Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 2, 1895 · Page 8
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 8

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1895
Page 8
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"Oh. yes," lauffh-d Dolore* " l a m QF TfllNSIT IN CHINA ..nglLsh, or Maltese. My mother was VJ " LJ l ' a ^ OJ " J - 111 UJ-U-H-a. Spanish, IN LI 4 - -. I can dance, perhaps, b-jt I j should bs afraid to sin;,' hnrc " (NEERNfiTIONAL PRESS AsS'N -, se Jf'TKJt ^ II,--(CiiiiUimrtl.) On llic left stood tin' I'h'ouician, as the iirst colonist. She was a girl jolied in royal purple, girdled with a gold zone, nnd holding- iu her lingers a loux flower. A temple, dedicated to ·Aslurtr, was behind hn'r, while at her feet iTbre Mtitlrrcd 1'udc instruments af li-slronujiiy :ind mitigation, lineu- wravintf, and the fusion of metal 1 ? Diana occupied the central urcli, as representing (Jruecc in the shadow of the I'arthcnoii. Clad in :i white robe, ·n-ilh the Mlver ci client attached to licr di;riplcd shoulders, the goddess ·Jiad an .-ispce t of eoid :i nd severe beauty. She /gathered aside the veil, which formed a. dindcm on her head, A lorch,, depended /rom her arm. O:i the right appeared the Roman, more jnatuiii in beauty than her companion*, and in richly w r o u g h t gar- acute nnd sandals. MIC held aslatiietlc *f Mercur3 r , emblematic of comm*icc, and t h e w o l f 0:1 a c o l u m n , us well ;is ·the rniii.s of the l''orum, indicated her origin. The rich coloring of the Thnjm' anil the Hoirian foi-nied a. characteristic contrast w i t h the fail J.ymmL'L"^' 'jL feature of Uian i. A m u r m u r of admiration and :ip- .plimfic gruelcd lliis charming group, necessitating a .second l i f t i n g of the curtain. A trilling incident maned the repetition. A liny dog, rcsciiihiinp :i hall of while, floss biili, rushed on tlie .·stage, peered at llu- audience yowled anil beg;m to bark vociferously. J'licenic:i:i forgot her pose, caught up the animal, kissed him on llic nose, »od thrust him under one arm i "I''Ioriu followed us," she (!\pl:iincd". 20 andible tones, to the hostess. ivculd not hlny at, home alone 1 He liLtle buusl! How dare sorry. IXi jou bark? "Tlic picture is now complete -.aid Cen I.uuoinirsky, Mniling, ''Did not tlic Kybai lies carry these du^'.s to the 'baths, held u n d e r the arm. and even Jionur them with ' monument'; and opiUiphs after death?" ' "Who ib the i'lunilciiin'*" inrjuii-cd ilic yonng prince of his host, after a jaux-. U-n. Crillitl: w.-is ;it fnult. lie had er teen her before, and did not her mime. J l fancied she was ·Borne native, ^ I n l l u i c girl used for the occuIora. On Ihc/itajjc t h e Ciaiul .^Faster Yil- 'licrsdc r i s l e d ' A d a i i i , in the person of fo'apL I'illiriffhaui, ue:iring pasteboard nmuirin liuu of »i-ciughl steel, i n d i - catwl llieicene of forlilic.iLions bc"iin in of his clio-cii island home. 1 The Knight La Valletta next [ip- 70iircd, C'lud in mini, he unfui-lcd the banner of Ilia order of St. John and trampled bcucalli his heel the Jl.i- liomctuir rr^ccjit ; 'Jheu [/icuL Ciiivon, in uniform and p;r;isping i the national stinulurd, was ifTscfostd by the raised curtain The y,oun^' ofllccr stood on the margin of blue .vj;., uiLh a lighthmiic depicted on the shore and u ninii-of'war in tin- di-Uiiii;e T cuibodyjng hilei 1 Itritisn MI- jtrcrr.acy of rule, and brought the t;ib- Jcaux to a filling close. / T*.ie draperies were once more swept nude and Calypso, sunoundud 1\ the I'htcniciun, the deck a n i l the UOIIKHI, Unnkeil by the two kniglils o[ Alalta and Hie Hi Hi-sh s.iiloi, u^ain tendeicd n uclcoinc to the august guest. / I'flc ball that cn.sued wns opened by tlie griind dulie and the hoste.'