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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, August 20, 1818
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thursd.iy; august 20. : Sttmm lot timfutitn - Qat of the most pro - ralneot trait: of the American character, isaspi - ritef mtsrprix,' which cvaa under circumstau Cet tbe teutt anprosn'Bbg, tel Jon languishes, and generally rise superior to evary obstacle. Tlx truth of this rer - ark every dav's .xporienc. tends more or lei to dlustrat.. , We leldou fiud one of our country men Who embarks In project or enterprise, th. pructicability ol which M My way domoustrable, who fails in hit object tor want of resolution I end IreQuently hit ambition ud in yicldiog perseverance enable biai to wrestle with diilicultic the most discouraging, J loencoun l hi - h Would IDP&l UT ler uiu tuuvo uiii,iv. - - but an American heart Te lhi at tbo primary ante, may bt attributed the rapid advances our : 1.4, t DOLIll DM tod refbesseat, and in the improvement of onr country, and lha development of our national resources. - ; - r . " . - .. ; ; i Vi - ha v been Induced to thete remarks at the . ,. h alnBuhiiir.maltiDlicalMMI ofi prswviu - Steam - Soot' m United Stales and Ui conse - atteat improvements! our charting and internal navigation Aside from the commercial advan - uZ derived from these beats, as a means of a - cdiiating inUrconrsa with different aecttooi of our .xtensive country, the benefits uey con - fer upon travellers, gentlemen of business or ' i I.L1 - t V, Im Utli - .1 .mm m inraicuiaurv riui . w Jivoswiv, - 1 a about ten years, sine the first boot pro - a successful excursion leg at New Orleans upon the waters, of the Missltippi ! 3722 tons. The total burthen of these boat is combatting the prejudices of the ignorant and unbelieving, and in struggling against the frowns of fortune. But by tha fore of native genius, and that unconqnerable spirit of perseverance and enterprise of which we have been speaking, test benefactor. t from England The ship James Mouroe, one of th. regular patkOs from thi city to Livcr - iool, arrived thi forenoon, in 47 days. By this arfi.M, London papers have been received at the office ofihe New - York Evening Post, to the ticipaUd, they will be given to - morrow. I the Liverpool Mercury, a violent oppos; lion paper, we perceive that the political rare ol tlte celebrated Tandem Hunt, is about drawing to a close. He is denounced in that paper, and several ol the tame stamp, and has been scouted by the popuiare. Hit character mutt be infamous todecuV to bt thut cast oiTcvea by his de mocratic friend. Mr, Simpson, one of the managers ofthe New - York Theatre who left here Iat tpring for Great - Britain, for the purpose of procuring a reinforcement to the dramatic corp," returned this morning in Ui ship James - M.wiroe, from Liverpool. We understand he has succeedeJ in engaging al - loukt an entire new coaipauy. Among the number are Vr. Howard, Mr. MorelauJ, Mr. Blair, aud Mas Lee - uj;, who have arrived with Mr. 6. Mr. WaUark, Mr. Maywuod, aud Mr. aud Carth yj (late Miss SmiUi,) of the London theatres, wtte to embark from Europe shortly after Mr. fiimpMra, aa.l will arrive in the course flhe ea - uiug theatrical season. Several offers . were made Miss O'NtU, all of which she decUn - d. , idling, Lund tixUca bUI. el uu. x it wai sftwn down when .he aacbored Charles Morgan, sor taauiK reople of color in the brig Mary - Ann, and 1 sloop Thorn, contrary tn law. ... ,v v; , . ,. JVe. - Betweei 3 ao7 o'clock this morning, a fire broke out in a cluster of old Wood, bul - dings in aiulnerry - etreet, d before it could be 6ot under destroyed five or tenement, of no great value. Hi. Excellency the Governor, has appointed Jeremiah I. Drake, Esq. udg. Advocate of the 3d Division of tha Militia of this state, and to rank as colonel. , . . a. letter from J. Huntington, to bis brother in Boston, dated Jacqoemel, July 17, wys, about the 1st hut. Chrislopbe came within 13 leagues of Port au Prince, with a considerable force - He sent deputies to the generals of the republic, inviting them to submit td him, but met with no encouragement i and retreated before . president Boyar bad time to attack him." Garrick, on'the management of Theatres, is received. Tor reasons which it is unnecessary to state, it must lie on the table for a few days. ItmuaUtat can bare his manuscript by calling at the office. We shall commence) the publication of the number on " Columbia College" to - morrow. A correspondent who was kind enough to send us a double letter all the tray rem Upper Cana da, enclosing a string of resolutions intended at a satire upon poor Mr. Goarlay aud Barna Bid - well, without paying tiie pottage, Is requested not to do the like again. We would not give ttnti for all the writings and proceedings of peuea r.y V7 fihUcilv Gourlay in Cacada, or for those of hit opponents, npoo the waters of tha Hudson, from this city aiKunr. Aad now we find them in ope - retract of a letter dated Liverpool, July 1, 1818. . .i n.v . iu. . I rtka ii tnrmthi tlift imDort of flour fmm ratio, from one ex renmy o, w vu - - th. Uni.1 State, is 306,000 bbl,vand of wheat the upon the wnole range our eea - .i .450Q auarUri. Uie market has been dull for our numerous aud spacious beys upon every the last