The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 21, 1944 · Page 1
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 1

Mason City, Iowa
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Tuesday, March 21, 1944
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NORTH IOWA'S DAILY PAPER EDITED FOR THE HOME . D E P A R T M E N T O f H I S T O R Y A N D A « C H I Y £ ? :s i A THE NEWSfAfER THAT MAKES ALL NORTH IOWANS NEIGHBORS HOME EDITION VOL. L Associated Press and United Press Full Leased Wires (Five Cents * Copy) MASON CITY, IOWA. TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 1911 This Paper Consists ot 1'\vo Sections--Section One NO. IIS Red Cross "Over Top" in War Fund Campaign DECKER PLANT PUSHES TOTAL UP TO $51,658 Pritchard Urges Drive Be Completed to Put County Beyond Minimum The Cerro Gorclo county Red Cross war fund campaign in a sudden burst ot speed Tuesday .went across the §51,500 goal. Once more Cerro Gordo county-^ hail gone over the top. The Red Cross office reported a total or $51,658, as the initial report from the solicitation at the · Jacob E. Decker and Sons plam helped push the figure upward by more than $4,000. The Deckel- plant solicitations started Monday. Brows furrowed with the worries of countless details ol a mighty campaign that had to reach practically every firesidt. and business establishment in the county underwent a change Tuesday. Over the faces of campaign chairmen and committee heads spread the smile pi triumph. Still to be completed is the Decker solicitation and some work in rural school districts. Completion of these, urged by Genera Chairman Paul Pritchard at the earliest possible moment, provide assurance that Cerro Gordo coun ty will go beyond the minimun goal that was'set. Thnt has beei Vesuvius Erupts; Smoke Pall Covers Area for 10 Miles By ELEANOR PACKARD On the S'opes of Jit. Vesuvius, tU.R)--The volcanic crater ot Mount | Vesuvius exploded with a terrifying roar Tuesday night, blanketing e countryside for 10 miles around under a pall of smoke and bury- With the Cerro Gordo coun! Red Cross war fund campaig surgrins across the goal line S51.500 Tuesday the whole R Cross symbol, used for the pa Z weeks to visualize the projtre of the campaign, became whol blacked nut. the usual procedure in such campaigns in Cerro Gordo county. The campaign got under way officially March 1, although a vast amount of organization work and some advance solicitation had been done before that. The first report Of the campaign was on March 6 when $15,345.10 was announced as result of advance solicitation. By March 10 the amount raised had been pushed up to $29,878.69. On the day following it was 534.516. Daily reports brought the to'al successively - to $37,500, S39.940; S42.858: S4S.120: 546,129. and finally on Monday to 547,560. C h a i r m a n Pritchard expressed his appreciation to the army of men and women who did the soliciting and to the many contributors, who made this goal possible. g 2 mountain villages beneath* ns of flowing lava. At 5:30 p. m., I saw a huge col- nn of flame-specked ' s m o k e hoosh up out of the crater and ar 5,000 feet into the air, where billowed out, showering the lountainside w i t h rocks and shes. The smoke spread as far north s Naples, 10 miles away, halting: 1 traffic in the streets there, and Blanketed the ruins of ancient ompeii, which was buried in the olcano's greatest eruption almost ,900 years ago. The unexpected flare-up indi- ated that the eruption, which bean lust Friday, was worsening, nd allied military authorities an- ounced that more than 14,000 ad- itional men. women 'and chil- Ireii were being evacuated hur- iedly from the northwestern lopes. The village of San Sebastian al- eacly was buried under the 70 too' vail of lava flowing down the Tuesday".' mountain, and the neighborinp .amlet of Massa di Somnia was irtually obliterated. More than 500 rescue workers consisting of Anglo-American sol diers, royal air force, America] air force, military police and earn jinieri hastened the evacuation o Cercola ,a town of about 7,00' jopulation at the foot ot In northern slope of Vesuvius. Allied military coveriiment of ficials announced that all person already had been evacuated froi the villages of San Sebastianp an Massa di Somma. San Sebastian o population totaled 6.000 and Mas sa di Somma's 1,5(0. The great stream ot lava spewed out of the volcano's cone i its worst eruption of modern time moved down the northwest slop with inexorable force and by mic afternoon had traveled 500 yards beyond San Sebastian