Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on April 8, 1943 · Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1943
Page 3
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lay, April 8 RTERLY STATEMENT. SUMMARY LA PORTE CITT.rnw A 5, 1943--Board voted toiToleen Carver a piano from Mrs. John | Maxme Foster voted to Royal Typewriters to Sales Co. for ?128 as requested S Gov't. 24, 1943--Board elected Martin Supt. at salary for ensuing year and the \g named teachers. ral Fund--Disbursements :e Utilities, light..? 51 37 if Iowa, tax 2 74 onald Bing-, teach- A .,_ 6 r TM * ," ° e l " Of o came from the notorious Smith 1, 1943 Balance GENER AL FUND ,S f " the quart ' r " J union Taxes * .n at ¥3000. Elected Mrs. Laura Fleming ..... ' l17 :r at . Foster Hmkel teacher at) Grace Fischer" $115 per month. (Janette Edsall "-14, 1943--Board employed T^-/,-I ^. .. jra McNitt teacher at sal- 0 per month 11, 1943--Board Josephine Miller ... Bernyce Struntze .. T 10 Helen Fleming " 1215 Hinde _ I Newton ....... " "~ Frances Beulah Myra McNitt Edwin flembera .1"" Carol Swartzendruver" Arnold Woestchoff Margaret Taylor ..II 12GO 1260 H40 1440 Total Balances S 31315 I. Jesse 0. Xober, Secretary of he above B » m .j School District, Sherman plies Needman, sup- 5.10 ohn Betts, piano Laundry, laun- horst Weld Co., re- 30 00 262 2.3 supplies 638 Store, supplies Dan Co., books , printing-, nd Stephens Co, arry Co, s applies ttl Mfg. Co, supplies pJusic Co., supplies f Store, supplies Rose Lbr. Co., sup- Grocery, supplies. Tel Co., telephone Farmers Supply Co, C oaU. 26408 2 B 7 s £ ! i i rte Utllltles - l"*ht._ 5210 28.75 Fidel, y Casualty Co, «,. 10B a? Waterloo Courier, adv Des Moines Register, adv" Kline Dept Store, supplies World Book Co, supplies Vmton Forum Co, Jack Spratt Co, supphes. A W. Moore, books 250 10.95 489 3 12 2100 3169 129 42.43 537 1026 w w W Wilson Co. supphes Town of La Porte, rent. MacMillan Co , books .... gamble Music Co, supplies la. State Safety Council supplies " 162 210 321 148 1 89 5 4 2 2280 2518 700 700 1379 100 o . d is a true and correct of the proceeding TMr to financial matters"of the Board of ea.d DiBtnct for the ending March 31, 1943 JESSE 0. KOEER Subscribed and sworn to befor this first da of April A II Reading and Writing . . . One of the epic characters of th davs TM* Klon Jesse -- -"» ' H U J l l l l J/ Palmer Co, books. Kober, m s _ . i^ng 300 4.70 redhaired Irishman, wh performed snch phenomenal feat of strength and endurance hi nn"ie has become legendary Jack London wrote stones about him Robert w Service put him i his ballads --------- Brerner Drug Co., supplies 260 IIG CREEK ter Feeds and Minerals AT MOORE'S 4 7 0 7 4 4 5 - . .., "Klon Merrill Denison tells s n e the life of this Alaskan Odyssesus as exciting an adventure story as weve read for a long time Michael Mahoney first went to was 55.93 5690 847 123 15.28 500 guardian for · herd of wild mus- , -J -- -- -r J "f JJH-.J aatt Parrott Sons Co supplies M Sp P hes tan ^'^c"* f^rway, in Alaska, m 1897-: FaSVply-Co-To-al" 257 6 9 7 8 ~"-^ *«-'--· ^ Mabel Glime, teaching La Porte Utilities, Jig-ht .. Tarmers Tel Co., phone_._ Singer Machine Co, supplies Gamble Music Co , supplies 14 72 Progress-Review, printing. M J. Barry Co, supplies.