Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 18, 1949 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, November 18, 1949
Page 3
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Social-Personal Fraternal Becomes Bride Saturday First Photos Of Mrs. Barklcy's Wedding Trousseau Miss Genevieve Afartino., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emit Martlno of Phoenix avenue, who will become the bride of Frank "Spec" Shea son of Frank Shea of Hotchkiss street, Saturday morning in St. Fran- els' church. An estimated 500 attended the annual fall fair of Evangeline Circle of the Salem Lutheran church yesterday in the church hall. A fried chicken si^'per wa& served 275 persons. 30 STEREO STORIES l!lullral«d with full color re! that 'com* to li(»" IN THREE DIMENSIONS Children! Hones illustrated with (oil color stereoscopic photographs mounted in seven-scene View- Master Keels. Grand gifts for every child. • MIRY TALE REELS 35t, 3 for $I.OO • WRO ANIMAl RULS 35«, 3 tor $1.OO • CMSTMAS STORY Pocket of 3 B«1s, $1.00 ; • BIKE STORY REELS 50< each • HOLT LAND REELS 33e.3for$1.00 VIEW-MASTER SWEENEY'S Art and Stationery ,, . , , T . . s ' Andrew McDer- j mou of Middlebul . y| fo ,. mcr Nau . ; gatuck residents, will observe their | 30th v/cdding anniversary Sunday, i and will celebrate the event at ' a family dinner. j They are the parents of four ! children, Robert, Andrew, Jr., Vel' ma and Marlene, the latter two students in Wiiby High school, Water-bury. Mr, McDermott is employed by the Naugatuck Chemical. (Thursday Evening- I Bridge Club Scores Scores in the third round of i he- Thursday evening Salem club bridge tournament played last i night are as follows: j North and soulh, Mr. and Jin?. i James Nies, 71 1-2; Mr. and Mrs. j Donald Fowle.r, 71; Mrs. James I Kissane and Mrs. Irving Cutting, East and west, Harold Turnblom and F. L. Howard, 68; Mrs. Conrad Lindahl and Mrs. Lester Opdykc tied with Mrs. John Hayes and Mrs. Edward G. Cox, 66 1-.; Mr. and Mcs. Frank Butcher, 66. Official standings: Mr. and Mvs. Nies, 202 1-2; Mr. and Mrs. Fowler, ?f>2; Mrs. Kissane and Mrs. Cuttirg, 179. 200 Attend Ted In Pfonor Of Miss Lcsnouette More thnn 200 membeb.-i of tbo LI. S. Rubber Co. foolwear pl.tnt :n?nagomcnt recently held a farewell lea in tho Girls' club room "n Maple street in honor of Wl;;s /VL 1 line T.anouetio on the occ.-nsio.-i 'if her re'iroment from the cmnp.-iriv after 31 years'., scrvlfc. MU;s L;:nMiett<* who W.-IH 'iui>.--.-- visor of mail and file department was presented a purse and ijoid ~iape) watch by her friends and associates as a token of I heir esteem. Among those attending were: Irene Fitzgerald, Gertrude Pi- chiiln, Nella Manrini, Nellie Olcin- kowpki, Phyllis Pearson. Mildrod Gofjcrin. Loietta Murphv, Lillm.i Granl. Thomas Tookey, O. O. Linden. Howard Hackett, James Dinneny, Hugh McSherry, J. E. O'Pi-n- nell, Henrietta Grosclc. W. A. Wnre, T. P. Edmonds, J. L. Johnson, E. J. McDonald, F. C. Truelove. Helen Edmonds. WilH im T.alor, Ethel Jones, O. B. Gibh.i, •iary Melinski. Dorothy McCiill. Anne Beletsky, Sylvia Smith, W. W. Clymer. Jane Crosby, Margaret Hasslirr;- ,-r, Joseph Garbarino, Elhcl Frirk, Mary Furs, Virginia!. Frances 'Krzykowski, Christine ^dmonson. Agneri Anderson, A. E. 3rown. K. E. Carroll. Nancy Coult- T, F. R. Driscoll, C. H. Grant, W. T. Gruner, E. J. Harding, Victoria Hynccki. Hp.nry Laskas, E. E. Rung, J.'O. Hill, S. J- Hadaway. L. J. Batel, C, L. Glaes, J. J. Wrinn. W. H. Norton, Kathleen Kelley, C. W. Pennington, H. L. Goodwin, J. D. Burns, M. J. Messer, J D. Shakespeare, Delia Anderson John Reilly, Joseph Grant, E. J Larose. Orlanda Bchapfer, Aiding Telles, Dorothy Smerkanicz, Clyde Schleh, Chessy'chmielewski, E. J. Grickis, Bea Andrews, John Conway, R. J. Ford, R. G. Brown. B. F. Garrick, J. F. Glynn, M. H. Bloom, R. G. Goodeve, G. A. Schlosser. E. J. Leary, C. J. Lacombe, T. P. Saunders, C. R. Arndt, F. J. Steimle, W. D. Abel, Betty Baker, Jeanne De Carlo, W. H. O'Donnell, Andrew Evans, C. B. Treat, Claire Hackett. J. A. Wood, J. C. Ney. Alice Bunton, Henry T. Sodloski, Mary M. Grickis. Marge Summa, L. E. Lovejoy, F. D. Nawralh, O. L. Wirth, A'nn Pesaitis, Margaret Moore. Florence Lucas,Nancy Gniazdowski, Alice O'Brien. Lucille Kiernan. Gert Upright, Emma Zibell. Helen O'Connor, Samuel Kosko, George Kennedy, R. G. Baxter, Roy