The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 23, 1974 · 16
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 16

Los Angeles, California
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Tuesday, July 23, 1974
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IS Part I-Tubs,, July 23, 1974 WEATHER 7? NATIONAL FORECAST FOR TUES.JULY 23, 1974 ra J .S r m A Ma I I M f f M m A . M ' I B Bl A! I T IL U ABFL UT V W 1111 IH : VsaN HANCISCO 3te5 JPCW( i (iw H yjy-AssLy, f 1 TTv SAN ANTONIO H"T?M wfc U'p!' I L y 96 O (yy'y mw 4y&9W- I H M'UWpy f santa MAwTn-i 1 I - WiW" in y23& L. pawd- j itsfl SANTA 8AffAt4 "76l06 - 1 , f s - tovicpNrtR i,ivfiiS;r, COlD VMRM STATIONARY OCCLUDE!? wsixffi'Otoi O CLEAR QfARTlY ClOUM IfVIND DIRECTION T77 SOUTHLAND FORECAST LOS AXGELES: Some variable cloudiness but mostly sun-ny today and Wednesday. Highs both days in mid 80s. BEACHES: Some variable cloudiness but mostly clear today and Wednesday. Highs today In low 70s: water, 66. MOUNTAINS: Some variable cloudiness today and Wednesday with scattered afternoon and evening thundershowers. Chance of some locally heavy showers especially Riverside Countv southward. Highs today, 78 to 85. BAN FERNANDO VALLEY: Some variable cloudiness today and Wednesday with slight chance of isolated thunderstorms near mountains, especially afternoons and evenings. Highs today, 85 to 95. SAN GABRIEL VALLEY: Some variable cloudiness today Wednesday with chance of isolated thundershowers " storms near mountains, especially afternoons and evenings Highs today, 85 to 95. SAN BERNARDINO-RIVERSIDE: Some variable cloudiness today and Wednesday with slight chance of isolated thunderstorms near mountains, especially afternoons and evenings. Highs today, 85 to 95. ORANGE COUNTY: Some variable cloudiness today and and Wednesday with chance of isolated thundershowers near mountains afternoons and evenings. Highs today, mid 70s at beaches to mid and upper 80s inland. UPPER AND LOWER DESERTS: Variable cloudiness today and Wednesday with scattered afternoon and evening ' thundershowers. Chance of locally heavy showers, local gusty winds 15 to 25 m.p.h. afternoons and evenings. Highs to- , day, 95 to 105. - SAN DIEGO COUNTY: Scattered afternoon and evening . showers and thunderstorms today and Wednesday, mainly over and east of the mountains into the deserts, but-a chance of a thundershower in coastal section. Highs today, ; 75 to 80 coastal and 83 to 88 intend. Smog Th Les Anoeles Air Pollution Control District Issue health advisories based on contaminant levels averaged over a specific time period, and, also on instantaneous peak readlnos. Time averaged basis: ozone, .20 Darts per million for on hour; carbon monoxide, 40 Dpm for one hour or 20 pom for 12 hours. First stage alerts (instantaneous): ozone, .50 pom; carbon monoxide, 50 pom, and ' nitrogen oxides, 3 pom. FORIOCAST Maximum ozone levels today will be .25 ppm in the San Ga-! briel Valley, .20 ppm in the remaining inland valleys, and .05 to .15 ppm elsewhere in the Los Angeles Basin. There will be light smog in ail areas. Maximum visibilities will be two miles in the Pomona-Walnut Valley and three to five miles else-' where in the basin. , MONDAY'S PEAK READINGS f. , Carbon Nitrogen Central Los Angeles Northwest Coastal Southwest Coastal South Coastal . South Central Southeast West San Fernando Valley East San P'ernando Valley West San Gabriel Valley East San Gabriel Valley Pomona-Walnut valley . Orange Countv APCD . . Ventura County APCD Monday's LOCAL TEMPERATURES Maximum and minimum temperatures at Southern California points, as reported to the Los Angeles office of the National Weather Service, were as follows: Los Angeles 82 L.A. Airport 78 Apple Valley 99 Carstow-Dagget ......104 Beaumont 93 Beverly Hills 8) Big Bear Lake ... 8) ...102 ... 96 ... 84 Bishop .... Blvthe .... Culver City El centro , 98 Mollywood-Burbank 87 Lake Elsinore 90 Lancaster 102 Long Beach 80 Montebello 86 Mt. Wilson 88 Needles 105 Newport Beach 74 Northrldge 90 Ontario 94 Pasadena 89 Riverside U.C 89 Sandberg 92 San Bernardino 91 Santa Ana 82 Santa Barbara 76 Santa Maria 75 Santa Monica 70 Thermal 102 Torrance 83 Wrlghtwood 86 RELATIVE HUMIDITY High, 84; low.- 49. TEMPERATURES AND PRECIPITATION OVER THE FAR WEST 93 63 .... Billings 99 61 Boise 95 59 Casper 88 57 .... Flagstaff 76 51 .04 Great Falls 95 59 Helena 95 57 Las Vegas 103 83 Phoenix 105 76 Portland. Ore. .......... 