to coyer three-quarters of the neighboring town of Massa di Somma. W h e n 1 last saw Massa di Somma earlier Tuesday the lava flow was circling around the ancient granite wall of the village church, and il appeared doubtful that anything would be left of the village by nightfall. The force of the flow showed no signs of slackening, although it was cooling rapidly as it spread over the moutainside. resembling a huge pile of slag spilling out red-hot coals as it advanced. After more t h a n 200 military vehicles, starting w o r k at dark Monday night in the ruddy glow of the volcano, had completed the evacuation of the 2 towns in 10 hours, authorities began moving the population of the village of Cercola, which is lower down the slope. APS LOSE 15 MORE VESSELS TO U. S. SUBS Knox Announces Latest Bag Scored Against Nippon Supply Lines Washington. (.'Pj--A m e r i c a n ubmarines operating in Pacific valors have destroyed another 15 Japanese ships bringing to 642 the lumber of enemy craft sunk, irobably s u n k or damaged by submersibles, the navy announced T h e sinkings reported in a communique released by Secretary of the Navy Knox at a news conference include 2 tankers, of ilal importance in moving fuel to keep the Japanese bases in operation. Also sunk were 2 transports and 11 freighters, the navy secretary reported. The text of communique IS T o. 512: Pacific and far cast: 1. United States submarines have reported thes inking of 15 vessels in operations against the enemy in these waters as follows: "One large transport. One medium transport. One large tanker. Nine medium freighters. T w o Chaplin Is Subdued as Trial Opens Hollywood, (U.PJ--A s u b d u e d Charlie Chaplin shoved his way through a crowd of noisy fans Tuesday to begin his fight lo convince a federal court j u r y that red-haired Joan Berry lied when she called him a white slaver. "Nothing to say, boys." Jerry Giesler, the portly criminal lawyer said as he ran interference for his white-thatched client through the throng of movie fans, reporters, and cameramen who blocked entrance lo the 2nd-floor courtroom in Los Angeles' new $1,000,000 skyscraper f e d e r a l ' building. "Want a press card to get in?" asked a reporter. "Maybe we'll need one to get out." Giesler replied. Chaplin was dressed in a dark blue serge suit, blue polka dot tie, gray shirt and white handkerchief in his breast pocket. Few spectators found seats, since more than half the room was occupied by the 3 score jury pane members. Fourteen of these--IL jurors and 2 alternates--ultimately were to be seated in the box. Two entire spectator rows were set aside for magazine writers. Press association and newspaper reporters were given 3 tables adjoining those of opposing attorneys. White Chaplin leaned over to whisper nervously to Giesler. the] job of selecting the jury began. Six men and 6 women--all of them over 40 years old except one young girl--were placed temporarily in the box. Federal Judge .1. F. T. O'Connor read them the indictment. PHYSICIAN ARRIVES Hudson. (IP}--Hudson (pop. 492) has a physician again, following the arrival Monday of Dr. C. O. Grimes of Leon, Iowa. There had been no resident physician here since ill health forced Dr. J. W. Donnell to abandon practice last small freighters. One medium tanker. "These actions have not been announced in any previous navy department communique." * . ·'·..-. 7 Other Jap Ships Sunk Off Indies By RICHARD C. BERGHOLZ Associated Tress \Var Editor The sinking of 12 Japanese ships was announced Tuesday by alliec: headquarters a s i n d i c a t i o n s mounted that one of Japan's bypassed fortresses in the Marshal islands was about ready for the final assault. Seven ships were sunk and three damaged by submarines off islands in the Dutch East Indies, the British admiralty said. A large rive steamer, a smaller vessel of un- designated type and a supply ship were the only victims specified. A five-ship convoy, including two transports and three corvettes jot within sight of Japan's bomb battered base at Wewak. Guinea, before it was obliteratec by more than 100 f i f t h airforc planes in a furious 4-day battle. In the central Pacific, Adm Chester W. Nimitr brought in hi mighty battleship guns to assis carrier-based planes soften u Mili atoll, once one of Japan' strongest bases in the Marshall: Buy War Savinss Bonds an Stamps from your Globe-Gazett carrier hoy. GERMANS SEIZE HUNGARY; REDS THREATEN AREA Hitler Moves to Avert Collapse of Balkan State's Resistance London, I.'P)---Upwards of 100,000 German and R u m a n i a n