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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 75
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 75

Los Angeles, California
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1 1 mn' JOYCE HABER Nov. IV 19 Jon, Barbra More Than Patron, Client INDEPENDENT incKc ij jufticiriiiivj ruK THPHT1P flllllF lubjecl to chango without notico Yes, Jon Peters, the hairstylist who is estranged from I Lesley Ann Warren, is doing Barbra Streisand'3 coif-I furea for movie now shooting, "For Pete's Sake." Barbra also flew Jon to New York (the Plaza Hotel, to be exact) not long ago to help her with her wardrobe for t'the film. And Barbra and LA HABRA LOS ANGELES NEIGHBORHOOD 1 Jon are more than just patron and He's es-fcorting her everywhere Speaking of the Streisand movie now shooting at Burbank, it could be a Wishes, Winter Dreams," starring Joanne Woodward, Martin Balsam and Sylvia Sidney, has gotten excellent notices): "First Ray brought (N.Y. stockbrokers) Allen Co. into the Columbia picture. Then he brought me in. Then he brought David Begelman in as president. Then he brought in two hit pictures. Next, he'll bring back the old management." Super Athletes and Super Chickens Would you believe that the likes of Jim' Brown, Fred Williamson and Jim Kelly withdrew on the offer of a tennis match "with their young director ori "Three the Hard Way," Gordon Parks, They did. The reason: Those Super- Jocks learned that Parks had been a seeded player several years ago If you're onto I recommend ex-sportscaster-turned-producer-w rite r-director Bud Greenspan's book, "Play It Again, Bud!" (Wyden: It's a book of records of blunders on all athletic fronts, and' solves numerous verbal barroom battles. Like, going back; why did Clem McCarthy announce the wrong Preakness winner over the radio? Was Jack Dempsey deprived of his victory over Gene Tunney in 1927 by the timekeeper? Why did California's Roy Rie-gels, after having recovered a fumble, run in the wrong direction, and score a touchdown for the opponent, Georgia Tech, in the 1929 Rose Bowl game? I don't know, but author Greenspan does and proves it in I U.N. Security Council I I 4 I 1 Barbra. is Brook-1 lyn-born, of course; her Michael Sarrazin, hails from Canada; their costar, Molly Picon, is a veteran of the Yiddish theater (now, don't write in: I know that's not a the director is nclishman PpfPT YateS AflNiVERSAI. STUDIOS TOUR MCt C0MP1NV OPEN 10 A M. LAST TOUH 3 30 M. If fkf year!" -Stephen Farber, N.Y Times TlMlCASFIlM ITO 'COPPOLA CO Produelion A UNIVERSAL PICTURE TECHNICOLOR I III ES17th RECORD-BREAKING WEEK! I AVCO CENTER CINEMA I I SftI Wllshire near Westwood Blvd. 475-0711 Sli Daily at 6.00 8:00 10 00 PM PARK AT AVCO CENTER I Sat. A Sun. 2.00 4:00 6 00 8:00 10:00 PM of Eddie and the cinematographer is Hungarian Laszlo Kovacs Up, Peters Is, by the by, an American, like Barbra: He's a native of 'Manhattan. Another Liz Rumor Scotched Don't believe those rumors, printed elsewhere, that Elizabeth Taylor has a lump in her beautiful stomach: She is out of San Diego's Scripps Clinic and back at the Beverly Hills Hotel. With her constant companion Henry Wynberg, natch. Who is selling his house, which neighbors Jill St. John's in Benedict Canyon, while Eli- zabeth looks for one in Beverly Hills. Meanwhile, for those who are curious, that 69-carat Burton-Cartier diamond which Richard paid just over $1 million for four years ago is up for grabs at Cartier in Paris. Just in case you're "looking for a bauble for your lady for Christmas. The expected price tag: around $2 million. Which shows how things appreciate when Elizabeth models them. Maybe she'd better model some General Motors stock to help our economy. What with the gasoline shortage, the Washington Post reported recently that the resale value of a Cadillac dropped $2,000 in only two weeks. Back to La Taylor, she hasn't looked as beautiful since "National Velvet" (1944), when she was 12, as she looks in the current "Ash Wednesday" at least in the latter part of the film that