77 55 Red Bluff 104 68 Peno 97 48 Sacramento 98 59 Salt Lake City 98 68 San Francisco ............ 72 53 Seattle 73 55 Spokane ................. 83 60 Tucson 95 69 Yellowstone 86 43 Yuma 98 82 s FOREIGN CITIES ' (Local Time) . City Athena, p.m. ... Berlin, 1 p.m. Suadalaiara None Kong, t p.m. London, 1 p.m. ... fadrid, 1 p.m. ... Weather Temp. near .....Clear .....Clear k ....Cloudy Clear 88 Clear Clear fexico City .... AAoscow. 3 P.m. .Partly Cloudy Paris, I p.m. .Clear ?ome, I p.m. . utaen, 8 p.m. ekye. e .m. ....Partly Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy ' og flngtltrf mtg 2 REPORTS, FORECASTS 1641741 V 71 I ' COSTA M6SA I I NrWPOM I LOWS AND HIGHS u,., 5iNwis I C10lIr ' ZI ..... fW-.J I II 1 TtuB I Unl Tfll I 111 1 1 l j 69 CONTINUOUS WEATHER BROADCASTS: VHF 162.5$ PREPARED IN COOPERATION WITH THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE Western, National Forecasts Report Ozone Monoxide Oxides 16 06 03 ,.03 07 06 19 20 10 .18 -.23 .43 .15 .17 -15 .15 .17 .20 .15 .12 .08 .15 .17 .14. .07 2 Temperatures, Summaries NATIONAL WEATHER SUMMARY Thundershowers were widely scattered around the nation. However, sunny skies prevailed. In the six hours ending at one p.m. CDT, about three-fourths inch of rain was measured at Key West, Florida, Chicago, Illinois and Alma, Georgia. Most of the showers occurred In the Great Lakes region and the lower Ohio Valley, but thev were also found near the Gulf and southern Atlantic coasts and from the northern Plains to the southern Plateau. A flash flood watch was In effect for the Interior of Southern California. Tempera tures around the nation at two p.m. CDT ranged from 60 degrees at Houghton Lake, Michigan to 109 degrees at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The middle and lower Missouri Valley enjoyed relief .from a prolonged heat wave. Haze continued from the Mississippi Valley to the Appala chians. The national weather forecast for today: - Clear to partly sunny skies are expected over most of the nation. However, thundershowers are. expected from the lower Great Lakes region across the Ohio Valley and lower Arkansas Valley to the southern Atlantic Coast. Isolated thundershowers will appear from the northern Plains to the southern Plateau. Clouds will cover the Washington coast. No Important change In temperature will occur except that it will be a little cooler In the northern Rockies and the Tennessee Valley and a little warmer In the upper Mississippi Valley and southern New England. WESTERN WEATHER SUMMARY Partly cloudy skies covered the South ern California coastal area with generally westerly winds of about 10 knots. The Pacific high located about 1200 miles west of Los Angeles with a center of 1027 mbs. The thermal low of 1009 mbs was located over Death Valley. CANADIAN STATIONS Calgary 2 81 Edmonton ............... 67 70 Montreal 74 Ottawa 74 84Reglna 93 r'Toronte ................. 74 I, Winnipeg 2 641 Vancouver 41 42 56 55 56 53 70 St .13 blob r I EXTENDED FORECAST SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA COASTAL AND MOUNTAIN AREAS: Extended outlook Thursday through Saturday Patchv low clouds and fog along the immediate coast and scattered afternoon and evening thundershowers In the mountains. Otherwise fair and continued warm. Highs from the mid 70s at the beaches to the 90s In the warmer Inland valleys and the 90s In the mountains. Overnight lows In the 69s coastal sections and 55 to 45 in me moun tains. MARINE FORECAST POINT CONCEPTION TO MEXICAN RQRDPR: Llaht variable winds night and morning hours becoming westerly S to 14 knots with 2 to 3 foot wind waves this afternoon. Two to 3 foot southwesterly swells. Patchy low clouds otherwise varia ble high cloudiness through tonight. WESTERN FORECASTS SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA: Mostly fair throuoh Wednesday but with patchy fog and low clouds near the coast Increasing and spreading Inland locally to night. A little cooler weanesaay. Migns today in the 70s to upper 80s and Wednesday In the low 70s to low tOs except in the 60s both days near the coast. West to northwest winds to 20 mph afternoons and evenings. NORTHEASTERN CALIFORNIA: Fair throuoh Wednesday. Continued warm. High temperatures Today ana