The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on April 30, 1963 · 59
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 59

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1963
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I v. , Bronston 'Empire' Really Not Gibbon's Maim Tells of Roman Epic; Mirisclies Bag Directors j BY PHILIP K. SCIIEUER Jack Smith, among others, can rest easier. The word from Anthony Mann, in Madrid, is that "The Fall of the . Roman Empire" is positively not a movie version of Gibbon's "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire." Just a coincidence. Fuller explanation by the director: "Although Gibbon starts his brilliant work' in the second century of the t - " ... - j. Christian era, as we do, "f Sophia Lorca "I can tell vou right now NOT be. It will not be like any other Roman epic anyone has ever seen, i ' VWhen Samuel Bronston decided more than two years ago to make 'Roman Empire' we agreed we would avoid all the cliches and try to tell a realistic story of the people of that day. There would not be the usual dancing girls; no scenes with rose petals falling from the ceiling or any half-clad beauties squeezing bunches of grapes into mouths of corpulent actors with garlands in their hair. Some people said we would be losing a lot of box-office appeal, but I think" we have a very good answer to that. With Sophia Loren in a starring role (as Lucilla, daughter of Marcus Aurelius), no picture is going to lack for beauty and sex.? . - ' Sophia's co-stars are Stephen Boyd, Alec Guinness, James Mason and Christopher Plummerv , , ' v' Mann said he has also discarded the usual scenes of Christians being thrown to the lions. "They've been shown in numerous other films and besides, how many different ways can you wrestle with a lion? ;"Nor does our picture involve the Christ story, since it focuses on Rome after the Crucifixion. However, it does show that the Romans .became Christians not through force and torture but because they were conditioned to it through understanding. It shows how they shared with the' Greeks, as personified by the philosopher Timonides, this new understanding of peace and the rights of man." -. l: - Also, Jack Smith, who do you think has been signed as adviser on the production? Dr. Will Durant, author of "The Story of Civilization" that's who, or whom. Qui ne--Another for Mirisch :My sympathies go to studios that may be shopping; for top directors these days the Mirisches have practically all of 'em sewed up. Monday, I reported, It was Norman Jewison, of "40 Pounds of Trouble" and "The Thrill of It All," for two films. Today it is Richard Quine for four. He may make one outside picture first Quine's recent score: "The World of Suzie Wong," The Notorious Landlady," "The Girl who Stole the Eiffel Tower" ("Paris When It Sizzles"). Others who have climbed on the Mirii bandwagon are Billy Wilder (three films, exclusive); George Axelrod, writer-producer (likewise); John Sturges (four); Fred Zinnemann ("Hawaii" and "Angels Walk") and Ronald Neame (two).' These in addition to contracts already existing with John Frankenheimer, Blake Edwards, J. Lee Thompson and. Robert Wise. -The congregation of Marble Collegiate Church in New York was photographed during Sunday services as part of the footage for "The Story of Norman Peale." Dr. Peale was in the pulpit, but won't be seei up close for the very good reason that he is portrayed in the movie by Don Murray. He (Dr. Peale) has been pastor of the 300-year-old edifice for more than 30 years. f r screen v. ; U -taw ,;' SnaaUfbUi um-smoitwuim fist!! rM-nmot PLUS- Suspense Speef ocuor f rom BLAKE EDWARDS GLENN FORD BIT DRBIMGIJT wr aaif vavaoaal a ' . ' A COLUMBIA WIN A TRIP AROUND All Expense Tour on a FREE! fnrrf aiajiks mt . downtow los muii Ml. 4.(272 MOLLVWOOB HAWAII 3Law nonywm pros. H0.SM7S ajutAUE Mill EL RET EM7MKWr.lM WE. M 101 Sl'MANK MAGNOLIA 4403 Roxr 417'. j N. Swat CI.143M HUNTWKTONPMft PARK 6507 Pot. Sta, LU. 7-3441 cahooa max HOLIDAY IOS ANQCLES BALDWIN 0741S.Litnn AX. 3-7 164 SANTA MONICA EL KIR0 144J-M EC. (.3344 S372TeOifiaCnyn. M.S4M9 PASAMNA CROWN IT MUt DOWI tl km til TO. 14 US studio crrr STUDIO laiMVMunlM. n. M3T7 HCffMOSA NERMOSA lZtSHOrmaMAva. en hvk cut of lire... to jut ra.MMi CALL THEATRE OR THE KAN FROM THE DINERS' CLUB S mnu HUS- EXPERIMENT IN TERROR "waVT- U,c',TJ" " ViVID . . .STiMULATmS . . . EXTRASRDINilRY ! " , ',iri. !i )J urf?.iTfnr'-7:n??rrirr I'JuolIJ Ls.4L:ii4iwi bJi J v co-SANDRA CHURCH-EIJI 0KHDA-PATHIN6LE cSSX 12 Continuous Performances at Popular Prices PtarearH:4S P.m. HO 0-011 our picture covers a span of less than la years. It begins during the final days of the rule of Marcus Aurelius and ends with the slaying in AD 192 of his son, Commodus, who succeeded him. "Any number of historians have picked this period as the turning point , in the history of the empire and by concentrating our story on it we can keep the same group of characters within the range of our drama. Audiences therefore will not be forced to follow an ever-changing panorama of people, which has been one of the weaknesses of many so-caiiea epics. what sort of picture it will . . f " n ri row. isi(tm-Afc.iJMWtKfi(ufc,lii)i( LEE REMICK IM TBIMJOIf 1 mm -m oasma,ar a PICTURE THE WORLD FOR TWO FREE Dineri' Club Card Jhftm 6 Drlfim blW COVIN. COVIHA 04N.atnnAvi E0.23M3 SO. ASCAINA EDWARDS OiVI-M mi. nm LA 7UINTC VINEUNO 1V-II ES.S.711S BIITEI ARTISTS moumoo BUftJANht SAN VAL KIVf-M TO. MITT LA HASRA U KASHA BMVHI S7I1SM MZN.MaiM OPi'-tlTT WESTWOOD riewooo tSEOA RESEDA OSIVK-M Dl. 1 s WCLEWOOO tERTURT MIVI-M . UK4 U.TH41 EAST LOS ANGEUS GOLDEN GATE w.tos ixaiLiis nwuiouftr S17SkllMrSM. AN M1U OLTMPIO BSIVA-IN ft. 7417 ROSECRANS DSKS.IN Mt. 44111 to i Mim DRIVE-IN FOR SHOW TIMES CXOVW.EX, TJmw ft ' fails. p r ? FRANCINE YORK plays romantic feminine lead in "A Whisper in God's Ear," stage comedy at the