.i. At the conclusion of the quadrille he said Mlowly: *'l have to ask of the fioddcRs C'alj'p- ao the Jnrthcr pleasure ol the next quadrille ivilh tho.youugesL and most lirantifii! ol hci nympiis, the riio;nl- einn, for :L partner.'' » The Vhuunieian? Jlcavens! Who ·nan Iho girl picked up by Artl-.rr Cumin somcivheru about the Lsliind? Mrs. Griillth did tnol know wh:iLhad become of this Cinder- rlhi. 11 ud yet the young prince had e.v l ft wish to dance with her, The , bowed assent without bctrny- ither surprise or auno\auce at the unforeseen request Jin for Dolores, swept from the sc- rhixion of tho litllo garden by · the energetic will 'of Lieut Curium, sho found herself launched amid the aiosl unfamiliar elements of life. The young officer had returned to '.he Watch Tower in the morning, true to his promise, with the stage ward- jxbe requisite for the girl, purchased ly liiin^elf in the town, with much fiec-reey. Oh sivcctncs.sof tho morning Iionr, slolOD from all the world, in the Mcluslon of the neglected garden, ·where Dolores became, transformed. into the Phoenician maiden, with Jacob Dealt ry and the perturbed little dog TJorlo for fiudicnccl How many confidences were exchanged among 'the ·oners, with the pigeons circling nenr,' ·nd in the nhrulc of the brance tree,; resisting victim, the amnteur collector. Mr. (iniTith had received this frcs r r r m J L to her dramatic sla/F with affi I liilily, but in the culd, blue uycs c j Miss JAIiel Syrathc sv,ilt disapprove »'as perceptible. C'npl. L'lakc, toiling in the cause lik a galley slave, to use his own term, u .stage manager, scene painter am uelpr in one, remarked, audibly: ' A V I i u t a pretty girl! Really, th sailor lias an eye for beauty." TOiss Syrnlhe bit her lip in silence, "Arc we juils, iny lady?" mused tin .social uasp, resuming- his brush wit] renewed nrdor, in the interests of de pilling the lighthouse and the Liu sea on the final scene. The clever pencil of the young lady just out from London had designci the decorations for caeh tableau, witl the assistance of CapL Blake, and hei .skillful proficiency was apparent in a.1 the minor details of grouping and cos tunic. She had demurred at the new. comer's fitness to /ill the role of tho "Darken her cycbrons, 1 .Lieut. Cnrzon. The ladies made no further objection. The hostess may have tho situuUuu, iviU keen, f e m i n i n e insight, :ind discerncc an unexpected checkmate on the intercourse of friend and cousin so opportunely brought together btTicalii her roof. r i n g tlic first quadrille 7)olorcs liad nimbly divested her roundel limbs of the purple, Tyrian draperies of the stage, and slipped on the pretl) ·link dress. No necklace of pearls had she, but she tied a ribbon uround her throat, terminating- in a coquettish little bo'.v under the l e f t car. The classical sandal \\ as cast from her foot in favor of tlic black sutin slippers of her mothei, the t i u e shoe o' a Spanish scnnrjlu She was not shy with the timidity of northern r;iecs u n d i i r similar circum- Klancei. She emerged frqm a. dressing-room, holding I'lorio lightly in her arms Shu m u s t lind her grandfather, who w;iited in one ol the colonnades, and eousifrn the pet to his keeping. Her whole niituic Ijjiskcd in the light, perfume ;iml u.u-mtli of the place and the hour, hhti paused before a Lugo Chinese vase nnd rilled it of several roses of the color of her gown, placing one in her hiir nnd tlie rust in her corsage. She resembled the f a i r v princess