Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 9, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1896
Page 8
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Monstrous Half YetrJy Clesti^ance ' • ' * ^e Sale of Seasonable Merchandise THE QOLD0N RULE EACH WORD IS WEIGHED. ALL STATEMENTS ACCURATE. To save your time and money we fit the plainest words to this announcement. The high intelligence policy, and the worthiness of these statements commands your attention. We begin ou-haft'yearly cle July 8th. This sale means business; it isn't gotten up to order. It's a real clearing sale.-a sale to SKL aUti^ Dry Goods, Suits Parasols, etc There is much to be sold. In making preparS for o^ worn is precious. To accomplish this, it takes a quick, big loss, to do so. Therefore be on hand early as Clearance . Time and This Sale is Now Going On. THE GOLDEN RULE 5CHHITT & HEINLY. To The Ladies " Thia is the season of- the y<\ar wbeo •the unpleasant but necessary work of 2/ouse-clenulng claims the attention of iire housekeeper and not a little de- 'ALTGELD" OB the appearance of your lace ecrtulus as poorly done-up curtains spol-F tie effect of a well-furnished home guicfcer than any thing' else. We nave Mtperienced help In this class of. work vrtio do- nothing else and we ncow' we caa,glvo yon perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year o? laundering shirt waists, being the ozdy firm In the city using machinery, xsciuslvely for the purpose. We vrllT 3?<srec!a-te your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. Doesn't Mean "Old Gold' 3y a Good Deal. SEEMS TOMEANSILVER Illinois' Anarchist Governor Ably Aided by Southern Brigadiers w:is !.;'U. 11 nd iliu.siiiiiri.se was enjoya- IjJi'. A siiort si'iTivt! ol' soiig aiiid prayw coiu-liitlcd ;:lu' exi'i-cisus. li: i< certain that M'-«. M'illi'i- \vi,M nr;.|. snou 1'ov ::'.'!• l.iiuh'liiy ;uiuivi>rSiirv of ISDCi. •or. CLEVELAND LOST A GAHE. All Change Positions Today-Standing of the Clubs. Found in a Deserted Hut Thirt Years Ago. Fire Works The largest and most complete assort- s»ont -In the city. * \ . : -•< . Parties intending having home dis- 5)Cys of fireworks come to us nnd we 1 3irill &x you out. / We Lave al! sizes of flag's, bunting, , etc. ' Burgman Cyeie Co In the Destruction of the Good? Old Democratic Party. Tlllman With His Pitchfork, Black bum, Harris and Hogg Assist. Are You Out of Employment. Hare you a horse, buggy or.other personal property, or vacant lota you would like to exchange for a v business thatwlilglv* big returns? Sail at 703 Hichigan Avenue. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY, JULY 0, 1SOC. Fhy. yom- natural gas bills before Jtfly 10. Subscribe for the Journal, 40 centi ffer monti. Duu't mlas the greatest clcnrauce sale of"IA'.e season, now going an at the Tnide Palace. Monstrous half-yearly clearance sale JBOW in full blast at the bargain givers. — Tfie Golden Rule. Strayed— Sunday morning, 'yearling Jersey heifer from home of OllJe Bech- *ol In Jerusalem, near the river. Dr. D. r. Putnam will lecture at Mi- oli/iel's university this afternoon at. 3:30 <yrioct. Subject, "Mnuhoo<l and .Na- he Ladies' Aid society of tlie Broailr: way I'r<>sbyt»Mrlan cliui-cli will it-wn f?te this evening at the home'iqij Mr. .and Mrs. E..B McConnell. Ice ', arca-iu, cake, lemonade and coffee'will Be- wired. .-.-• - VJ The consolidation, of the Na.tura^:.and- AMlflclal gas compjanles, makcsfiithe BByment of bills for consumers iislng bW* kinds of gas much' more convenient. The person paying tor ua'tnr^i" .gis«-wno is also a user of the artificial o^-n*w-pay both bills M the snrae./tijnji, afrtne-eompany's ofBce, 317 Pearl street..' AlTtolH's arc doe and collectible oh the flhrt'ofeach month with nisfoniar^- : 'ten' ... <*rys»' grace. Elite for July, 1SO<J f .'itn w Tlie Journal bulletin boards' were again surrounded by a large crowd yes- 1'crtlay wliile but-.two, or Uirco at any time stood about the. Pharos . boards across the street. It