The Kansas Weekly Herald from Leavenworth, Kansas on March 9, 1855 · 3
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The Kansas Weekly Herald from Leavenworth, Kansas · 3

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1855
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o .TIIEKANSAS HERALD. T- FRIDAY MARCH U. IS53. - - For the Kans llmM. j JA CowiwiJo3Jcr of Indian .IfTairs. -, . Tt makes one doubt the nawnr of truth to w C Jom, firm of Slow A JcnvSL Louis combat successfully ine ana 01 laisenooo. . hU-, is oar cthorltcd agent for that city. when reading as we have of late, in several Dr. T. J. Kik. is our agent at De Klt, M. 1 ,fvlTr. t;.v 1..:ma" T. A. WT, at Su Joseph U authorized to re-1 . J ltlheriptions. - . : ' conduct of Commissioner Mannypenny W. W. Crura is agent lor trie ueraia u ia bis manr.e-ement of the Indian Depart- rett MitUri. - . T. . ,!,,. CT,:.W It Mr. JAMES M. LYLE, wiU .causes to. - . become a candidate forth Houe 0. tstlves, f Leavenworth to the Territorial Legi Mature, J VShethcr paid for in m rerth District, ts will be snrpted byl , rena urn-i-t, ., ANY VOTERS. oiucial patronage, it is oney, promises, or ia all the same; and . . .rni 1.1 1 ' 1 .1 : I . 1 . I. tr are authorised to announce .-nr. jua me pudhc are aa mucn ucithcu us iuuhu r A I All CLARK, a acaaJIUate for the CouhcU. wcrc Uiy hoiiCs: tring of the at let COBUai cinuu i, ., . . . uvw...w . . f a reaveauon of the people. " I tram of the writer, ; W are authorised to nr.ounr JOHN A. r Mannypenny," says one writer, -utoth. ' Territrit Itilatur of deserves the thanks at the public for tfx Kansas, in th Shaw?:e Mission District. posing the frauds upon the Indians Under SiaTIffllJ Ho .Sf rST- Vr administration," Granted, But tires, pf trie'Trrrftorlat TgbiLt'.-.:r of Ksn-jhow much better, than exposing frauds in rr: " r;rTtnw "a an ; voters t rm them in Wa are authoriaej to announce Mr, C. Mc- these latter uays : e, who arc dwellers rTfF. a candidate for council or tne lerruor- I rr,,;- n.,Uii,iJUff...,i.4: tonal LetUlatureal the enauin(reUeUon,snbjeet i a decUioo of a mawity of voter. the Indian Department. We have lour vn IT 1 A I ( . If Cape kastix, mu oecosi- a nom.i- .i0i t!iem lor years-, but have looked m va;n Iiflf ,h. first Leeisiature of Kinsai Territory, lr reform under the administration of the tewlllreceUethf npiortof ' many SqnaUer. I man who stands lcfore this section of the 4 A SALT CREEK. SQLATTLR. - . . . . . . icounirv now powenui in oiucc it is true. A Salt Creek Squatter," calU oa us to be- yet wicWing h;s r whh an arrogancc come a eaccicaie ir .vuum. -.v . .. . tUnt ., . iJy thiitoay,if tbe pro-sUry partj desire f 1 - s. to u our uaae ftwl think we can be of anv 1 -ir. -uannypenay ocsprving inmuv, ior rue, we are jtisfi-.-d to be placed in any yo-1 sooth ! i hanks for the distribution ol arms aition where we can woik niot cectua.iy ror i anj otier munitions of war among the lies the good of tL caus. V. c Ucire tmica and coacert of action among orr irionds. tile Indians, and thereby aiding to make the emigrants journey, across the plains, ahvay one of peril, and frequently one of death For it should be known that the rifles which these wilder Indians use in their Up to going to press, contrary to our expec tatione, e hate r.ot received the election I'ro- -.clamatioa. Wbeti it w 111 be j ubluhna, tUi CoverLor onlv knows. Every body else is kept in profound ignorance. How much lonr will ! forays againdt siuall parties of the whites the present itate of things be endured? are the gift of the Department over which r.-,r,.. ri,iTjcTa. The Proclamation de- presides this model Commissiauer I And aing the boundaries of the Judicial Districts, J when tho friendd of the murdered read o nd assigning the Judges to the-.r proper Uts- ,,ie Ji0rrcrs of the massacre, oh ! wo beg of trict, ha, been pabltad at lxwrcnce. , f in Qf their ArxiaiL. Thi splendid steamer Admiral m ill UlQ thanks tl.ey owe the Commissionei ! ,una.areffuUrp,fcettmsMaion netween T,je CoirJui,s'iorier ma a friend 0 ... . , , . i n.f it,t r the Indian. And if enmity to the poor 4ae of the poiaU of t-ppi... Capt. tinker, J i owns a share in our town, and feeln a lively in- white man is friendship to ti e poor Indian terest in the place. VTe fcope our citiens will rthun he is one. Ihit we are not of those extend to his Boat a l;!