Circle. Unusual Short Subject Screens "T h e Cadillac," which won an Academy Award nomination for short sub jects, is being shown at the Beverly Theater along with the feature, "The Balcony." The Ladiiiac" 13 an ex perimental film drama using the technique of still photo graphs to tell a story. It was written, directed and pro duced by Robert Clouse, staff photographer at Television City for the CBS Televi sion Network. TURN TO P. 7 PART 4 t FOR ADDITIONAL THEATER ADS 1 1 r 1 A V '. ' 'A " i Jim Ctmt't iraUc vliw if till wirW! fg II CKSOl ST&TiAI fUrV . STAMKN IHO'OTEE JOSEPH STRICX MAmuAitwrnfMimAtAstsmtMssnA , A mi wmm u. mus. 2nd HIT-WARRENS only" IT HAPPENED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT" ! WARRENS I WISt COAST DOWNTOWN 1 PREMIERE MA. 4 6271 I IIAIU til AVI s! Mvtsir MHiSi . t Out AlHUIli .it WHl St ABiUTTtl BEVERLY CN.5-S4M Sm Dtrcctorwt far mmk HO. MM SHERMAN STATE ART 1 urn uu I Hat IHMW ST. 4 MM W7 w. mm U.1-M1I ALL SEATS NOW ON SALE AT BOX-OFFICE OR BY MAIL! JJETRO-GOLDwTN MATEX ? 11 TECHNICOLOR TQNI6HT 8:30 P.M. EVENINGS AT :30 psn. (Excspt Sat. 8:45 Sun. 1:00 p.m.) MAT. 2:00 p.m. WED SUN. A HOU SAT. MATS. 1:30 A 5:00 p.m. ' Boxofflci now open lOf.m. to 9 p.m. Sun. 12 Noon Reserved Seat Performance! Rittrvid Seat Tickets at Box Office or Mall Order or So. Calif. Music Co., 637 So. Hill, and til Mutual Agencies (phone MA. 7-1248 for your nearest location.) nsm MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY mscaitficTiiJf riUKOJN HUH MKAVIUOM ; TtCHNICOUM 1712 H0UTWC01 IIVS. ItOArv SK T.tWH t n On, or Mttl O-Jtf r So. C.I.I. l-uvc C., S37 Ss. Hid St , snS W Mutual Annuo (phoiw MA. 71J4S) (or yonrimnst hKtlion) arxlalU Amjtl ThoaliM. THE STAGE SCENE 'Parsley Life9 Homely BY MARGARET HARFORD Al Asermely's new play "The Parsley Life" offers a warm close-up of Syrian family life, chiefly endearing for the noisy, homely hub-bub it manages to get onto the stage at the Horse shoe Theater. , The author, born in Los Angeles of Syrian ancestry, writes well when he writes about what he knows best the explosive relationships among family and in-laws transplanted from the Old Country to Los Angeles. When American outsiders come upon the scene the dia logue goes flat as do the characters. Even so, Aser- mely is a young playwright worth egging on. "The Parsley Life" should thrive in its present location, especially with theater parties. ann-riiararet explosive ns;y Elent In one skip-and-jump year, a pale-faced nymph called Ann-Margret has become one of the hottest properties in Hollywood. The Post this week reveals the 4 "mes" of Ann-Margret. Her strange fears and superstitions. And the role of men in her life. Read her story in the May 4th TJ ealiipflat riMitlnio Bnvl America's most quoted magazine V : ; IS mmmjiALL over town - 3 ACADEPY BEST ACTOR BEST SCREENPLAY BEST ART iv X' XT'A MAGICAL -LOOK m tim EADMA'4 -FH1LUP ALFDHD-JOHM rVEGIMTH WHITE-BROCK PETERS PAUL FIX FMKX CVERTCli BOSEMAHT KUHPHY COLl'N WILCOX : JAMES AHDERSGIf :. SaMriylfKCRTOfl FD0TE Sued 190 Hirpw Lee'i imittUt Mclunftir". Mime ly mmM V'tt-M n RODIRT M'JLUGAN At ItwSC T'' 0 iT COAST TK'ATArt t wvHrmS HOU.YWOOD luVEKI T HILLSl SANTA COLVSII CinT . IT. ...t. tumm ' fOX monica STUD!!! WSAMGEUS CHiwesc W1LSH.HE CRITERION W 4-6271 HOMlll Oli086i EXH282 tX.