Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 18, 1934 · Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1934
Page 3
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PROGRESS-REVIEW, LAPORTE CITY. IOWA COMSTOCK LODE By ELMO SCOTT WATSON O HROUGDOCT THE WEST ONCE · more fs ringing tbat thrllllcs. that ^ electrifying, that magical wyd-- "Gold"! It's all because of the "New Deal." For ever since the Roosevelt administration began UlUtling up the price of this precious metal, the gold fever baa been coursing through the veins of Americans oace more. ThouMmds o? men nnd women---yes. even children :---are washing and blulclog tlie sands of western streams, "panning ^ ft r 1^- djri" j u - t as ihe placer miners did in ihe golden 4 n v s yf '49. Old shafts are being re-explored ^nd, gra.---ccierc'd dumps ure boins worked mer fljriiJn. "Tlmr's £o)d In them hilli" ]ia-» become nicain something more t h a n a conventional LiiTi.ry Joke. In ihi« old ti:ue sold camps of California, Mnn- M i n Culoriido. South Dakota n n d N e v u r i n . t i t h e r (j*a 1 tjr slefplns many 3 Kirs, ihcre is re- a^niii. Old shacks are hpUis patched up and c:.iv more Finube rises from their chi;nm\i -i, ImiMui^'S iilon£ deserted streets arc beini: rvn- O M i t ' d . repainted and repaired In preji inHmn f p r 'tie dpenin^ up of new business enterprises. Aui'J'i" the^e rejuvenated m i n i n g camps Is Vlr- £;;,.,i r.ry, Nev., and the ucuvit.v there recalls OKI*' more 1 it'e romantic slorj of the Comstocl; Lmlc And since president Ilooseveit Issued his onlur for reuionetizution of b i l \ e r , thus b i l m u l a i - ln^ tlie ininii)£ of this metal ngaln, there is all til* 1 more reason for recalling the Corns to r!t I,odo. For i ' \ u n though it was the search for ;old which led 10 its discovery, It was the silver In t h a t lode v i s i t h made: Virginia City the "greatest mining *ou t) upon the continent" and set the stnpe for a S.IT.CS of dramatic events, echoes of which tire h p i r d to this day, even though the discovery of tU- Conmtnek LorJe took place tliret-qtmrters of a century ago. The tory of the Comstock I.ode bus been told and retold many times but seldom, if ever, hns it been told more iDtcrestlnKlr, In all Its rauil- fH-iiiinns than In two books by C. B. Glasscock --·'The Biff Bonanza--the Story of the Comstock Lode," and "Lucky Baldwin--tlie Story of an Unconventional Success," published In recent months by the Bobbs-Merrlll company. The scene of tins modern fairy tale wns a valley "In Storey c o u n t y , Nevadu, a. few miles southeast of Reno, where a barren mountain lifts Its head amid a weary monotony of desert hills" nnd the first act in the drama took plnce In those s t i r r i n g days of the cold rush to California. For some time the Mormons In Utah hnd cast cuItMihieing eyes upon California and dreamed of building nn Independent nation which should rule [he country from western Wyoming nnd Colorado to the Pacific const. But thp discovery of pold In California defeated tlint ambition, for sunn "the touts and cabins of thousands of bold V I R G I N I A CITY IN THE SEVENTIES tut heretical Americans dotted ;iie Innd west oC the Sierras." Unpins to salvage something Irora ihclr ambitious scheme whlcli had failed, the Mormons organized the State nr Deseret, composed of what la now Dtah, Nevada, Arizona, am] parts of Wromlnp, Colorado and nouthcrn California, and set about colonizing it, But again the gold fever defeated them. For fitiuo fit the early Mormon settlers In Nevada "p.blicd out a small quantity of gold nt the mouth of \slm'i luter became Known as Cold canyon and tliosc who cnmc after them soon neglected their unprofitable little farms In the desert to prospect for cold In the Wnslioe hills. Gradually u l i t r l o settlement grew up In the canyon alt h o u g h the pay dirt found there was never rich enough to attract nnjr large number of argonauts nor hold them there very long, In ihe meantime congress had refused to nc- rcM iht boundaries of the state of Desorel. ns planned by the -Mormons, and eventually lirlj!