-:al patronage. &e who think the interests of the races so an Tcrtueuent. j tagoniwic that to love the one we must hate Fot Scott at acctios. A.i ie govern- th(, wh mT 6q U rerJOUnJsto meat build:nrs at tort bcoit are oliereu tor a.iei . . i m the credit of any man to excite the hostiluv mi auction on the lotli dav of April. Here will I J h.A fine o:,!o.t jnitv to set rood Hou&es. that of one against the other, as has been ut can be rtJuoreJ, ar.d put up cL-ewhere. See td- J tempted in this Territory. wtisem.i. ' j "But," says another of the Commission- KsfMi. fciblcr, Qr. Maur tt Fort L-avtg- er's eulogists.'he has denounce 1 the settlers '" worth wants to buy 25;J mule, llercisa rhauce I c-n the Delaware lands, and descrvese red- bot!i ignored, in trder that roine great land company might purchase, through the Indian Comadssioner, the fairer portion of le .Territory, ajid thus stand door-keeper to one-third of ju. river front. .The Com missioner may well cry out against the squatters in his rage and disappointment. But he must look elsewhere ' than here or pity. JLet him tell his story, of projects natched from Lis grasp, to that land com pany, and , may be they will pay him for his effbrtSj though unsuccessful. But if they will not, wo see no better chance for the Commissioner to make money than to give himself the contract to furnish the presents, his year, to the Sioux Indians. It must needs be a big contract, for the Department ha3 asked for the moderate sum of thirty thousand dollars ! to pay for the transpox tation merely. And it would be no more than reciprocal to admit some of his official inferiors into the concern. They have scrv ed him faithfully as minions; they have turn ed spies and common informers tell-tales and &landerers,and made shipwreck of whatever of principle they brought inta his dp partment. K, .IMjJEX&YIUSW.I, March 6th. 1S55, At a meeting of the squattters of the vicinity of the Stranger and others. Capt. Kastin, was calle d to the chair and tVm. G. Mathius appoint ed Sec". Col. Alexander rose and stated tb object of the meeting to be, the building' of brige across the Stranger at the town oE Alex andria and further stated that it was confident ly expected that a publie road would pass im mediately through that part of the neighborhood of the stranger where the said town has been lo cated and that a bridge would be necessary. On motion of Jufge Payne, a cominltte of fiv was epponted to submit a plan oa which th said brige bhall be built, and the whole supervis ion of the building of the said bridze shall be v' 'lW. C. BAKER', DRAFTS A5D DEAW5 MAPS, TOWS FLATS, LSO, all kinds of Architecture," Machinery, 2.x. and every description of drawing executed in a superior style, and satislaction given. orders let: at trie lieraia omce jLeavewnworm will be promptly attended to. : X gjy'Charges moderate. - s. t March 9, 185a, : - . c, s WANTEDV one or two laborers immediateT y,' to cut Vou logs and make rails on a claim tiear JLeavenwortn. bnouire of .KOBT L REAM, Fort Leavenworth. March 9, 1853. 26-lw ... ; to sell for ca-h. S-e adveitiemcat. J5"We regret to hear of tao death of Carton A. James, E:1-, fa.merly Stautor from the Green duttict, atJ morclarely Indiaa agent. We have tot UarnJ th circitances of Lis death, but it is said that be died by the Laud of Tiolence, in the Indian country. PiTTsacacu Kansas (.Ymfa-vy. Accmpanj cf emigrants fjr Kansas witl leate ri.Uburh oa the lit of Mirth, and come by water to it. Louis, then up the Misouri to the Territory. i it for his elf jrts to drive them therefrom.' Yes, it is true he denounced these settlers -denounced a whole community, the hum- 1 lest one of whom is, in all that makes a man, vastly the supt-rior cf this Mannypen ny. ot one ol them, ii a man s actions and intentions conldl e written on his cheek, but would hold his head higher than their I libeller; nt onr of tliee denounced men but should feel honored in the denunciation I considering the from whence ii I currw, and nut one of them but might dis OarrnrAcr. This ficMiri.-kins txwa aitua'.eJ on the firas hopper creek, bire the great military roadj'rust Lis own rectitude was he so uufortu from Fort Leavenworth to Foit Riley c:tis. 1 uate as to incur the tlime of the Coinmis- aaj which is on the great thoroughfare far emi- i sioner's approbation Z, ... . , . . , ' , ,. Did any persons, witn a knowledge of California, is brcs&mg a plac of i-ol;i ierible f J ' importance. Th- country arround is well tim- the ,af s 4 tI e case' ve -Mr. Manny. kered and w alrred, an sueptible cf su-tiimng -ntiys efforts to drive the settlors from the a dime population. The travel through the Delaware land, resulted from any desiie to town every year wiil U very great ( i..