fortnight until yesterday, when wheat of nv;ible stream of any impotance anJ on the fine quality was inquired for, and some tales of . , .. cl.i...i..A.. hnt flour were made at 43s 6 a 45s. We do not look oosotn oi our lanes. i - for aoT Bateriai advance in price, but the pre - we hear of a new launch, either at the east, the (Qt ratel maT j,e considered low, and hould the nnik AiiihAWMt nntil atleoeth, our remotest prospect of the shotting oftkeporU in August eo - territori - , which of Ut. were but seldom, and crease, it might hare tome little favorable effect icrniuna, upon flour. The average price of wheat is now with the utmost difficulty vuuted, owing to rug - the rrevioui 0De WM 83,4, but the ml mk and the situ - fish movements of stages, nexi we houlJ expecL would be a little lower. ... tJ.. .luv. a . access, and of fashion - H is very difficult to give an opinion as to the . ,, ,i ;.u ports iu August, bnt very favorable weather ableresort. GenUemen can now travel f w'ouia probably reduce ease, comfort and safety, ana wiia a rapwuy averages to within a trifle ot 80s either over x hitherto unknown in anr country, from the re - or under. ..i'swUm the nation to anv eiven point Tbe import of cotton for the last half year is or territory. Even our ferries, often sources of vexation, danrer and delay, are at almost every much latterly, the import for the last month bav - imcortaut w!ac rendered commodious and plea - tog been 51,220 bales, and the sales during that . 4 ... .. , . period tor consumption only I7,uuu. inema - rant by the.. boaU. From this city, steam - loaU luKtariai continues very extensive, but are leaving and arriving from almoft all diroc - th supplies must fall off very much to enable the tioos daily. Three spacious Boats are constant - market to rally, or even to maintain our present ly plying between thi. place and Albany , two "gf ,obacco rortlhi,day U3051 upon the sound, bet ween I. York and W. London hhds. mosll r Vireinia. The rcneral demand has several to different point hi New - Jersey ; and been extremely limited for tome time, inferior our harbour rendWed lively by the numerousler - and middling qualities have declined l - 2d pr lb.; . ....... I fine Qualities being rather scarce maintain them - ry tout pauing ana re - passing in ail aircciioos. f rf - lhe WJml of renJers our prescal Added to thu, is the luxury of having boats lu quotations almost nominal, and unless it revives readiueaatall times for pleasure excursion to tome further decline may be apprehended when .. . . 1 f ul . . , , the import becomes more abuudant. the ma..y elegant place, of fashionable retort in pjt bae in nlh - r our immediate vicinity, several .uam - Doau an(j Mn( t,iet oarc aien place at our quota are employed upon the St. Lawrence 1 and a tions. l'carls are not much inquired for. 'lhe New - OrUaas paper received this morning, give, totk of ashes is supposed to be rather large, and j. : we sliould not be induced to expect much im - os a dialogue n in t , provesuent in prices for the present. Turpentine aud tar are very dull, as a good deal of the late imports remain on hand, should any further material reduction in price take puce, it would probably bring lorwaruspecuia - . Had the life of Fcitow been spared, what a torf . but at present there appears no prospect ol period ' of pride and exaltation would the pre - improvepient, and should further tupi - lict arrive, sent have ben to him. What a rich reward would he now have been reaping, for the disap - poiulmtnti be experienced, and for the toil,'anx iety and suffering be was fated to endure, ia of which there is some expectation, the market for t'oth articles may decline. Since the 1st of January, 2j0 American ve sels have arrived here, of which It now remain in port. Up to this time last year the arrival were 205. We are, sir. very respectfully yours, MAURY & LATHAM New - Orleans Cotton, Is 8 1 - 2 a is 1 1 1 - 2 per lb; upland, Is 8 1 - 4 a Is 9 1 - 4 ; sea - inland, 34 a 4 t do ordinary and stained, is a 2a 0 ; tobac co, James River leaf, 6d a 10 ; strip?, tt 3 - 4 a 10 he was enabled to surmount every obstacle ; and - Rappajianiuck, leaf 51 - 2 a 7 l - i ; strips, a . 9 1 Maryland, noue ; Kentucky and (eoigia, a world, too often given to IngraU.ude, is now 5 , 2 , 7 ,.j . Tar 14l a 1C4pcr ,hx . Xur,,cn. enjoying the products of oue of it greatest and tine, 13 6 a 4t per cwt; Ashes, 1st Tot 5 - ls ; do I'earl 5?s ; Flour, sweet, 4 Is a 43s per LM ; I sour o9 a 40s: Wheat lis 6 a 12s 3 ir70 lb. V. 8. July 4. fciiu - e the foregoing, wheat aud flour have been in good demand and hi some little advoiit e, the latter w 110 w quote at 4ss a 4bi 6. The average just declared i. 3 3d. The pros pect of the fhnluugof thepoit ui August rattier lawns but is still very doubtful I f ' ' 1 1 ..n r. . - 1 i n a .lull t,il ih imni - 4i lKi WAL 30:i. of June, and Liverpool to the 3d July ... nefirir i4000 bales, urice have declined From both placet, however, papers have been 1.4J ,,cr ju. pot - ashes coutiiiue to decline received three days later, by the ship Milo, via Pearls now steady, but still in limited demand. Boston. We have had lima to give the papers but a momentary perusal i but should we find tot article) of interest which have not been an Turpentine is also rather Iom er. From Oit National