- liatn Vov.r.; decided to give up Ills colonization scheme In Nevada. After the Mormon settlors vore recalled, "a few sturdy men still prospected, mined and farmed In the vicinity. . . . They were fiucli men ns might be expected to Inhabit a land or rock nnd gand and sagebrush sivopt from gea- snn to season by hot pand hlnsta nnd hitter hllzzards. wresting n little gold from the gravel, Q meager crop of beans from the bottomlands and Hustflinlng life upon these beans, bacon, flapjacks and whisky." The center of n c t h l t y wa^ Johntown, made "P of less thnn two score shnntles. tents and dugouts, located In Coid canjon. Among Hiem were men whose names were destined for fa- 'ure fame. "There wan Henry Thomas Paige Comslock. a lanky, loud voiced, boastful, bully- Ing prospector with n short chin heard and a sliaren upper lip which pave lilm B sonctlmonl- ous air entirely out of keeping with hla real Hinracler. He wna known familiarly as 'Old Pancake,' because he subsisted chiefly upon flap- Jncks, Insisting he wns always too busy to make the sour dough bread of the miners. "There WQ S James Flnncy or Fennimore. « d r u n k e n , Irresponsible tenmslcr otherwise known as 'Old Virginia. 1 toe his Itablt ot lionsllDg of Ms native state, who had drifted Into the region with ihc Mormon expedition of 1831 nnd remained to become as famous as he was bllra. lous. There were Peter O'niley. Patrick Me- I-niighlin, JIanny Pcnrod, .Tuck Bishop, Joe Win- ITS and a few other choice spirits with some claim to fame." One .Tanuarr day In JS-'iO a group of these Johntown prospectors took eamplcs from the slope on the upper east Bide of UIB canyon nnd washed the dirt Sn a tiny spring nearby. Each pan o[ cllrt showed from eight to fifteen cents worth of gold. This wasn't a rich strike, of course, but It was sufficiently enconrnglnR BO tbnt they set up tents and brush lints and established a new settlement (o wh.'ch they gave the name of Gold mil. After serorHl weeks, pay dirt o! sufficient richness to reward them with S15 or $20 a dny for their work was found. "That was enough for the Johntowncrs, vrho were earning an average of M. Johnlown sovnd to Gold HI1L The slope] ffwnrmed with prospectors. Hot the rich ground "as limited. There was not enough to provide profitable claims for the TO or 80 men who mad« np the settlement They acflttereJ, searching tor bad AIS EXPERIMENT IIS MARRIAGE By COSMO HAMILTON -^-li « i a) i:iii;ui« J OHN WAlSItJ.NUTON entert-d w b n i be culled Ins M u d i u in l i i t usu:n J a u i U v vvjy M u r e |:iiini i l j l i m n UbiiLil bt'L'iuibe fie »:ib cv*M wiili irj Him lik liiile ihin and Imrrnr in 'Mie. Me *\:ib fai'i e\ en ( r - i i u in m*-i j lt HO \V''I1I I L l l I I U ' - l L I U ' l V lo I l l s (K'hK i l l l J I1 korJ up j iinvr ·! (»,]|n-r (.Mi r l i l . ^ his swn-lui-i ti:i.l i u s i e . l » cm mi;: oi r n :ulu'riiseineiii u l i . i i i 'ippe.ins 1 i n h i s i i v . T . i ,i iTJiikh* ii 1 1 lb:il tu* n.iir Ii" re.iil i l l . for Hie his s|rni' , i n i l n f w.i^ r.^.'ii on uls nrils n: Ii,-: -HMI L' l i M i . - l r i ' i i i h nine, nioro. I'm uear i}\t_ li "There In Hip si»r,u^ and l':url(k Sk-I-m-liSin. In the district for Kuvnral from wtnr-h iboy u»"k n THE D I S C O V E R Y OF THE COMSTOCK LODE (From no Old Print Reproduced in Glancock'i "The B i g Bonanza." C o u r i e t y , B o b b t - M c r r i N Company.) i^ [nrTi'vc coiitPivi] Tor a. t i m e S^-Mile i:i:non. I T » ! , r l l i ' Si n' h*r .1 1 IH ui of iv'Si IVi-r O'IMey w h o iiii.l |ie*-n [ii:n:;is yi-ar-.. nv'-iicJ tv troiieU waye of 51.30 to ?'^ A day. It \vn« poor jmy, T!ip Iri.shiiien were clis- cfjurjA'(*d. Tliev n.'inl"'] 10 cet uvvny 10 n ii"\v plncer utrike on U'.Uker river, of \ \ h i c l i iborc was much t a l k In cn:i:p. H u t tlipy WPPP |irol:e. They iicodcd ?10) for :i (,-ruli Pi.ike. So thoy TL'- innlneil nnd tnilnii n mi s ^ o j i t , and I n ^ t c a i l of 51 UO. rnceivod S4:i,.'i(K:" 4-nrl this Is vh«rc tbe f n i r v FK.FV of llio dun- stock Lode begins. t' r 'r tlin-^e two Irlshiurn wore the renl d!sco\erurs of t h ^ v c i u ot precious nicial, tlie like of which has never been seen In the world since but It bears i n n name of n e i t h e r of them. Instead It h o u r s the name of Hint "lanky, loud-vol^^d. b o a s t f u l , b u l l y i n g prospector" Henry Thomas Piilce Comstock, and It was thus chrlsiciipcl "by hheer forco of n loud voice and some cunning umlcrsliindlUL,' of human nature." 7*lie story of the discoi'orj, ty O'ltiler nntl Mc- L a u ^ h l l n nnd Cornstock's part In \i \n told by Gl.isscofk ns f o l l o w s ; "It happened t h a t upon the tiny w h e n O'Riley and MeLauclilin made tliolr first clonnup, a m o u n t i n g to more ibaii .^JiXi, Corns fork was searching [ho slop^g for n liors^ wlilcli he hnd t u r n e d out to r u s t l e for n IMnK. lie bad found the hori« nnd wns rlrilnR buck to Gold Hill w h e n be came HI-QH the Irishmen, c l c a n i n p their rocker for the dny. "One ^Inncc was sufTlriunt. 