-sisO 4 wear la. wrrrtHitTER mautwoM koomoo wu notMi PICWOCD LOYOLA ACAOHY FOX "jE 6R 7-4649 SPW418 PL1-S151 n4 TOZriBS . WHfrWflLO HUNT. MUK PAlADf MA HLNOUVWOM " m&ix umm academy ei postal JASjua H t-mi U7-5UL MU MXt W 72383 tftoM INCmO aUMANK UNDAL( rfl... KlTltBre ' rMr-i r!'fll airy FtTTIuatrt ZltB ftATlihLS xiw -ftS" ch'ISs CliickM.vIiBir.ct.rlu sasaasp-aswayJ m iiiissptwtifjsassiai To kill a Mockingbird mTI PT2 Uulst Li WWaitl The best battle movie made in -Italy since 'Open' City' and and skill! Jff -rw Mtgazinw U uLtJ. Ii L-i atiu Lj iiU CJ w is likely to be the most talked about Italian production since 'la Dolce Vita'! ff United Press International directed by Nanni Loy, does for Naples what Rosseiini's 'Open City' did for Rome... one of the best films of Myiti. -London rimes Some funny scenes build up around nothing more sub stantial than the efforts of a matcnmaiung married sis ter to get an American wife for her brother so be "can stay in this country and be come a citizen." , ' Old Syrian Quotation Life in America to these immigrant Syrians fulfills an ancient Arabic descrip tion of parsley: "A 'luxury even a beggar can afford." Amusing inconsistencies keep crowding into the colorful speech of these people and there's not much doubt that thi3 is the novel ty of Asermely's comedy. The plot may be older than Syria itself and eventually outdistances the native charm. Shelley Morrison and Al- K COLOR PAWWW EXCLUSIVE IN6ASCMENTssi CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES DOORS OPEN 11:30 KOH. thm M. DOORS OPEN 10 30 A.M. SAT. SUN. Jt A AiCjlllffiffitirfswasM jj ! 1 ! J EVERYONE IN LA. CAN ENJOY ITS PERFECT ENTERTAINMENT W W w 0-0 .0 AWARDS ! nntattnr npiii II f 10 Profee1 iy KM PAKULA A PtkuMtl Eritwd Proiktieai Pkhirt 1MOLIWOOO CENTURY Mivt-m OR 4-9917 UHABM 1AKA8RA DKIVflH 871-1862 VAN HUH VAN KUYS ant-Hi ST 6-7510 i im J ..... , . - , sfatM tfaaaMfasssW 0 .1 Stsrts FRIDAY I ifo Ai-s, ! IAS WE Comedy len Joseph, the bickering Syrian couple, are the come dy mainstays superbly professional and very fun-i hy in exactly the right way. Miss Morrison cajoles and rages without ever suggest ing she might be a shrew just a volatile woman with a big investment in ro mance. Her spouse broods grumpily but he's capable of giving her an affectionate smack between noisy battles with her brother whom he does not like. Other roles, barring the brother who is a genuine character as moodily played by Mike Pataki, are thinly written and weak casting does not improve them. Laura Mason is a caricature as a belly dancer with BEST PICTURE v,i::::er gf Kr.EEf.iY jCskjnkK PiMuns arsMsw I SAia ieisiifomiftui roauciMiM IUVVMiAYlIt itcHtmc TClGjiTatg:COL STAN LEY-WAR M R .VKRLY MILLS 7.,.. 