The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on August 8, 1963 · 63
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 63

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1963
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Rita Haywortli Will Return in 'Circus' MGM Stages at Capacity r With Seven New Features BY PHILIP K. SCHEUER Rita Hayworth Is joining the circus that is, "Circus, Samuel Bronston's forthcoming epic in Spain. It will mark her first camera appearance 6ince "They Came to Cordura" and "The Happy Thieves." Other stars signed are John Wayne, Claudia Cardinale and Rod Taylor. wr a . ft J : a xienry iiainaway, succeeamg rrans uapra, wiu uirecu In London, "We Joined the Navy," made last year, will be followed, natch, by "We Joined the Army." Joan O'Brien has been signed to repeat in this comedy follow-up for Associated British. Her companions in the navy were Lloyd Nolan and Kenneth More . . . With "She" i.tni'nMj;HM irMMn taIamm ta! t; ,-;n rnm in BIJU LJtJUUlllg 111 iUCAitu, lAJlvin ASbl 1UU nxu. wuic a Burbank and Warners for "The Long Flight," epic west ern to be directed Dy jonn t ora . . . caroi unarming wiu return to Broadway next winter in David Merrick's Dolly, a Damned Exasperating Woman." This is a mu-sicalized version of "The Matchmaker" by Michael Stewart and Jerry Herman, Gower Champion, who gave Miss Channing her first break 15 years ago in "Lend an Ear," will stage it . . . Margaret Leighton will follow "The Best Man" (film) with a stage comedy by Enid Bagnold, The Chinese Prime Minister," in Manhattan. The role is that of an aging actress . . . Peripatetic Shelley Winters has escaped from "Cages" off-Broadway and is Italy-bound for the movie, "A Time of Indifference." Her successor is Mercedes McCambridge. . . - v, -.. - At MGM: The Lot Is Jumping : I had to see it to believe it. At MGM, this midweek, so many theater features and TV subjects were shooting that one "Viva Las Vegas" had overflowed into a vet-; erans' hall in Culver City. On various sound stages I encountered: Paul Newman and Elke Sommer doing a wrap-up process shot for Marie Robson in "The Prize." Jack Arnold was directing Bob Hope and 250 extras in a replica of the United Nations assembly for. "A Global Affair." A Chinese codger with a wispy beard, shaved head, rimless glasses and a cackling sing-song turned out to be Tony Randall in one of his eight (formerly seven) roles in "Seven Faces of Dr. Lao." George Pal was directing him. The interior set reproduced a section of the Arizona desert. - - A mile away, on Lot 3, George Marshall was shepherding his "Company of Cowards" 100 Union Civil War irregulars on the banks of a re-created Mississippi, complete with paddle-wheelers. Glimpsed; Glenn Ford, Stella Stevens, Melvyn Douglas, Joan Blondell and Andrew Prine. And on a western street, Burt Kennedy had lust called lunch to his "Mail Order . Bride" cast Buddy Ebsen, Keir Dullea, Lois Nettleton and crew. . s . . ,, ,- - J-'-'-.j- - -i: . ' -i ' In rehearsal was a musical number for "The Unsink-able Molly Brown." The remainder of etudio space was being occupied by nine TV companies. .. r-- Verily, a sight for sore eyes. . V . Author Flexes 'Muscle Beach' Ira Wallach's satirical novel oh Southern California, "Mnsrlp Reach " is hinc? converted into a screennlav bv Wallach for producer Martin Ransohoff. It will be photographed along the coast and released by MGM. Wallach, collaborated on Ransohoffs "Wheeler Dealers.". , Actor Robert Wagner has taken film rights to the old James Cain romantic novel, f Past All Dishonor" . Ac- r tor John Gavin will serve A. Ronald Lubin asproduction r associate (as well as actor) on "Simoit Bolivar" in Latin America and Hollywood . . j Henry Silva, late of "John- ny Cool," is replacing Bobby Darin in ."The Dubious Patriots. Darin's doctor wise man has ordered him io uiKe a rest . . , uiucer ocuniiuser pi war o wnere Are "You? " otherwise Al Lewis will play a candy-etore owner in Peter Sellers' "The World of Henry Orient . . ; Claude Dauphin is on "The Train" In Paris with Burt Lancaster, Paul Scofield and Jeanne Moreau. Walt Disney has begun filming here of "For the Love Trtiinnnv ii t-,, r..i : i t i j vi vv liiaucaii, jDyivu jrnui uucuung a svi jjl uy Allium and Lois Peyser. It's a rural comedy with five youngsters Michael McGreevey; Billy Mumy, Roger Mobley, Terry. Burnham and Ed Wynn. .Wynn is. fresh out of . "Mary Poppins." i , , . . ; - . . ,. Cinerama is reported launching a picture in Hungary this month a romantic comedy, "Milly Goes to Buda- -pest (and Who Is Milly?).? That's all part of the title. Dimitri De Grunwald will produce and Britain's James Hill will direct this adaptation of a novel, "Nepomuk of the River," by Roger Pilkington. Lionel Bart of "Oliver!" fame will score Joe Levine's "Zulu." . : Amm mM 1st Prizewinner "BbtFiim" 1963 Cannes --. Intexxktional Film Festival lMWCllWliBS7a A CMMMCOH nCTUW-ATITAHUI PffODUCTIOM' tCLtKO tYMA CtNTUTCFOX ffflflD OvRrl liwf SI TUESDAY EYE., AUGUST i:th Regular Engagement Starts Wed. Aug. 14th v:' ' : ;: . ULLUAL 3 Shows Daily . 1:30, 5:00 & 8:30 P.M.; 6712 HOLLYWOOD BLVD. NO 74117 1 11 1 1 1 1 111 I ' (I ' i - CHARLTON HESTON cottars with David Niven and Ava Gardner in movie, "55 Days to Peking," showing now in a multiple run. 'Rashomon Will ; Open Kurosawa : Film Festival "Rashomon" and "Hidden Fortress" will open the Kur osawa film Festival at the Toho La Brea Theater on Friday. Rashomon," directed by Akira Kurosawa in 1950, won Grand Prize at the Venice Film Festival and the Academy Award for best foreign film. The picture deals with a triangle situation: a . brigand (Toshiro Mifune), a travel ing bamural, and his wile (Machiko Kyo). "Hidden Fortress, ho nored with the Silver Lion Award in Berlin in 1959, marks Kurosawa's first wide-screen movie. .It de picts a defeated warlord breaking through enemy lines to seek the attention of a beautiful princess and to secure a gold