- Prevel,t injustice to the Indians, n.i.Lt I B rf 7 " OHToa. Metier, will l?av JSC Lomi-s' every al ternate Mondpy. for Teston, Fojt Leavenworth, Leavenworth City -Hrlfvrtre,' Kansas, Indepen j .l t -1- - rt i . . r--1 i . r. J . flr1 mgton, Lenngtoa and points below, Degmning r trips aiQiulay, Jbruary Seotjy . r r The Genoa, havinz fin aecoiamoditioft for passenger? antj freight, a'rasonat.le.share of the patronage of ths puWic is tespectOillj'solrcitad, j. l tiituurv.uuxA J, ra;;;r J. EL. GORMAN, Clerk. , , , . March 2, 1853. , .. . FORT SCOTT 1T "T Y direction of the Secretary of war the fol J J towifcg bublic buildiuirs at Fort Scott, with U iiouses attaclied. will be sold at mat piace, at public auction, to Lhe highest bidder, oil the lotti clay or April next; the sa.c to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M-vU : lour DUikunss for - OiUcers' Quartevs- ( With porches in raiit ansl rear 10 feet wide), each fi feet Oinches by 37feet,aiid, qontauiiiig four rooms in the, first story, and, c.ur rooms ia the attic story ., Three buildinirs for Soldiers barracks, each 05 feet by 32 feet li inches (with a porch in front 10 feet wide) containing six rooms in the base ment, and Utree rooms in the first story. ! Hospital, o2 feet by -18 feet (with a porch on each side 10 feet wide) containing six rooms in the basement, and two rooms on the first story. uuanuiousc, a stone building, feet square, containing fonr rooms. . Adjutant's Office, t0 feet, containing: fiv! rooms Bake lfouse.a stone building, 37 feet by 18 feet, containing two rooms. Store House, 60 feet by 32 feet, containing four rooms, a lou and a ce.lar. ; ,. Also : .Blacksmiths and Carpenters Shops Stables and Oramries i .a mafrazine. Root Houses, Ice House, and Saw Mill : together with a number of i-og uaussos, tcuce Kails, and 10,OUUnew Sinn rle. The buildings are in excellent condition, and will bi sold separately i but t sale of a build ing win noi convey a utie to in land on wnica u siand1". . , CSTTerms of Sale Cash. . E. S. SIBLEY. " Brcvd M'tjor, Jlvil. Qr. MuJtcr, Assistant Quarter Masters Office, Fort Leavenworth, March 9th ISoo. If of ice., to $toc2iliolders. A MEETING of the Fawuee Association will be held" at Pawnee, Kansas T? a Thursday march 15th, 1805. . ; By oi der o the Loard of Trustees. , ", , ' . . .TXO. X. DYER, Recording S c'y. Pawnee, K. T., March 2, 2w ; . !ucemcnts are olfl-rei to men wLu wih to locate ia the place. A sl of lots will take place o:i Wednesday 4'.h A of April next. Terms cue third cab ballan hen title is comptfted. Here Is a fine v po.-tuni'y, f vr all w ho i h to realise a Iarg p:oC; on a mall investment of capitoh Attend the sale if you ijh to locate or speculate. Se "advctistniertt. Codets Lvov's Book, far March is on our table j As uual it is filled with choice article. The engravings which are many, are of themoat beautiful kind. The IVbton plates are unrivaled, while the needle work patterns cannot le excelled. There is no work of the kind iu the l &, that excels the Lady's Book, published at Philadelphia, single copy one year, $3, two copies ooe year $3, 0 copies one year $10. Every Lady should take this Book, and the young men especially if they want to gt t in the good graces .cf the Ladies. ' Lapics Christian Annvai., publi-hed by James Challen, at Philadelphia, for March is before us. It is devote J to chaaste and pure literature, and is the cheapest publication in the V. S. price $1 per annum, 6 copies for $3. TP-STlie weather is now mild and pleas nt, and river rising and clear of ice. Boats are looked for up every day. Ctg-Thos. McKerma of Acadia, Allen county, Ohio, writes to us to know whether ft cabinet maker would do well ia Leaven worth. There is no shop in the place, and a great demand for cabinet furniture. Here is the very place for cabinet furniture There are two steam saw mills her, and . I . .I it.. . -, scicrut uiuers nutiui incur mi nines, sj that lumber can be obtained, but at pret.-nt, prices range high from 20 ta 25 dollar, per thousand feet. A waggon insker would do a splendid business here. One who had some capital ould soon make a fortune. -Mechanics of almost every kind could do well here. Election Districts. It is reported the Governor Las split the Leavenworth ad Kitkapoo Districts, and united the two into one D.s rxt. We know r.ot what reliance to place ia the rumor, and for the pfeaeat will postpone any rcraar!c3 until we '("tjlLe vScnl account. give him crodi; fcr honeat, though mistaken, motives. Theyccnild forgive h it ignorance and forget their own wrongs. Hut we cannot believe knowing as much us we do of the ;4iiUT that his ellorts derive their force from any other motives than the most base and sordid. They saw Mr. Mannypenny come among them, amid their honest efforts to secure a home, w ith smooth words upon his tongue; they were not displeased with him iu advance; but they