The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 20, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1818
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Far HA1.1L . i . ."llti . ' lit applied 'fir imiMditurtgd V 'V? The superior packet sloop UOsfTOV, f'vr Sale, frathi er Charter; - The fire New - York built hij HI , BERN! A, H. Graham, master, builf by llieeserniui, o the best inater.sris, ami in igg'aiost faithful manner, ban lately been rop - V?M.'& SAME CltAlO, American, from Richmond, vix. No. 84 Front - street. 7 'r At I homat anil tit. liarlhthmewt, tttv ApnodBRIG. of 180 tons, bound to K?ithe West Indies, will take freight for J"'.. . . t t J - tr i sillier 01 meaoovc price, ii unvrvu luimtuj Several pisseugert als, en be well ac commodated. APP'J ' JAMES D'WOLF, Jttn. an 10 ' ' 54 South - street tar SAr'.i.WAH, . ills ' The fine achr. SALLY - ANN, Wog - pAa, loci, matter ; having beta detained by ths weather, can take son. a mure lil't Jreighr, 'ct which, or jiawigc, apply on boai d, at Jones' .wharf, or u ' POTT& M'KINXE, an 10 ." :M South street. The BritiMi brig 8 T. DOM I ' GO, Lcautaiu Krtlmnnd. wilt tnkt faisht far uc mrt iu Great - Britain or Ireland h is a good r fusel, and may be despatched iuiinediate - If, Apply on bcinl at liue - ireet wharf, or t aug 10 : 86 SouIIm. fur KJil'OOU JMv Themi'istBtitiaUhip ROCKI.VG1I.VM, ViT. F. WiHuim, master, n now loif'.injr aid likving Considerable cargo enf;acd, lit in tended to sail on the 2i)th iiist For the re kinder of freight or paaiuce. hawni hand . sne and spacinus accommudaiinns, apply on Kiaru, east side Kly - maHet, or to .A,. vno.MAS c. isu ru:it. jun. I afa 6 74 South - street, tor JS'LH .UiiL&4V Th fait sailiiMf packet s !ir. F.. ,XY K HENRY, TUfird, masters is scarly waded, can take a few tons more lilit freight, if immediate appiivaion i made on BcarU, west side of Hurting s!ip au 5 WHIle. l.h.U', 6l.Uu VilKlOU M. LUM,4c Recr per Cliauocey and UNamnia, irom unstol. (Lutf ) niuiior saie by vm funsiTiner, ()u hdvant.ieoui (criuf, Tit. fUO keg genuine ejrounJ wiule i.nad id SSIh. kecrs SO catk Set dry Whit Lead ia caki 5 to 6 cwt. each JJ il'i Red Lead to casks from l to 3 cwt. ca:h . It da SpnihBrownfroni3t7 4ctv(.a':li . 3U dn Ivory Black from 4 to J cwt t - kcti , i IS do Roman Vitriol from 5 to ttewt each Is do Venetian Ked (mm t to 3cwt each U tierces Alknu from 7 to lit cwt each IU hhdt. 5 tien - esanJ 8 Mils Roiton Stnna ,'V'ftoeh t;re.?n,Laiup Ullt, l'nxi1y Urown ti"ww ViuivJ, ti.tib 4couiinR liriiks irlllo A. ClfUKCH. J 15 GERMAN GOOOa. 184 Bowery. rjECEIVRU hy t.V ship Triton nnd llin sl.ip I ILJue, iroiu liaiuiiurg, ai il other late uuport - ai:ixi, iui.nirrtiuiiit el UrrmmLinco, su;h as rMuiiiiis, wiiit. - and nr - iwii Srctst., r, Crens, l'otvmi, Uroivn Che. - hs sn.i Shir'ing Linens HeiDjx?n Ornihurgs mul Tiritn'miji, Mesuam, Bmlaps, Hiown Rut's, " R."5 TaX;s, uiH - rfine lr'.ad l.'lotiis Napkini, Gall'ions anj found Ribbooi Coriee Mills, SUte Pencils Locking Glass Plates Pocket and Statia Glasses Ifd Pencils And an assorlmtat of Card wire. Also on hand, A few tons St. Petersrturg Hemp First quality Holland SailClnth, and Sixty boxes Pategrass Cheese, entitled to debenture. For sale on reasonable! frn, by GfcO. to THEO. NtEVER, J 15 lm lift Vashinstooslret. 54 Ktg branded B. H. Bndy, 8', id, I i C 54 do. Goo. Fletcher, B's, no. 1 L 3 do. T. M. Peane.Vco. K's, no 1 & 3 37 do. J. Gibb, 8's, no 1 St 2 48 l - 2.1o. JtP Labby, 8'i, Ladies' twist. IN STORE, 1500 Kegs, 8's, no's I, 2, 3, hilf pound rolls, Udies' Twist and Cavendish Tobai:o of the following brands, via. Enders, Ross, Ege. Milh - r, Holtz, Dulton, Starr, J. Hare ft co. n.. tlugties U co. r Dancv St co. Amine. son, Biair 4c M. Kcagc, Cantor, aud Shcltou n niiuamson, For sale by ug ! I 2w CORNELIUS DU BOI3. rJ) l'rti tuw, f. tf Boxes muslins 10 do. 4 - 4 ti 7 - C Irkh linens 1 do. pink ginghams 1 do. shawls 4 do, brown platillaa fi do. Scotch osnaburs 7 bales imitation sheetings 4 do. brown linen t do. linen bed tick 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton checks I do. carpeting. ALSO, Sail - cloth, Cotton baggin Twilled sackni:; Sfina twine For sale hy GEORGE JOHN STOV, JolT No. 1 Shvu - lnnr. ,... DOM t.MlC OOUD.i. OaLPlI TITCOMB 4c CO. Hi2 Pearl street, lure pi.t received S cases. i - nnt:uring 't ' "" n!l 3 - 4 te1'd Sheetings awl ""wn Shining ; Gineham rL :. l:UQk' ' Cl.arobray. "ed - Takiag and Cnimercs. Afooaband.anextentiye assortmectof i"TlK Woollaii and Cotton GihhIs 7 'f k am ; .k, and Shoes Y"1. Tucks and Bra.K assorted invoice of Straw Braid. Sc. "borlc'redit h 'J tl0W f0r C,,h CoUoa or Ba1 GcoJ wceived for sale U - iu5 ....... ' 'tins, iaiiil. - r - - ; n03. Hllll'Tl I fJ . 1 ' na constant tr on Mnji' i.. itrM ",: ni! wanufactorr, No. 60 Ferry - "d xeBi rTi comer 01 rean street, large ''wyis 1 01 ca,,u 'er7 tton Cr,t.fT n n . 