1114 IStUnit Cwe.tlmi.M "7M RMerySitTlekettatMOWfill Oner f u. caiif. tnt c., t37 so. Hill, M an awtiuM AftfKia (sn MA.7-124 for year msront tocstlefl.) j sothat DIRECTION S IP I 1 kill a PARAMOUNT ISSECRAKS ruturiataii rAcincomvEHNS The Greatest Comedians at Their Ail-Time Best!! CffASLC CHAPL1II I TOEATSlt' rOOTH'U. BMVE4N E0W)26I UNSANIC SAX VAL nmm THM177 san ptooa SAN PEC&3 aitt-m TE 1-3370 . - - 'Palsan'... stunning force mm BETW-SOlDWffl. YE PRESENTS "1 pnn3 sja L-jj in .r,i aa. Dlrecttd by Kannl Ley Produced by Ooffredo loinbtnjt lTil.nt,U4!nnini LSHSRE naar ib;ea f; l-l?11 1 tea, im I hurt. Cent, fraa, 1 t.m. rsstsm: 1 :00. ): ) S, S: B. 7.K, 10:95 naar Fri. ssS itl. Cant Irom 12:30 s.q. Fsatstsc 12:30. 2: JO. 4:35, .Ji, . u ana itia snma r a t h e r primitive notions about a movie career andor marriage. Vicki Risk plays a plump matron whose boyish movie agent husband (Joel Foster) looks like her son. Carol Byron is enormously pretty but so bland a performer she registers zero and the same goes ;for Virgil Frye , as another American. John. LeVan, who produced and directed "The Parsley Life," aims for easy laughs the way that Syrian femme fatale aims for the couch. Most of the time he gets them. As a play engineer, Aser-mely does not yet have the know-how to match his sharp ear for colloquial speech. "The Parsley Life" loses much of its zip in awk- N AT I O N AL GENERAL CORPORATION CALL THEATRE or CR. f""--"--:WI Vgl MMrT BAOHAIl-PHIUJr MIDRa-RUTH WHITE T1 FRANK QVEBTOH-A ftMHMlfS. ImtmK I 1 a- i -a -a i . t 1 sl rill I il l ! Cefltlnuout-DallrfremS:4Sp,mysat.iSuiijfrem2.m. X mmm. 9 EXCLUSIVE eNGASEMBNT mmimoC aoa3 We dare you to see imwaswm and not talk abou HLM! L; r JJJtr HAPpy INNIWF rsaby" 'i"a'aiiiiMaa)i ..uinirinryy lwipn rOllll r -- m ail mrn-M I . - 'unwUCaniti E V k fil- 1,01. MJM. Park Fraa fe IPS AN6EII8 wfaliaialJ ' CARTKAY . 7E LONGEST DAY-, CIBn F Tonight 8:30 P.M. Misssn vicsnts. wt 3-6U7 Boxofflce Open 10 to 9 rftEL REY Danny Kay, MAN FROM al? winnirs vintit s bLuo; e. rora we i-iioi e:4j Experiment In Terror , FAIRFAX 7907 Bw. Bl. J. lemmon-L. Remick, DAYS OF WINE ft ROSES) A Girl Named Tamiko H GKLAND Lemmon-L. Remick in 1 5804 MTFlJ. 7S DAYS OF WINE & ROSES; CL S-9S48 8:4J Two For The Seesaw LIDO 8507 W. Pies 1:41 Orson Welles In THE TRIAL dl, S-83S6 rsm MESA Spectacle! KING OF , ou7 ursninsw oos mnlss; samson & I AX 1-6959 :4S Miracles Of World I I westchesteTTT I LOYOLA 6 48 Hitchcoek'a Thrlllerl IOSepuld Tlir DIDnC i SPi-1410 Park I"L UlltUj 40 Poundt Of Troub la KfJlTIIUJ.tttTSja WILSHIRE Tonlgrw! MAJOR STUDIO i o44u wiithire rntyitw, uir. :30 PM! us. t-whi ai4l Plus Greaorv Peck In TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD lUffi DAVID & LISA OL'33Q. Open Dally 2 P.M. I VILLAGE Rosalind Russell In GYPSY I Gft 3-3042 IMS waatwsod i BRUIN Alfred Hitchcock's THE BIROS Edgar