were too pure in their own intentions to offer him, or his agents, a bribe; and then they saw him go fort!, to slander and injure them, and to prostitute his official position at a shrine of dis-appointment or revenge. The Delaware treaty, for which Mr. Mannypenny so much exalts himself, it should be known was no free act of that tribe.' The clause which enjoins upon the government to sell the laud at auction, was repeatedly and earnestly met by their opposition, and they only yielded when influences were brought U bear upon their judg ment, which we know not of now, and may not know until another chapter of the mysteries of Mannypenny's iniquity be opened. We see, however, that the obnoxious feature was placed in that treaty contrary to the wishes of the Indians, and unnoticed by Congress, and all the trouble and injury that may grow out of it was a voluntary act, which wc have a right to say at tributed lo the cupidity of Air. Mannypen ny, or his outside employers; for certainly no jiiUu, high in position, would encounter the deserved iinuatum of a large community, doing at the same time a wrong act, without immediate or prospective hope of gain. An! the Delaware squatters, by their early and peaceable settlement on these lauds, may felicitate themselves upon defeating an attempt of capitalists to monopolize all the Delaware land bordeiing on the Missouri river. If the truth ever'comes out v.e shall fin J that the wishes of the Delawares and the rights of the frontier- uica were, ia the miking of that trear, given in their charge. ' The committee are as follows : C. C. Harrison A. J. Scott, A. Payne, I. L. McAlear and S, B Pancake. The said committe submitted that the rnqney should be raised by subscription to be paid ei therin woik or money, which was adopted. On motion that the proceedings, of this meet ing be sig'd by the officers and publi:-hed ia th Kauas Ibirald. Oa motion the meeting adjourned. . ' L.J. EASTIN, Cha'in. Wm. G. Mathias, S-c'y. .-. .. - - COMMl'SICATtD. The Platform of the 1'rcc White Male Party of Kansas Territory. AVhereas our principles as a party and oil motives as men have been grossly misrepresents and caiuuiuutetl and that no may occupv oa true position in the L-ktimutiouof our fellow ci izens a!.d of tfii vsurld, the undersigned dcclai tliat tj..; f(.ll.-wmg are the purposes and p.-inc p.u of Uia Fjcc White btflic Party ot Jbl;i::as I erntoiy : 1. That we cordially approVt? and heartily endorse th? Kan?a .Nebraska, Jiiil. and rvcog-ie it principles a. the only correct basis ct coiig;sMoiil U-gi.!ation for Territories. 2. That in the cxercis'f of the light of the people of a Teriitury to g.jv'iii tlicuiehes aiu uo::ea iu said bill, we will rr-q aire of our legtUtirs the enacUntiit t,f lavvj lor the exciu-,ion o negroes from Kansas, to prevent h emancipation within the same of any sLive that uiiiy be held or introduced her and vvm-pel owners to withdraw the same from Kansas in the event of the prohibition of slavery here. 3. That it is oar well mature J conviction foui-ded in reasou and experince that a total exclusion of the African race, whether bond or free will promote the best interests of Kansas by cn-hancir.g the value i f its lands, stimulating public woiks, producing a sj"e4y and dense Ule-ment of the country uinl building up a system of scnoois ir-e jo ine ciH'irei; me, poor as well as the rich. 4- That we will in all cases use oar utmost exttion to carry out the Fugitive Slave Law in its spirit and U the letler,that we will respect ainl Otli ia u,e nplit o; llie owner to Jus slave held in Kansas until the right of holding slaves shall be decided by the people theereof.and that in the event of a decision against our preference we will cor.uaiiy and cueertully, acepnesce. Kansas Territory. PUBLIC SALE OF LOTS OSAWKEE is pleasantly situated on the East em bank of the Grasshopper river, (decid eiitv the nrettiest stream west of the Mississinni at the crossing Of the Great military and Emi grant thoroughfare from Fort Leavenworth via hart luley to Iew Mexico, Oregon, California &.c. &.c, on a beautiful and gently undulating tract of ground, and nearly the centre of what niuft, nom us terhlity and supply or come one of the most delightful and prosperous valleys of Kansas Territory; and, from its central position, must be the county seat cf one of ine second tier of counties, being 3d miles from tlie .Missouri nver. . . The Grasshopper, though it does not trav erse so many mils in a direct line as some oth t streams in Kansas, meanders so frequent! that its length is more than double of its" straicl; course to Kansas river, intd which it empties a bout 10 i.iiles from the