Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 18, 1949 · Page 12
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 12

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, November 18, 1949
Page 12
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PACK IS—NArOATIlCK NKWS (CONV-), FRIDAY. NOV. IS. Ifllft Montanari-Rado Post PRINCESS ENGAGED TO FILM STAR To Elect Officers Members of Monlnmirl-Knd.) Post. Italian-American War Veterans, will elect officers to serve i'.-jr the coming year at a meeting Sunday mornine at 10 o'clock :'n Christoforo Colombo Hall. Tuesf'-iy night tho pout auxiliary elected Au- 1,'ellno Car rlello, president, and other officers. Thi; now officers of Ilio. nnd Htixllinry will be installed in the near future. TEST HOSE Fire Chief John J. Sheridan reported today that members of tho fire department are testing h >se today. This Is the third wccl: of testing and a thorough check of all heavy hose in the department >s expected to be completed by Hi? end of this month. The Federal Bureau of Geological Survey was established in 1879. PERFECT BLUE WHITE DIAMONDS $50 — $100 — $150 $200 —$250 —$300 $400 — $500 — $600 up to $3500 PAY WEEKLY LAY AWAY NOW FOR CHRISTMAS WILLIAM SCHPERO Jeweler 162 Church Street ROMANIAN-BORN PRINCESS Irene Ghica, 19, poses lor photographers Jn her Paris home after American Rim star Erroll Flynn had announced his engagement to her. The princess holds a portrait of Flynn as he appears, bearded, in a forthcoming movie. tInternational Radlopholo) FOR COFFEE A Watbcniry tinick driver who allegedly stole more than 18 cartons of coffee which ho was de- livfrlntf has been arrc.stcd in Karmington. Twcnty-two-y ear-old Joseph H. Plourdr is charged with theft -and embo/.2lornon'L Police said Plourde wa.s arrested after he KIIVC a boy a 24 pound carton of coffee for him unload his truck. TAKE HOME Fresh Pastry and Cream Pies from ANDY'S CAMPUS CIIUKCII ST. Delivered Dally from Ki-ber B.Ucery. New York It's FREEf or the best UStDCARS PRICED 1947 OLDSMOBILE model "98" 4-door Sedan, hydromatic, with radio, heater, seat covers. 12,000 actual miles. $1645 , A 1947 CHEVROLET Town Sedan, with radio, heater and many extras ,$1195 ~ 1942 CHEVROLET Aero Sedan with radio and heater $495 A , 1940 DE SOTO 4-door Sedan $595 ——-— 1940 PONTIAC 2-door Sedan $495 1940 PLYMOUTH 4-door Sedan $329 1941 STUDEBAKER Champion, 4-door Sedan $450 Mechanics' Specials 1939 Hudson 4-Door Sedan ....... $89 1941 Ford Club Coupe $289 Low Cost G.M.A.C Finance Plan Available TRADES TAKEN FREE MOTORS INC 492 NO. MAIN ST. TEL. 2211 On The Air Today G :30—WATr.—NAUdATUCK NEWi — WIIIIY— Hi SnhiMll 111 l.llOH WTIO—.lust 1'lulll Illll WWCO—Tom MIX C :45—WI.IRY—Cnrt Massey WTIC—Front J'ftBO Fnrrol] 6:00—All Kt.ltlonn—News 6:15—WATK—SporlB ol tho Day WWCO—SpurtHcopn WIIIIY- I'enlhoiiHo HuronaOo WTIC-Hli'lully HiiorlM 0 :30—WATK—Von Tohul ; Sporta WBRY—John A. Cluney WWCO—Who'B Talking WTIC—WrlKhtvllln Folks C:4"i—WATl't—Cuy t^inrlinrdn WTJC—3 .Star Kxtra W H11V—Lowull T'hnma.H 7 :0n—\N ATH— IlcadllnuM Krtllion WI'.RV —rino.