The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 20, 1944 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 20, 1944
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

Help Wonted, Male 20 Help Wtd., Male, Female 27 oTFfCE W O R K E R S "AIEX wanted for mechanical service work on typewriters and a d d i n g machines f n Chicago are*j. Salary wlnle in training. Excel lent advancement anci pusi-war work. V/rilc or contact K. t. Lifcl, Remington Hand. Inc., 820 Lucual St.. DCS Monies 9. Jem3." WANTED--Stockman. Excellent opportunity for young man; good salary. Kresge Dollar Store, 9 S. Federal. WANTED--Single man on farm. Moslly tractor work. Chance for defmnent, J. K. Berk, Dougherty. Ph. 20 on 97. CONSTRUCTION WORKERS Northwest United States Top Wages Ideal Working Conditions Comfortable Living Facilities for Workers STRUCTURAL, IRON WORKERS LABORERS AND TRUCK DRIVERS CARPENTERS MILLWRIGHTS REINFORCING IRON WORKERS AUTO MECHANICS HEAVY DUTY LOCOMOTIVE MECHANICS HEAVY DUTY EARTH MOVING EQUIPMENT MECHANICS MACHINISTS PATROLMEN PROTECTIVE FIREMEN If now employed at your highest skill in essential inciustry or agriculture do not apply. Representative hiring at WAR M A N P O W E R COMMISSION United States Employment Service 19 THIRD ST. N. E. MARCH 20-21-22 Acreage CLIENT HAS 5 A. IMPROVED WELL LOCATED TRACT IN MASON CITY Good honie and Ij.-mr. S.VOtn). Terms ieaonal)le. Po a ?e=^ion. Pacific Northwest GOOD SALAIUKS IDEAL WORKING CONDITIONS COMFORTABLE LIVING FACILITIES FOR WORKERS Addressograph Operators Posting Machine Operators f\ s-\ FOR SALE--Iinpr. 1110 A. Near Lomptometer Operators; S1 ;i ic o,', 11 "^." '"iLu^r' 1 F|OJ1 '" Typists Registered Nurses Cottages A35! Help Wanted, Mole 20 COTTAGE FOR SALE: rare aElporlumly lo aeeilre a collate Kkl ha* never been rented. £eiiled irmijihout in k n c t t y pine. Coimiielely ludern. ujs Ue;t. eletlrie u'jler = 3 l e [ n . xvith weil. {irephici'. cemented g;U'Jj!e Loeate(J ;it We^t Dod^c:; P o i n t , on 51) f t . w y t e i l e v e l Jol vs-itli ilot-It. un one ol Cleut Lake's Einei.1 Ijeiiehe.-. 'l'hi liiis heeit a private l]un:e m i d iho»a it. ; n. A. AIO.XAGIIEK. Ph. 70. Clear LaUe. la. 37 DRY ERS WANTED J*2^**:. Q TML'*J«! ?I K- ft^UU^B FOR SAI.K-nuiillK- pcd.'sUI b v i n o r y : · A A A Oi i 1 C"\ ' I ! ^y,,, 1 :i^^rjrMn 1 : AAA Started Chicks i- MASON CITV, IOWA ACREAGE FOH RENT--5 acres, (i rm. house, dec., large cluckoti licntsi'. A. \v. Stubbs Co. . Farms for Sale FOR SALE--Iinpr. 120 A. Kcai f O K S A L M 39 Calh- ·oiiiHy. Physicians If now employed at your highest skill in essential industry or agriculture do not apply. Kid iiti'os. well impi-tAX'il. hind; liuici, !oo(l road, near tov/a. ' .Sl~. r iHT Here. Employment in Essential Industry in Nearby City 58 HOUR WEEK W. of \'em I I L Foods 45 i WE PAY 3:(e A DOZluN I N T U A D K FOR KGGS BloL'k SB It -!Hc .Stock Suit. 100 !b. bus .. 89i/ 1'illsbui-y Floi.ii- . . S2.f)U 2 Pound Box Cheese . . . . HDe Morns Food Stores ·12\ SIXTH ST. H. W. 205 SOUTH F E D E R A L s. .:. W l i i l c I.Kd;* K v l - ' l - t l l ; . t B u l l l i l K ' k S W l i i i r Iowa Master Breeders 1M.