'Vou'vu .struck It, » boys! 1 be shouted, anil p r o m p t l y declared himsnK In. The only t r o u b l e Is t h a t you've ein/rk Jt on my Innd. You know I bonclit t h i s p p r i n p from Old Man f'sibhvell. And T rook up 100 arrr-s here for a ranch.' "The Irishmen protested, ns w e l l ibr-y mlcbt. It was prwlble Cftnifltot'k litifl posted » notice clmminp tin* I n n d for ncrlcnltunil [uirpo^e 1 ?. ifcn of rbc time u-oro a l w a y s posiln^' such notices nnd ncvpr havmc thL-rn rocorcJ^r] or ^ecnr- Ing title. It uTis n f.'i^t I hat Coinstork, w i t h Mnnny Ponrod and Old V i r g i n i a , b n t l b o u g h t the vvnlor nnd some old slulco-boxe* f r o m a miner mmcd Ciildwell In the previous yc;ir. Hut It vms also fi fnct that be hnd never rnronled iltlo lo the water riRht*. "P.\iL Comstock nc\ertlicless nunlu UN demand nnd his bluff convincing, His \fyn\ r U h t s were nCRlipibic, Ii I n d u u d tbey existed at n i l , but his character nils such as f t c r h n p ? mlslit J U B t l f y the f n r n o w h i c h came to h i m In thl d o u b t f u l manner w i t h the n n i n l n g of the Com^tork I.otle." The new.s or the rich M r i k o spread ami "there was such n U d n c t h l i y as only a free -rold camp cnn Inspire. Clnirns were loented In all dlrcctionH. A few old prospectors had sullie-U-nt exiiork-nce to trace tht- r i c l i ^ r n u i c r o p p l n ^ n and rlalru v n l u - ablc ground. IJiit all were plnccr miner-]. They had no knowlpd^'- of ecology nr of q m r r z formations and [lossiliilltlo 1 *. Tbey F^ratclier] nrd d u TM nt lh« fciirfaro, « n - b J n ^ wind nrul jrrnvfrl, or brcnklns ibe harder ore In crude MTicnn nr- rnsLr.ia nnd shoveling U I n t u t l i r l r rnck^M. "Alwiiys Lbe c i i r « f d a n d ( b r o w a ^ a y l h c heavy llne-blurk rtopr^lt which rlog^eH Vhe nfTlca pml carriPtl nwiiy t l f i r fjuJr-JisJlver. No one rocognl7.pd this Mack stuff ns Mm rich p l U T ore w h i c h w n s the true weallli nr the Omistnek." ror this Is an cssf-ntlnl p n r t of Hie fiu'ry f n l e t l i n t In tlit- story of |bc Comsiork I.nili-- not only did tlic renl flNroverc-rs f a i l lo win I n s i i r i ^ ' fjune by hav- IriR It m m f f l a f l ^ r ilicrn b u t bv ;i ijur-er t u r n of f.'itc they ai^o f n i l r - d to recnirnize ih^ real pDurco of fnliiiloii* wealth w l i i r l i inlylii bnrc been th^lrc. And llu-ro Is a n o t h e r :uiKlf t f ' ibis story which bns f) do w U l i the n n i n l n i ; nt r h e t o w n t h u t Rprsinc up there, "thn L'rrate^i m i n i n g town upon the continent," It nii^'bt n p » r o r r J a i f ] y have been nampd for C i t h e r M f L a u L ' l i l l n »r O'Hllcy or oven for Llic s p u r i o u s godfalhrT of t h e .source of Itq Krnatripss-- Coin^tock, Tln-n a c a t n it i n l R l i t have been namCKl for nnoth'T man wjio was «oon to appcnr on the f.- env-- Tnd^e .Tnrnn^ Walsli. K u t that honor f''ll i n n n n u r,f them, Tn^n-nd. U went to that "drunken, Irr'^pon^ililo Inanislor." Jinnee Vlnney or r p u n i r n o r p . ' OM Vir^lnln." And here 19 how Hint c.iinn n b ' H J l : Early In 11^ l i l c t n r \ of t l i e n n w carnp, the; prospectors cav» It tlm mmp.'irniively m e a n i n g less name of iMoJuan: JU11. .Snine of Ibein called U Mount Pleasant Point unL.'l n short Hiiif J a r n r when a minors' m n e t l n z dnr-Mr-fl tn K |ve It the oilicial name of W i n m - n n i f - a , bonoring tlic p r i n - cipal chief of tb" P l u t c I i n l i n n s who Uvefl In t h a t c o u n l r y . T h f n rinnf.v. " I l n p p i l y tlninVi an he liart bp^n for n-et»ks j-inc** rtiriney and whisky had circulated f r v u l y , finl»hf-r| n nlclu'a revel by f a l l i n g at the door of bN f.' and breaking his bottle.. Illslnc lo bN K-nnr-s. h* unvi the hot- tie nnck and slmiuM 'I Iwipll/'! t h N wound Vlr- plnJn Town: 1 TJie name was p r o m p t l y and generally accepted. Hiout'l. f n r y a r ^ i h n 't^n-n' w a n gent- rally Icnorod nnd 'oily 1 finally was np- pcmJc'I," In the m e a n t i m e Comslock had Induced O'Riley nnd McT.auglilir. to inelii'lf- ilio names of Manny Pcnrotl. J. A. ("Kcnturk") O s l j f j r n f ; and hla own In the location notice whlrh They bud posted on the scene of t h e i r rich strike. Tlic clnims of these flvc men cove.rod l.WO fc'-t of pronnd alonsj what tvn-9 to bncome known ns the Comitocfe JxidC. AVithin n short tlmfi they wore t a k i n g out SMO ^*or(h of gold a day. Then ID July, 3833, n Tnickeo rirer rancher happened to visit the new gold camp. lie picked up a piece of the blne-blncK ore which wag causing the gold miners