of the enchanted palace A1 ['belonged to her in ihis realm of delight, and she must not be surprised at any marvel. Strains of music floated Lhvnugh the chamber to her keenly cxpcclunt car, mingled with a rather awe-inspiring mmmiir of voices as of many people anthcrrd together. Where were all these people? The glitter of gilt, the J l o u i n g folds of embroidered hanging's and the long visli of lamps, multiplied by the shimmer ol mirrors, charmed her eye. Surely tlie marvelous history of the milkmaid, who dressed in the hollow of a tree to nt- tund ;v county ball, was no more surprising than t h a t she, Dolores °r t Watch Tower, should be here iu the palace of the Knights nf IMiilln. g a deserted apartment, she paused, involuntarily, to surrey her reflected image in one of those (rlittur- ing looking-glasses. A n o t h e r girl, u h o had previously been piicing the lloor uith marked nil/alienee, approached and stood be- sidu her, giving a. touch of rcadjust- uent to her . Own coilTnrc, and humming a song ·meanwhile. "Ihthis your fjrst..b:ill?" she inquired. in Italian, stunning Dolores. "Ye:., ' said the latter,uirning to Ihe stiaiigcr \villi iv surprise which merged ; nlo nutivu admiration as slie (.oiitjm- plaled IKT. Dolores had not yet entered Hie por- tnl-; of tho ball-room, and thought sho had never clreamed of any one as i f u i as her companion at the present moment. Tim stranger was small and slight, and robed in pale green silk, draped with an embroidery of crystal held with trailinir watcr-hlics, ·loaves, and river grasses llci blonde hair, slightly iliibhed with sparkling gold powder, was caught up with stars of brilliants, A pair of !a; ge v,yu.i, iuii oi vivacity, animated her oval f.icc, which wiis piquant in expression. White gloves of e.sqiiisitu linencss covered her tiny- hands and arms,reaching to the shoulder. .She held .1 roll of music. Her innnncr was petulant, abrupt, whimsical, 'yet assured She read 'plainly such (lattery-of appreciation in tho ga^e of simple Dolores that her irritation of the previous moment, at being apparently overlooked and forgotten, \auishcd '' ' · I . have been, invited to sing to the Grand Buho," continued the other, lapsing into English, and speaking in a tone · of blended egotism and familiarity.' "1 suppose 1 nui to stay out here, like n. servant, until.I nm summoned. I have heard of such things before in London hvUscs during the season, but I do not-intend to put 'up with it in my day. .lust wait -^intil 1 am fairly launched! Nouh'vcrrons, cheriel The Maestro at Milan'says that roy voice possesses the same flexibility as I'atti's, and more quality thnn SciKon's register. , I have half a mind to put one of my diamond stars in your black hair, buiuo! Iho rosebud is even more becoming. You are the 'prettiest creature I/OTCT J :u:i j:ot afraid to sing before a'.l; the- Grand Dukes in Christendom," n;- torted the Undine of the v,:ili.-r-l:liq«.' v.ith a little gi\mance. ''I o:i!.v hopt I may obtain au engagement at Si^ 7'ctc-rsburg soon, f am to :uaku icy debut at the Maltese opera-house, you icnow -in the . 'JJarbcr o! .Seville.' I have taken the naint" of Siguorina Uiulia ^Iclita. I was borzi in Chicago, and my rcul name is Lizzie Shannon. I shall be known as Mcliui all over the world. Are you coming to hear me on Thursday night?" "Oh, iiuw I v.