Inldli genet r, Aug. 18. Tli! Federal Gazette, of Baltimore, censures the di lay which has occurred in executing the sentence of death on the mail robber convicted in that city in May, and imputes it to th refusal or neglect of the president to sign what is called a death wnrraut. It has uot been osoal, we be lieve, for the executive of the Lnited States to issue any such I iu capital convictions ; we dor it al present recollect a sin? le case, Mr. Jeffeison, we kuow, dciliuedtodn so. Indeed, it hat been but seldom necesrtrv, as the federal courts, acting in coolbrroity to Uie practice ofthe states in wuich they are held, pe yerally direct the execution of thir own senten ces, without any sanction from the executive authority. Iu Maryland, however, where ea pital convictions are executed in virtue only ol a warrant Horn the governor, ilie judges 01 ux federal court conformed to the stale pmcticc, and referred the execution of the sentence pronounced on the mail robber to an order from the pre - idoat, who, we understand, too - ruts to yield to what seems to be required by the Maryland practice, without which the cnteuce would ne cessarily remain unexecuted until the nrxt term of the circuit court ol Maryland. A dreadful hurricane, alnio't unrimpUd in rick'nee, we understand, pawed over tho north - eti neclt c f Virginia, and obliquely across the Potomac, into Maryland, on Saturday afternoon, prmlrating in its course trees, Once, Ac. on the l,ind, and on the river commiltin iujwie niuti more distreinz. vcr.d vessels, we are it - I formed, were sunk i amongst tneui eoe wiurn Coroner Report. Mr. Sharp, tbe coroner at J waj carrying s.vcnl pasen:ers from the navy - Erooklva, w as yesterday Cai. d to view Vie bo. ! Brd, in thit C y, ru a visit to their friends be - dr cf seaman, found dead in the Aouourer's a - Ulw w,1i. i ' burricaue appmach rmrtment, at the United Ststts N avy Yard. He wa discovered in the Armouiei's thest, with th hd shut down Verdict of the jury Suffoiaii - m The name of (he (eainaa wa John Car.wy, oi Uie coivetbj Jolio Adams, lying at tbe Navy Yard. lniiilmentt for kidi.apping Tbe graad - j.rj of MLUesex coonty, (.Nw - Jersey,) al tbetr laU ', hud com to amhi.r. Four ladie. and 4 or 5 children, who were on board thii vemel. parish ea ine ntime ol ail of tli - in we hav not yet ram and we lfr miv more lives wre lo - t We shall b or Iter loomed of this mehniLboly occur reo - e by the steam - boat. Frem tte .'arfjlk Heral!. Ar. 14 .9 IloLbrr eaeht 1 he French ,:h(VHier 1 FiwrCftine aimed iie ou the 2 1st ult. fiom In our harbor, itwae though best to let tne gpecie remain en board for - the night. Next morning, w. found that the whole of the money had vanished, and that the mate whose name was Jolin uaronae, n.u ao income iitvuible. . It wa not doubted that the aaid Garonde and the apecie and made their exit simultaneously, and it wa. "etrongly bus - nrt a1 tht two Prenclinvrn of th' town who reside in Little - Water - street (both cronie of his) were accomplices in the robbery. 1 ne evidence against them, however, was not a - t'ufactory enough to commit them upon, and Garonde was supposed to have made olf with the booty. But on Tueaduy night last, about 10o crck,he and three other Frciv hraen (in - cludinir the two before alluded to) were acci - dentally seen to enter the house ot one Joieph, petty liop keeper in rorumoutn, oy a gen. tleman of 'that town, who pre.emlv collect ed a Urge party of citizen, and C3nducted them to the spot. Tliey surrounded the house and secured two of them, but Garonde, the principal rogue, and another named An - toine, were mifting. A strict aea'i - ch Oirough - out the liou.e wa. made for them, but without success. In a back room lay an ill looking fellow on a mattrass which was spread on the floor. He was made to rise, and while one of the magistrates who came with the guard was examining him one of the party carelessly rolled over the mattrass with hi font, when to the surprise of all present, there appeared a small trap door in the Boor, just laree enough to admit a man throudi it One of the citizens immediately descended through it into a ce.lar nearly half lull of water, and with the help of a f aiidle presently found the culprit Garonde, who with the other two were then tent to jail. Antoine, it was conjectured had fled over to Norfolk, where he reside - Upwards of a 600 in srold and silver were found upon Garonde, quilted in a kind of sash, and wrapped round Ins body. He had a horse and chair at the dour, and was that nrght to have set off for Petersburg, having left $100 Willi the person from ho in lie lured them, by way of a pledge for the return. About :600 more were four.d the next day in possession of Antoine, and he was sent to keep ks worthy friends company in the jail at Portsmouth. 