Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 19, 1949 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 1949
Page 5
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Employment Help Wanted—Male WAXTED—Salesman for local automobile dealtr, preference Riven to Gl with some experience. State full qualifications In own. hanUwriUnn to l>ix "CV care ol News. Help Wanted—Female WASTKD—Hinulo' or inurrtad w.nnan for altermion ciurirai work. Jlciny Box "M" car.- of N'L-WH. For Sale Houses For Sale >OH NAI.G—6 room house wllh porch, lireulace. 2 car jranure beiuli- lully land«capr-d. Kxlerlor rcec.-.tly painted. Interior clean ami in A-l condition. 120 It. IronlaKf. 200 It. depth No auentH. Call lor appointment. 7304. r> to S u m. J.OVELY OLD COJ,()XIAI, IIOMK— On 6 acres ol land. To be sold iir. mediately. Very 3ow down payment. Call Madorno Realty. Oxford. 11.1, 2691. Seymour. PROSPKCT — VACANT 1 KA.MILV OF S ROOMS S FAMILY'OF two -I KOOA1 APT.S 81'ICK & SI'AS TIIROUHIIorT— With ultra nvxlt-rn kitchen and bal'i. Uood headnK Kystem. I>ow taxeK. .-it- uated on 1 acre plot ol laml on a. hard surfaced road. Price only IIO.SOJ. Cl JSOO Down. LPISTER K. YOUNG. TNC. REALTORS — INKUKANCIC 20 E^ist Main St. Tel. ".-11.17—3-l:jul or. 3-23.19 For Sale Houses For Sale »• Oil bAliK — z jiimiiy tiuuKu with I rooms on each Hour, Kuod condition. line location, prk'cil reasonably C:i'i - For Rent Anthony , & Koal Hxtalc *OK K.U.K—i inmll.v r, room houuc situated on Union Ciiy Ro»d. utl Im.-n- cr lurnucu, Insulated. Lot UOM.iO, £; A. HUA/,H:IU, lU'ui jisiiu.!. Pbono £425. .NEW MOItKlt.N—C-room lioinu. 1 iwui and bath on Ih-Hl lloor. oil heal, urlfud ri-a.smiably. HEACOX FALLS—Now. modern. 4- room and tile bath on lirst lloor :ind . two unfinished on 'inrt lloor. GuraKC. and oil hunt. large lot. $10.000. Call A. SHUI'LEY. 2433 or 5144. Root acd Boyd, Inc. Realtors Insurance J74 OranJ SL Phono 4-3161 Wtby. Tiny «r M«H a lffiHiii«<HH tt HALPKUIM, umimr IftMurnucG, Lots. Itcal Kntat« tt X. Main St. Tol. 4-5833 Wtlij. — Renl fi]t>tat« — 174 PROSPECT 1ST. PHONH 8426 List Tour Property for Quick Sale. The A. H, Mnrtlno Co. Real Kdtato And AppraSxals 201 E. Main St. Phone 8-3286 Wlby. WALTER A. NORWASH, Agy. INSURANCE REALTOR 20» Church St. Phone 4784 N-IMI 1 FAMILY—G rooms on Highland Ave. Tel. 6031 JOHN HJ3A1.Y, IIS Church St. JAMKS MOOl'.K Real Ksliitc — AlinralHcr Fnone 35f<h tor Selected Homus FOB SALE—Southwest section i>l town. Move riuht in—new beautiful bungalow, Tt rooma on one floor, (Ire- place, natural (He Iwithroom. oil heat. Greatly reduced In ni Icn Irom HKOOii to J13.000. No telephone Informal!..,!. Call me today and ict me show y<.u this one. I'AT.SV L.inKIOi.A Real Kwlate Ajcent Phone Nau<5. 3158 or Wtby. r.