cache. Toshiro Mifune stars. Play by Morris Scheduled Here Richard Morris, author of The Unsinkable Molly Brown," has . chosen San Francisco as the locale of his new musical, "Golden Gate." The show is based on the nine years between the 1906 earthquake and the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition. It premieres in Los An geles and San Francisco prior to its Broadway opening in 1964. QDD2 ?:-Mr7T v i . Na. v fiegfb' -mum "tW' Th wondrful story of m boy and his dolphin pal... thalr amnlnfi frlandshlp, thalr fabulous undarwalar advanturaa and tha thrills lhay sharad togatharll CHUCK CONNORS UIRE Hf DON BO iurramk ' Gt SIRADII MACN01IA r 1 Kncu. nWITTWTT I rM.M'tiD. 1 "Hr i 1 1 JK WHOJITaiB rS;, w?ld bruin Mofin... .n .-W0SDTST15SE rl3H HO. 7-081 1 CD. 7 2417 Moif Th.,"' Jk-X ""' SOOtHJidt .MLDEN MUMMfsTER f gJtoSHo SIMI GUMORE VERMONT at. 9-111 k CATE Pl.3-1431 am -iZZ omvl-iH Daivi-IH ttuitm MatlOOOD fB'MNI MOIlNOJO COMMON a!fS2a "j" Jt , AVE ACADEMY CALIFORNIA W SAN Ml RESEPA 01,4-OlM - iU9W HU. 16K IU.7S111 H- 6 1315 TH. Dl. 3-5550 mCI - . aUCADIA INfjUSIPtV COMPTOff iaaot FOX Cat IVittre tr Drnre-la I EDWARDS VIHELAND COMPTON I X MERALTA I MONTE WUDI A l TCwal l-Z2l oi. 0 6922 0. 6 3 M "immmmmmmmmmmm f. 8 0300 TH. i M 2. V, TONIQHl - J:30TUllUM amnukiU "FORCEFUL... AREMARKABLE-1 ..packed to the hilt .with tension!" MHMHHBMIa:.Bna afAl.Z A MMHSCH-CL AUM MUMU THRU t cooled ar napaiaBRATiON a i; V k (4. TWJ Jfi M. mtp flrtoa . Ct. S ATTRACTIVE PROGRAM Barati, Goodman Star For his debut as guest con ductor of the Los Anreles Philharmonic . Orchestra ; in Hollywood Bowl Tuesday night, George Barati, among other things, music director of the Honolulu Symphony, offered an attractive mixture of non-standard . music by standard composers. His so loist was Benny" Goodman, also a standard name betterj known in other than the classical field of the clarinet. The program contained such refreshing items as Tschaikowsky's Symphony No. 2 in C Minor, three sel dom excerpted sections from Berlioz' dramatic symphony, Romeo and Juliet" and, to begin with, Copland's "Out door Overture." Mr. Good man was heard in the C Minor Clarinet Concertino by Weber and in the Clarinet Rhapsody by Debussy. Personal Style Mr. Barati has a conduct-! ing style all his own. He nev er drives the orchestra. He never interjects himself into the music. The music conse quently flowa easily and speaks for itself, relaxedly, eloquently. - It generates its own excite ment and drive when its pace quickens and its texture thickens. But even then it remains transparent, for Mr. Barati knows the art of bal anting the instrumental choirs and the trick of nuanc ing their dynamics. The form of a composition also benefits from his type of approach: nothing sounds Hurry! Last 5 Pays! 2 SHOWS TODAY" Mat at 2:00 .m. Ev. at :30 pjn. mill-CIUMYII-IMrU punts ' MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY N ADCQU flCIDKE mats in uitu riuitvitioN ; ucHNicot.ii 1712 itunrooi