concerns cosmetic surgery. The cinematographer was Ennio Guarnieri, but you'll find yourself wondering whether Elizabeth actually underwent a face-lift or had herself "taped," as they say (and many do) so exqusite she is. For the rest, those intrigued by rejuvenation (and from my mail, I know that everyove is!) will rush to "Wednesday." If he or she is not of faint heart: The surgical scenes are quite graphic. Resurgence at Columbia The premise, which was conceived by scenarist Jean-Claude Tramont, is that a woman of 50 and beyond can find youth and romance if not happiness by visiting an expensive foreign clinic run by a plastic surgeon in the late, famous. Dr, Niehans' vein. For lavish settings, magnificent clothes (by Edith Head), and a story that won't bore you (until the end), see "Ash Wednesday." But don't expect the Resurrection. The director is Larry Peerce. Industry Quote-of-the-Year: Alan. J. Hirschfield, -the new chief of that troubled company, Columbia Pictures Industries, commenting on Columbia's most successful producer, Ray Stark (Ray's "The Way We Were." starring StreisandRedford, is estimated to gross $50 mil-" lion, biggest in Columbia's history; Ray's "Summer mm I "Immediately takes rank as one of the best pictures of the American year!" Archer Winsten, New York Post Til liaBi COLOR BY DELUXE PANAVISiON ntTLUimUNOAOniBNT NOW SHOWING AVCO CENTER CINEMA BAIIY 1.30 3.M 30 7.10 9 30 PM LTE SHOW FB-ST It 30 DM WILSMIRE NCAK tSTWOOO eLVB. I MAKE "ENGLAND" A HIT! the ruthless I fA corrupt Ji rVri-l V-UKKUPT CRITICS AND I "A- mi cnyiujsiiiy uimild recreated sense nf lima tA HB4PB ie wi nine aiiu pbobc ia overwhelming." -JudMh Cfit. Yfk Magoitn -4- p.0Ouf,,Bn, f.i. TtR INCH MICI1AE MADE ME yo ND AUDIENCES iing drama i sated sense I program ALHAM6RA SAN GABRIEL VALLEY ALHAMBRA Main-Atlantic AT.2-6138 That Darn CatfG); DumbofG) CENTURY, Las Tunas nr. Del Mar, AT.2-5168 Westworld(PG); Soylent Green(PG) EL CAMEO, El Sereno 221-9791 Call Theatre For Program EDWARDS Peck-Live Oak, 447-8179 Giant Swap Meet Free EL REY, Main at 4th, Alhambra AT.2-8404 Charley VarnckfPQ); The Hitl(R) GARFIELD, Garfield-Valley AT.2-4154 Jesus C. Superstar; Bro. Sun, Sis. Moon GOLD CINEMA, Main Atlantic AT 2-6136 Jeremy(PG); Harry in Your Pocket(PG) MONTEREY, Garfield-Hellman-573-3952 North Country(G); Big FootfG) TEMPLE, las Tunas-Rosmd. AT.6-3179 North Country(G); Big FootfG) ROSEMEAD ROSEMEAD '1, Rosemead Sq. 573-9480 Don't Look Basement; Last House Left ROSEMEAD '2, Rosemead Sq. 573-9480 MASH(PG); with Donald Sutherland ROSEMEAD 3, Rosemead Sq. 573-9480 Pat Garrett Billy Kid(R); Cat Dancing ROSEMEAD 4, Rosemead Sq. 573-9480 Paper Moon(PG); Harold Maude(PG) SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY BARSTOW, Barstow Theatre CL.6-2234 Romeo 8 Juliet(PG); Last Su'mmer(PG) BARSTOW, Skyline One Little Indian; Lady The Tramp(G) CENTRAL CITY 1, San Bern 884-1851 Jeremy(PG); The Babymaker(R) CENTRAL CITY 2, San Bern. 884-1851 Deadly Trackers(PG); Skin Game(PG) CENTRAL CITY 3, San Bern. 884-1851 MA-S'H(PG) CENTRAL CITY 4, San Bern. 884-1851 Jesus Christ Superstar(G) FAMILY TWIN 1, San Bern -714862-1550 North Country(G); B'g FootfG) FAMILY TWIN 2, San Sleuth; The Heartbreak Kid(PG) PUSSYCAT Fontana, 16779 Arrow-822-3616 Porno's Superstars; Passion Seekers ct 12 GRANADA, 303 N. Euclid, Ontario Westworld(PG); Soylent Green(PG) MONTCLAIR, 4377 Holt 714624-9696 Jesus Christ Superstar(G); Bangladesh REDLANDS, 123 Caion, Ontario Electra Glide In Blue; Outside Man(PG) RITZ Theater, 132 N. Euclid 984-9113 Prison Babies; Doctor His Women FINE ARTS, 480 St. 714889-7815 Prison Babies; Doctor 8 His Women UPLAND, Grove, 276 9th YU.2-1342 North Country(G); Big FootfG) VICTORVILLE, El Rancho CH.5-5818 Harry In Your Pocket(PG); Showdown(PG) VICTORVILLE, Joshua Dr. In CH.5-5525 One Little Indian; Lady 8 The TrampfG) VENTURA COUNTY CAMARILL0 Ponderosa 805484-3177 Oliver(G); Living Free(G); Matinees Daily LARWIN 1, Larwin Sq. 526-6357 Enter The DragonfR); Train Robbers(PG) LARWIN 2, Larwin Sq. 526-6357 Mary Poppms(G); Now You See Him(G) MARINA