The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on March 5, 1963 · 64
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 64

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1963
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r if w V V ' iry airy ym W ' '""i I ffn'y'M't'1 " n a;"n irTl"V i m t i I m '1 w ""'T' T""'ir.l r m TTf' I1" . nrry ,,11, lyTT y n J Port V-TUE5., MAR. 5,1563 ttOJ Unities Cf IMS : THE TV SCENE Pa Cartwright's Home on Range BY CECIL SMITH; ' .MESA. Ariz. "When I first wulketl onto the Pon- deroa set four years ago," said Lome Greene. "I swore ;lo myself that someday I'd have a house like that. It's - taken four years but we've got the house." Greene and his handsome wile Nancy held the first housewarming for their new home, Ponderosa II, last .week end. The big house is almost an exact duplicate of the ranchhouse Greene (as Pa Cartvvright) and his three sons inhabit each. Sunday night in "Bonanza." . The great log building stands on the sunbaked Arizona plains midway between Mesa and Apache Junction (or midway between the training .grounds of the Houston Lk. 1 Lome Greene y . n Hs wrought-iron doors, the antique furniture that Nancy painstakingly searched for and found. It has the grand staircase of the set rising to a second floor " which isn't there when Greene wants to duplicate bomething, he duplicates it. The guests were mostly old friends Dan Blocker : and Mike Landon, who play Cartwright sons; David Dortort, creator-producer of "Bonanza," dancer-director Gene Nelson, actress Susan Oliver, actors John Conte, Peter Graves and Leslie Nielsen, singer Mel Torme, and others, including one of Greene's oldest and dearest friends, actor Lou Jacobi. . They ate barbecued beef from a chuckwagon and -'square danced to western music, which reminds me that to the list of history's arch villains, Judas, Attila, - Hitler, I would cheerfully add the man who invented . the electric guitar. Pair Share Canadian Background Jacobi like Greene is a product of Canada. They grew up together in Toronto. But while Lome rose to fame -as a Shakespearean star and the foremost Canadian teacher of speech and drama, Lou poked around the ' edges of show business, as a social director at resorts and a small-time comic. Of late, of course, Lou has risen to great eminence in the American theater with his performances in "Diary ,of Anne Frank," "The Tenth Man" and "Come Blow Your Horn." He has just completed a role in Billy Wilder's film, "Irma la Douce," in Avhich, rumor hath it, he is superb. .- Lou was remembering the Greene of Canada: "It's difficult for you to realize how enormously important he was in To- 'rontQ. Students came from 'all over Canada to study with him. I never could afford to. He was a brilliant commentator on the Canadian Broadcasting Co. .system, his name was a household word. But he chucked it all to come to Amen ta for television." - Lou rolled his great brown eyes and studied the massive living room of Ponderosa II the firelight ; catching the beamed ceiling, flaring anew in the richness of polished wood. , , "Not," he said, "that he has done badly." . .Which brought an awful thought to the mind of a ' pretty young lady. She turned on the host and said: . , "Lome, suppose you and Nancy have had your dinner. You're here alone relaxing in front of the fireplace in this house that's a perfect duplication of your set. "What do you do if somebody suddenly yells: 'Cut!'