itv. Mwm am rcMi at an onm w im Orw r l. btf. Uxie U U7 1. H a. and M) Mutual Af anon (anaaa M. M4 tar yaw aaataat lacatiafi) ana a at Uanaa' Arttals Thaalraa. YOU'LL HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE 'IT! iiiKE HALPiN- "FUPPER" ARTHUR WEISS m JAMES B.CLARK VAN TORS bekd Tin newest Ttrzw spectacular filmed ki COLOR en location in exotic Thailand! MADMAN mm WMITTIF OK. 3 324Z LA HERALD-EXAMINE fariPaf MHKk)CTI0I , a)ii.ow1 UMTM ATTTS Fox-Offica Ooan Daily 0:15 Mon. thru Frl. Sal. Sun. 1pm : IW a x.uivtt.v 444 2nd WEEK! arbitrary; details fall natural-!er ly into place. - Tschaikowsky s L 1 1 1 1 e Russian" Symphony was theiment and expressiveness. best case in point It was spaciously laid out, flavored by its own brand of idiom, in this instance a blend of Russian national colors and balletic internationalism, alias straightforward simpli city and sophistication. Captivating Debussy The first movement had incisiveness and urgency The march movement was basic, deliberate, but touched with lyricism, the Scherzo bouncy, the trio airy and delicate. The finale resounded with sustained affirmation in all but the dance-like episodes. ". It was hardly Mr. Barati's fault that Copland's "Outdoor Overture generated min imal musical interest. It is a rather tepid piece of Americana that has worn thin with age. The Berlioz, on the oth- 3rd WEEK AT POPULAR PRICES!. 42 STARS in . DARRYL f.ZANUCKS Jllj; vAY.:'l 1 rT" th C ' BoiithtBookbyCOIWSUUSKYANM I - "" LIf Muni by Qth CtnturyTox frf Y , 'a"II' m"a l'cjtt parrraaj 2 aid Ijj 1 J V iami mjuu.1 Mnmiini rajniura) s ir ' ' 'iitS aHuiwooa hunt. mm rUUCEI i r MSTS ACADEMY MM SNURSEH riCWOOO WMDIS CARMAR Altt ELNIITAl Sir Si" A , H7-2M trHXt FAH21 - CH 5-1525 H7-29M tll4131 ( 104-1137 1 aisrcanM aanM aoouT "SSi' aiooaoa 'ITTTHS Bawf-ai A CAPRI CORREU. UIDM S? . fj W2-3S7I W 2 5251 TONMTI T2-3W0 t tLMKi 1. A nmenr.iAmKKt THE k " H X aT'VafA J??" AYOIUE It RET h ." qm f M 24404 y . EWIWICDI ; ' -1 ri M ' WONDERFUL " " '. THRILLS' rMMf'' - ROMANCE! 7 Maf TbswyJ rod riATWMi i. mvr . i wtsb i 11 i i 1 "T-T! .iiv STATE MwnsHinr iaktl. a. cmcwli 'twh . T 72221 CREST lOUUVARt R0XY COMIK gtsn iiitm '" ctw rMsy CALL THtATDE "mmIEd" " i f!X2XH MM 1 K ira C010IAM ARDEN IAMAR re a owt H SHOW TIMES oii j znT ' wo MS5 M.2-S500 tOHtl g in TODD-AO Color by De Luxa ' ALL SEATS RESERVED RKO PANTAGES I tickets Hollywood md vine HO 9-2211 by mail Sitfi .MOU.Y BAMAKA x m;rajjSHJTJOHN BUO.rWII'NOnTOIiAji'hWIIIfflw a- I,,.. IaVfll a? 11 .'j J tr fUl If r ftro . . I a.iMi-m dhrtiajteaTl I f.lllil lilll'l ( A I Fantastic, almost unbelievable!1 Mmjm STEVE McQUEEN -JAMES GMER-BICKARD ATTENBOROUGH AWire nr.LaCienega PL 3-OSM - 7:30 10:30Jt2H- BRIUIANT...OUTSPOKEN COMEDY!" LA.Timesmm C I Wt ' iiu. BILlYWILDER'STnMflTimrftC picTuat IS FOR ADULTS ONLY TKWtWi estrAMow Tsum 6th AM. SMASH You'll rot at tha Jurthw adventum ol "Tha Mouta That Roared" . ..i4tlC Ti" at Bowl hand, is as fresh as a jdaisy and made up what the