The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 2, 1945 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1945
Page 10
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E D I T O R I A L S -Wallace's Philosophy Would Plac$ America in a Strait-Jacket ·THERE' is this to be said about 1 Henry A. Wallace's recent appearance before the senate commerce committee: He was perfectly frank and straightforward. He hid none of his notions about the future relations between the American government and its people and industries; he pulled no punches. Mr. Wallace would, it he were given the post of secretary o£ commerce, including the manifold lending agencies now lodged in that department, s o c i a l i z e the United States, both as to private business and public welfare. His lip-service to the development of private industry is negated by the inevitable sequels of such action as he proposes to take to regulate competition and use .federal influence and money as " an equalizing influence. The former vice president was ; a little confused, and more than a little unaware of the details or consequences of his program. He is lor a "planned society," but he has not grasped the fundamental fact that a p l a n n e d s o c i e t y , planned by government,, can only result in a totalitarian state, a dictatorship. . '' · M R. WALLACE wants a dictatorship of what he loves to call the "common mam" · He hasn't thought far enough to see that the "common man," inevitably, has to be represented by somebody, that that somebody invariably turns- out to be a bureaucrat, and that the dictatorship ends up where both the soviet government and the nazis arrived--a totalitarian state in which the rights'of the individual have to be suppressed or liquidated if the system is to-work at all. The'soviet calls the Stalin dictatorship a "dictatorship of the proletariat." The nazis · call it "dictatorship of the elite." The difference is that of tweedledum . and tweedledee. Mr. Wallace intends to select the path of good for everybody, and WHAT PUNISHMENT FOR GERMANY? Did You Know? By The Haskin Service OBSERVING Look Out fS£J/? The one thing more foolish than trying to win the war with airplanes alone would be trying to win it without airplanes. * * » · A steward proposes doing away with strange words on menus. Likewise strange prices, if we may add a suggestion. . · » . » · ' - ' Wow's a good time to find ou1 whether that cough really was caused by cigarets. Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints . From Our Exchanges Pacification, Not Peace Davenport Times: In the absence of strong 'governments capable of carrying out the will of the victors in the defeated countries, and during the critical, interim when democratic regimes are being set up 'and until sucl time as they gain popular supper] at home, it must be pacification by force, the only factor whici will command respect either ir Germany or Japan. make him f o l l o w that whether he likes it or not. path Your Health By Logan Clendening, M. D. SISSIES, BRUTES r If Mr. Wallace were entirely above and beyond politics, and had infallible judgment, his system might work so long as .he, or somebody as completely perfect as he thinks he is, held the job.' Such men are scarce; they are, in fact, as 'scarce as hen's teeth. They do not exist and never did. PLANNING by the state i^ern all men's affairs has a spe- . clous attraction to those who fail to realize that the planners have to be ordinary .men, with the ordinary man's prejudices, suscepti-j bility to influence, and adherence to his own self interest Competition, on the otherttiand, plays these o r d i n a r y human foibles, common to all men, against each other. The result is a salutary brake upon great ambition, great selfishness, g r e a t p o w e r and wealth--and great prizes for good sense, judgment and usefulness. The planning we have seen so far, with its great favoritism to those on the inside,,its awards of special privilege, its making and ·breaking of men and businesses, and its constant intrusion of politics, has been a practical test. M B. WALLACE wants to be secretary of commerce and master of 40 billions of dollars of government cash and credit, with the avowed intention of making the United States over into the pattern he believes it should follow. He' honest enough 'to admit it, and undoubtedly he means wen. - But he forgets all the stubborn facts that would not and could not fit into his pattern. His administration of sucft vast responsibilities would only result in chaos and.bankruptcy of the entire economic fabric. ..' In the limited application of Ms ideas in the department