- 0. G. Waffke Book Co, supplies Adding Machine Sales Co, (SEAL) ANNA W. KOBER Not.uj ~ -.. ley, Mike set out alone ami w i t h out W he n he ro.ichcd ion, he said he had just over to look around In Dawson, he became a "mush- W", carrying mail, package llrd passengers M; ' Skagivav and more exciting opinion^ thnn inerolv^d.ggm^ for HE to become the most is musher in Alaska, amonfc unnvaled achievements being to carry the body of Judge Hume four hundred miles on an ordoal came year, later At the a KC of -three ho l earn ed to .ead and e. and speak m public Michael ifahonev is [t "ell-to-do contractor, " h \ i Ottawa, Canada. Jt'ST ROUTINsT Red Cross, often _ requests for th,n K1) of the oitlmarv, but Dr Phil s McQuirK of the Audubon chnpte, had a new one for him l.,, t BARNES my Auditor. ipcnlsor !=^5ispssiii£S_ Diamond Bros. dogteam b e t w e e n Daw-gon, occupation, , n his Dr McQu.rk on F °n ' C 1:" son F.eld, S had recently con at Sejmour John. C , m behalf of NO RATION STUIPS " K V « ''- ».»- * rhit, col,, his !s^x~ s?£ =;?r: sen whn+ tho r, v .:i- j. ··**.!. *-« wic-m LU u f \v,^n-i they could all marry millionaire sec what the excitement ,,,,,, ,,, about It was in the same spint of disinterested eunosity that he set out for Dawson in the heart of the Klondike, six hundred miles away. The famous White P ass trail was strewn -with the corpses i. TM e " " nd noraes who had per- tryuig to make this jour- One of Mike's own favorite e\ ploits was the time hc tarried piano up Chilkoot Pass, a U t h undred foot chute at an mgl L t forty-five degrees The piano elonged to a theatrical manager anied Hal Henry, who had in Lov. team of winsome hissrs, th" Hal ed be Quirk Private stationed theie «ho w,nt cd a furlough so that he wight Last week. Dr Mcf o l l o u m g j rpnnntf ' HERRING, Ib. f J I MOII iMlLK-BONE, box 33c lOc ·n K rcccutd the "Pvt (Blank) request- furlouffh to marry f i a n c c c «-» « \ G ,,,,,,, Flour $2.35 rcplv «.!,- "rmr.cec Mil| m f f m.irringc now " THIRD ROBERT Robert Forbes f o n n t i h cal cxammntions hc w i l l ' b e third RoboiL rotbcs to pnlci armed force;, of his courtu RTdndfather, fought in the uncle Robert \\orld War. and! of the the II, LUH.I- IIO\ |, ,, M Wafers «o\ CONCJ Perfex 1(MST H F M S IV IHIS I t p q u i r o I t i t i u n COLL MN Cervelat 35c Lb. · » M l f T H O M f S T » L » , Bologna Lb . 