-| S. K h l J L O K A L AVI-:. POH .SA1.K - Oil, -!.v. ljruuilt-i. broudrr . . . »h.MI«. u r n s . Cntl Liver n i l . Iowa i' Hrcecifi. IM.'i S. F.'tl. AM-. FOi! SALE- SOU r l u c k brooder. l U - t l moilcl w Plioni.- 5B19. .Manly. Autos 'or Sole 60 I SUPPOSE Wanted to Buy il is ;i leeiue bit f L t r l y to be oiliufi tip Ihi. 1 old seeder, but il won't bo Ions: now. Well 1 w;is just wondering il it w o u l d n ' t be a yood time tu try to trade cars while YOU arc waiting ;is you prob:ibly know '· ·kTuu; j "'"' stuck in HOIIIK ilown every day. n. (an. i \Vo have S;iT,(IOO less in cars on liancl now t h a n we did Hie first oC the year. So we are sincere when we. 1 sav we t h i n k 1 is about time 56 i W A N T K D TO nirv-siim-t~!yiiL- nuiio. j ' f '"» w;inl l" (If something this j I'll. ' l I B i . ' !.V«ir. W A N T E D TO HL'V--.\lcxlcl A Kiml. ;orxl | ',(1 Clievi'olet Spoi'l Scilllll. 11ONKV for sail'. 2Uc ]b. C. W. Filisim- tnoils. 51G litli St. S. U'. iris. U I I I K I . Id r i l e Rill Ploleli. A l - orji stork . Mossct- FOR SAL.K--PnlrilD ·1-l'tl. RiK-klvcll. Hiirulil Lulls. Pi FOR SALE---Potatoes. I. O. O. F. home. Ph. 533. WANTED--Jolm Ocvn- 1 ion cutter and im-^ i l t i l l , K. hcisi'r. Mr-jcrvi-y. !:.. ! W A N T E D -- P a p e r s . II lii ur C i t y ir Sunn.-c al J.iu. l.'i. Will ', · KOI: S A I . K - : t l i- li:ill !b- I". I). I V U - i - i ' i i . 1 J. M. SLOSSON iTRANSPORTATION WILL BE ARRANGED,^^'---- -- W A . N T K I ) TO I l l ' V - h - i ' -ll.K-.-. cU.lhait;. t i n i t - . - t i n . 1 1 ) 1 - . ? i l o l ; ^ n ~ . mi.-. M-!l .,:;.! l:-i..l.-. !'. \- t K.\ | U'K F'ii Noi'tluvood Iowa Representative hiring at WAfi MANPOWER COMMISSION '· United States Employment Service 19 THIRD ST. N. [i. -MARCH 20-21-2-' IMP. 192 A. NEAR ST. ANSGAR Level all tillable f a r m . Wittlin I'.l. imlcs market lo\vn. Productive j^ood oil type. Share rent for 194:1. S'J.tiOO.OO. Priced 31 j 522.000.00. S2.jQO.00 will liandlc to rifilil l,a\v interest. Lcnj; terrns on bal. 11. G. C R U M P Field Representative 308 Bur-Jen St. Clour Lake. lo\va WANTED MAN OR WOMAN FOR PART TIME WORK IN FOOD STORE Apply Mr. Marshall North Piggly Wiggly No Phone Calls [·'Oil SALE--19.1 A. and 101 A. Both f i n e well imp. fmTiis on =Ati;faetory terms. For description and price* write nr phune J. IL H a m i l t o n , F~o:-C:!Ci s EldR. Ph. 'jori. Machinery 41 FOH SALE--John Dt'Oro cnd^alc seedc; ^otd c-ojid. 'J mi. E. liiircliitiHl. \'+ in No. Letm D- Rock. TOH SALE--JO I;. John Dei-re p i m c r ] QTJILII biuclLT. Ti-auloi- c.'umrolled tioin i hintlL'i. V C.!iln-itIgL-, Kot-kwoLl. la. SWAP--Goad two mbi Swap Service 29 man bo\- kodak for R U B B E R INFLATIONS A N D R U B B E R T U B I N G i'or all INI ILK I N G M A C H I N E S Eiuilesy V. Belts and Pulleys, Kotincl and Flat Belting I'AP--'1 u-licel nailer GOUxlO tires, ev- :el]cnl voncl.. for boat, outboard motor or'.' Write TT-20, Globe-Gnzettc. j Curne-Van Ness Co. Help Wanted. Female 21 WAXTED--Housekeeper Hampton. Iowa, C. L.. Marcli. Rooms for Rent , FOR S A L E -- F . T t i l l / . f r ;:ml i.'itra 1)0; 32 1 attut-li. for .1. D. SDll ulniilcr. a It. FOR RENT-- Desirable (urn. rill. Al'ail- I . 