tawn, thereby makin: large bottoms, elegantly interspe.'rsi,d vyitf; tim ber ar,J i;rairie, v.f'ich is high and dry, and o the rr,o?t fertile wj listing mH. Thrc are numerous branchos entering into the Main stream in the immediate neighboi hood cf th : town,alI of which are well wooded, allbrd- ing Hie means for the settlement and fencing of th-' upland prairie, which is rich and beautiful. In shoit, there is not in the Territory a tract of country, ol uie same extent, possessing as great iuduccaierts for tha A -f icuiturist, Mechan a;id Mitiiufac'iiier, as the Valley of the Gras- impper. It must, tner. fo.e. at an early day, he-coai"? densely populated, and su-tain a Jii iving and business town so eligibly situated in all respects as Osawkee. A Saw-Mill is now in opr eration, a Smithy will be ia a few da vs a brick iuak'r on banil, and itrer arrangements for im-provfiai-iil early in the spring. A public sale of Lots w ill take place in the town on WEDNESDAY, 1th day of ArrJL, 155. 3r-TEKMS. One third cash ; balance on completion of title. ;W, F. DYEJt, PrcsiLnt. I). M. lUn rv, i -' Jons Doniphan, Trusters. Geo. M. Dvi;h. ) March 9, 1S55. Ids. Wm. H. Pierce, Daniel S-railh, James W. .Vkinncr, AUxader Ueed, Wiilliam .. IJlcvins, Jus. K. Edsall, It. 15. Robert?, B. II. Twombly, J. KeHv. K. i:. Bird, H. M. Hock, 1). Dodge, Willism H"ppe1, Inrael Pierce, Thomas Bishop, Jas. M. bluings, Samuel France. I?There is a post ofnee established at Kickapoo, and Thomas Devak.mox, ap pointed I'Gst Master. This is a good ap pointiaent. Success we say to the craft. i-syThe river is now clear of ice, and is in good navigable order. Martsville. This new and thriving town, situated on tlie liig lilue, 140 miles from the Missouri river, at the crossing of the California.Oregon and Santa Fe lloads, &c, is attracting considerable attention It has been selected as the seat of one of tlie District Cowl of Kansas Territory, by Judge Johnson. Great improvements are going on there, and we are assured from ail sources, that it is destined to be the most nourishing ol all the inland towns m Kansas.- Platte Argus. it i. ."ij.r ror Jlcntf lOOM, 20 by 40 fee Apply at this Office. A STORE ROOM, 20 by 40 feet, with a good cellar, 29. Mules Wanted. The undt-rsigned is desirous of purchasing, at Fort Leavenworth, K. T., for the use of the Quartermasters De partment. ' ' : 250 Mules, from four to eight years of age, and not less than 14 lianas liiglt. E. S. SIB1EY, Bet. Major, Jl.nt. Qr. Master, Assistant Quartermasters Office, Fort Leavenworth, March 4th 1X55. For Council U luffs. ' J$S-"f-' THE splendid passenger steamer AiLiitatU ALi.TllICAI., (. HAS. Iv. l'-AKER, Mailer, w ill rtm as a regular Packet during the sreason, between tot. Louis, BormVrlle, tl;i.-gow Brunswick, Hill's Landing, Berlin, Waverly Lexington, Camder, Richfield, Liberty. Indepen dence, Kansas, L.eavenwoiui, w eston, bt. Joseph and Council Bluffs. - ' The ADMIRAL is of excelent carrying capacity, and her ac commodations for passengers arc not surpassed by any steamer on tn river. Every cffei t will be maiie by ner Uliicers to mer it a liberal share of the public patronage, and shippers may rely upon dispatch and punctuality -5 For freight or passage apply on board. Siirch 9, tf - . o.. spring .irrsnsenii-iii. ... RECrtAR SI1SPAT r-ACKST TOR WESTON. ff5' h, THE NEW, light-draught passcn- ?; GRAND SPECULATION. MIGRANTS to , Kaussi, , and other, tn i hereby notified lht a public sale, of !o will take place at the- above nawi ptatsf nrlfe fiMt Merufavtn Miv ncxt. prevuvrtfto V2'b few lotirtd soi4 prtvatyi toj tilos it ir 6ns cf improving iafustdiatiy. J" "M . S-int Oeorgo w lccatd' npon tli j Aorlb Inirk oj th? Kansas river, one '-'hufriilid miles fvrn Fort I iCavea worth, and iaiinediatlv" po '1h sherteit rout from thr to ; Fort Riley. Th great tcitesnt Roa d fi ' 'tii sow b-Vnt California and Oreo eM!tb Vaiia hjere anJ thence with the course of tho" Brg Blue, Xt its t?tersertcrr-wirri trie rortmrn ro'::'1 irf p: near, For? s;t?. VCOitTIctSC Geore' location, not ec.iterl for beauty, by any othr town in Kansas Territory; lhe lvt ate Uid , out upon a broad. Bftfcikea-'sj;vp c a lidge ekttnl ing fionj the tenk'of tis Ktve.r (or miles, of casj access from 'any iiecUo , , One of the most beuuHfui s vell as useful features of th i location is Uu iu:e grove of dm- FLrsl Public sale of Lots iti Weforasls.a City. the rrTTrnrT.MPORirji otv ecsaskatemiorv. A BOUT five hundred choica lots .'a Nebraska 1. City and f.ff.y lots in Kearney City, immediately cnnteguouspwill b& offered for sale to the highest bidder, on the premises, commencing on Monday, 3l tl ay of April, 1 855. Sale, to