troops were reported occupying Hungary Tuesday against the growing threat of Russian armies a bare 100 miles from the borders of the expanded Balkan kingdom. Some scattered f i g h t i n g s p r u n g from the occupation b u t there was nothing to suggest any serious d i f - ficulties for Hitler. Top-flight H u n g a r i a n leaders including the regent, Admiral Nicholas Horthy: and foreign ministers and possibb Premier Nicholas Kallay were believed virtually kidnaped in Germany, whence they had been summoned to receive peremptory demands for all-out m i l i t a r y assistance. Hela Imredi. former premier and foreign minister and a Hun xarian nazi. was reported estab lishinc a government. He M\IS said to have convoked parliament for Wednesday at which time he was expected lo assume Horthy's now- The Hussian columns in old Poland were nearest war-weary Hungary. Red troops at Tarnopol were 100 miles from Transylvania, the province amputated from Rumania with German connivance. Reel troops in t h e , o l d R u m a n i a n province of Bessarabia were 150 miles from the Carpatho-Ukrainc territory where Hungary wrested from Czechoslovakia. Others advancing on Lwow were w i t h i n 125 miles. A German foreign office spokesman was quoted by the Berlin radio as saying "no detailed discussion of the Hungarian problem was possible as long as certain phases in the development were not yet concuded." The German Red Spearheads Within 35 Miles of Rumanian Border Stassen Would Make Race If Nominated, Knox Declares Washington. (U.RI--Lt. Cmdr. Hurold E. Stassen, former governor of Minnesota, lias notified Secretary ot N a v y Frank Knox t h a t while lie will not seek the republican presidential n o m i n a t i o n he w i l l accept if nominated. =:= * ·'.- -.'· -.= *'·'· * * Knox told reporters Tuesday that Stjsscn made his position clear in a letter which came through official channels from the south 1'ai'ific where (lie former governor is now serving on the j staff of Admiral William F. Hal- { sey, Jr.. commander of the south I'ucifk: area. Stasscn's letter lo K n o x follows: "In recent weeks there have been numerous questions by representatives of the press in the south Pacific as to my a t t i t u d e toward the c u r r e n t inclusion of my name in the presidential nomina- j tton discussions. ' ''The same questions have been raised in the public press on the mainland, accompanied by an increasing amount o! conjecture and speculation and attempts at interpretation and misinterpretation. ! '1 have therefore concluded | hat it is desirable and in the best j ntercsts of my n a v a l service t h a t ] · riy position be clearly, concisely. romplly. and publicly stated/' PLANES ATTACK 'ROCKET COAST" U. S. Bombers Make Assault .in Overcast L o n d o n , (P) -- Britain-based American liberators heavily bom- Mrded the Pas-dc-Calais "rocket oast" area across the channel 'uesday. It was the second heavy ttack on that sector in 3 days. The liberator force, apparently lot large, took advantage of a solid-overcsst to thwart anti-aircraft opposition that had been | operations. One report was that leavy last Saturday, and the first Marshal Tito's Jugoslav partisans ombers back Tuesday reported had recently been in Hungary or- £anizin£ units. The newspaper Ticlningcn o This was the 19th assault by j Stockholm said German troops press was silent. Stockholm dispatches said there xvere some indications that the satellite gateway kingdom to nazi communications in the Balkans might become a new area of partisan activity directed against German, -transport and ..jqiUtary U. S. heavy bombers on that nystery region since the day before Christmas. RAF- heavy bombers in small force struck the Angouleme Explosive works in southern France Monday night in a continuing nocturnal campaign against specialized enemy factories, while mosquito planes bombed \vestern Germany for the eleventh straight night. Not a plane was lost. American flying fortresses and liberators, described by a U. S. strategic air force announcement ss in "medium sized" force, attacked military targets in the F r a n k f u r t area of Germany Tuesday as the highlight of a day that saw between 1,600 and 2,100 allied planes cross the channel. A U. S. communique Monday night said 6 American bombers and 8 escorting fighters failed to return from the 400 mile i'ound- t r i p to the German industrial city Few enemy a i r c r a f t were encountered, b u t the fighters down four. HAROLD K. STASSEN 2 BOYS, 2 GIRLS (The following, Knox said, is he statement Stassen wished to nakc