Allan Poe's RAVEN WSStWMt IMS 0R7-!4t7 I CULVER B. Hope-L. Ball In CRITIC'S CHOICE; A Girl Named Tamiko :4J bmoKS VE 8-3124 1 ILENDAU Tl ALEX Hitchcock's Thriller! conunusui 12 CH.2J THE BIROS 40 Pounde Of Trouble i GLENDALE J. Lemmon-L. Remick, Days of Wlnt & Roses Mitchum, 2 For Seesaw OB. f :4S CH 1-281 1 t j SANTA 8iajCAiTJ'CE f CRITERION fttehwrt mm. Con..,2:l5 THE BIRDS EX .22 40 Pounds Of Trouble 'WILSHIRE Rosalind Russell In i Os. a:4 Put GYPSY EX J-6S95 FOX-Venici. Lemmon-L. Remick In 6 "t-Pirk DAYS OF WINE & ROSESi ex 6-4215 i wo tor ine seesaw INILEW00O ACADEMY Hitchcock's Thrillerl THE BIRDS 40 Pound Of Troubla 1 Park-Xt , PL t-BISt FOX Rosalind Russell In GYPSY os. iz:is , OR 8-232? j 5TH AVE. A. Bancroft-P. Duke, MIRACLE WORKER; Manchurlan Candidate ' sin-Msnon. PL 9-9966 6:43 I ft M Wf ' xifl 3 aaWfWmiftB 't 1 KSSATWI.IirtSISA k .-.ti . i i . . r - . Fax-Redondo . """" I OP. 6:45 IHtK KU FR4-U499 ' . Dee-Darin, if a Man Answers KERMOSA Danny Kaye, MAN FROM DINER'S CLUB; G. Ford, ' Experiment In Terror ostn 6 45 , FR 2-6245 LAMAR B. Hope-L. Ball In CRITIC'S CHOICE; Girl Named Tamiko Mantiauan FR 2-8500 t'M MUNmSTON PA6X BOl-Ci-sPTON 1 California H!!!l, LU7.3MI IrltDiHUd Dee-Pann, IT I wan Answers 'PARK . Danny Kaye, MAN FROM DINER'S CLUB; G. Ford, . 6504 PSOITIS LU 7-3442 1 2 WO Experiment In Terror I II PA7AR 2 Spectacles! KING Atl. SI uaio, sue X' .:,.:.T IfOlVER LU 5-3306 S 7 Miracles Of World B. Hope- L Ball In CRITIC'S CHOICE; Duel of the Titans Compton ran NE 6-131 SIS RIVERSIDE RIVERSIDE Rosalind Russell In GYPSY Cont. 2 OY J-72IJ GOLDEN STATE 2 Bold t Oaring Films! AFTER MEIN KAMPF: Plus KARATE OV 4-4M6 0. t 1 SAW BERNARDINO ' j California Danny Kaye, MAN FROM DINER'S CLUB; G. Ford. Experiment In Terror I OS. 6:43 I TU -2l)78 "BEST PICTURE OF ALL DARRYL F. ZANUCK'S I aTaiaaaaarAaaa.'Aeaim.'aM Choice seats for today-reserve at box office CARTHAY CIRCLE TUES.,APR.30,1?63-Part.V ward transitions and getting everybody sorted out in the right order for a happy ending. But you'll laugh a lot when Miss Morrison and Allen - Joseph are in there pitching, i ' ";5' ' ' Actress Plays on Stage, Screen Carole Benton, who playi Tom Ewell's y o u n g e i daughter in "Take Heri She's Mine," the stage come dy by Phoebe and Henry1 Ephron starring Tom Ewell and now playing at tho Biltmore Theater, may also) be seen locally in "Bye Bya Birdie." 4-0411 BR. 8-9261 ONIMT-8:30PM : -A'aV rnv mil rinnp i- ruA niuninc (BEVERLY HILLS) At ,. a.ib 4uA asmaAMMti 'tJ&ftt.$iMt$0t,1ltl' l4P - PAUL nX-BSOCK KIERS A i (llJTjl.JiV mnm muab 1 1 J ' M ' 1 ' '1" I KXCIUBIVILT BjrtlAfl Fiiiirii ii mm tt LIS llWt 1 Hollvwaoa" HO 24621 0Ml2Xsta t itl mmmmmkmmmmM nNvin.nriic.iJ ASTOR PRODUCTIONS Pimnts AKTHONT PEMMS in THE TRIAL A Film By CHOI WELLES with JEANNE MOREAU- EISA MARflNELU-ORSON WILES &tm ACADEMY AWARD WINNER Hollywood at Wikw un a.naa -Best Cartoon "THfe HOLE" COLOR Oaan 12 Noon LvaryDay 1 HOLLYWOOD T CHINESE ' Last Day! Judy