1 he whole sum recovered is between u and S1400. A neve interview with Vie Sea Serpent. A very particular and interesting account GLOUCESTER, Aug. 15, Mr. Cushing Having been an unbeliever of the existence of a tea Serpent, on our coast, from the time that he was first noticed to the pre. sent week, my doubts hare been compelled to yiclJ to stubborn facts, of which I was an eye witness. Returning; from Newburyuort into squain Harbour, on Wednesday last, iu a Che - bacco boat, where we had been for the purpose of obtaining fishing bait, and having failed or getting a supply, we were in hopes of taking some on our pastaee j and when off Chebacco bar, it being perlectly calm, we discovered tomewbat at Die distance of a mile or more, which we were in hopes was a shoal of bait, making a great agitation on the smooth surface of the water ; it seemed to approach u rapidly ; but as it came nearer, ws were convinced we bad been in au error, and that, what we took for a shoal of black fen, was nothin? less Uiau the bunches on the back of the celebrated it A SERPENT ! He made directly for th. boat until he came ithin 50 yards j lie . then sunk uuder water, and we were much alarmed lest he should rise under us, as we had no power of getting trom him, we lying becalmed ; when he came up be was 30 feet from as : we bad then a perfect and dif tinct view of this mouster of the deep ; his head was elevated from 3 to 5 feet the distance was about 6 feet from his neck to the first bunch ; we counted 20 bunches, and we supposed them on an average about 5 feet apart, and his whol length could not be lees tban 120 feet. When we first saw him, there appeareu a nppunx ia iue water which made a noue not much unlike wa ter running rapidly over loose pebble ; 00 hit nearer approach, when we knew it to be the serpent, we imagiued it to proceed irons nu mouth, and it appeared as uiougn ne waa nis - siniT : but on his nearinz still more, we found it proceeded from the rippl. made by the bunches on his hack; it wa 12 o'clock, noon, when we saw him : the weather wa clear and the sea smooth, and no deception could have been marie ; 1ms head was of a dark brown color, formed like a seal's, and shined with a glossy appearance ; he seemed to be indifferent as to us. and went a stea dy coure for Rye beach about Ji. by W. and we lo.t iLHit of hiui at abeut 4 miles distance. Mr. Joseph time of Brunswick,' N. H. and two lads were with me in the boat, and saw pin as distinctly a mvsilf i his body wa of the size ot a bj or bl gallon casx, nw 11 can large at a barrel, for we could see it when ne wa about 4 miles from 11. I believe he is perfectly harmless, & miclit easily be caught nearly u the time th it he was in sight, his head wa elevated more or less above water - there w nuthinir that appeared like tins or gills j we did nut discern hi - , tail, there was a quick vibration of the parts w taw, which probably was b.s mode ot swimming. TIVOTHV HOltfiKTNS. Mr. Timothy llodekins, who relU s the above, i about 50 years of age, has fur the most part of his life fnfl iwcd the sea, and it entitled to credit. oun, w. a. 16th. The Serpent has been teen for scve ral hours this morning near f - qiiam light - house by a treat many persons, son! t! whom were within 2(1 feet of him, and agree in the above description, excepting that hi head nearly re sembled that of a Uud serpent , and when u was at rest no bunches appeared. FiTTisuoH, (Penn) Atifj. 11. French Cohny in Texas. Le Champ d'Asile! how romantic, how innocent, bow unsophisticated are these modern French. Le Champs d'A - ile ! The field of Refiire, word wuithy of Chateaubriand, in his happiest moments, when Atala, Chactas and the hermit, in the bosom of an American forest, breathe a - round the primitive characteristics of sublimity and love, rjuch is tne name gi.en by a certain French colony to a military establishment in the provinee of Texas, which will probably fall within our boundaries. The members of, this colony made a gre:it noise about fifteen months yn : they had, in fai.ey, formed a p" - foct Eutopia. and built tlieir csoital, which. under the influence of that kind of wild re - niihlicanitm which has more thsn once disfi - irmvd I'raiu e, they called liexiopjlis. Their phut was most fascinating i their constitution mokt liberal, ami their colony was to surpass every thing that lias been thouyhtof since the d;o. of Plato, the tvstems of Sir Thomas Moore, tae Reverend Fenelon ; snd Uie eccen trie Lcc incliuive. The vine, the fig - tree, and theohve, were to bloom betide the orange. and tiie laughing1 scenes of the vintage were to be translated from Uie fields of Lauiguedoc to tbe plains of Alabama. Thee delusive dreams have vanished, and our Arcadian colony has suddenly been metarnorivhosed into a band of land lubber. We regret that Con cress had not made the grant a conditional one For our part, we liave never entertained much confidence in these associations, where general oiScers and men of science) are the timueers. Government ought to encourage tl.o emigration of this last class as much at noasible. but wt doubt whether giving them wild ua - As be the proper plan. We should orefer offer inr this kind of property to the la r cluM of Irish and iirrmans who may cmigiatc to our shorts. This popuUuon would suit our frontiers much belte tbe eoTtorU and military establishments of Metsri. L AUe - msnd&CO' This colony since their artal( in Texas, lisve published a kind of constitution or expose of their system of government. A - tnwg other tnings mey prum liirioti. As to.this article, we are a little scepr tical We bad the honor of an acquaintance with many of these gentlemen, on theit way to n.i..n. . .ml .Hhniicli their science, fondness r .. . . ir. - V,t.Hitiir anil nnlitliea nutlincra cii nlMiin imnreulntl fin OUT minds, snd excited, at time, all our sympathies, yet we consider it impossible, that the same persons wmi anally made a jest of the whole Christian system in p;ticl.ii, rh.ean treat it with seriousness in the Clumps d'Asile. We shall never forget these gy, smginff gentry, as mey through our country, they were anamination i but when thv talk of respectint: religion, the thine Krrirnt?