The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 20, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1818
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. . .. 4 ft HI vffl.ft I.r4a haV T ASlS ft imv.H tU fcUowif good, tor fTuT ; feed Tick! and Checks . , ffiSaCWU Ducks, Drosh.da..fcc. v bu" wi In for bait, rase line Pri"1 Oiuiitie 7 t do - Cambric do . . . . Z Steam loou Cottoo Shirtiogt !Stoi WackfcMorteU Bouibbiettf London Clotha aod Cnstioieret an awort - 'rf.borfGood.opeiied.or Piece Retail .T.plec e"" pe f black Bombaxeena English SJk Ho" k G,ole, a 8,eat " i dowper Worsted and Laibswoolf do. fie u" ' . anr 9il liv - , ;n Vl31 Water meet CtroHaaend Virgii.iA Hoe, patent and rem DrawinirKtlivet luioi IV.a, UbtAV .1rJft Mill, rU X LW S - Wt Hud and Fannel do . (cb Spring r.ud German Steel BaraiKlWtlroo . Brass Kettle assorted ni ' atwet and Bran Wire Lnodoa Pint, - 8,5 a bundles Fryii g Pan. aug 50 rTuUAKb. 20 hhds aud 30 bblt. 1st quiiily LJ Muscovado fcugar, lor saie nv W A. it C. W.DAVENPORT &CO sag SO 5i'rUTa TURPENTINE, 4ic. - s bblt. tpi - riti Turpentine . 55 bbli Rosin, bl for ftoap Boders, for tale : by R. & 0. W. DAY EN PORT & CO. sag SO (ft? XHORNS 6000 ep inisbOx llo:ne, lor laic R. C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. aug 20 f 1HREADS. 4 bales Scotch sewing Threat!, J black and diu, p. i j, jusi rcceitu nu fur ia!e at 67 South - ttreet, by iilK i :K'i'hiSTOUTdU casus HibDertS' XI heat Brown Stout, landing from ihip Min erva Smyth, irom London, ior saie or anrSO - D. BETHUNEk CO D' OMKoTiC iOL)3. 4 cei contaioius Slurtios. Stripe, Plaids Chambrayi, fic br iaie by J AS. IJ'WOLF, Jua. nr 0 50 Soulh etreet. H'RTER BOTTl.tH. 120 cratei and 40 r . - rbpert Porter Bottlei, laodicg Iroin ihip Elian, tma Brittol,for tala by HUN'E & CO. CiAL.CC I I A UUARS. li Pi - ge, landing I at BurliuL - ili;., sndforale tiy JOS. O3B0RN, 50 5S Souta - trpt. f 'U)l!R t TOBACtX Iihi t bit m Kclw f tuond rlour, branded il :jii - tr.n Mill. 30 kegs Manufactured T.b ,;. trar.. - ?. - .l frio, Lailiei Twut, and 8 band, .C'iur, Ivau lJu Trade, and for s!e by WALSH GALLAGHER, anggO 66 South - street. SILK 3, T Wla I , tic 2 can - t luliau Sowing bilks, 50 lbs. cacti, bjack, blue and assorted, W qunlity , 1 cute Silk Twist, principally black and blue, S bales Wathara oliirtiags k Sheetings I cae Nett Braces Bljrtt amt Clianeeable Sincliewt jiuper assorted Crapes ttlaik and colored Hdkft. Sewing Silks, just Rceiverl. and for sale by , teg 20 PETER REMSEX It CO. U VIAIC'A RUM U CUKFEE. 30 puueheoos J of choice flavored hieh proof Jamiica Ham 8 uf Jamaica Coffee, laiulln at pier So. llf vtsle. Apply at No. 43 Wail street. r2i) It a UKS rtKMAM rarely trom rnora, it MM to ilMcoe ol a Inree iistortroent of GOLD wd SILVER WATCliLS, such as nam, Repeiting, Hunting, l.'Kpine, WATCHES Ladies and I Stop J Also - A geneinfasiiortment of Wath makers Tools, and Wntchrs and Clock materials, such siUlarsrs, Hands, Cbains, Dials, Sic. Apply at No. 141 Fulton - street, near Broadway. Sir )4l CABIXET OF A'AIVKAL JUSTOXi'. roa ana T ccTin, BY JAME5 BLEF.CKER, rkN Tuesdav. tbe 20th of Octoier, at Xo. J 5i Greenwich - atrect, at 11 o'clock. the valuable collection of European and Amt - ritkn Mme'iH, bemppartot the catateoribe hte Archibald Bruce, M. II. selected by rum - df, compri.irt: one of i be most extensive (;a - bisirU of Foreign and American specimens to bt found in the United States, particularly de - ervin the attention! of Universities or scientific iiidividuali attached to that branch of natural history. Also, a small Zlorcal collection from Cayenne, in a state of hih preservation, tcicn - tincillv marked and arranged. Abo, a lloriua Siccus, marked and arranged stTeraoiy to tue system ot Luineus Also, a valuable collection of Antique Gold, silver, and Copper (joins and Medals, Also, a collection of drawings and sketches, 'of old masters. Also, the valuable acientific library of the late Dr. Bruce, consulting of vroi kson Minera - key, Botany, Zoology, Medicine, and other objects. Any information respecting the above, may wooiaineu irom reter Jay Munro, Eq cor strof Nassau and Pine - streetss or Doctor Bib - No. 34 Broad - street, New - York. au 20 d&ctOct .0 SABS' Journey to Ruiae ts Maiilea, in the year 18 17. J ait ree'd, and for sale at tbe Miner - circBiaiing Library and Book 4c Stationary Sore, No. SCa Broadway, opposite tbe oiuscum - aug m AJOUK.NEY to Rome aud Naples, performed in 1817, giving