Cinema 805985-1042 Matthau-Charley Varrick, Winmng(PG) MINI CINEMA, W. Hueneme. Oxnard Satisfaction Love Me Please; 3rd OXNARD, Vogue HUnter 3-9216 Tonta Tonta, Pero No Tanto; Bracero Ano PLAZA, 4916 Carpintena Ave 684-4014 Mary Poppms(G); Snowball Express(G) PUSSYCAT, Mayfair 805643-6311 Ct. 12 Porno's Superstars; Passion Seekers SIMI, Simi Drive-in 526-6824 M'A'S'HfPG); Take Money 8 Run(PG) THOUSAND OAKS, MELODY '1495-0881 North Country(G); Big FootfG) 6:30 THOUSAND OAKS, MELODY 2495-0881 Godspell; Let Good Times Roll(PG) 6.45 VENTURA, 26 Chestnut St-643-3333 Westworld(PG); Soylent Green(PG) Ct. 6:45 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA SKYWAY, Boulder Hiway DU.2-8505 7 Wonders of the West(G); Rio LobofG) ANTELOPE VALLEY ANTELOPE. Lancaster WHitehall 2-2114 Charley Varnck(PG); Honkers JET Lancaster WHitehall 2-0622 Electra Glide in Blue; Outside Man(PG) LANCASTER 1 WH.2-5615 Disney's That Darn CatfG); DumbofG) LANCASTER WH.8-2915 Deadly Trackers(PG); Stalking Moon PALACE, Palmdale 947-2119 Mary Poppins; Snowball Express(G) 6 30 PALMDALE DRIVE-IN 947-7566 One Little Indian-, Lady 8 The Tramp(G) SHOWCASE, 8105 Aspen Mall-373-8230 Enter the Dragon(R); Tram Robbers 6:30 HOLLYWOOD BEVERLY CINEMA, 7165 Beverly-937-9580 Passion Parlor; The True Way (adults) BIJOU, 7059 Hollywood 462-9255 All Male Show CAMPUS, Vrmt. 8 Sta. Mon NO.5-5881 Electra Glide in Blue; Outside Man(PG) CAVE, 6315 Hollywood 463-8263 The Devil In Miss Jones Adults CENTURY, 5115 Hollywood BL 666-2822 Premiere-Nights in Black Leather CINEMA, 1122 N. Western HO.7-5787 Sex After Marriage; Sexual Inadequacies CINEMATHEQUE, 8816Vj Sunset 657-7109 Call theatre for program CLASSIC ART, 8257 Sta. Mon. 656-3332 Girls, Girls, Girls; Open 24 Hours CLINTON, 526 N. Western 461-3009 Billy Jack; Bless the Beasts 8 Children DRAKE, 7566 Melrose 653-9086 3 Hrs. Adult Entertainment Op. 24 Hrs. EMBASSY, Western nr. 3rd 389-1114 Deadly Trackers(PG); The Mechanic(PG) ENCORE, Melrose-Van Ness HO.9-3545 On the Avenue; Little Women FILM FESTIVAL. 1066 N. West 462-9176 All Adult Features FLICK. 1082 N. Western 462-0210 All Adult Films 24 Hours GARY I. 8325 Santa Mon. Bl 656-9105 Ken Russell's The Devil's; Music Lovers GARY II, 8325 Santa Mon. BL 656-9105 Yankee Doodle Dandy; Straw. Blonde GORDON, la Clockwork Orange(R); Performance(R) LOS FELIZ, Vrmt. Franklin 664-2169 Hermann Hesse's Classic "Siddhartha" ORIENTAL; 7425 Sunset Bl. 876-0212 Electra Glide in Blue; Bang Drum Slowly PAN-PACIFIC, 7554 Bevly WE 8-7070 Westworld(PG); Outside Man(PG) PARIS, 8163 Santa Monica 656-910S B. Harrison Black Blue. Ends Tuesday PUSSYCAT, 7734 Santa Monica OL 4-5742 Deep Throat; Open All Night ct 12 QUICKIE, 8253 Santa Mon. Bl 656-9211 All Male Films 10 AM-5 AM RICHARD'S, 5228 Hollywood Bl. 666-9364 All Adult Films 24 Hours ROGUE'S. 8929 Sunset Strip 652-9413 Must Be 18-Call For Program-7 Days SAHARA. 5118 N. Lankershim 796-9376 All Adult Films 10 AM to 2 AM SILENT MOVIE, 611 Fairfax 653-2389 Laurel-Hardy-Chaplm-lloyd-Keaton STAR, 5546 Hollywood 167-2871 Midnight CowboyfR); Where SUNSET, Wstrn -Sunset HO 2-0721, Ct 12 Porno's Superstars; 2nd Open All Night VISTA, 4473 Sunset Drive 666-9070 Cay Guide to Cruising 3 Mile Shorts SAN FERNANDO VALLEY AIRPORT, 16733 Roscoe BL 892 1181 A Touch Of Class; Where's It Hurt? 6:30 AMERICANA, Cinema 1893-6441 Charley Varrick(PG); High Plains Drifter(R) AMERICANA, cinema 2, 8700 Van Nuys Bl. Jeremy (PG); Harry In Your Pocket(PG) AMERICANA, Cinema 3893-6441 North Country(G), Big FootfG) AMERICANA, Cinema '4, 8700 Van Nuys Bl. J. Christ Superstar; Red Sky At Morning AMERICANA, Cinema 5893-6441 Deadly TrackersfPG); Lady lce(PG) ART, Ventura at Topanga 883-8835 Westworld(PG); Paper Moon(PG) BARONET, 6937 Topanga Dl 0-7434 North Country(G); Big Foot(G) 6 30 BRYANT, Balboa-Devonshire 360-2134 Westworld(PG); Soylent Green(PG) CORBIN 19620 Ventura Blvd. 345-2222 The Devil In Miss Jones Adults LANKERSHIM, 7532 Lank. Bl. P0.5-595? Lady Sings The Blues(R) 9:40 MAGNOLIA, Burb. ST.1-7984, TH.5-158S Westworld(PG); Skyjacked(PG) 6:30 MOVIES-TARZANA 1, 996-1300 