continue from day to day until all are sold, at tha option of the proprietors. TERMS t'r fiALt : One third cash, m hand, the balance in six months. Title indisputable. The site of Nebraska City baa long been admired as the most eligibly situation for a lajge commercial empo rium on tlie fx!iUi side or, the Missouri river. It is situated on that romantic bluff known as Old Fort Kearney, commanding a picturesque view of the mighty Missouri for miles uo and down, and has been esteemed for many years, tlie oest starting point tor emigrants to Oregon and California- Some coal has been discovered near the site in large quantities, and of the best quality. The water is excelent the climate temperate and noted for its salubrity. Heavy bodies of tlie finest timber of every variety is found on and near the City, and several saw: mill are rapidly converting it to the use of tn rapiuly settling emigration in and around the city. There are already In the city two mercantile establishments,, one large Hotel fthe largest in tb,e Territory) and two n,ore abuot being con-structttt. j There are already erased, forty bial- tungs, aaa as many wore m progress ol construe tlOti. . ! An abundance of limesone rock is found on the site, and contracts are completed for the making of two millions of brick, the ensuing season. -i 1 wo brick churches and one college will be e-rected during next summer. This county has a greater population thaa tha whole Territory North of Platte river. Nebraska City is fifty five miles from the South line of the Territory, and 20 miles South of the Great Platte River, and about the centre of the settled portion of the Territory. ' It is on th direct line of the treat central chain of Railroads from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and is destined to continue, all the time, as it does now, to monopolize the groat part f,f the business of the Territory. In the language of (he President of the Ft.Mad-ison, Iowa, S'. T. Railroad: "Nebraska City will be the lirst CITY, in commercial and manufacturing importance in the future State of Nebraska." The site has a fine bluff, rock landing, not subject to change, and a Steam Ferry novy at Uie landing affurds every facility for crossing. Arrangements are in progress to secure a regular packet line. r Steamboats between it. Lyuis a.-d this place. . " . ' The first paper Uued In the Territory was the "Nebraska City Jews," which can bnast of the largest circulation of any j which indicates the moral pogress of the country. S. F.M'CKOLS, fluent for Proprietors of Xcbraska City. Maich"2, lSol. tds al mil?s up and tlotva th tlvei and from one to t'.y.o miles b,icjiiU Ui . ad jacent country "T or niany miles ii. every direction is ".ve.ll watered, perhaps better lhau any oth;c section of the Territory, and as a consequence, more timber, for where the water ccu.tcs te, thie is too Umber. ' ' , ' , The Eig Blue li only vbout tea miles to th west: the Vermillion the same disi.ince on tti east, the tributaries of vvhih iftt Ivcking, w-ter andgive if-'nber to ail t'ua country north. while upon the avCU uie, imiuuiateiy opposite the town, one of lie finest streams for settlements, is to be found, aud yet a littla" lewef, anotber of almost equal magiuiuue, ana eti-leuce. The location is about the centre of what will be the State of Kansas. ., and beius also just below the mouth of the big Blue, where navigation will be suspended but tor a lew monin during the year, it is confidently expected' that the PERMANENT SEAT OF GOVERNMENT will be located here. A full sized lot will be. given tq on? of eh of the following classes of mechanics, wtjo will make application previous to the (ley of public sale, and who will agree to erect good substantial log or other kinds of building upon tha Satae, not less than eighteen feet square, via -Carpenter, Waggon-Maker, Brick-mason, Stonemason, Rlacksmith, Tailor, Shoe-maker, and Millwright a good savy mill will be put in operation at the tow n during the spring; Stores, supplied wiih all the necessaries foremigrauts,will also be opened at an early day,. Terms of sale-One half-cash, and th remainder in six mouths. J NO. A. J. CHAPMAN, ) SILAS WOODSON, ' V Trustees, - WILLIAM SEULETT. S Teb. 18.1335--ti:s. J aclxsoiivlllo. 93 Mj O C.I TMO .V. JACKSONVILLE, KANSAS TERRITORY, J has been re-located, and is now outside of any Indian reserve beyond a doubt. It is situa ted about ten milles from where it was originally located, about tea miles from Alexandria, and ten miles from Osawkre, within one mile from the road leading from Parkv illo on the luissuuri river to Fniontorwu on the Kansas river. It is about .'0 miles from Fort Leavenworth and on the nearest and most direct route from Fort Leav enworth to Fort Riley. Tim town is situated on a beautiful undulating prairie, surrounded on the north east and west sides with a large body of good timber.