of agriculture and the board of economic warfare, we've had a rather revealing ^preview of what would happen if he were permitted enlarged latitude to make over the American economy. Debt Retirement Austin (Minn.) Herald: EDITOR'S N O T E -- X a d c n »v»lllni themielvrs ol Dili »ervl» lor qnolloni of f»cl--not comiwl--h«U lfn lielr lull mine »od *Ureu »n* l»el°«» * etriti' for r « l a r n poU(t. A44ra» Glote-Gazetla Inf«maU*B B « t « » ·· Wuklnfton, D. C. How long Is (he ball actually in play during a football came? Some years ago the Scientific American stated that it amounts to the amazingly short!period o£ about 12 minutes. The ball is in motion in each play on an average of about Vk. seconds. Is it true that military commanders carefully consider weather conditions before opening battle? turn t 0 war i i It is true that nowadays no coun tiess books great battle is begun on land or sea without detailed information on temperature, barometric pressure, cloud forms, and precipitation. What kind of a hat does a bullfighter wear? There are 2 kinds of hats worn by bullfighters. The first is worn when in the arena fighting and is called a "montcra." The 2nd kind called the "sombrero ancho." This is worn by a bull tighter when walking on the street. How soon after being released from the army must a veteran apply for his old job? He must apply for it within 40 days after the date of his discharge. If he cannot call in person he should write, and keep a copy of his letter. Do the ships controlled by the transportation corps of the army take part in naval battle? The fleet of ships which is operated by the army does not include combatant ships and does not take part in naval battles. It is concerned solely with moving millions of troops and enormous quantities of supplies across the oceans. . · ' ' What should.a discharged serviceman do about obtaining a war ration book? A war ration book is obtained By applying to the war price and rationing board for the place where he lives. Where is the Stars and Stripes published? The Stars and Stripes, the news- Nozi "Vorgo Girl" felt there was a most revealing index to German thinking : that. led to this war in this · letter written by an American from an area recently captured from the nazis: In a place where Germans have lived, -I get a chance to^ see what kind of people they reaUy are. Their furniture is modern, and so are their- conveniences and sanitation. They are so far advanced over the British and the French in these respects. "From there on, their thoughts have and looked at , magazines with dates from 1921-44 .and all of them in some way glorify the war machine. I have looked over some o!4 German calendars. "In the U. S. on the, page for each month, usually we put a 'Varga Girl' or maybe soine rural scene or advertisement. On all the German calendars are beautiful color pictures of the German army in action or in training. "Such thrilling scenes as a German panzer unit rushing ant running down a group of British Tommies, who are shown screaming and clutching their stomachs as they are machine-gunned. "Or, perhaps, it is a German Pioneer Gruppe assaulting a Rus sian pill box with flame-throwers arid dynamite." "DON'T BE HEEDLESS, ACCIDENTS ARE NEEDLESS." CERRQ GORDO COUNTY SAFETY COUNCIL owa Children's Teeth suggest that parents of Iowa take heed of the . warning issued by Dr. O. 3. Hoffman, dental director for the Iowa state department of health. Indifference to care of the teeth n the age group extending from preschool days to the time of graduation from high school is leading to a situation in which 85 per cent of the residents of Iowa can reasonably expect to have decayed, missing or filled teeth by the time they are 19 years of age, he says. Announcing this' figure, Dr Hoffman said that it is based upon a recently completed 3 year survey of 9,910 junior and senior high school students in 11 counties of the state. The survey was made co-operatively by Dr. Hoffman and Elvira L. Grabow, R. N., bureau of dental hygiene, University of Iowa. The findings showed that only 1,535 of the 9,910 students ex amined reached their 19th birth days without loss or repair 6 eeth, "much of which could have een prevented," t h e dentist dded. 