weanesaay at Susanvllle, 11, 95. SIERRA NEVADA: Few afternoon and evening thundershowers from about Tahoe southward, otherwise tair mrougn Wednes day. A little warmer days. SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY: Continued fair and warm through Wednesday with a little; afternoon cloudiness and a chance of thundershowers atternoons and evening in the foothills Sierra Nevada. Highs txrh days 98 to 108. Light winds. SANTA MARIA-SAN LUIS OBISPO COASTAL ' AREA: Low clouds and fog near the coast spreading onshore locally night and morning, otherwise fair through Wednesday. Little cnange in tempera tures. Sma craft adv sorv for northwest winds to 25 mph afternoons and evenings. MONTEREY BAY AREA: Low clouds and fog near the coast spreading onshore locally night and morning. Otherwise fair through Wednesday. Little change In tem peratures. Highs both days In the 70s to mid 80s except in the 60s along the coast. Small craft advisory for west to northwest winds to 25 mph afternoons ana evenings. Sun, Moon, Tide uir tee aT ooS A Aug. 17 July 26 Aug. 3 TUESDAY, JULY 23 Aug 11 Sun rises 5:59 a.m., sets 8:01 p.m. Moon rises 10:53 a.m.,. sets 10:43 p.m. July Low : High ' Low High 23 6:4M.O 1:22 S.J 7:31 1.4 24 1:17 4.5 7:32 07 2:14 S.3 :53 1.4 25 . 2:34 3.7 8:21 1.4 High Low 26 2:36 3.7 8:21 1.4 3:12 SA 10:23 1.2 Hign low 3:12 5.4 "10:23 1.2 "Denotes p.m. All time D.S.T. TEMPERATURES AND PRECIPITATION OVER THE NATION Albany 83 Amarlllo 96 Ashevllle 78 Atlanta 78 Atlantic City 76 Austin 102 Baltimore 85 Birmingham 90 Bismarck 88 Boston 75 Brownsville 93 Buffalo 84 Burlington, Vt. II Charleston, S.C. 83 Charleston, W.V. 84 Charlotte, N.C. 82 Cheyenne 81 49 70 63 68 69 74 57 69 62 60 70 56 53 66 . 56 61 57 41 64 57 65 59 77 56 60 75 57 56 1 64 47 63 52 70 78 60 69 70 49 77 83 75 61 57 77 7 72 63 65 71 65 62 65 75 75 75 61 76 59 S3 55 56 55 58 At 55 74 68 70 53 55 60 50 69 61 .09 Chicago 68 Cincinnati 81 Cleveland 83 Columbia, S.C. 87 .89 l02 Columbus, Ohio 83 Dallas-Ft. Worth 106 Dayton 87 Denver 81 Des Moines 92 Detroit 73 Duluth 78 1.27 "03 El Paso 95 Fairbanks 72 Fargo (1 Hartford 86 Honolulu ................ 87 Houston 96 .03 .19 Indianapolis 77 Jackson, Ms. 96 Jacksonville 86 Juneau 55 '.06 Kansas City 93 Las Vegas ...103 Little Rock 104 Los Angeles 82 Louisville 80 Memphis 95 Miami Beach 87 Midland-Odessa 101 Milwaukee. 70 .19 .13 .14 Nashville 92 New Orleans 92 New York 85 Norfolk, Va 83 North Platte 91 ' Oklahoma City 107 Omaha 95 Orlando ................. 91 Philadelphia 84 .01 .07 j if pnoenix ................. 105 Pittsburgh 82 Portland, Me. 76 77 Providence .............. 80 Raleigh 83 Rapid City Reno . Richmond .... St. Louis ..... Salt Lake City San Antonio .. San Francisco Seattle Spokane Syracuse Tucson ....... .04 .02 Washington ... Ull VITAL RECORDS Draft Funeral Annuncmnt ABRAMSON, -Aaron, beloved father of tditn boraon ana nernara Bnnifcon; alio aurvlveoj by 5 grandchildren and 2 greatgrandchildren. Service 3 p.m.. Tueeday at Courts' of TaNacH unapei, Mount Slnal Memorial Fark. Mount Sinai Mortuary. ANPER-SOX, Anita. Forest Lawa-oienoaie. BARN'ETT, Alda Belva. McMillan Mortuary, uaraena. BEAl'CHAMP, Pat. West Coast Cremation Service nrtvr:Rn. Charlee KlufDfer. of Pa log veraes renmiuia, pumi away July 21, 1874 in a jor--un,- h.tnnltal. Survived by wife, Roberta, 2 norm, Charles Robert Bongard and Richard Vail Bontrard. 1 daughter, Joan Vnnr-M Bruccolerl ana non-in- law. Michael, mother. Helen Monica Bonard, I brother. David Bongard, 2 sisters, Monica Bongard and Helen Mlllhausor, brother-in-law, James Mill-hHuser. mother - In law. Mrs. t rances Vail, and niece and .nephew, Monica and Christopher Bonfiird. , . Rosary p.m., Wednesday nri funeral Maes 11 a.m.. Thursday, both at St James Church, Redondo Beach. Inter ment in Hoiy tross uemeiery. A liana Mortuary, xorrance, ci-raetora. Family suggests contri butions to the Kidney Founda tion or Heart t una. BRADLEY, Marion Becher, passed away Thursday, July 18. JH74. Survived by 1 daughter, Mrs. Marion Via and 1 son, Harry L. Bradley Jr., S grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Entombment was private. BRA SDKS. Xathan. Glaxband-WIIlea Long seam. BRIGHT, Vonda. Forest Lawn.noiiynooo JHiiisr. BROWN, Alice M., beloved sister of Mrs. Jessie r. JM-iuuna; hp survived by 2 nephews and 1 niece. ' Service 3:30 p.m., Tuesday at Little Church of the Flowers, Forest Lawn-Glendale. Forest Lawn Mortuary. BCRDICK, Arthur 8M beloved hus band of airs, uoromy i. nur-dlck, father of Miriam H. Lawrence, grandfather of John TjnTtniw and Marv Louise Charles, great-grandfather of Diana S. Charles and Bradford E. Charles. Services pending in Pawtuclt-et, Rhode Island. Forest Lawn- f.lenrlale. forest Laws Mortuary. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the American canter Society. ; CASAR, Marie, beloved wife of jonn u. casar, tormer tioner Derby champion; also survived bv 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Service Wednesday 1 p.m. at Callanan Mortuary, 1301 N. Western Ave. rWVKA William. Reed Brothers-L.A. (732.6115) CLARK, Jessie Marie. Armstrong Family, directors. r.t.AV. f:hailr E. Jr. Survived bv nis wite, uoroiny, sons, manes E. Clay in, tnrisiopner uiay and daughter, fenny. Private services were held. Inglewood Mortuary, directors, 1206 Centinela Ave. (678-3381) COOPER, Ruth. . , Reed Brothers-L.A. (732-611o) CROSBY, Edward Glenn.. .Armafrmiflr 'amii.v. directors. CUNNINGHAM. Bea. beloved -wife of Mr.-Francis M. Cunningham, mother of Mrs. Cynthia Lee Cooper and Miss Nancy Sue Cunningham; also survived by 1 grandson and sisters, Mrs. Violet Phillips, Mrs. Evelyn Let-son and Mrs. Donna Bierman. Service 10:30 a.m.. Wednes day at Wee Kirk O the Heath-j er, f orest Lawn-uienuaie. Forest Lawn Mortuary. DYSART, William P. Glen Haven Mortuary. ESREN. Nathan, beloved husband of Ann. dear tatner or k ki and Micki, fond brother of Eve- Ivn Antaker and Dorothy Greene, adored grandfather of Amy. , Service Wednesday 2 p.m. at Hillside Memorial Park Chapel, Groman Mortuary, directors. Masonic services under the aus pices of west uate L,oage iso. 93S. T A.M. GARRATT. Arthur L., age 53. of Ontario, survived oy a son, nay A. of Ontario, daughters, Mrs. Barbara L. Kunze of Escondldo x and Mrs. Ruth L. James of On-( tario, 2 sisters and 2 grand-. children. Service 1:30 p.m., Wednesday t the Draner Chanel. Ontario. Interment in Bellevue Ceme tery. GATES. Roth M. Forest Lawn-Glendale. GORDON, Lula Lee. passed away July 21. 1974. Loving, mother of Casey M. fucKett, sister oi j. V. Holder, Louise Burford and Ruby Stevens: also survived by S grandchildren. Service Wednesday, 3:4o p.m. at Memorial Chapel, Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier. Rose Hills Mortuary, directing. GRIFFITH, Florence C, beloved mother of ueorge r. wiimn, Mr. William S. - Griffith and Mrs. Mary Griffith, grandmother of Peter C. Griffith, Mrs. Ellen AHegra, Thomas P. Griffith and William Griffith; also survived by 2 great-grandchildren. . ' Graveside service 11 a.m., Wednesday at Forest Lawn- Gienaaie. j Forest Lawn Mortuary. In lieu nf flowers, contributions may be made to the Childrens Hos-i nltal. Los Aneeles. HALL, Hattie Rose, loving mother of Marianne k. hicks, i;iarence G. Hall and Robert L. Hall; also; survli?d bv 5 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren, 4 sisters and 1 brother. Service Wednesday, 2 p.m. at Wayside cnapei. uates. King. sley & Gates, Westwood, direc tors. HARDEN, Mary Lee. ' Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills. HELLER, Harry, devoted father of Linda and Jiennetn Heiier, loving brother of Minnie Estrln, Anna Weisman and Nat Heller. adored grandfather of Joel, Hiihard and Karen. Service Wednesday, 3 p.m., at Hillside Memorial Park Chapel. Groman Mortuary, directors. HERBSMAN, Nevil. beloved hus band of Sadie Herbsman. devot ed father of Helen Schwartz and Dr. Burton Herbsman. loved by his grandchildren, Stephanie Shirley and Barrett Miller, his great-granddaughter. Margaret Miller and by Richard Mantooth. his' devoted friend. - Service 1 p.m., Wednesday, at Courts of TaXaCH Chapel, Mount Sinai Memorial Park. Mount Sinai Mortuary. In lieu of flowers, family prefer donations to favorite charity. JACKSON, Gladys. Services were neia Monday evening at Mccormieic .Mortuary. Westchester. Private In- urmnenL XEFFRIES, Lonise T, of Balboa, Dassed away July zo. 1974. sur vived by her daughter, Judy Tferti of ewport Beach, sons, Thomas of Los Aneeles and Je rome of Newport Beach, and 9 grandchildren. Private family services wiU be held. Family suggests contri butions to the Estelle Doheny Eye Foundation or Radiation Theranv Center, co Hoag