-ibh I could!" sighed Dolores, clasping her hands together. "f fear that grandpapa never goes to the theater. " '·There comes Mr. J5rown," said the embryo Diva, quickly. "Mr. Brown;"' repeated Dolores, interrogatively, apil much interested in her new acquaintance, "You know him, of course. Xo? You must have heard of Mr. Urown. Why! everybody knows him fron; Vienna and 1'aris to London ana Ke'-v York. Mr. JJrown is at present my guardian dragon, and keeps all small fry at a safe distance. If I were si race horse of blood, you might fiay he had bet on my winning -- invested in :ae. lie is a good soul, too, and looks after my onion soup as well as rny future engagements." Mr. Urown approached. Ife was a portly man of mature age, with a highly-colored countenance, and jet black hair and mustache. lie was attired in what may be termed effulgent, masculine evening dres^, and had the ponderous grace of manner of the riu^j- inaslcr of a circus. "They are ready to hear you sing, my dear,' 1 he announced, in a paternal and \vhee/.y \oice. ''liive that aria from tho Sicilian Vcsper.s with as much finish as possible, Jlelita." ''Are they ready for me' 1 " she retorted, with a, Eareastic intonation. "Supposing that I am not ready for ilicm, Mr. Jlrou-n"' 1 Mr. Brown smiled a fat smile, a facial Tvi-inlUc that rippled over check and jowl as the surface of water is stirred by ii falling pebble, bowed pro- found'y, and ki-sted the tips of the rl's nnger.s, as if saluting a pi'inccss. "J'nliencc, my angel," ho said, indulgently. "We must strive to make good impression to-night by our mode-sty and giacc. Jjatcr, we shall make our own terms 1 . Eh'. 1 " She sighed impatiently, and shook out the Iraiii of her dress. "Come along, then." was her unceremonious assent. I hale being patronized, though." She moved away a few paces, re- nembcrcd Dolores, ran back.antl kissed lei 1 suddenly, "Yon must coir.e to ny debut," she said." "Ask for Mr. f r o w n at the. stage door. J'.iiu BTREET CARS U N K N O W N H U N G CHAPJG'S LAND. Too VarlOQB SubnlllDlca Are Found In tlio lilff ClllM -- The Clilnainun Traipls IJT ^I'atl-r WLta Uo Can--Tlio CHINESE TKAV- els by water when lie can, and no wonder, for the roads in his countrv are SOME USES FOR CHEESE. O f t l c o m tnodations on land are about as bad as the roads. In the southeastern part of the empire there arc scarcely any wheeled vehicles. In north China, however, they arc very common, narticularly in the region around Vekin. The Pchin cart shown in this picture is one ol the better class of those vehicles. It is better only in respect of the wheels, Mljich are often solid and are a great deal heavier even than tlie clumsy wheels shown here. The viheels arc attached to a. short axle tree, and above them rises a sort of oblong box ivhich is fastened to the a:;le. The passengers sit in this bov, which is cushioned to alleviate the jolting. Passengers get in or out usually at the front, though sometimes there is a slide door at the side for their accommodation. All these earti are drawn by one horse and tho diivcr sits us he is sho'.vn in the picture. Hundreds of these carts mny be hired for a pittance. The discomfort of rid- All iort» cl JtLl'ites ol IVUICh It If nn porlaot Part. Cheese is so much in demand this winter that it is n;c« to know hpir to keep a variety in the boose at small expense. Buy an Edam rnd a large pineapple, either ot which will keep for a long- tune if necessary. Then buy a pot of Roquefort and a. tumbler af clubhouse cheese, keeping these in a cool, dry place until needed. A dinner men a may be completed by viiUer crackers and Bcque- fort for dessert. A delicious dainty for £ii afternoon tea is the popular | macaroon spread «ith thinly sliced cry poor, and most j sage cheese as a sandwich. Cheese .f the traveling ac- crusts are niet for an impromptu company luncheon. They are made from half