL SHOWINQ SOUTH Cn Hochman-Jine Coburn BITE THE BULLET 'JarqwIineSusanns (lmlsXotEDIh,,,50 rAI AMVlUi-M. Oun JUS tULUNT :M-8:00 ft 10 1 'III 6:30 Wirran BEATTV ' 11.25 Aft. "8HABP00"(R) uinAIIFfTf IM-Kil OP- 10 IVlHnviUE I I E M.tln. Todiy! "LAND THAT TIMl fOROOT" (PQ) SPECTRE of EDBAB A. POE' (PO) SOUTH (5th it CIMr MatlnM only WALT DISNEY'S 11.25 TILL 3KM 1:00-25-4 KM) EXTRA) "HOUND DOO RACCOON" AIADSI HI MW.IIBT.O.S!i5 nUiUIIMIt A FAMILY FILM (U) ALL SEATS 1 TILL 6 :30 P.M. "BENJI" EXTRA t SELECTED SHORT SUBJECTS mill W 3ri A WMtwn 0. 6:00 WAT (X) ADULTS ONLV! "WET RAINBOW" ,Jg 'Hottest Show In Town ':?0 TWuanvi inlsiE.lM. MIS-M3I O mHri I UUHUop. I M). Hit Fnt. 6 LAND THAT TIME FORGOT' 'Rsport to the Commissions.!-' BRIGHTON Disney's "BAMBI" Op. 'Hnna Thtt Thiuiht Ht Wu A Rtomn" 927. sou 'LAND THAT TIMl FORGOT' tt ISO, fM 7 1 t Jry 'suntcors' I 1:10 anty RHODES 7t-RhIM ST t-tttn "LAND THAT TIME fOROOr' Mn V. MiON "BLACULA" Win. Mwirull SOUTHWEST ClltllitbULUT m 'THE STFff 0HD WIVFS r run TTM n f Htun t i-mmi FREE PARKING The LAND That TIME FORGOT 6 'SO S30 I2M Hut S67-8MI Q. BtrMn. 1. Coburn Own iRITrTh. BULLET' I 930 HYDE PARK M.ckmnn 1 ;'pfcm of tnnA ah ru rot" lag TilU CiVnIY tHOVI V rrt;.'-- AfWntWKochProduclui tiuiyUMVuaC LJMOMUU9 KHIsBXhi JUabSsilk tWIi IsBBMB (VRjUBitlM Mriinlsrtt BTtBWnn tfSBTlltlffiB M J . ft lliryMwrini ti i Fi InrintMitWitM HjmirfuSuui FikHiMnlWKodl , kCayCnn itsrmcrtt . PLAYBOY Vhm OJeags CkieiRB Pliu RIVER OAKS 3 CalDmetGlj CCCDEERBR00K DecrfitM riiuWOGDFIELD , SckaBjnbnrg irEYERCRIEN Erergrces Park SOUTHWEST MMT NIW FAAUiV INIUIAINMtNl "BENJI" 1lSV-SiM-IiI0-Tia4iM . UKUtH MICI Til MO . "UNIT FINAi WIIK HOt WIDNItOAT MIL BROOKS IAFF RIOT "TOI MO FRANKENSTEIN" AT F trm n tmnch comnictwn r IXCLUMVS 1ST. SHOWINO II Man AT IJJO-li4Hi00.7iJOS M Mny to Intern, for vnoflfr hildrtn. Bnrt. irin'tll 1 2 -JO 11.25 the most highly eccl3imedfihn of the year warrenbeatlv fulie chrislie 'goldie hawn 1 Is pjtN NOW PLAYING Consult local directory for a theatr near you. I greowooof JAMES CAAN UnitBdArtBts , a NORMAN JEW1SON rarn'WDliERLWT . imumsa-mmmmm-llS'H PXIHAAD50N hMrctvbrWILLlAM MWH-c4xMWE PPV1N Anadottaduar FWR)Q RQ-Mua)0Wfa4br NORMAN JEWtSON 330 CAST OHIO STREET 2 BLOCKS t. ef Michioan Av. rrrn 372-2054 1 