-il Star WTIC—l.lKhl I'p Time WW('O---Knlton lii-wlii. Jr. 7 :1 ."- ^ ATI!- - I 'lioni; Your Answer WTIC—NISWH WTHIY—Advonturoa of Balio luilh WWCO-Parnclij ol IlanilM 7 :30— WATU—-/jlKl'-n to Ann fironlor wimv—Cliiu ir, WWCVI—fjahrliil Ilnattvr WTIC—OiinHt Star 7 :4C—WATIl —lilnc Cmsby WiVCM--! l,i,vo A Myiitory WMllV —Kdwnril n. Mnri'i.w WTIC'—Allitlin ul I ho Wi'i'h 8-00—WATU—Tlv> Fat Mnn WTIC—Monry MorK.-ui Hhow Will! V—Thi! flulilliori:M 8 :80 —WATT —Viinr Kill ' WHUY-My Kiivni-llo I luxhalld WWCM—(liiliimnii niinrl WTIC—We. tho T'I jplo S :ir,~\VWf'O—KnolllKht. on ;i Klar V.'ATI!—Oitzlii & Tliirrliitt WTir-I.Ko ul Ulli-y WITHY—1,1'uvo II To .loan WWi'V )—All- For<-u Hour -W ATU—Tit A WTIC—Jimmy Dnrniito WHItV—frlinn forroHDnnilont -WTIC---DI-. i. o. WI'.UY- -YOMTIK r,ovn W/X-'-U —TI!A W\V< 'i l.-.N'owH f'otnmontatnr -WWC!0—NftWHVfi'.l -WTI ("'— Sprirl H Ni-w.srocl WATH—Snorts T'IIRP WRTtY— r.-ipltol Clnnkroom WWCO-MnrvIn Mlllo,- _wnr-_.p r ., Hn a Con -WATH—SimrlM WTIC—N»W!i Will; v—Nlto SlllM. 1VA TV: .lTi-m!< : Dnnro WTIP-1'a..-.toln In Illiyllim WWCn—nnmi- Ort-h. -All Stations—NOWB TF.l.KVJStON WNITC-TT Channel • -Tod Hloolii .Show Tfli'l iini'H —Chllilrnn'n Thoolcr — Film KhnrUi -1'rps.s Hox -Kiilda. Fran ft Oille -Mortrin 7>owncy • Mama -Wo. tin. Pimplo -Honny MalilH Show — I!i« Story -r.oxIriK ciroaloMt FluhlH Huoi'lii HlKlilli'liln ivcns cinuiniil t -Toil Kliii>|ii -Tin.! r.iun:k —T.unky Tup — Hot* Howard Know -Klrlrllv jrr.r I^auiriifi — Paul Arnold Hhow —'"'UK TolftvlMlim NOWH -Sonny IvondlK Khow Ili-rh Shriller -•Mama -Man AiTainut r!rlmo -TV Thoalor -Proplr.' R Tlntliirm -Capitol Cloakroom — NfWHI'OOl W\«T Clinnnol I -.Imlv Hpllnlfi-H HI : I r, I 0:30 10 MS ti.nn 11 :1.-| 1 1 iliri 12:00 7: on 7 :30 7:4r,. K:00 s ::!() 0:00 :» :.'{ Cl IO :(il> I I :(i» I I : I r, fi-nn r, ::\n 7-nfi 7 : 1 r, R ': 00- K :.'IO ;t • oil 111 :00 10:30 I I :fll). Ml- r, • 3 o n :r, 7 ;00 7::ili- 7 :•!"1 :00- s -:ut. D:0n. ft :V.O 1 0 :0n 1 0 :•!.",• 1 1 :0n. "Executive Session" Deletion Effort Given Little Hope A bill, wlilct! would nrnontl tlm* borough's board to finance measure to diilntc rofcrenoo t.o an "oxn- putlvo snSHlon" of the board with the horouirh board, has boon introduced to tho Genrnil Ananmhly, hut there* appcai-H to ho lltllo chunco thai It will liu nrlod upon In the The mnusurc WHS Introduced by State Riipro.sontritlve. M. I^nonard Calnc, Jr., upon rcqiuwt. of Warden Marry L. Carter. Tho warden In explaining lilw rn- quc.'it. .said that although hu knew the Lci;lsliil.nrr! probably would take into conHidcratlon only measures dealing with education, he dnalrod the bill be introduced "Ju«t on the poKHlhlllty. the HCHBlon mlRht ho thrown open lo muttcra other than education." The controversial bill was panned during the regular sc.iHlon of the General AHsembly and returned to the borough for a referendum vote by freemen. Warden Carter has indicated the special freemen's mooting t.o vote on the i.Hinie will be called within the next couple monthM, hut if nut, by spring, before the annual frcemun'H meeting. Although the bill han been opposed on several laaucs, .the principle contention haa ari.sen over the "executive KOHsion" clause, which •ould bar tho public and presw •om the joint mooting of tho onrds when tho budget would be dopted and the tax rate delor- .ined. Although the public would ; unable to Mjieak at the Joint eH.