p u b l i c l y ) : I B n r . p A l l l i n I % f l f \ In reply to the questions thai I ft DC Lf|l|Mr| {Ik A I] being asked as to lad hidden in boats on the Danube near Budapest Forth to occupy strategic points il the capital at a given signal. Some H u n g a r i a n s were reported j f i g h t i n g this new invader at the call of their leaders, but t h e na?.is retained control at the center of the country. This was indicated by the fact that the Hungarian news agency's regular midday broadcast sounded as though all was serene. The first item on this commentary was a sort of essay on "the importance of cultural and p o l i t i c a l tics w i t h neighboring peoples in the Danube basin.'' Unconfirmed. r c p o r I s. from Stockholm said that 2 Rumanian divisions were among the forec the Germans had sent into Hungary and that they were being resisted stiffly by the Hungarians. The Turkish radio said the Germans had occupied "important points and communication centers in Hungary and the whole of Iticle toward the c u r r e n t inclusion ' )t my n a m e in the presidential discussions. 1 w i l l f r a n k l y and directly state my position. "I do uot seek and will «h) nothing personally to secure the nomination. If. notwithstanding this position, I were to be nominated, I would consider it to he my plain d u t y to accept and would do so. requesting inactive duty for a sufficient time to discuss with the people the issues and problems nf the future. "I wish to make it equally clear that I will make no statement on political issues while on active duty, that I do not wish any publicity of !ny.aclivitics'in the navy to be used in a political manner, and that no one is authorized to m a k e personal commitments on my behalf. ··1 will c o n t i n u e to carry out to the best of my a b i l i t y those n a v a l duties assigned to mo." Knox made no comment on the letter. Blame Car Gas STRONG SOVIET UNITS PUSH ON IN BESSARABIA Reds Claim Smashed German Forces Retreat "Across Rumania" Moscow, (U.R--Marshal I v a n S. Konev drove soviet spearheads through Bessarabia to w i t h i n 35 miles of the R u m a n i a n frontier Tuesday, and Ihc government or- q in I/ve.stLLi said that "smashed ] G e r m a n r e g i m e n t s are retreating i across Pumiania/' (Since the Soviets regard Bes- sjrabia as a part of Russia, the Iz.vcstia report of a nazi retreat across H LI m a n i a'' a p p a r e n t l y meant that the Germans are pull- ins back beyond the P r u t river, the boundary between -Rumania and Bessarabia.) As the 2nd army of the U k r a i n e poured into Bessarabia on a front more than 50 miles wide, the off i c i a l soviet a r m y j o u r n a l .Red Star proclaimed j u b i l a n t l y . " G e r m a n y has lost t h e battle of the south. The red army o f f e n - sive is s p r e a d i n g l i k e a spring flood. i "The red army has crossed the S 111 i last river barrier in the soviet i south. Tile Dniester is behind us. t 4 j t i · * *r* i * souin. i nc Lmicsicr is ucnma us. LOVCr S LatlC 1 I'agCdy I There is increasing anxiety among Public Discussion Is Urged by Willkie Apjiluton. \Vis.. W)--Wendell Willkie. who spoke here Tuesday for support of 24 delegate candidates entered in his name in the April 4 Wisconsin presidential preference and delegates election, said: "Obviously, those who seek the preference of the voters, should discuss the issues with them, or if they have rendered themselves unable to do so. then il occurs to me that they should decisively, not ambigiously, withdraw from the contest. "All men for whom delegates are running in the Wisconsin primary can say in very simple and unambitious language thai they St. .lames, Minn.. U.R--A leak in the h e a t i n g system of their car that permitted carbon monoxide fumes to seep through the floorboards was blamed Tuesday for the "lover's lane"' deaths of 2 boys and 2 yiris. The bodies of the victims were discovered Monday by a country school teacher. Sheriff j. M. Berg, of W a t a n w a n county, said the couples apparently went to the lonely .spot, .called "The .-End cl Lover's Lane." to park Saturday night a f t e r a dance. Mrs. Fern F r a u c n h o l l x . the schoolteacher, said she discovered the tragedy early Monday before .school upenocl. Tin; \·iirtim.s were Lylc Skarphl. son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Skar- phy, La Salic. Minn.: Harold Slctta. 