29c C.JMMHTI-.I) ugar i n n JEST (- l i t U K I h OLEO 33c 29c 15c 23c Tomatoes 33c Robert Forbes, m i l war nnd his ««s in the fust l l Pancake Plour T V T I O N rni\T«, i-i n CAN l i e Klondike Mike was also a superior high kicker and a boxer Once he fought Tommy Burns--who was later the world's heavweight champion--and beat him. Tex Rickard, famous fight promoter, offered turn |50,000 to fight Jack Johnson, but Mike turned him PROCEEDINGS OF C O U N T Y O A R D #"s. -f · WE ASK OF YOU IULOAN "' Flour I.Q5 \UT J,\K l A T l l f U DfLL PICKLES Bowl-X 19c! Davis Cup Apricots l i m f rrnli ],, j i , u i j Sj rup 2 No. 21/2 Cans--45c i l T O I \ T S rut C A N TOMATO JUICE " 23c 22 I'OIMS \ A \ c \ A i r s 2 TAI.I Ql I H T ck John P 25c I ' O I N T S I'm CAN f|l \IIT I1OTTI f I) n I ( I N S S I O K I I i s Bleach 15c Baby Food 29c r r 11 oimrtid l j ih, F i f i k t i i · r ,1 Assembly [.nd 'th , irnnsfnrrcd fnm ll,n "o SH^-fuWS r- b Peck R i l k r Miller S r h m l l Taylor, nml K "° Ros """""' l ,1.^ , T ,1 5l ° r ""COndrd »)1 M i l ni, hc tolloui '"-- niunllily sila ' z '"' · M " "nut n \ n u i T Molasses 29c I I I I1IIVS D K K K N S \ s s o r COOKIES, ifi-oA f ) o x2D 9 C J T A I L ( A N S ), ,, 27c Y%\ THEY GIVE \ 't's Back Our La Porte City Boys! Most of us here won't get close enough to blow the tread off a Mark Six tan*. Buying an extra bond is the next best thing We won t be able to leave our workbenches, desks or farms--but we can still drill holes in a Mitsubishi Zero with our extra dollars Our boys are preparing to give their Jives in the all-out victory offensive which is in the making. Can we be more tender with our dollars than with the lives of our fighting men? Uncle Sam needs thirteen billion dollars in bond purchases--not pledges--in the Second War Loan drive which opens April 12. We're all of us going to have to dig deep to meet this goal. This is our chance to show our boys that we are solidly behind them--to demonstrate to our Axis foes that all Americans are united in their willingness to back our men and our government to the limit.(Drop in at the bank and we'll help you select the kind of bond best suited for your own personal contribution to this great effort. LA PORTE CITY STATE : " i Insurance Corpon Movtd by Schrnlt s, tonc'ed In. T Him aft road rmplo"^ ih a l Ml.l from the Second uv* Ro id M-, In 0nlI F?,,,d r !, I SCCO " lla , r5r f 1 TM' 1 Con,.n" Fuildl bo rrtTnltud [0 w r j r f c o cn (10) hcnr o,y boqh from 7 m lo 12 PO no,,, 1 ; and J 00 p m " ""»' " utl1 U """" 'n Urn by d by Rcfalinuo roncl«d ·l! n "iii "* ) P ()l " lril 'n( nnd b( _ i i . "' IJcpuly Sin riff . . . i n rrlmlrml m/illers pnlv wlili O U L coi,,pcnHatloil be nnd l|in ,,mn J, '--by jiiiproiMl Mollo,, cnrri'3 ..ninu |,y Miller sc-condrrl by B l l l r r ^^-s.r^'rn.i^u?, r" received and plncc'J on flln Motion 1 ''!," ippllcatlan nnd bmd ,,[' v'" rL Huhn Obn Huhn'i BI.Lo Grocery ,.." ,: l v:e!L ( :. p prmit « mm nfr nn e iamo n r n hcn hy "lloucd nn] ihni th. county "Sdl- lor be nulhonz. d and directed to |,,V,, uarranls lor such rl ', a nw2S r, iiw! r ' 0 n ', c r '" h " n l«Hl«*by , *· ,Jii °? BfrJ J J !)hl '-k ono (]) cu- klll.d hy (loc, S800 and lh ,i " r ""'" 1111 c l n l m ° r Mr Milk 18 01 N C I no\ OATMEAL » \TI1A TANH Rice i ( A N S S LYE s i i.i'in it BLOCK SALT I I ' O L S D I \ N Spry I P O I N