-224» BYKOLLVb HZAI, ESTATE 48 Spring HI. Tol. 3-20S1 Watorbury, Conn, »A Wanted to Buy IVAJiTEI>— CJoc.o z lawny house, !i or ( room« on each lloor i>rol(!rrud. I h/ivi a cfiHh customer waltlDK lor such * listing. HENTRT M. MVlll'Hf Real Estate and ApDralxala Telephone 3-4032 Wnterburv Land For Sule FOlt ISA I,K—Buih.ini; lot on .Ncr'h Spi-ilm Ht. rcaxoimlilv. i'honc »]5a alter •! ii. in. or on .Sat. FUJI BAJ..K—bnverm building lots ol New I lav en Ho. AeaHonable. Clti water. Piiono Harry Schmltz. 4685 fitter fl p. m. For Rent IlooniH to Ilcnt IX—i,',, r rent, with kitchen iirlv- i-w, Kood location. I'honu -1U3I!. l,AU(iK IMtlVATK KOO.1l-I.-or rei.t. SiMKU'ald cnlrance. [ui'nlHlieO, ru:in.»n- ablc. Hooni [or car in yard. Tel. Hb Orric.itn To H<:nt VOll KENT — OIIIccH lor iiroJOHHloniil man In Naunatuck. Tel. 3-!)8(;r>. Wtby. lib Announcements Btmtneits Opportunities JIIINUI1Y1 TllinHTYl Htup At 'I'll,, STnAITHTILlK ST'A New llnren U»ad |'«K.II« 4Sr,4 111) BusincxH OpportunlticH Fitzpatrick- Romano ^- Public Aceountanta — Phone Naug. 2806-B007 _ r SHOP 851 No. Main St. 7 f<-[' 3-1K34 Wlby. Ui.>wnv~-brlOeH, brlilenmaldM, llnwor girls DUESSMAKINU nan AltorntkillK done rciiiHonaljlu. 3'liono 11841. Mra. Loulno McGuIro, M HlnKhain St. llh IluslncBH OpiiorliiiillluH THY NT5WS WANT ADVS FOB QUICK RFSULTS WAl-TEn. OKOSKI El<;r:trlcal Contrantor IniliiHtrliil — Commcrr-.lnl — Iiomastln Boncon FallH Phono •IflOG, Naui;. ViKlt Our Nodn Voiintuln Open 7 a. m. to (1 p. m. Kxcopt Sunday ANDY'S CAMPUS — Church Street Announcements Automotive 12 AiuiuunnementB (JJIKISTJIAS TKHHS— WHOLIOMAl.i: l-'am;y ilalwam tt Burvicu. that .null i,| "iKhi; all Kuhuted. HeaHonably urlcu 1 ! liouKh, wreatlm, etc. Write (or urn f _IIU<iHES FA KM. Kernardston. Mass 12u Auctions Katurriay. Nov. 3:i. at 2 p.H HnJ'.' ol ,«tds ^ emi.s of uHHtl Mifnitil'-, nl MI-H. Kreter will] MIIIIUI ail- dlllonH ; in DIM homn il llnrolil liell. Home (!», Turkoy Kill Farm rrosni'ot. Conn. Marly UHclul lti>m<i Come aixl Kut them at your price. Day- luidH. ,i,UI chairs, trunk, throw J-UKN bird bath, elrc.illutlim bcaterH. nr.lpisH nuiny othel'H. Mr.s, Hatlie Fi-elis;-, II. K. ROUKHTB, Auctioneer i a .S|KX'lul Notice* TtAT.IUTH l-'dll HA 1.10 niul 3-49211 Wtby. WILLIAM M. CIHTTKNDBN ' Inmirancc — Real Estate ISO Church St. Plionc 2-UO JSOTICK—Dick MlHl.»i> Ciarnse. T mi'i-Iy of 1250 Wont Main St.. Wat<;r- bury. now at 130 Rubber Ave., Nati tuck. Pbone NauK. 3713. Automotive Auton For S KXiVKHT—Carburetor and generator Bcrvice. Check now lor winter. A & n AUTO SERVICE ">4 Bank St. Tel., 0-1322 Wtby FOR HALF.—193-1 Ford 4 dr. sedan, MiiHt Hell!! flood motor. Only $1(10. Can bo «'-I.'M nt KHHO Oaa HUtion, North Main St. Auk lor Ray Caron'ii car. NAFCO- n iiRF.n CARS TIIH NAlKJATtlCK FUKI, CO. MS« WJntor Ar'ceJiHorreH BALDWIN ST. OULF STATION JOB. Clrlello, Prop. Tel. 3-934S Wtby, or 4!)