20. son of Mr. and Mrs. .John B. Slctta. also of La Salic: I Hitler's vassals, especially the Rumanians." To the northwest. Marshal Gregory Zluikov : s first army of the U k r a i n e pushed toward the Carpathians and stepped up the pressure on Marshal Fritz Von Mannstein's salient stretched t a u t between the Lwow approaches and Proskurov. W i t h the nipping off of the Vin- nitsa end of the salient the German position now was narrowed to a" precarious foothold, at many points only GO miles wide, between the soviet northern pincers and the forbidding Carpathian walls. Iiicrcusiuij stivict pressure from the north raised the possibility «f a b r c a k - l h n m ^ l i w h i c h would encircle the German garrisons of I'rosktirov anil Tarnopol. Borciy. about 50 miles northeast Lwow. a l r e a d y was three-qi:ar- Ardts Hjclmcland. 18. (laughter of | tors encircled, front dispatches Christ Hjclmcland. route: 1. ka, Minn., and Carol Thompson. IG. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl , Hanslca. Girl's Invitation to Party Delivered After Round Trip on Ocean Chicago. (fP)--An i n v i t a t i o n to a chilfi's birthdiiy parly was delivered lo G year old Marilyn Gim- (Ecrscn after a round t r i p across the A t l a n t i c ocean. It was posted Feb. 7t and went lo Sgt, Harry Loll. Chicago soldier stationed :;hind. xvho wrote M a r i l y n said. Its f a i t would open the way Tor a straight silool down the railroad to Lwow. Field reports said the Germans were relying on R u m a n i a n divisions to cover their retreat at many points. Two Rumanian divisions with German stiffening elements were charged with the defense of Mogilcv-Potlolski. There on the elbow of the Dniester the Russians feinted attacks in several directions, threw the defenders oft balance, seized the river bridge and made il possible to sweep on into Bessarabia without loss ol momentum. Soviet slrcaminj Forces wove reported across the Dniester at many crossings, despite increasing resistance by the G e r m a n air BULLETINS Ankara.. (U.R)--Formal German occupation of Rumania was believed imminent Tuesday after reports reached informed- Ankara quarters that 5 nazi divisions-one infantry and 4 armored--had erossed Hungary and moved into Rumania. Nazis Reinforce Point Through Secret Tunnel Allied Headquarters. Naples. (U.R) Lt. Gen. George S. Patton has been replaced as commander of the American 7th army by Ma.i.-Gen. Alexander SI. Patch. Jr., it was announced Tuesday. Secret Military Zone on English East Coast Points to Invasion London, (U.R)--An order establishing a secret military zone 10 miles deep along some GOO miles of England's cast and south coasts beginning April -1 was regarded Tuesday as another step in the preparation for the invasion of western Europe. The most sweeping regulations since those imposed in the days just after Dunkirk will forbid visitors to enter coastal areas all the way from the wash, half way up the English east coast, down the shores of the North sea and the Dover Straits to the windswept i nolds imported from advanced 5th rocks on the tip of Land's End. army headquarters that the allied FIGHT RAGES ON FORCASSINO 1,200 Yard Cave Used to Defend Ruined Hotel Allied Headquarters, N a p l e s , (U.R)--German shock troops lashed back savagely at attacking allied forces around Cassino's gutted Continental hotel Tuesday and allied spokesmen revealed that re- enforcements were being dispatched to the embattled nazi garrison through a secret 1,200-yard tunnel leading to an ancient Roman ampitheater outside town. Front reports said a brawling, hand-to-hand battle r a iced all around the hotel and it was indicated that the New Zealand infantrymen who broke into the building Monday and captured almost 204 prisoners had been hurled back into the streets. The hole! itself, which the Germans had converted into a bristling strongpoint, was described as forces inside Cassino are in a "critical and rather grim situation." While the New Zealanclers hold practically all of the town, he said, they -are under constant artillery fire from the surrounding hills and may have d i f f i c u l t y in holding on lo their ghins.) Fighting across huge heaps of rubble t h a t provided perfect cover for the defending Germans, the New Zealanders were forced to attack each nazi position frontally, under a murderous fire from enemy machine guns, mortars, and hand grenades. Official information reaching headquarters traced the strong German stand to the existence of a hitherto-unsuspected t n n n e I running from the Roman amphitheater almost three-quarters of a mile southwest of Cassino. German panzer gvanadiers, it was revealed, have been slipping through the tunnel into Cassino under the guns of the