'If we are to check this loss, we must have additional and more onvincing denial education from reschool days on. Although the chools have done extensive work n dental training, there still seems o be a large gap between text- iook and practice." The survey covered students rom '11 to 19 years inclusive and howed that there was an average if 4.85 decayed, missing or filled eeth per student in this age group. Soft diets, over use of sweets, Snuff icient jaw exercise and inadequate care of the 6 year molar teeth contributed to this loss, he said. The Day's tauquet ToTHE LUTHERAN WELFARE ^OCIETY--for having performed nother excellent year's service in his community in placing home- ess children. Several Lutheran roups unite in the support of this gency, which now has a 5 year ecord of achievement in this community under the able supervision of Miss Ida Rorem, branch secre- ary. ._ Included in the survey were schools in Boone, Lyon, Dickinson, Montgomery, Floyd, Butler, Henry Jefferson, Story, Warren a n c Pottawattamie counties. --V-Information, Please! ' 1. In architecture, what is a flying buttress? 2. What is the chemical symbo for gold? 3. What musical instrument and geometric figure have the same name? TEST ANSWERS--1. An archec brace used for strengthening pur poses. 2. Au. 3. The triangle. Mason City Globe-Gazette An A. W. LEE NEW8PAPEB Issued Every Week Day by the GLOBE-GAZETTE PDBL1SH1MG CO. 121-123 East Slalo Street Telephone 3800 LEE P. LOOM18 P«Wl.ber W. EABL HALL ... .HuufUlI Edllu ENOCH A. NOBEM Cliy Elliot LLOYD L. GEE» ...Adrerlllliv *U r Friday, Feb. 2, 1945 ' Entered as Mcond-clau milter April 17, 1930. at the postofflco at Mason City, Iowa, under the act of March X 1839. · ASSOCIATED PRESS. Tb« Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republicatlon or U news . dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION KATES M»IOD City and Clear Lake by year, lid Ua»ta-CIty and Clear Lake by week, :»· Oabldi 1M Mile Zone--Per year 110; 6 months 55.50: 3 months *3: 1 month 31. Outside Mason City and Cltar Lak« ani Within 110 SUIM of Mason City and Oat- side »t the Carrier District! ft Maso» City and Clear Lake: Per year by carrier $10.00 Per week by carrier .20 Per year by m » n ^.... 9 7X0 By mail 6 monuu $ 3.75 By mail 3 »nmit»« ·· S 2.00 ' By TM* n 1 month. ... ».... 9 .TO Banks H SH£ COMff DON'T BOB»er...TH16 neee'-s SOT TO N THE discussion yesterday of . the objective methods we have for examination of the endocrine system, I said that some o£ the symptoms most prominently associated in the public's mind with endocrine gland disorders were personality changes, and that for these we have no reliable tests. Whether to ascribe them to ductless gland disorders is left-to the examining doctor's opinion. Some modification of this statement is permissible and it especially applies to that very familiar phenomenon of rnaleness in the female and femaleness in the male. Everybody knows them--the sissies and brutes in short skirts and brogans that are out for the 10 mile tramp no matter what the weather. The lady wrestlers and golf champions and the boys who like to paint,china. Not that neces- arily a lady, can't be a golf cham- )ion and not remain quite feminine oo, but Fm trying to make my loint in brief words. The woman in politics inclines to _i somewhat masculine habit of hought. As Senator Vest once asked in a rather emotional form of argument--"How would you like to come home at night and be kissed by a justice of .the peace?" --but this was when "Votes for Women" was in its infancy. Of course all of us have some mixture of both. There is a feminine streak in some tough movie actors which they like to bring out in their most hard-boiled roles throughout the country are reporting the retirement of loans much faster than is ordinarily the case. Principal reasons of course are larger income^ and fewer commodities to purchase. The result is impounded reserves which are being used these days to retire indebtedness and build up saving accounts. Worthy Measures Estherville News: The legisla- paper of the United States armed forces' in the European theater of operations, is published daily in London, England. How are destroyer tenders of the'B. S. navy named? These vessels' are named after. localities and areas of the United States. ture is pressed by so many ask- ings that it cannot vote appropriations for all of them without spending the state into the red. But 2 measures before the assembly are particularly worthy of favorable legislative a c t i o n-school code revision and more expert and- more humane care of state patients. Boots and Saddles. · · . . Muscatine Journal: We still can't find out who wears those brown and white saddle oxfords until they're dirty enough for the lobby s_oxers to put on without feeling improperly dressed. Turn-About Marshalltown Tunes - Republican: iJever have we had a president who could say such beautiful things in a speech one day and then knock the pins out from under the next. the war over in the kitchen? Those on the fighting fronts