Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on April 8, 1943 · Page 1
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 1

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1943
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3£ [)ES IT READ 3_43? : at the date after your ,,· at the top of your pa- : If it reads 3.43 your --cription expires this ·th according to our rec~ 73, No. 14 RE VIE w OFFICIAL Black Hawk Cou and La Porte Ci NEWSPAPER 11 r j i^^Trr^" ' 10WA ' THijR ^^^^^^7F?Tiiir--- _ » TM » p » blv m isriore Than ''^^^V 5ssMundred at invention !·_ ebekahs from Three Counties Have Big- Meet- ng Here Last Week-End le , Tri-County convention of '·^'"h lodges of Bremer, i' f''-ri, j Hawk c °unties Ust Thursday in the I 0 0 TMll with Thistle R e b e ka h aelins- as hosts. One hundred ten delegates and visitors ri:t- 0i -town icgistered and I 1= evening, with the loca ' ibcre, there was an attendance ne nundrcd and fifty-eight MS :,Iiszner of the local lodge was the district president' i led. asMsted by R u t h !'" of Marshalltown, thc as- president. Other officers K ei-ded were Mrs. Hazel 101 if TM Moines . grand i i , Mrs Mae Welch of Des s assembly secre'.ary; Mrs. Kenalds of Des Moines at ,. y treasurer, and Mrs A D [old of Cedar Fallb, past'as- 'y piesident. i morning was taken up registration and reports of to and a school of instruc-' '·as held in the afternonn. hort program consisting ui by the high school Hungry rocal solos by Jeanette Cole iaon numbers by Barbara \v. preceded the evening's -, which consisted of the de- work exemplified by Temple wan lodge, number 54, of Wa- fo, using a candidate from |son and one from La p or te _ the evening gifts were 1 ientcd to assembly officers r . A - D - Ciawford, Mrs. Ruth nblin, Mrs. Hazel Schaller, Mrs |e Gutknecht, district deputy "'dent from thc convention Thistle Rebekah lodge pre- [ted gifts to Lois Miszner. dis- convention president, Mrs Woodruff, convention presi- (MAC A M T H O M Y ) HERO OF STOUY POINT -1779- NORTH AFRICA -1942- ,,»,, Robert Powers Leaves African Army Hospital · MIII or' " l i l «' H.lU-ll _1 | , i, I-'" \- h '" 1 " ' 1 '"" " " c ' i i.n k oi c o i p m . ; . , ui lv in 1 -!! u n i e n t ~ M I L I .ur corps, j r . i ,,, as an To See What Dysart and Vinton P] an Is Sinn Tentative os 'us Summer from England. Bank Sells (Many Bonds Local I n s t i t u t i o n Handles Ncarl, S70.000 in Bonds Three Months Xcaily vo'umc or ] a IV n- d i j *·*·'" l i n e I'l't;,.,, ,, Uidncs ( ! i l y .,,- , siimiiu-,-. nlti,,,, ,,) n a v l M J T I l r d ;, (,",, '' ' O ' l ' l l M , v i I, I '·'I 1 -' « M U'| A fi' V . , ,,., x t t n i on , V ' ; i i .^:ut .in,] Vi M l l U c of 1 0 ;,, " ^ I V t U U . M , ' 'B l | i'-l Ik' f - P. ernain plans * n'tig t but foi in emoi hrcc movi,; of t h i s M; ,, !,,, North Afriea March 17, 1943 Dear Folks and All, LETTERS (li'ill and made the grand gesture You've Pr obab,y noticed . my th all officers are former acquaint- have to say ancea which makes it pretty nicJ Fourth we after having been on my own for -small bo, the past two months. Also found things ranted the promotion. .«, · « nng itcm I doubt can be , ·"·""-- L " ls 'Mm 1 doubt can be also received your Xraas mailed any more--it's nuts and .C*P i"nm AavTm n _ n .1 . . I nnrti-in-^n cm«j ^.ua^, -------package two days ago and one! Popcorn of Cedar Falls, secretary -s. Hay Barclay of Water- ensurer. PR1XG CREEK NO 5 SCHOOL NEWS on [ y one js all this six weeks, and fJMdcr, Jo Ann Buck and luck have neither been nor tardy for this period, ur club meetings this past we've studied birds, spring c trees, outstanding capi- Found out that both Clare and ie from Uncle Claudes, and oodles) K i_i ""' ·'"-" " c ^iey I of mail which final!v pmirrif |ur, nC vt S. anJ MrS ' J ° h " ^ " S S " «"* - ' ie Tri-County convention wil It in Cedar Falls next year. Tic election of officers rsulted Choice of Mrs. Julius Oster i of Cedar Falls, president; Frank Baldwin of Hudson president; Mrs. Clarence Mes- imdoubtedly noticed i't spoken of candy or In the first place, Sam gives each soldier ii e a n s o e r n Bob are now in the service and c com lat zone plenty of these wish them all kinds of luck and Sccond 'y these things arc crush-' SUee««; l e d . Crinnhldrl n«J o ~ ~ ; i . . j i _ _ . .. success. - "ft" t»» v i - i U A i j ed, crumbled and spoiled by the si wat 1 a an nn,. r, formn- uo.i .Ulcr mess t h a t the lamb stew would hereafter be tailed lamb stew and never be refcricel to again as gout. th I .? UCq .^ \ m u s t f J u i t fpi-c-id- I" but if you 'u mi M b e ' h e i e you would think rt w a s n ' t bee it isn't. As- e v e r R u s t y ( .Mi.s/.nei ) P. S. Don't mind the McGill Heads The Golf Club Plans Made for Opening Current Season About Middle of April "' .iliie '"i. r I In c'. i" the sain- p, iiod of ,!,,.,'"· ], ,l i i , . . '· ".i 1 l l 'i; u '"-'I 1'J iK-'Mdent K. 1H. RonK . m o M ( h year thr bunk lin. "nil feel ° r town ... -.- · - - ' " ^ u t s , 11I1CI J . to people, li-.inir b o u t h o£ Bonton county. j n t n u n y . n f i r s t quark r last u-eer, total s were a l i t t l e under $10000 . Of this"' sa,d, about M i . Roner- was ,.l ett w · » 4 i i « . i LiiU hL-i IUOI If 1 L because I am not in U, c mood foi finci points of penmanship. )car Sir: U. S, Navy March 22, 111.13 my * t ° * tlme y ° U Am living in a tent again which is quite a change from my hotel accommodations which I've been enjoying for the past 2 months " We're only * stone's throw from the scene of some very recent and semi-successful enemy thrusts and l t " t h f , t h i n g s a r e pretty rough and will som eon e " * ' 8 " this - 'veryone wil! be banned butjlette «- a d Writc " " V ' S mDre ' y I wish to inform you of ,,,j hango m a.lcliess. I expect you re still bending the Progress- Review, but I haven't received the )aper for some time now. I haven't hud a permanent address for some time, but if you are still sending the paper I .should be petting the papers, soon. I have shore duty now. I ic.illj like it here on the. i s l a n d , n't. finite a nice plate L. C. M dent of tl ± ebU J h Ssf^"»"°" .Johannsen will be ''vice'^nn-Md^ , n 'lL. J . IJ ° bmh "" "««U and Jake Lang was r e h i t e c l as hou jumper, ; ,n,| Wm. Schmidt Kiounuskeeper. "bciship fees, will be l n l*i I f l K t vi» in- 'inrl i i ar)(| ii is cx p P«tcd that only a slfchl drop olal membership W l l l o c t u r ' be ause of war conditions. Tl e of 6 German paratroopers ^^ who had escaped from a prison this thine train--I was the only American in' on the deal--a French officer and. 11 of his men making up the rest) of the party. I used my truck to track them down and we captured . PaP , Cr ' S ° °n you and wind Best regards, O'Brien (Cpl. O'Brien Christian) of March. ''her interesting thing we 'as making scrapbooks a I s: Bobbi e Benson, Dogs Thomsen, Trains; Velm Animals; Donald fiader an Airplanes; Jo An Soldiers and Their Fight Equipment; Violet Benson p from 1913 to 1943; Belva I,TM ° gress in Automobiles |1903 to 1943. A RARE ITEM son residents were able to i chewing gum one day *. The Bed Cross had £s e d 519 packages to send "ace men going overseas; 'ey Were advised that a re- 1VE r regulation stating the re «l labels might attract · wnen thrown into the wa- Cross was left with urn on their which I'll show you someday. That's about all the news, you're all well and that DC Marie is growing like a weed been well all along and iiiu LII.IL m e r e is somebody I "ani^cn, N Jj Osboi M from La C ' l v hdeJ^l'ie, Mmule K l i n e \ m \ 6harI«M iad quite a t a l k about thc old '"'fids. ^lurlott' I ran onlo JJii^ Jl.iekc i son the other day. I was to find that th else We h times in La Porte City. My address is at the bottom of the letter. W e l l I «,!] \,. Mt ,,,. ing off for now. Yours s i n e e i U y , K d u a i d Leppard thi.s month, club of '"', S: ' u ! lo( ' il -^ ·'»! the C | U |, will be opened a l i t t l e I n t e i hlns h nv c been laid r or J ) l a n t i rees about the club-house and fo , installing ,, few windows to h p h t it on gloomy days ^ committees f 0 , the y l a r (··rounds-Gene Koeher, L J l i i U anel Guy Hi,m m( .|. ' J ' i h a m i A c n "lately half, were made m ' j a n nary, many O f u l u n [n . waUmg until the lust m n m t e tc comjikte p yeai before. The bank is i.icp,,,;,^ f(J1 . l h o t h . IT lug l u s h m bond .s ; ,lrs next wet-lf, « h c t , i| u . ,,,i (10|1 embark.s ein its .second u a r l,nnd drive', dc- siffiicel to riusf l l n i t e e n billion dollars Tor the (,'nvernmi nt in a three weeks period. ^TM"TMTMTM^£ t £l o her hand government advice to shorten their hours so as to reduce overhead and thus en! ] " morc , ° r them to remum in Local Boys Meet In North Africa La Porle City buys c o n t i n u e to I mccL each other in fur p,,i i. s of the world. Fr,d C IK S(«T hn.s M i i l en home t h a t he has armed safe- y at C,|s:ibl,iiK ,, |., Xo,[|, Afric.n, n n a v a l elulv, ,md Ih.-il one of the irst m e n he -av. I ' e r e was Hay lowrty (,f ] , i |o,i( cj t y_ a]h)0 o n ' aval dutv at t l r i t p o i t . Russell lioueis, on convoy duty n i i ^ y in the .south Pa- the t v p u ' l e d action of the TO.or of Jou,, asking fllrm Liiuiuig e c n t i i . s to adjust their "·oikiiip lioui. to conform to fnrm time this summer. If this is done "·!··, slor,..s n ,a open an hour .Uei each mo, rung ,,,, ( | c | 0iiC u n hour later each eve-iing through- ·Hit tlee week. It ,, thought that i'»' mignt provide f a i m e i s w i t h :vcn better .shopping f ilc ,l,tic s than n m a m i n g e.peii Wednesday nights. Essentially, this would mean [hat local firms w o u l d go · back to i l . i n r l H i d time but would keep their clocks- set on war time. Whether c l o s i n g of store.s Wecl- ncselay night-, would affect .summer band conceit plans is not yet known Former Resident Dies in Canada A newspaper bungs ncv.s of the death in Clive, Can- ' ' Merrill R i t t o r . M ! ' lfUS ° H D to I continue that way for some t,m. the old to come. Give Grandad my best thanfa regarda and thank Uncle Claudes tor the Xmas package. You can write me at the above addre 33 - suppose you think that I am! r not writing to rfe is so dam toug} t in at night I jusi - writing. Anyway here goes a few lines of until further notification. Lots of. love, Cecil (Lt, Cecil G. Teeter) Somewhere in New Guinea March 14, 1943 (By V-Mail) and a darn weeks home town and is a surprising touch r the letters from the other I guys in the service and hear what a great outfit they are in but when it comes to a tough and ro-jgh outfit you can't beat the fight- )ear Mr. Smith: This is a few lines to let you enow how much I appreciated the aper. Your issue of November 2, 1942, just arrived today and t certainly took me back there To Blacktop Mcmbcrshin-O. II. Fowc Or iT'i Pe " (Jk ' bur y and ICva Boylcs R - F r a n k Kline, F. S Gar' ' , nibrant and Dr, R. Ii f i n a n c e -- Ed Ronglin, h | and Roy E . Wagner Everett - -- j *-·- »»ii^nur. Ladic., Day-Alice Bells, P carl Buser nnd Theresa Tutl. ·ith ih,. _ fie icports Dial he recently saw j !1(la - ^'iirch ,'i of W R. Wiilinm", Ashley, v.ho is with the Ma-| ( n c -timc re.sielent of thi^ nty nnd Corps and i.s now m New!"". unc ^' of Mahlon W i l l i a m s of calami after spending months in the J l l H U \ V j .several '"" t f n m u n i t y . Solomon islands. in the LETTL'U THOM KOYALTY , Several we-i-k-s ago a t r a i n l o a d ' l n 1907 - Mi. Williams \va.s born here K6 ycais ai»o. and rnariicd Susie Harmon of this community. Mr. and Mr.s. William.s went to Canada of British s o l d u i s were in Perry I Thc couple ccleliiatoel Lheir GOth for a shorl tirii" At that time, w c dding anniversary last May, at Mrs. Harry Ihiiton assisted the w n i c n t i m c lh -y received a wire '-~~ '- "f conprutulations from King George and Queen Elizabeth. His wife, three daughters and Local Minister be borne. La. - f ^ be Rebuilt f _^__ City officials arc making preparations for repairing the few spots in the blnek-lopped streets Clal- which developed frost boils in the of weeks, Mayor Roy Into f fit from the purchase th ool seniors took charge 'c of the gum with a Pnce of ten cents per an u a limit of two pack- Customer. All proceeds 'he Hed Cross treas c e r a n y oo me a T ° ° b - to the K°° d old horae t 0 TM- Here .v FAILED foaled loss of $5,000 wa =, « a hatchery in Bigelow t~ ,. a sleet storm caused ln « lines to break . 10 °,000, i n , ,, er incubat 10 n, were destroy- was off where things are pretty much on the jump a pause like that really does one good. Things like the paper that are taken for granted when one gets them every day are only appreciated wheri one has been without them for a while--something like "absence makes the heart grow fonder." Maybe it isn't my place to say so, but to anyone having a friend, son or buddy overseas, here 5 a list of the things most likely to make a hit with him: First, and it's always first, is etters. Every fellow thinks when Frederick It. Passlcr hus f, n his theological course at th. |ue Seminary and left Su day accompanied by his fam for Boston, Mass., to be ordain HosLon ,s the home town of bo -Mr. and Mrs Pa.s.slcr and th (vnnfl 1^ I . . . . _ in o b t a i n i n g shaving cream without t u r n i n g in old tube-;. Mn,. Ucaton wa. o impressed with the fine manner of the boys that she wrote a l e t t e r to Queen Elizabeth, tiling her that they were good, well-behaved boy.s. Queen Elizabeth directed n l a d y - i n - w a i t i n g at a son survive. MKI:T The Cedar Champs .1-11 club met nt the home of Vincent and more. -."^ i to be gone two weeks about walking locating worker., to handle The work will be Fire Truck Call to Young Farm Fire threatened the home of M nnd Mrs. John Young, who liv south of town. Intl Saturday I "-- confined to the chimney an extinguished before any fur tnor damage was done. Thc farm (ruck was taken to thc scene t be used in case it was needed T generating ilua year « thn w D «*»t he h^d , W R "e high Une. mail call 19 made that he will get at least two letters, even though he never writes but one in a blue moon himself. Of course, the letters don't have to be masterpieces, but for gosh say what · · say what · hard time you are know is that I was walking non- tavlm. Moat llkelj he'* not on a/okalaiUf aloag from the mess . ,, T, -- ---».-· MIO iiBsi K nmL-nc. me work will be toes." Boy you can sure figure done in the near future, however that for a great talc because one Ln Porte City has had relative- day we walked twenty miles, ly little trouble with its streets camped for the night, walked back this spring, despite a peculiar twenty miles the next day with break-up of the winter frost full field pucka. Stayed in that which has wreaked havoc with night and next day hiked twenty- streets in many neighboring Rnrtii^.^ ,,* T five miles m seven hours and cities, especially in Waterloo" I UITII|1 £ °I LeaVCS turned around again the next day where in one case concrete curb-'.'CaUSeS an Alarm and hiked fifteen miles and ing was heaved far out of posi- ,,,,..,· ^Idfin camped for the night and started tion last week. There arc a half-L A ' · R - Newkirk OUt On A eiffhfhniir nJcvlif nT*iTi_l A n -,n n n n n f r . ;,, r- T * - _ t *-.