so much ffrlnf and ear- rled It away -with him to Grass Valley, a gold camp OD the ^e»»l slope of the Sierras, where he presented It to Judge James Walsh, a leading clLlzeo of that camp. Judge Walsh had It assayed and this revealed the astonishing fact that this blue-black ore ran $3,000 a ton ID silver and 51,000 a ton lu gold. WiiKsh d i d n u t he-Miuie a nimni'in. Aermrpiin by Jni W n o d w o r i h . a friend. IIP carted h'»f d:iylirv:ik fnr rh«- Nei:tl;i duu'ln^s and only by i f; ir ,. c , d r i u n ^ ' ihe mule, \ \ l d r h ihey hnd p.'i'-kiul. and j po [ m ' IhemM'h-e.s to ibr lim'n of inelr oni'.ur.nuf ilM | _ sl . l , h(1 « they reach ihe AY.ishoo d l s t r i n nlitMd of (he proaler part of tlic cLiir-'-nry of Crass VulU-y l-'or news of ihe rii-h n i r l k o hud locked out and tlie ru^li to the* now disjln^s iva«* on. Wnlsh h o n ^ b t rormstix'kX I n i r n ^ t In the c l a i m for fIi.OOO. Later M r l . n i i z t i l l n -wild his I n h ' r e s i for S3.500. 1'enrr.d for SS.frfiO. O^hnrne for ?7.r.OO and O'111 ley, who held on longer t h a n a n y nr the nrlKlnnl loi-ruor*. fnr $10.1)0*1. And In this connection It m l p h t Sic w p l l to it'll of t l i c l u u - r fortunes of those turn, M c L n i i c l i l l n herjune n cook at 5-10 a m o n t h nnd died n pauper. O ' K l l c y lost his entire S-lO.noo In stock speculation find died In an f n s n n o nsyliun. Penrod anl Oshornc died poor. "Old Virginia." \ \ h l l e on a lfHK ^pree, was thrown f r o m hi? horse initl killed. Cornstock squnnderecl nil of his $11.000 In n Short time, drifted to Mont mm nml tli^rp. poniUlops nnd ptJirvlui:, c o n i m l t t n d suicide I n llnze- runn on gi*ptpu»lier ^T, 1S70. Hut to r e t u r n to tin: ^eneils of V l r c l n l n City. "Casual plncer im'nlnjj In » t n d n pii'n way to noinethlnc f u r crcniiT u p n n HIP dny w h e n ward rcaclipfl t h e W n i h n c d i s t r i c t t h a t the blnck B t u f f which the Ik'norant miners lnul been tlironlni; away for weeks was In reality silver ore which assayed a» high n.s Sl.T'Jl In silver to the ton. W i t h t h n t word came the UiMRimril of sunh u motley a r m y of rlcli mm, poor men, bccEiir men. thieves, n i e r c h n i i t H , miners nnd bnrruom c h i e f s as the world has Mddom i-een," To It camp younj; S(im C'lcinens to w o r k ns n r e p o r t e r on Mie Territorial Kntcrprlsr. tin 1 lenrl- Ing newspjijier of tlio rp^lon, nml out of hlg ei- HENRY THOMAS P A I G E COMSTOCK The "Old Pancake" For Whom the ComitocL Lode Wai Named. pRrlencc there to w r i t e "ILoiicbliu; It" ns one of the books w h k h hrive. mu'le Ibc i m i f i c of M a r k Twiiln ruinnus. Tn It '-;IIILP two s t u r d y youn; Irishmen, .Tnlm W. Miiel.iv nnd Jnine.s C. Ffilr, n n d from t h e f o r t u n e s w h i c h t h e y made tbert- were Ilnnneed ^reat. H'l'-L'r;i]ih aii'l r.-ibl* 1 lines. Olh/T nnine.s w h l e h l i n k V l r t f l n l n f ' l t y ' H blslorli; p n v l w l i b !he present mid u - l i h nevoral n r p r t t A m e r i c a n forlline-j u e r e I l i n s o uf Duriui O^'flen Mills. -7;nnf.4 IL Kr-ene, . I n i n e s f I ' l o r r d arid -Tolm T T'.rndley, N«T s h o u l d th'-re be ne»- lecled t l i n t "moHt s i ^ c l i i f i i l i i r [i^ure In nil the hlzarrp Hc-rambli- for rl'-ii"^, Hi'- Iloosler w h o never shoveled n pound of "r-, \"l i n f u l n rnM11rini from thn OinMo'-k Lode"--"IjJi h.i" J!-ildwln. As the creat m i n e s \\ hi'-'n Lri[t[i"d t l m rl^lir"? of the Pornrttorh I/ide-- t h e O p l i l r , Hie Oowri Point, HIP IV'leher. llm Vellow . J n ' k f t . ( h e Im- U :n n n ^ ' t i M »:is n |il;ij. " r i ^ l U . xnv h ! t n ^ r i r in t e r m - of I-OIIUM|\ \Mi.i^'.J in I if.- mm oT viov, of n i i i . u i ' i n i l . i t o r or .sfi'lies. A d e l c l i l f u l IHTMUI. l l n n i u h "Icceiii. »K't'pl In | M \ t 1 n\\\i ll\^ u i r n n d very proud or his Immo ' I'll IP S('''enio of u w ^ c k enO uivl WHS to show t i l s w i f e , i lie i H M U i i r u l L.'illah, t l i e ^ross (ji^!n\;ilty nr r i i r i n t t . L a z\',:n lo A c l i i i ; - on i lie n ^ M i m p i i i ' i i i l i . i l l i n l - tallon Is tho slncvresi f u n u or i l i i i i v r r n r n 1 also o* rldiciili 1 . he rtovKed H plan of t-'iKin^ hoinr n ^Irl ^ h o \ \ o u l d be even more m i e n i l v e . aweel, S.MIV I:Ub t i c and SIHI-L'.V l l i n n th" O r l a n d o I.ulworlb, (.'ominonly known us "Podo" n h o followed Ills \ \ i f c :il»nuL Von *re hc arrived at i h i i t s t n t c of m a t r i - monial I r r l ' . L i b l l l l y . Ji-.ilnusy n n d out- rn^p w h i c h makes