T I'l R 69c is roivxs C \ N S ( , 0 l i » t \ S.TAU Peaches 37c -I' I'OIN I S pui tAV ·J Ml J ( \ \ s s w i l r i in AM YELLOW CORN 25c M I ' O I M S I'l It CAN Ml 10 C A S 19c 27c Corn 49c 1 Ml 25c 59c iwmi iss - - - - - ·'" r i r ·*! Codfish 3§c COOKIE Special, II,. I 3c 11 I'OINTS N O Id CAN Blacli Kasplicrrics 90c 7.! I ' O I N rs 2-l-I.ll C A N S Prunes 25c 25c Ays , r SrhmH T,,y|r,r i c r n, r K l i n e TISSUE I C A N S K I T C I I I N Klenzer 19c NO RATION STAMPS Kiijiilriil (o IEij\ MoniH In 1 In-. ( i) I n inn IIOM S U II Corn Flakes 15c Sir Walter Raleigh "IB Ilfn rrloniU, VeKcl or I ' r i n t c A l b o r l Toliarco Lb. Can--75 Cents ·TJ LU J1AO DIA3IOMJS BI si Flour $1.99 ( A S T I I t O / f N OCf I N PIKE, 2 Ibs. 29c I A N I \ S M U K I - D A P P L E S WILLOW T U / O S AM) STAKKS CooU K B H n e ind Good Cooking 4 Ibs. 29c M I N E S A P S 3 Ibs. 27c White Fish Lb35c J Kit TOHH. U I T I f G I A N T IIOX Rinso 89c 3 I1AI1S Lux Soap 20c -· · ft-* L I I I M i ii r i r j · ' m Tjl'jr K r c o n d n d by Rnf. I llial Hi. c h u l r m n n mid r o u n i v -. u. b" n u l h o r l z e l and dlmclnrf in I ilL-n q u i t chlm d-rd convcjlnp P ,,-£ 11 Ifr,u.k rounly 1 rlKht |J[| C n n d I n f r r - i f l^l^J^J^.^ock one r i ) l n " NORTHERN SEED POTATOES Red Triumphs, I A l l G I DO\ il (uxcf. InirroTM^ 110 ,"!)' p?nn'hlci S S '"lala" W n w l'"'? T' "'"'" nnil i/i-io 1 .ri PttJfi f *s? t $^«, *$£ ^' f fc r^,^'- 100 Ibs. Cobblers, 100 Ibs. Early Ohios, 100 Ibs. $3.93 $3.93 $4.47 Lux Flakes 25c IIF.GILAII S I / K C()\ ..lOc 1 IIAIIS LifebuoySoap 20c t D A R S Swan Soap 25c 2J6 SIXh FiOHIDA Beck icrond^d by Miller I*TM" 1 , ana counly nudllor a nnd directed lo slitn g deed conveying Black 1C one (]) block Irn (10) or section ], nc | r lo[ (wo --it tho ch bo nulhr.rl; quit rln/m [Tnwk count l "si In lot c and all PILBI f2 In block ,.,, ,, 0) hnlh in H aJdltlon lo thi lown or Waltrloo ' tn Clsra DoVoogd nnd Henry DcVoopd for a consideration of J13000, which amount la In excess or (he amount o[ ine general lajcci Interest and pen i ftllloq juscuod against Mid real OH- ' talc and the sold $15000 having been Pftld, and Lhc quit claim deca duly CMculcd, the some Is hereby approved Ayci Beck. Blllcr, Miller nof shugt Schmlt Taylor, and Kline Nays None Motion carried Moved by Taylor seconded by ichmJt that the chairman and county auditor be authorised and directed to Ign quit claim deed conveying Black. Hawk county's right title, and Inter- wt in lot two (2) block twenty (20) n Hagtimtn Place In the city of Waterloo, Iowa to Mary Anna Bryson. lor a consideration or tno.OO, which Oranges 34c «,Itff,.\ TOP Carrots IB***. 15c KAY DEE MINERAL BLOCKS A Comulclf. Mineral M,xlu ro Compri-K.rd Into One Block $1.75 BLI-ACIIKD QL1IIT wv Peanut Celery 2 sL S:27c wuxHrwr GELATINE 1 2 Unions, 5 Ibs. 25C ~?EXAS MARSH ' 2 LARGE HEADS SEEDLESS Head Lettuce 19c Grapefruit . A L L C O W R S " O T O B W T 2|UA 80 SIZE *'* 5 FOR 25c

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