slices of stale bread, after trimming- off the hard crust. Upon these oblongs of bread put a. tablespoon of grated cheese and brown slightly in the oven. These may be served hot or cold. tiood English cheese is used for Welsh «tbb[t. There arc many who like a bit of cream cheese with a French biscuit for breakfast, ^eufchatel and water crackers generally follow the pudding course of an elaborate home dinner menu Cheese of some description is an important item of the Dutch supper, which is so common this winter after the the theater or at card parties. Indeed, the matron who likes to be able to offer her casual afternoon or evening visitor some simple refreshment pays as much attention this season to her supply of cheese as to that of crackers or tea --Brooklyn Eaglo. Tor tlio Sake of ,l X.'1-arly J.a\cd D.iughtor, To the late M. Duruy, the Tiench historian, are uuc many of the privileges 1'rance hqs given to women. He your grandpa, too. A n d -- v o u r " ovei · · ,, , . . .,, L , i l l i -i i i i i i ' .." mg in them 19 about equal to that of ire shabby, child," halliii"-, with con- », , . n , ·, · ..i . . . . ° the elevated roads during the crush while-the 'granitsMicr stiuyh't'..yct ' fi»\v in my lifer ' Do you understand another specimen to impose on his un-' Engllsh, little one?' 1 iclion. ''I know it, ' confessed Dolores, ruefully. ''They are old ones that 1 'ouml in :i lox. 1 tried to clean them vith hi-ctid-eruinbs, and 1 thourrlit, erhups, they woukl not shoiv much." "I linvc OU1U nice gloves," :iflirra"0 he Signoi-ina CJiuli[i. jMclitu, bli.iltin^ icr head as she scrutinized those ol Jolores. "Mr. liroivu uhvays esirries n lot in his pocket iu case I should hiiugc my mind a u o u L a. ]i;iir. Your 'loves have u great doul to do with our temper. You are .1 Spuniaril and inn an American, so our hands aie mull. Give me the package, quick, Ir. Hi-oivn. These pink ones will MIL! ou. child. I wish I eould stop to help on b u t t o n tlicni, hut 1 muy sec you aiii. later. Won't foryct tlic n i g h t f my dehut, and to come to the .sta^e oor. She !n:iy liiiuy me good luelt, Ir. liroivn, Who lcnoAVf?" (TO in: cosrj.vir.-in.) Iln IdcnMHeU tliu Corpse. The M'iilers of the bay had washed 1 11 lone 1 , Innlc hody and for two days . hty in nn undertaker 1 ^ shop .iwa'.tiiirf lelitilicution. Nobody on C.ipc Cod I knew the num. At last an old riekcty j u agon rattled up and I'anner Hall got down. I'lissinn- into the liack room he looked at the body for a moment and said: "That's him " Tlic undci taker asked for further information, hut Vurincr Hall could only say it was Tomplcins, his hired ln;m "Uut ean't you tell just n h j he is Tompkiiib? Are they his elothes? Can't you furnish some positive means of identification?" And the undertaker looked expectant. banner Hall shifted his place and Mils lost in thought. Siuldi-nly he slapped his leff. "Well'." 1 "lie stuttered.''--Iloston liudset hour?. A more comfortable way to g-ct over the ground ia in sedan chair.s. 'JMieve arc two kinds, both of u'hicl. me shown in the picture. The narrow- sort is made of bamboo, nnd oftentimes it is too narrow for the comfort of any one ivith the slightest tendency to obesity. To add insult to injury, tlic uncomfortable fat person is not permitted to ride in the wider chair f \TluTO llci SHIT It. 'Mr. llaysccd--Mnrier, I've made u p liiy mind Icr send our boy to g the city writing ichool to learn how to write. Irs. Hayseed--Ho writes a go°d hand. ."Yes, M.iricr, hut he's too slow' for these limes.. 