an account of the pre - eat state of society in Italy, and coutainius ob - rraUonsou the Fine Art, by Henry fca nc ti xo, just published and lor sale at o. Wall - street, bv C. WILEY fi CO. ' 4LSO Bartou's Flora of Philadelphia, t voU Tce $ J UO, , Jig 50 Xeuigal scejvo: lqttimy jm s 11HE 6rst drawn number on Tuesday next, Will be entitled to tlOOO Tke Lllowing capital prues are jet in the 1 of $100,000 I 1 10,000 ' 1 50,000 1 5,000 1 20,000 j 2,000 .40 f 1.000, tec. Ic. ticket irwl vk.... . .....u. f ale at Uie Book - Store and LolleryAJfiice of .ME3 A. BURTL'S h CU o. la Peck - alip, corner of IVatersL 'Tesent price g30. ' au 20 Q.ilAClE'6, Uii Broadway, liM of prue. 3d T . '" Jieoicai octeuce tottery, mo. a a . 40Bl, (jiOoO .5008 & 815. floating each 1000 'iritdrawanutyher. ficfcV o Tuesday neat at half pat 4 Tl number ararwa enuuea to j iuuu. ae k)lk)wiK floatjna? Drttes vet in the wheel. i,lvWJl7.thre "f toe sutionarv Drixs drawn, of a! iGkl ,f!f?,'h 0Moi wokM rcioJ uaaolJ PorbeUp'W ,cl,ios kt y30' od Share. in pro - 5, , H 1 mem ai tkt - iL,a, i4o Broad TURKEY tbrousU Albania, aad otber - Tii Droviuces oi l nraer. M riuroua ann miM to Coa4anbnopl in the yean 1t)09 and 18l0,by t. C. liootioute, 2 1 oU. B ro. with a 410 vol. o( Fates. - T'ravets of All BeT, in Morocco, Tripoli. Cy prus, Egypt, Arabia, 6j ria, and Turkey, between the vear 1803 and 1807. 3 vols. 8 vo. with armap of tlte aortbern port of Africa, had eibt : other engravings, price $5 50 cents. 1 tie relitout woru aispiayea. or a view oi we i lour grand systems of religion, JudaUm, P.gan - iin, Cbrittianity, aod idahutnoiedism, by tlic Rev. Robert Adum, U. A. Oif. rd.3 vols. 0 vo. price 7 50 cents. For sale at the Bonk Stare of uj 20 104 Broadway. fflllO.MAS A. RON ALUS, btatiooer, 108 JL Pearl - street, sells, wholesale aud retail, the tilloa'ing articles,, viz : DRAWING PAPEKS, English and American site as follows : Antiquarian S 1 - 3 by 4 1 - 2 feet a sheet Double Elephant 27 by 40 inches Eagle Atlas ' Coluuabier Elrphaut ' Imperial Super Royal Royal ' Medium Delay Foolxcap 24 39 SO SI S3 34 SJ 27 21 9 19 57 19 21 18 S3 15 19 13 16 Medium Englirh hot prett drawing Crayon paper for portraits Parson's Bristol miniature boards Cartridge paper for architects Iiice or uith paper ' Orders for drawing papers will state the eaact size wanted. PENCILS, all kinds Brooknoon k Landun'a fine prepared Lead Pencels lor Artists, warranted, viz. Logineering, very hard, stamped H II Architectuie, not quite so bard II Fine Drawing, oiidillicg degree K Black Shade, Cor shading B Extra Shading, ver' tdack B It Lstra Drnwiug, hard and black U B Middleton's black lead Pencils Common lead Pencils Red and blaik chalk Pencils Blnrk aud colored Crayons ' Solid black Leads or Crayons Slate rnc.ils, 5 and 6 inches long Camel hair i'eiiCin, for oil colors . - Do. for water colors CasneV hair round and flat tools Do. brushes for varnishing t Swan's quill hair Pencils Sable hair Pencils, for Artists Fitcil Pencils Miniature Pencils Silver, plated, and steel pencil cases SUel and brass P"M Cravons WATER COLORS & DRAWING ARTICLES. Reeve's Water Colors, warranted genuine, iu nent isahesany boxes of G, M &i '24 cakes, With urawer ana iiiipiements. Also, in single cites. Ultra marine, Prussian blue, Liitrc, carmine, lukc, M go, orange, sepia, kiort's yellow, burnt sii in, gamboge, vermilion, vtrditier, lig'.t red, ,'t uiuber, 'apureen, yellow ochre, neutral tint, vell iw, lamp black, flake white, yel low lake, lif.'ht blue, iuiiiim red, vandyk brown, purple, red lead, nntwerp blue, raw sienna, ro - man ochre, red chalk, prussiao greeo, indian yellow, gallstone. Newman's water colors, for artists Scott's toy colors, in tm tll boaes Boxes colors, for painting on vlret Pink and blue saucers India ink, of suierior quality India rubber, in cakes aud bottle India ink, marble arid earthen slab Ivory pallets, miniature leave Mathematical instruments, in cases, from S to 50 dollars Gunter's scales and dividers Parallel rules, Hrawinc pene Drawing books of all kuiJs Port Folios, for drs wins;. ang0 1w . DELPHI SCHOOL m racatud till the lart l. Mooday in August uiitaat. t fTT" The public U respectfully informed, that Mr. John R. emit li is engaged as drawing mas ter, and .Mr. ik hifftly as teacher of tbe Nraoch, Spanish anj Germau Ian j;.:ca. aug J tniAug RUSSIA drlAL SKINS at liltlSTLEo. 