unsuspecting allies to bolster the band of paratroopers who had been holding the southwestern end of the tow r n since the record allied aerial and artillery bombardment last}casualties. Wednesday. do or i" not desire the voters of j that the i n v i t a t i o n had slipped | force. southeastern Hungary is now i Wisconsin lo vote for t h e dele- I i n t o one of his V-mail letcrs. lie j Front dispatches said (hill in the under control of n" German o f f i - i sates respectively pledged to their j added: i capture nt V i n n i t s a a special Gor] "Bdievc me. if I svere olose by. j ,,,.,,, jn-jillL'rv reuimenl. distm- from I_ would have tried to break in on | B u j s hed for being shifted lo v.-hat- ccr whose name and scope of authority will be announced shortly." Hitler's main motive was to bring trustworthy troops into position to stop gaps in the Carpathian mountains. Another purpose might be to try to persuade the Rumanians that clanger to their Transylvanian territory from the Hungarians had duccd by occupation. been rc- candidacy. "It is d i f f i c u l t to know the analysis whether Gov. Stassen is a candidate or not. It has been emphasized in the campaign in Wisconsin, that the only way our system can ' (unction is through public discussion. This primary in Wisconsin is for the purpose of providing the people with a method of making that choice after they have heard iis- had stiffened immeasurably with Hungary-the kingdom, without j cushions of the ,,.=uc. the arrival of the grenadiers. i a klll S- rllied b v a » "drm.'al wuh- .._,,.,,,,.,,..,,.. . v On the slopes of Mount Cas- i out s navy-was reported to have I NF.WfePArhK.MAN that parly." S HOUSES DESTROYED Albany, N". Y., (n'} -- Five firemen were injured, one f a t a l l y , and a woman was believed to have perished in a fire that destroyed C houses in a residential district early Tuesday. The f i r r men were injured when a wall caved in. ever hottest spot t h e f r o n t a f forded, was entirely wiped out. The d r i v e toward the P r u t was speeded by the seizure Monday oE Mogilev Podolski, the 2nd of the 3 rail crossings ot the Dniester to f a l l into soviet hands. Front dispatches said there s t i l l was no sign of German preparations to i rally for a s t a n d , either northeast northeast and wrecked Benedictine monastery j ^~ as a passage for reinforcements, i Three miles southwest ot CDS- j sino. allied and German combat 1 patrols fought a savage night action near San Angelo, while both sides exchanged thunderous artillery fire across the lower Garigliano valley on the western flank of the main 5th army line. The battle of the Anzio beachhead to the north continued stalemated, although long-range German and allied cannon duelled continually. British combat patrols, supported by heavy shellfire. made 2 successful raids on the German lines along the western end of the beachhead early Sunday and withdrew after inflicting heavy German fighter-bombers at-1 Almost 200 paratroopers, w h o , tempted a heavy attack on t h e ' a no-man's-land, under heavy fire j had boasted they would stay in j Anzio port area early Monday,: from both sides. l Cassino "indefinitely." quit when I but they were fought off by pa(BBC reporter Michael Rey- the Maoris broke into the Con- \ trolling allied spitfire pilots who u. . ._..._j , _, , =.,. ti n j n i a i |, 0 t c i Monday, but it was sent 4 of the nazi planes crashing! indicated thai the nazi resistance in flames. i NICHOLAS HORTIIY --Reported seized Weather Report j FORIiCAST ; Mason City: Rain or snow Tuesday night and Wednesday. Slightly warmer Tuesday night. Lowest Tuesday night in Ma- : son City 23. Iowa: Rain or snow Tuesday night i and Wednesday. Slightly w a r m - ! er tonight. Minnesota: Mostly cloudy Tuesday night and Wednesday. Light snow south and snow flurries northwest portion Wednesday. . W a r m e r extreme northwest portion Tuesday n i g h t . I N MASON CITY ; Globc-Ga/.cttc weather statistics: ' M a x i m u m Monday JO ! M i n i m u m Monday n i u l u 21 · At K ;. m. Tuesday 25 . Y E A R AGO: j M a x i m u m 3-1 [ Minimum - 8 C3 RECAPTURED MAR. S-12 M RECAPTURED MAR. 12-20 REDS W I T H I N SIGHT Ol-' C A R P A T H I A N S -- A s the Russian Ukraine army swept airross llic Dniester river into pre-war R u m a n i a , il announced siglHiiig the Carpathian m o u n t a i n s in R u m a n i a lo llio soul Invest. Great pace of Russian advance is shown by b!ackcd-in areas representing: gains last week and the week before (shaded).

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