30 ft. diu. 5 it. S. K. able A p i i l 1. Apply f l a o i , upl. J, rok ?,« h 1SS: L u"l. 1 S;S,. f SK-|,7s.^ h !Lct ^ !«'!» you fill out the nee- MAIDS full time. B J»r.s.. U day week, or pan I hue morni.iKS or afternoons. Apply JMamjgcr, Hole! Eadmnr. W A 1C T E D--Housekeeper or married to LI pi e i or fa rm home, i iv o ad ult i. Bcrnliard Rasinuiscn. Rl, I . lianiptuti. I n , WANTED-WM,TM,. No Su»«Uy work. ! TM M *^^. ^ £ P ^^'^ \ Covered \vacon. t ^ , _ ! Attention Farmers APPLY LOCAL U, S. EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 19 3rd St. N. E. All Applicants must have referral card from their local United States Employment Office ALEUTIAN ISLANDS (ALASKA) CARPENTERS Vital Defense Work Work 70 Hours -- Paid for 90 Transportation Paid From Point of Hire Must Pass S t r i c t Physical. Must Have D r a f t Release. Must Belong to Union or W i l l i n g to Join. Contact Your Local '·il C h c v r u l c t Sctlill). ':17 Chevrolet Town Sedan, 'lifi Chevrolet Stiindurcl Sedan, 'iifi Chevrolet rMastoi' C'o:ich. l ' U 4 Chevrolet Co;ich. Kdituiii, Jr.n. I';{K I ' o i i t j ; i c Tudor. '':!" H u d H D i i Si'«l:in. . . :'-11 Kurd T u d o i Ut- l.tixe. sun.-,. '· "M ['oi'd T u d o r Of l u x e . .'..''ii'-i!' ' :ll! 1 / l l ' 1 S l » i l l : u l Tudor. N Fi-d ·'·''' Kord IJc Luxe T t k i o f . I '42 W i l l y s .Swliin. a i u . , r i . . . i u H u i ,. k C o n v e r t i b l e .Sedan. I W A N T E D TO BU'Y--Bnl)v .-: I rani!. Ph. '2U-J. on i '-HI Dod.ue Sedan. '·''· · ' - H \;ish He-dim. l!;idio, Hcillcr, . r ^.,,,^1 i 4 Xe\v A t h i s '1'ires. ! ':!7 Ue.Soto Sccl:in. wlxT^i-oTuTri^T^,!^;",!^ I '-'^ ^ asi ; · Sccli " 1 - s|itk ""c- n-i-(l li:ltlcry r:Klui I'll rll!(Q-.T. j ^ti l - Ol'd Ue LUXO tlldOl 1 , SOOO ino- w i,;,, s . c,n ,,,, a ; ui»~ K : .vu^Kv^Ttnr^^is^i^ii^^^k-i,,. '"'· " c =^ J' :iillt 4 i! 0 " sl1 - n ,, . i ilK ,,,.,,.,,!,,,. K0nll to ,;' cli ,i ol ,. W r l u ., -41 C.liouoict Io\vn bedan. R. It. Office E q u i p m e n t 50 ! ·'"''" '-'·"i"":- M.I-UH city. n. a. , -11 Chevrolet Sedan. Itcd Special o^ES^^"^TiKTS:! S^KSr^Kl^iK^, i ·« P-^ 'f,^en S er Coupe. !__'__: I ··ir" pliitiliT. il.irry K.H-hl.'r, V. i n u r a . I'-HI POIlticIf; BllSJIlCSS COUpC. SMASH HIT in i,cor!.,. Krankii- Chile's new allHiui \vl-.ii-h include-. Ui;i. Li/.a. Lf» t!i-ed' Mil,it 'Co. FOR S.\LE~il_i TUM-a l FOli SALK--Uiulrnvooii Iv.l. J. PlluiH- iTJT-J. cr No Wearing Apparel RUBBER'BOOfs 1 \VA.\TF:D TO ]ii: ":: ! ami aourl lire.-, 53 ' C;.l! "Jit "i 311 J, FOR _ ·ii'-ii-miifiii mi i l im- l u m i t, rail - = Coupi i ' - t l BuicU Scdnncttc. Red. R. II. ,;,;;.:;, [ "!H Chevrolet Co;ich. Tnii. ft. II. loii'i'i. j '37 Olds (i Tudor. H. H. _ ] ':ifi Chevi'olet Panel. nc\v tires. WANTED "To nUY-KTMn~mTnT~sTuT,Ti I ' :t;) Chcv. Do L.uxe Sedan. R. li. mini. tuniMr in Ch-:ir Lilii- nil coil- 1 '40 Ford De LuXC 4 Door GH/l-u, 5 '""' "° w "' W l ' t = ""'"' CI °' X '' ' ' :in P'-Vinoullt Sedan, .lust Heceived n T,arJe Frch ! - ''" l '' 01 '' 1 ' ! '3ooi- -Sediui. H. II. Shil!IH-lll 01' l l n l l i WANTED TO BUY -- W i r e l u m p fh.ido '40 C I l O V . S|OrlS Sedan. R. I I . " P "" 1U "' iil " U '· ' "" " n " "" J 'Itn Chrysler Sed;»n, R. U.. S ood LAD1KS 1 A N D MKN".S BOOTH A L L SlX.liS Goodrich Silvertown HTOIJK W A N T E D -- K l u f l r k - l t n v T;ihk! l..p. · rUUUC:'. i u-liile. l;ilo model. CM l . , i l l l i s :^. m l i l i i'-11 C l l C V f o l c l .1 PiiSjiCIISJOf CoilpC. i-'-!