(!C NauK. IIOTCHKJSS ST. OAHAGE DODGE Joh nated Phono 5727 Trucks Autos For Sale *'OK SAM-mi CadHKo Hydroma tic Sedan. Excellent condition through out. A real buy. Completely rebuilt. Packard Waterbury, Inc. Packard Elate* & Bervici . on „ ." A »»'« Place to Buy" 482 Watertown Ave. Dial 4-nllH) MBMBEH OF WAMA .«« », b«ry»c« Btatkm 11C Hubber Ave. 'Phone 494 - W»iihln«-Poll»hmi-Wiumi« " STUDEBAKKK TJIUCK8 available All Modela and Slios URICK8OK MOTORS 129 Hubber Ave. Phone 4H38 — Studebaker Car* * Truck* — 8.EA BEE MOTOR SALES l«?(t Thnmaittun Are., >Vati»rTill» T«l. ft-OI«*-VMBU CAR* * TRUCKS Cnr» nimtht ami H»M SKIPPV MAOKK MOTOR KALBH »M WATEBTOWS AVE. Tel. wa>r. 4-g*8l or Watertown !»«« I4a TraOer* KK,, MOIIURN TRAH.XU COACH IIOMKH—Complete with bathroomH Mhnwera, tnb«. Fsmoun Liberty Trull- or Coachns now available on G yoar rj% llnnnce plan. Other well knowt makes like Vagabond, Trotwood American. National and Pralrlo Schooner on reasonable torm.M. OBOI « a. m. to 9 p. m. dally. Rydor Trailer Co., Post Road. Mlllord. Conn. (1 mile of Wllford Center) Mlllord 2-2939 IS Auto tnrt* HAI,K—4 Delcn cur iMitterlen (Olj iir.ip. iillurcrt nt ;in iwr cent ol )ny cost. Phono 3-3285 Wtby. Bear. Whool Allgnmnnt Axel and Pramo Service —W Axel P«lnlln»t — ColllBlon RopalrH ERNIE'S AUTO BODY WORKS 12S Watortown Ave. Phone 3-.B241 Wtby, T IIEEL «ORKY FOR FROSTV... WE'LL NEVER ANVONE BUT HER HUSBAND —AND GONE... THIS WIRE CAME WHILE VQU WERE ._ _, MRS. BROO<* I 1 TOOK THE LIBERTY Of SI0MINS FOR NOO - i-B^TTM^ NOPE" voRe -GAL NOT TO TELL VE TILL I 6OT VE IN A CHEERFUL ^/fS Q MOOD WAAL OUT WIF IT!! BOO-HOO HOOU se PORE, P\T'Pl6Le CRATER STOP LRFFI VORE HERD OFF ON'TELL ME UOBfVT B ITIS I GOT SOME DRCTFUL VE, TVLER'.! FROM ERR TO ERR T »ui- HA*. A CAR. IT HURTLE5 BACKWARDS... POWNHIIL! NAWE OF"A'NAWE BIRDV THE MACMME6UH HeV-BTTA™ WHWGOBS.' . VfHBOS AM I ?/ HOSPITAL. PEUAX. I DON'T OEMEMBE7Z AW NJCW NOU'RE ALL SETF... THIS WILU IT MORE OF AM EVEN CONTEST.' I'LL PARK BY THI6 ELEVATOR TCH-. MAVBE THEY'L BRING CALBY BACK. AND AS USUAL THEY IGNORE „/ WANT SOM£ ACTtONi' mff HATCH-. MAVBE THEY'LL, ME. WELL, KiOT THIS TIME, BECAUSE... — WB curry • tall line ol Hartford, K»l<>. Autolit* A Aroutronr Bfttterlea. JOm'S TIIIE SHOP 241 No. Main Bt Tel. ?-J«4 Wtby Largn Selcetlvn ol New and Uwod Auto Pnrts, nl«o Now and lined Tiros Eyerj-lKMly's Cued Cnr» and Part* 639 No. Hlvernlde St. Thl. fl-0492 Open Sunday Mornlnga JfFW—fjftaa 4 rectppml tlren odd and hurd-t6-*«t »!