?" : Previews of Across the 7 Seas, 7 p.m. (4) (Color);: "A Midnight in Amsterdam." Among other vin-. teresting" scenes, you'll see a genuine robot band. Combat!, 7:30 p.m. (7) Saunders (Vic Morrow) and some of his men find a mysterious, lone American (Skip Homeier) dur-. '' ing a night patrol behind German lines. Which ' . - .solves the riddle whatever"; happened to Skip " llorrieier? Lloyd Bridges, 8 p.m. (2) "A mid-19th century farmer takes a blind girl, whom he doesn't know, as his bride. Diane Baker guest stars. Red Skelton, 8:30 p.m. (2) . Red pokes fun at the na-. tton's top-rated TV sihow in his skit, "The Beverly L. 'Hay Kickers." Guests Sebastian Cabot and Jerry ' : Lanning are in on the gag. Always a delight. Empire, 8:30 p.m. (I) (Color) Ranch owner Lucia Garret learns she is suffering 'from an incurable disease and that death is near. Exit series co-stars Anne Seymour. Jack Benny, 9:3(1 p.m. (2) Jack blunders into a Frankie Avalon record-. . ing session, and Frankie, . in turn, leams the meaning of cruel and unusual punishment. Colts and the Chicago Cubs) in a new housing development in which Greene, natch, has an interestthe Apache Coun- try Club Estates. It backs onto a golf course where fcads of cowboys, TV variety, were herding balls around Sunday morning. Ah, vhow the West has changed they once wore chaps, they now wear pas-' tel pants. Guests admired the massive log house with its towering stone fireplace, Lou Jacobi Today's TV Dick Powell Theater, 9:30 p.m. (4) Loads of stars in cameo roles tonight in "Thunder in a Forgotten Town," the story of a prisoner of war who faces mistrust and tragedy on his return home. Jackie Cooper, Susan Oliver and Dewey Martin have the principal parts. Garry Moore, 10 p.m. (2) Rosemary Clooney, Roy-Castle and Dorothy Loudon join Garry in the first of two shows taped here. In the main skit. Garry and Durward Kir-i by portray big executives! seeking status and pres-! tige. Entire cast performs' medley of memorable tunes. Class entertainment. Chet Huntley Reporting, 10:30 p.m. (4) The work that goes on aboard a floating lab is reported tonight. The U.S.N.S. Eltanin is seen! off Cape Horn, where 33 scientists analyze data in oceanography and other fields. Excellent documentary series. Golden Globe Awards, 10:30 p.m. (II) (Special) Delayed tape of tonight's annual Foreign Press awards from the Cocoa-nut Grove. Celebs hand out awards for best movies and TV programs of the past year. Art Link-letter and Edie Adams co-host Running time: two hours. Vf m : 2"Jn.'l TUESDAY'S TV PROGRAMS