The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on March 20, 1964 · 82
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 82

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1964
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'Roman Empire' Has 816 Million Look Pageantry and Performances in Bronston Film Praised BY 1 1 ED DA HOPPER Reseated tar CUttW Tr-ICY. Htm Syndicate, tC H4 Samuel Bronston may have gone broke making 'The Fall of the Roman Empire," but every penny of the $16 million he poured into the picture is right up there on the screen, which is more than you can say of "Cleo patra." There have never been better battle scenes. The beauty, .pageantry, costumes and settings are superb, and the chariot race tops "Ben-Hur's." Performances are brilliant all of them: Alec Guinness, Steve Boyd, Christopher Plummer, James Mason, Mel Ferrer, John Ireland, and it's the best thing Sophia Loren has done to date. She projects more emotion just standing still than most actresses with pages of dialogue. Bronston has engaged Christopher Plummer Louis Nizer to help straighten out his financial affairs. "Roman Empire will not be the fall of producer Bronston. This beautiful, honest, superbly done film will make millions. It sends you out of the theater with a shattering closing line: "This was the beginning of the fall of the Roman Empire. A great civilization is not conquered from without until it ha3 destroyed itself within." Walter Matthau's here doing a "Profiles in Courage" segment about a sensational murder trial and lynching in the State of Georgia and the courage exhibited by Gov. John M. Slaton. It's such a horrifying tale (get it and read it) that the TV producers chickened out and changed it. The subject may be courage but their object is to get the show on the air. - Matthau goes to 20th for "Goodbye, Charlie" with Tony Curtis; signed the contract without reading the script He figured he couldn't miss with Harry Kurnitz. Walter did two Kurnitz plays on Broadway collected a Tony for one and a Drama Critics Award for the other. Bing Crosby's annual golf tournament has passed the million and a half mark in donations to benefit youth. A $100,000 student tuition loan fund has been created for 15 colleges of all faiths. The event has improved dozens of playgrounds and youth centera from Hollywood to Vancouver, B.C. Also aided the fight against polio and helped spastic children. Now the golf pros are itching to take over and collect the TV money for the tourney. ! .. . Mae West and Mister Ed, pre-empted by the President last week, strut their stuff Sunday night. Let's give three cheers for Rose Kennedy, the greatest of them alL She took time out to fly to Paris for the dedication of a street named for her son John Fitzgerald, j Elke in 'Chinese Finale' Elke Sommer is the first of eight femme stars set for Chinese Finale" which John Ford directs for Metro this fall It's about a group of women of different nationalities trapped on the Chinese-Mongolian border. Bernard Smith, who turned out "How the West Was Won," will produce. He was a former story editor for a publishing firm, so knows his stuff. My pal George Peppard is down in the dumps. He lost his mother, broke up with his girl Elizabeth Ashley, is suing Metro for his release, and caught the Athenian flu: "It has several improvements on the American variety." He wouldn't discuss his fight with Ashley except to say it's finished, end of paragraph and chapter. His quarrel with Metro is over their refusal to let him take some lucrative outside offers. George was willing to turn over his salary and percentage to the studio, but they said no. He'll sweat out the legal battle doing a play on Broadway. Don't make any plans for July 4. The Beatles' first picture will be rushed into release by then, and Walter Shenson has an option for another. But the big news is that the Beatles will join the kings and queens In Mme. Tussaud's Wax Museum in London. Fantasy Is Diverting Film Fare BY JOHN L. SCOTT