siic'li nn p x p c r l i n n n i Ihe nltrrnnth'e to a l i i m c n i n M e brrnlt Mis scorelary'fl n a m e was IMlcrliu ami her c\e9 \\cre eslrcmoly cnld IIP sho Kreeloil him. "Tbcre are t w o n i y two p l r l s In (In: a p a r t m e n t , " .she sal'l. "There would ho s l x i y - l w o If I h n d n ' l put n nollce nn ( h e dnnr w l i l r b runs ns follows : 'House f u l l -- F l i i n d l i i K room only nnw. 1 " r- r.mplrc, t i n - f'ronl'l find n / i - I llm r o n i o l l d n l H l \:\VL, V i r g i n i a C i t y crt'W perlnl, tlio K n n l i i c k y . tin Currr, thn C a l i f o r n l f i Virginia--catm- Into nn nnd flourKhod. More Riihsiiintlcil Jump's roplnf-od tho rude . Bh.ickq t h n t wi«rf Ihrou-n up "I Mr-it. A l l n - a l o r was h n l l f n n r l on l r « .«t,n^c np[i"ar"d wieh world- k n o w n flunrofi ns ModK--.In, I'.nnlh, I'.arrHt nnd MrCnllouch. Tbr-r*- :iii ITU of c x t r n i - n ^ - a n t llvlnc and nxtravajrant Fp'-n/Un^. fnr Uif cJU^r-ns of V l r s l n l n C l i y boll-ved t h d t tbr- ( «-:ilih of tiio Comstock Lode wni Inr-Tb-'in-MM". TJiny worn c o n f i r m e d In Mi at dollr-f by ( h e rfpenteri nlseoverlos of "linniiiu.iip." i^r^iit por-U- c\.n of rich orr\ 70 In ninnlj'T. Hie In-* nri'l t'ront- ost of which prnvidci (lie l i l l r - for the I n l f h t rila^i^or-k bonk--"The I'ic 1'oniin/n." It won dN- covered In Ihn Oonvilldnleil V l r s r l n l n In IS'.'?. n mlphlT treasure v n i i l l r o n t n i n l n u Ih" ^ r o n t r ^ t ma'' 1 ) of prerloui or? *vtr unrovprr-d In n ^InL'l" Bpot. T'rom It wan t a k r n more i h r m RIOf).000 fXX) worth of soM nnd silver M n r l n c the n l v yoarq tlint the Biff TonnnTi.T l;r«Jn'l. No wonder Iherc was n wild orjry of s p e m l n l l o n In m i n i n g Flocks, but like Ml Siirh orbits It ram; to nn end lit Ijy 1S79 thp treasure rliest of the }',\g IJonnnxm had been cleaned o u r , - T h e m hnd bc^n n p u n l c In San FrnncNco whore n i n n out of ten people hnd Invented In Comstor-k qeciirllles "nnd thousands who were rich oni week wcro poor the next Stock that hnd born selling for $800 « phare dropper] to SI.25 nnd thousands of speculators were ruined. In the years that followed Virginia Cltj'fl fortunes Rleadllf mined. Occa«lona]Jy there have been flare-ups of hope tlint the "tftiosl town" which It bad become ralRht be resuscitated but few of these hopes erer materialized to 007 extent Under the "!Nefr Deal" It may hare a return to a measure of proHpcrlty but It will probably never again see a return to thnse dazzling days of three-qTinrters of B century ngo when the discovery of the Comstock Lode made mining history Tor oil time to come. · br Wofiirn Niwipaptr Union. W n r r l n p l o n w n s n p h u ^ t . W h a t h u d he brought on h i m s e l f ? "^oellnj; ex- treinely f r l R h t e n r d be s t u d i e d a Inr^f- vlif^l of paper on which the MoiHplnry Mlas I'lJ^rJri) h n d typed Hie mimes. aTMps, orcup!itlf»na nnd o n t w a r d cluir- ftclcrlsllcs of nil t h o npp]lc;ini9. The flr^t e n t r y l i k e t i l l s : ' T n r l o r t u I'otthn.vt, r l K l U P c n C ?). teni[mr:iry b l n r ' , plucked o j r h m w s , A n y r i r n ey liri;o hiinds, i n i i s r i i l i i r r n h e ^ . rc.sonnril volre. f r e c j u c u i l i i n ^ h i o r . I C e i n n r k s -p. L. r, r;, N." "I'ti) n f f j i l d 1 drn'l q u i t e under . . ." "A person l i k e l y In lie nn cxlrenn 1 n i i l s n n r e . " MM Pilgrim p T [ i l n l n c ( T ihete m y t h i c a l letters In n cold nnd level voice. "Ho I Miould M i l n k , " »nld .lolui. \ V l t h ron^lflenible conrciitr.'UUui nml n nip Idly IrK.Te/tsfntr f r l ^ l i f . do rend the real of Iho e n t r i e s , hut nnd mid by t u r n s , lie cncsned N. I"). l. stood for "Ni darned enrlhly," of course, ond lie felt the n n s t \ .sens.'itlou w h i r l ) notne 1 ) lo inon In n h rulds a n d \ i l i n n they s l u m on : l l a r steps d u r i n g i n n r r h i ^ e eere monies, lie looked at the H u t . -shut his eyes and b l i n d l y F. Mb her) r. nrune It wns Ilr-tty H l r k e l . i w e n i y . rnedlnlor. A. c. o. r. i. · · * In nnswer to liln cl'-viiU-d eyiibrowH ^rif.s I'M^rlrn tninsl.'ilod I r H o r * ns "A conveyor ttt fjils" ImiirpsxIniiH." and ii'l'lfi]. "I MiUik ahn o i i ^ h t lo r|o I'l'. send her In ni onre." And n l r n a before o:ir \ v o r r l r r j f r i e n d cnnld f i f l n j :m n l l l M i i l o , i h e rooiri wns ( i l l u i l ivh a d r e n u l i i n ^ whin* of nmsi i l l s i u r l t h Sijeni. Cchlii'l t h i s enu-rcd M t y j i l c elsr"lT w||d a (lerrit.'ini'rK M u s h on bolli .sides of n I l i l l o nos( w h l r l i ml^'li li:n'f r n n i r - out of n hot nr u n i n e w li;i T u r k i s h D e l i m i t . K u e h n » M h ' Sm-h r u d d y l l | i s ! She- snld l i n i i i f f l l n l ' - I y "U'dJ. wluii'fl I h e grenl Idejj'-" .lohn d i f l n ' l j i n s w r her f i n e s t Ion. jrtii finswr-r ( h i t nlvT\\*tirH't\t'(' " A n y I 111 UK 'in e." vild she. Whkl) proved lKfind n i l fpicsllon llml who w o u l d n ' t do. " f )n your wny out be k l m l enoiii:!] lo \:n\t \ n n r lek.