11?. do 5 ,.i 1; rischin A - senp - , K' - 1 "a' Raising Card lowert.r'u:ll'13' hi h hwiH tell 00 1 i 1. . au. JtADEIRA ItWE. 1 O iV HhJ,. I Cboic Madeira Wine. ii - ...m' and ml month o Id. burthen 82 1 2 l - Z Or. Caiks olalrojev tin' An .ffU m , m I m , J r 20 - 95 ton. throughly butt bolted btows t. large of Scott, Loughnan, I'ci.filJ & Co', brand, and at, and U.srerorKaDl last; ia a zuiliil - uuereu lorsnw uy . 6 3. VIlAlli, i renury tod m complete order tor a nnWtoA - Rflirrrs. on board, east side Bur - ;Sip, oito ANoON O.PHKLP8, al? voyage I aug I lot 183 Frnnt - titreet, lorlamily upe, amongst which are ininpowucr Imperial llyson, Young Hyson HysiD 5kin Souchong (i ' Pouchotc . No.' 84 Front - st. JEWELLERX, WA I CUK3, nic. CASE of sundry Jewellery, iin Cutlery, Ii. Silver lluittMig and Plain Watchet, Dre sing Cases and Ladies Work Hoxe.' X case Ladies Corsets assarted. For tale by J, V.LAMBERT, - re jm J Svouruand stieet. TEAS, WlAEaA. GROCEiUk.S. No. 7 Park (.'ate Ladies Auction Room.) pertl and put m complete (inter, m can ne rpHKiBhtcrilr keep constantly for.aie a of first rate Groceriei oil on any voyage i nine cjciic. - i i geuerni nssotirue cin ffpnernt aoctnirnt ' tffji, apply to lull T TEAS , fof first quality and latest i importation. Jioaf, Ltiifin, ieiipip, Havana vl.Ue and brown - ''"AKS. Uouhhe Glouister, rlIt.rc Holland K Auitrican ' - t - SL. Lmnu Jiii'e bicily Lemons in good order 4th proof (.'onar timely (genuine) Hollnnd Gin and Jaicaica bjurits " Mod ira, I'nrt, Chirr, L. P. Teneriffe, Sherry and oth r Wines Sweet Oil in Hetties Bud Cotlks Spkes, VV. 1, Fepper HibhtrtV tlrowo Stout f perm Oil and Gaudies ; with manv other articles too numerous t'l speiifv. which wiW be sold at a moderadt adraire, hv' au a JAMES P. A.N DOE, CtlltlGALp, CuLuKS, Ac i:iion;alts,i!i casks of ?cwt Lump Mstnesit, in catci I)o flo small suart'i Calcined tfo in phials Rochclla Salts, Acid Tartar Citrta Acid, Blu Vcrditerin hi kins Patciit yellow, Kings Yellow Kcgulut of Atitimonv GUAs, BUTTONS, &c. Fowling Pie - e. assorttd, well tiuished io do in wainscoat cases, tuitly tiuished wnn npparnlus complete , Duclliiij; I'iMols, inccses Gold Kp.nilettes Maval and Military Sword Dells Gilt Coat and Vett Buttons Copierplates for ect;raTPri Matlicnmttcal InttrutnenU itolliiig Faralel Rulers .Varmcrs compasses, ttlescojies Opera gl - ses, microscopes 3 setts apleiuiid chessmen carved in ivory Tortois and turtle shell tea caddies ' Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. For sale by J. LAMHER1V je 13 4 touitlandt - iitrtet GJUNPOUDK, 6.IOT LEAD, &r. - 1J0O or. easxi F.FF. H FFF Rloomfi.Jd l'owdt - r S0i do do musket and Cannon Powder 10t do do hrtt tjigli - li Hn 50 do do Dartiord Canniitrr do SO do do Smgic Seal do 4 tons bts irted PatmitPhot 3 do d.i 'moulded do 3 do bar Lead - Id roll. Sheet Lend 600 feet Dnteitt ld pint " JtWM.mifterior French and Eogli - h gun AW an assortment ol musket and nistol balls. pm nH'Ks ana snoi i - i's, lor sale ijf sBHOONMAKEK, VAN BEl'RE.V CO. ag w No. 91 Front - it. f 1 LA Rr'.T 40 diiieu very suricriour Claret, larsaie at I3 the dnzen, bv GEORGK JOHNSTON. je 30 tf No. 1 SloatMane J A Kr.VEl) HARP. A. GUTTW.M.DT resnectfullv inrhn the amateurs of music to insocrt at Ida - tnrte Manufaotorv. No. 75 Alnidnu law. a musical imtniment that perfectly equals tie uari insouiii anu rar surpasses u inpomt ot easy Ireatmi nt, as it is played like the piano hy weans oi aevs, ami cnnirciwnlly has all the ad - vautae'jsot brilliant modulation'; the oidv one in ti t'nilcd Mates. Also, anelrgaiu I iauo - Forte of fine tone, musical variety and workmanship, withnn assortment of different kinds, whose gojS 'inlitit'i have been testibcd bv the undersigned eminent prolcssors : 44 We the suhsenbrrs, professnrs of music, do oerfity.that we have carefully examined Mr. J. A. Gnttwaldt'spiano - ibr'es. which, for inzenui - tv and excellence rf workainnaliio ami umrm FIlUUACCO ;V3 Kegs landin Irom ;hrs. brillhnry of tone, we deservedly recommend to JX. Hero and Onlv 1 Hiiishter. and sloon Fair l'n: ptroonge. Messrs. t.iiles, Mic line. Rd. VI S - i 'lL. - , 1U ... Meetz.C. I'hioault, Charles Gilfert." J 7 VAlUAUl.E lit At. t.alAl'E rUK CALL. IX TflK, HT( or SEW - vimir. pIVE lot of ground on IV svyit idofGrcen - wii - h - rfreet, between etry and Detbros - HS - strects, J5 by 10. r our do in tho rear 01 the above, fronting on .1 . - 1 . - ,.1 .. . , .0 uie ra sioe oi tvaiiiineton - sireet, zs uv n'l. r.izhtd 1 in the hln - .k below, between Was! iogtuu anj West - streets. In Monfromerr County. 60?0 acre of Laud in Lawrence' purrhve, near East Canada Creek, on the north side of ...... me .tion.iwx. In Franklin County. 15.162 acres of Land, in the town oT Mount nojTii anil uayton. In Essex Cructy. 78JJ acres ofLand in the town of Barry more In the County of Lewis. 