ptAHiowN mm law 1st Rub CMcoqelaBd WVI '4'm STATI-LAKI HALSTEB ORITI-IN Downtown Rlotrdil ..GEKEIKCKfUH IBITETliECULLETI ' IAN JAN-MIGHAEL BANNEN VINCENT BEN JOHNSON i. lister - , RICHARD BROCKS ' ' T''Al''lm'''U l'lt" ' " tiVVm "r"""' "l ll,IL NOW PLAYING AT THESE SELECTED THEATRES AND DRIVE-INS: , In Chicago: MARINAPORTAGEHYDEPARKtJPTOWN In the Suburbs: EVERGREEN MERCURY Enr green Park ElrowoodParfc 53Drive-In MORTON GROVE NORRLDGE Palatine Morton Grove Norridg OLD ORCHARD RANDHURST YORKTOV7N Skokis MtProtpect Lombard At The Drive-ins: BEL-AIR CICERO DOUBLE SHERIDAN Cicero Moneo Chkajo Argo SKY HI STARLITE SUNSET TWIN Addiaon Oaklawn Skokia IMweJing f la Indiana: RIDGE PLAZA KENNEDY Griffith Heanille 41 DRIVE-IN Htniinond Y&W DRIVE-IN MarrillBlB J SOUTHWEST Suburban Theaters NORTH orm to waw it Am t nwr rm ma - - ORTHBROOK- """""'iTW UNO THAI THAI FOIOOTi Mitieei ceiea Tee BeilieMeir PAMOTIte FOXY IWWIf I 'IMF IAL.fl THftT TIMl rC BO nv I IPF 6R" MHtKAtMMAH C.MWCI tlROI 'BITS. THI BULLkr H m 'THE LAfcO THAT TIME roBOOT tU.T ' TMI UN WHO tlYNOLM Invm r.i BAMriMOr I SO FUA KARKIT " - avf ay Sunday AM.nrM, Um Call 332-22S4-Arh t P m. , SVBVIIBAN THEATRES NORTH EDENS 1 -tfcaKSTU PETER SELLERS omjMe ?a a-aiiM u Wimm1mm' Jut W HMIIIfVIISII Q JiH, IIS $1.25 AROAIN PRICE MOM. THRU FRI. TO I SAT. A BUN. TO 1M p. at. EDENS 2 id 7CMM AND STEREOPHONIO BOUND ,,HB WIND S LION" 1:30, 3:40, 6:45, 81OO, 10i1S -SKOKIE- -DEERFIELD- Pi..H!JU(ll i iJAROA IHMAJ$.tViiar0AT7WJ:MK "THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT". 22mmliLmmmmimmmmlmmmm "JACQUELINE SUSANN'S CNCE IS NOT ENOUGH" SrOCMt9f.7itM BITETIIE BULLET 1 i30JiOO.Tii4 1 BKarTfxi baaaltjr fulM UinW "juklj7rMrwiu j 'SHAMPOO'l -EVANSTOH- 1710 Shtrrai. Land 6:50-10 Terror 6:30 PS SEATS $1.00 TIMES 'LAND THAT TIMl FORGOT' t 'TERROR IN THI WAX MUSEUM' 817 Chicago Avenue "Shampoo" I e.aio Warran Bgatty OR 3-4214 Riw With DnlP?KIO.IO:IS Sntall ATakatha Money 4 Ran' 1:45 tYfMit J'2 Llntala 9IUA1E with Dnll -WAUKEGAN- WAU'CANDrL-INN"1', W. BEATTV "SHAalPOOO" 0. HAWN 4 "AND SOON THE DARKNESS" (R) -WILMETTE- Wll MtTTTC 1122 Cmt. Ne birailn IVILIVtCIIE prlcai thli elctura only CANNES PRIZE WINNER Maria tone Nat. Jtan Lnttla Trlntlanant "LES VI0L0NS DU BAL" LIHIMIUH 1702-16 Caarral St. I "Efeer Sanotion" (R) "Lion In Winter" 7H0 6:45 NORTHWEST -ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ii WALT DiaNBV'S BAMBI" liW.3i30-Si30.rila-t.ia d 1 1MUBS THAT TM0U4HT Hi NU 1 FlCCOOr 04 Nt HACKMAN JAMI5 COAUAN But THE BULLET" "THK REVENOCRS" Enjoy our Homes Leisure Living Section It puts the good life right at your fingertips fiimdav's -GLENCOE- ALICE OOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE HIGHLAND TTfTTTITI PARK- Bt.feWMAnmnYnAr'm a;3op.M.-si.3r. Tf, WAIT DiSNm li3B4i3a.t.MS4i O ' I noowa wit mryioiT wt ws mow lAf SI'EISANO IA9T" ft 'it fjtm WALT DISNEY'S OP. -I2S6. 11.29 TILL 80 SHOWS AT IK, 2:45. 4:00, 5:45, 7:30, 6:16 P.M. NORTHWEST HANOVER PARK- pmmmtwm ill ..'ari. t aVl,.l.,'a.-,lii'. 'BAMBr WALT OISNETS )-a-S8-:30 7!0-e 30 O A -HOUKO THAT THOUGHT HI WA3 AACCOOH" WAHHEN BEATTV GOLOIEHAWN SHAMPOO AT? -4 6 8 10 ft NOW PLAYING NortOWn Qtleago Highland Park Cinema Highland Park River Oaks - aiumet city Crossroads MerrilMIMnd. V ' Be j;. Ir- -rVj IN I I llelrB-CQidwgn Mayer nesufs je PliilMtPulaciciiJlilsliiPus VfrndKLiDD ru lianaice ueip isnanra Wiitiea'sail Diredesi tq Jatiti ttnias fnitictfKjFtnJalU Musie-aturi CcsssiiUi fttnlliPainisiM- m PG( REGULAR PERFORMANCES United Artists In 70 mm and Stereophonie Sound : oPeiiaPsiilKV SUBURBAN THEATRES iGj DnitBd Artist, NORTHWEST HOFFMAN ESTATES TlUNDERB,Da,,,HrBT,Bl,.,. Of-IBS Mat. Dairy BmBI "Moan That Thniht Ha Wu Raataon" -SCHAUMBURG- -NILES- LMaVaaabaAiatdMAaVv ispm Iil6,4:l.:1 Et""" " S:lt, 10:11 PETER SEUfRS m It: 'M '.!.!.! II I f, a at ? 4 Sorrn. No Pmi'i iioo. a.ii., i4i, laoo pa BARGAIN IfnlCES. f.P' 'Vo.t" HON. THRU FRI. TO S P.M. a 4 AA AT. B SUN. TO tiJO P.M. 1.UU 2:1.1.4 i4..7MS.0-J& 'SUSANN't ONCI tt NOT INOUOH1 11.29 Men-M tt pmStt-Sun to 2:10 Mtl BrooM' 'jouttq frat FrankvmHTn vf:tpf: WEST -ADDISON- ADDISON Stibtirbati Theaters W EST I NAPERVILLI AREA SKYLARK I "BAMBI" . - ?-2' bW that time TnSaav 'LAND THJ FORGOT l JiJ a'spectreot edgar allen poe- po -BERWYN- -NORTH riverside "BERWYN 6404 W. Carnak "SHAMPOO" IDO-SM R -NORRIDGE- Ata HOOKS' COMIC AAASTUtPtECa "YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN" ltio-4iiaio.ano-ioiio T- RITZ 6543 W. Rootmlt ST 6-4660 'Raaa oltn (ha Datll6d0-6 J S6444I00S Daad'SKManly CetoBMotlrTi4ir).jBirnB