Memorial Hosnltal. Newport Beach, Pacific View Memorial Park Mortuary, Newport Beach, directors. JONES, Thomas, West Coast Cremation Service; KTEHN. Peter. Dassed away July 20, 1974, a retired azarene alls-; aionary to China for 48 years, resident of the Pasadena area for 13 years, preceded in death bv his wife Anna Schmidt Kiehn'. Loving father of Mrs.; Naomi Ramey of Pasadena, Mrs. Helen De Slmone and Mrs. Hester CaldwelL both of San Marino, Mr. Arnold Kiehn of San Franeisco, E. Gordon Kiehn M.D. of Arcadia: also aurvived and loved by 10 grandchildren and 4 greatgrandchildren. Visitation 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. today at Tnrner & Stevens Co- 95 North Morengo Ave., Pas-i adena. Memorial services 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, at the Bresee Ave. Church of the Nazarene, 14S0 E. Washington Blvd., Pasadena. Private Interment in Mountain View Cemetery. AJ-i tadena. I Deaths, Fuatrat Aftitaunrtmairta CCHL, Roy 1)h MB, beloved tiut-1 band of sirs, jooie mini, .amor ot Dr. Roy D. Kohl Jr., father-in-law of Mm. Karen D. Kohl, grandfather or mim warcie u Kohl, brother of Mrs. Kathryn Suarks, Mrs. Georgetta Max well. George W C. Frank and John K. Douglans. Service 10:30 a.m., Thursday, at the Church of the Recessional, Foret Lawn-Glendale. Forest Lawn Mortuary. KOXJEVOD. Mato, beloved husband of Clara, father or Paul Konje- vod; also survived oy 4 grandchildren. Rosary Thursday, 7:30 p.m., at Pierre Hamrork Mortuary. Funeral Mass Wednesday, 9.30 a.m., at St. Anthony Croatlon Church. Interment In Calvary Cemetery, LEWIS, Marie, ForeHt lawn-bieaaaie. LCSE. Lillian Hayek, widow of Lin coln L. Luse. Beloved mother of Mrs. Marguerite Luse. Hall, inter of Victor J. Havek. Services 11 a.m., Wednesday. at the Little Church of the h lowers. Forest Lawn-Glendale. Forest Jjiwn Mortuary, LCTHSER, ANN. Itter-Mrklnlny'a Wllhlre. MAXSKK. Emma C. Service 11 a.m. Thursday at Mrvormfck Mortuary, Manhattan Beach. Interment in Forest Lawn-Ulendale. MASON. Eugene R. Service Tuesday, 10 a.m., at Keea Hrotner-lJ... (732-0113). MATRUMOTO, Dorothy T. Armstrong ramiiy, directors. McARPLE. Patrick M. Dassed awav July -is, 1B74. Living son or Mr. and Mrs. James McArdle, brother of Michael. Joe, Rick, Barbara, Mary and Beth Mc Ardle. Rosary 7:30 p.m., this evening at McCormlck Mortuary, Manhattan Beach. Funeral Mass 9 a.m., Wednesday at American Martyrs Church. Interment in Holy Cross Ceme tery: MORALEZ, Romona. nest 4.oat cremation service. MOTJSER, Otis C. J. x. Oswald Mortuary- ,H. MCNOZ, Rlzalina, beloved wife of Aitretio, motner of Atwrea Estaclo, Cecilia, Cyrllia, Louis, Ramon, Vicente and Manuel Munoz. Recitation of the rosary Tuesday. 7:30 p.m., at the I't-trr-McKinley'a WiUhlre Chapel, 444 S. Vermont. Mass of Christian Burial Wednesday, 9 a.m., at si. josepn unurcn. NCSSBACM, Rabbi Max Nassbanm. wun great sorrow, and a deep sense of Dersonal loss, the offi cers, cabinet and staff of Unit- en jewisn Appeal mourn the death of an outstanding com munal and spiritual leader. A former member of the U.IA Rabbinical Advisory Council and Dast Dresldenl of the Zion ist organization or America, he was a prominent force in the World Jewish Community. His fruitful years of devotion to the Jewish people will always be remembered. We extend heartr; felt condolences to his wife, Ruth, his children, Jeremy and jiannan. and nis Dereaved family. United Jewish Appeal, Paul Zuckerman, General Chairman, Edward Ginsberg. President and Irving Berstein, Executive vice cnairman. O'GARA, Mary Jean. cananan Mortuary, directors. OXG, James M. Ill, 66 years of age, passed away July 20, 1974. Sur vived Dy. vue .Madeline, 3 daughters, Lorraine Ralney, Ardath Smith and M. Denese AJlen, . 1 brother, Frederick Ong, 3 sisters,. Mary Nelson, Iva Orme and Virginia Poarch and 10 grandchildren. Service Friday, 10 a.m., at FairhaVen Memorial Park. Directed by Christie Funeral Chapel. PABON, Luis, beloved father of Alf redo, Milton, Wilson, Reran, Darwin and Alicia Pabon and Silfide Purdy; also survived by 13 grandchildren. Recitation of the Rosary Tuesday. 8 p.m. and Mass of Christian Burial Wednesdav, 9:30 a.m. at Cathedral Chanel. Interment in Holy Cross Ceme. tery. ttter-McKinley's Uilshire, directors. : . PECK, Megan E.. mother of Mrs. Catherine is. King, grandmoth er ot taizaDetn Ann King, daughter of William M. Roberts. Service Wednesday. 