-don, rcHklenlH have nxprutinud heir opinion that they at least dc- ilrc to be In attendance. Nail. Book Week Assembly At NHS An assembly in observance of National Book Week wan held by members of the Naugatuck High school freshman clasa Thursday as pn.rt of their library science classes, according to Mrs. Elizabeth King librarian. Thome of Boole Week thlH year IH "Make Friends With Books," Mrs. King said. Richard Brown was chairman of the assembly. He delivered a brief introductory talk on a film, "How lo Read a Book." Assembly cochairman Ronald Peaker Introducer? as a second film, "How to Judgo Authorities." AIRLINES CUT IN ON STORK TRADE Offer Winter Driving Advice RESTING ON A HRETCHER at Itllcwllcl Airport, New York, Mrs. Leokadla Rolbicki is pictured beside her brand new air-born daughter, O'A pound Evcrre, doliverccl aboard a trans-Atlantic DP plane. Dr. John Dohcrty (lell) holds the infant while Capt. Thore Stensrund (right), pilot of the airliner on which birth occurred, smilingly looks on. (International) llnrlforrl "Do not wnlt li: -.bilH," Ifi niiu-ly ii<lvl«!(! <ilT«ri!il today by the HlKliwiiy Srtl"ty ConTmisslon to [ill motor vehicle x'ratori: and pedestrians. "Many drivfirji have u r intcri/,cd cars." Htnt.cs William M. Grr><-ni'. Director or tho CommlHHlon," but nnlpHH past oxpnrlonccH arc unro- llnblr, t.oo fo\v have lirfjlin lo think of wlnteri/.liiK: driving hiili- il:<, iifljuvtlnR nttHudcfi lo Hi-tumii- ul ri>(|Ulr<<mi>nU, .Snfo di-lvcm lincp out of iwicldcnt Involvfuncnl liy ;ul- justinp »pccds to tho Hnnson, to i-oad surfiico and vimm! condi- tloiiB. In the proT'cr frame of mind for tho flrat early snow or Hlcot. nn v/cll as having- a vuhicle in cnn- dition to bo operated safnly under ,'idvcrHO cond.1tionji, auch -flrivrrs continue i>ccldcnt-fre« under any conditions." The bulletin em'phnsizpd that dur- Inf{ the winter of 3 04 7-) 8, 13,000 accidents were caused during December, January and February becnuae of severe winter weather. Vehicles lost traction and Mkldded on city street or stale highway brcaiine of failure to provide chains when required to ensure projrresB. Drivers tried to operate with circled wincl- .?hloldH bociiuno defro.stei.H were not working and windshield wlpera were worn or tinflt to function. "Put rlnilr.H in ynur <-»r (Mink." !'U|;j;i':;(s Mr. Grcontv "llnvi- thi'm for (M« when tlrcn i;pln In Know or on ice. Make mirk wind^hi'-ld wi|cm fiindlon anil d< fronting i!i|iii|ij]ii.