KNXT (2) KHJ (9) KEYT (3) KOGO (10) KNBC (4) KTTV (11) KTLA (5) KCOP (13) XETV (6) KCHU (18) KABC (7) KVCR (24) KFMB (S) KMEX (34) Channels t, t and It ert locatd in San ninan. Chamwi i in Santa Barbara and Channels la and 14 in San Bernardino. Channel 34 it UHF in L A. A star () preceding i program indicates it is an advertisement. Information lor these to Is furnished by the television stations. The Times cannot be responsible lor last minute changes in programs. (C) indicates color program. MORNING 6:00 O COLLEGE OF THE AIR O 110 CONTINENTAL CLASSROOM (30 min.) 6:20 LTD THIS IS MY FAITH 6:25 GO FARM REPORT 6-30 Q OUR CHANGING WORLD O CONTINENTAL CLASSROOM (30 min.) IcdLOB'T (8) COLLEGE OF THE AIR 7:00 Q (Si CAPTAIN KANGAROO 0) TODAY (2 hrs.) O TODAY (25 min.) 10) CARTOONS (60 min.) 7:20 Q NEWS; FARM 7:25 tl NEWS 7:30 O TODAY (90 min.) O ZOORAMA (30 min.) 7:45 Q FOR KIDS ONLY O BIG BABYSITTER 8-00 Q PANORAMA PACIFIC O CHI.'CKO THE CLOWN (8) SUNUP (60 min.) (ioi TODAY (25 min.) 8:15 O BUSINESS NEWS WAITING CHURCHES; PUBLIC SERVICE 8:25 US DATEBOOK G) SPORTS A M. 8:30 CARTOONSVILLE (30 min.) (10) TODAY (30 min.) (D TOPPER (30 min.) m FELIX THE CAT (30 min.) 9:00 O C8) CALENDAR (30 min) C3) COLLEGE OF THE AIR CI (10) SAY WHEN (25 min.) O ROMPER ROOM (60 min.) (6) JACK LA LANNE (30 min.) Q I MARRIED JOAN (30 min) O THE KING AND ODIE fO KIT CARSON (30 min.) CD YOGA FOR HEALTH (30 min.) 9-15 Q BIG BABYSITTER (45 min.) 9:25 O 80) NEWS 9:30 O C) LOVE LUCY (30 min.) CI GD m PLAY YOUR HUNCH (30 min.) i color i (6) MOVIE Drama "Sarumba." Q MOVIE Comedy 'Iwo Guys From Brooklyn." CD JACK LA LANNE (30 min) CO GUIDEPOST TO SOCIAL STUDIES (30 min.) 10:00 O CI) THE McCOYS O fro' PRICE IS RIGHT (30 min.) i color i O JACK BARRY (60 min.) O MOVIE Western (1939) "Bad Lands." Noan Beery Jr. CD PAMELA MASON (60 min) CO PUBLIC SERVICE 10:15 CD GUIDEPOST TO LIVING IN THE WEST 10:30 O CiD PETE AND GLADYS O (3) SO) CONCENTRATION CO GUIDEPOST TO SCIENCE 11:00 0 3) LOVE OF LIFE O (P YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION (30 min) color 1 O MEDIC (30 min.) O (3D JANE WYMAN CD LEAVE IT TO THE GIRLS CO GUIDEPOST TO SPANISH II 11:25 O C8) NEWS Reasoner 11:30 O f8) SEARCH FOR TOMORROW O t3) W TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES (25 min.) 0 MICKEY HARGITAY (30 min) Q f6l YOURS FOR A SONG Q SPECTRUM (30 min.) CD SHERIFF JOHN (60 min.) . CO PLAY BINGO (30 min.) 11:45 O GO GUIDING LIGHT 11:55 O CD m NEWS AFTERNOON 12:00 O BURNS AND ALLEN Q no) MERV GRIFFIN (55 min.) 1 COLOR I O NIGHT COURT (30 min.) O C31 TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD (30 min) (8) TV BINGO (30 min) O CARTOONSVILLE (30 min) CD NEWS 12:10 CD LIFELINE 12:15 CD MILESTONES OF THE . CENTURY 12:30 O C8 AS THE WORLD TURNS (30 min.) O -NEWS O &) (Si FATHER KNOWS BEST (30 min.) Q MOVIE Comedy (1949) " Adventure in Baltimore." CD MOVIE Drama (1938) "Four Men and a Prayer." CD RACKET SQUAD (30 min.) 12:35 O MOVIE Drama (1935) "Noose for a Lady," Dennis Price. 