Op. 1143 Garland In I HO 4-8111 COULD, GO ON SINGIN8 Alfred Hitchcock's tuc Piono HO 3-9371 UiniisS OPEN ALL NIGHT UNTIL 5 A.M. DAILl IRIS Orson Welles In. 25c 6ytm Pk. HO 3-2184 12:19 THE TRIAL VOGUE 6675 Hollywd. HO 2-6621 12:00 MONDO CANE Adults, Please! J SAN FEBHANCO PALLET 1 STUDIO CITY Danni: K' MAN ffi0Jl 0.. ""J-Parti DINER'S CLUB; G. Ford Tl 7-1977 Experiment In Terror , EL PORTAL Al,red Hitchcock's N. H.llywa. THE BIRDS TR 7-2983 I2:l Edgar Allan Poe's Raven Cllll n J. Lemmon-L. Remick, If 5iei Linksrshlai DAYS OF WINE R0SE3 PO 2-2272 S Ai Two For The Seesaw j LA REINA Shsrmsn Oaks ST 4-1 141 ':45 Rosalind Russell In 1 GYPSY tny Alfred Hitchcock's Va.Nny. TUF BIRDS IT 1-2731 12:45 ,nfc S. Loren, 5 Miles io wiomgni rAPRI A. Bancroft-P. Duke In 6248 Van Nuys MIRACLE WORKER; Sinatn 3 T 5-3919 6:45 Manchunan Canoioai. j l KEDLANOS'BANNINB REDLANDS WORLD'S FAIR; Courtship Of Eddie's Father ; Prailav HiPPFNFn AT. Open 6:45 PY 3-4331 BANNING Os. SMS VI 9-3714 2 Horror Thrillers! DIARY OF A MADMAN) The Humanoids I j PUKMittPUiOtW j " ACADEMY Hitchcock's Thriller! torn. 12 MU 1-6501 THE BIRDS 40 Pounds Of Troubla . Walt Disney's FANTASIA 6:45 Park 8Y 2-7189 RIAITil J. Lemmon-L. Reml icFil OSE S. Pa.arfan. DAYS OF WINE C ROSE MU 2-1299 sms A Girl Named Tamiko POMONA IAKWE NTARIIaCUKMOIIT FOX Pomona Os. 1:45 NA 2-1353 Rosalind Russell Irl GYPSY MT. BALDY DRIVE-IN Foothill-Whits LY 3-4931 Bob Hope-Luciile 1 Ball, CRITIC'S CHOICE) J. Fonda- A. Franclosa. PERIOD OF ADJUSTMENT GRANADA . Ontario 6:41 YU 4-8632 Disney's MIRACLE OF r4 WHITE STALLIONS; Papas DelicateConditi a VILLAGE Clarsmsnt NA 4-2612 1:45 Shakespeare's MIDSU MER'S NIGHT DREAM) Bolshol Ballet In CINDERELLA Ballet ORANGE COUNTY Coast D,nny Kaye-MAN FR01 ianta Ans DlntK 5 tLUO; b. roisj Kl 3-6317 KM Experiment In Terror , FOX Anaheim KE 5-3602 6:45 Danny Kaye, MAN FROIf DINER'S CLUB; G. Ford, Experiment In Terror FOX Fullsrtsa Alfred Hitchcock's THE BIRDS 40 Pounds Of Trouble LA 8-2181 6-43 I LONQ BEACH I I SEAL BEACH i. j, rRF?T " Danny Kaye, MAN FROS 72?5LZtl.ntf DINER'S 6lUB; G. Fordj Os. s Part Experiment In Terror dci unMT J. Lemmon-L Remick li Own 6 01) DAYS OF WINE & ROSES H t ; i-ieoi ' Sophia Loren, MADAME IMPFRIAI " D. Hart-H. O'Brien, COM 'no.. I? FLY WITH ME; Mltchun "t '."on MacUlne, 2 For Sees STv Curtain At S P.M. ..IB.aPh Tim Ftvsjll le 0-113 "SHADOWS" t f" 1 SAN PEDRO r STRAND MAgN FRord! ban Podrs D!Kui i CLUB) G. Fordj TE 2-26SI II Experiment In Terror CI BAKERSFIELO t 1 j SANTA PAULA J FOX Alfred Hitchcock's THE BIRDS Mystery Submarlnt Bakirafiaia PA 3-7511 1:45 CALIFORNIA Bakarilitle! 7 MIRACLES OF WORLD) FA 5-3021 12:80 Prisoner Of Iron Mask FOX 2 Horror Hits! - DIARY OF MADMAN) Amazons Of Rome Santa Paols M 5-4119 6:41 -Natlinal Beard f BlYilW I -xr THE DAY 1 7 Nightly 1:30 Sun. it I P.M. Mats. Wed., Sat M 4 Sun. at 2 P.M 316W.5ifi Vicente, L.A.43 YVE3 9147 ( , t , . . ri. - - ,

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