1230 acres ol land in Casterland, Chasianii Purchase. In Saratoga County. 2600 acrt - in Pslmer's purchase. Enquire at the oifite of the subtcriber, 34 Ce Jar - street. DEV. ROBINSON. mh 17 tf eAC.Xirs'a PATENT KAZoKsl KOP. ion ttat wisli to shave with ease, Buy oi Sacsiprns 11 you plesse ; His Razor Strop's, peculiar such. That sharps the Razor with a touch. T SALNDLRS respectfully solicit thoso t - '. In have not got hi Patent Razor Strop, to furrish tliemselves ith hi new invented Ra - Jf - r Strop, and Metallic Comix iition. No ten 'leman who once makes trial of one of the Strops nuw ..i.erra, win evertry any otm - rs;axui suctns their formation, that ever s. much use will not give the razors that rosjadnesi nhich renden the lest of tbem use .'in, and which is well known al ways to follow the application oi all those bi'her - to ioveuted. The aUove strops are in general ue in New York, and are i!istinguihtd from u!l 'othrr. Barber who have ued them say more in their praise thin I rai mystdi. G. SAUNDERS, 18 Wal! - freet. Also for sate, Kajor, Sonp, and every uten ill for Shaving, of the first quality, with a t'ipu - nor assoitmiet of Perjumery, Hsir Powder, 4ic. Irom Smyth's, New fiwid street, London. N. B. Tie most hberal allowance made to denier. my ti IIUitsLo AND CAKKlAGl. FOR SALE, a pair or likely active black Horses, seven years old. They match in pirit ami gait, are fast trotters and in excellent condition lor a tourney. Also, light coachee in excellent order, la - qnire at (his t.tficw. aug 14 6t MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. 14 kegs "ladiea twist 44 Davidson, Sanndera Co." brand 1 53 do. N'.i. 1 do. cio. laiHiitig from schrs. Catherine, and Monroe, and for sale by an 13 TROKE5, DAY1DSOV fc CO. ICO Front - atreet. ings ii UM.4U puncheons first qnnlity N, E. Rum, J tn WOLF.Juo. 54 Smith - street,' f lOTIOAt. 50 utues priuie Upland, iorsuleiu URiSWOLD3fcCOATE5." UK" " 6B South - street. Hi.l. - H 1.1 l: v - h.iku: l,, v .1.. .l.V. CM., BrnvR Svnm lp.rMl a I ,J . sortmenl of 4 ml.ili - c. imnB ..... . - - - - - - f .! II ftC. Also 7 - 8 do lirownt from 1 1n HA ...... a. i.:u i.T" - - 7 h - ji guuus, RU1I.U uiry win sen on moaerate terms J.A W Vl'l Ri urijhr n .aat7w , i 4Siu!h.street AK iHO.t, , kc.ii toiis itar In 5 tons Sheet Iron 0 dozen Frfine Pans Patent Chart .mil Orwin Knives Iron and steel Shovels , German and cast steel milfyiiv.'i hand saw Coach Spring St el. For - Why ANDERSON c SHEARER, J2 At Ul Water street. HOU5KS. THE snhicriber wislws to purchac (iree or tour pair ol matchtd Horses, and . verwt sing! .Horses fur the saddle, and tdo fr ornuKM. . , ... R.LEMML au!; 12 ICH I Jtr.AUlj Slilli 1 1.StiSi. 3 iiiri lilcacli'd tj animus;, ot au esctlliot ofTality. just re ceived aud lor sale by the l.'O.MMls. - iiiiv iinMPAW 13 Mill'earl - nirert. IJOMBAZETl'S. CLO'raS. HA i'S. ac - j few bales Bomtazettr UrU mi.l nunrivJ colours . I case superfine woollen Shaw!, onorttdcni - irs, iuet received iv;r tir Financier, and lor 1. u kn . r 1 A V I C - I . A L r. 51 Wiliiaui - street. .4X.SO. 5 cases Sheppards beit fiOlidon supf. Cloths nnu CyassnuHres 10 bales Yorkshire middling nd tupf. Cloths 3 do Pelitse cloths 10 cases mini best London fine Hat 50 do men wool Hats lowpriced, suitable for (he southern market 3 do ladies and children blk. it drab Hats 1 d ii. em patent sillt Hats 1 do H.imls bock lp. Cords, &c. 10 hhds. bet London Glue a'ie 16 lw O I'hVLNs K UADERilILt, .o. l"t Front O street, efft r ftir sale. 10H chests HyiKm ckin Tea, Ontario's cargo o no do l ea, do do 3i hhds. p'nue Havana Molasses 7 do do Antieua do 10,00(1 lbs. Lnmp Su.r 15 kegs Ti hacco, Ross' brand 2 pies Cognac Brandy 3 hhds. .. E. Rum ! 1 do Jamaica M bbls. St. Croix sugar .5 boxes lit quality white Havana Sugar 16 do do Havana Srgars HI bags Pepper, 4 do crude Salt - Petre 5 ir. cm lis IVimridb Wine 30 kegs 1'ure Ginger. Together with a g - ncihl assortment ofgroce - iis, whuleuie mill retail. aug 17 3w HUM ft'i JVC VOl 7'OvV GOODS ic Goods, su tic Uoods, i as.oriinriK ot uim - such as . i. Dleatli'd i; unhleach'd tarings and Sheet White i blnck Millinetts. fassorfed numbers Floss, knitting ic sewing Cotton. For sale on reasooah'e trriu by ' - WM. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, 8 I'J7 Pearl - street, (up stairs. AMKKIUAN LLOl Ha i 1 - T - OeKrH HTCtMTJ 8rcO:"TVb."T0r rTarl - t street, liar lust received 10 pieces Ameri can biijiertiiie lilua Cloths, whicti will be told cheap, for cash only. Alio on band, an extensive Rsiortmftnt of Do mestic, V oollen, and Cuttou Gcodi2of every du cription, at low prices. J s) "VUERCITUON BARK. lOO hhds. fresh ground, forsnlr in parcels, by aug 13 GKISWOLOS COATES, I1.CKNEV COACHEs, L OR Select Parties, from Elizabeth Town C Point, for Philadelphia, and Hie Steam Rrmi. at Trenton and Bristol, and the Aiuit ral Springs at Schncicy's Mountain. ."Notice Knt to iSo. 5J White - Hall street, New Yoric or HALEY & STILES. Elizabeth Town. j "t sir i't sne cierm - uoai itiuania. win ie iiii.ueniau - iy aii"n.ifil to. J 14 GREEN W ICH CtiFFEE - llulj&F - Siluakd Uie earner of Giecnicirh Lane and the r.wlitri .Irenue. 