Copland lacked in excite- The same sort of relation ship applied to Weber's Con-j certino and Debussy's Rhap-j sody, and to Mr. Goodman 6 treatment of the two. Where the Weber was dry, and his playing rather plain and undistinguished, the Debussy was full of captivating charm and the clarinet lined with velvet The composition Is in the composer's lushest, vein, and its cushioned sounds floated into the balmy night like the song of a stranee bird, unobtrusively backed by. Mr. Barati and the coxj operatively luxuriant or chestra. WALTER ARLEN Edie's Home . Edie Adams has returned to Hollywood after engagements in Somerset Maugham's "Rain" in Warren and Columbus, O. - ayaiuble now at ioxoffice, , So. Calif. Music Co., 637 1 Hill St. and all Mutual Agencies. i Oth FUN WEEK! . atiirni un rrifjT aiW ItAta .... mm I LEAR .BUOVORKJN rai(Triiwo..iiiia,aisoiiMf .)a siw bMiijwauiuaia.utt-l" IHtl-MaKa rajwili "Ctusivi insaoimini iL DOORS OPEM DAILY 12:00 NOON POPULAR MATINEE PRICES UNTIL 5:00 MO WHlWOOIP """" H ' UNKERSNIN RORWAU B 0.5952 - 667;i ; rCMmV MnTflrir! aHAVAWtla. 1 TECHNICOLOR PANAVISION rrT. GRAUMAN'S Daara Ooan 1 1 Naan aa. a a1 eae Hoitvwooa ai. HO. m Cntntv.iZ'.f'. i17.M0H v y Playhouse Star Offered Role in Broadway Show Marlo Thomas, star of "Sunday in New York" at the Civic Playhouse, has received ah offer to make her Broadway debut in comedy, "Tattletale" by Joseph Smythe. Alexander Gant who will y NATIONAL GENERAL. CORPORATION Aa CALL THEATRK or CR. YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN EVERY ANYTHINQ Iti TViS Lao WORLD LIKE ISS? OF HIE WOi LA Ixk FEDERICO FELLINTS SsX rttxucaiiiHTrrixa QJ - aibuauvrieantWtM a COOUO !ti U llh HEAR'S M0ST POWERFUL FILMl-U. I f lU "W"liNiaiMaMiaMaMinmBMMaHK kcluimi nlTTnTiITa'aboaw; Until . B4riATUa vv i rv Doris a i80SSHU!i;AtN James AVI Garner, I CT - - - I 1 ICS AH6ELES I EL REY ' P" Newman In 5517 WUlKIra HUD, SDown at 6:3Q I WE 1-1101 e:ll 8:35; t 10:45 P.M. 1 FAIRFAX 7QI.7 R Rl. MONDO CANE : we 9-3118 :9 any wove, muo peiow HIGHLAND Walt Disney'a SAVAGE 5604 N. Fl. 75a SAM, In CIM KIM i CL 5-9MI. , Koni VS. Godzilla ' LlD7 w. pi nPtif JND LISA , 0L 5-839I:I5 (Cooled By Refrit.) MESA 744 W Dlsneyo SAVAGt 1 5807 CramtliW SAM, Clf.J R. HudSOfl, AX I -6859 55 Gatherlni Of Earlet ( LOYOLA D. Dav-J. Garner. THRILL . Pt.: OF IT ALL Clr.: Freneil. SP e.1410 0:45 Follow The Boys n noi.TwitCaT3A turn on WILSHIRE 1440 Wil.hira OLi-oauiM Steve McQueen-James Garner In GREAT ESCAPE FINE ARTS WW r-eiMni1. S556 Wllihira : "Q1A" Ot 2-1330 KM ; (Cooled By Refrigeration) VII I AfiP Doris Day-Jamea Waitwoad Carner-Carl Reiner, fill 1-3042 0:45 - THRILL OF IT ALL (Cooled By Refrigeration) BRUIN 2 Family Hits! Wutwoad FLIPPER, Clr.; Tarzail fin 7-2487. 