The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 6, 1964 · 15
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 15

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1964
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r ' "J s I Uw4 ' V. 4 f" J - : "' , y, . f, - ' I i.'Ui . . I I I " AC I - f , f A ff - X r-- . . r --. r ; KINDNESS UNFORGOTTEN Mrs. Jean Rosen-stein, retired nurse habitue of Pershing Square, puts water on flowers left- as memorial to "Pigeon Goldie," slain benefactor of square's bird population. Timfs photo Johnson Nominates LA. Attorney for U.S. Court Walter Ely Selected for 9th Circuit Appeals Bench Subject to Senate OK Walter Ely, prominentinomination is confirmed and JLos Angeles attorney and:1 am permmea o serve in PERSHING SQUARE TRIBUTE Bird Lover Slain, but Friends Remember BY ERIC MALNIC Tlmei Stall Writer flowers lafy on a curb stone m rersning square Friday evening a simple memorial from the friends who would see her no more. "Pigeon Goldie," the kindly woman who had visited the spot daily to feed birds too small to forage lor themselves, had been murdered. The retired telephone operator, whose mos.t violent act had been to scare away the larger birds which threatened her favorites, was found dead in her hotel Officers said Ehhhger denied any connection with either murder. j Mrs. Osgood's body was found late Thursday by a hotel employee who was distributing phone books.j The room had been ran-' sacked. Beside her bed was the Dodger baseball cap she always wore and a paper bag of feed. Friday evening. Mrs. Jean Rosenstein, a retired nurse who visited with Goldie of ten, poured a paper cup full room at 640 S Main St. late!" Avuler on thf fast-wilting ,.o,, nn-ic cV.o nowers on me rersning had been stabbed, strangled jare curb. fhio Vu rrVi inrlir'inl nAct T cVnl1 pas; president of the Uountyl V ,nf"J v ' T t, . . . ,!do mv best to prove worthy Bar Assn., was nominated : oj- trUit 1 J by President Johnson Fri-j i;iy, :,( was special coun-day to be a judge of the U.S.jsel to a l.'.S. Senate commit-9th Circuit Court of Appeals, j tee in 1 055 and served as The nomination to the president of the County Bar seat vacated by retiring; Assn. in 19G2. Judge Oliver D. Hamlin Jr.! Horn m lexas, he was confirms an exclusive storvladmitted to the bar there in in The Times May 8. Theil'W-" and served as an assi-s nomination is subject to; tan t attorney general of confirmation by the Senate. Texas in 1939. He was ad- "My heart overflows with milted to the California bar erauiuaa ior many ueouie. " i-'- u especially President John-! service in the Marine Corps. son. Attv. Gen. Kennedv. Fdy maintains homes at Sen. Enele. the dear ones! Hi 2G S Pacific Ave., Sunset who have closely shared myi Beach, and 514 S Harvard Mfft and mv manv friends ot'Bll. His son, William, is ihp hpnrh and bar." Flv said.1 trraduatins from USC this "I entertain deep devotion; month and plans to study and raped Earlier Slaying Investigators said the crime may have been committed by the same man who slew another woman, Mrs. Viva Brown, 50, of Oakland, in a nearby hotel last May 16. The two slaying3 were linked after an au.topsy showed that "Pigeon Goldie," whose real name was M r s. Goldie Osgood, had been killed and assaulted in much the same manner as Mrs. Brown. ' Jacques B. Ehlinger, T.). an unemployed laborer, wasj arrested late Friday when; officers saw him walking; through Pershing Square in blood-stained clothing. Police said Ehlinger, of 637 S Olive St., was booked on suspicion of murder at Central Jail after he admit ted knowing Mrs. Osgood and said he had been in the vicinity of her hotel at the time the crime was commit- te1 We were till her friends, all of us here at the square," she said. "1 was just standing here this morning, thinking about wTlat had happened, when someone suggested we get some flowers. "No one has very much money around here, but all of a sudden, everyone started giving me what they could, and I got these. "We just wanted her to know we remembered." Anthony Claims Conspiracy at Eviction Trial ' Stephen Anthony went on trial Friday in Municipal Lourt, charging there is a "gigantic conspiracy against him over his eviction from a home to make way for the Hollywood Museum Anthony was charged with