Blume In Love; Up The Sandbox(R) MOVIES-TARZANA 2, 18632 Ventura Bl. Sleuth(PG); The Heartbreak Kid(PG) movies-TARZANA 3, 996-1300 Westworld(PG); Soylent Green(PG) MOVIES-TARZANA 4, 18632 Ventura Bl, Cabaret(PG); Hello Dolly(G) MOVIES-TARZANA 5, 996-1300 Your 3 Mm. Are Up; I Never Have Sex MOVIES-TARZANA 18632 Ventura Bl. Electra Glide In Blue; Bang Drum Slowly MUSTANG DR-IN, Sol. Cyn. Sierra Hy. That Darn CatfG); DumbofG) CINEMA CTR. 1, Parthenia-Tampa-993-1711 Charley VarrickfPG); The Revengers(PG) CINEMA CTR. 2, Parthenia-Tampa-993-171t North Country(G); Big FootfG) CINEMA CTR. 3, Parthenia-Tampa-993-1711 Electra Glide In Blue; Outside Man(PG) CINEMA CTR. 4, Parthenia-Tampa-993-1711 J. Christ Superstar; Red Sky At Morning PARK. Canoga Park DI.0-1234, Ct. 12 Pornography Superstars; Passion Seekers PEPPERTREE l-Northridge-993-0211 Paper Mooo(PG); Oklahoma Crude(PG) PEPPERTREE 2-Northridge-993-0211 The Cheerleaders(X); Fritz The Cat(X) PEPPERTREE 3-Northridge-993-0211 Last Tango In Paris(X); Naked Lady(X) SHERMAN, 15052 Ventura ST.4-9911 North Country(G); Snoopy Come Home(G) GLENDALE-MONTROSE TU JUNG A EAGLE ROCK, Cinema 1254-9101 Charley Varnck(PG); The Revengers(PG) EAGLE ROCK, Cinema 2254-9101. Westworld(PG); Soylent Green(PG) EAGLE ROCK, Cinema 3254-9101 Deadly Trackers; Man In Wilderness(PG) EAGLE ROCK, Cinema 4254-9101 Touch Of Class(PG); Take Money Run(PG) HILLTOP, 6721 Foothill Blvd. 353-3321 Let Good Times Roll(PG); Godspell(G) MONTROSE, 2226 Honolulu CH 9-3830 Enter the Dragon(R); Legend Hell HousefPG SANDS, 210 S. Brand Blvd. 246-6363 North County(G); Living Free(G) VILLA GLEN, 404 N. Central 240-2277 Blume in Love(R); Bang Drum Slowly 6.45 PASADENA-MONROVIA ARCADIA CINEMALAND, Arcadia HI.7-2195 Cabaret(PG); Hello Dolly(G) ESQUIRE, E. Charley Varnck(PG); High Plains Drifter(R) HASTINGS, 355 Deadly Tracker(PG); The Other(R) OAKS, 85 N. Fair Oaks SY.6-2359 -Both All Male 8 Girlie Adult Films UPTOWN, 2316 E.Colo.-793-4330, 684-1147 Jesus C. Superstar; Red Sky At Morning VENUS, 2226 E. Colorado 796-8118 Adult Films-Double Features SAN DIMAS CANYON, San Dimas Cyn. Live Let DiefPG); The Mechanic(PG) BAKERSFIELD-INYO-KERN EDISON Edison Bl. FA.2-7484 Kung Fu Invisible Fist; The Family; 3rd SOUTH CHESTER TE.1-0963 Call Theatre For Program TERRACE DRIVE-IN 831-7433 North Country; Big Foot; Living Free(G). 99 DRIVE-IN FA.4-5270 Charley Varnck(PG); High Plains Drifter(R) DRIVE-IN THEATRES VISTA, Vista Drive-In 724-6223 Dillmger(R); Box Car Bertha SAN DIEGO CITY ACADEMY, 37th-University AT.4-1000 Grand Hotel; Anna Christie FINE ARTS. 1818 Garnet 274-4000 The Devil In Miss Jones Adults FRONTIER DRIVE-IN AC Cops RobbersfPG); Slither(PG) GUILD, 5th 8 University CY.5-2009 Sexcapade In Mexico PUSSYCAT, 4th 8 239-2394, Ct. 12 Grace's Place; 2nd Open All Night RANCHO DRIVE-IN CO 1-1337 Battle of the Amazons; Shanghai Killers SAN DIEGO COUNTY i CARLSBAD, Cinema Plaza 729-2262 That Darn Cat(G); DumbofG) CHULA VISTA, Big Sky Dr. In, 101-Main Massacre in Rome(PG); Pocket MoneytprJ 1 EL CAJON, Aero HI.4-8800 Room of Chams(R); The Runaway(R) IMPR. So. Bay, 101 HA.0-3314 Electra Glide in Blue(PG); Savage 7 LA JOLLA, Cove. 7730 Girard 459-5404 North Country(G); Big FootfG) LA 10LLA, Unicorn 459-4341 State College Student Films "Take One" NAT CITY, Pans Pussycat-477-4477 Ctl2 Grace's Place; 2nd Open All Night OCEANSIDE Crest 722-6561 Charley Varnck(PG); High Plains Drifterfjt OCEANSIDE, Valley East 757-5556 Deadly TrackersfPG); Bonnie Clyde(PG) OCEANSIDE, Valley West 757-5558 MASH(PG); Catch 22(R) OCEANSIDE Drive In 722-5189 Cops RobbersfPG); Return of SabatJ OCEANSIDE Palomar 722-2631 Return Of Sabata; Only Kill Masters OCEANSIDE Star 722-2895 Don't Look Basement; Last House Left OCEANSIDE, Towne 722-2155 De Sade, Dirtiest Girl I Ever Met PARKWAY 1, 1286 Fletcher Pkwy 419-7800 M'ASH(PG); Harold Maude(PG) ARKWAY 2, 1286 Fletcher Pkwy 449-7809 Westworld(PG); Soylent GreenfPG) PARKWAY 3, 1286 Fletcher Pkwy 449-7809 Deadly The ReiversfPG) PLAZA-ESCONDIDO 1, 345 N. Escondida Bl Mary Poppms(G); Now You See Him(G) PLAZA-ESCONDIDO 2, 345 N. Eseondido 