was evident from the circumstance that but few took any hitei-est la the Democratic party ns a part}- and Ulint the great masses of the. >eople were intercstod in tlie sensation- il scenes attemline tho dissolution of a >anty tha;t.once boasted a Jefferson, and. a Jackson ami Vtilclr" for'a "hundred 1 yeai'9 cut :rn Important figure In national politics. Probably but once before, luis public interest been so awakened, and tJiat was in tho dark days oC 'UO-'Cl, when the Democratic party before went to pieces oil the doctrine of secession and states rights. It Is a remarkable coincidence, if nothing -more, that then, as now, D ( cmocra-cy's first false, step was a tm-uiuK to free trade. XJw complete control of Alrgeld, with li'is lieutonanls, largely fi-om tlie darker South, TUlinan of South. Carolina Blackburn of Kentucky, Daniel oC Virginia, Hogg%>f TexaS'aud HaiTls-of Tennessee, eho-\re what a revolution has •taken place in Deniocraitic control In a brief four years; and'the spirit of into! erance and hostility to evoirythlng that is sound and stable shows what a revolution there liiis been In seutimeut. Wl'nli the convention.looking to Bland of Missouri,-aml smiling on Matthews only because he .was born In Kentucky, tlie free silver cjuu.se seen* but a blind, am atd also, perhaps, 'for the South to slip into Its old ttono supremacy, a su-> prumacy, wililch .now as In 1SCO, means the party dissolution cm sectlonial lines. A few mtegiiidod Western states, will err because of property Interests In silver mines, but they will return to the support of sound government and Cli>ve-Jai«l lost to Itrook-lyn yestmltiy. \Vallucc wius in. f.hs box for the Spiders, took auoi'iier from the Cola and Olndiramti made lit three straight Philadelphia; \Vliiittroc-k, tJie ex- infcclLor, .pitched his first •:imi! for tlin Quakers and k w;is a good one, Tlie Reds.got but eijrlit hits oft il-ni and his supiwrt was almost fault- a«s, there being .br.:t one on-or uuuk- behind Iiim. The Cfteiiiiuitls played an eworless giiane..behind Eliret, "wlio nl- lowed tlac hard.hitting Qunkers-but five hits.' If amyoue KhouW say that the three le-adins clubs are playing great baU Just now, you eiui believe 'them, for •it is of the championship sort. Boston dropped another to i.he Colonetf.Jjnak- ing two.of tlie series of three'captured 1 . by the T.iiil-enders from .the Bean-eaters. Today the clubs all change positions. Baltimore and Olevein ikToome together n.t ClevcltuKl. Washington Is ;)t Cln-' cinnatl and Boston Is.at Stv Louis. The, devclauds imiKt win two of die thrpt. ffaimes with Baltimore to hol'd'tlie per eeint. they iiow.^iay.e. • Kithcy lose.two and wiu but one,,they will d'roji-'tp .OHO. If Balthnore wins two.ot the 'series,'and lo«os one, they will.have held Uieli 1 own smd will-wind up tlie 'wtfott'' with ..007 per cent. Cincinpntl is In the game box and must win two to, hold .even, while' if -they take all flilw from Hie Sonatore, they'will lead the procession, and in view of the way the team has been playing ball lately, this'Is .by no 'means Impossible. • V : •• • Following are the scores of tihe gainoS played yesterday: •• - : At Cincinnati—Philadelphia 2, Cincinnati 3. .... <- " • .At Clovefand—Brooklyn 11, Cleveland G: .' :"•••'•-" .-•• • At C'h'k-ugo—Bnltilimore IS, Chicago ,13. At Louilsvllle—Boston 2,' LonisvUle 10. At Pltlsblirg—Washilngtom ' 0, Pittsburg 10. .'••.. >'' : .. At St Loul^—New 1'ork-S^t. Louis 3.. STANDING OF THE CLUBS. ? Clubs .Won Lost 'Per Ct. Cleveland .41 BnltiTnoi'o 42 Cincinnati .... .,,40 Boston ...38 -,.35 Chicago ...36 Philadelphia ,33 Washington-.... i. .30 Brooldyn .,,,;,.., .32, Xew York .27 St. Louts .' ;. :15' Louisville "... 13 3- _ Yesterday's Chicago Kecord says: "In -Director J-'i-Qiiclfs office : it- Ih Arc Insttane'-iji a picture of 'Jje -11; donp.a,' .which 'h:is been accepted gou erally jis-the work of one of the earl. Italian niostevs. It is the property o A.'H. McDonald of Logansport, Ind. who has had it in life possession I'o thirty years. - Mr. McDonald t.ook the p.