500 Russia Seal Skins 4 cask Brwtlet Received nd fnrsale, by JOSEPH OS HORN, uf 19 aoiun street. COTTON. A FEW bales, selected for manufacturing, for sale, or tiveu as an advance on saleable do - me tic eovids, at a fair price. Apply auit rJdVc 14!l I'enri - ftreet upstairs. CtOI'TON BAGGING. 40 bales, per bni ; Elriek, from Duuilee 4 bales Sheetings, ir ilo. for sale by S. DALCLlsSII at CO. aug 19 103 Pearl street. KUM 6l tllMAC. 17 puuehcous Autigua Ram, and A few tons Triest ?umac, Lamliug, and lor sale at 165 Froot - st'eet. aug I3 6t A.L.GOMEZ. WINDOW CLAcS. I0O0 hoses Bristol Window Glass, for t ile by UUUD A: SEW ALU aeg 13 65 South street. At jV. K. HUM. TC J hhJs landinr at Crane wharf, from sloop Nsw - York, for sale by JAMES D'WOI.F, jun. . aug 18 54 South - st. NEWFtAIUR aiObbls and aQhalfbbls. ew Klchoiond Flour, of Gallego, Haxall, hsd Woodberrv brands 100 bbt branded Stokes Sc Smith, landing and lor sate by Vr ALstl U u ALLAUtsr.iv, ug 13 10BACCO. SO hhds. prime Vircjnia Tobacco 5() hhrts. prune Kentucky oo 7 kegs Ladies' Twist. Daviri.on, Saun - ders s v.0' orano 77 do Negro Heads No. 1 do do 54 do do . No. I R. Archer's do 18 do do No. S Davidson, Saun - IdersiiCo's do 115 do do No. 3 ll. Archer's do For sale at 106 Front - rtreet, hv TROK.ES, DAVIDSON & CO. J 59 "VTAILS, SPIKES, VICES, casks fine wL's uraMB i mp nans 200 casks Deck Spikes, from 4 to 8 inches 1 do black aud I do bright Vice 5 do Sledge and Hand Hammers 50 Anvils, lor sale by HENDERSON ft CAIRNS, aug 6 Bl Pine streeL flOTTON BAGGING) fcc 4J8 pieces Cot - v too bagging ti bale UsoaTurgt I do Tow Sheetings 5 boxes Bleached Linens 3 bales Sewinar Tiue 331 pieces Pavement, just received per brig Llenb, Irom Duudee, lor sale by , D. BETMUNE Si CO sag IB 92 Coffee - ilouse - slip ILOUR, Slc3u0 bhls.oew Iticbaiaod dour, J? ofGallegn and other approved brand 200 do do Haiad and Virginia Mill partly Irom old wbeat 150 do fresh grotinj from old wheat 540 do Alexandria do St '9 do fine do 60 do Fredericksburg do 10U do SOU do ship turT, for sale by WALsU li GALLAGHER. ,aor 18 66 South - street f 71 A R I H EN WARE, kc 100 crates f.arth - Cj eoware. carticularlv selected for this mar ket, imported ia tbe ship Martha, from Liver pool. 5 pipe Madeira Wine, of sup. quality, ia ported ia 1815, for taie at luO r ront street. i 59 TROKES, DAVIDSON 4i CO. TorSAVAS - .tAU, ' i - Tlie packet achr. HARRIET Ft J. II I P,,.4r miDir i tvlVinp tnree luurths of her cargo oa board, will sail ui nursaay next, ziwi lost. for remaiouer vt freight or passuge, having good accommodate oa, apply on board, east title Burling slip, or to A. U. PHELPS, 183 Front street. aug 19 , . 'a . iuesnipmiiiE.n.vA - s:ui ail.., master ; will sail on or about the 26th. For freight or pasase, applv on board, or to ARCH. GRAC1E & SONS. TlTr'C.nmmlan hv I h nhov VMut. will nlrftSf i h . j i send their permits oo board without delay. All good, left on board without, after five days, will oe sent to tne dudiic store. i9 For Hale. t'rnatU or Charter. Thabri? AGNES. 184 tons burthen. 9 tun old. is nheathcd. will take 3U0 hhds under, deck, has high waist ; is well calculated for carrying stock or lumber, sails fast, aud niav be loaded without delay. Apply to N.L.&G.GR15WOLD, au 19 86 South - st. ' For Hale, titiIU or Chat ter, . The staunch good scbr. ABEONA, 163 toua burthen, 3 years old, stows 1200 bbls ; is ready to receive a cargo, aud may be despatched without delay. Apply to N. L. fi G. GRISWOLD, au 19 . . 8 South - st. tor jt, Thecilot boat built schr. HENRY. rtZ. 1 ".n torn hurtben. C mnntlia old. COODer fasteued and coppered, tails equal to any pilot - boat, has performed but one voyage, and is well found. Apply to N. L.&G. GRISWOLD, au 19 86ouih - st. ilitlism fur HA RJ.KSTUA'. i A quantity of heavy freight for Charles - jlou. Apply to ANiU. - X U. riiLLI', auir 18 183 Front st. tor bale, freight or Charter, Tk. f... . - .a. I '. .wl iinnnM f'. t n Jied :chr UNION. 