|ii wiu-lt.i. HHVP yui '-nr winit'i-izeil now, enrly in November li«fore thi! oi'/imm'w llrnt n-nl miu«v :inlvi'K. Arul v. Inter i/,c oftKi-ntlnK hiibil.s nlKfi :<r> that n,? need arisen, required mental adjustments have been mndc to allow for r-ife use of puhlic ways." MI'SIC AI.I. \VFT CiiluuilMis. Ga. (UP) Band- I'-ador I,->uis Jordan couldn't even nwiin; out win, 'I'm Forovfr Blowin IT HnbblcM" after a trurU rarry- inK thi' Dand'n ln-rtrnmentj< ;ilun>;- c'd off a brldffe Into a on-ek The InKtrumentx were ao wate Jordan had lo cancel an mr-nl. TONY'S Poultry Market 100 JOHN STREET Tel. 2691 Flnr-Kt Uvc Poultry. Frmth Killed mill DrnNNcd to Your Order. BROII.KBS, FRYERS. B A KICKS, ETC. In All Shun. FRESH KGGS at All, TIMES CITY FRESHENS Ut> Chicago (UP) — Chi capo,-ins no loriK'-r need to journey mite.-'.' to j-cet a 'ibrofilh of I'vcsh air." Frank S. Chambers, who heads tho smoke department hero, re>portecl the dunt fall in these parts during August was the lowest in tho history of tho department. A mcro .'M torn a, nillii, he said. Now York has been the nation's loading manufacturing state since 1830. Full Course Dinners CHICKEN LOBSTER $1.65 Grapefruit Juice Potato Vegetable TURKEY $1.50 Soup Coffee - Cake Lobsters — Steaks — Chops ANNENBERG'S RESTAURANT PAllK PLACE — NAUGATCOK Sunday Excursions to NEW YORK LOW Round Trip FARE (Tax Incl.) Going Lv. Naugatuck 8:09 AM Arr. New York (OCX) 10:02 AM Return Lv. Now York (GOT) 7:35 PM Arr. Naugatuck 9:36 PM Tickets Limited to Train Capacity THE NEW HAVEN R.R. -Chlldi-CMi'H Thoalor —Kasy T~>OOH It -Weatherman -Kuhla. Fran & Ollle -Morton ncwney —NCWN fnravan -fine Man's Family -Bonny Mnids Show -Creates! Fltos -Rpnr.'H T-illltos : Hank Mt-Cuno HANOID 8TOVT<; and FTinNACF. rTTTRnimnii PAINTS GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAIVLE BTUEET Free Delivery Telephone BOM 3ANTOS GENERAL REPAIRS Radiator*, KuttorltM Wanhlng Machines, Biihy Currlagei Bicycles, Soldering LAWN MOWERS 8HARF3NWB 460 Rubber Ave. Phone 6377 New A Reconditioned Motor* FOUD & MKUCUBY DiidRct Plan Available The NAUGATTTCfi: FUEL 00. DTCALKR ft. •»«« 6291 LOOK at the Record! CHEVROIET ADVANCE-DESIGN TRUCKS PREFERRED OVER NEXT MAKE BY MORE THAN 2 TO 1 H«r« i* eUar-cut «ndorsemonl by truck buyer* and u(*r« at r«v»al»d by official r»gittration figures—and whw't mor«, Chevrolet trucks outsell the next two make* combined.* That's the record—now look at *h« reasons. Look at Chevrolet's sturdy construction, ragged power with economy, handling ecte and convenience. Look at all the extra advantages of Chevrolet trucks and then add the lowttt list prices in the industry. Now you know why Chevrolet trucks lead them alllCome In and let us show you and tell you the full »rory of Chevrolet trucV value! •Ollictiil ItrglKlriitliin Klunrcs mn'rlnir Chevrolet wrlrlit rla»n lor Iht ii'ii inniilhH. l»«'f.. l»4S.Si'l>t.. Illlll. CHEVROLET featuring VALVE-IN-HEAD ENGINES—Greater power per gallon, lower cost per load • DIAPHRAGM SPRING CLUTCH— Smooth engagement . SYNCHRO-MESH TRANSMISSIONS— Quick, smooth shifting . HYPOID REAR AXLES—5 times stronger than spin?! bevel type • DOUBLE-ARTICULATED BRAKES—Complete driver control • WIDE-BASE WHEELS— Increased tire mileage . ADVANCE-DESIGN STYLING—With the Cab that "Breathes" • BALL-TYPE STEERING—Easier hwidllna . UNIT-DESIGN BODIES—Precision built FREE MOTORS, INC. 492 NORTH MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 2211

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