-unniiig to Mr. French Monday for iu speffclon. Mr. French called in Kalpl Clarksoii, an art critic of tlio city, who was of the opinion that the picture was an original and tii;vfc it' probably had been cut out of n large paiuBue of The Annunciation.' Artlnn- Davson, another critic, aliso was asked to inspect the pniiiitius. Judging from t!ie general style of lia-iidlinjr. ho s-ald that he though.!: it was of the Italian school OL Correjrgio. Mr. McDonaW fownd, t'lie 1 painting hanging in a diverted fisherman's hut In Texas, near Browiiistown.' during the Civil war. The pointing was covered with du.sr and cobwebs nnd gave otlier appearances- of having- been neglected .a Ions linio. Mr. McDonald was Im- jm'cs-s.ed \vith it ami mailed It home. ., "The painting will be acted upon by ..the art coim,m«,toe of tlie.instiituto at an .early:-date, .-'awl' If it is accepted as a (Work of an.old .school it will be hung ii a conspicuous place. 1 ' EXHIBITION BILLIARpS. Expert 5hows the Boys a Trick ,. or Two. E. A. Morley of Chicago, champion finger billiard player of the world, is in the city..,He gave au exhibition of his skill with the ivories at Prosch's billiard parlors last;uigJit; playing two hundred points against three of the best billlard- •ists in town.-namely, 'Morris- Talbott', Charily Grable, and Tom Grlflith." TJie fellow witlii.the nimble fingers easily distanced hisopiK>nonts, winning by the scare of 200.to 64. His average wan 14 2-7. Highest run 7C. R. B. Mat- tlhews scorer*andL; SI. Black marker and. referee. " .... .Mr. .Moi-ley, after tho exhibition game of finger billiards, played the s'anio .three'gentilemen ivith the.cue,-and .was beaten in a fifty-point game, 50 to 31. .He Is a bil'llaKTexpert and his play is .at times of tire brilliant sort. OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES that Harry Frank has ever originated and carried out, this one will surpass and will positively be our Farewell Pants Down Sale. To give you an idea how extremely low we * will sell them we quote a few of the many lots Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds now $3.25 Our $6 and 6.50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our $5 and'5.50 Doeskin 2.75 Our $4 and 4.50 Fancy Cheviots.... 2.25 Our $3 and 3.50 ; Fancy Cassimeres 1.75 Our$l and 1.25* Cotton Worsteds 75 Our $ I Cotton Worsteds 68 Boy's Long Pants 43c Children* Pants 14c In fact every pair in the house goes at 60c on the Dollar to give .every citizen in the countr^;^., opportunity to help themselves. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street. RACING HORSE MISSING. Gold Medium", J. D. Ferguson's Horse, Disappears. sound money overwhelmingly, and that, pel-Imps, before .the vot>as shall bo cast in November. The supremacy Is one ot -sectionalism eatdrcly, and a section-, that tfi.it the nation has good to fear. . • • MRS. MILLEK'S SURPRISE. JIivs. Maiy Miller of Seven. MUe was the vlctiin of a pleasant surprise last Sunday. It had been arranged that her neighbors :ir.d friends Invite--themselves to her name', for'dinner. When 'she reached home from church, she found the yard, full of people arid others cojn- lag. TL-e vJsi tea's spread .two tables-, and heaped them with'gooditfbings Irani their baskets. A,pleasant social tlmt OFFICERS CHOSEN.. •" ''M the last meeting.; of -Bridge 01 ty lodge, K. of P., No, 305, the following officers were installed -by D.J D, G. 0 George B. Barren:.',',• ,..; - •.•: •:• . C. C.—R, A. Harding. / . V. C.—H. Baughman 1 . ' ,''.'•' Prelate—T. G. .Poftejv .-..< M. A.-H. Dfrnbq.' '. -- .,.,'. • I. G-,-Ch i ils...Eck'ert, / , ;'., ,ii. • 0. G.—Henry Horst.,'; . ; The flame of Judge John C., McGregor will be pot In otninatlon for prosecutor at the Democratic County convent tlon August 1, Judge McGregor Is one of tiie pioneer Demooriifcs of. the county. The Republican Drum 7 Corps was on the streets last cyerilngj.