Richardson, Emma Chipman, Edmund Garrick. T. P. Bradshaw, W. E. Bittle, Edna Kelly, Lillian Cas- oy. Richard Lawler, Eldon Rohs. Valcsca Downes, Ernest Anastasio, Frances Smith, Benjamin Edwards, Raymond Doiron, Harold Peterson, Marshall Griffith, Alice Schulze, Armond Frigon, John Meegan, Joyce Killian, Dorin Durr, jladys Harrison. Irene Bryk, Julia Martin, Connie Linskey. Elizabeth Kenney, Jack Delaney, Harry Anderson, Henry Freeman, Harris McSherry, Francis Curtin, Helen Czerwinski, Raymond Ran-slow. Helen Droznick, Mary Soka- Barklcy Blue," a new color, is Introduced by :Hrs. Carleton S. Hadley in the trousseau, which she 's 'Shown wearing for her wedding to Vice President Alben Barkley. It's a soft slate-blue shade blended throughout the wardrobe. At left is the wedding milt, in ce:iter she wears an ice Mao satin blouse—a 'lick-in with heart-snap-d neckline. At right is the bride's "going away" costume, a coat dress and blue Erav wool worsted. Accessories in cludu black suede gloves and suede pumps. The wedding hat 's a small %rav felt with tiny, turned back brim against f. band of coq feathers. (International) NAUCATUGK NKWR (CONN.), TOTnAY. NOV. Id, 1!>4!»— How To Play CANASTA WILLIAM E. McKKNNRY America')* Card Authority ARTICLE NO. ] 1 ADVANTAGES OF GKTTINCr THE PACK THE chance of making a. Cnnaa- (a is obviously better if yon have 20 cards than if you have 11. Paradoxically, your chantc of getting rid of all your cards is also greater. The more different set.!' you can meld, the greater the chance that you will be nblo to get rid of your lost few cards by laying- off. The effect here is double-acting Jn drawing 1 from the stock, the abstract chance is better to get one of, say five ranks, than one of two ranks. At the same time, your Jive different melds limit the opponents' safe discards more than do two melds. The more melds you have, of course, the more points you scorn. But a word of warning, do' not exaggerate the importance of this reai-on for wanting to take the pack. If you are a 500 Rummy •Mayer, you will perhaps have an cards is usu.-.lly worth .Inking at some sacrifice, and when tho pack CJIT.WB to 20 or more, the side lh:it get* It will almost surely have ;t decisive advantage. But do not scorn the pack merely Ix'caujje it is small. Th<;re in often tactical advantage in taking ojily a few cards; thl» is most liholy to (a) when the pnok is t.-ilten for the first time, to make :m initial meld, and ;bi when you have only a few carde Ifft and nothing better to do than mlie rnrds to Iny off and so build to'.\;t)'d ("'Hn.Ti~-f.nH Tho fir-si ipucis IK cj/icn the big C"st, and in any taking it is likely to give you a Listing "edge. 1 To make ,-.n initial meld, you have to deplete your hand and therefore weaken it? scoring prospects: if you csn replenish it by taking the pack at the same time, this disadvantage disappears. Rosemary Lammano, daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lammano. 212 Scott street, has returned from Europe, where she spent three ye as a civilian government worker. She served a year in Germany. big Tomorrows) Special! SENSATION Juniors 9 to 15 Misses' 10 to 18 If net specially purchased because of a ho't October Lorraine's price would be 39.95. if Exciting, brand new styles if Ptire wools . . . suede, tweed, covert -A- Lined in rayon satin . . . interlined with if Green, Wines, Taupes, Blacks. SOUTH MAIN STREET . . . WATERBURY Fitted Coats! Belted Coats! Flared Coats! Classic Coats! Tweed Casuals! lowski, Marie - Glasberg, Henry Zwick. E. T. Fitzgerald, Dorothy Connelly, Joseph McCorrnick, R. H. Bavicr, J. F. Doran, R. E. Hanson, W. S. Pease, F. W. Wohlke, T. E. Sioane, H. P. Arras, G. A. Teichert, J. C. McCullough, O. F. Bente, Mabel McNamura, Adolph Nelson. Koonz, J, J. Strayer, J. E. Pyatt, A. bert Marsh. K." M. Hyde, C. R Underbill, A. C Greene J. W. Whalen, E. J. MeCatoe, Catherine Isolde, Dorothy Sousa'^ Marge Koonz .T J. Strayer, J. E. Platt, A. M. Howiand. Jane Grier, W. E. Reichert, M. J. Donovan, Edward Keefe, Bertha Bryniak, W. A. Swan, E. A. Reilly G. Hathaway, R. J. William,?, L G. Morgan, F. W. Semplenski, Maybelle Maybury, Dorothy Titley, E. W. Fanning, Florence Bran dow. Anne Karaban, Ed'ith Wither-wax, S. M. Boyd, E. T. Owens, .Stanton Glover, H. Ralph Rasche, F. P. Reed. Ellen Woofltn, S. M. McCann, E. IM. Wilson, L. J. Dee, W. T. Jensen. Charlotte