The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 6, 1939 · Page 1
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 1

Mason City, Iowa
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Thursday, April 6, 1939
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NORTH IOWA'S DAILY PAPER EDITED FOR THE HOME M A R L O N E R H I S T McM 4 A S T D E P T O f I O W A C O M P OES U O t N E S U "THE NEWSPAPER THAT MAKES ALL NORTH IOWANS NEIGHBORS" H O M E E D I T I O N f i VOL. XLV NEWS BEHI ASSOCIATED PRESS AND UNITED PHESS FULL LEASED WtRES MASON CITY, IOWA, THURSDAY, APRIL 6, 1939 THIS PAPER CONSISTS OP FOUR SECTIONS SECTION ONE NO. 153 ByPAlfl/MALlON, Inside Tip Hitler Planned British Blow WASHINGTON--Britain's sudden decision to turn and stand for Polish independence is supposed here (quite authoritatively' to have been based on an inside t i p P r e m i e C h a m b e rlain received indi eating H i 11 e w a s preparin. a b o l d b l o \ threatening th .very life of th | British empin The blow \va not anticipate in P o l a n d o course a s t h Poles are re mote from tl- Paul Mallon empire juguH vein. It was probably a planne Japanese stroke against the Britis at Singapore or the far east, or scheme ol Mussolini to take th control he wants in the Suez cana The exact nature of it is not definitely-known here, if indeed it was known to Chamberlain. The Russians apparently received the same tip. At least they acted accordingly. The reds are weak in defense, but not so abjectly feeble as to be uninterested in maintaining Poland and Rumania as barriers against the nazis, if they understood this to be the British purpose. Their unwillingness to join the British game was announced first through their official press (there is no other in Moscow) with the ominous explanation that the reds do not trust British foreign policy. ITALIAN WARSHIPS AT ALBANIA Poland Joins England in Mutual Defense Plan 2 Eventualities Possible This current European situation is, therefore, regarded by the calmest unprejudiced eyes here as being political-- and not military. The issue simply is who is going to_run whom on the continent. The showdown is nearer but not neces- ' ' IS KEYSTONE OF EFFORT TO PUT UP BARRICADES Purge of Nazi Secret Police in England Is Now Under Way LONDON, (/Pj--The British gov- ernmen' announced Thursday a mutual defense agreement will Poland, a drive to rid Britain o: German agents and assurance: from Albania that her integrity was unimpaired despite reports i impending. Italian military occu pation. The Polish-British' agreement, still to be signed, represented the keystone of British efforts to raise defensive barricades against aggression in Europe. The "purge" of German agents and the Albanian problem were important issues. Product of Conversations Britain's part of t h e ' Polish- British alliance was a week old but Poland's promise to aid Britain against any aggression was new--the product of three days ol conversations were between British statesmen and Poland's foreign minister, Joseph Beck. Prime Minister Chamberlain told the house of commons tha "pending completion ol a permanent agreement, Colonel Bee! gave an assurance that the Polisl government would consider themselves under an obligation to ren- LOOK INSIDE FOR- sarily at hand. Two -eventualities are -considr " ered probablev/Either. Hitler .will not cross the "Riibicqn,; dra\vri in pencil by Charrib'erlain, "in Poland und Rumania, and will call ofl his dogs' and .settle down to mind his own business, or he will now attempt to establish his supremacy as the undisputed master of European political affairs. The choice is his, and authori- dcr assistance to his majesty', government."- .._ .,';-:,..'