Coburn BITE THE BULLET 9!3O-9tO7;10-9i43 OLYMPIC -CICERO- SI56 W. Caraak Rd. ipot aas. a i4i. mi i no ana Tnat lima roreor--5 A-S:IS "Torror In tho Wu Maonm" -ELMHURST- Th. oouraol aoOAR AUAN FOi" 160 N.York S34-067S Mat. Dly. Il.:s. Child Ua6w IJ 75a YORK 'LAND Tbat TIME FORGOT' S'JS-69W-ttS Saaatra of E. AIWA Pao 8AWVINWATS.tVtaT WTI13 K'At.-$l 3f. walt "BAMBI" et- BISNET'S m, fM I5.3:50.6:I3-6:SO 6 TfJWfP THAT TWOt?OHT HI WM a ICCOOM FmAi wnw awoa wioniodav "YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN" -OAKBROOK- -ELMWOOD PARK- North A Harlan 4.A.10..0A PO ana Haeaman 'BITE THE BULLET' MERCURY CINEMA 1SS OAK P.OOB JM WOm rARKIrfO IrjaTHiWINOLIONI I T:.n 8:45 I TtWTiOIIlMI,iw T:S6 TO-00 -PALATINE- -DES PLAINES- DES PLAINES XZtiWZ Orlant laama" 7:M-t:ll Calar (PQ) -elgin- STAR VIEW Outioer open0 73? "LAND THAT TIMl FOROOT" Flu' "SPECTRE OP EOUAR ALLEN POE' -ELK GROVI VILLAGE- 1050 ARU ) SllWhH "SHAMPOO" eS"'E HIGHWOOD- X".'K!GHW00D ANGIE BABY & aiisnariaaal 492.0410 LOVE AGONY, -MT. PROSPECT- -LAKE FOREST- nrrDPATii m Dr,tm sm-jio? VBLriTHin-RacooltD DtrlP 7.10:11 -laaa anay Hun' w. All'H 01.00 j MORTON GROVI 1 NILES 1 1 MORTON GROVE OP. 1i30 $IJ in a no 'BITE tha BULLET' LAWRENCEW00D 'BAMBI' OP. lllSA'HOt'ND THAT THOUGHT WTO! lion HE WAS A RACCOON' -MUNDELEIN- "Prisoner of 2nd Avenue" 1 A 'i ft A INMATE IVtHtlMTritJ ,K)PM,-H 1 THE i 'IBYOAY 'fj! 5 inPM - ,1 J WAIT oitMira " o..a w-T.ia iw urn mown! hi wii aiccootr BAMBI TimE FORGOT PROSPECT 'SHAMPOO' B' KM ill -FRANKLIN PARK- BARGAIN PRICES tt 91 MON. thm Pri. to S P.M. SAT. A SUN. TO 2:30 P.M. Willow Greek IT 14 AND NEW RT S3 DBth Jt V United Brtitts B;45, 7:60 N0 1:15 ,x at. VILLAGE $1.00 to 7 30 P.M.' "That's Enterfalnmint". GLEN ELLYN. PTnjilfDDnril Oorinak Rd. Rt. vwianvvn a-4-t-S-IB Pfi YOUNO FRANKENSTEIN' -OAK PARK- ri raj wait -hound that thousht ULLI1 Dlmoir'a HI WAS A RACCOON' OPEN 1i30 ''BAMBI" am I AVE "2t Laka 81. Ralad (O) LHIVC n.ja to ao P.M. At 6l 7ISS, 10-PtTER SELLERS "Ratnra ,V, Pink Panther" HILLSIDE. EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS rt.EUL'lSOOFSr.CST I WEEK! Silt, 6:03 A lOflO LAMAR $1.25 120 S. Marlon EU 6-4240 lit Run I (PO) Prahlttarlaal Advant. "THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT" At 6:40 A 16:15 Plua at 8:30 Only "TERROR IN THE WAX MUSEUM" 53 DRIVE -HINSDALI- BENE HACKMAN CANflIRE RFROEM mmmm I'RiTP'Tue Riiiirr: uiucnair kh Bmoa-a urt aiati wfcfc "Tal cnalrt" .0;, "PANORAMA P.I HE" DULT Bat Aatroto-Bll.n B.ntyn rMHUaUUVIH BLUE ONLY 'Alio Omn't Llva Haro Anymaro' 1:40 PARK RIDGE PICKWICK "BAMBI" 625-5800 . 