Chag-non, Harold Pat- islkan, M.. J. LavorgnaJ, ,R. H,. Swanson, Jack Jenness, Barbara M. Stone, T. J. Dillon, E. T. McGrath, B. L. Sulivan, Patrick Healy, Dorothy Peterson, T. R. Behrman, T. J. Nelligan, Henry BuJka, James Pettit, George O'Neal, E. C. Shedd. Helen Zapatka, V. N. Hastings, Betty Healy, F. J. Kicrol, Marie Long, A. T. Kaufman, E. M. Monahan, Roy Penrose, J. E. Robinson, H. E. Rosell, Helen Thompson, Edith Tudor, M. J. Garrick. G. R. Leeper, T. P. Murtha, Clare Noonan, W. D, Merrill, Joseph Casey, H. L. Carter, Dorothy Markey. Alice Brophy, Mr. and Mrs. John Quinn. M. Brooks. Flynn, Billie •Junior Women Plan Annual Yuletide Dance The annual Yuletide dance, sponsored by the Naugatuck Junior Woman's club, will be held Saturday evening, Dec. 17 at thp Hotel Elton, Waterbury, according to (plans discussed last night at a meeting of the arrangements committee at the home of Mrs. Thomas Dowling, 3 Bradley street Tickets are being distributed 1 to members today for the dance which will taki: place from 9 to l o'clock, with Al Veillette and his orchestra to provide music Ticket returns should bo made not later than Dec. 12. Persons, other than club members, desiring tickets may obtain them by telephoning Mrs. Dowling chairman, 2146, or contacting- a member of the assisting committee including Mrs. John Larkin, Mrs. William Ynnarellu, Mrs John Botkoslti, Mrs. Charles Noble, Jr Mrs. Ralph Hoy and Mrs. Ann Brown. Dayton Palmer Guest Speaker Dayton W. Palmer of Bloomfield, former Naugatuck resident, was guest speaker last night at a meeting of the Music department of the Naugatuck Woman's club held at the home of Mrs. George W. Carroll 57 Pleasant avenue Mr. Palmer, who recently moved to Bloomfield, is bandmaster of the governor's foot guard band, and director of music at Wethersfield State Prison. He presented an informative talk on the art of conducting, illustrating- various forms. He explained phases of conducting designed to add to the listener's appreciation of music, and told stories of famous conductors of the past and today. Mrs. Thomas Lee, department chairman, conducted the business meeting. Mrs. Clarence Isbell was hostess, and Mrs. John J. Gormley and Mrs. Margaret McAvoy poured. The Ladies' auxiliary of the Naugatuck Detachment, Marine Corps League, was represented this week at installation ceremonies of the Waterbury unit. Holiday Qjfts Sent Missions By Church/women Christmas gifts have been sent to missions in Africa and South Aincr ica; a box of clothing to the children's home in the southern mountains mission and two CARE packages will be sent abroad, all donated by the Ladies' auxiliary of 'he Hillside Congregational Church. The missionary commiUtee rep >rt was presented by its chairman, Mrs. Harold Heacock, iast night at the monlhly meeting of the organization in the church hall. Mrs. -leacock led the devotions and I ho 'jusiness session -was conducted by- Mrs. Yngve Dahlin, president. The annual meeting of the auxiliary will be held Thursday evening, Dec. 8, in the church hall, opening with a pot-luck supper at 6:30 o'clock. Members are -isked to furnish 50 cent gifts for the grab bag. The auxiliary will serve a turkey dinner on Church Night, Dec. 3. Mrs. Harry J. Ekstam, wife of the new minister of the church, was welcomed into the group. Donations of $5 each were voted to (he Boy and Girl Scout troops. Mrs. Carl Erickson reported on the 01'- fering of $33.70, which will be sent to help furnish the lounge in the new girls' dormitory at North Park College. Mrs. David Rappe read a paper on the early Thanksgiving, and refreshments were served by Mrs. Carl Bergstrom ana Mrs. Henry Peterson. Spring- St. Man To Wed Nov. 24 Announcement is made of the coming marriage of Miss Delores Lupkas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Lupkas, Waterbury, and Joseph Zdanowicz, son of Mrs. Veronica Zdanowicz, Spring street, which will take place Thanksgiving Day in SS. Peter and Paul church, Waterbury. Marriage intentions have been filed in the office of Town Clerk Raymond J St. John by Anne Byrne, 172 Millville avenue and Richard Schaefer, 8 Burrltt place- and Prank Shea, Ward street, and Genevieve Martino, 11 Phoenix avenue. Both couples plan to be married tomorrow in St. Francis' church. 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