.:;^ Reports Quiet at Albaniii Chamberlain took note of th arrival of Italian warships a Durazzo, Albania, but said all wa quiet there and that Albania ha denied tliat she had accepted an conditions incompatible with her j sovereignty and national integrity. | The prime minisler left a loop- | tics here suspect he will clio'ose hole by which Beck could con- the first course. He might take elude a separate anti-aggression me 11131. LUUI= = , , agreement w l t h soviet Russia, or even supplement the present Pol- sh-German non-aggresion treaty On Way to U. S. Prison to Serve Sentence PAGE 2 Scribe Carries Fight With Hogs to North : PAGE 15 105 Employee! on 6 Floyd WPA Projects PAGE 9 Danzig, for instance, but not tlie Polish corridor, for he could get away with the first, but not the latter. If inside German reports are to be trusted Hitler fears \var more than Britain and France and will limit his loot to what he can get away with. (Incidentally no one seems to consider Mussolini very seriously, except as a tool of Hitler.) All of which means, authorities here do not expect war. Hull Hitting Mark Mr. "Hull was not shooting in the air with his circuitous statement that Germany's trade policies were responsible for the TJ. S refusing the reich admission to the reciprocal trade partnership. with the declaration: It Is understood that the agreements x x x should not preclude either government from making arrangements with other countries in the general interests of the consolidation of peace." Deport Xazi Secret Police Home Secretary Sir Samuel Hoare told commons that the government was taking steps to deport members of the German secret police and other nazi organizations from Britain. He disclosed that "steps" had been taken against three nazis in recent weeks. Albania has been bound to Italy by strong military, political and economic ties since 1927. Hull's "buckshot will be found i Well-informed sources in Belin the hide of the German charge j grade said the --impending' Italian d'affaires here Hans Thomson, i occupation was meant :is a warn- not in that of German Economics j ing to both Yugoslavia and Vote Set for April 27 on Recreational Area PAGE 19 MERCURY DROPS BELOW FREEZING Temperatures Average 12 Below Normal in State; Flurries Fall D E S MOINES, (.P)--Temperatures in Iowa average % 12 degrees below normal Thursday and the weather bureau predicted readings of "considerably below freezing" for Thursday night. Temperatures were expected to STATE OFFICES BUILDING PLAN BEATEN 36-65 Republican Economy Wave Kills Proposal. to Erect Structure (DEBATE ON PAGE 2) _ DES MOINES, (IP)--By .a margin of nearly two to one, a republican economy wave in the Iowa house Thursday killed a bil calling for the construction ot 51,300,000 state office building. The measure polled only 36 favorable votes, exactly half the number it needed for house ap proval. Those opposed numberec 65. Bills calling for appropriation need a two-third majority, or votes in the lower chamber. Offices Now Rented Proponents had asked passag of the bill so that the slate migh be relieved of paying appro.xi mately S120.000 a year rent to downtown Des .Moines .office space. The house left the way open for consideration of some sort of a building proposal, however, by refusing to. "nail down' the vote by which the hilt failed to pass. The "nailing down" procedure, which would have placed any motion for reconsideration on the table, would have meant the house would need consent of two-lhirds of its membership to go into the tate office^question^ again^ · V- 1 ~~ ££fer"jciassirig ; seven* otli?r rjllIs, ncluding a measure designed to )lug gasoline tax refund leaks, the louse voted to recess at noon Friday for the Easter weekend. The ower chamber will resume its de- iberations at 10 o'clock Monday norning. Makes Vain Fight In a vain fight against the ris- ng tide of opposition to the proposed office structure, proponents declared the measure was a "real consolidation and economy move." Representative H. H. Hauge ( R ) , Des Moines, pointed out that delaying the question until the 1941 session would mean the building could not possibly be ready for occupancy until 1943. "By that time the state will have paid another 3500,000 in rent," he said. Representative H. S. Love (R), Bridegwater, called it "political suicide for a party to sponsor a bill of this kind." Are Housed Uptown- Such slate agencies as the state tax commission, the liquor commission, the unemployment compensation board and the insurance department are housed in downtown Des Moines offices away Albanian Soldiers on Review SMALL