«»•—vim) OABK'H UJHTKD TTHH HAI/E8 your U. 8. Royal Tire distributor U. 8. Rubbnr Co. employes discount certificates Jor tires, honored here JollerHon St.. Wlby. Phone 8-1H1 Complete 1.1ns Of Knnt Covers Joe's Service Station 178 Brldce Bt. Phone 4970 Contractors Contracting nr/IIjDKK-C«rp«nt«r. No Job >oo largo or smut). Reasonable rate*. Robert frock, Pnarl Road. Tel 7161. M. V. BCHIAROX.I — Butldlnjr Contractor — JPhonejJWT_ BuUdlnr Mnterluls Heaiioneil Wood Brick, Sand, Concrete Sand, Loam Pbone 5B1X or 3354 Sand * Htnn* The Wtby. Ready-Mixed Concrete Co. I5, d Jl 0 J , 8t % T *'- *-41»» Wtbv REDICBETE - Strength - Beauty Trucking—Mover* inBEXI.T TBIP8 to N»,«r Tort, Ne-w Robillard Van Lines. Wtby. 8-3683. Fainting MARIANO BROS. Painting. Pnperhanctng — Ulterior * Interior. Full ' Insurance Coverage. Telephone 16«1 BKST INTESTMENT is to paint your property. Call 4071 lor Iree estimates. W. P. Cota, RAYMOND J. HUGHES . _ PMnttoi - Paperlrnnjlnu IB Sooth View BL Phon« 2»01 IITTKKIOB 1'AINTINO AJfI> I'APEBHAHUIMO Phone Joseph Man Angelo — 71TO Electrical Contracting K I, KCTHln WIHTSfW-Ot nil kllulH. Specialty In small Jobs (or the liull- (mys— -1'romntly tnhon euro ol .TAMHN A. NIIKI'I'AIH) 8CII Mriilt St., Pfniin. Tfil. «»ri Merchandise I'onltry and Eggs TUKKEYS - Fresh frozen] Uroiu?- JJren.stod Bronze TurkovM Ai! welithtH. Viicimm tiuckoil In trnnan,ir- rnt IIHKH. Krnu tlollvoi-y. Cjrdwr unrly, They Uikc n lonu time Krowlnn— Irit 'ii Knnrt llrno irnlnK. MAI'1,10 HILL TUtlKJBY FA11.M A. K. ComstMck— 1<". It. l>yon iniiH WtUorbury r>-S213 or 4-'iOI'i3 Hteirimun Ave,, MliliDubnrv cut-ujj foivJH. Iteady . to cook. GREAT OAK FARM Phono liO'19 Foil HAJ.I' 1 , — Bronil lircaiitorl briinxn Tt/IlKEVH. SoiiJ whole or hnll. Oull K. •1004. iuo HIUPMENT —JUST ARHIVEL" ; CHICKISNS. BUOILKHS. IIOQHT- KltS. TURKEYS. CAPONS & RAIJ- B1T8— WHILE THEY LAST— 35c ncr Ib. Strictly Iresh eKKs 45c, oer <lr>7,. At the HlBhwa.v Drive-in Chicken Mnrkot. on The Watorbury-NnuKfttucfc fdKhwfty. ootn)Hltn Intersootlon ol Plntts MlllH. Tol. NiiuiTOtuck 4S72. Merchandise Household Articles WAPOATUCK NEWS (CONN.). 8ATCBDAY. NOV. in, IMfr-PAGE 5 V«net.tan Blinds (Custom-Made). Slip Covers, Mad* to Order. »«•-JK"as»H _±_ -^jo"!'- I. Services * I'IKCK—Solid Termonv maple bert- roomjiultB, S1S4.DO. Oakvllle Furni«» r * < J?; 1 ' 1 *i*'*" 1 st - 0*»vllto. Tel. £**?«< Waterbury Braneb. 68B Baldwin et Tel. 8-asaiL U»* our "Lay-Away Plan." ^ Article* For Solo MMf'I'ttlt UI/ANVITY~tlxl2 wool luce run«. »aii.i(5. NAUQATUCK FURNITURE CO. 20 So. Main HI Phone. 8711 FOll HA1K—Dining room set anj hi-o 9x12 ruB» and underlay, very reu.w.i- ablo. Phone • 6481. .Clciirance Sale >- Itnyon DruHH Prints - r.0u A Ym-d U & C. FA Bit 1C ClWVnjl 48 Grand 8t. ODI>. HafllcV t> BA,KGAIKS-UBe'd Electric lUngea $10 nnd up, also, used Washlnn Machines, $10 and up. Watts Electric Straits Turnpike Tol. 3-4570 Wtby. UHE1> BBVKIIIDOK COOLER - 22 cn»o uountpr tyno dry coolnr. To lia sold boloV cost, complete with unit. Original cost 1 year aito »r>»l!. Sac.rl- (ico prlr.o IX2K. WALTER'S RTSFRIQERATION Main St., Beacon FallH. Tel. 7430 FAIL FIFB8 - pull