-. OUmmg off hi"; .icnnrnmic; r ~ -- -«» -"« i»i|illw d l l u abAi km I L1UII 1U£)L V U C K . J J l e r C 3TC tl h f i l f - ' L · ' - f - W M l l V H i l f l out on a eight-hour night prob- dozen spots in La Porte City i T"^? ° ff h ' s asrara *? us P at « n lem. It is B. great life if you can however, where frost boils opened , *" da y lhc firc e ot out °f stand it. The only thing is that! holes in the street surfacing an d P Ol anJ threatened a nearby wnil hnVA t/\ afan/1 Jl- I 11 --.'II L _ :_ . . . hOUSC SO thn n\!\Tm wna pivi*n n n ^ "«-i.i. u n e e i L i j a iLiuy-in-waiLing OL ""1 - " L *·"« nudie 01 \ i n c c n t anu Buckingham pahue lo reply to, Dwayne Dri.seoll Monday evening, Mrs. Jleaton's letter, sending t h c ' A p r i l 5. There were 15 members royal appreciation for favors present. Kicbarcl Frost and Vin- 1 'ihown to the boys. ' cc nt Dritcoll were appointed to oversee the scrap drive m LONG WAY FKO.M HOME Mr. nnd Mrs. Donald Sackctt, Stone City, lenrned recently that two of their sons in thc army, now stationed in Africa, had spent two days together The two boys were f i l l i n g their eantecns at, a small canal when Walter recognized his brother, Willis, standing j u a t ahead of him in the line. The inrents had not heard from Willi 'or sometime and were glad if. 'cceive word that thc two boys iad seen each other. township. County Agent Paul Uarger was present and checked over the boys' 4-H projects and cmphasi/ed tlic importance of keeping their record books up to dale. Meeting adjourned and refreshments were icrvcd. m have to stand it. I these will be repaired and made H!""*. so thc alarm wafl K ' vc " ond We live on stew. I think that is, "good as new" this spring ' he flrc trucks werc ca!lcd to thc °"°"" T?«- u»t un BLCW. i inline inac ISt the only thing these G. I. cooks can make. All Iamb stew but to my estimation it ie a darn poor mitation for good goat meat. By the way that last sentence ia a court martial offense according to Tolonel Joyce. The reason that I enow is that I was walking non- Mrs. Gravenhorst Red JVCU NEW EXPRESS AGENT The new express agent in Eldora is Mrs. Bcmice Allbcc, wife NOT TWINS EITHER Kathalccn Stansbcrry at Knox- illc was operated on for eppon- icitis one day recently. Her fa- icr had gone to Knoxville from ^airfield to be with his daughter. Vhen he phoned home to advise icm of thc operation he learned lat Thelma, the younger daugh- r, had been operated on for ap- icndicitis at about the game time. Both are recovering satisfactorily and will doubtless be able to go home on lhc same days. BROTHER SOLDIERS . IM. Sydney L. Grcenwalt of Creston, saluted the lieutenant he saw standing on the station platform at his home town and could hardly believe he heard correctly when the officer asked, "May I give you a l i f t ? " Coincidence had brought Lieut. Emmclt A. Grcen- wnlt and Sydacy home on fur- oughs at thc game time with neither of them knowing it beforehand. Sydney did not at first recognize his brother whom he had not seen for seven years, SMALL GARDEN PLOT It doesn't take a large garden to have fresh tomatoes in late winter, Mrs. Ed Lockner of Spen- has learned. Mrs. Lockner has PLENTY OF TURKEY Deloa W. Mott of Hampton is going to sec that at least some people are going to have plenty of turkey, at least for Thanksgiving. He recently had 7500 turkey eggs placed in the incubators of a local hatchery. ^ A I R MAIL "SPECIAL and Mrs VI KSSSr-E SrUL*.TM [TIDM. »,Plane piloted by their ' ~ ". Mantecffel. fctt B d . I from the Spotta front yard. lEWSPAPERr VSPAPERI

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