- Immediately adiuiiiiug the town tract is an abundance of first rate running spring water, rne country adjacent is at tins time densely settle:!, and every thing points to this place as ine centre of alargewealtnyandpop uious county. In the immediate vidnty cf Jacksonville is an abuudance of lime stons rock, and stone coal in m-exljaustible quantities, with soil unsurpassed for fertility, good ttattr and plenty of tiinbur, this place must make an important town. The town will be immediately surveyed, and plats made, and a public sale of lots take place some time in tlie timug. We have submitted a few facts with the view of directing attention to the place, feeling assur-sured, an examination pf the premises wijl satify any one of its superior claims. The country ar round is the most magnificent the eve ever rested upon. A rare chance is now offered to the poor man, uie speculator, and all who want to make profitable investments in town property. Jacksonville is bound to go ahead, ami will prosper, lor ine men wljo liave located tuere have deter mined to build up a place. Those who want to buy lots before the sale, and get a good start Willi lue place on easy terms had better apply soon, JJK. JAJItS ftUBLt, President of tlie dissociation. March 9, 1855. tf PROCLAMATION. ?- Notice is hereby given to the Squatters, '( yarn! all others irterested, that the under-' signed has commenced tlje I5i-acksmithixg iiiuess in this place, end is Tsretiared to do all kinds of woik in his bu; irom the shoeing of a horse lo the ironiyg all kinds of wagons. He has just put up a new building for his shop, 20 feet by 3U. on the corner of Third and Cher okee streets. lie is prepared to do work on short notice, and on reasonable terms, and satisfaction given. Give hira a call and encourage home trade. T. S.ABNEY. Leavenworth, K. T., Feb. 23, 1355. ?3m JIWILltR, WATCU AND CLOC&-M AKKf, JV'cxf door to HuUiday 4 Dickey,tt Weston, Mo.. HAS just received a full and complete stock of new goods, and calls particular attention to his fine assortment of ' Watches Has Jos. Johnson's celebrated Church Street Lever Watches, in heavy Gold and Silver cases, warranted to keep perfect time. Clocks of all kinds and some of the finest ever brought to this place ; and an excellent stock of Silver Wars and Fancy Goods, " - f Feb. Iff, 1865; tf. John Dai ley, F.1SHIOXJBLE BOOT AS D SHOEMAKER Cherokee street, Leavenworth, K. T. February 23, 1S55. 21-tf. a:oHt;c ii. ii:imix, Attorney at Laic and Claim 1genf, Imlianola, (Soldier Creek) K. T, c February 23, 1855. 24-6m, 1). J. JOHNSON. ATT0K.XE Y .1XD CO UXSELLOR LEAVENWORTH, Iv. T mar. 2, '55. ly Svw Commission House. I7ISHER, SKINNER & Co., Storage t Commission Merchants, Corner of Main and Cherokee Streets, Lcavenv.oiUi City, KiLias Territory. - , February , 1S55. 22-6in. : T , . LUMBEB ! LUMBER ! ! rilHE subscriber will have on hand and for X sale, at his Lumber Yard at the foot of Cherokee Street in Leavenworth, on the opening of Navigation, Lumber of z kind3 uccqsjarj for builaiiigr tiz: J- . ;- 1 100,000 feet of dressed matched piiie flocring; 'bUUjGvO f?et of seasoned pine and poplarsiding, inch, inch and a half, and tvro inch plank ; 1 .00i) Panel Daors ; 206.OU0 Shingles, and a large (juantity of Laths; A quantity of Plauk, Doors, and Sash, already on hand. J. W. SKINNER, Arent Feb. 9ih, 155. tf A. C. Gonoi.v. I J. T. Johnson &-Co. St. Louis. Boonville. l: row 11, cid din, &, Co, COALMISSIO.V, MERCIU.VTS, JS'o 13G Second Street. ST. LOFJS, MISSOURI. -t C'Libcral advances on Produce or Merchandise in hand. March 2, 1855. 70R SALE, W bushels Oats, to arrive. JL' feb 23 F1SH1 TSHER &, SKINNER. Port X7SrLliiX23k, 17- .? L L MEX 2 .1 KE X O TJ C E, GREAT SALE OF 2?Q7"2a- LOTSJ1! THOUGH L.1ST SOT LELlSrt riiHERE will be two sales of town lots inthis JL promising Town, the S,le oa the 1st day of March, 1S55, and th3 second oa ths 1st day of May, 1S55. Terms. Que h .If Cash in h?i;d, and the balance in six months from th time of Sale. This beauiiful Town is situated on the bank of the Missouri Liver about 10 miles' above Weston, Mo., on a prominent and very sightly bluff. It shows well to the river havi-.g a line view up and down. This excellent position is distinguished from all other towns on the Missouri inK. T., by its great abundance of fine tUisber. It is covered with a thick growth of ail the varieties of the best timber, among yyhicu is prominent, large tall Walnut and Burr