1141 Faces 3 Challenges (Cooled By Refrigeration) ML MONDO CANE VE 1-3124 Sky Above, Mud Below (Cooled By Refrigeration) I 1 ILERDAH I I CH 5-1525 - lZ:30;3:4;;lU:I3rM (Cooled By Refrigeration) 1 GLENDALE 55 Days at Peking at 7 10 P.M.' Rvchj - OR. S Ai 2815 SANTA M9WCATENICE I CRITERION n 13:15 The Longest Day , wilshiritjVi sn?riHE I 0. m& THRILL OF IT ALL) . ex 5-8995 rouow mo aoy i 12:00 Park FLIPPER, Clr.s TarZin ex 6-4215 ' Faces 3 Challenges L-1 "uwoo-n ACWEMY The Longest Day PL 1-5151 7 t 10,15 P.M. (cooled By Refrigeration) FOX D. Day-J. Garner, THE THRILL OF IT ALL) Follow The Boys By Refrigeration) ; Op. 12:11 OR 1-2323 (cooiea 5TH AVE. 2 Family Hits! FLIPPER, Clr.; Tarzail Faces 3 Challenges Sth-Maach. I PL1-99M 17:41 TRglewood tiny' Reynolds, My 6 Loves U waxnu-aami . Fpx:Redond(Th8 Longest Oay I FR 4-0495 ' 7 t, 10:15 P.M. HERMOSA 55DavsatPekinf i Osan 65 FR 2-6245 at 7 4 10 P.M. I AMAR Harvey, WONDERFUL "hat..., II SI WORLD OF BROTHERS FR 8.8500 GRIMM; Cattle King PAIOS VERGES PENINSUU rnw ' Charity Premiere! rUA ' Stars in Personl Ptnimoii Ctr. Doris Day-Jas. Garner In rn-w0w . . TUB1II III- II ail NUNTIN6T0N PARK fMIL COMPTON D 2 Family Hits! FLIPPER, Clr.j Tarzail ' Ct. 12 Smoka LU 7-51 1 1 faces a cnanenges PARK - I RKfld Paalfla The Longest Day 12:30-3:5-7-10:15 P.M. LU 7-3442 II k Alp A 75 0 Ann.Mararat.Van Dvke "tuff GVMaMlLeigh. BYE BYE BIROIE, lu 5-330S 50a Ford. Love Is A Ball I TOWER. . - TilrfaK I comaiop ram ' " , ' ME 6-1315. 12:00 races J vnaiianitaa RIIERSIDE RIVERSIDE .!". I Com. 2 I (INRFST DAT OV 3-7212 7 ' (cooiea y netngeraiion) i GOLDEN Haruav WhNMFRFIIL STlf f WORLD OF BROTHERS ATE l J SAH lERNARDINa f ' CALIFORNIA 2 "ml1" Hih! : 0 l'5U v ." FLIPPEA, Clr,t larian ;u t-27i Faces 3 Challenges ' . (Cooletl By Refrigeration) I 1 BEPUNuSIANBllH REDLANDS Harvey. WONDERFUL. Ob. 2 py i-mt WORLD OF BROTHERS GRIMMi LI' I Abner BANNING '"yj:"! Tb Omo:45 Nutty Professor VI I-37M Wonders of Aladdin , 'Cooled ly Refrigeration) JUS Ztistlti Zimt l THURS, AUG. 8, 1 963-Port IV produce th new piece, pyt in the bid for her services. Miss Thomas, who shares stellar honors with Roit Harper in "Sunday in Nevf York," began her career in summer stock, then starred in "Gigi" and "Under tha Yum-Yum Tree" in Laguna. She has done numerous television roles. 4-0411 a BR. 2-9261 KXXECjSii JSILMJh FOX filHMs MO.8-6621 turn coouo rr wmf wiion MUI WIMU IMI 7?L5-8396M ISwUrr f Daily fiJSav. r aftil t Sun!1 Mr Mimiutr 1Y MHHOCmTlOW iajuh "SSm 111 MAI MATS HI IKK TJUTUf BRUIN, WMtwood fOX, Conajo Village , . ACADEMY. Pesadena 4'J 5th AVE, Infltwoot CALIFORNIA, HuntPk. ' TOWER, Compton F0X,Vnic4 IMPERIAL, Lonf Baaek CALIFORNIA, S. Btf If'. STRAND, S. Pedro - VILLAGE, WestwooO'd F0X,VnNuy$ .. FOX, Inilewood LOYOLA, Wdiartaf I WILSHIRE, S. Monica FOX, Palot Verde - ? FOX, Anaheim ;r CREST. L Beach :2A JutHittirfrlalfntiratf 3 IRIS. Hodvwood , . '"- COLOR CULVEK CITT v!a; VaT I A FAIRFAX! WE. 4 31 II I 1 NOllYWOQP CHINESE lemmon-S. Maclain, M0 4-SI1I BHiiin un VWWWIa (Cooled By Refriieration) -'03 All Ster Cast In -" "THE LONGEST 0A"o3 12:30-5 A.M. HO 3-5371 (Cooled By Refrit.)" OPEN ALL WIGHT UNTIL 5 A.M. UAIIT IRIS Day-Garner, THRILL OF ig 25 8yitm Pit. IT ALL, 12:35; 3:55s H0 3-2IM 12:11 