Tirr Stiff Writ In these days of super realism and downbeat sex in motion - pictures, a fantasy that occasionally wanders onto screens doesnt have to be a world beater to rate "A" in this renewing earner. "The Brass Bottle" provides an example. An escapist type enter tainment, "The Brass Bot tle" arrived Wednesday for' a citywide run, and good luck to it Too Helpful This satire on the rub-the- lamp - and - summon - the- genie story was adapted by Oscar Brodney from a novel by F. Anstey. It's a relatively simple tale, gussied up with some fancy trimmings, of a youthful architect (Tony Randall) who Tmd3 his life suddenly involved by the arrival of a kindly genie, who cant adjust to modern times. Randall gets into hot wa ter when Burl Ives as the rotund genie rets carried away and overdoes things- like providing dancing girls when asked to arrange a simple banquet, or avidly attempting to liquidate all of Randall's enemies. mere s a variety of siriht gags in the comedv-fantasy some are tunny, some arent. The dinner nartv scenes, for instance, run too kmg and without point However, mere are se quences that should tickle any but the most picayunish moviegoer, including one in which the genie transforms Edward Andrews (father of Randall's sweetheart) into a mule. And others in which the eenie provides confusion by materializing a camel caravan and a herd of ele phants. Good Performance! Randall as the confused chap who buys a brass bottle and inherits a genie gives a skillful performance, even though the role isn't quite suited to his style of comedy, Ives seems to relish play ing the genie; and since there 3 little room for com parison (I can't remember the last actor to play such a role) he must be awarded A for effort. Winsome Barbara Eden supplies plenty f romantic I 1 ' I . V M la 3 US mmmm g & . s 3 V 2 SMASH WEEK ADULTS ONir MATS.COftT.MON. THRU FRLir.M. SAT. AHD SUN. 2 P.M. interest a Randall's sweet- is; and Andrews, as her papa, comes up with an amusing portrayal. - Kamela Devi and Lulu Porter add a bit of sex to the picture, and other useful players include Philip Ober, Parley Baer, Alex Gerry.f Arthur produced the Herb Ylgran and Kathie Browne. j Harry Keller's direction is skillful most of the way; and a special nod should go to Roswell Hoffman's sDecial photographic effects. Robert! 3 Universal release. "Kiss of the Vampire" is' secondary screen fare, .at most theaters and drive-ins showing "The Brass Bottle." TURN TO PAGE 15, PART 5 FOR OTHER THEATER ADS ' firs W Cm Saewiaa wild mo fiAucimr-PRivizv 9 pja. lyric a iwrni Oary ' mum Wane j I mrm- 1 i 0tJL BACK BY POPULAR DEMAKDI In: I tf iUa-bifaIiiil'jlLiLEicc!sr i :f V a YYi M I i . t it m 1 1 1 1. i lit HER ONLY NAUGHTY., MOVIE ls2222 Tssiw . ts? i, a y 1 . ,i tit f .fr. ''-r MA, 8-6&C.3 II hiiMGUotd eibJ ianta Monica siHiTirr W..S-HII-01 otrjn OPFN 11:4 SAM 444 S. HILL ST. OPEN 11-45 ALVARADO 710 i. Alvo-ad HU. 3-8893 Frtc Pk.-Op. 12:30 Elia Kazan't" aliriga ii:mm Flo, B. W. Griffith's "Birth ef Notfon" Mtrkt.MthwMr OR 1.1967 oh not HARNESS -.RACING SANTA ANITA, . ' ' STARTS THURSDAY First Roce: 1:30 PJA, Tues. thru 5af DAILY DOVZLS run? you bsti . o mm v O ! PETER w r- n 'V HURRY! HURRY! LAST 7 DAYS! 1 MAHGARET RUTKErJORD f PETER SELLERS I ULo utii.iLJ CKLAT COMEDY HIT- Tcrry-THOMAS f l PETER SELLERS flC H "YmiD DACT IS SHOWING" fc i ttk HILARIOUS WEEK! CVfJHJtMIOt v. ( t i i "f JDBlGEfln-BOISD VJaflMaSHB HJNr-BSBAERfl pnfeGLENVILLE-n&ANHALT jeanANOUILH- MKviUK ULTiau "HIGH TEliSiOIl STUFF!" "Full of tension and surprises!" -citixm "DEVILISH! HAS A HITCHCOCK FLAVOR!" -Herald Exam. TEE THAT CCST A TCTTS T3 0a THRlLLlKQ 9"evEHLv canon drive M WIL8HINE Daily fron 1:30 am Sat.-San. t;39 ow TONIGHT at 8:30 Tomorrow Mat 2:30 Eve at 8:30 BOX-OFFICE NOW OPEN- DAM 1CMI 10 9PH-SU! T2 NOOH lOSPM TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR ALL PERFORMANCES EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT STANLEY-WARNER THEATRE BEVERLY HILLS 04O4WtistHra Btvtf. at Canon Dr.CR. 1-1121 rfttW8.3Cpm)(Sunl8pm) ft SUN.MON,TUES.W0.