stock. Little furs, none finer. Walilnglord, 2?11-M. BONAT FUR FARM. THE 70 Ornnrt St. i Tel. 4-7tNI Wtliy. Qanllty I;C«thoi- Oioras—nrens, Driving TIIE TOY HOUSE Selection Nou At Its Best Wise To Shop Early 40 Pleasant Avo, Tol. 3073 1439 M3!l »«!! $4R» t43I) 1439 JIM 3 ROOM ANNIVjgnSARY OUTFIT CbiislHtlnx of the followInK: Comiilote Modern Bedroom Suite Cotntilclo Mixlorn Llvlntt Room Sulto Ccimpleto Modem Dlnetla J3ot iind A IJRAND NI.OW COMBINATION OIL A OAB RANOIB _ Our (roe nlft to you "Emerson" or "Phllco" radio You savo ntmoBt 1200 Take IR lonn nionllm to pay A—t^—B-E—.U—T'—3 2«6-74 So. Mnln St.. Walorbury Phone 4-3144 lor appointment to »ee thin lurnlture 2!)o Article* For SuJo SPUCIAI, on spun rayon 50c n Call Mrs. Huth Pllnkin at SS95. Ml 1C NAJ,K—Tweed coal with zip-In lining $25.00. I'rucllcnlly now. Call 0897. TRACY STAINLESS STEEL SINKS Double Bowl, 66 Inch, Below Cost TOWER APPLIANCE 286 No. Main St. Phone 4-1294 Wtby. SHOULDER •pABS—Embroidery, trimmings, Buttons. Largest in state. Reliable Factory, 3T Scovlll St. Wtby. OKKKRAI, KLECTJJ1C Vacuum Cleaner for SGO.fiS, RICCARDO FU JIN I TURK CO. 407 W. Main St. Tol, 4-S203 Wtby 30 SWEET C ID En—Mn do |re»h d»Ily from sound apples at Schlldgen'a Cider Mill Now Haven Road. 37 Business Strvlce» Bendored e», vacuums, KALAMAKOO „„ . Bales and Bervlu* " - *~^ Tel. 4-8633 Wtby 87 Business Services Rendered ~~~ » Clifton Ave. Phon» "*. "Inflow CIMMDM Co. #i 'htcrlwn MOKFMKNT* Special Prices Ok 411 Memorial! H. JUCHARDS - tw aoMk Mate • • ., _, J- M. TIFFT CO. S7 Church Bt. Phone 371)0 I'lumblilK-IUmtlnK-OH liurnor SorvU o VKWI'OOf.N-NKI"l>IC TANKN <, lni>tnll«il - DriiltiN 1!niilnKrfi>>l _ Aurthln*. Anywli«r«, I'romiitlv SCOTT 8AJ1ITATI078 HKKVICK DM CARMEN'S CXJSTOM TAI1.OK Tallor-Made Oklrtii - J7.VG i» . L" 1 ?*^ Cieanuw Service 147 B. Main St. Pbone 2011 J. * M. BLBCTRICAn WORK8 .„ _ House Wiring and Rotxilr 87 Barimin Court. Phonon 3294-Bnil COMPI.KTE lana«cap« ncrvice. Lc*m evergreens, tree removal. BIMT! •need men. Fully .Injured Al»o «rtv«. w«y». 3. BftDetU Tel 6«48. 39 Cleaning and Dyeing RiiBH. Drapes and Slip Covers KIBVMAN 8 CLEANERS 7« Church 8t. ^ Pbons 1021 Iteupholsterlnc WKW HADO. •«»• HAIIK . CAKPETIJCO CFNTKU ST. WTWT. «•«•»» TONY'S Poultry Market 100 JOHN STREET Tel, 2693. Flnmt IJvc Poultry, Front) Killed and Dresucd to Your Order. BROILERS, FRYERS, BAKERS, ETC. In All Sized. FRESH EOG8 at ALL TIMES LEWIS CARROLL '£»• D*«l»r m the Bqur* CEWTBB HQCARK - CORNKB PK08PBCT • VSIOS HTBBKT8 B»r«u» Tito Bo.rO Chron. Trln Door frmmn Wtedpw ta.k A rmci FloorTsi.nd.ri, toi Hdy WWWWWWWIPWVVWM COMBINATION STOKM WINDOWS * DOOM NEW ENGLAND BALES CO. AL8CO tSS Bank 8k, Waterbwy Pbone «-821» CAESAR KRZYKOW8K1 falntrr — DeoonUor 1* BBBNMAN ST. TKL. Free Ffrtlmatfj FuU bunrmnoe Ovang* RAMOS IRON WORKS _ „«»• HUJI»E» ATBKCB *x»»rt Weldtor ol All Type . TBLKPH08K •«M TED'S AUTO BODY WORKS 57 IIOTC11KISS ST. TEL. MM — CoIIUIon 8peU»U»t. _ fender* — Bodle* — Auto fuUOIttm f owing 8ervl<» Mezzio's Offers:— The MUSIC SHOP • . . records for children nwk* wonderful year-round tffU . . . 