61 Westworld(PG); Soylent GreenPG) RITZ, 309 Grand, Escondido-747-6635 Grace's Place, Whistle Blowers ct 12 SANTEE. Santee Drive-In 448-7447 The Day of the JackaliPG); Showdown(PG) STARDUST 1, Vista-726-8673 Call theatre for program STARDUST 2, Vista-726-8673 Call theatre for program VISTA. Avo 726-3040 little 6 ManfPGJi Man Called HorseCPG) EAGLE, 4884 Eagle Rock Big Foot(G); North Country(G) HIGHLAND, 5604 N. Figueroa 255-606S North Country(G); Big Foot(G)Charlie(G) KIM SING, 722 N. Figueroa MA.8-3754 Call Theatre For Program KOKUSAI, 3020 Sword of Fury; Dawn Of Judo -PARK, 710 S. Alvarado 483-7767 North Country(G); Big Foot(G); Snoopy(G) HK STUDIO, Sunset-Alvarado 389-9254 Mary Poppins(G); Biscuit Eater(G) -WESTLAKE, Alvdo. Wilsh HU.3-5313 Bang Drum Slowly(PG); Tom Sawyer 1230 WILSHIRE DISTRICT BEVERLY HILLS WEST A WESTWOOD BEVERLY CANON, 205 N. Canon-274-9463 The 400 Blows; Shoot The Piano Player CINE-CIENEGA, 755 La Cienega-657-2800 The Devil in Miss Jones-Adults DEL MAR, 5036 W. Cleopatra Jones(R) D0HENY PLAZA, 135 S. Doheny-278-2090 Sunseed; Dr. Timothy Leary; Light FOUR STAR, 5112 Wllshire 936-821! Behind The Green Ooor Adults Only MERALTA, 9632 Culver Bl. 839-2456 Deadly Trackers-, For A Few Dollars Mors MUSIC HALL, 9036 Wllshire CR 4-6869 The Hireling; The Assassination Bureau NUART, 11272 M. Bl. 478-6379 Midmeht Cowbov(R); Where's PonoaRi PALMS, 3751 Motor VE.7-7171, 837-1277 Jesus Christ Superstar(G); Skyiacked(PG) PICFAIR Pico Fairfax 938-5296 North Country(G); Big FootfG Le ManstG PLAZA, 1067 Glnd. 477-0097, 879-9077 Excl. Martin Scorsese Mean Streets REGENT, 1C45 Brox. 477-0059, 272-0501 William Holden in "Breezy ROYAL, 11523 Sta. Mon 477-5581 Israel: Musical "Topele" Chagall T0HO LA BREA, 9th La Brea WE.4-2342 The Naked seven; A capricious Doll X) VAGABOND, 2511 Wllshire DU.7-2171 El Topo; Greaser Palace VENICE. Adult Theatre Ven. Bl. Natl. All Adult Films 836-922S WESTLAND TWIN 1, 10754 PiCO-474-9589 Last Tango In Paris(X) WESTLAND TWIN 2, 10754 Pico-474-9589 nortn t0unlry(Gj; Big foot(G) EAST LOS ANGELES ALAMEDA, 5136 E. Whittier Bl. 624-6271 BOULEVARD, 4549 Whittier 261-2665 -Mary Poppins(G); Now You See Him(G) GOLDEN GATE, 5176 Whittier 269-8186 plus 2nd Feature UNIQUE. 3645 E. 1st AN.9-7131 Call Theatre For Program HUNTINGTON PARK SOUTH GATE-BELL ALCAZAR. Atl. at Gage 585-3306 Enter The Dragon; Chinese Connection(R) ALLEN, 3809 Tweedy Blvd. 567-6466 Scalawag(G); 7 Wonder Of The West(G) ARDEN, 11709 Long Beach Bl. 632-5333 Call Theatre For Program CALIFORNIA, 6528 Pacific 585-5713 Charley Varnck(PG); 2 Kung Fu Hits LYRIC, Pacific Flor. LU.9-2877 Ct.12 Pornography Superstars; Passion Seekers-NEW PARK, 6504 Pacific Bl. 585-5637 Hit(R); Lady Sings the Blues(R) TORRANCE-GAROENA REDONDQ'INGLEWOOO ALPINE, 833 W. Torrance Blvd. 327-3436 German Language Movies. 1 CARSON TWIN 1. 23221 Ava -549-3713 Kung Fu Invisible Fist; Duel Iron Fist CARSON TWIN '2, 23221 North Country; Big Foot; Living Free(G) HERM0SA. 1229 Hermosa Ave 379-1884 Gimme Shelter; Zachanah; A Friend INGLEW00D, 142 Market 678-8977 Behind The Green Door Adults Only LA MAR, 228 Manhat. Bch. Bl. 372-8500 The Original opens 6.30 MARINA Cinema 1 372-1109 Charley Varrick(PG); High Plains Dnfter(R) MARINA Cinema '2372-1109 North Country(G); Big Foot(G) MARINA CINEMA "3 372-1109 Enter The Dragon(R); Electra Glide Blue NEW IMPERIAL, 3180 W. Imperial 671-8487' Enter The Dragon(R); Rage(R) PARK, 14948 Crenshaw Bl. 324-4040 North Country; Elvis On Tour; Big FootfG) PUSSYCAT, 1653 Pornograpy Superstars; Passion Seekers ROLLING HILLS. P.C.H.Crnshw. 