NATION HEARS REPORTS ARMY TO LAND Many Reservists Are Mobilized; Resistance Under Consideration EUROPE- AT- A-GLANCE By the Associated Tress London -- Britain announces mutual defense agreement with Poland; launches drive to rid Britain of German agents. Tirana, Albania--Three Italian warships arrive at Durazzo, Albania, increasing fears o£ Italian occupation of Albania; reservists mobilized. Rome--Mussolini flies to airport near Adriatic, then returns to Rome; fascist officials and press silent ~ori Albania. B e l e r r a d e -- Well-informed sources say Italy intends military occupation of Albania as warning to Yugoslas'ia and Greece to stay out of British- French anti-aggression bloc. Berlin--Nazi diplomatic quarters say Albanian tension and German-Italian general staff consultations are intended to "teach Chamberlain a lesson." On the, Heels o£ that a son had been born to Kins Zog of Albania, came news that Ilalv was reported ready to occupy the little mountain kingdom. The queen is the former Countess Geraldine Apponvi, of American descent. Albanian soldiers and guns, with supply trucks, are shown at a recent review at Tirana. _^____ a NAZI PARADE IS BROKEN UP i. 300.Mar.cri in Buenos Aires With Posters; 1 4 Persons Arrested BUENOS AIRES, (IP)-- Swinging police clubs Thursday broke up a parade of 300 persons marching with posters saying "Viva II Duce Reviews Planes Near Sea, Looking Toward Albania Press States Italy Hitler, Mussolini, Franco." Fourteen persons Viva were arrested and one sent to a hos- pilal with a scalp wound. The demonstrators attempted to march upon the offices of the liberal newspaper. Critica, after a German nazi leader had been arraigned and a cabaret dancer questioned in the government's investigation into charges of a plot for the annexation by Germany of Patagonia. Mueller Is Charged Alfred Mueller, chief nazi agent in Argentina, formally w a s charged with exposing the nation to the threat of war and attempting to threaten the sovereignty of the nation. Mueller's arrest came after Enrique Juerges, a disaffected nazi, in a letter to the president March 20 had charged German politics plotted the annexation bj | . . . . . , , , . , l£UlkbO JJIUI.^Vk lut. M t l t i w . * « v . u » « ~J fell at some I from the capitol hill statehouse.^ | Ado!£ Hitler of the sparsely set- · " · - - · - - - - -- ' - · mile tip of Greece. Albania's Balkan neighbors, to stay oul of the "anil-ag- gression" front. Refers lo Military Plans The Belgrade sources also ascribed to Italy a desire to seal hermetically the Adriatic to non- Italian influence and to occupy the Albanian coastline as "security for loans*' now in default. Disclosing the Polish-British j military agreement. Chamberlain i of wheat, 500,000 bales of col-i said details of the Polish-British j ton 30 000 tons of dried plums j agreement would have lo be | and 110000000 pounds of lard. | worked out before the agreement Minister Funk, to whom his blast puportedly was addressed. Known inside tacts of the situation are these: Thomsen recently gave International News Service a solicited interview on German economics, in which he asserted the men's willingness to enter a reciprocal trade agreement if the United States would "come half way." Thomsen said Germany was prepared to buy 500,000 bushels rise Friday. Snow flurries iv.. ... o.,...-, - . , northwest and north central Iowa ! The house passed und sent to | t|c(J 2g5 00() squai . c points Thursday and at Inwood i Gov. George A Wilson a bill | SmM} Amci . ita . the mercury dipped to 17 de- | which would forbid all oil com- | Dancer Also Quizzed rces above zero. It was 20 in | pany employes from notarizing asolinc tax refunds from then- Mason City. The official high of the last 24 hours was 57 above reported at Decorah and Albia. Eastern and southeastern points reported small amounts of rainfall. Minimum reading in the souih- casl section Thursday night was expected to be 25 above, while 20 above was anticipated for the rest of the state. Before the smallish, barrel- . There was a kickback from the could take final form. U was presumed he referred farm belt upon publication of the | inference