88 Church St. Phone 6287 Hawley Hardware 102 Church Btr*et Moore's and Devoe PaiuU Olidden's Spread Satin PlMti-Kote Pinuh Roasters Electric Appliance* Hotpoint Refrigerator and Stoves Phone 4086 \9« Deliver !)0b Munlcal MECCA MUSIC SCHOOL Buckingham BidK. Phono 6-2245 Wtby. Furnlnhod SOd Good Things To Eat ROMA PABTRT B01 NORTH MAIN ST. flnent Italian-American and French Pastry In all New England. Also Spu nonl. Qelatl and ic croam, Every- .hlng made on promlBOH. Special attention given to wedding Parting, i«r prtcon »ro the lowe«l. but our mer- clmndlHo dollnltely thn bout. We deliver and ahlp anywhere in the U. 8. Tel Watcrbury 6-2117. Qeo. Wigglesworth & Son, Ini Pt-tTMBING, HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING , MAPLE 8THEET U Hour OH Burner Service TEL. MM PLASTIC TOIUET HEATS Lifetime Guarantee Assorted Colors APPLES—Baldwins, Spies, Qreenlngf. fine per 'bUHhel & up. Apple elder 5Uc nor (tal. 'W. F. Sills. Benson Rd. Mlddlobury. Phone 4-8280, Wnterbury Education Instructions KRKHIIMAN LATIN - Tuuttht 4-07114 or 4-0780 Wutorbury. Call CAMAHTA—Most talked ol Kanio the year. I will teavh vou In your home or mlno. fineolal rn.t'an to (I'ouim. Omul I'Vi.nlnu'M enlni'talnnient. ArnittKii ;i wiirty now. 1'bnno Wutoc bury il-3773. I.KABN TO BBIVB—Call Central Dual Auto Driving School. 219 Went Main St. Tel. 4-6262. Watorbury. 35a Mivttrewten Any («»i| old MATTRESS remndg Int. an Inmtrnprlnn eqnal tn WKW In I Dar. Hnptrlor MultTintn, Weby.. «.8I1«, Mattresses Remade 1 Day Sei vice—Work Guaranteed Slanloy'a Mattro«« a«rvlc» Phono. «-»270 Watvrhury Services 87 BiiRlnem Bervlcen Rondored Al« WORK TEL,. 43X7 10. DUKBTTJfl. TiritKBVN — Alive ftt larm. Broa4- hrcaftted bronao.- George Pmith, Allfir- ton Farms Rd., Naug. Tol. 46^0. TUBKEl'S—Alive or drenitod. Whol*- walo or retail; All «|KO«, Mra.' H. RchMgen. Eaut Waterhiiry Rd.. Nau- KntiiRk. TcT. Nauu. 86B2. TINTON CITY POUT/TRY 'MARKET riH<TKEI«ft-Fr«nh klllnd or fro*<m PHKHH FOO8— Kro<> n*llvory. 75 School St. T«l. 2fi91-B437 27u Office and Other Equipment DOCTORB, DI5NT7 B'rtl ^fOW AVAIUARLiIS KIRK RESISTANCE — Card Illcs and Concealed Sales. Just what you .wanted See us or have our representative ''all SOLOMON'S SALES & SERVICE 37 Cooke SL Dial 1-7010 Household Article* FOH SAI,E — Combination gas & oil stove, 4x4. practically new. Vtiiy reasonable. Phone 5C22. TOR SA1E— Blue^ovorstulled llvlnj? room chair. ..Tel, 5823. Alter fi n. rn. !•' Oil SAJ, K — Rc'Kiior K healer. 