'ltlt. subscnfier lulorin hi friend and the .1. publi.:, 1 hut the auive bouse ii o:w urH ihr trie accrnimrdatioo of company. It affords a e ry neallliy aud pleasant situatioiu during this warm season. It vicinity tothecit, toother wuii in iienuTi'ui siiuation, cannot tail to recommend it as a sii'ieriir place of recreation. The Greenwich stag? leave end returns to the above times a day, and accommodates personages on the most reasonable terms, which srediiy laciuiaiet tne distance to the city Boarders can he very agreeably entertained during the season. The subscriber trusts, (hut the convenience, together with the preparation he nit luaoe, nil 1 met 1 wiui tne aprobation ol the public, and secure to him their patronise. N. U. The best of liquors, &c.conitontly ktpi uu nanu. Lijiiea 14UI Aug. I bio. E. BALDWIN. Trivate carriages will be furnished at all time, at a more reasonable rate thaveltewbere. aug 14 tt J. W. F O R B E S, MAKCFACTCRER C'F SILVER WARE,' No. !0 Broadway. INFORMS his friends and the public, that he continue lo manufacture 01 sterlinx silverex - clusively, and 01" superior workmansliio. liver lea and Table Ladles, Urm, Scttl. I Waiters. Svtihons Church Plate. Knive. Spoons, Forks, I Cake Baskets. &c. &c. ol the latest and most elegant patterns, and at the lowest prices. au nruer executed, in a masterly manner. N. B. F Mil. IKS wishinoi In K ftni.nllorl with the first rate articles n( Silver, are invited to inspecthis work, as all articles of Lis mai.u. facture are sold only by niui!. J 311 im STORAGK CONVENIENT Storage for Dye.Wood, or other articles of a similar description. may be uad by applymg at No. 29 South - street. an a GEN I EEL BOARDING. 'YMIREEor lour geutlemen, disposed to live 1 socially together Hdl the 1st Mav next. my be accommodated in a small family, without children, where there will be no other hoarders. Tlio situation is on the N. River side, within five minutes walk of Ihe Tontirw Corlre House. 'I he nsu. I ohjecti in to'taking lodgings tin a private family, mat it a im onrmient etittrtaineon - pany," cannot be made here, as the family ii ac - ustomedtoand pleacd with lociety. tho do not mix a great deal v ilh it. The terms will he according to the accommodations required. Apply verba. ly, or by n line - directed to A. It. at this office. tor 17 tf TO MERCHANTS. APF.RSON of 0 year of age, rd" respectable family, who hai beva conversant with shipping and commission businrs lor several years, nd who rsl4i the Spanish and French language .luiiently well (or all the ordinary lur.ifes of ronuuert e, wishes to form a Cin - nii'won Establishment ia New Orleans, or some other soul hern port, itt connection with ome boose of Mpt - rlable aud resource n New Yok. IVper referemes of course, will be offered. Addrett K. at thii office, aug 17 41 m'TTIE PUftr.intr AGEXTLEMAfrom Franca would wish to dfa w Ois atttion of the citizens of New - York to lita wwly established Laboratory of Co - luun tvr wiu,ircparuiorimmediaU n - nH vnaianieu wiui uirecuons lor laying them on The colmisfare cTlha brightest tinti. ami nr pared so that do disappointment can take place. , St. John's Hall, Frankfort - st. w u A - . ... . ...u. n urj tupenor qu&uir oi rlecord iat ".""vmiu uf ui same person. UI1 X J r 1 BROWS', stone teal cugraver aud jewelb . ir, in mo nroauwav. 'Coats of nnai, crest, rvuhcrs. romve,i nn stone.' . " Dmon4: amclhvst. tooaiet. .crvstali Jt n bought nr to to any form. Ladies sea engraved with mottos. devices or cretbt. ' . r . Books ofhrraldry kept with upwards ofCO.OOO usinev A large assortment of fiue eolJ 9eals. rh iina and old. r W?. Ilerv. Je 9ft lm ii, , - IiiLWEIllf. - l - 'oi ale, a barium, a Hiw 3 eryA: - ,Jalt Hours connected, ia the city tf Hudson. - '.'Tim buildirgi are stone, mid par - lir uiwlystfuii takulakd liir the business. It is uatffl in tlisf midst of a liarlry country, and riutmtny otlyer Jvantsef. Ii it ceitainiv an ibject for tliv wijluug to enga in ths busi - ness. It U lh only brewery in the country. I'his properly will be sold cheao. Term libe ral ; title good. For further narticulars toM.MULJW.N, No. 78 Maiden - lane. Ntw - York ; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises. - vlH' Mil sir. 1 UST published by W. his Tianc J Forte and Music Store, No. 1X6 l5roadw.iv III14JU vji t Her Smiliug byes Fanny ltret. Thine am I Iny Faith'al Fair The Sohli.r Bride Evelcen's Bow'r. with vnriMiona bv Loxier. Also, all the Sons, &c. that are now singing at the Concert's hy Mrs. Burke, Holniao, Mesrs. incnocn irisj runups. Sc. . with a great variety 'il ne " Maiic for tie Piano Forte and the Flute Jy 3" Ail ANCHESTER VELVETS, Assorted er iU lours and very superior quality, for sale low, by 20 tjtU.I. nKWBEUr, IM Pearl street. HOM.l.Y Lt:Mb.A T. cask Roman cement, ju.t received and ror l py . ANDERSON & SHEARER, mi - U W 131 Water - street. liy hllm Patent from Ihr. l .ite.i .vurJ. CULLEN'S LIQUID MAGNESIA. Approved of and recommemled by seven! of the rnosi emmcnt phyncians or Philadelphia. THE Transparent Solution of Magnesia is presented ta tho puhlio with the sanciinu and particular r eointnendstion of many of the most respec able phttsoians of this eity, as the most cli nic ninue 01 etn.uirme maynetia. 