-^he corps has. made great progress: 1 ' " ..... "., •T, D. Ferguson's -horse, "Gold Me tlhun,'" which Is entered Jo a number o races thToughbut the State, has mygter iously disappeared, "and; Mr. Ferguson la now .conducting a search in the hope of locating the animal. The horse for mei'ly belonged to a'nran named Boies who, after producing satisfactory evidence otf ownership, solid the animal to Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Champion, who formerly lived here, appeared and claimed he owned the animal.' Tills was denied by Boles, who said that Champion formerly owned part,of the horse, but chait lie'had bougM Champion's Interest before selling'the-'horse to Mr. Ferguson; 'It is claimed by,Mr. Ferguson that during 1 'the recent races at Laporte Cliainplon," gained possession of the .'horse. Mr; Ferguson has employed a detective who will endeavor to locate he racer and .his present possessor. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Five extra salespeople engaged to help through the great clearance sale which is now sol.bg on at the Golden Rule. Challies, 2%c; handsciue silk plaid lin- s reducejl to 35c: beautiful while goods remnants at 'hall price at the Trade Palace clearance sale. The regular meeting of Cliarity Div. Xo. 4, G. I. A.-l-o the B. of L. E. will be held today at 2:30 p. in.' 1 AH' members a.i-e requested to be preseuifc By order of President. .-' ',' •.'•.' It's a real ckailug sale wliich is.going ou at the Golden Rule; none .of these fake Imitation which others are tryin. to make you believe they,are having.— Golden Rule. • ' •"•' An immense crowd was attending the great' clearance sale' yesterday. TJie stock must be sold, cost cuts no figure. All prices smashed right and left at th Golden Rule. The fourth lecture in the series at the Michael university will be given this afternoon at the coEegs cnapel. The Rev. D. P. Putnam will be the speaker, and Ills subject Is "Manlbood and Na- .tlons." ; Frank PulliD, aged 5G years, died at Ms home in Poplar Grove Tuesday o' apoplexy, after an Illness of twelve : bours. The funeral will be held at Flora. Interment ..will be had in the Flora cemetery. A. young huly on a wheel whose name was not learned, collided with a horse on Sycamore street last night. The rider was not Jjiurt but the whee,l was badly broken, the horse steppin TO BICYCLE RIDERS. Any Tire Made, Self-Healing, If You Puncture Your: Tire You Never Know It. Tlie Compound Guaranteed to do the Work, and Add to the 1/tfe of the Tires. Line Filling, the bicycle and shoe man •has this new compound now perfected and ready for the market, and It. Is guarantee to do as represented. Any. tire onoe treated is made absolutely self- healing. Ffflffieg, the shoe man, has the compound at his store, and Is ready to treat any tire. LITTLE LOCAL. Attemd Filling's sole, of tan shoes. Choice of the house ?3.4S. All ?5 and S6 ton shoes reduced to 93.48 at PiUHmg's mid-summer sale. There are no better shoos made than illing, the shoe man, bandJes, and now your choice of any tan shoe in his store for $3.48 Is surely a bargain. -..•••• Take your tires to Pflling and have the tires treated. GuaranTce to make any tire self-healing. No more punctures if you will have your tires treated. It adds to the life of the tires and makes tuenrhoW air fat- definitely. Pilling 1 , the shoe man, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Ind., through both wheels. Rebecca James died at her home in Poplar Grove July 3 after an. Illness of two weeks, aged 08 years. The cause of death was dropsy.,' The funeral,was held at 'fihat place. Interment was liad In the Masonic cemetery. , DON'T MISS IT;, The great smash-up and clearance sale where you will find bargains of all kinds. At Hie:Golden Rule. •'"•'/ The Ladles' Aid society of the Broadway Presbyterian church will hold a fete Friday'evening, Jnly 10, at the home of Mr. arid Mrs: E. B. McConnel. . . • . ••" • ,• " • lIMi^^&ili^

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