325-2600 That Darn Cat(G), Dumbo(G) ORANGE COUNTY ABC 1, THE CITY, Orange 714997-0832 Charley Vamck(PG); High Plains Dnfter(R) ABC '2, THE CITY, Orange 714997-0832 That Darn Cat(G); DumbofG). ANAHEIM, Brookhurst PR 2-6446 Jesus C. Superstar; Yellow Submarine ANAHEIM, LOGE-772-6446 MASH(PG) ANAHEIM, GARDEN KE.5-0148, Ct. 12 Pornography Superstars: Passion Seekers BALBOA, Balboa 714673-4048 Blume in Love(R); Thief Came To Dinner BROADWAY, 416 Broadway 542-4737 Enter the Dragon; Guns of Magnificent 7 CINEMA CENTER 1, Costa Mesa, 979-4141 Westworld(PG); Soylent Green(PG) CINEMA CENTER 2, Costa Mesa, 979-4141 Deadly Tracker(PG); Scorpio(PG) CINEMA CENTER 3, Costa Mesa, 979-4141 A Touch Of Class, Bang the Drum Slowly CINEMA CENTER Costa Mesa, 979-4141 The New Land: Thief Came To Dmner(PG) CORONA DEL MAR, PORT OR.3-6260 Jeremy(PG); Sterile Cuckoo(PG) COSTA MESA, Cinema, 546-3102 Jonathan Livingston Seagull; The Other COSTA MESA, HARBOR 1 646-0573 Executive Action(PG); The Burglars(PG) COSTA MESA, HARBOR 2646-0573 Ash Wednesday(R)-COSTA MESA, Mesa 548-1552 Call Theatre For Program FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Fam. Twinl-962-1248 Electra Glide in Blue; Outside Man(PG) FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Fam. Twin2-962-1248 North Country; Big Foot; Flight Of Doves GARDEN GROVE, GROVE 1537-6600 North Country(G); Big Foot(G) GARDEN GROVE, GROVE 2-537-6601 Ohver(G); Beaver Valley(G) HUNTINGTON BEACH, Cinema 847-9608 Charley Varrick(PG); Oklahoma Crude(PG) HUNTINGTON BEACH SURF LE.6-9396 Liquid Space LAGUNA, SOUTH COAST 494-1514 Jesus Christ Superstar(G) LAGUNA NIGUEL, Niguel Thtr. 499-2327 Charley Varrick; High Plains Dnfter(R) MISSION VIEJO Cinema 830-6990 That Darn CatfG); Dumbo(G) NEWPORT CINEMA, Cst. Hwy 644-0760 Streisand-Redford The Way We Were NEWPORT BEACH, Lido OR.3-8350 Battle Of The Amazons(R), Catch 22(R) OLD MOVIE THEATRE, Anaheim 956-4070 Marx-Monkey Business Fields-Chickadee ORANGE, CINEDOME 20714532-3328 The Way We Were Streisand-Redford ORANGE, CINEDOME 21714532-3361 The Sound of Music; Romeo Juhet(PG) ORANGE MALL 1, Tustin nr. Charley Varnck(PG) ORANGE MALL 2, Tustin nr. Lin-637-0340 Deadly Trackers(PG) ORANGE MALL, 3, Tustin nr. Jesus Christ Superstar(G) ORANGE MALL 4, Tustin nr. Lin -637-0340 Westworld(PG); Soylent Green(PG) ORANGE MALL 5, Tustm nr. Cabaret(PG); Hello Dolly(G) ORANGE MALL 6, Tustin nr. M'A-S'HfPG) ORANGE, Orange 639-6730 Day of the JackalfPG); Pete TiMiefPG) ORANGE, VILLA, Tustin-Adams, 639-0066 North Country; Big Foot: Living Free(G) PUSSYCAT, Buena Park 521-5337 Ct 12 Deep Throat SAN CLEMENTE. Miramar 492-005S Westworld(PG); Magnificent 7 Ride (PG) SANTA ANA, Guild 558-9936 Doctors from Copenhagen; Carney Girl WESTMINSTER. Cinema West 1-892-4493 That Darn Cat(G); Dumbo(G) WESTMINSTER. Cinema West 2-892-4493 Oeadly Trackers; Man in Wilderness(PG) WESTMINSTER. Cinema West 3-892-4493 Charley Vamck(PG), Hit'(R) WESTMINSTER, Cinema West '4-892-4493 Jeremy(PG); Harry In Your Pocket(PG) WESTBROOK, WstmstrBrokhrst 530-4401 Westworld(PG); 2nd hit- WESTBROOK. WstmstrBrokhrst 530-4401 North Country Foot(G) BREA, BREA THEATRt 529-4236 Mary FoxSam Davenport FASHION SQ. l. lmp. ldaho-691-0633 A Touch of Class(PG) FASHION SQ 2. Imp. Idaho 691-0633 MASH(PG) FASHION SQ. 3. Imp Idaho 691-0633 Charley Varnck(PG) FASHION SQ. '4. Imp. 4 Idaho 691-0633 Jesus Christ Superstar(G) LA HABRA. CINEMA 1-697-6781 Mary Samantha(G) LA HABRA, CINEMA 2697-6781 North Country(G); Big FootfG) RIVERSIDE COUNTY ARLINGTON, Arlington OV.9-0400 Jeremy(PG)j Harry in Your Pocket(PG) CORONA, Corona--735-81 91 Live Let Die (PG); The MechanicfPG) ELSINORE, Lake 674-2810 Mary FoxSam Davenport PALM SPRINGS, CAMELOT 1327-1273 That Darn CatfG); DumbofG) PALM SPRINGS, CAMELOT 2-327-1273 Cops II Robbers(PG); Shther(PG) PALM SPRINGS DRIVE-IN 327-1832 Westworld(PG); Soylent Green(PG) PALM SPRINGS, Plaza 325-6022 Streisand Redford-The Way We Were PALM SPGS, SUNAIR DRIVE-IN 328-3111 Deadly Trackers; Man In Wilderness(PG) PALM SPRINGS, VILLAGE 325-6022 Charley Varnck(PG); Joe Kidd(PG) RIVERSIDE, DE ANZA That Darn CatfG); DumbofG) SHOWCASE-683 S.Mn-Corona-714-737-1214 Call Theatre For Program LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWN ARCADE, 534 S. Broadway 624-6271 Of Has Risen ART, 551 S. Main 628-1781, Ct. 9 AM Teenage Bride Open All Night ASTRO, 322 S. Broadway 624-6271 Venganza Correa Llega Noche BANNER, 458 S. Main 688-8829 Erotic Adult Films-Disc. Mid 'Til 9 am BROADWAY, Broadway near 5th 624-6271 I Yegua Color.jSanto Demon vs Monstruos BROOKLYN, 2524 Brklyn Ave 268-4988 Fists Of Fury; Little