1 bis s In. IKiileiMS the virtues of t; at niedicine in an eminent degree act more speed ly 1 Willi greater certainty and is not liable to form concretions in e bowels, as Messrs. Brands and Monroe base disewvered are sometimes produced I y solid mag - nesia. It combines with its antl - M d and aperient principle t1aery desirable property of allaying the most xvie vomitin. and carrying oil' eandoflenilye matter. Hee.ce may be infer - ed xt Rteajf c&caey ij the summer epmpaintsef. cHiwtu, em arts, no. ho. To persons of b liuus habit", it w reeommanded asan exocllenl corrector of bile .d acidity com uiumcaici inoe 10 ine stomach - r.pemtes a gentle taxation, sixl establishes a permanent and igir iiaie oi me ouweis. A discreiionai - y use of this ar eeable benme cnmiiei ersonsoi evi ry ag", sex anil constitution to k' en ihcir bowels moderate, wiihniit the 11 u - ol salts or drailic purges, fliitherto used) which never fail to confirm Hie costive hat its they were inie. - iuen 10 remove, aim to disorder lor lilu tne organs ol digestion. in wei.k stomachs urie and other acids are evolved, causing iraut, gravel, stiffness, nnd con cretion o, the joints the solution will palliate, anu uuvn lemove inesu aniiclin; complain s. - Indigestion and many disoiders of the sys t m, frequently proceed from an acidious sute of the stomach 1 child, en are particu arly subject 10 iru ncpravrn condition ot that organ, in eon - srqiteneeoi it: cir existing almost entirely on milk and vegetable diet. A small quantity of the solution (which children drink with avidity, and in gencial prefer to every other beverage) will in a a ill oct lime neutralise the existing acid, and, it continued, will prevent the formation of any new acid. Independent or the other advantaecs the anln - tion possesses over crude maenesia. or any other meiUeine, intended to produce a similar efl'ect, the superior purity of the magnesia contained ia the solution (the patentee having .discovered a process by which be deprives the msgnesia he makes use of, of the numerous impui iti, s it is sl - wsv s coiitaraiaated with) must give it a decided preference over every other preparation t to avoid me appenraneeot empiricism, ihe'ceruhcatesofj the p .ysiciaos, and other approbatory testimony. are not published, but may be seen at the store of the patentee. , I he soiulion may either be drank at the fount. ss mineral waters) at 18 1 - 2 cen t per half pint. or may oe nsn iu bottles ol an oval ihape, mark eil, in raued letters, Culleu s Liquid Maguesia' and labelled Uullias solution of Maenesia. Observe, none u genuine excent what answers 111 aoove oevcnpuon, aud is signed by Hie pa. tentee. JOHN CULi.EN. Price $9 50 per dozen. 75 cents of which will be returned on receiving the empty bottles. Sold in Philadelphia only, at L'ullen's Chemical anu u rug store, all, corm.r ot (Jheiuut and aecood streets. thiladeipuia, 25A April, 1818. CTr The Patentee, encouraged by the nieces I of the Patent Liquid Magnesia in Pluladelohia and eii.wncre, rcspceuany luiorm tne inliauilantaol ew 1 ork anil ita vicinity, that he haa formeil an establishment for its sale at No. 3a Broadway, within two doors of Park Place, where he alto manufactures Suda Water of a superior quality. jiu ... LoR the prevention and cure of Bilious and malignant f (vers, is recommended 1UH - NS ANTI BILIOUS ITLLS. The oik ration of these pills is perfectly mild, 10 as to be used by persons in every situation, anci 01 every ege. They are excellently adapted to rarrv nlTsu perAiions bile, and prevent it morbid secretions ; to restore and amend lite apiwlile ; to produce a free perspiration, and thcrery prevent colds, which are often of fatal conseauence A rl. never fail to remove a cold, if taken on its 61 at appcaiance - I hey are celebrated for removing habitual crwtivenest, sickness at the stomach, and severe head ache, and ought to be taken by ail jwrtoot oo a change ot climate. 