War in the Kitchen I 1 are beginning to think so. If the kitchen doesn't stay in the figh this war is going to last longer than it should otherwise in Europe and in the Pacific. For despite earnest pleas and warnings from the nation's mili tary commanders, there is littl indication on the home front tha people are really willing to d their utmost in providing wast paper, fats and tin for the nation' war effort. . : The latest information we have on the waste paper situation is that Mason City has fallen 'off in this the No. 1 war need, of the present time. Housewives, as a whole, haven't turned in the amount of salvage fats they should, despite continued campaigning by the county and city salvage chairmen. This Item, too, is a vital war need. In a few weeks a citywide collection of tin will take place. We hope that every householder is cleaning and flattening cans ready for that day. Salvaging these materials seems such a small thing when compared with what the boys are doing on lighting fronts. What do you say? And for all their beauty and delicacy, I darkly suspect that there is quite a lot of he-man in mos charming women. There are methods of measuring the physical features if not the spiritual qualities that indicate maleness and femaleness. It would be possible to line up a group of men who represented only very gradually the change from the perfectly characteristic male contour of wide shoulders, narrow hips, non-approximating spans between the legs, and large hands and feet to the last man in line who had narrow shoulders, broad hips, and tapering fingers and toes. And the same thing could be done in reverse with a series of women. How much the endocrine glands lave to do with all this is very de- satable. The sex incidence of var- ous diseases is largely a complete mystery. Why, for instance, should gout affect men in 98 per cent ot :ases, women in only 2 per cent? Why should gallstones occur 83 per cent o£ the time in women, 17 per cent in men? While such conditions as pernicious anemia and Our Mail Bag OUR ALLIES' EXAMPLE C LEAR LAKE--Many days ago Gen. Marshall, went before the -congressional military committees and earnestly urged the immediate enactment - of a universal service law on the pertinen grounds that failure on our part to 'do so would prolong the war and cost the lives of more of our men. So far congress has refused to comply with that request, or de- ,mand, but is still expending'its energies in vigorously debating a work or fight bill with dubious chances that even that will be adopted. Now who is tte better qualified to conduct this gigantic war? Our trained, experienced chief military commanders, or a pack of non-military congressmen the'ma- jority o£ whom appear willing to toady the elements of their congressional constituency most like- REMEMBER? FORTY YEARS AGO The electric line was not able to get a car into the city today from the lake until quite late. The car got between Emery andi Clear Lake when it became stalled in the snow which had drifted on the track. In places the snow has become banked as high as the cars and the least wind will cause-a good deal of trouble. The cause of conscience and right; won 7 a victory .'this* week, in the return of $60 in money taken from the home of Conrad Buehler some 3 months ago. The money in bills was found lying in a box of meat where it had undoubtedly been placed by the one who took it so that it could be easily found, as the box is visited at least once day to get meat for the family | meals. THIRTY YEARS AGO "It's a long way to Mason City." This was the thought that filled he minds of all those that went to Albert Lea Saturday as they sat n the depot': until about 2 a. m. Albert Lea won 39 to 16. The Mason City line-up was Weston, Mc- M U G G S S K E E T E R MY COOSW/WrTY UXMS COWM'TO SUES A QgPHAMT/j ANOCPUA1J? TUATfe TOO BAD, F-FOK Mf /-=-WH/ OH, /OL)'vE ALL BEEN ft? NICE/ MV, IT..1T'» BEAUTIFUL/? VEA-' ' A c»Pi-lA.vyr ITS 'gOOD PblNTSrTOOj SKEETEK ' MO WOBRY OUT NOTES ^EKJT HOME AM' FRETTIM' BOUT POKE CABDS EVERY, MONW-'JUE -TIMES AU wroouoKiV MIMD B I G YOU'RE SHAWNS LIKE LEAF, MRS; SODEB! I WOULDN'T DARE.' I HAVE NO TIME FOB SUCH LUXUitt. NOW YOU STKTCH OUT HEBE JUST FOR A MINUTE: , 1 DON'T ArEWMlNUTES'REST WOULD DO ME A . WOCLDOFGOOO! LIETOO LONG! THERE 15 SO MUCH TOBEDONEASOUT THE HOUSE.'r" THERESNOWIMSVDUCAN OOWLCAN'TDO B3ST,TOOU6H, A SPOT OF TEA FOB YOU.' -- Auley, Bruns, Lunbeck and Blaise. . .Paris--"For the first . time in history, England can say the sea is free," declared Winston Spencer Churchill, Great Britain's. first lord of the admiralty, in an interview today. " Supposing Germany has