battery, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest April 13 when deputy sher iff's ousted him from the home at 6655 Alta Loma Terrace. The home, condemned in legal proceedings which! went all the way to the U.S. supreme court, was quicKiy; razed. Acting as his own attor ney, Anthony waived a juryja3ked the judge to cross-trial but demanded a change examine the witnesses fur of venue saying "all mem bers of the legal profession" are conspiring against him. It was denied but Muni cipal Judge Bernard S. Sel- ber reassigned the case to Judge Byron J. Walters. The first witnesses called were sheriff's Sgts. Curtis Caraway and Leonard K. Ilerendeen. Both testified they gained Anthony's confidence working as undercover agents and overpowered him in his home. A third witness was sher-i f f's Inspector Joseph D. Brady. In each case, Anthony GLASS OR Y WOOD OR PLASTIC ALUMINUM . 5241 1, StrtM Or., Tempi City AT. 7-1151 Hi mi. H. of tn 8rftrttn fny. f TONIGHT! DINE OR DANCE with LAWRENCE VELK and Hit CHAMPAGNE MUSIC for my country and if my! law THREAT TO SHAH Judge Thompson to Leave Bench Superior Court Judge Charles R. Thompson, who will be ;:' next week, an nounced Friday that he is I retiring because of disability-Judge Thompson has been off the bench for 11 months since a virus attack settled in his nerve center. Then - Gov. Goodwin J. Knight named Thompson a superior court judge in February, 1958. HOL LY WOOD A L L A D I U Fil 21B 8UNBBT BOULEVARD him but the judge refused and Anthony delcined to do it himself. 2 ItoatfiiBfUa Cuius 15 SAT.,JUNE6,1964-Partl The trial Monday. will resume .7,V.'. v'V t 'i. i ' i.'yv..'.. v j , I X f y A- OPULEiiT! r t It.. 1 t T j r ' i If ' a . ' Silk-sharkskin suits in traditional, continental or classic jtyles; 2lVi Silk, 79" wool. Three price ranges. 75 95 1 25 ELAHPS FOR Ull CLASSIC SHOP CALL HOM31Hor Cholca Tab! Rettrvation ADM. Excellant for fn. $1 Dinner, Sho Sot. S2.S0 & Daneln. Dean Opan 7:30 P.M. PIi"iTiTihi i i i I iy i mm 632B PACIFIC BLVD.HUGTON Pi ORANGE FAIR CEHTERFULLERTON ORANGE COUNTY PLAZAGARDEN GROVE 7 Continued from First Page report that some students had obtained weapons. Hossein Hosseinmardi, 24, an official of the Iranian Students Assn., confirmed jof these people during the time'that he is here." Hosseinmardi said he had an appointment to be interviewed by a police sergeant. Dr. Parviz Taherpour, 831 that a mass demonstration p oi., ieu biuuwu against the Shah is planned, protests when the Shah vi-but denied that violence is slti here in 1962, said he planned ; already had been inter- "This" campaign is not a'eed by officers. Dr. Tah-violent campaign," said ei"Pour said he expects the Hosseinmardi, "It h an'pi'otests to be non-violent. educaUonal campaign. Our' Hosseinmami, who said main wirnose is to nresent 'he wlU stud' political v,of tv, citt-i, tc science next fall at San against academic freedom This man is not supposed to be honored." Walkout Planned Hosseinmardi said that he expects 700 to 1,000 students, mostly Americans, to join the demonstration, while an undisclosed number of graduating seniors plan to walk out of the ceremonies when the Shah is introduced. Fernando Valley State Col lege, accused Iranian officials of confusing the issues by raising the possibility of violence. "We have also been accused many times of getting money from the United Arab Republic or of being Communists," he said. "We deny these statements flatly. We will ask the police to give us protection from the Shah's iso-called supporters." The Iranian s t u d e n ti Capt. Gates said: "We will leader said various groups: be alert for anything. We whfl consider the monarch "oorrupt" have been Erotesting the award of the 'octorate of Humanities to the Iranian ruler for three months without success. The anti-Shah students particularly blame the monarch for a bayonet attack by soldiers against demonstrating students at the University of Teheran in 1962, which reportedly left 500 students injured. The students were have been protesting the expulsion of some high school students who criticized the government. Capt Gate3 said officers were interviewing leaders of the anti-Shah faction "and we will be looking for each will use some of the same precautions we take for the President." 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