100 tons ; can be sent to sea immediately. A pply to HURD U SEWALL, m ;18 65 outh - st. tor HAt RE. JThe ship RUBICON, N. H. Holdridge. l master: ha viue considerable nl nercar o ready to go on board, will commeuce taxing nn Mnnit'j. n.,t. ami fttiil iwel r the 6rs week in September. For Ireisht or passage, ap - m . . . . . i i - , - ply on beard, at jooes - wuan, or to au 13 l'OTT 41 M'KINNE. t'er freight or Charter, To any port except the West Indirs the fine Hiiti&h brie ELHICli. F ivi'i.ein. master, will be readv to take in in i or 6 day ; burthen per register 165 tons. Ap ply to The master on bord, at Gouvei neur'i vdiarf, or to an IS BOORMAN & JOHNSTON. tor tiAVAJSA To sail on Wednesday neat, the fine coppered ship GARONNE, Sterliiig, master : will tail on Wednesday next, wun wnai freight niav oiler on or before Uiat time For which, or passage, apply on board, at pier No 5, N. R. or to G. G. & S. HOWLAND, aug 18 67 Washiueton - st. tor bale, freight or Charter, . . . . . ...... , , The brig JUiL, ot I'liiiaacipiua, a. 144 tons, built in Massachusetts, in llKKi. and rebuilt in Philad. ia 1816 ; a staunch good vessel, and well found iu sails and rigging ; lies at Urooklya. For terms, apply at 54 ooiiih street. JAMES D'WOLF, Junr. aug 17 ; tVK HA LIC, ' The subttantial fast sailing sloop WIL L1AM, 42 tons bnrthcu, lour years old, lies at Peck - slip. For particulars apply oo board. aug 17 3t FOR LIVKMVOU The well known, regular trading coppered ship IMPORTER, Dinglcy mat ter; is now taking m,aiid win oe dispatched in a tew days. For freight of 200 bales of cotton, or passage, having superior accommodations ap ply tocapt. D. on board, at pier No. 13, E. R (tiouveroeur's wharf) or to CHARLES HALL, aur 15 1 Beaver street. for UAVHk., Tbe fast sailing coppered ship A:IA, Alexr. S. feulberiana, master, wiuposi - tiviiv sail ou or before the 1st proximo For freight or passage, apply to the matter on board, at Murray' wharf, or at No. 90 Coffee House hp, to LA ID LAW, QIRAULTSi CO. aug 14 IGt PASSAGE fVH JAMAICA. Ltt Tho.hln PAPIPir:. ranlain Hnlden. "will sail for Falmouth, (Jam.) about the itoib mat. aud can handsomely accommodate a few passengers, if immediate application is made on board, a Utile above Catharine mat ket, or to aug 14 lw KtJBEKT LENU.V for It ILMLVOIW, A C. The staunch and well found schr UNION, Denet, master, will sail with all, possible despatch. For freight or passage, apply on ooaru ai r ly - uaraci wnori, vr iu aagl3 8t 165 Front street. r bale, freight or Charter, The schr. MORNING STAR, 90 tons i carries about 800 barrels, and in complete order for sea; lying at. Dover street wharf. Apply to R. ci C. W. DAVENPORT Si CO. an 13 35 Peck - slip, for Arilmua. Tbe British brig AMELIA, Job Humphreys, master ; an uncommonly fiue last sailing vestd. For passage only, apoly on board, at Jones' wharf, or to ll. (JILLLot 1L, 112 Front - street. Who offers for sale. 200 bbls new Richmond Flour, Haxall brand 86 hhds Kentucky lobacco 11 do Richmond do IS bale prime Upland Cotton A Chain Cable, bt (or a vessel of 500 tons Wine - ad Porter Bottles 5 pipes and 3 hhds Red Port Wine Wliiln Port and Claret do Rons Red Port, incase of three doren each. aug 13 tor bate, freight er Charter, The sen HANNAH, Hampton, mas ter. 140 tons t is well found, and now ready to receive a cargo. Apply at ov vvaan - ington - streeL 13 G. G Si S. HOWLAND 1M. CAMPBELL. Manulactuter ui Do - V T mertic Ci ttoo Goods, ha lust received a upply ol Uie following article via : lo,UUU nieacn o tt uauieacn'a omning a eou sbeeting 1,000 ps white Millinett's, (assorfd Nos.) 100 do black do t nnn lbs Cotton Twist. 1st Quality, do do 300 do Knittine H Sewing Cottoo, which he now offer for sale at hi (tore No. 197 Pearl street, (up stairs.) aug 14 TOBACCO. A A Hhds Kentucky Tobacco, lauding at Do - Htt ver - street hrl, frcui erh Union, for sale by S I LVENS Si MACT1ER, aug 18 7t No. 157 South - st. - , ..flit It irhn F.OMr. i? branded 'riixa!), and luchmond alul's.fjr U it S4 Frost street, ey aag 19 W. k S. GilAIG, P UM, SUGAR, &c. - 102hhd.Toitola Rom, 1.1. by many preierred ie at. Lrusx S2 bbls Muscovado Sugar ' 1 boa Tortoise shell, laudisg from the tcbr ITnMi rantutn Vllk 100 !. MuKovadA Sugar, 51,000 Martin's Begara, 1 l - zooxeo btrow Hats, landing irom uie brig Sea Island, aud. sloop Geo. Wasliiogtoo, from Havana. " ' AY STORE. , 150 pipe superior Holland Gin ' I0 bale New - Orleans Cotton 150 kegs Manufactured Tobacco luuO German Bags, for sale by - N. U D. 1 ALCOTT, eus 19 . 