Ouk. It is also watered by a prolusion of the bioo-i delightful water with large quantities of STOECOAL! There is now a Steam Saw and Grist "Mill ust ready to be started, on the Town Site, so that from the quality pf good timWr will be manufactured a full supply of the best lumber. Lots are bei.;g sold daily at private sale t actual settlers, whj are proceeding to build houses, among them preparations for a fine Ho- 11AM OU, TSI 41KR CO. MANUFACTURE HS Sc WHOLESALE DEALERS IN ALL KI.VIMS OF VJsOTMf.W SHIRTS, DR.HVERS - FURNISHING Gr O O ZDS, OILS AND RUDBBIl CLOTUIXG, ETC., Nos. 180 ami 1S2 Main Street, ( Corner ofGreen,one door below the Virgiuiallotel.') St. I.ouis, Jll o. HANFORD &. BROTHER, N. B. THAYER, ManufacturerSjNevvYork. St. Louis, HAVING enlarged our store to double its former je making it the largest and best-arranged WHOLESALE CLOTHING warehouse in the city, we are prepared at all times to oifer unusual inducement to purchasers in our hue. We respectfully solicit an examination of our large and complete assortment of R 15:4b y Made Clothing which we are constantly receiving from our manufactory in New VQrk'City. Our Stock is manufactured expressly for ths WESTERN MARKET, and wo m a and w ill sell a shade uaier the market prices. HANFOP.D; THAYER i, CO. March 2, Large a nil Commodious Ware House. Zj. INT- XT-TTnSi, LEAVENWORTH, K. T. IS now erecting, and will have in readiness by the time boats begin to arrive, the largest Wabe House in the place; and will receive, store and forward goods or produce, on terms which shall be satisfactory. lie will also take on COMMISSION, PRODUCE AND OTHER ARTICLES OK EVERY KIND, ON THE MOST REASONABLE ( TERMS, His Ware House is at the most convenient point, at the foot of Delaware Street, opposite the principal and best landing, and lust attlv point of the Bluff, which gives him a dee'tlifj advantage in the Storage and Commission business. He will also have on baud wi'u the openm of navigation, a full and compete assortment of every variety of goods sui,,d for EMlGRj:n OUTFITS, or a home market consisting of Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Tours and Building materials. Queensware, Hollow ware, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Sadlery, Garden seeds, t Proviso 11s, A.c, and every thing in the goods ln ar,d as he intends doing a regular business tj 13 prices and charges shall be moderate he tuereforq solicits a share of public patroaago. , References : John -Card, ) Ci. T , -, R. W. Donald, $ Sto Josel,li' Wo: L. Burnes &. Bros., ) ... , Tutt&. Baker, 'ton. Jas. S. Lightner, ) r . . C. R. Morehead. Lexl"Stor.. Isaac Brinker, - Brunsw ick. Dr. T. N. CockeriH .nl Wm. Spencer. .'J9' J. T. Johnson, 4, Co. Boonville. E. B. Cordell, J-Jederson City. ; i Hanenkamp, Gilpen, & Co.. ?'cl t ' Brownie-. HomeV, .V. Ov. St Lou,- ' : Leavenworth. K. T., 31a:oh 2, 1S55. tel. TU ere is 110 humbug iu this tow n, its posi. tion, Ideal advantages, and above all the fact that it has back of it, and running up to it, altogether the best country any where near thi Mo. river in K. T., which is now densly settled making its success sure and certain bevoud all doubt. The proprietors of this town '.ev not bee forward or anxious to press it i5,fl, uotico aj. though it was one of the fivlaeaUoas and especially was it located far twn ; ye it h been thought best to 'M l4e: 1 uu their rdioi t race, and - . the pocple h-v.- tin t. see anl op-derstav.d the tru value cf each. This towa t'.3 nothing from any CHa-mifion near it. l'ort iiham vvui t a town, Buntfest destiny has settled that, tnercfnrc wc s?y come and seo and. buy lots ajl oa.- -ales. . , H. I. II CRN DON, , H. C. BRADLY, ' JAMES BRADLY. JAM F.StJ. SPUATT, VY. C. REMINGTON, "HENRY DE BARD, Ft-b. 3. lsra tf. ' 1,'rf.prieto;. fl 'HIS is a town ahe.nU" hid off r-t th- lowr I Military crossing of'-Sii ar,ger, (Kansas) l' miles west if Leaven tvorth City. Any peson wishing to loti ia anir.Lind town iu Kansas will do well to rail, as a libiTuI pnlir nm the most advantageous terms wi'.i be given to alt who wi-h to purch ,iss lis in the above rrtnie,i tow n. Also 15 or 2'J iou w ill be given gratis fa mechanics and carpenters in order ta advaec the wealth of the town sr;d lux-toot th inrrt of the country. Don.itions will also be givea far Church ai.u School fMirHo.,). ' ' A publie sals of th.- ioU v.;iU off on be 15th of Marc'anext, and w e oilier on the I5rh of April fullow ing. i'rii-ti Liles will U: mad in ths mciu time bv t!i c impr.i.v. "J. P. HOG CRS, M. V. Sl'MM ERS, w. j. summers. ; ' - ..... . n V4 "U. FORSiTHZ. I Fi5iu.iv -V.. ;55i-:i :d- .

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