27 Olive St. a hcalor. lloom Tel. 3000. FOR SAIjE—Gray combination nil <ind nnd gan range in Kood condition. Kitchen table .&., ^ chairs, also. Phone 5!)D4. -• • . USED BEFHIGEBATORH FOB SALE—14» AND UP AKDBOVHT APPLIANOK CITY TEL. (181 OH Burner* Cl»an<>4 and U«pal red I'artii For All Make* of Bnrn«rn Harry Chnrelim. tS Progpect St.. Mit OHIMiJKYS pointed and repaired bj «P»rt. All types ol maaon work. JOlpr OPOM . Phone S-0297, Wtbv HODLAND FTJnNACB CO. ... ~ ™ ot Aw Furnaces. 746. B. Main;St. Tel. 4-IOCS Wtby. ._,-.. OOWNS, MATKIU- .-_., ...IBS A. Lamparella. 11 Maple Terrace. Phone 293(1. ••>• ORBEH8 TAKES tor Slip Covers Drapnry, Bpreadsl, Material imnWIei »hown, Tel. Bvctjfa MMdleli, 4(Bt, H*nttr>» Aluminum Combination fltnrm Wtanowii Inflation, Rooting, SMIan 1.00 PBBXI.EB^CO? '' Wtby?*t-tOII RAY MELBOURNE 3 ™ * ow »' «» Rahbtr AT*. WeMInt Phom itll D 9l2?: R«my and Autollte Service ... WhI tall Battery & Blectrld Co. 1S« Rubber Av«." ••• • Pnone S713 SECURITY Do«i your Insurance glv* «de- quate protection today r DO yotf HAVE CTT ..*» NAUOATDOK INSURANCE AOENCY 1HO. Building cost* are steadily Inoreailnc PHONE 2080 F. W. EATON, Mgr. WEISS BEN FRANKLIN STORK CHTTJtcn ST. WATJOATtrCK R.C.A. — Admiral Tolevl»lon Rules and Service SWAN'S Electrical Contractor* Since 1925 jg CKOAIt ST. TEE. «W4 •BKT A CUTAWAY fuB THAT C.B IMBIMBO'S I'kOM All It ITslns Hi., Wlfey, or »mM Pki»* I.BUI SKE TII_ ..„„ UNIVERSAL WASHER at Gerald's Appliance — New Low ,W7 SPRING 8T. UNION CITY TKLEl'HONE MSI BUI'KUS \tlantic Service Station Fern and Chestnut 8t». NOW Of Kit! t Atlantic Top Orad« Oil Keconi-1o-ni>no 90c-f.Sc Fun Line of Freeh Kvery Sunrise Cream Pics Marzpan Fruit* MARZPAN FKUITH BIRTHDAY CAKB8 Turkeys Baked CITY BAKERY MAPLE ST. ' TEL. M7» Open Pally 6:30 A. M. to « f. M. EXPERT BODY WORK Complete Pointing Fftcllltie* Wrecker and Towlnc* Bervlos ERtlmatm Furnl*hed Budget plan Available The Naufifatuck Fuel Co. FORD DEALER Phone TURKEYS Alive or Dreised WE DELIVER JOHN FRITZ Chestnut Tree Hill Bd. Phone 4398 CIVIL SERVICE .. MOTOR VEHICLE INSPECTOR Men- capable- of home *tu<ty. IntereHtcd In thin pottltion. Write for interview and full dctnflH of our preparatory coimo. x (Connecticut Re«ld«mU Only) FRAMINOHAM CIVIL SERVICE SCHOOL i Centre, TRY NEWS WANT FOR QUICKER M BENEDICT ST. A Product of The Waterbury Beady-Mixed Concete Company 0 STRENGTH • DURABILITY • BEAUTY TUX. S-41M WATERBUBY. OOWN Did You Know That Want-Ads started serving- North Americans on May 8,1704 in the Boston News-Letter? f' And that they were working in England 300 years ago! ,», ^ thetn work for you today. The Classified pages of the Naugatuck Daily News carry definite and specific messages to each and every reader. Your needs :nay be among them. Dial 2^28 today and bring your wants to the reading public.

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