Big Man(SP) CALIFORNIA, 810 S. Main 624-6271 Tonta Tonta Pero No Tonta; Bracero Ano GLOBE, 744 So. Broadway 624-6271 El Festm De La Loba; Una Muier Honesta LINDA LEA, 251 So. Main MA.4-5648 Onna Hanzaishi; Retsuden; Fukushogurt LOS ANGELES, 615 S. Broadway 624-6271 Hit; Duel Of Iron Fist; 7 Blows DragonfR) MAYAN, 1044 S. Hill RI 9-6294 Prison Babies; Doctor His Women MILLION $, 307 S. Bdwy. MA.9-2895 Call Theatre For Program OLYMPIC, 8th-Broadway 8 Hill 624-6271 Los Indomables; Escuela De Rateros OPTIC, 533 S. Main 623-6434 Call Theatre For Program ORPHEUM, 9th Broadway 624-6271 Diiiinger; box uar Bertna(SP) PALACE, Brdwy. bet. 6th 7th 624-6271 The Mack(R); Cotfy(R); Lady Kung Fu(R) PLAYHOUSE. 940 S. Figueroa 627-5631 Th Notorious Ones; The Admired Girl PUSSYCAT, 5th Hill-628-6668, Ct 9 45 am Porno. Superstars; 2nd, Open All Night RIALTO, 8th and Broadway-624-6271 Mi Nino Tizoc; El Pistorero Desconocidio R0XIE, bdwy. bet. 5th-6th 624-6271 Kung Fu Invis. Fist; Wonder Women; 3rd STATE. 7th and Broadway 624-6271 tnter ine Dragon; Hammer ot God; 3rd UNITED ARTISTS, los tocnorro; los oesaimados SANTA MONICA PACIFIC PALISADES AERO, Montana at 14th St. EX.5-4990 Westworld(PG); Soylent Green(PG) BAY TWIN 1, 15140 Sunset 454-6527 Macintosh Man; The Candidate(PG) BAY TWIN 2, 15140 Sunset 454-6527 North Country(G); Big FootfG) BRENTWOOD 1-2524 Wllshire 829-3365 Electra Glide In Blue(PG); BRENTWOOD 2-2524 Wllshire 829-3366 MA'SH(PG) FOX VENICE, 620 Lincoln 396-4215 Little Fauss Big Halsy, Pres. Analyst MALIBU CINEMA, Malibu 456-6990 Sleuth(PG); The Heartbreak Kid(PG) MARINA DEL REY, Lincoln at Fii-823-6724 North Country(G); Big FootfG) MONICA 1. 1332' 2nd St. 451-8686 Jesus Christ Superstar; Bro. SunSis. Moon1 MONICA 2, 1332 2nd St. 451-8686 Charley Varrick(PG); Hi Plains Drifter(R) PUSSYCAT, 1442 2nd SU51.2356-CU2 Deep Throat YALE, 2838 Wllshire 828-0811 The Devil In Miss Jones-Adults BELLFL0WER-L0NG BEACH ART, 2025 E. 4th 438-5435 Battle of Algieres; Zita PLAZA, Palo Verde 8 Spring 429-3012 North Country(G); Living Free(G) RIVOLI. 525 Lone Beach Blvd. 436-3207 Hiti(R); Lady Sings the Blues(R) R0XY, 127 W. Ocean Bl HE 5-3022 Prison Babies; Doctor His Women STATE, 104 E. Ocean Bl. 437-2721 North Country(G); Living Free(G) THE MOVIE, 345 Porno. Superstars; 2nd; Open All Night XPO, 3131 E. Anaheim, Wilm. 432-9555 Hard Core Features SAN PEDRO STRAND 1, 11th Pacific 832-7271 2 Disney's-Mary Poppins; Pern STRAND 2, 11th Pacific 832-7271 Cries whispers; Ramparts Of Clay WARNER, 473 W. 6th. San Pedro-832-7227 Billy Jack; Thief Who Came To Dinner WEST COVINA-EL MONTE BALDWIN PARK BALDWIN, Maine 8 Ramrina ED 7-2759 North Country(G); Big FootfG) EASTLAND, Workman 8 Citrus 331-9944 That Darn Cat(G); DumbofG) EL MONTE, Valley at Tyler Gl 8-6922 North Country(G); Big FootfG) PLAZA. 175 Vermont Glendora-963-3555 Enter DragonfR); Thief Came To Dinner STAR. 145 1st Street-333-9345 tan ineatre For Program WESCOVE Cinema 1338-5574 tnaney varrick; High Plains Dnfter(R) WESCOVE Cinema 2-338-5577 jesus wrist superstar(G); Bangladesh DOWNEY-NORWALK AVENUE, Downey WA.3-678! jesus unrisi aupersiar(G); me Party TOpaz 1-2281 mat cam cat(G); DumbofG) NORWALK CINEMA '1868-6771 MASH(PG); 6 00 NORWALK CINEMA 2-868-6771 North Country(G); Big Foot, Living Free(G) SHOWCASE CINEMA l-Stnwd-862-1121 ueaaiy iracnersfPG Lafly ice(PG) SHOWCASE CINEMA 2-Stnwd 862-11 22 Lnariejf mi Revengers) Band an tht novtl by GRAHAM GREENE C4MM.NCOIOI IWO DILD f'il CM GiCM 575-4484 HON. SAT lEVERlVDR ol UJItHlue 4 00 "STREISAND AND REDF0RD ARE SUPERB!" 'The Last Detail' Will Open at the Bruin on Dec. 12 "The Last Detail," starring Jack Nicholson, will open at the Bruin Theater in Westwood on Dec. 12. Featuring Otis Young, Randy Quaid, Clifton THE INCESTUOUS GrnlinM i LH)R r. 