64 South - street. p WIST. 2000 lbs. Cotton Twist, tirt quuli J. ty and assorted No, just received and lor sale by WM. CAMPBELL, aug 14 197 Pearl street, (upstairs.) RIGA CLEAN HEMP. 10 tons Riga dean Hemp, of a superior quality, for sale by eugl8 1w TUCKER IB CARTFR. BOARD i'wogentlcmeucan be well accommodated as permanent Boarders in a pri vate French family, at No. 31Courtlamlt - strcet. aug ix zw" BROOME STREET AC A DEM V. PL. - TURQUANO having taken into part - . eership his brother B. TUROUAND. late ly at rived Irom Italy, respectfully informs hit patrons and the public, that their academy will open on Monday next, the 17th August met. for tne reception and education ol youth oi notn sexes, in teparaie aiiartmenli, "in the following nrancnes oi literature, viz : Latin, i English Grammar Italian, Languages. Rhetoric French, Belles Lettres ' Mathematics, Navigation .Mensuration. I Surveying. History, ueography wiUi tlie use' of the Globes. Astronomy, accompanied by nn Orrery aod Sphere. Bnok - keoping hy singlo nnd double entry, the pro;ecuou ol Maps, Heading, writing and AnUi mclie. Two competent female teachers being attach ed to the Academy, young Ladies are also taught Needle woru.. The accommodations in the Academy are such as to admit of children from the age uf 3 years and upwards. Evening tuition in any of the above branches on moderate terms. A few Boarders may be uccomraodated in the family where the French aud Italian language are spoken, lulittn Books for tale. aug 14 2w TIN PLATES, HO P I LES. IRON, &c - O W. ROGERS Si CO. No. 23.; Penrl - strect, I J hare lust received pur shin Ellen. Irom Bristol, and offer for sale on low terms, if taken from tlie vessel, 140 hampers Porter Bottles 10 thousand Stourbridze Brick 13 tons 1 - 2 in. square and 1 1 - 4 1 1 - 2 inch flat I run 20 do Grindstones Tin Plates of all descriptions In Store, 100 casks best English bottled Porter 10 do Bar Lead SO do Tiace Chain 20 do Glas Ware 3 cases Slates 6 crates Soda Jngs 10 cases Englixh Hat. ang 18 FRENCH and til' A. Moll BOOKs. TTS'P received from Paris, and for sale by P. J BUK I SELL, coiner Wal & Broad - streets, li an they on the Construction or Bridges, a vol. quarto Lessart, on Hydraulic wow, x vois ao Proney on Hydraulic Architecture, 2 vols do Spanish and French Dictionaries French and English do Dictionarie De L'Academie Cormelle, Raine, Moliere, Telemaque, Don Qui sot e, in Spanish Amis des Enrans, par Kerguin, 12 vols Lalandet. Logantiim Tallies. aug 18 3t 1 4T CRANSTON C1N. 1 KJ PIPES and 18 barrels Cranston Gin, For tale by GEO. W TALBOT, 65 Pine - afreet. an 18 IJINS, FLANNELS, WHITE LEAD, Ac a. Fest London Mns, J I t, 4, 4 f t, b Do milt I 4, 1 - 2 and 1 Ih. papers Mourning Pin. Hocks and Eyes Whiter hapel Needles, Nos. 1 to 10 Brass W ire, No. 24 and 25 Card Wire, No. 27 to 32 Bras and Steel Thimbles, Sheet Lend Best English white and red Lead, dry Yellow Ochre London Refined Saltpetre Men nud woroen'scotton Stockings Best English black and white Silk do Superfine white Flannels, very wide Red, yellow and black do Berlin aod Military cords Green Table Covert English Looking glatt Plates, unailvered A iew boxes .Moulded Glass Foolscap and Pot Paper , Blank Books for ta'e by ATKINSONS & FLEMING, augl93w 167 Pearl - street. Gi G. fc S. HOWLAND, 67 Washington - f ttreet, offer for sale 25 chests HyonTea Canton's cargo, and 150 do Hvson Skin do) very superior. 5 hhds 3d prool W. 1. Rum 25 kegs Haud Tobacco, C to the lb. 10 cases Claret Wine 100 boxes role Brimstone (superior) 100 bags fr'th Filberts 15 do do Madeira Nuttt 00 reams large blue wrapping Paper 500 do small do do 6 case cheap letter Paper 15 do do Foolscap do 15 do do do do large size 1 5 balet Medium Printing Paper 1 case fresh Spanish Saffron 60 bblt. Boston Beef, No. 1 1000 door Matts, round and oval tt ast'd sires 100 bbls. ground Camwood warranted pure 40 hhds. Quercitron Bark 1 cak men coarse Leghorn Halt 100 bags fresh Sumac 7 cases sheet Brass assorted numbers 10 casks superior Glue 1 do Gum sandric 1000 Int. Vermillion 9 casks lead Crucibles very cheap SO case half pint Tumblers 15 sacks fine South America Wool 300 large do do do Fur Skin suitable for Sleigh 4 cases handsomely assorted Toyt A quantity of horse hair Seive bottoms. DRY GOODS. 4 cases brown Linens 6 do do do glased 1 do table do A do assorted . do bed Ticks 3 hhds. do do do - low priced 5 cases coarse Linen called uouans ALSO. A general invoice of seasonable Calcutta goods consisting oi . 20 bales Beerboon G. rraht 1 do Company do 2 do Checks 6 do Ka ft as assorted 9 do Mnumoodies do 3 do Saunas . 3 do Custas 4 do Sootic Rooialt 3 do Cossas The greater part of the above goods are entitled to drawback, and lor tale on liberal terms, and in quanutir to suit purchasers. aug i DENJAMIN BUTLF.R's Prixe List Medical JLJ Science Lottery, No. 5 3d C.jys drawing. No.t81l, 200U. 4081, gHOQ, each, t As predicted Ticket . Shares for sale at 57 Wall - street. aug 19 fLOUR, TOBACCO COFFEE. 