6:30-8:00-9:43 -LOMBARD- rolling MEADOWS-MEADOWS ,rw" "SHAMPOO" WHEELING A ADDISON SKOKIE Ifofw He.tkmaan-.amat (.BkuFFI BITE THE BULLET .,. Trig STOTfirMW! minuiavxn hex :ti 1.HU..J IHaJliAtEFOtiGOT'' E'jricm CrtDQAa AL,tN lof ks " T pm -arna ma.lATgao EXCLUSIVE 1ST. SHOWING "JAWS" 15,30.1 4 00-7i50-i40 PB Mtr ll too MTinu roa touaita cwiWfl aaroAiN aici Til trtio"AW" S4NI HACKMAN MMII COAUBN 'BITE THE BULLET' no aaanaiN aaici ru t,ia ai ai "imtrf -VILLA PARK- inil B BIT 121 NORTH viLbHrn. iieuBMBnn VII Mm. ww AT 6:00-160 (R) 176.7129 a -WEST CHICAGC SOUTHWEST -JUSTICE- MIDWEST PREMIERE LisOGUYG 1 WILD FLICKS (XI ' CORK K-M " UUI1l DOORS OP. I P.M. -LA GRANGE- PT LAGRANGE "BAMBI" 64 LaGranao Daily 1-3-5-7-9-Q -TIN LEY PARK- oak PARK AV6. SOUTH OF IJh sr. IN SatMINTOWNI MA It o 430-1010 m ai a,2. 7.00, a.40. icMj , una 'BACIWITH I FONDA THI DIVIL' 0 MATINEE DAIIT OPEN 1.00 MTU 'RETURN OP THI SElltBS PINK PANTHER AI 1,2), HO. 3.40, 7i4, 9 3 Oil K WEEK DAYS TO 4:30 F.AA. 6AT., SUN. A HOT. TO 3 P. A SOUTHEAST -CALUMET CITY- DNLTFY,BAM3I' 9:05 0 Plua "RUPCRDAD" 10:36 fl Adm. Ilili ihow only Adulla 13. Child. 50r 3 sx I I :i0-4-6:40-9:?0 PGI Borbre Streisand "FUNNY LADY" 1 Terranto-160th 2--.-IO R "SHAMPOO"! SOUTHWEST DOWNERS GROVE TlVflll X121 Hllhland WO 1-0215 IIVVUMon.-Tftlirt. BARGAIN II.M) WALT "RIMP.I" 2:00. . 150 DISNEY'S BBHIDI tM t ,:4 alvi "Hound Thoulht Ht Waa Rafloun" DUPAGE "Land Yf-Foreot" Stt-WM Faatere el 7UI A I P.M. -HOMETOWN- UnMtTnUtM TIMCMA iwiiili win Kao'.r t?:ra. "flesh Gordon "WHERE DOES IT HURTV S Torrrnot-lfOtll J:30-3-7S5-9:48 Rl 'RURANN'S ONCE IS NOT ENOURH'I -HAMMOND- "'v "Bit! 41 "FLESH "BUSTER Th. Bolltf GORDON'; AND BILIII- SOUTH BLUE ISLAND - r'TIVDir s' Mtar ' Park Prat PB 'LAND TIMl FORCOT' 4:30-9:50 A TSRROI hi the WAX MUSIUM' -DOLTON- nniTirM MiitOMtaee saa-BTe IVUI.ltiVNicKKL RIDa" (Pfl) as "RACI WITH THI DIVIL" Su3,tM J

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