-V l ' I Wo'ir" i| "i"r"' a ''''" ·'"""*""· ' i v l ' I ' · ( I P l y m o u t h Cottpc DC Luxe. "---'-- -..'-1-.-.1'.' , i ' S H Chcvroloi Sport Sedan. I W A N T E D TO B U Y -- ' . M - i n c h l / M ^. I ' C T 1 '. 0 '? 1 s P. or . 1 Sccla " Household Goods I-'OR SALE -- I':-e-w:a- ^ t l o 1 1 e ph. elec. d r i l l . John G a l l a g h e r , Wanted to Rent 57 Nite Furniture Auction !"· · 1 X T 1 T *-\ i ' I K H I I C b v A p i - i l I s rriclay Nite, Mar. 24 : TM.^-..: vr !!*._!iJ! ! : 5 '·HI Koi'd DC Luxe Tttdor. '·Hi Chevrolet Cab. Coupe. 't(J Kord Tudor. U. 1!.. sooci tires. WANftarTo'iu;N'T-p^tT,"'8i7T,rT;:«'' !i Chevrolet Town Sedan. A llui-if I V i l u l l v Clear Lain- -10 C I l C V l ' O l C l Cab. Cot!|)C, R. I I . · - · - · · - : - --- '-10 l-'ord Tudor, r;. I I . W A K T K U TO UKN'T-Sn,. ,1,0,.. " " ' ' . ; '4,, W i l l . V P Sctlilll. '-Ill Duclj-L C o n v e r t i b l e Gpc.. R. IL I ' l V i n o u l i i Tudor, good tires, A p r i l 1st, \ V i l I si ic-n:. Giiin.-Gii/f IVANTED TO RENT--ri l m. Il" FOR «ENT--i room apt. Adults. S:J.! vvk. 110'j S. Del. ' t'orins Tor you to get your = ' n A t: Fvr:!^!.' - U N I T E D STATES EMPLOYMENT S E R V I C E 1515 S. Fed. 7:30 P. M.i^^^'^^^-'^'^-i'ii chcvrniw s P n,-i sedan. R.H. Autos for Sale 6 Q j ' ! i I'^rd Tiulor. Ft. [{. - i M I Chevrolet Town Scilnn. GAS ENGINE Ward's Farm Store 19 THIRD STREET N. E., MASON CITY For Further Information At A u c l i u n use -- Iloa'kcd Houm. i ! Those already engaged in essential industry at their highest skill will not be considered. WANTED--Bcn_LHicia!i5. Following nnl ntccjsary. SO'i- commission. Write .T-17. Globe-Gazette. WANTED Full Time Salesladies KRESGE CO. AND asc STORP: FOfl HEXT--Sleeping I'm. .suitably lor ; two. -112 E. Statt' Aprs, for Rent 33 FOR HKNT--:i rm, 1st Sir. apt., all u t i l . [urn. «-JH 1st S E. FOR SALE--lliivci corn planter: tinu on^inu. 1 J * 11. P. t;uod u* set iif lijrnvis. lIovL-1 FJatl:t T 5 and 2 mi. X,. PJyimnith, lj. (i Rooms of Top F u r n i t u r e , p a r l y l e a v i n L * i'or service. Sou Wednesday's u u f u r c o m p l e t e l i s t i n g . i! you luivc l u n i i t u r t ; u r a i i y l h t n i i lo -J.* Help Wonted,- Female 21 CASH PAID C L E A N USf.D C/\ : V M A K i : O R MOi: r I V n t " ~ \ · H A R T MOTORS I n r '·" ChevrUrei's'lSrCouiVe, R . H . Lot. . B. Lane Aucl. npi ^ 1 iviuiuro, inc. . M u c , lcvr0 | Cl .,. OWI , Scdail . 120 X'ORTH D E L A W A R E T-IO Biiick TiKlor. R. 11. FOR C L E A N USf.D C A R S -A N Y M A K I : O R MODEL !·:)!! Mei'L-iu-y 4 Door. R. II. I ' l l Chevrolet Ciibviolel. j "HI Koi'tl SpoiT Coupe. '':t!i Chevrolet Sport -Sedan. H. H. Kord Coupe, good motor. DAY FOR RENT--I rm. fum. apt. Hot aru! told walcr in rm. Suitable tor 1 or 2. 