1 Ibey have been loun.l remarkably efficacious in preveniu g aun .curing disorders attendant on long voyages, abd should be prnt - ur, d and salclv preserved lor se by every Sr.amau. The above medicine is prepartd and sold at LEE'S Modtciue Store, 46 laiden Lane, and or sale by every respectable druggist 111 the ci ty. Where nny be had Hamiiluu' celebrated VVorm L4izrii:t. aug 14 1100.11$ TO LET. A GENTLEMAN and bis ldr, can be ar cnmmotlated witli Boanl, and a large and pieafiaiit setting ro - .m, with bed rooms adjoining, where the. ar a few select boarders Apply at No. t Veiey - street, opposite the Church. kit !4 ly . MEW l.A W BOOK STORE. BLAKE'S CHANCERY PRACTICE. Containing all the proteedingi of a suit, as well in the court of chancery ,o iu the court lor iiim oi impeacnmndt, aad correction of 4or the state of New - Vork. This book couiaios about 700 pages octavo, and is said b professional gentlemen to be all important to the pracu.ioner in tins court, being the only Jin rican prodocticn on tliis subject : and to the stu - M .Bualuable, as it exhibit in very clear and lucid nwaoer, step by tep, the pro - gresola suit, in ill iu minutia, from the com - mencement to 11m finat tertuinaiinn nf Ica - . companied with an appendix, containing precedents of the most an roved form, suitable to every rate that can possibly occur in the course via.uit. jvh pumisiMtii aud tor sale by t. BANKS, Opposite City Hull. Corner of Nassau and Siiracc streets, aug 4 1m YOUNG LADIES' SELECT, SCHOOL, No. 1J Ckdar - strkkt. VI R. wpecttully gives notice, that 1 V.I. hii School will he luiiiu mun nu lb 1st ol September. ' soung ladies' will be instructed as usual, in t ourse oi AKueafim: all lh in. portant hranchesj from Reading and Penmanship, to Hbetonc and Natural Philosophy. r reuch bv one of the most Enquirers may satisfy thcniseives respecting the iiariieter ol una School, hy calling upon any of Kichnrd Vnrick. CalvbS. Rigs, George GrilTir,, John Suydbni. and J 3D 1m U V J I L are a - we; eniiemen, most oi wiioui horn mm,' us' Thomas 9. Clarkson, i Anthony Dey, Amasa Jackson, James Renwick, Eiqrs A very profitable FARM, of 1 10 acrei. iwu niirue unuer cultivation, ii. e residue woodland, ituate on the sea ihore, a quarter of a mile oriow me narrows, 011 tne stnten Island side and a short ride from the steam boat ferry landine - . It gives a very extensive view of the bay and eu - v irons of New - York, within tiie Narrows, and of oanuy hook ami tne ocean ror prospect 1 cijumicii uy ii.Hie. 4 ne line is unqiicsiionaDie. Two thirds of the purchate money may remain secureo npon tne land. Apply to A. V. JJ. I oun - tainon the premises, or to w. a. BKHLY, 143 Greenwich - street. TO LEI', a convenient new 2 atorv h - ime. adjoining the above, with a gnrden and ahout an acre of land. For terms apply as above. mh 3 eodtf WRITING .y SIX LESSONS. jVT R - DE SPRANG!! has obtained Letters 111 Patent of the U. S. for hi invention ol teaching the art of Writing in six Icsm;,. He will cnuhle any person, of whatever ?e. nnd notwithstanding any bud - habits fhev may have contracted, to write well nnd with rapidity, af ter haunir received these lessons. 1'ersmsof good capacity mil be able, by a atrict attention, to write wetl in four lessons, each lesson of oneiiour. T he solid utility and merit of this system can be belt seen in its particular results, in those beautiful and various specimens it baa produced, and which can be examined at Mr. D. S1 teaching room, No. 43 Brond - street. Mr. I). S. having tuit returned from Wasbinr - ton, where he be taught with great success, and wnere 111s nieiuoti nas neen mucn approved by the heads of government, will remain only four or five weeks in New - York, alter which time he must return to Waihir'ton, to fulfil an en - gngement made at the solicitation of a number ot gentlemen of that, city . N. B. Mr. IT. TS. witt sell a patent tight, and learn his lyifeux of teaching to those who wish in iurcne 11. jjjt) Uim14 W T'O MlNEh - ALOClS . 170R SALE, a variety of anh ndi.l and viilnr, J? ble specimens of Minerals, collected in Chi 11, comprising ores 01 gold and ulcer, cubical py rues, native cinnabar. Sic. Sic. K..r imrii. - ciiuiio ni in.ft iiiiiee. aug l - i eodzw ORGAN FOR salk. A FINE toned linger trgan, lately imported from London, built bv Nicholla. lo ttitf late Mr. Knetand). It consists nf" Astonfl. the I'rinctpnL Dtavnum. n,.t. an.i r 1..1.. . . .. ... . r " " na is general swell with two srn Iimr movements, and Is calculated for n small church. u. iMiTincr. uiquircai aug 12 eodbt N. 13 Gold - street FIRE EN'tilNKS. Ac - DERKINS 4c JONES, hack of St. James' a 1 nurcn, north freventh street. Pmladelnhin. alter a series of exjierimenti, by which they have ....... L. . . I .. ; T) . i . .. . , . I'.uufiu iu..r rm - nj iiyarautic Machine to a hih state of iii.proveo.eut, and ascertained the liest proper tiom and mod . of workina. are now .prepared promptly to execute all order in their line 01 nuiines. village Limine, whirh will n'a r r. iiiirynome, and not requiring more than eiebt men, will come at 250 dollars. First clan do. throwing a larger stream nnd ii'iimni; more, water, .jimj uullars. AddirVZ toeitfier Of Ihe Shove, tlirir imnrn,l Copper Suction Pipf hy which Hie EnRine sup. plies itself or other Lngint Irom n pond or gutter, 50 dollar.. . 