the state d e p a r t m e n t ! the actual military plans necessary had blocked surplus f a r m sales to! for cither nation to go lo the de"slop Hitler. Given $650 Legacy; Is Found to! Dead One Day Later DES MOINES. -- r'rcd fense of the other. Until Thursday, j Alpcr.s bachelor, had less than a S650 legacy for j Hull, naturally, could not lake; the alliance was one-sided so far I dny to enjoy a S650 legacy for | ing lights on t official cognizance of a statement I as any military assistance w;is which he had waited a year. | chief clerk, cloy published Tn the form of an inter-! concerned and that in Poland's fa- I Tuesday afternoon he cashed j taught 88 of th publ: view. Yet the congressional reac- vor. tion to the story demanded some kind of swift counter-action. Hence, the shot-gun charge at Funk, which served the double purpose of answering Thomsen and putting him on -warning against further interviews of that nature. (Copyright. Kinc Failures, lnc. Report Jews Jeered on Leaving Vienna REICHENBERG, Germany, (,'P) --Sudeten Nazi Leader Konrad Henlein's newspaper Die Ziet re- porled Thursday thai a tram-load of Jewish emigrants left Vienna for Palestine Wednesday with j The storm spread from western Highways, Blocked by Snowdrifts. Are Opened Near Denver D E N V E R , (.'Pi--Snowdrifted highways were opened to traffic Thursday after a post-season blizzard, which hampered travel in three states, abated. During the height of the storm, when a 38 mile an hour wind was piling drifts several feet deep, roads were blocked between Denver and Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs, and Greeley. Colo., and Cheyenne. Wyo. the legacy check. Wednesday afternoon he was found dead in his room. Coroner A. E. Shaw attribulcd death to acute alcoholism. The attorney who helped obtain the legacy for Alpers said he was about 50 years old. He said Alpers put most of the money in a safety deposit box after cashing the check. He has been working part- time at odd jobs. passed, 74 to 25, despite the opposition of a farm bloc. Sponsors said the act would conserve an estimated S200,000 a year in gasoline t;ix revenues. The farm group unsuccessfully battled what they called the "dishonesty" implications. In a brief period of horseplay, the house passed a 'measure extending the skunk trapping season to Lucas, Wayne and Guthrie counties, the only three areas in the slate in which the ani^ mals toulil not he taken. i Represcntalive Leo Hoeg'n ( R ) , Charilon. asked that the three i counties be permitted "to r e t u r n ' to the union of Iowa.'' House al- ; ternately flashed yea and nay vot- j the bill until Ihe r sed the device and ; ncm voting for the j compared with eight I _. i chested factory hand, whose poll- farm ^ customers. ^Jhe^ measuie I lica , powc| . ovcl . 2 059 pill . ly mem . bers in Argentina is in contrast j to his modest life, had been arraigned, police questioned his friend, Zelms Schmel. a dancer, at one of Buenos Aires' smartest cabarets. Police called on her while her show at the Tabaris cabaret was going on, and questioned her from 0 p. m.. Wednesday night until 12:30 Thursday morning. Authorities declined to say if she had contributed anything of value to the investigation. But Is Nof Specific ROME, (IP)--Premier Mussolini flew, early Thursday morning to Ihe military airport of Jesi, near the Adriatic seaport of Ancona, where he reviewed planes and new recruits. The premier piloted a tri-mo- lorcd bomber to the airport near a joint that overlooks the sea to- vard Albania as rumors of an impending Italian military occupa- ion of the little Balkan country ran through Europe. (Yugoslavia officials, who said :hey were officially Informed of Italy's Intentions, declared Ihe impending military occupation was meant as a warning to both Yugoslavia and Greece not to mix in the Anglo-French project of a "stop Hitler'' bloc.) "Ready for Anything" The fascist press proclaimed that Italy was "ready for anything at any moment" though the newspapers were silent concerning Albania. The newspapers, however, displayed prominently a commu- n i q u e saying Italian - German military talks were proceeding at Innsbruck