12:55 O m HEWS 1:00 Q 30 PASSWORD (30 min) O f3l (TO) LORETTA YOUNG (6) GROUCHO (30 min.) O DECEMBER BRIDE (30 min) CD FELIX THE CAT (30 min) 1:30 O CL' HOUSE PARTY O f3) m YOUNG OR. M ALONE (30 min.) O (S) GIRL TALK (30 min) CD MOVIE-Comedy (1951) "Man in the Dinghy. j 2:00 0 f8i TO TELL THE TRUTH I O (10) THE MATCH GAME R f3) (S DAY IN COURT O MOVIE Mystery (1946) "Crack Up," Pat O'Brien. 2:15 CD MOVIE-Drama (1939) "Waterloo Bridge," Robert Taylor, 2:25 O NEWS Edwards OOOLD Q3.NEWS (6) LIFELINE 2:30 O (?) THE MILLIONAIRE O DANNY THOMAS (30 min) O TROUBLE WITH FATHER O f3) fS SEVEN KEYS ;iOj MOVIE Musical (1955) "A Star Is Born," Judy Garland, 3:00 O C9J SECRET STORM 4 FRANDSEN'S FEATURE Bach. Fatherfollowed by J. Arthur Rank '58 'STORM over JAMAICA O SKIPPER FRANK'S HOUSEBOAT (60 min.) O C3) 0UEEN FOR ft SAY CD FELIX THE CAT (2 hrs.) 3:30 O C$1 EDGE OF NIGHT O MOVIE Drama (1958) "Storm in Jamaica." O (Si WHO DO YOU TRUST? (30 min) Q L A. CITY SCHOOLS MESSAGE special i Jack Crowther reports. 4:00 O AMOS 'N' ANDY (30 min.) O COMEDY CAPERS (30 min) (6j MOVIE Drama "Amazing Mr. Williams." O (3) AMERICAN BANDSTAND 18 MOVIE Drama (1936) "My Man Godfrey." Q UNCLE JOHNNY (60 min.) (10) JOHNNY DOWNS (30 min.) 4:30 O LIFE OF RILEY (30 min.) f 3 1 SPORTS HIGHLIGHTS O TRADER TOM OF THE CHINA SEAS 130 mm.) O 3 DISCOVERY '63 (10) POPEYE (30 min.) CD RESCUE 8 (30 min) 4i RELOJ MUSICAL 4:55 O m NEWS 5:00 O MOVIE Drama (1952) "Indian Uprising." O POPEYE (60 min) 7 "SUNDOWN" Tonite Features VERA MILES and KEITH LARSEN! 0 ENGINEER BILL (60 min.) (D 00) SUPERMAN (30 min) CD LLOYD THAXTON (50 min.) H UN CANTO OE MEXICO 5:30 FACT AND FANCY (30 min) (10 QUICK DRAW McCRAW CD CASPER, THE FRIENDLY GHOST (30 min.) 34 MOTIVO DE ALARMA 5:40 O BELIEVE IT OR NOT 5:45 O CURT MASSEY Rolor 1 (18) SCIENCE FOR SPACE AGE 34 EDUCACION Y TRABAJO 5:50 CD NEWS Johns EVENING 6:00 f NEWS Q NEWS-Latham, Weir, Hearn 1 coloTI Here's your big chance to become the Family cut-up!" Just color me in... and cut me out. Then use me as a reminder to turn on Channel 11 every week-day night at 6 P.M. You'll like the good, clean fun... the healthy entertainment of the Mickey Mouse Club. (Your kids are welcome to watch, too!) THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB Monday through Friday 6:00 to 6:45 RM. Walt Disney Productions O WHIRLYBIRDS (30 min) (6) UNION PACIFIC (30 min) O NEWS-Ward, George, Miller, Mitchell, Healy ffi NEWS (45 min) O SUPERCAR (30 min) HQ) NEWS rll Mickey Mouse Club Ginny TylerDisneyland CD ANN SOTHERN (30 min.) !18, PLAY GOLF 4 SAN JUAN BOSCO 6:15 O COMMENT Brown, Peterson i color i 6:30 O NEWS Dunphy, Green, Stratton, Keene, Arthur (45 min.) O C3) HUNTLEY-BRINKLEY O BEAT THE ODDS (30 min) (6) SILENT SERVICE (30 min) O OUR MISS BROOKS (30 min) CD TOUCHE TURTLE AND FRIENDS (30 min.) I color ) (18) STATE TROOPER NOTICIERO Nerva it See George Putnam News 6:45 pm Mon.