(i ludicrous. Their favourite ... . j ...... work, which some of them carrieu wm x... as Alexander did Homer, was l)u Pai ny's Poem of " The wur of the Gods ' this production with due deference to lady Morgan, u tue most abominable and liornble burlesque 011 uir christian doctrine, .that has been attempted, and could onlv have bee.i published in the year 8 of .h - French Kepublicone and indivisible, the date pf all the title page we have seen However we wish this military coiony success i but instead of cohorts and arms, we recommend to thein a little common sense a the best ineredient we know ef. in every insti tution. We also hope tliey will not oouicr their neighbors with their ventose or their pluvm.e, or any other new tangled doctrine, all of which we bold in mortal aversion. ' . GOSHEN. fO. C.) Ansust 18 Important Oicitiun. We understand that the important cause, which has lung been pendiog between Mr. George Phillip, and the Commissioners of the IJrowned Lands, was 00 Friday last decided bv Commuwioner appointed for the pur - nose, bv awardius to Mr. Phillip the sum ol 3.2O0. l he award wa made by two of the Commissioners. John Barber, and Alanson Auv tin telah Tuthill, the other Commissioner disa greeing to the report. PHILADELPHIA. Aue. 19 A few nights past a .Mr. blewatt, an uifioer of the bonk ol the L nited States, wa returning to bis lodgings, be wa attacked by dog, at the corner of fine and Third streets, was thrown down by them on the pavement and his life endanger ed by tbe ferocity ofthe attack, and the numbers which surrounded him ; a single dog cross 4 the street and approachr.d him, evidently niena. ciiii: his throat, and in defend inn himsell from the murderous attempt, his hand wa bitten through the tide or palm ; and his body seriously lacerated by other dogs, who j - ined in the aisault ; fortunately he was rescued from death, by meant of persons who beard hit cries, 10 seasonality as to heat off die assailant. Since the attacic Mr. Stewart hat not been able to attend to hi duties in tho Bank. Citizen of Philadelphia, how lone will you permit thi crowinc nuisance, presented daily by dogs, tocouiinue i The Corporation ol the city . nve provided an Ordinance for your protection Why i it net put ip execution.' The citixeu of thi great town ought certainly to be protected from the ferocious and murderous attacks of dogs running at large in Uie street 01 ouruty. NEWPORT. August 15. Arrived at this port on Thursday last, brig Caroline Augusta, Henry, of Boston, 14 days from, with Sugars, bound to Amsterdam put in lor orders. The sliip Intrerity, Elder kin, of Providence wa at Amsterdam June atu, to sail ia fi day for M anion. WASHINGTON - CITY, Aug. 17. A slight accident occurred, this morning, oc casioned by a bole near uie side path on the t enn tylvama avcuue, opposite Mr. Leonard's doer Whilst Mr. T. Kiutrfold, the marshal, wasdnv iug past, in a chair, th horse (lipped in up to bis shoulder, and very narrowly escaped a sen. ous injury : through the presence of wind of the marshal, only one shaft of the chair was broken but a restiff animal, in a similar situation, might hare cost the life ol an individual. These boles near the drains in our streets, ar a disgrace to the corporation, and au immiueut dougur to the safety of the cilice ns. XtiaroLK, August 17. Capt. Xelms, of the British sloop Mury France, which arrived at this xrt on Thurs day last, in 13 days from Turks Wand, informs, that no American vessel would ncrcatter oc permitted to touch there, if they had even a part of a cargo on boanL This regulation would ext. - mt s well to vessels direct trom the Chited State having the produce of the United Sprites on board, s to those Irom the Islands having West India produce on board. A ship (cant. S neither recollects her nameor where she belonged) barely escnprd seizure by cutting her cables and putting to sea ; and a schr. or sloop also escaped with little or no less diHiulty. .A seaman, named Peter Anderson, a Dane, fell from the fere yard nf the British ship A 111 cator, yesterday nviniintr, and was instantlv killed. We learn that the unfortunate man has a wife in this borough. iein Cape. Francois. Error Corrected We gave in our last an incorrect notice of the mar ket at Cape Francois, importing to be obtained from the schooner George, Capt Butlrr, which arrived here on Wednesday, io 6 day from that port. The information upon whicri our state - rue ot was predicated, was obtained from one of ,i . . . e . - J iue vrew, in mc suirnie 01 vtt(v. o nuu wc have since understood Irom the Captain, is not at all to he relied on. We now stale, on the authority of Capt. II. that when be left Cope Kran - coit. Coffee could not be obtained (on board) all expense paid, for less than 22 cents, and that not more than $14 by the sinirl barrel, out ol the (tores, could be had lor Flour. The crops would notrhe coming in until October or .Novem ber. Captain Butler further