200 bhl. V new Richmond tupcrf. r lour, . luumunu mills brand 9 Lhds. prime Richmond Tobacco S8 bagsSL Domingo Coffee, landing from schr Lady Tompkins, and schr Henry, for sale by 1 F BOORMAN 4i JOHNSTON, aug 18 67 South street SUGAR fi TEA. 103 cLesis Hyson Skin Tea, and 450 bags Calcutta Sugar, landing from (be Lack, at Cceaties - etiP, and for tale by , J.OSBORN, aug It 58 South - street. PKOClOiVii MA'i rlEKS, No. 71 Pine - street, bav received by the Impoiter, Euphrates, and other late arrivals, the following good which they offer for sale oo liberal terms, via : . 40 bale Kendal Cotton 38 do White Pluius 5 do superfine Proadrlntbs 4 do middle priced do 5 do Pelisse Cloths 1 do Casinneres 2 trusses blue sav'd List Cloths 3 d) Toilanetts 10 cases woollen Shawls and Scarf 2 do furniture Cbintx of superior patterns nud duality SO 1 do siiiierfine London Hats do t outainiiiK boys Beaver and cloth caps, ladu and chitdreus Stuff Bonnets tic. v Hatters Bowstring and Triinmii'g Jewellery or various kinds. do do ALSU, JVOJWfc, 50 barrels Seneca Gin 3 do rectified Whiskey 2 pities Cognac Brandy 5 do L. P. Madeira Wine of choice quali - 19 kegs ftfanu facta red Tobacco 15 do Patent Yellow 6 cnslts Mustard 2 hhds Shoe Brushes, fir. aug 11 5w TEN DOLLARS REWARD. RANAWAYonthe 15U inst. from the sub - acrihtr. an indented apprentice to the iewel - lery buiness, named JACOB PICARD, about uie feet bve inchi hitsb, slender mude and ol modest deportment. Had on when he went a way, a blue coat, light vest and pantaloons. It is supposed he intended coins to sea. Captains of vessels are particularly cautioned agnimt em - d oviosor taki' tsaul runaway on board. Any person who will lV.ce up said boy and confine him in any ctol, will receive the above reward and all reasonaMe charges, by applying to A. & I. SCRVMG ECU R, No.l 12 Fulton street, New t ork, or to bis master, - EDMUND T. CRAWLEY, Philadelphia, N. B. It is believed the said hoy is now in New Yoik. aug 'y iw CLIt f STREET A CJOOL. FTI HE patrons of this iustitutionand the pub A lie, are respectfully informed, that the School will be opened, after the summer v cation, on the 24th of this month. This School is in the new and handsome building in the rear of St. George's Chapel, r. .. . . a . - 11 i.i. tronting on ciiw - sireet. it is proviaen un everv accommodation, and completely furnish ed wish books, maps, globes, Ac. The course of instruction includes most of tlie branches df a useful and liberal education. Pupils of the larger class are preferred. None will be admitted but such as can read with fluency. Aware that their instructions and example, involve in some degree the happiness, respectability, and usefulness of their pupiis, the teachers wilt assiduously endeavour to dis charge what they apprehend to be the dutie, of their profession. Parent and guardians, are invited to call and see the School GOOLD BROWN, au!7 2w WM. H.BROWN. DOMESTIC 41 OTHER WARES. THE subscribers keep constantly on hand an X extensive assortment of the following goods, vix Dutch and Enehsh Gunny Bags, Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes ' Hearth Brushes, fan cy and common Do lor Blacksmith, Head do no oo Cloth do do do Hall and Entry MaU rails and I ubt Wheel - Barrowt Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every de scripticu Weavei do White Wash do Shoe & Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools Clamps, 4, 7, ft row ' Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cordt, 'Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Ropes Seine, sewing, wrap ping, bnluing and bull Fish Line Shoe tc Sadler Thread Dearborn's Ballao ces, &c. Wrought and Cut Nails and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail on liberal terms. CEBRA & CUMING, aug 14 76 Pearl - street. JUlMll & LAZARUS' correct list ol prizes in the Medical Science Lottery, No. 5, 3d day's drawing: 408t, 1,000, 1st drawn num ber; 815, 2U0G, 11,000. Sold at the lucky lottery office of JUDAH and LAZARUS, 74 Maiden - Lane, to a gentleman of this city. Tickets and shares, in a variety of numbers, for tale at above. The following are the brilliant capital prists, as yet all in the wheel 10IS1W.UUU I IOIJZU.UUU 1 50,000 1 10,000 The first drawn number on the next day of drawing will be entitled to a capital pnxe of 1000 dollars. Prizes in former lotteriet.approved promissory notes, and foreign bank notes, are received in payment for tickets. Orders from a distance, inclosing the cash, (postpaid) will be immediately attended to, and the earliest advice given ot their success. A correct check book is kept at the Lucky Lottery Ofice, which may be examined at all time free of expenee. au 18 3t GILLESPIE'S list or privet in tbe Medical Science Lottery. 