2 p.m., at the Garden Chapel of the Reed Brotners-ii.. tV3Z-eilo). PEYRON, Jane A beloved sister of Marie P. Mackllnd; also survived by a host of cousins. Rosary Tuesday, 7 p.m.. In Godeaa ft Martinoni's Crystal Chapel. Mas3 Wednesday, 10 a.m.. at St. Gregory Church, 9th & Norton. ROSOFF, Harry. uroman Mortuary, directors. EYNN. Alice Caroline, aunt of Mary Wiggins, Joan santos. Win ifred Taylor and Lorlng F. Bennett. Eastern Star Service Thurs day, 10 a.m.. at Pierce Brothers Van Nays. Interment In L'nion Cemetery,- Bakersf ield. SAGRAN. Alex. Groman Mortuary, directors. SCHLIEPER. George J- late of San f ernando. Beloved nusoand or: Ellen Schlieper. father of John SehlieDer of Chlno. Kathy Roberts of Albuquerque, New Mexico, stepfather of Lee Ryan and JoEUen Diem, son of Kath- erine Schlieper, brother of Ellse Blair, Norman Crawford and William Sehliener. - Service Tuesday. 9:30 a.m. at Peace Chapel, Kiefer & Eyerick Mortuary, 314 E. Harvard St., Glendale. Donations may be made to cancer Research. SCHOPER, Catherine. . Remains forwarded to Chica go, 111. for services and inter-: ment. Callanan Mortuary, direc tors. SCHULMAN. Nathan. Groman Mortuary, directors. STEGELMAN, Rose, beloved mother of Dr. H. William Slegelman ana reari snycier, sister or ia-vid and Bernard Neiman. Eli zabeth Elman and Esther' Smith; dear grandmother of: Lynn and Richard Siegelman and susan and Kobert snyder. Service 2 p.m., Tuesday at Courts of TaNaCH Chapel, Mount sinal Memorial Park. Mount Sinai Mnrtuarr SMALL, Mclva R., survived by her nusDand, Howard A. Small. Memorial service ' 12:1-5 p.m., July 28, at First Baptist Church or los Aneeies. me tamny sug- gests contributions to the American Cancer Society, City of Hone or Campus Crusade. Lamb Funeral Home, Pasadena, nirentnrs SMITH, Ethel V. I tter-McKinley's Viewpark. STEEL, John T. Ulen Haven Mortnary. STREETS. Ralph AVatt. Armstrong Familv. director TALVY. Susie. . Mallnow & Silverman Mortnarv l iL.-n riji.. upai. Forest Lawn.GIeiidal. - TESSLER. Louis. Mount Sinai Mortuar. WALLER, Ida May, resident of Los Angeles for 56 years, widow of Curtis B.- Waller, who was a Spanish-American War veteran. Mother of Mrs. Dorothy W. Marshal! of North Hollywood. Mrs. Elizabeth W. Murray of. Corona del Mar and Mr. Curtis R. Waller of Hollywood; gisteri . of Mrs. Zelpha Bogue and Mrs. Edna Bird Pritchard: also sur-l vivea by 4 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchilrtre'i. Service 2 p.m., Wednesday at Little Church of the Flowers, Forest Lawn-Glendale. Forest Lawn Mortuary. " . WHITE, Ruth J. Feed Brotliers-L.A. 7S2-11S ZEPEDA, Adolfo M. Armstrong Family, directors. OBITUARY NUSSBAUM, Raabl Max, Ms devotion fe eevp.v v wr inspirarion as nis wisdom was eur Instruction. As colleagues sharing a sacred task we were enriched by his presence among ut and new as his friends we deeply mourn one of our most beloved number. The Rabbinical Advisory Council of the United Jewish Appeal, Rebbt Hlllel E. Silverman, Chairman, Rabbi Earl A. Jerdon, Director. FUNERAL NOTICES. MOUNT OLIVE LODGE No. 504, F.IA.M. will assemble Wednesday, 3:30 .m. at Little Church t the Flowers, . Forest Lawn-Glendale ror me purpose ot conducting - services tor our late brother, LLOYD W. WARD JEROME W. GELLER, W.M. LESTER J. UELSON, WM. Secretary Muggeridge Has Advice for World Evangelists BY RUSSELL CHANDLER Time Riiloloa Writer LAUSANNE, Swltzer-land "The best hope of reviving institutional Christianity would be to convince the ecclesiastical brass I mean , the Pope, the archbishop of Canterbury, the Metropolitan Ni-codim (patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow) and other dignitaries that the world would shortly be coming to an end." So declared British writer Malcolm Muggeridge as he delighted an audience of 3,500 here Monday night at the International Congress on World Evangelization. With his witty and biting remarks, he drew sustained . ap-plaus and the only standing ovation yet accorded a major speaker at the 10-day assembly of the world's foremost Evangelical Protestants, The journalist, television FUNERAL NOTICES WEST GATE LODGE No. 335, F.tA.M. will assemble Wednevlav, 2 o.m. at Hillside Memorial park Cha-I Del for the purpose of conducting services for our late brother. NATS ESKEN STEPHEN W.H. YEE, W.M. ARTHUR MONTROSE, P.M., Secretary. COMPOSITE LODGE Mo. 639, F.