authorises us to con tradict the report brought by an arrival at New - York, innt (.itimtopiie was marching against Port - au - Prince wilh 13,000 men. He, says Capt. B. visited the ports of Uonaive and bt. Marks, attended by only a part "f bit LoJy luurd, solely for the purpose of reviewing Ins troops, examining tiie garrisons, etc - Jo apprehension seemed to I intertnined at Port - au - Prince of his attacng that place. He was ex pected to arrive at Cape Henry about 2d or 3d August, a day or two alfcr Capt ti. tailed. The people of (he island were much disposed to remain at pear . MAIlKlLIt, On Tuesday evening, at N. Utrecht, by the Rev. Mr. Ueutty, Thomas Gardner, Junr. of this city, to Miss Joanna Hegeruao, daughter of Mr. 1 liornns negeman, oi the r.mvr place. DIED, Yesterday morning, Mrs. Jane Knox, an old inhabitant of thi city. The relations aud frieoib of Uie family are requested to attend her funeral. thi afternoon, at five o'clock, from the bouse of her son, Tbos. Kuox, 66 Green wtch ttreet. Last evening, after a long and painful illness, Mr. Louis MiMillier, jun. need 27 years, ol the firm of Tricon Si Vissillicr. jun. Hi friends and acquaintance are ri'i jestrd to atteud his funeral, without further invitation, to - morrow af ternoon, at 5 o'clock, front hi late residence, No. 90 Nassau street. KkLMlfiTi POST MARl.SE LIST. CLKARED. sliip Garonne, Sterling, Havana G.G.kS. Howland Brig Cora, Smith, it .ton bewail. Stone, Rr.tTiim Schr Venus, Simpsnn, St 'I i.ims Slurp Washington, Russel, Phil.'jJ - '.lu Frolic, lUiesoo, Darrien, Ceo. .IHUFt fHlS FORRJf j.V, Ship James" Monroe, W. - itkinson. K7 days from Liverpool, with a full carep of dry joo Js, to Isaac Wright 'Srm,' owfiersi TTnempsoo,' DC'rowther, - a U jwuuion, w iiciucru,vun Bowen, J KiutitoA, E Dodgsbun, E R Claii, C H IsewDOld, Nonimer isjuk, i'""i 1 Wigham, W Barraclotigh, J S Uailey, wis ana gwan, E Morewood, Leggett, F6x k Co. T Kis - tarn Si Co. J Thompson, G Bingley, T Dixon, R Jl Sager, F B Winthrop, J Buckley, O L Dodge, S AlbcrUoii, H K Toler tt Co. E Dud ley, C M Evers, ti 1 enson, uare ol nru, Kip Si lngraliam, P V Ledyard tt Co. II Wray, .dcuck U Co. J woouiieaa, a pi.rsn a. iiruuits, W Holly, G Chance. R Itainey & Co. 8 Leg - gelt, T Searth, II W Delavsn & Co. Lambert ii Bi others, J Taylor It Sons. J H X llaight, G Wrsgg, Hattrick, Lee & Co A Murray, it Learned, U Thompson, J T Dolan, J Fox, J W Schmidt & Co. H tt G Barclay, J Givan, Ad - urns tt Blackwell, Aiken. Fisher t Goddard, J Graham, T Tidswell, Tredwell U MSsam, J Harris, Squire li Silliman, P Remsen Si Co. Lord U Clmttead, T J Tobias & Co J Heard, Hicks k Lord, L fiC tiuydam, B F Babcock, S Keed, 15 Marshall, J lorillard, Titus, Ave ry & Week. Calder, M'Lea ti Co Laverty, shelter It King, Marx & Linsley, W Cairns, Major Si Gillespie, A Ylaiin, and to order. Passengers, Miss Leesuirg, Miss Robert, Messrs. J Rapelye, A lnsinger, Wm. Bar - 1 Critiditloop Marr Fraecee, NoltMf, Turk - BritubKurEhcmeld. Murray. JAesMrara. 5R bbiptlomer, tvi'Kown, Bath, 10 days. ' . . Io Hiunpion Road yesterday, hip Africa, x Neal, Irom James River, for Kafinou'h t British ship Alligator, Goddnrd, from Amboy, in bal - i latt; ship Llizabeth Wilson. Goodwin, fromep ' Jainet River, bound to London ; aid brig Adam, 1 AdrtUit. from Richmond, bound to DuhTio. Tbe French frigate La Luchesee de Berry, came down the Bay and proceeded to tea yesterday mornin bliip George Washing ton, Allen, (of Newport) ' 67 day from Liverpool, with 45 paUengers. bcii venu,i u'ree, i?uayirom ceiuit, (Me.J Schr. Adla, Haulurd, 30 - days fcocn bt Johns. ' i$.B.) ' ' Cleared; brig Mount Hope, Smith, tor .Providence ; ship Talbot, Gardiner, Liverpool; tcbr ttaoger, mcnarns, iew torn. r tlO.VI OUR CORRESPONDENT. . Ciiy Gasett. ofCce, Charleston,) August 12. ARRIVED Sloop Packet, Vote., NYori. 18 days. Ou the 3lt alt la l 3d 14 spoke sliip Vi. mington and Liverpool Parkct,Lonibard,10 dtrt from New - Bedford bound to Norfolk. On Ce 3d inst lat 35 22 spoke brig OIynthu5 days fron Savannah lor rtuiade ipma, , Mm. day Poke Innn 1'Hl.rn Tmlfr. limrv. davt tr. Riu raclough, Vklmond Simpson, James Howard, for gavaimah. Ou Saturday 9th inist the Packet Henry Blair, Ceo. Wagg, Jun. n Aioreiana, . h . u... jji.. - , at vorth pn, near Geonr. and 38 in the steerage. Spoke J uly 17, lat. 47 ,own t0 cbtain tw whkh were kindly fur. , 30, long 25, ship Georgia, Lowe, from Savan - wsheJ by o,e inhabitants. 1 nh bound to Live pool. - July 28, UL 45 20 The tl)ip Telegraph, Fanning, from N. York. - ' long 40, ship Evergreen, from Liverpool bound took a pUot morning. . to New - York. July 29, ship Maria, from Cork HAVANA, Aug. 2 - Arrived, Eng frigste Se. bound to Alexandria. . mirami. com. sir J L'Yeo, 6 dt from Jamaica. Ship Fanny, Forman. 