'The city's 'the place to learn things, Mnrier, no matter what. They write like gruasod liglitnin 1 there. Vi'hy, Slnricr, while I was in the city I saw a. man write n two-page love letter in seventeen seconds, by t!ie watch. He was n. rcpulnr city feller, too--I could lull hy his clothci Why, Mnricr. when the girl that letter was writ to'got it, it toolc her'most five minutes to read it. I timed her, too." "Lore letter--givl rer.dimr it! Why, where nnd Uow ou 'avlh did -vou see a letter written, and then !',"Oh, it's all so, JIurlpr. I .SE.W i 4 t in a theater." m.xrsix ^OIFAN i.v .IIXUIKSHA. unless he belongs to the "quality.'' The common peonlc jiic prohibited from using this chair, but those ivho ha-ve any -sort of piivilcgcs may stow themselves away in the commodious JilTair nnd go teetering along at the rate of four miles an hour. Two men support it on their shoulders, and it i^ a very convenient and comfortable iirliele of the sort. The jinril.ahil is an innovation from Japan fmimt almost exclusively at Tientsin and other of tho larger treaty port;.. It is ;i great improvement on the wheelbarrow used for carrying people r.r.d £uuiln in i.-iu l- ui thu umpire, and particularly in the province of Kiaugsi. This whcclbnrrow is propelled just as our ordinary wheelbarrows nre, but it ha? nn additional uioliic force in. the shape of a rnnn tugging away at a rope in front. An enormous n u m b e r of people in the cities gain their livelihood by mur.- n i n g these various forms of conveyances. They stand at the street comers ready to start oil the slightest intimation that, their services arc wanted. Slauy of them avo the employes of small capitalists, whose money is invested in tho convc3'anccs. Others own the turnouts themselves. Sedans and their bearers iiro hired at buildings creeled for tho purpose, and un American who patronizes them is i doubtless reminded . of our livery stablos. In Canton, the men whocarry these chairs have n nickname signifying "tatlicss horses.' 1 An She -- You 'must rrmcmbrir' that "ours was 11 .summer engagement. ' He -- That means, if you see any' one ,, . . ., - ~j -- T . ' i you like better, you'll brcfiV it. EVKEY fprrowing BOW bhould liavc a i · "Y CS ." ' · ' nhclter to " herself and' lie'put in in ttmo to get acquainted with ht-. n.-.:r foundings." ' · -_ l "Yes." 'Mud if I sco any ono I like bet"I'll sue you for breach of.promise," decided that women who could pass successful examinations in medicine had as gnntl a right as miiTi to uceome doctors; he instructed professors of the College of Jlcdicinc to encourag-e women stvidunts; lie licensed public classes for women who wished to receive as pood an education as their brothers, thus.starting the movement j for lycces for young girls that arc hcinfr organised throughout Prance, and ho had the Sorbocne classes opened to women, lie also sat to a woman, Miss Nellie Jacqucmart, for his" portrait, which afterward won a place of honor in the salon. Thj moving. spring of his action in nil this wns the love hu had felt for his dead daughter and to pa\- a tribute to her momo'ry. All In One Tun of Coal. ITrom one ton of ordinary gas coal may be produced 1.500 pounds of coke. 20 gallons o[ ammonia water, and 2(0 pounds of coal tar. By destructive distillation the coal tar will yield C9.0 pounds o? pitch, IT pounds of creosote. 14 pounds he.ivy oils, 0.5 pounds Of naptlui yellow, C.I pouiids of naptha- lintvl.". "i pounds of napthol,·J.L'.".pounds solvent naptha, 1,5 pounds phenol, l.B aurinu. 1.1 pounds hen^ine, 1.1 pounds analinc. 0.77 of a pound loludinc, 0.40 of a pound anthraeiiic. and 0.9 of a pound toluene. 