7:13; 1U:35 FM; HSF ti No More (Cooled By Refrigeretlon) r VOGUE Sfi7J Hollnnaa WOMEN OF (Cooled By Refrigeration) 1 I 1 SANPERHARMYAlliT f s ? vf STUDIO Cm H"'N'nt' St. 5X5 Park S5 DAYS AT PEKINSi TR 7-1977 Plus In Color, Tahiti (Cooled By Refrigeration) EL PORTAL I UaIIwuiiI LONGEST DAY' TR 7-2983 12:11 12:30; 3:50; 7:10; 10:lf Cnnlail Rv Blriorjtinnl " !!!!! H. Fonda-M. O'Hara In 5161 Liokwihla. SPENCER'S MOUNTAINvOI po 2-2272 -M Lewis, Nuny professor ,; 111 I A DCI5IA inuoroT niu IT4-II4I fiM ' at 6:40 ft 10 P.M. (Cooled By Refrigeration) . t FOX 0. Day-J. Garner, THE;.;" VM Naye ' THRILL OF IT ALL; ..... IT 5-2731 12)45 Hart, Coma Fly With Ma Itooien ny neTngeraiion) .r OADDI Harvev. WONDERFUL 5258 Van Nuyt WORLD OF BROTHER? tT t-aia-l2:5GRIMM; D. Day. JUMBO , (Cooled By Refrigeration) D CD CONE10 VILLASE THOUSAND OAKS FOX-Conelo 2 Fmi,Y Hi,5! T oJIiiTjo 1 FLIPPER, Clr.; Tarzail 495-7008 Faces 3 Challenges : (Cooled By Refrigeration) - PI PAIA0OIAkpAIABOH I V&d ' . .. .ro?a ACADEMY 2 f"1' iy Hitss r Cant 12:0a FlIPPER, Clr.; TaiM?'- mu 14508 Faces 3 Challengevo A. (Cooled By Refrigeration) , -j STATE ' Hepburn, LONG 0AYS,Ji a Ji-ParX - JOURNEY INTO NIGHTj'Mj 8Y 2-7139 Desire Under Elma R I ALTO l- Wayne, DONOVAN'aV- ".. P.e.iii REEF, Clr.t Robertson MU 2-1259 8:30 PT-109, In Color POMONA LA VEHRE MTARIO'CURFJIOIIT FOX " st,r c,st t. pn?m The Longest Day;-, (Cooled By Refrigeration) MT RAI nY Heston-Gardner-Nivaa 55DaysatPekinff ly 3-4931 ' Tammy The Doctor, - GRANADA H Fonda-M. O'Hara ID Onlaria2235 SPENCER'S MOUNTAIN, 54-224a Hope, Critic's Choice (Cooled By Refrigeration) VILLAGE , Bergman Festivall 7 ei,r."."t4M BRINK OF LIFE ft NA 4-2612 THE MAGICIAN,., jig.- (Cooled By Refrigeration) 0RAN6E COONTY I III WEST COAST, All SUr Cast tr s j-c Santa Ana Tha I nnrJPCt na Kl 3-4317 12:43 IIIW hUMgWU, WHII fCoolid Bv Refrlriratlon) - FOX . Anaheim 0. Day-J. Garner, TH S)2 Ct. t Tammy ft Tha Ooctotv ;i (Cooled By Refrigeration) t 2 IMKILL Uf II ALL! . FOX Fullarta. LA 5-2181 144 (Cooled an star basi in The Longest Daf By Refrigeration) , , a IONS BEACH a SEAL BEACH UfCCT rnitT AM Star Cast In fiST LONGEST DAT- (Cooiea iy Retrigeranon) rorCT D. Dav-J. Girner. THl 4275 At l.ntu . THRILL OF IT ALL; Ct. 12 Park Coma Fly Witt) MO (Cooled By Refrigeration) . ; BELMONT Hattnn.Gardner-Nlven-,, 1 uaen . HE 8.1001 55DaysAtPeklng llinrnill 11 A F llu Ull 6p. 12 ,. FLIPPER, ctr,; larzan, j he 1-3973 Faces 3 Chellanges-1 $ RAY -Ann Margret-Van Dyk Drtl . . ..- njr hup nionii. tt1 BtiM:4l "'in. l?f Q AKIRSFIELI SANTA PAULA , ; WI Olsney'a. Summer magic, ciw? FA 1.7111 I 'AA 1A Var A Ci.a (Cooled Bv Refriteretion) . W uHLirunniA ,,m" D""? '".r ?lkr.2 Mutiny on Bounty (Cooled By Refrigeration) ;'. lante Paul. DONOVAN'S REEF. ClrVN JA 1-4119 :4 Road To Hon( Konf 3 (ijooieo oy rieingaraiion) TZ'4 I 1 IANPE0RS STRAND Ian Pdr ' 4 r.iha uu.i FLIPPER, Clr.t TarMifc,H 'aces 3 Challeng . .. rrnmT IP l rawm J.

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