'V IUU1I THRU FRI 00 8 10 00 tN6, ue. SUN HOLIDAYS (in KCLUSivr engagement 6 00 00 10 00 PM NOW V. dBpr PG A 111 Barbra Streisand James and Carol Kane, the film was produced by Gerald Ayres and directed by Hal Ashby from a screenplay by Robert Towne based on the novel by Dar-ryl Ponicsan. Nicholson and Young portray Navy shore patrolmen escorting a younger sailor, Randy Quaid, to jail. COLORADO a touch of ci ass(PG) 258? Colo 8-40 796 9704 WESTW0RLD(PG) 7 00 8 1030 Valley Circle Mulhol Or Vly 855 Circle Ofl.Ran-rA MAN CALLED HORSE(PG) 888 8003 7.00 10:45 HOLIDAY Walt Disney's lonanja Roscoe THAT DARN CAT(G) 346-0950 8 20 DUMBO(G) 7 00 10:30 MBU DEADLY TRACKERS(PG) CINEMA i oo, 445 8 30 (Ctrnww Loews) A TOUCH OF CLASS(PG) 394-6703 2 50. 6 35 10.20 lAKEWOOO wait Disney Carson at Lkt THAT DARN CAT(G) LA 636-7440 7 00 1030 425-2530 DUMBO 8 20 STUDIO A TOUCH OF CLASS(PG) us ruwi'i 840 WESTWORLO(PG) 700 1030 CINEMA j.c.supestar(pg) Cams Sgtjar 700 10 50 W2S BROTHER SUN. SISTER 8.45 -Paul D. Zimmerman, Newsweek COLUMBIA PICTURES id ROT PRODUCTIONS A Rat SIaRK-SYDNEY POLLACK Pioduciioo 5th SMASH WEEK! NO PASSES "ACCEPTED! mii 2 ALSO in ORANGE COUNTY" CINEDOME 20 -Orange -532-3328 'i AVCO CENTER fm Wiish.nE.wstwd. 4 475-0711 Streisand Reatord THE WAY WE WERE(PG) Hollrmod 4 grand prize winner "As fine a film'as 4 Cannes film festival we have seen all Year- Brilliant CST performances by ifeftl fcv Sarah Miles and Robert Shaw." WpG- Vw Bernard Drew, immmmm Gannett News Service Also: "THE ASSASSINATION BUREAU" act DAVCf starring DIANA RIGG u- M0N-FR1. "HIRELING" 7 10:25 exclusive engagement! "ASSASSINATION Beverly Hills SAT. SUN. "HIRELING" 3-7 EIUSIS 131,1. ASSASSINATION BUREAU" 5 9:55 If 19036 Wllshire 11 274-6869 HOLLYWOOD CINEMA Ni ir 463-3263 AVCO CENTER CINEMA WHstiri 1 Block last ef Wtstwioi! Hid 475-0711 DAILY 2 00 4 05 10 30 10 30 4 a is-io SH0 EH I sit EDWARDS NEWPORT CINEMA Newport 664 0760 1- i CREST JOXY Walt Disney'. ASH WraYV Sl W'HUrwd THAT DARN CAT(G) AVCO CENTER CINEMA THE PAPER CHASEIPG) 475-0711 AVCO CENTER CINEMA AMERICAN GRAFFITI(PG) Wilsh nr.Wstwd. 475-0711 Park At Avco.Center 75c BEVERLY FmchMiehael York 206 B.v. Dr. ENGLAND MADE ME(PG) 275-44M 4-SO. BAY K. SUPERSTAR(G) So Bay Center 05 370-8587 PETE 'N' TILLIE(PG) 4 20-8 15 -S0. BAY II DEADLY TRACKERS(PG) So Bay Center 50 370-6396 HIT(R) 410-830 S0. BAY III SIOOHARTHA(R) So Buy Center 3 35-7 00-10 25 542-4341 SAVE THE TIGER(R) frTWJrwfwi jjiei ItJltil PmiullasMpmkL til SSM Walt Disney Inland Cinema that darn catgi Orange Show Ri, 7 00-10 15 7 689-3521 DUMBO(C) 905 MlUMlMiftill.l 41 1 1 li J. HiiWIIIilili.lim Fashion Center -A-CINEMA I Sutherland Gould TVmpaNordhoff MASH(PG) 993-0111 35 Fashion Center DEADLY TRACKERS(PG) CINEMAII TampaNordholf HIT(R) 993-0111 i 355-810 Fashion Center CINEMA III $iddhartha(R) TampaNordhoft 1 00-300-4 55 993-0111 PANORAMA B'TTLE OF AMtZONS(R) VanNuysBI. 700-1010 at Nordholf SHANGHAI KILLERS(R) 892-1167 840 CINEMA Adults 99c Children 49c Dev shire-Mason OKLAHOMA CRUDE(PG) 886-3600 8 45 WHITE LIGHTNING(PG) GRANADA wait oisneys 16231 SF.Miss. THAT DARN CAT(G) 360-2171 8 10 OUMBO(G) 7O0-10 10 I JSutherland Gould Srookhrsl. MASH(P6) at Edmjer 714839-1500 8O0-10-05 FT.VALLEY II westworld(pg) Brookhrsl- at Edmger S0YLENT GREEN(PG) 714839-1509 2 TITAN SIDDHARTHA(R) Cnmwllri -Ntwl 7 00-10 20 Fuiierton SAVE THE TIGER(R) 714871-5515 835 CENTURY 21 massacre in romeipgi 810 Eurl.d 9 30 71472-SS02 JUDGE ROY BEAN(PG) 7J0 HOLLY Jrsus Christ superstar(pg) HlywH SM at 2 45.6 30 10 20 w.lcnt Sometimes A Great Notion(PG) Att-iaoi 12 45. a. io a Ho'lvwoorJ Streisand Redlnrf) CINEMA THE WAY WE WERE(PG) New H.ehiand 2, 4. 6. a lb 10 25 Midnight Show Fn. Sat! HIT(R) 6101115 21 7 164 LADY SINGS BLUES(R) 12 2 8 45 Buena Park inter the dragon(pg 7bs PevhW. 7 nod 10 30 714, 522 2516 CHINESE CONNECTIONS 8 45 ffKfljj Wilt Disney's JeVpirtVrt THAT DRN CATIG1 nFwy. 7001010 714544-1636 DUMBOtGJ 100 riuc Vjf, MASH(PG) 68 578 bXi, 815 10.30 CAPRI A TOUCH OF ClASSIPGI 4J4 Glenrjori 111 962-3579 WESTWORLDfPGl 7 00 4 1035 S-cL WG) 332-2003 6 15 10.30 7 1. CINEMA I Mcntclair Plaza Walt D'Sney's THAT 0ARN CAT(O) 12.30-3;45-700-1015 OUMBO(G) 2 35-550-9 05 StiCINEMt II I 714 626 35.14 CHARLEY VARRICK(PG) 25 HIT(R) 345-805 pUkl- 4ri rriAirnki BATTLE OF AM470NS(R 700-1010 SHANGHAI KlUERSfRj i -4 11300 Bearh 51. 714 834-1413

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