friendships and relationships in South America, how can help reach her from them now. There remains the United States. Public opinion there has hesitated " diabetes affect men and exactly equally. W h y women should whooping cough light on girls more often than boys? Those conditions have nothing to do directly with the characteristic male or female organs. · Nor has there been any real success resulting from the attempts to improve' these conditions by giving extracts o.C the ductless glands or by any other physical methods. The best wisdom we have to give these "mixed" people is that instead of resenting implications or realizations of maleness in the female and femaleness in the male, they can accept the situation and derive great spiritual strength from the proper balance and application of the factors. The factors are not necessarily antagonistic. The typical he-male and she-female do not represent very agreeable or strong types. Tenderness in the man and courage and virility in the woman are not disadvantages--quite the contrary to the development of a rounded and perfect personality, QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS T. L.: What might cause blood to be in my mouth when I first awaken in the morning? Answer: Pyorrhea ninety-nine times out o£ a hundred. ly to give them votes? Who are letting down our heroic soldiers on our far flung battle fronts, their commanders who are attempting to get vitally necessary military aid for them, or our congressmen playing for votes on the home front? The late Joseph G. Cannon while speaker of the house pertinently said that, "The average congressman would sell his immortal soul to get another term in congress." Is not pur present congress now engaged in proving that statement to be true? Our allies. England" and the soviet union, through drastic universal service laws including even the conscription of women between the ages of IB and 40 have gone "All Out" to win this war. They are NOT letting their soldiers down. Their unflinching, heroic example is stamping them as a nation whom it is the highest ol privileges to fight for and, if needs be. die for. Can it longer be doubted that both the British empire and the soviet union are unquestionably earning for themselves the full right to obtain whatever demands they may table? make at the peace Let our own nation Immediately emulate the example of our heroic allies, or hereafter hold its peace with regard to their con duct both in the immediate pres ent or the future. Yours truly. H. C. ANDERSON. 201 E. Main St, G-cosn/nr'5 TOO , LATE/ KEKE5 CHAMCE.MK.MERUH/ U5EYJR QUIT FRETTO; CMXY- cocer ·EM.BRLTTO/ 70WN-IWANTTO U VJiLLIHE GIBUS I SHOULD WEEP OVEB LOW QON6 BACXTDVINNE I'VE HOOKED THE FAMOUS 0 73CT BUCI0 ' u AS»\ IGBANT. WATCH'EM SWOON l il according to annual · OHIX T1MAK IS AWAKE, AlERT. IN THIS, m HOUR Of TOUMPH- PORIN6 OVER CMARTS.PtArWNG THE NEXT AUbAdOUS STEP THE SWkCE SHtf STfcHDS tONRY S - BUT A 61EAMING MONUMEKT AND mSKiWrlCAKT IN THE VAST, OTOMAHS GENIUS, HIS IN- HAb REACHES OF THE LUNAR OESERT- ·ANt THE MOON H6S GLIDED FAR ON HER JOURNEY ABOVE ASIEEPING HEMISPHERE - »w*mr*w w^*****i n*« ·« SATIABLE THIRST TOR KNOWLEDGE THAT ML NOT BE DENIED- / AHOV THEPE, [ 5Jf? V TO B£8OAHOEO! LOOK! A CA8IH! TWENTY YEARS AGO The book circulation of "the Mason City Public Library in 1924 was 174,036, a report of Miss Barrette, librarian, which has just been issued. This is a gain 'of 16,149 over the circulation of 1923. I like the joyous candidates, Who friendly are, And in leaving, Hand to me, A big cigar.-- Tr TEN YEARS AGO With 6,100 automobile licenses issued for 1935, the office of L. L. i Raymond, automobile clerk, felt a slight respite Friday after several days of rushing business. Both Mr. Raymond and Miss Joy Hidgeway, county treasurer, were at work handling requests for licenses that came through the mail. · Berlin -- Beichsfuehrer ersonally came to the aid of Pola Iegri, Polish motion picture star, oday, overruling the propaganda ministry's order prohibiting the ctress from working in Germany n the grounds that she was sus- jected of having Jewish blood. Furrowed Fancies By Ray Murray of Buffalo Center THE BEST VOCATION* Were I the one to write the ways A man should spend his working days So in return for labor rendered Would be the greater value tendered, I would propose he use his toil la gleaning harvest from the soil For he who labors in the fields To grow the bounty farming yields Has thus produced with care and seed The foods a hungry World shall need. i No greater recompense can .be Than that afforded husbandry.

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