3d dayt drawing. Not. 4081, 2006, 812, 1000 dollars each Draws again on Tuesday next, at half past 4 o'clock P. M. when tlie nit drawn number will be entitled to JIOOO. There are many valuable prixes besides those of 100.000. 50.000. 20.000. 10,000. aud 5O00. Those who with for chances in this splendid Lottery, can De supplied at - GILLESPIE'S Lottery and Exchange OfJRre. ' No. 114 Broadway, opposite City Hotel, where there is yet a few chances lor sale, aug 19 3t ALLENS' OFFICE AUGUST 19, 1818 "OFFICIAL List of Prixes Medical Science VJ Lottery, No 5, now drawing in this city 1st day drawing. No. 5,373, $1,(100 9,645, f 100. 2d da drawinir. No. 15,577, $1.000 "893, 13,541, 3,973, IJ,4Uy, 3,107 - , 3d dys drawing. No. 814, S006, 4081, $1,000. Those numbers innraed () told and have at! been paid at Allen's Lucky OlSce. Will driw again next Tuesday aflerooon, when the first drawn number wiU b eutitled to $1,000. State of the Wheel. 1 great prise of 1 OO.fK - 0 DOLLARS. 1 to of 60,000 do 1 do of SO.tXH) do 1 do of 10.000 do 1 do of 5,000 do 2 do of 5,000 do 40 do of 1.000 do A large propoi tion of smaller Priel. Only 14,500 Tickets All blank drawn the Crst seven dys drawing are entitled to 30. Present price - of Tic kets. Whole $.10 Quarter $7 50 Half 13 Ltghtha 3 73 Sixteenths 1 88 For taie at ALLENS' Truly Lucky Office, No. 12S Broad. - . Where tbe highest priietever told in tbe United States have been told tnd paid, via : No. 3330. $100.000 ; 19.506, $30,000 ; 10,323, $30,000 12,19, t$25,UO0 ; 19,545, $25,CkW 20,61 1, $20,000 ; 42, $).Q0O J and a - number oi io.vw, lUjVw, o,wu, kc. . aog iv st A V JttJtDTiLff FOR. UVILl);.. - THE proprietors of the oniae ries, near King's - lsride, vo u. - - .. tl,ey liave ou hand, and are rectlruj, Kwx'i - Bridct Marble and Lime - y - u a, u.:. Beach - ttreet, on the Hudsoa river, sn i stei.'u stock of marble lor building, of the foll rYu d. - scriptions, vfj Ashlar Coping roundation SUm Cbunaey.i'ieces, Facia g Coluuns Watertable Steps Platforms Sill, Lintels Arches Alio Lime of the best quality. TTJ A cotwtaut supply of the above material may be calculated upou; and those desirous f' purchasing, or making engagements, will apply Feb 11 At the Yard. . NO j ICE. ftr Thetaeni dividend upon the estate of '. A). RUGEKS will be paid oa the lOtu Sept. next, at 3 Law Buildings, by jv. cuu IIIV1V, l. aug 18 reod&CISlO - - For Enelaud. via ki ahlax, ff . 8. letters (or His Britannic Majesty's Packet Montague, wi'l be received at the Post Office 'till Wednesday afternoon tlx: Td oi September. , . ', W UOllUl' J.e.1 UK I't ..... - " rrr Silver Lake. Niaura. Eattern, ti South ern bank notes, received at par for lottery tick et, by BKAJAMl.y BUTLER, aug 14 37 w aii - s treet. dtr All persons having demands against tlie estate of Doctor SAML. G. MOTT will please present them, and those indebted will please maae immeuiaic pnynirui, m john u. mun, AOmT. aug 17 1 w UK.EE.V bl'REET bE.VllNARY. rTMllS school will be opeuee as usual on tha Jl 1st of 6th month, (September) j the boy's apartment, as heretofore, under the care of WILLIAM A. I Ai LOU, a graduate ol iaie College, for instruction in the Latin, Greek, and f rencii Languages, aod in a regular course oi English studies, including Uie different branches of the mathematics, Uc. ROBERT F. MOTT will continue to conduct the female department, in which will be tuught the branches already mentioned, with particular reference to History, Rhetoric k, Geography, and other studies, which generally occupy an imHirtant place in female education. As a personal application to the teacher would be preferred, no reference it given, except to Ihe many parents, who, from the long time that tho school hat been established, have become acquainted with it. It is believed that the limit ed number ol tlic school will afford opportiuiitu - for a particular and individual attention, for ti e neglect of which no system alone can compensate. Forterms.bc. ppi Iv at the tooas, No. 4 Green street, between Maiden Lane uod Li - berlyiireei. bur ia MAMMOIH CHILD. A'aw exhibitineat fork J'lacn. 253 Broadway. rTMUS extraordinary prodigy in the human la - X mily is but four years ol nge, was born ia the town of Pundalk, county of Lowth. Ireland, and on inspection