- phnri'- n u m b e r ivJUi my .serret.'irj 1 ." he Miss P i l g r i m H volro was der-p. "I Hii^KChl M i n t ow svc i l i i - y i r l I d l o i l c n l - ly calle'' Percy Pierry," she n l d "Slie neptiis l*i passes H every reinl«llc frjr Ihe-- slinll I finy position?" jog mean by ircvk-cnd companion. please?' "Yes. 1 will." said Jobo. "In the strictest confidence. Five years ago 1 foil lu lore and won the sirl of my choice. She \ras nod Is the most };. b e a u t i f u l and sterling Rirl In the world. I'm an IdenlUt. a fa- untie. ID fact, an old-fasbioacd mnn, That Is. I Ueiest divorce nnd regard uurrlase as the mnst b e a u t i f u l t h l n n In life. I have Invented t h i s scheme my wife has been b i t t e n by a it, :.-robe wblcb Is doing more 10 under- i n a r r b i ^ e [ban uny or her bucS which a i i n r U me modern hc:ne. St*» i l.-ikc'M up- the 1 .11051 craze nf udopi- n , yoiin^ ninn \\ho inures to per- rtlo-^. niters words of f i i i u n u s Hat rj ni al! time*; of day, carries l i t t l e parcels ami Hikes t h e l u » for H run I t Is i h e new preftsion for e v e r y imin I t h c u r l y h , i i r v\|io s i m p l j reiiis'-s t o orU I di'teM i h e U n i t - 1 m r l i l r I M I T Ins w e l l shut) feel in ov cry r«oin or isty h n i i I».M!O, nil i h i - hi [U Iciu- 10 i:n I I H T I I I - W h y don': "I ,MII ni.l^ l r L * p i n u l niw inn n i i i c l i i n (,'iin^ T i k e rii L T J ilnni; ;· f -imli» Pi It's luxio, l tlnn- I Po- « n k.rk Mm out?' 1 |.i i h : i i I I | uu i n f n r n « i i h n i u'ifo. nnd I'lu \k' \ \ n h tier h do n n v - t." ^ . [ l l l I'ercy I Merry. "Kv (|iiiie r l e u r . I'm Ii' tie t lie ln mi, I ^lioi-U yiuir w i f e I n t o In came one ur^s IIP had P Jlow-do-yoii 'I*)': In pvcry p a r l IH Ri'i f n r l l f tlic p r f t t l c i t cren IT K f f - n In hh l i f e Kli" ^;ild. "I nnsivcr la* 1 in HIP rct|.nrc- W i l l you explain Jusl i K i l i / . i i l l o n i h : i i i lie poor l l " oriii ;iv l u i i i f i l The mV nf t h e \vet-k-eiMl i r l is n ^ h i d o i \ n niv slrei-t." L ^ I U M ! lu-r nii^lreidii'il band, xiiil "Vim arc to do for nvjce n.s \\ell n i u l t u k - c n* w l n i i t h i s wr.'irlind PiMln lines for my ili-inonit'd wife. You are i n d r i v e (mine iviiN fiie (odny nnd com- I»H* ice prin-i v rdin^ n\ nni.'c. In* wholly in my di^pnsiil. f . i i l n w me n l i - ' i u , ireai me us your pel w l i e n r v e r m w i l e Is .iri'Si'hi, s n u ^ ^ l p nml ndore nnd s:iy n i l ihe su-eeily l i J K ' l i c t h l n - s llml nMU m i i k f even l,n 11 i\\ i so, u inn " II w m i l d lie (do riMi to report ox- nelly vvli.'ti lisippencd durfni: (Imse drr.idrui dn,\^. It nuisl l»e s t a l e d simply nnd c n r p f u l l y t h n l .John mill Percy nni iiboul b n i n l In h n n d . allowed Iliom- selves to bo ctuicht In petting pnsUiroa. iltul cooed n i l o^er Ihe h o u s e ; ant cbeek lo cbeck In public plncr? nnd Hied when the nmon cnun? o u t , f t \vris n desperate nnd h o r r i b l e tuisln*H? pin; ed to perfect Ion by both. I t nl- inost went 10 prove I h s u .lohn was a better nrlor tluin lie wns a ilrnmiillsi. r.ut w h e n on Monday i n o r n l n c .Tntin'fl rar was b r o u g h t to tho door nnd L n l l i i l i stood fnuncd In the n r c b - wny, t h e r e lo say ^ootl-by, where wns "\\'oozy"^wbere? I'lcbo answered the vsriril . . . Did It inn Her In i\ny case? The e.vpi'rlmejit hnd f u l l e d . John hnd worked for n o t h i n g . Ilo hnd provided bis w l f o w i t h n wuph-ond ot ce;iscle«s l u u ^ h l o r ami f u n . She hnd sold nt the end of "Do (t n ^ n l n . ilcnr lm\. lti-]icjir It n i l next rrldtiy, It's n i l loo KorKeous Tor words. Pi-i'cy. ynu I M l l e wonder, you h n v c tlic run of (lie lioiicn," "Siiilthson, wlii'i'e'fl Miss I Mercy?" T j i l l u r e or not. It H (is J o h n ' n Job to drive i h u t I n d y bneli. "Miss Plorry h-fl In n .stiHIon taxi, sir. while you wore vip In your room," To \ \ h l r h wns n i l f l n d n perceptible sl^h of relief. "You must bo wrons." snlfl i.nllnh. h l n . u l