&A.M., will assemble Wednesday, 1 p.m. at Mount Slnal Memorial Park for the purpose of conducting services for our late brother. NEVIL H. HERBSMAN MORTON VARIS. W.M ARTHUR DRITZ, Secretary. jFuneral Directors MORTUARIES Jewish Funeral Directors Lei Angel filler 177-1135 741-2201 FUNERAL INFORMATION TRADITIONAL AND NON-TRADITIONAL Tke Aem I LOS ANGELES VALLEY 1 732-6115 985-0141 L COURTESY REED BROS. M mimm JEWISH FUNERAL DIRECTORS $ Rl 9-10S1 Glasband-Willen California's 1st Jewish Mortuary Serving ALL Cemeteries HOLLYWOOD MORTUARY 54-?S VALLEY MORTUARY 781-3870 LONG BEACH MORTUARY 4U-1273 MounvSjncu MORTUARY CEMETERY O 466-4171 Fierce Briers ANYTIME 749-4151 Cunningham & O'Connor ALHAMBRA CU. 3 WM HOLLYWOOD OL. 5-7289 LOS ANGELES Est. 188 Rl. 902V7 PIERCE-HAMROCK JAMES PIERCE CLARENCE PIERCE MARY HAMROCK 1 Venice Blvd. - Rl.-M31 Bresee Bros. & Gillette 950 W. WASHINGTON BLVD. 749-512S L.A. CALLANAN MORTUARY LOS ANGELES HO. MM GARDEN GROVE ' JE. 4-757 utter Mckinley - 388 2481 Lew Cost Services 05EDALE CEMETERY MORTUARY and Crematorium. 734-3155 Armstrong Family 1201 SO. HOPE ST. 7-121 Forest Lawn Mortuaries . TELEPHONE 254-3131 HOUSE OF HALL 1U7 S. Flower St.' Rl.f-2211 INGLEWOOD Cemetery-Mortuary (78-1251 Mccormick mortuaries 674-P51 M-?1S (41-1041 j. T. Oswald Mortuaries 7(M021 342-3107 341 28 ROSE HILLS MORTUARY RAymend 3-131 Oxford f-OKl CEMETERY Lots-Crypts 3 Inglewood Cemetery Lots. S1200. WOO per lot. Their price S632 per lot, save $694. . 391-76321 FOREST LAWN Hollywood Hills. 2 crypts "Abiding Love" section. Sacrif. Sale Owner. Call 714487-037, collect. F. LAWN-Hlvwd. Hills,: during Faith. Pr'ptv. 2 space lot. En. 823-9300 2 ROSE Hills lots. Vista S40O ea. Lawn section. 285-27061 CREMATION SERVICES THE NEPTUNE SOCIETY . Complete Cremation Services - with dissemination at sea The Dignified Simple Alternative Te The Costlv Involved Mortuary Funeral Cemetery System (7141 (46-7431 24 Hr. Call (213) 831-0654 r lease pnone tor complete Information No salesman will call CALIF. M0RT. SERV. ' Cremation Society P.O. Bex M74S, L.A. 9M58 Since 1965 213771-1414 West Coast Cremation Service 11140 McCormlck St:. No. Hwd. 91601 From $144 to J255 24 Hr. Service 213877-261! Cremation Society of Calif., Inc. 24 Hr. Service $255 (2131 247-3150 tzo-a wesr GienoaKS Bi., Glendale Compl. Cremation Service $195 SAN FERNANDO MORTUARY 2133273 Ask about are-need' commentator and former editor of Punch magazine pummeled the media, drew a bead on genetic tinkering and abortion, deprecated power but ended on a note of hope. The veteran writer, 71, a non active member of the Church of England, compared Muzak to what he called "Newzak": "The one being a drooling melange of tunes and the other a drooling melange of ostensible events . ; ." - On power, he observed: When power1 seems strong and speaks to us with a firm voice, that is when we are most liable to be taken in, and to suppose it really can be used to advance human freedom and well-being, forgetful that Jesus is the prophet of the losers, not the victors', camp. ..." Muggeridge described the destructiveness of society with a long sentence that provoked laughter. "It is sometimes difficult to resist the conclusion that Western man has decided to abolish himself, creating his own boredom out of his own affluence, his own vulnerability out of his own strength, his own impotence out of his own erotomania, himself blowing the trumpet that brings down the walls of his own city. "And, having convinced himself that he is too numerous, laboring with pill and scalpel and syringe to make himself fewer, until at last, having educated himself into imbecility, and polluted and drugged himself into stupefaction, he keels over, a weary, battered old bron-tosaurus, and becomes extinct." In closing, the white-haired son of a British Parliament member praised Alexander Solzhe-nitsyn, "the Soviet regime's foremost rebel, who so forcefully and brilliantly challenges its pretentions, not in the name of freedom or democracy, or any of the 20th century's counterfeit hopes, but of his Christian faith, with its insistance on the absolutes of love rather than the relatives of justice . . Mary Forbes, Actress, Dies Actress Mary Forbes, star of the English stage and Hollywood motion pictures, died Monday at