-Fri. onll 6:45 NEWS O NEWS Latham rcoToT O NEWS Cochran C8J NEWS Cronkite 10 HUNTLEY-BRINKLEY CD NEWS-Putnam 7:00 LEAVE IT TO BEAVER O ACROSS THE 7 SEAS 130 min.) i color r O NEWS Roberts (6) TRACKDOWN (30 min.) O RIPCORD (30 min.) 18) MANHUNT (30 min.) O PEOPLE ARE FUNNY (30 min (JOJ OUTDOOR SPORTSMAN (30 min.) I color r CD HUCKLEBERRY HOUND CD WONDERS OF THE WORLD 1 SIXGS Jerry Lanning, son of Roberta Sherwood, sings on "The lied Skelton Hour," 8:30 p.m. (2). (30 min.) i color r 08) NEWS (24) AMERICAN ECONOMY OJ4J NIEBLA 7:15 Q NEWS Cronkite O NEWS Roberts, Harmon, Stout r m MOVIE Comedy (1942) " "Talk of the Town," Cary Grant. 7:30 O MARSHAL DILLON n 10 LARAMIE (60 min.) I color ' "The Violent Ones.'' O BY THE NUMBERS (30 min.) , O (3 1 T6j COMBAT! (60 min.) i O MAVERICK (60 min.) 11 THRILLER -Boris Karloff 'Letter to a Love' 13 DENMARK, LAND OF DREAMS! BILL BURRUD (24) INCOME TAX Moms! Dads! OyuE Ill KTTV Qf PREMIER ORFEON 8:00 Q fS) LLOYD BRIDGES 0 ROARING 20'S (60 min.) 13 GLENDALE FEDERAL SAVINGS PRESENTS "PROBE" DR. BURKE (24) ORESTEIA 4) LA GLORIA QUEDO ATRAS 8:25 & BOLETIN DE NOTICIAS 8:30 Q S3 RED SKELTON Q (5) 84' EMPIRE (60 min) 1 color "A House in Order." Q (6) HAWAIIAN EYE (60 min.) 0 MOVIE Drama (1953) "The Maze," Richard Carlson, 11 AQUANAUTS.. Mike & Larry robbed! CD VAGABOND (30 min.) 1 coLoa r "Alamos Mexico." (24) HORIZONS OF SCIENCE 134 LLUVIA DE ESTRELLAS ANGELS OPENER! CH 9-SAT. 1:25 PM 9:00 O ROLLER SKATING CHAMPIONSHIP (90 min.) CD THIS MAN DAWSON (30 min.) Hi) NEWS 3 PENUMBRA 9:15 SI) TALK BACK 9:25 &4J NOTAS DEPORTIVAS 9:30 O 3) JACK BENNY (30 min) O m DICK POWELL THEATER O QD (Si THE UNTOUCHABLES 11 TONITE'S the NITE for . . . GROUCHO . . . CD CALL MR. D (30 min.) 34 YATE DEL PRADO 9:45 118 SOCIAL SECURITY IN ACTION 10:00 Q i'8j GARRY MOORE CD NEWS Putnam CD NEWS-Johns 34 World Championship SOCCER MATCHES!! 10:15 CD HAROLD FISHMAN 10:20 Q NEWS-Willis 10:25 CD WEATHER Sloans 10:30 (31 ALL AMERICA WANTS TO KNOW (30 min) O (16) CHET HUNTLEY REPORTING (30 min.) O DRAGNET (30 min) (6) FILM DRAMA (30 min.) f J MAC KENZIE'S RAIDERS Q TRAILS WEST (30 min.) . 11 Special Event on 11 Golden Globe Awards Art Linkletter, Edie Adams & B. Darin-MC CD IT'S COUNTRY MUSIC TIME (30 min) 11:00 O NEWS Dunphy, Hart, Arthur (3i o"; cij m NEWS O NEWS-Latham I color O NEWS-Roberts, Stout 0 NEWS Martin, Ward, Mitchell Q NEWS-Willis CD MOVIE Drama (1942) "Captain of the Clouds." 11:10 O SPORTS Brundlg 11:15 O TONIGHT (1 nr. 45 min) , 1 color I Johnny Carson stars. O WEATHER Norton O MOVIE Drama (1940) . "All This and Heaven Too." ' 11:20 O STEVE ALLEN (SO min) 11:30 O MOVIE Drama (1953) "Slaves of Babylon." QD (ioj TONIGHT (90 min) (Si MOVIE-Drama "Slave Ship." O BAT MASTERSON (30 min) Lt STEVE ALLEN (30 min.) 34 NOTICIERO Escandon 12:00 O MOVIE-Drama (1943) "Minesweeper," Richard Arlen, 12:30 CD MOVIE-Drama (1939) "The Man From Dakota." 12:45 O MOVIE-Western (1939) "Bad Lands," Noah Beery Jr. 1:00 O NEWS 1:15 O MOVIE-Drama (1937) "Sophie Lang Goes West." 2:15 O NEWS Willis, Brundifit 2:30 CD MOVIES-AII Nieht "The Earl of Chicago."

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