321 N. Ga. Ph. 2U1T-J. ATTENTION FARMERS Vc h n v c on oftler lo arrix' soon, several INNES FOH RENT--Outside I. 2 rm H i m . liv- ir.a apli. City 123'i N Fed. WANTED--Wonuiii for difhwashjiiE! and clean ing. Apply at Lund's Bakery in person, 9 a. m. to 11 a. in. V/ANTED--Girl or woman help house- wjrk few times \vcck. Ph. 1311, WANTED--Maid?. Apply HoU-J Hnntord. Situation Wtd.. 22 WANTED--By younp married man. no- j-ilion on n f a r m as hived man. will] separate l i v i n " quarters. Phone No, 21. Su-ulcdalc. or Bo.s- 5. Swaledalc. Waller PaUun Crt-scrvice maiV. Services Offered 23 ·WANTED--Clcanlni! and ins. Plione 2j3i-\V. inside paint- We Service All Makes of " S K X V I N G M A C H I N E S "VACUUiM C L E A N E R S Curne-Van Ness Co. Conibi tic Pi.'kLips and "Windrow Feeders io fil A. C. 40 and CO ; FOR UENT-Xiecb (m n_. 1 nn. apt. loi j J o h n Deure HA illld I 2 A . '. busmcis girl. Ph. -ffi-»i. i Come in now and place your order while \vc still have these avuilablc. i FOlt RENT--Furi. flpl. L.n'jiiK r l l - bcrjrconi: utilities and bath. K. C. BuHd- I1S. S35.0U. P!. ^400. APARTMENTS^I. ~2. 3. 4 and 5 rooms. Funi. or u n f u n i . See J. B. Youngblood. FOH RENT--Downtown. nk-cly iurn., ncvrly Cleaned. H nn.. batli apt. Ph. Ward's Farm Store Livestock for Sole 42 We have open, permanent positions for alteration help and ready-to-wear salesladies. Damon's Ready-to-Wear 2nd Floor W A N T E D TO BUY PHONL: OHO Cli I F O R HALE--l!Ki. Ustfcl F u r n i t u r e of All Kinds ,"^^ TOKS '~: k ~~;;' i "" h .; ( ,,. Om- [ J i f i c uj- i n m s r i . i i l . O i - C f - (ii nil I "c-;ir("l. wlicc!^ *" l).ii;,iitT'[ :M ^ i i K i j - , A l i l i q n o . r u r t i i i i i v . i f i npL--, IjL-ci- · I J i i ' n i n - O l M j r i CVinp;iTiv .ill kind-: i»uu;l I ' i m h i n u . | KOlt S A I . K -- ' 3 7 Clics . rdi.t-ti. WE m.'V A N Y T M 1 X G YOU H A V K I vit-v. I3i iv.- Ck'^r 1 - i j ··· TO S E I . I , \Vt; P A Y C A S H j - ' -../.". . ' _ _ . -P H O N E 1(522 j t-'OH SALK--':;U Fnnl i l o l u x v U i U rl. Jrj-iiJd Jcii--vn. t;ii-,ni- I.. FOR SALE-- Cab. ^ouU\omL H i l l i o p iMotiH C]L-;,I L - . k u ' i FOIt WALK--"17 V-H H t c J n n . F j n r lii-f- ,, j K x c e l l u m c-uncl. K l r n c r H.M ·:. 1 nn. K FOK SATE-- llcp. HcrL-foj-cJ l i u l l . 2 years ; in JIIIIP. Oiitrilnndin^ indiviihial. lias : Iiom*, \Vould trade for Red Pollucl 01 j T * Hereford hcifc:. SliHO l:ikc^ il, Write- I FOR RE.VT--1 to 4 rm. apt., fitrn. 11 d f u r n Pi'i, porcK. 1'12 H t h S(. S. W. ! N-Ifl, Glolic-Cazcttc, Ph. 2U14-J. FOR UENT--Coot!, fnrn. ;ipt. close in. Outside cm. 210 3rd N. E. FOR KENT--XLcelv funi.. small apl. Eloc, rcfrij;.. close in. Ph. 37U7. Houses for Rent 34 FOR SALE---SurlnplnK Ilolstein. G u e r n - sey lieifors .itid cows. A. J. Bisiirove. ] Ph. 545-W. Clear Lake. i FOR SALE--8 Spoiled bred t-nv= !o ; furrow !.st part of May. Peter Fit- ' mid. Rockwell. la. · ! RADIO SERVICE Bring! your radio in today. Our oxpci't repairmen t:an put il in top working condition. FOR RENT--e rm. mod. hou.-e. Reoii Cnrvo. U10 S. 4th Clear Uikc. HORSES WANTED FOH KENT--All mock-m Inin^aluu E l m Drive. Plione 11CL'.-3'J1G. FOR RENT-- B rm.. .-,11 mod. Doun lilll S. F. Pll. 13.1S. FOR RENT--1 nn. hoi^c iinrllv inotl. I and can be seen fi»m no-.v lo Apr. I. ! -- Kustei-n cEiiinki:. 