i i L ' lir-r b c n u l l f u l lecth. "No, i n n i l n m . Mr. l.ulwortb phoned fnr t h e uixl before KIJ!IIK In lo liroiik- f n s l niul t h r n droi'e off w i t h Miss Plcrey. ^Ir. J put all big hriK?nj:e In, Miss Vlercy l e f l n note for minium. Would you l i k e me lo fetch It. air?" * * · l . ; i l l n l i took Mm ICIUT from Simp .SOIJ'.H xt)f\, [dunii) iKirirl. " V i i i i r l i t t l e c o f n p n n l o r ii'lls me.'' .she Mild, "briefly r.Ti'l rnlliiT u'cll. H i n t she rind tlunr old Oorin lind fi fonferencc- Jn.s-t nlplit. Hi 1 l i n n n f r l i - n d , U n i t p e n i s , wlio'n Ix-t'ti i r y l i i f ? to crml n piny, and lloilo r n i i i e lo the CON rig hi on. ha vine wtih'lied her work w i t h yo\i. tlu\l H!\P ir.'i.s born for Die p;irt nnd IIC'.H i:«ln^ to inlci- tier to t l i e innn.'iLjpr nnd risk for Hie p u r l of t h e bny. I ' l l rr;ul lhe«o 11 IK" lo yon. Tinilo nrirf I are .s'oirl- innt'"! nnd H i N c i i ^ n s e i i i c n i «'lll lend lo \ \ M l i l l n - ; h r l K ' " Tliei-e u n s ;i rip|.)e of l i i u ^ l i l e r n.s Die | i t i r r riiiMerr) tlov- n, " H i n m i l l . i u e . " l l n d i ^ ' l i t ,|itlin. "Poor I . i i l l n l i ' s d e e p l y h u r t . " U ' h h I n d e s r r i l u i l t l i ' ' z n l l n n l r y Ii* 1 went in |I«T u r onr-e. 'Tin a w f u l l y horry," ho Kfild. " l i n t Ii'.s IIH e;i«--v I ' j find fi Dodo rim H Is to buy n do;;. I s u e n r I never MippoM-d I l i n l Percy would l;ik! h i m n w n v f r o m you. \Vli:il ilo you I n t e n r l to do?" K'lllsih cimlmiicil lo I n u ^ h , nnd ns IL w e n t rui it j;r«w iviiriiicr nnd more lll;r! llic |, r m/b(er rf (he l.allnh of UIOFC onefi yoml d « s , the H n n s l b l n . wifely, home w i t h lo v, Jiom John "I I n t e n d to \m nnfas'lilonnblc, John. 1 ' she H i t l r l . "rui'J drop K\!zn\w--nr s l n r r u newer f t i s l i l n n .ind t n k " i i f » i v l i b my Imsbiitid o^iln. You know. T i l l s limy he si w o n d e r f u l d n y for husband.*) f i n d l i r l n s bnck Joy l«» I m r n c s ! I n i l l n L l o n Is UiL 1 b'M of course yon know Hie rofct." I'tKir ile.-ir old clioklnj; - l o l i n ! If h'J never b n r l n success In I b c t l i f f i t e r be w f i to biive n loni: run In bl.s house. Indians Called Erie "Lake of the Cat" Very IK tic Is k n o u n of HIM KrU- | trllx.- of I n f l l f i n s , fur Ihoy l i i k f j cciisyJ to cxlHl iia a n a t i o n heT'-r': Hit w h i t e men ponctr.ircrJ lo HIQ ui-sn-rn conn try In any numhtrs. Th^-y ir4 rcprt:- Bcnveil (is imliKi di-cn n [Miworfiil im'l w n r - I I k c i r i l i e n l f l i o i r ^ f i c ' l f r i f K i n r l v ^ ly small In ntimlicr.H. Some SW )v:m a^o Uic-y I n c u r r p r ] the enmity of ihe Iroquol 4 ) or L'lvc NalloiJH. and were nrncllcnlly cx- torrnlnntecl Nj the (filler In n lon^: war. F a t h e r Ilcnncpln, v'rit\nx In lOSJ or certain Tnissionnrits, aUutlus lo I hi? Erics: "TJicsc pood fathers were crenl friends of the llurons, who told tliom the Iroquols went to war bfi- yond Virginia or N"cw Sweden near a lake which they called Hrlsc or Erie, which signifies 'the cat 1 or 'nation of the cat,' and becnuse these fiovngcs brought captlrta from the Dfltloo of the cat In returning to their cnntona nlnng this InUe, the Hurons named It In Ubelr language Krlge or lfke, 'Uic I n k o of the cat, 1 and which our Cflnndliiris, l/j iwflcnlnK the word, hiivc c.'illcf] Lnko Krlc." Cliurluvrjis, w r i l i n g 'd~ y r n r s Inter, R:I.VH of (In.- l:il;i-: "The natnc H lirnrs h i h n t of n.n JnfJj.'jii u.'illnr) u/ UK.' Huron hin^im^C which u-iis formt-rly so.ilc'l on Us h n n k - j and u l i o hove born entirely destroyed ly the Iru'iuolfi. L'ric, In thaf lnn^[i:i^r, sI^'nKir'.q cnt, and In some n c c o u n t M t h i s n a t i o n la called the cot nntlon. This nnme nrobnhly comes from the lar^o niimhor of that nnlmal formerly found In this country." NO "GLAD HAND" HELD OUT HERE Westerners iS'ot \Tanted in Laud of Nepal. A f t e r ten years' vramlerifis In un- travek'J riyiuns of tl:e Oricnr. I came at lust to Nepul, that country of w h i c h ivrcoval I.andon wrote: "Of nil the closed lands of this \\orld --closed hy the U^liborate will add policy of those w h o live In t h e m ; ylo'-oil ^hoilier (rum pieiy. buper- slillon, Joa!«tu»'. or pirh:i[a nbova nil fro 1:1 m i s t r u s t of t h e [^' Nepal Is tl;c «uil ysunivor." Only !