in Germany. II Duce appeared on a balcony of .Icsi after inspcctiiiR the airport and saluted the crowd but did not make a speech. Trip Believed Important The communique announcing his visit laid no emphasis on the military phase of his fast trip. fications on isles off the Albanian coast 'she' already was master of the Adriatic. They were inclined to believe that occupation of Albarua, if undertaken, really would be a move directed at countries other than King Zog's land of 1,003,124 inhabitants. which struck foreign observers as important in view of the uncertain siluation between Italy and Albania. Many diplomats believed that military talks Wednesday and Thursday between Gen. Alberto Pariani. chief of the Italian general s t a f f , and Col. Gen. Wilhelm Keitel, chief ot Ihe high command of German armed forces, con- I corned an Italian-German plan | involving Albaniii. Reports from Tirana, Albanian YUGOSLAVIA IS GIVEN WARNING Report Italians Also Indicated to Greece to Stay Out of Bloc BELGRADE, Yugoslavia. f/Pi-- Well-informed sources here Thursday said Hie impending Italian military occupation o£ Albanii was meant as a warning to both Yugoslavia and Greece to stay ou of the Anglo-French anti-aggression bloc. Italy's action may involve onl; the occupation o£ Albania's coastline for the purpose of hermeti cally sealing the Adriatic the same source asserted. The Yugoslav government, informed of Italy's intentions, professed to be calm, but the people were nervous. They heard thai several Italian planes arrived at Tirana Thursday carrying high Italian officials. Italians Made Loans Yugoslavs said Italy recently resumed financial and economic talks with Albania but these did not progress in a satisfactory way for the Italians who, through the TIRANA, (IP)--Ail Italian cruiser and two destroyers arrived at Durazzo, A l b a n i a , Thursday morning, as Albania feverishly discussed reports of imminent Italian occupation. Many Albanian reservists have been mobilized. Twenty truck loads of arms were sent Wednesday to Kalona, the southern port of Albania. There was some feeling in diplomatic circles that the -Albanian government might try to resist any landing of Italians:-'. ;^-;V- ^.-/- · May Find Formula" "' ' There was a possibility, however, that the government might find a formula under which Ital- an occupation would be accepted. Crowds of Albanians gathered utside the foreign minislry, seek- ng some inkling of what was gong on. People In the streets freely ex- ressed their desire to resist any military occupation. Plane service from Tirana lo Italy was canceled. Neffotialions Under Way Negotiations between Albania and Italy, obstensibly toward strengthening of the 1927 defensive alliance between the two countries, have been going on for several days. King Zog, after the birth of an heir to the throne Wednesday, conferred nearly live hours with his cabinet. King Zog received the Italian Minister Francesco Jacomoni, in a private audience that lasted two hours Thursday morning. The tense situation cast gloom over the national celebrations of the birth of a crown prince to Zog and Queen Geraldine. FORECAST Italian national bank, are reported here to be actually financing the entire Albanian administration and King Zog's personal budget. The first Italian loans to Albania were due in 1935 but Albania could or would not pay so Italy demanded new _concessions, j WestaoTelancT 7 KILLED IN HEADON CRASH Motorist's Attempt to Avoid Piece of Metal on Road Blamed WESTMORELAND, Cal., (fP-- A motorisl's attempt to avoid a piece of metal on the highway was blamed Thursday by Deputy Coroner Herbert Hughes for the deaths Wednesday night of seven persons in an auto-truck crash. The victims, all occupants ot the automobile, were residents of or an exodus 'of Italian j according to the version here. measure, noes. Amendment Is Filed Iowa liquor-by-the-drink forces Thursday filed an amendment to the house beverage bill to limil issuance of the proposed by r the- drink licenses to operators located in cities of more than 10,000 population. The bill now is in 'the house sifting committee where its sponsors valiantly but