1400 In 1700 \vt. l 311 i 4 io 7 yrs. old. Well broke and f a t . ! -|BARNEY SWEENEY' Plionc 1842 i FOli SALE--Jliil.itciii cow.-. KOOrt pvo- . Rc.x WcMcoIt. L,ikc. We have open, a permanent position for an office girl, attractive salary. Damon's Ready-to-Wear 2nd Floor Foods 45 KOK SAI.K--Ci!»!: r.nln). SL'IJ: l«:il toniplolc. S^IJ, lj:i'^ Iv, l-'(.'t.. Apt. J. I'OIt SALK--; iicv.- l l n u v c r t . Z VL'tiiiill-. :inv. lloovor' r».-|il.. Al.'i'kcl Co. ' S I ' E C I A L I Z K D .Mliylau ·.crvu-r ivt::v.-i ioll^. I' IB'.'. :;!tj .S. M o i t r o r . ' A U T H O R I S E D M.lvl:.;! Si'i'vier. CUT. C'jrdo .Miiytaii Cu.. 4H N. F..(l. Ph. -JfiliT WHAT DO YOU J'omific r l\ici( j "ill Ford DP Luxe Tudor. - ' ':t! Chc\M'olcl Master Town Sedan, r l i '^Oocl lil'C5. . ':!!) Biiick .Scd:ni. H. II.. 4 Donr '· ' 4 i C ; ! i c r r o l c ( f Piisdtntjci' Coupe. d ; ' 4 1 Clicvi'olct 4 Door Scciun. - ':!T I ' l y n i o u t h 4 Door SccU.n. ".'~ I-'oi'd T t i c U i ' . '·!(! f ' l l e ' / n i l c - l Tov.-n Sl'«l;in. ':!!! B l l i t k ·! Duoi-. '·!() Criicvrok'l Spurt Scdnn. '41 Chevrolet S|)oit Sedan, R. H., I'cclonc. '.·;!) P l y i n o i i t l i Scdnn DC Luxe. '40 Chevrolet liiis. Coupe, F{. 11. ':iH Ford Tutioi 1 . \'ei'\' la\v mileage. '37 Kcuxi Coupe. ':!« Ford foi'dnr. "-W Dodge Tnckir. ': J ,(i UudKP 4 Door. ".'.'.', Docile 'I Door. t h i j i k n b u u t Lslec'l Ki'iiy. Belonged lo ;,n okl [':tlt Chevrolet Coupe, j cmiplo who run ;i reslaunint in ' '4(1 Chevrolet. Town .Scd:iu. ^.^'·^s^.rS^,;;^:;;;;;:;^"^^ 11 ;'' r " ^ :·»" _wni n-y io;-.n .si,, ( icb ; ,kcr ciu,,np. coaei, IKIHV husuy. novel Kiaiiii. :. mi. K .,ni 1 l)ll - v ' l ( '" '""k f i t i l . Yes. wc J '·! l Chcvrolcl Sports Sodun. -· mi. N.. i-iynujiiiii. i;,. j w i l l tr;ide ^ind tjivc tcriiiK beside:;. 1 ' 4 1 Chevrottl Town S c d u u . i FOli S A I . E - A n t i l i l ' ' .mil - r i n i i l e (lav l Clear I j i k e PouUry, ATTKX'TION :.h,. r.ii Uuyic. qqs 55 -i Door T o t t r h i i i Sethi f ILI\ you t l u n ' t \iik\c. lo r(.:(;tn.-iii';n !u b n \ a U.secl C;a. FOR RENT--Nieelv ( u r n . FOR SALE--Moan Warrl v v a i u W A N T E D -- O f f i c e cleflnfiig by tlie Lour. Mornings Phimc 2G4(j. |rS^-^-=r~i i ^?l«irj±lf i Large Texas Juice ORANGES i S STL"^" TM =~ ~" ----iTuat--- -«- ,,_, * 2 n 7 ^!r,;^,:r;::, ,, qJfJ.ty'T: 2 box tp^l.t/ I i P|;i cc y o u r orders now lor Dozen 39c i POULTRY RAISERS : Wc Wi " Bu ' Yom Car ,,». l , TT ,TMc,,, I :J EN Q R § i Peterson Lav hxchange // ^-w-ii^t^x ·!!!) N O K T I I F K l ' J K R A L \Vc have the r i i l l i i \ v i n ^ baby i:hk;ks | ON I I A . V I J -- N O T SOLD ' : fiOO I* Rhoili- I s l i i n i ! Reds : FOR RENT--fi nil. Ri] liumr. Coal Co. i r "" r ,,"'i;c.',r"5'3"'F-,"("si','u-' r n M ' K u d ' ' F0r! SA "^-"' s "«««' '"""O ··««·» '· ' Rcallor. p'liong; 1133 o'r "l lib. ' ' " J j ,, I '^ W ' E^fYa^'i., 1 ' ,,,"« wc», C °o! .._,..,- I T I i n r n l u n . Full Box Expert Tire Recapping and Repair Service Pritchard Motor Co. 202 FIRST ST. S. E. FOR RENT--'2 room Darlly f Gas hi-at. Slo. I(34U N'orlh Dcl.- I'i:. :x-n. Clear L,kc. , KOI! S A I . K -- I!Kil I'ly FOR AUTOMOBILES I ' l l ) i : i i - i:;T! S. Fed. Used Car I»t .MASON C I T Y , l O U ' A 6Z Auto Accessories 1'tiUK'o d u l i \ e r v . . ,. ., ,, _ , K O I I SAl.K-I!ir,t P l y m o n l l i co.u-li 4 H P Pi Ward s Farm Store Ulirlvr;.