(.» or so K u ^ l ^ h i n e D and prrh:ip» ten other Europeans have known the so«Tot valley of Kuluiau- dii and NVjul's ciiintal. "rhc sacred city of K a t m a n d u . " Nepal's inac- cotsibUUy is puivevliial. Uai-L-ly hag an rxeppiion IM'ITI tuade to the rule t i f n i n ^ t I!IL a d i n i - ^ i u n of Turns tiers. Tho s o L N i n n o r t a n i ' o and self-^ulll- clonoy nf Iviii:ianJti li.ii e not been .ilterod by tinit 1 or rhi* p r o x i m i t y of conr]iieri])j Knrojiean^ The Xepa- lose, fa r f r o m f o ^ l i n « infoi-jor to Europeans, r a i l i e r lmk down on them. n^ [ had occasion to loarn, Coiisfntice llandloy writer, in Asia ila^axinc. One m i t r n i n ^ \vhen \vc were r i i l l n s In K n t r i i a n d u wo vero l i t e r a l l y swept Into the ;:nu.-r lo p e r m i t a Nepalose nribtocrai to pass. J l o was escorted by oiii^ of iho inn-^t f a n t a s t i c entourages I h a v o c\er sivn. First came n mail y a l l n p n i - f on n sniaM un- croouu'd. \vild-inaued pony !\nJ blowing w i t h mi-ibi nnd main upoa n conch. lie wns followed by a car- alcnili*. In Hie center nf whlrh was a closed Kolls Iloyce, surrounded by a do/on r r more lui^c men well over si'c feet, In q u i l n t uniforms, on t i n y inll pnnk?. They looked ridiculous w i t h t h o i r feot brushing- the ground. O n l y the u r y c n t l y whiskered In- J u n c L U m s of my companion kept me from I n u c h l n u as they swept by. I wns warned of the possible t!lre results of n misplaced smile In a country Hint 1ms alwnya abhorred even the £ l p h t of n white fncc. Certainly western women seem nn Intrusion In this valley of lorcly women, Tlic women oC Nepal lire pnls alabaster In color, with chla- clcd features nnd perfectly shaped mouths, snmll teeth like pearls, large brown ryes nnd Inshcs t h a t would imikc CMII hrlplitoat film stars en- vlciib. Tl.elr costume consists of a lirMlcQ nnd full swinging skirls or Ironsers. Ilandsninc curved anklcta nml rlncs fidnrn their Uttlc foot. rroni t t i f l r wa-.-iriR hair h n n g lonp bright veils, fastened with orna- menls. Free Porli A frf-c peri is a harbor where the ships of nil n a t i o n s may enter on pay- Ins n moderate and uniform toll and lo;id nnd unload. Free ports Tom depots where Roods may be stored at first without pnyfng duly. These Roods may be rcsblppcd without paying anything except transit dnty, or may be chorecd full custom3 d u t y and admitted for home consumption. To kcop clctin nnd healthy take tr. I'Jercr'M plrminnt Felleti. 31)cv rcgulata liver, bowclfl and fltomath.--Adv. A Little Sugar A C/^'ch motor b u i l d e r says a l i t - tle M i K i i r In tho online w i l l make Uiu car run fii.-ler. On the other Imrul, cars -;enerally po too fast ivhcn MIL* d r i v e r Jui.s n IK Liu Hiiirur with him on the f r o n t seat.--Dayton Dully News. MercolizedWax LIcmislica nnd discoloraliona i Mcrcolixcd Wax daily as dir«cicd. laviviblo [inrlicl"^ of a^cd nkin arc freed oncl all cicfceL3 nurli ni blarklicnds^ Inn. [rceklca QQil LrMc porca di.^iripcar. Skia u UIVD bcauli- Inlly cl»ar. \elvdy and BO soft--ra«o looka y«-iri younger, Nfcreolizc-d "Wax briiiRa.out your liidtJcn bcauly. At all Icnilmp OruimiaU. ·Powdered 5flxoWe--TMi _ Jurrs wrinkles nnd oilier BBO*i(tnii, Bira- I ply rliswlva Dna Qunoo BnxoliUi In halt-pint I · ' - ' 'jrucl [mJ LLM daily on IftOO loUoD. | Is This Too Good for Your Cough ? Crcomulsion may hc a better help than you need. It combines »;ven major helps In out.--tha licst helpt kii'iu-n to science. It la jnntlv tut iulc); relief, for safely. Mild coughs often yield to lesser helps. No one can loll. No ono knows whlcli fuctgr will do most for nay certain coui;h. Ko careful people, inoro and more, are using Croomulalon lor any cough that starts. The cost Is a little more than a Slnglo help. Jlut your drugKlst Kuuranteea It, so It costa nothlnh' If It falls to brliit; you quick relief, l.'imnlis ' arc danger signals. For wifoty'K H.-ike, tk'.'il wllu tlicm In the best wiiy known. (adr.), This^Girl Knows _ YOU CAN /DEPEND CN ISA, (IT'S ALL-VEGETABLE/ . . S A F E * -Bright Eyes... No Bad Skin fihc learned lone aco how altun (lull i-yon, plniply skin, nfrvoii^ntHs and lack of pep como from Irovrcl RluKfflflhncfls and consilpailon. Now NR (Nulunj'B HcroL-dy) L^ her Kcrot oC EpuvrklUiR tovcllncas and vital banUtL No more JnciTrcilvo partial relief for Licr--all* vcgalablo NR Tablets pivo IhorouRh. cleans- intf, Rcntly ittlmulailog tbo cntlro bo wet I.lllUorJ toko NR for thorough. cfToctlva relief from coajUpaLlon aod blUuusnora. Get a 2c box. PIMPLY SKIN toon improved and tlotcte* cleared ft-wi\y bj daily treatment iritli Resinol INFAVSPAPERf NE WSPAPERf

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