8 If the copper tube ii lengthened to raise the water from a well, or upon a wharf, which mar - 1 i . . . 1 . ... ... retoiiiY uenone 10 Booui in feel, the charge wiil ue - 1 uunara raira er loot. .. . . ... ineir 1 arrest izea engine, which rr,s one iboui and di liars, will discharge a ton and a nan 01 witer pwr miutile, and project it upwards of 180 feet, through a notel one inch aud au eighth 111 diameter. Intermediate sized Engines, at proportionate pure. Domestic Engines, for watering gardens, washing widows, &c. at 41 lo 45" dollar 1 with copper plunger, 5 collar extra. Large nzeu no. 10 lactones, Ate. a lire engine, 100 dollar. Their new mpply pump, - which will return the water that usually rum to waste, after baviug been played upon a fire, or will force it from a ponu, - c. through bose, toany required distance, irom 60 to 100 dollars. The cost of hose. will. 01 course, oepenu upon lis leoglli. new ciurines are limine in ronsiruciinn. not liable to gel out 01 order, and may be repaired 1.7 - .1 uiumary u1et.11t.111e. 1 neir simplicity en a u.ea jos - inveniius 10 sen inem hi ir.iie nuu than half the price of those on the English con - i.ucuoa. ineyriave but one chamber, aith tiie whole effect of two but hall Ihe number of valves and other apiiendaires, and lets than bull the friction. The stream is'constaot. and to compact, a to produce leu pray than any hern lomre inane. Letter ol inquiry, post paid, immediately an - wered, and ample instruction given, when Eo gine are formed. Payn. - iils to ie midein Philadelphia, and interest charged al ter 60 day. '1 he Ldilor of Uie Button Cenduel, N. York r.vemng Post, Baltimore rtderal Kepublican, Washington National Intelligencer, Kichroond Enquirer, Norfolk Beacon, Charleston City Ga xette, nod Savannah Republican, are requeittd to insert tie above weekly for three months, aad forward their account to PERKINS at JONES, for payment, tag 13 Ins j X L llH V J I I' 0D years unm;ired lease, of the House No. 1 12 l.rteoKich - sireet. Enquire on the prn wiie. aug 17 tf . tun iALc, A farm of littiveen ixty nnd eeyenty acies. situate on the west bank of Lake Otsego. and one wile from Ihe village of Cooperstown. On it are a new atoau Loose 54 feet square ; a new farm house, barn, tic. It fmait deairable ee tahiithmeut fcra gtntletiiaa within g to retire into the country, as its situation, at to propcL convenience '.o market, 4ic il not surpassed by any in the interior Of the ttate. It wdl be told low lor cash, ou a credit, or exchanged for pio - perty in c:4y, goodr, - tc. Apply to IT. D k R. SEDGWICK, my 7tf Law Boilding. FRANKLIN mk' 0r The Frank hn Bank, will be opened for the IMiST ' buiw:, m Wedoenday next, Satu'tday'' dic",ntin6 DOt Tnelnj ft Notei ofTer'd for discootiL mutt hm AmA Ihe day pnxeding. s iy order tbe Board of Directors, "S I" H, POST, jr. Cashier. 17 f)fl ADOLLARS to loan, itrsnaut? vJ1 f ,J J U suit pplicantx, on bond witk nsortgag upon approved property. ALSO, N 40,000 dollars on nporovad Mroer. rainnlui) by bank' utock. Lnqaira of WiM. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - street WbeM application mar he ireneratl nuta Uirough the year, and uoi igages disposed of. 'JO l,U.iA. A C r(fHOLLKKS to Joan etf - v , J J J bond and mortgtge upon' property iu the city of New - York. Apply to J. G. BOGERT, Jy - W ' . , l38Wmtr - sL . COKNtLliii tUCEHT. , - ATlVRK&lf, COUAtKLLOH AT LAW. AUD JS'OTAHY FUliLlC. COMMISSIONER, authoiUd to take Affidavit and Special Bail in any Court of Record of tbii State, the prool aim acknowledge - ment of LeedM, aud diicharges ol Mortgage Also Affidaviti, Special Uail and the depoiitioa of witnesses it bnxiur, in the District and Circuit Courts of the United States, continues hit olfice at No. 14 Cedar - street. jy 2i im TO A LA Li A MA A&hLHAATb, ' PETERS 4c STtBblNS, Commission Mkrciiawts, Havr'' , 'WHlMf M - btle - Bay. Av extensive store housesM d leceive an forward goods, cotton, c. iree of cartage and wharfage. Vessel and barge l.y along to nieii .ire. rlinners Will DUiaiw iir.n CALVIN SPEAR. Boston. ' 4 PETERS il HERR1CK, N. York. EMLEN 8s UCWELL, Philadelphia. OZr JAMri I). STOUT, Engraver and fceaf Ctitier, removed to 90 Liberty street, near Greenwich - street. Jy t 3m tXy' JOHN PROCTOR, Jim. 106 Liberty - at. oflera liberal anticipations on prtjpetly consign. ed to bis Inemls 111 the Mcditeriaiiean. Foe further particulars, apply as above, or to AHKAHVU BELL, Je 6 tf comer of CI. If A. Fulton - ate. LANDS. OCT STErilEN B. MINN, No. 826 Pearl - street, New - i ork, purchases Lands in the Illinois T erritory, which ha been set apart for the late Army, letters from the country giving a description of the' patent and the price Ksked for each lot, will be attended to, ii Post paid. my la tf - v (O" ' be law aud Notarial Business ol Vbk Bleei ker, Eiq. deceased, and also that U com. misiioner, will be coritinued at his late office. M.. US I S n.n .1 w I aug It Iw tAN9 R. TILLOU. SALT WAFER BMlls. 