unsuccessfully attempted to obtain sufficient support for a move to put it on the house calendar. As originally written, the by- the-drink measure, which con- WASHINGTON. W)-- The jus- j tains local option provisions, speci- tice department announced a new ] ficd no population minimum. federal correctional institution j would be opened Monday at Sand- i stone. Minn., to handle about 500 Federal Prison at Sandstone Planned IOWA: Generally fair Thursday night and Friday: temperatures considerably below freezing Thursday night-, not so cold Friday afternoon. MINNESOTA: Generally fair and continued cold Thursday night: Friday, fair in south, increasing cloudiness in north, nol so cold in afternoon. IN MASON CITY Globe-Gazette weather statistics: maximum Wednesday 43 Minimum Wednesday night 20 At 8 a. m. Thursday 21 Snow trace "Return of winter" was the woeful characteristic of Thursday with residents, including businessmen, j | strengthened the belief of some · fleet demonstration was staged at Durazzo, on the northern Albanian coast, resulting in Albania yielding. For the last five days or so big popular demonstrations h a v e taken place at Tirana demanding that King Zog resist Italy by armed force, reports received in Belgrade said. diplomats that military operations were in prospect. Army Takes Precautions Albanian officials said their little army was taking "suitable military precaution--." Authoritative Italians said this forenoon thai they were without word of any Italian troop landings in Albania, and the newspapers continued to refrain from any mention of Albania. The fact was cited that Pariani was chief military adviser to Albania for five years, from 1927 to 1932. He is said to have the best military knowledge of King Zog's mountainous realm. Puzzled by End Diplomats were puzzled as to Ihe end to be gained by any occupation of the 10,629 square mile , Mohammedan kingdom lying at its j Dr. Irving J. Greenblatt and Dr. Hughes said the Fleet Made Demonstration i lo i d !lim the car ..... ,, Albania refused the Italian dc-1 toward the truck at high speed truck driver was driving mantis and promptly an^ Italian | when jt sw ervcd suddenly to the wrong side of the highway, then crashed headon. New Anti- for Blood Reported BALTIMORE, (fPi -- Discovery of a new anti-coagulent for blood was reported to Ihe American Chemical society Wednesday by aillette Scoffs at Report Hopkins Took Step for Presidency WASHINGTON-, (if) -- Senator Gillette (D.. Iowa) scoffed Thursday at the possibility that presidential ambitions might have ac- lualed Secretary Hopkins in deciding to change his legal residence from New York to Iowa. "To me the move has no political significance whatever," said Gillette, whose rcnomination last summer was opposed by Hop- HALBEUT. 62. DIES RED OAK. (XP-- Marion Hiil- doors and windows of the coaches ! Wyoming lo North Plattc. Nebr.. i men sentenced for terms of lets ] bcrt. 62. proprietor of a seed com- I · / sealed. The paper said the teals! and covered all of Colorado east, than 18 months. U will serve pri- | pany bearing his name, died a f t e r ! Ma^» were ordered because Jews jeered j of the continental divide. Temper- ' marily Iowa. Minnesota. Wiscon-I an illness of three days. He had and shouted as the Irain deparled. I alures dropped to below freezing. I sin, Illinois and the Dakotas. ' lived here most of his life. r _ _ _ _ . . _ . _ , snow flurries and freezing temper- | nearest point abovit 50 miles across i M. X. Sullivan of Georgetown kins. the Adriatic from tlic heel of the ; university. It is aspartic acid, a Hopkins himself insisted that Italian boot. 'substance common in plant nnd I his only purpose in making the They pointed out that Ilaly al- animal tissues. They said it may i change was to give his motherless ready had v i r t u a l l y complete con- : be more effective than sodium j 7-year-old daughter. Diane, a per- Irol of the country's ruitural re: citrate now used to preserve the j msncnt home in his own native sources and that wilh her forli- i fluid in "blood banks." ) state. YEAR AGO: mum Minimum Precip. 37 4 1.15

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