43 days from Greenock, Am briz V ictory, N York. 6U1. arr. Am with coals and dry goods to J G rabam It Co. ,tn enguin, 3 1 ds from Gibraltar. By the Pea - owners ; r Irving, J 1 r.yior ot Don, u a. uaa - ua we itarn that the convoy which sailed from bcit, Dunham & Auchincloss, G Thorburu, B ihisportto Cadiz in the early part of May, had Lee, Campbell, A M'JJou&ai, J uivan, wi happily ar. at its destmauon, without lot or da - Roger; A Thompjon, - l redwcii s jviasam, it 1 mat;. Jivan. W Hutchinson, Mills, furdy it to. w A mfriean tettth advertised at Havana. Jlvt 2. Todd. Hattrick. Lee & Co. Patterson & Bro thers, J & N Haight, R & J Thompjon and W Ateel, A Brycc & Co. C Suydam, Kirk & Mer - cein, H Howe, J Fastburn k Co. T & J S worth, Dr. MWevin, W Brown, A Campbell, caidcr, M'Lea & Co. James Graham, ti t Uabcocx, u Johnrton, P & J S Crary, Marah at Brooks, Kennedy St Maitland, R. Wilson and Aiexanjer M'Gretror. Pawencer in the cabin, P. Gra ham and family. Aeurss Clark, Martha Hughes, Marv Bovd. Catharine lllunter. wemeimuia Johnston. R Ronald. Wm Anderson, R Patt ton. F. Pattison, and 42 in the steerage. The shin Mary - Aueusta, sailed 15 day before - Left at Greenock 7th July, sh.p rvative, urum mond, of Baltimore, to sail for Charleston next dayt brig Caroline, Steel, cf N York, to sail don, who informed us he had been boarded by an armed brig, in lat 34 11 lon 68 23, and robbed of all the money be bad on board, and very badly treated, with threats of putting them all to death snd sinking the ship ; kept them a long Liverpool. who lad been also robbed by Uie same brig, of provisions, water and stock. From the passengers they took wa'clies, trinkets, ana wearing apparel, to tho amount of 5UU, anu mai treated them. Capt. hand gives lbs following description of the bri: a long low brig, painted entirely black : nierced for lOeruus ; mounts six 6 - pounders, aud a lung travelling guu a mid hip ; her figure - head represents an Indian warrior. which answer form nume the brig gave of her, the Indian Libre. 1 he brig Monarch, ol Lon Schr Only Daughter, IIendernn,lOdaytiroui St Andrew, with plaster, Douna io iiuuiou. BELOW. A ship supposed to be the Washington, For. man, from London. Aud I brig hiiu 2 schooners. .ilitttyKl) LAST fCVEXITfG, Schr TeUon, 17 days from Port au Priuce wilh logwood, to Palmer & Hamilton. Pasteuger, Mr. Hetlden. Vessels left have been reported bv tha Jtu - nuemel Packet Schr John Walhoe. Jasper, 6 days from Wah inzton. N. C. with oaval t tores to A H Van Bok - k!in. ami Beekman. Bray k Co Moop Three Sisters, House, oars irom narn table. 'with nlaster. bound to Hudson. . . . r. . i.i i kj moon ueisey, pilous, h u; hu with faster, to the captain. Sloop Packet, Libbv, 5 days from Ph'dadelphi - wilh fbur. Sic. to Is. Care, jun. and others. Eloon Fulton. Robioson, 6 days from Boston, wilh beef, stignr, rum, dry godi, sumac, paper. shoes, nil, &c. to G t, i 3 Howland, r llenisen ft Co. II W Field. B & W C Mcrritt, Law - rencc Si Keese, FiC Deming, G Lee, Joseph Titcotnb & Co. J Osboru, Van Nortwick At fil ler. C Dubois, and oUiert Regular tmdini sloop William Henry, Crane, 3 days from Bermuda, with rum, molasses atd specie, to W J Furmrui Si Co. owners. Left, schr Ceres, 70 days from NYork t brig Dolphin, Cottrtl. for Wiscassel in 4 dars ; tcbr Andrew Jar kson, (idlet, for NYork in 8 days. Markets dull for bread stuffs. West India produce high and scarre. The BriUsb packet had just arrived from England. Spoke, lat 36 SO lon 69, ship Missouri, Hart, 32 dayt from N Orleans for Cub raltar. FROM OUR CORRESPOXDRMT. OiTice ofthe Baltimore Patriot,) August ib i r. m. s. t r K in. i isno. newneniorti. Tie hne Eros. Bovle. hence, arrived &t St Crtix, Stith ult. FHOM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Steam Boat Hotel, Reading & Newt o n!.r...l - I "7 O AMI ItUIJIU, lvlltflK, nwg 9 n. .... , Arrived, ship Darieu, Vail, 6 day from Mid f!kton. f Con.1 Sloop fclita, LitcLCsld, of New - York,24 hour from Curritock. In Hampton Roads, ship Foster, Morao, from up James ISu - er, bound to Liverpool. In the Rite of Crsney Island, schr Fsme. Sher - mia, S2 dayt from New - Orleans, bound to Richmond rnt in to b'id passeo'ert. amone: whom are capt i'horaa L. Parker, late of the brig enot,of Ualtimore, old. Ilt, imp virgin, irt ; Normsn. for Hrtuen : Edward Bardin, liambure ; Pal as Hartlo, for ditto all ia 2 weeks Snoke. July 27. inside of the Bahie. chr W il ham Si Joseph, hence fir New - Orleans. N. Or lean wa ?"ry healthy ; produce scare and and treirht low. British Cutter George S Robert, Shea, Trini dad, 19 flayt. For Hamburzh, brig Sally - Ann Philadelphia, sloop oung Man'iCompanion New - Orleans, pilot - boat Criterion freight or charter to any port in Europe or the U. State, brig Eugenia. From theAmtritan Centintl Office. PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 19 Arrived. bri Feliciana, Franklin, 23 days from N Orleans and 16 from the Balize, with specie. Sailed with several vessels for Europe, 4c. Vessels left reported by previous arrivals. Spoke nothing Passengers, Messrs. J li tlerpm ana ton, W Proudfit, NG Keyle, D F Steinbeck, J B Sut ton, W Rogers, G Paul, S T File, J Bitter, J Hcoler, and O Mauson. Sch faltohne, Otis, So days Irom tt. Andrew?, with 118 pauengers ; sch True American, Das - fr N Orleans next day s ship Rebecca Coffin, MtU 3 days from N York ; sch Mary - Jane, Asia - Watt, to sail for Charleston in 10 ilaysj brig tern, from Cape Henry, IlayU; Entisb tch Ko Sarali, Badger, of New York, arrived oft the bert, Robinson, from Tobago. 5th July ship Independence, Thomas, met Arrived at the lazaretto, ship Sampson, Boyle, goinfr up the Clyde. July 12th, Tusker from Dublin, with 60 passengers j ship Penusyl - benrinir north 10 leagues, spoke ship Imo - yania, Robiusou, 4 days from Charleston t tcb gene, or Richmond, 35 days from new - ur. pana, origgs, 4 uays irom n 1 ora ; sioop v.aieo loan. OfliK Jul. 1.1 47 Ion 81 west, snoke Strnm'. Slanwood. 