^"" EB "- '' A - Uo " c - rassenger Lar Uwners "CHICKS ON HAND *lin : h..kpi; : i i m.- ci!i L'ncl f S o i n . 4^1 .N\ Arlarn.-. Ph. TOR SALK--Sp I'«l;it-.fl u i l l - hn-d t« ·io=T-UV. , R, ;= . ls._-,^Mit. :.-.». V. Ocrk. Clrar KOR RENT--(i rni. lioii-e, Uir}:f s a n l c n ' ----^ I n q . H41 S. Car. i l l i i u \ V h i ; c Rix:ks 1 Week ( . ! ! 5IIU W h i t e I J o c k s 1 ( » [1;,;.-.-- O l i l lion V . ' l ' i t c I . " ' . ! : i . r ; : · i Week Old ~ -- Jus; received a kirf;e s h i p m e n t of i C r u d e One !'a.-fnnt-r Tires. L TM 3 i i l i . 17. IK. 1!) iincl U l I N f H aomer s *» ···"·-'---; i\'Iont«oincrv Ward Co. We'll Keep You Rolling: \Vith safe, sound, Recapped Tires. I No Certificate Needed Joe Daniels . Auto Supply G M ...-a,, si:.. »HU N-or... D,..-..varc. ; FOR S A L K _ T w o ,, or , t . s . C a l l 2 1 4 . J : , P A T T T ? n P M T A C\ P A "M P TP Q TMR, ^Tr dLou T i u a- % M r^ ^T^IK- T O ^n^r^ir, LAJLlr UrvIMlA UlxAINb-i^b - Ph Wl,'! Avallnb1c n f l c ' M a r c h :'. n i i t l I! yr.v old: l Spoltctl i __ ' ' Ciiin;i lirniMi rnu - In fnrrov.- in A p r i l . ( T * ^ O / ^ r l i r ^ ^ O _._ - . H o v e l Kl.itl.1. .-. ir.i. F.. .,n.i U mi. N.. C U D ". '^i S.{-\ I n »»V LJ -' FOIl REXT-4 ;in... n n d lj.,th. I,T flnor ! Plymmilll. I:i. r u ! l bOX fj) J . OU i Box t D ^ f . ^ / O Dozen 24c : r,., ,.;,,:,.;,:x,,;,A ; :.;r^-; H A V F THF V A I I IPS · 1 "^ 11 "--- XAS QoorlWc PP A LTTT?PTTTT Cerro Gordo Hatchery u L ^.^^r..'"'"^^ \RSH Ov36CLl6SS VjJCV-AjL iLr I V U l l !,.-,, lt ., K«i,r,, . ,,.^,.,^1 CHKVUOLKT COACH. N , C C . . J'--^ ^,nv \il,^,^ s''T ,L 98 ' 2 BOX $1.99 : CHICKS' AVAILABLE : j|^^"" .|??;^;1Sj^i-^^ i o for 36c ' i :·::: :i:^ ss,, Kl . !' "^ xi ^ '""V 11 "" . U1 . 1 : S i«'^;;/«';--;TA-_ A ^ Houses 'tor Sole Forest Park Home Misc. for Sole 44 FOR EALE--2 g.iiolinc !ainp. trr.n. kerosene l.imp. l.iinii sh;ido.-. cal. crockh. 104.) N'. Wasli. b'Oli SAI.K--Hi-m. 22 I.R lnud.-l :4 ;.utn- inulii- r i l l t : mill .-oii L'2 LR m .m-:i I,-,ran .liitoniii-.if. l.u'.h hi v rv uoc-i! .(·:·.- iliUon. BiH'lls. WHIP H - i n . C:iolo.G.uci:r TEX MARSH ?O r : F u ! l Box cDO.): I li rnnTiis. ^y^ lic;ii. d o u b l e j nearly ]ic\v. 3 bedrooms. IV __ __ ;.l once. Price SGOOO. A v a i l a b l e on FOR SALK--23 u-i-fi in Sl.« t A c l i . K. H. l l i j j i r y mi can-, i POTATOES g.«"";g.i, 7 %g. 5""- BECK BROS. Co. Ph. 134j"j^ c V'rM,£. m '?..a,a,i-iCGBBLEKS u os .$1.75! WANTED--S c w i n g, kinds, remodeling. 2306 S. Fed. A A A N K \ V H A M ] ' . 1 : K U S ·':t^ CHKVKOIJ-'.T A l l 2 WuL'k.- U i c i * | new :is r;ui bi I C I I l l A A A W I I 1 T K l i O l ' K · t i r l ' y 1(10(1 H A N S O N I . E G I I O H X liOtl iJ-'.(;-!;OCK H Y i l l i l i J A l l II) Diiv.i Old ^ V o ^ d e ^ U l l S . - I V K . . ;_·!! N. r.-ii. T 1 :,. 174;;. -- Lodge Notices C H F i Y H L K U 75 I D O O H . Five near ' , _i___ ncv.- lin\-. Clean as :i pin S'-!.")U ', Harding Lodge No. 649 · FOH SALE--Close hi. gd. IKHKC. 