a rest home in Beaumont. She was 91. Born in Hornsey, Eng., she began her career in the theater. She starred in many London productions and managed a theater there before coming to this country. She came to Hollywood while on tour here and began acting in silent movies. She continued in films after - sound tech-niques were developed and appeared in more than 50 movies. They included "N i n-otchka," "Les Miserables," "Anna ; Karenina," "You Can't Cheat an Honest Man" and "You Can't Take It 'With You." ; She leaves her husband, Wesley Hall of Beaumont; a daughter, actress Brenda Forbes of Martha's Vineyard, Mass., and a grandson, Alistair Young, who resides in England. Services will be private. Hail Pelts Moscow as Mercury Climbs to 86 MOSCOW Wi An- intense hailstorm struck sections of Moscow, which sweltered Monday under one of the hottest days of the year. Many Muscovites never saw the hail, but in parts of the capital "it fell in an uninterrupted white wall like a winter snowstorm," Tass reported. The hailstorm came on a day that saw the temperature climb to 86. ADVERTISEMENT More Security With FALSE TEETH Af Any Time Afraid false teeth mill drop at the wron; time? A denture adhesive can help. FASTEETH Powder tvea dentures a longer, firmer, steadier hoid. Why be embarrassed? For more eenrity and comfort, use FAS-TEETH Dentem Adhesive Powder. Dentures that' lit are essential te health. See your dentist regularly iwn."vai' 1 1' 1 " " tA l .!: V. iii 8V.w. :nini ! feMaaw .. Guy Witter Rites Planned for Guy Witter of Brokerage Memorial services for Guy Witter, one of tha founders of the investment firm of Dean Witter & Co. Inc., will be held Thursday at 11:30 a.m. at All Saint3 Episcopal Church in Pasadena. Mr. Witter, 79, died Sunday of a heart attack at Good Samaritan Hospital. He had been active in the firm until March when he left lcause of illness. Dean Witter & Co., one of the nation's 10 largest brokerage firms, was founded in San Francisco in 1924 by Mr. Witter, his brother, Dean, and a cousin, Jean. Mr. Witter opened the first Southland branch ?.n downtown Los Angeles in 1925. He retired in 1970 as honorary chairman of the board. He leaves his wife, Helen; a daughter, Mrs. Frank Gillett of Pasadena; -six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. RAIN Continued from First Page bringing rain with scattered thunderstorms. Lightning strikes were) blamed for brief power blackouts in some neighborhoods in the Los Angeles Basin, but there were no reports of major damage or fh'es. An estimated 40 brush and power pole fires were . started by lightning strikes in the Antelope Valley during a two-hour storm, but all were confined to small areas, county fire officials reported. U.S. Forest Service officials in both the Angeles National Forest and the San Bernardino National Forest alerted fire fighters to battle any lightning-caused fires. Several fires were reported but most were extinguished by rain showers, officials said. McCarter said the thunderstorms were caused by an "easterly wave" of moist, unstable air moving" into Southern California from Mexico and Arizona. Thundershower activity in the coastal area was expected to end early today, he said, but will continue in mountain and desert areas. ' . The first warning was issued during the afternoon Monday, after 50 m.p.h: winds were recorded and hail fell in the Vic-torville area of San -Bernardino County. ' V The warning covered ths mountain and desert areas of San .Diego, Imperial, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Motorists were urged to use extreme caution in approaching normally dry washes and arroyos because of flash-flood hazards. Heavy to light showers fell during the afternoon in both desert areas and the San Bernardino Mountains. First rainfall readings included .12 inch at Ripley near BIythe and .10 inch at Idyllwild in tha San Jacinto Mountains. An unofficial high of 114 degrees was recorded at Thousand Palms At the Los Angeles Civic Center, the high was 82. DONT RUB SORE EYES! You may irritata and causa sever damage. There's an easy way te quickly relieve tha annoying discomfort of sties. Just apply STY! ophthalmic ointment Helps ctaaf up tha Irritation and pain fast. Equally effectW for minor ayeti4 Infection, too. Ask for STYE. i

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