1HI. L.i ..... 1 ne miotic are iii.ormeo n.:.t 1 1 Water Floatiug Bath continue open rrom five o'cl.ick in the moroii.g until lu at night, at Ar - den' wharf, near the Battery, and at the footof Murray street, North Kivl. FOR SALE, BTlandsome ririisvjre Sloop, iff complete order, with new sail i a yery tale boutj being lined w itli cork. ALSO, a pair of large Patent Chain Pumptv made by Mx. Daniel. AIo, one larae Vat or Ciifern. Apply at te Baths, or to JACOB RABIN LA U, ... . . 315 Broadway. ICT Wanted, an active, hiflliu - ni unv i attend a Drug Store one aciiuhii.iH ..n. i.. business. Apply as above. ..... 1 COPAH1 NKKSHIK (TT EBENEZEK 81 EVENS kann .mlr. ted into copartnership hi tone. J1u,m JV .s - vttu AJultnA . Aermr, their buaines will ia future be transacted under the firm of Lbtntur it event it Hutu. F.lentttt Sterent, . J'yun A". Mrrens Jjhn A. Steitnt. ' aug 1 1 3w , lLOUR. .'iJO btil. Philadelphia surline V Flour, SP plug, just ree'd and for sale by aug 7 BOORMAN & JOHNSTON. A! ONT - AL1 A For SAi.Eoro LEI , uf lr J. immediate possessicn given, the beautiftl Place called Mout - Alla, seven mile from the City - Hall, on the North River, adjoining Lord Courtenay't. It contain SO acre of land under improvement, with a largo gardeu well stocktil with vegetables a variety of fruit, with emrw convenience Ibr a family. Fcr termi, which are very reasonable, and if sold a long credit given if wanted, opply to N. Si D. TALCOTT. 64 ai.uth - stirH. Je 1 I N'l LLGl( Ol - ricE. JOSEPH D. 'OGRADY respeotlully inform, the public, that he ha opened an Intelli gence olhce at hi houie, 131 Fly - Market, be tween Pearl and Watcr - slreels. may be accommodated with servants, house - keepers, He. tic. Servants, ice. with satufactory recoai - mendatinns, u p.'iert with good si nation. Orders from the cuuutry promptly attended to. aug 4 lm" SPRING - HILL DISTILLERY. F01 tale, about 27 acre of land, adjoin ing 1 atiKK It Kiver, in the township of Biociu - held, in the county of Essex, in New Jersey, whereon ii a large and coiuaiodiou dutillery, with cider works, out buildings, tic. that render the whole a very valuable property, Enquire of EL1AS VAN A Re DALE, Newark, or GEO. W. STRONG, New York, ang 1 1 3w FLETCHER'S CELEBRATED VEGETABLE IALVE. ANDREW FLETCHER inlorm toe inhabitant of Ibis city, of an extraordinary salve prepared and uad by him. It ia com - . posed entirely of herbs, and other vegetable inbstances. and possesses, ia a degree altogeth er unequalled by any thu g of the khid known. Hie excellent qualities of liiohfyuigdrawmgandl eaiing, butootsiignwy, au manner 01 wound and runnings lo Ix used in every case, without exception, wfre the skin t broken. In caaen of the Scurvy and kind's Evil, it will abuluteji. though it may api'ar incredible, perform tbe most perfect cure. The agonizing pain of wonnd. cankered thro' cold, tire, or other Causes, it will mitigate in n lew uuuutet. For mor than seventy years it has been made in tbe writer! family, and is well known as Fletcher's He aline Salve, in a wide circle, round the Btizhborbno.1 . of Dalkeith, ami New bat tie hi native place, ii Scotland. There it baa. in case the at oat Lore. lets, preserved Die arm aad It gt, if not the live,, ot hundreds of people. But the writer it aware. mat it m extremely Improper nod eouatlv ana. railing fot bim, to itate caaen which have happened in a country to remote j it it only for him, by continued advertisement, to make it ksowa w this populoM city, and be hat the happy confidence, that a ceneront Public will give hint credit, nntil the thing may tpeak for itself; estab' nao 11a own tMnta, and prove its ac2vcnsr n true man ana no importer, in wnter srei happy in poatetsing in 0u country all the of making this invaluable ittediciae, which to decline making public in the amdst of zoore than, oe hundred thoutaad people woeld be cntamai in tbe extreme, towards "' "JX. 7 ' . To be sold in boxes, price 1, - j ; JOHN DRENNAN, sole ageot lor ue proprisv - tor. 475 Pearl ft reet. New York; eack bcrmm' cloed io a nall paper, cootaimng n mw nnnav ed dure In lor esiog it. 4 aug U WXtt a, - ' ' ' ' ' - V '' v. . S - ,;: 4 - . ii - ''..'r'J', - ..'.hI - 4J , r. iv - ., 1 : I y : ; - v.vMi: - ' ii" ' r 1 . : 1 :. 1 . e. Vl I I r" : . ' V ".'',)',;! mm !M f: ' .t . '' - ; ' 1 C . 9 ' U 4 A i X ...if n i V I ' I I 1' 1 i 1 If - i . t . ' i I ' ' J',.. r 1 f ,' ; : 1 1 . I 1 ? v. 'A ?. i , ' mm ' ' I '' ' ! i J 1 : V' - r ' . ' .'). : - ' ?': - ! t , 11 f I i ",M ' - V 1 T ! ' 1 ; 1 t s ij ?

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