4 Br. 1 f o R SALE--Perfection Milkers, new ar.rt i fl O A O ! :: "" A K H O I J T K 1 ) ( H I C K S f r, n,, p.., I'm. : "J-1 I'l.YMOL'TH C O U I ' F Cie:in ' ^- ·'· * A- ·"· i A barc.iin for home or invoilmcnt. ! ^ccona h n n d Paris and vervicc. » _ K - 1 G R E E N MTS ' Rnr- .K / ! I X : 'K c ' : I o n N COC:KKi::-:[.S. .si :.:. iv: HIM s j v h,-',l-,. V 1 f; V ·,,· ·;. ,-, K,r,l Ucci r- T X t O I T t A Tf M / - \ 1 i r . i i Out of city mvncr will sell chc:ip. Wntc ' f ai 7"' :C - N - Scc " lld - Cirar L -' kc ' P|K Oa 9 t P ^ I . U O : Xc, o n r k . S'ii|i;,erl I n . I S '' '""· A C U TM - lkct - A ! ;· O .V ,, , ' . . ,, , . ,, , * · ' . , INSULATE NOW!! ^,-^. J - "· " imn '""· F TM TM*-\^ _i J o / - n : M r\ u f u ! v "- - - ""» -TM%£**» i^"a«-^^rR!S^^5~5 \S ;IDAHO RUSSET£ B - $ 2 -69 (1 TMTM G ^ a fe;' :i:i S^'^^.S L7^vfe ·»£ « APPLES ' - " '· :: --" PAY NOTHING TILL NOV. 1st (No Interest Till Nov. 1st) Plan to insulate for fuel and summer comfort. Act noiv before I he Sprinp rn s-h . V."c H r« eq-.iippcd to ,do ,1 complete joi) anil f-.ivc you money. AVERAGE JOB S1-J5.00 Get Our Free Estimate FOR SALE--M2t« i« '. rm nnd i SOUTHERN 111 spcri.^1 iircp-irccl. w.^hcd bunsaSow. Coal lica',. c;*r.. ' f u l l lotl _ :in1 d " st t r c n t r d Slohcr ro.iL S^:4:. Ion. nnvinj. It'.-- choice. En^y terms. \V. L. Pattern. 10^ E. Sislc St. FOR SALE 7n exclusive and desirable se t a x . O r d L i nuv.- 4'J2 N. Moiuoc, ; Loui-, Su'chln Pii. -t'JO Tl'.is cail wil! | store from ycnr to year. · ''FOR SALE--Hot and c.isy :o s'art. Til. · coal. SC-^l (oi. delivered, plus f K I 1 O A I ) 1.1HKAST \(.). 2 TURKEY POULTS Montgomery Ward fn. I ,,,,, JtTM?TMJTMTMJ^_ I TM'~TMTMTM'"TM" ""* I PI NT JARS, Doz. 53c QT. JARS, Doz. 59c ---- | I-arue fot il » 1 iiti a a« l ! a clicd U |!" race, 'orancric" ' QP141f J^ D A 7f\D C Help Wtd., Mole, Female 27 a n d .···"·»«"(: mciiuicci. ; O^nlLIx t\AAUf\O ^.^^^. ^^Z^^^^J^ Slio^i n by *ppom;iv,c:it only. IMMEDIATE opcivilB. Good Waiki-' E v e n i n a "r Sunilay Phone :i:i~ r o n t c in MafOn Cily. Cnr. ixpt-rlcncc : RPPr^ RRDS TO T^l mmcccstary. A v f r a B r. rjrnines S2i DC,V,N DJ\UO. UU. I C I . ivcckty. Pay .st.irti immcdialelj'. LAI . company, best known holl^cllotd piod- . D-73. \\'inli Wat kins Co,. FOR SALE--House. 3 bed ir:u.. 2 b a i n ; rms.. caragc. near Si. Joseph Sch. Pii. 2276. Sat. or Sun. | ·t I^I;K'C i n your old .Schrck. -,\i\y inucicl. on ;\ nc'A" .SCliiCK RAZOi! Curne-Van Ness Co. By Box or Pound Doz. 59c Leghorn Cockerels sx!.~ I ' K i : l i i i r j Finnic Market, sw^ciiy Hatciiei-y OPEN EVERY AFTERNOON FROM 12:30 TO 6 S40."l PKR 1110 Limiicd citinntilH 1 .^. atched uvurc \\'cck]. 1607-1609 South Federal Ave. ery SWEA CITY, IOWA LAPINER i Motor Co- l I . e : i \ n i L ' li.v \ j i V y - \ V i l I .-ell I 1939 BUICK S E D A N , Like new. ik-alci. I S u d m . ." I're- War Tire.~. like nrw. 7.00(1 miles, j DON H. C R A I G , 404 East Slate I Benevolence Lodge No. H5 A. f . ,i ,\,"M. KI'.X V V A C G i n AL. U .\t. E SlHlc bt Phon« 5J6S DON n fill. BET! r. Sccrrlarv j r'li". S- S K. r';ion» I'lSi o'jun C i t y Lodge No 224 i. o. o. "r. G U V A X f i L I . l . . Nook Clr^r.d WAVMA.V CLOSSON. iiccordini S Phone 3467

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