&THUR&..2H US V rm,SAt.H0t4H0UUAYeVES.....S.5a IK u mn.ymt 2pm). tn in us SAT. ( 2,30pm) lit IIS SUH. I H0U0AYS (t 230pm) IN 251 It Eutw MatiiiM Daily March 23 ni Mrrh 93 Alt prices tax included Mail seft-addreucd crwetoot with check or. morwy order payabla to StMtay-Winiar Tktttra 9404 Witshtrt Boulevard, Beverly Hills. THREE HOUR OF FUN WITH PETER SELLERS! TERRY THOMAS Mr 2- . . mm 1V0-YAY STRETCH ii if 1 1 ii r 1. 1 (.ii i a PJKTJ hi b i i a PETER SELLERS IT'S A RIOT NOWI - I rm am u ' I SKMHaiaaaiw.SmiMiaF -v .v-.-.. ' ffi Saati Ham M. w.Stfrimia 6fr. S993.GR. 3 3 70 Grjcatew pofcm Drama "'" a a.... --H-.-ll-M-w--ir.r-irf-.ri n n n iflSTEO SHDBAV L.A. SP0EI1 ! 1 rillAXXlVGJ I j Hourwooa t wrm I Tcte(t the at So. W. Uwk Co, U7 So. Mill t Mulutl Aftndes (MA.7-!2U For Thaatra Party and Oroua Si Information FA. CattCiL4-S347 L.iC E'iYonicin IIEKSl'ilHC Ths most KfsTsal ifeden csnsr bprii" Ha bssttastea BarAhpssT SjU the hot-line suspense comedy . J Z ' I Peter Sellers George C. Scott W If iffc.rlrV ' Dr. Stranoof 0Q Cn Hsw ! Lcsrssi Ta Stop WsrrySng And LcvsTfa SteFsn KCTnna'Sil Helens wHTr ri SrJ;nclLrtaG34TenySc: 4 SyKubrick . , StflEECOIID-BEEMIflOVsIEK! 017! M FESTIVAL 5 ARENA 3 P.P1 SEE THESE GREAT STARS COUNT BASIE MAHALI A JACKSON DICK GREGORY JOE WILLIAMS FRAN JEFFRIES JUNE CHRISTY and others jSURCH 29th DONATION Tickalt ah Sporrt Arena Ail Mutual end liberty Afcyt. f 9: 9: 9: 9: 9: 9: 5?: TODAY AT 2 P.M. zub;m kehta 9: MOZART Cmduetor )n PAUL BADURA-SKODA , Pianut . Overture to Marriage of fiwro "Ju STRAUSS. R. Burleske BRUCKNER Symphony No. J yl V:V:V:9:9:9:9:9:9: CHItDREN $1.50 ADULTS 12.50 BOB BAKES MARIONETTE THEATER mSENTS . . . "SKETCH BOOK REVUE" FBI. AND SAT. tVES. ... 0:30 SPECIAL FOX EASTER VACATION Matinees Daily 10:30 A.M. end 2:30 P.M. Featwlrif "Pierre Radtit's Sketch Book." 2 hour f and fantasy tor entire family hie. . . refreshments and tour ef puppet workshefc Unit. Baily 10:30 A.M., 2:30 P.M. far Reservations, MA. 4-3973 . . . 134$ W. first St, LA. MfMRMWe MBasaAaakaMWedBWaaaLJReBM 'Comely, beautifully gowned young ladies have a way with a song. Artful) arrann- ments ana poiisnea penormances. . New York Time licKatt i3.3O-3.OO-Z.SO-Z DO-l.i0-l. 00 .... lindy Opera House Sa. CoL Music Muhrai Aatyt, i wm Ur'evi Stan Seiden and In Bufman 'W A "Wonderfully Enltrtainmg,' N.Y. Times - NOW PLAYING 2 WEEKS ONLY rrilJAiUJ1 ni anTiiriTnrAND r&4m'ts iVftnintHinr. restaurant For reservations phone HO 4-7121, Icr.K U lur UnlluHtAnrf Uishtlw llfl AN INTIMATE MUSICAL REVUE 2 show's satM-iorfj. seats 4.; with RAY HENDERSON (musical dir.) SI.30, $2.20, Boxoft ice a All Agmciis , UST 2 WEEKS I 2 Shorn Sat. l:SSt I0: N:ght!y 8:33 SEXY, SPICY AND FUNNY LB GRAND TnEATRE 1451 Cahumia HO. .435 VSXm l ."a n cominb. a COMINO APRIL 1ST. THS ERJG" TONITE t TOMORROW N1TE "Nobody in the Let Angelas area with one drop et insn eiooa in bis veins snouid nisi this opportunity." Charles V. Whf fart, Censuf General el Inland Tickers S4.00-3.50-3.00-2.00-1.50-l.00 llndy Opera House Se. Cel. Musio Mutual Ageyi. 11 j pauuw.. 3 WA- 1 C?afC"V. I ALL NEWI THE GREATEST SHOW ON STIINCS! f 64 EDITION OF WORLD FAMED '1ES POUPEES DE PARIS") THEATRE oitsooo m'M 8151 SANTA MONICA BLVD. 2 SHOWS NITELY - 3 ON WEEKENDS TICKE TS AT BOX OFFICE, MUSIC CITY STORES MUTUAL. INDEPfNDFNr. ftWNNER AGFNPF? nraal Shut Suhiectf ACADEMY AWARD I , f XClUStVf INaAQKMENT " ' IT"- - - iFS.i'VifV V ' " 4 kiAiatsitVIAkl- 1- i . U i a iJ a 1 Ci " U ....... "Uffl'M, WB f . . r.f iT'.a s III I II.IS.S-i.- ' "1"! IP" II -'-- ' -i.' asvial EVERYDAY CRITIC ' Doors Open 130P.M. S. HUROK Presents Mary Bran Artist Seriee " rf f II A Pbilbarmonic And. Tonight 8:33 PM JXJUL l Santa Monica civic mn sua. 8:33 Tickets $4.30, 4.00. 3.90, 3.00, 2. SO, 2..00 8i off. S AgcyS. "An Etecloi at Fun" Cst News TECSG EavEASFAST" Y WiAM rjbv. mm, Jf v tajMrt tIT A a.""" & imaHrrhlfiel Unfart.TfiHPhlttdr Comedy" WoZywocd ftHporfur TONIGHT t:39 MaaRf

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