14davstrom St. Andrews. ship Clifton, capt. Shawl, from Jamaica for Lon - From JN Orfeans fienert, jufli JtMA to xm, tier brii Feliciana. Arrived, hrii? Richard, from Liverpool: brie New Packet, Thatcher, from Bottoo ; ship Po - cahootat, Walkint, from Lisbon ; ship Loreaio, Smith, from Piew York ; brig Argo, ireianu, no. Cleared, one Alliance, coiner, iiverpuui time detained in company with two brigs, which iClf Sarah, Irtanton, Nassau J tliip Monarch, they had also previously plundered ; fired a num - Campbell, Greenock ; brig Orleans, Thornton, bcr of guns at the brig while hove to alongside. New York ; brig John Heed, Usher, Liverpool ; f. ... cknr.,i ..... b . il,. ... ill. .Hw li.inv I hriv f I awmw - . ftibraltari uout. I.IHIHU r,uo vu ...v ... ... ....j 'Mt " - ! " ..,, . robbed, Uie brig llnrnn, of Savannah, bound for Loading - thip a'nt, sri Ur U1VCIWI , Vila m0.m..v , - Cuintssroa, Aug. 12 - Arrived, rrussian tirio - Aucrutta - Johnsan. Aux - CsvM. (St. U0 - tningo) 2d days in distress, bound to Havre. Sch Ltitle Kmi ly, urow, nsvana o nays. Sch Ino, Conklin, Havana 5 .day. Sch Alice, Ames. Matanzas 5 days. - Sloop Di iver, Foley, St. Marys 1 day. Left ship Louisa, Johnson, for Hew YorKTH a or - t BOSTON, August 17 Arnveo, wv umiea - don, wa. also robb.d the m. day, several 74 of schr and leltrr pill on ooaru oi ner, vj m nvicci, which letter were onened bv the captain. W. put a copy of on. of them. ling I aragon, Ausur., luonyi irom nmm irt. with lun.her ta Hind nnd Srwall. bchoonei Southern Trader, Greenlaw, 11 days from St. Andrew with plaster to the cnptain. ssnmrers Mewr. A. Sandt, S. C. r . nremner. J. Hilly:r. and ti. Wixon. The brig Hlcerkrr, ws to tail for thi port on lhe 12ih from tt, John. - n - - . . .. . r loop, in si?ht last .vening mi tuu - tct iron the Observatory at tha Excbauge, BROADWAY C I EC U S. IAST VVEIlt BCT TWO. oooooOouooo THIS EVENING, AUG. SO, The iieriornmnce will commence with the Grond Military Entry. Master Thomas will on one horse perform many wonderful feats nf horsemanship The elcganl spanitn norte ivmiil - o win, aner leaping over boards and bart of a piodixtout heightli, concludo by leaping oyer 3 borst. slock Kope, by Mr. iayne. Master Cotv. tiie celebrated American hero, will distinguish himself wilh niaej brilliaut feat of horsemanship. - Drunken soldier, by air. uuiieo Mons. CauMin will go through many surpri sin; letls with a suck, nil rtceony lauouuceq into this coun'ry. Master il'Urn, me wonaer oi me ge, wm, on one horse, perioriu many wonderful leat lor a youth, only nine year old, kap over 6arte7 aud conclude by udiug on hit bead, hit none in fuil seed. ttrand carnival oi vonice, or men pnu wyua men. ... Canadian Pea ant, or the metamorpnoiea w quetrian, by .Mr. Sullen, who will, aiier many astonishing icais, perinrm wuuusrmi through a hogshead on fire. The whole to conclude with a brilliant display of Fito Works. . . ., . Box l Pit 50 cents. A place it provioea ioc people of colour children admitted to me ooiea r.K Th. will fak. UtftC every evening in tho week, Sundays excepted. . Door open at 7 o'clock, and the performance commence precisely ut 8. No tnioaking auowca. cneca ooi able. N. B. For sale, a handsome ru.iti - if quire at the Circut. - h - Th l rasun - r of the Onihan Asylum gratefully acknowlertee the receipt of fifty dot - Ur by the band of Mr. Bethune. ang 2U rr r S0.UOO Choice (elected Quill t letter. Lu.nn. and various macpiner Paper t Tickrt Arrived, .Lip Amanda, Williams, 70 days Irom m lhe 5tn iast clas of the Medical Science) not given) June 14 t:.ip Minerva, N Orleans, lor Liverpool, mi, snipceret, irom Havre, for Cotton. 2th, ship Rebecca, Sims, from Philadelphia for Liverpool. 29Uu chr, Rambler, from Boston, Inr Lremen, and ship rmlnnia. Irom New Orleans, for Liverpoot. July Id, tcbr Vigilant, from Dublin, for N York, wnii a n limner o na'sener. cbr Williams John, Uearo, 2idsyt irem Jacnuemel ang 20 4t DCSl Liverpool, tail nd pastengcrt. Spoke .the fol - U,,, rr (hrie, at tiie lowest price and thlH lowiag vessels on the passage, (the lat. and Ion. ,'. lha t - u.. d Excnanee Office of lowiag vessels on we passage, ine ibi. nu 1 ra. snow, trom I .n .u . rn Snow, from 46 Broadway. CITY TA V ERN. j AFINEGRKLN TUlllht""'"""" " by the tubscriber, tomorrow, (Friday) the 2ist instant. Soup ready at 12 o'clock - aug 20 It Diiv.crw : ' kVohtnrtotL AT. f?. ,t(l The whr. CARPENTER'S SOS, JfrlKHubbclli will tail on Tuesday attt. - - For ireight or passage, apply on board, east sid. Peck - slip, or - Lo au 20 ft. II C. W. UtVMiruai h'renrhl mr L'lutrter. The substantial tail sailing brig RA PID. Samuel Smith master, 18 monUi old, aud 1100 barrel burthen, it in complete V der to receive a cargo, ana may oe unyy immediately. - Apply to ,. nr.AUL x jjl rt aogSOlw at Old - lip. fl tVVlNE. 26 balet Herrhig and Seine Twine, I nf a tuncnor oualitv. iaiHlibiC from tbip tJ - I . .... . i t i M tn, trom Uristoi ana in siore, iur bie uj for ""' u,,u, sjoOUMAiH & JOHNSTON. nog 20. .67 South - street LlJVlONS. W OOXrs, IU tJKKI oruer, east side Burling - slip, and will be tJid low &s noWLAND, awg 23 t7 Waihingt - js - itreet.

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