1'roin tho latter is obtained the new .substance known as sacchniinc 1 , which is .VsO * i i n « n s sweet as the best fine siig-ar. one part of it giving a very sw eo 1 ; taste to a thousand parts of water.--.Science. e l l l « 3rant Snrtorjs .1 (Jcnrrnl r.ivorltr. Jlr.s. Algernon Sartnris, nee Xellic who has elected to live in Washington, is a conspicuous figure in society thcic a n d " present at nil the important dinners and other fashion- In Some Doubt. Passer- -What's going ou in tl Policeman-- Well, there's i ] ot Jons Laired men and short h^ woaien there, but I don'tlcnov.- v.-ljetl it's a suffrage association or an ath]. c'.iib. _ Ladies have, at rare intervals, \# elected as members of parliament I hare never been permitted 1 0 '(, their seats. And yet the house of co uious Las; never had a, inrreit g{ -0 talkers. b r\ -Return wlien the colder nintier coc Tbey are caused by lactic acid la blood, -which frequently settles |, Joiols. This poisonous taint iiius'. bg H OOd'S Sarsa- C ure My+* mo\cd. Hood's Ear- saparJILi c o n q u e r s rheumatism because it drives out ol the blood cicrj" t~rc ' impurity. It makes pure, rich IjlooJ. "I suffered -with rliciumailsm in my I, foot. I took Hood's Sarsaparilla ini tl pain Is all gone." Miss H. H. Uu,- Mflls House, Charleston, S. C. Hood's Pills prevent DR. KILMER'S Bilioiismess Hcfltlaclie, foul breath, sour stomach, heai burn, painmchcst, dyspepsia, constipation. Poor Digestion Distress utter eating 1 , pain and bloating in tl stomach, shortness of bixixth, palain the hcai Loss of Appetite A splendid fccUng to-dnyand a depressed 01 to-morrow, nothing £ccms to taatc pood, tire Plcopless and all unstrung, weakness, dcbihi S\vamp-Root builds up quickly ft rimdov constitution and makes the weak strong. AtVrusglHtii 50 ccntM and $1.00 elz "Invalids' Guide to Health" free--Consultation fro. DR. KrLMEiitt Co., DIA'GUAMTOX, ". Y. IRRIGATED LANDS IN THE ! Pecos Valley of New Mexico. 1 Tlic^ Innrln nro or remirknbln TcrtllJty nn(l hfiva , heen ^rgTlOecl Ly tlie (rre«l«it Irrigation vyrtem i In Ainorlcrx w l t l i An ample and u.ifaJllni: sui'i'ljof l unUr. Tlicy ofTcr unTiLllliif nilinntiii;i i tij the funiinr. frult-pruwor, clRlrj-nmn, Jlvo stock ral-er and 10 Ihc hoinoictfkcr KcireralJy. I'rlcci are low ftrtJ tcnni cuy The healthful anil health r(.^tor . in« cllinalu at tlic Pecon Valley bfia no suwrrlur 1 In lhu United S:a[e^ pr nil Information, TVHh copy of llluilratH piJbl I cation, ftddrusa The Pecos Irrigation Improvement Co. EriMtorn As"»fy--4 IT 9incK KKcIian^e ICuimjn c . dilcjtffp. Flnnnclal omcc-Ct!oinrir« Sprlnin, Colo. . General Ofllcc--EdJv, x tfw Mcilco. 1 , , "COICHESTER' SPADINI BOiOT. BCCT i:l ·, u;jr IN · .! QUAUTV." ·/ T l i c o i i l c r o r f n T t n o T o r . ^tt^iid 1 * lliu wltulu Rn^'l ^. dmui i n Uiu heel, pr "tf t L ' C l h i s t h u l)ont In di pin^ untl In u L b c r h^i v» p ul-k. ASK YOUR Tre.u.i-:; lOICJ'lILM .nnd ilnii D Im lint t wlili lufurior couilb. COLCHESTER . CO. OUGLAS 15 THE BEST. ~IT FOR A KINO. OvcrOno Million People wear Hie W. L. Douglas $3 $4 Shoe All ourilioes arc equally salisiacior; They Rive the best value for the money- Tltey equal custom hoca Jn ntylc and lit. Th=lr wearing qualities arc unsurpassed. The prices nre uniform, ---SLimpcdon tolc. Frrni 5i to ST an\ p ^1 over cr^rr mrfctj. - » Ely's Cream Bain Wll.l.CVtUi CATARRH MSM.1E OllANT 9AUTOIUS. allc "functions'" incident to the fash- ionablu season in the national capital, Afrs. Snrtoris' gi-aciousneB!,"tact. a n d . unaftcctcdhcss have added largely to her circle of friends and admirers. Trade Revival, ~ "Well, )1d man, liow Is bnsinctes?" 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