will be found to be the largest child now in the world, weighing 122 pounds, meaturinc in statue 3 feet 3 inches, exactly made ' and ol handsome symmetry, of fine and engagioff countenance, gifted with infantine intelligence, , and manners attractive and interesting 1 express - in in one view an uncommon specimen and mo del ot tlie worksnf Providence, which even in this instance deviating from tlie order we areaccus - tomed to, has not left its creature in any manner deficient in beauty, quality or proportion. As his parents intend removing him to London, his stay in this city will be of very limited dura tion. Admittance 25 cents Children nan price. aug 181m ' SfLtV MUSIC JUST RLCEIkEU. ' LADIES are respectfully advised te apply at Mr. Burtaell's, opposite the Custom - house, or at Mr. D. Phyfe's, Folton - rt. where (for their convenience) the subscriber has furnished part of a large at'ortmentol tlte latest London .viusic, cho't ii for him by a fust rate musician, and scarce two pieces alike. . GEO.T. NEWBERY, aug 13 132Pearl - t. ' Where may be purchased, very lo for cash, Wm. Dettmer 4 Sou's patent riano - Forte also, Macl.iel's patent Metronomes, fic. fVH S.iLr, An undivided moiety in tie following lott of land in " Evans' Patent" Delaware t 'ni.nly. state of New. York, via : Lot No. SO, eonuin in 176 aerea . lot No. SH. eobtaiuinc 131 Alto, an undivided moiety in the rati halt uf lot No. 40, containing 104 j teres, and in lot No. 37, in the same patent containing 1051 acres. The above lots are well timbered with pine, See. ico. aod their contiguity to the ietil branch of the Delaware river render them worthy ol the atten tion of lumber merchants. They will be told reasonable for cash or approved notes. For further , particulars apply to THOMAS A DDIS EMMET, Esq. counsellor at lav, No. 2J Pine street, New York, (alio is authorised to make eoiilraett lor the sale ot the above tots ) or to uie subscriber, by whom an unquestionable title will be, given. MARTHA BRAUSTIIEET, t Hammond street, Greenwich. New York, July x4th, ISIS. tJZj" The Proprietors of the Philadelphia Freeman's Journal are requested to publish the above for two months in their paper aud tend their hill to the subscriber. J SS d2m e'.'ro K OULE.Y M.1AVFA L'lVRl'i fOR SaLE. ifw - H THE Eagle .Manufactory at Greenwich, about 2 miles from the city of New - York, is now offered for tale. - The establishmaut con sists of 21 lots of ground, one entire block, in foe, title indisputable. Ao excellent four - story fire proof building, 71) leet front by 40 deep, wiLI two wings of about 30 feet each by 25, aud a Dyt - houie 30foet by S5. I be machu.erv com prises an excellent steam engine, of 24 horse power, and generally every thing complete aud requisite for currying on the woolen manufactory oo an extensive scale. The buildings and machinery may be View ed by application to William 1'nrrey, esq. Greenwich. For terms, drhich will be liberal. apply to JOHN G. COSTEtt, or - 1I103. U. UU1U.K. au 14 (UetOct.l gj - Tte hue new (Irani vessel FRONTENAC, of 700 tons burthen, James Si5ijf Mac Kinrie, matter, will cuuiuieui e ruiuiing on the first lay of May olt, and will leave King't'io, for York and Niagara, oa the 1st, 1 1th and 21st day of cacti month, and Niagara, for York nnd Kingston, the 6th, I6tb and 25th day of ec'. month, during the season, where every attention will be paid to tbe ease and comfcrfof the pastcngert. Applications for passage to be made to the cap - taie on boarrt. Kingston, 6'h April, 1818. J 7dKctQl lOLLi. TO be let 'till the first of May, or on a Lease lor iourtren v ears, that large and toacioas family House, situated No. 46 Broad street, with or witliotM cojeh house and atablea ; the pre mises have been lately put in Uiorou yn repair for a large family, or a respectable Hoarding house i the premises are 200 feet in depth from the front in Broad - street, to the coach house in New - street, with a large garden and an exten sive wire cell er. aul3tf A fULL - HLUUUEU M.1RH rOH SALE. A GENTLEMAN on the eve of embarking for Europe, offers for tale a very elrgunt saddle mare, 6 years old, warranted louad, re markably easy, tret one tail - : an 3 autnaue aw 30 seconds aud well broken to any a ax can be etncloyed in. Enqaire at Mr. Andrew B ache's boardinsr ejJ4ufco - tut Vtweewic - village. ' "g. INDIA BLINDS 4: TABLE MATS, for sale 1 per package w CUMING, aug 17 .V.'.rr a . .. A

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