Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 18, 1934 · Page 2
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 2

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1934
Page 2
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SAT. SUN. MATINEE SUNDAY, 20c 'THE HONE/MOC;-' is ov=a v\'o THE MONEYMOON "EC-MSI C H A R L E R U G G L E S i «. . V E P P C £ T E A S O A l f W * Y O M E T H O t S I D N E Y B l A C K M E a P H Y L L I S B A I! 6 Y L i t i H L . H 2i.«Hu-br .,-r krl-j-.l I/, Jrlrr.OT '/ i Cofp KO " ALJ'O ^ c vc -- A d d e d -K u l h I d l i n g m " C A M I O K M A \ \ K A T 1 I lilt" C a r l o o n u n d N o i e l l COMING! FEB. 3-4-5 "LITTLE WOMEN" WED. THURS. Also "Mic-kcy'H Touchdown." Cartron, "Culliiping Funny." All Evening Shows lOc and 2oc A d v e r t i s e ill I h e I'rogic"s-ficvii-w. We have baled slum 1 foi sule Ilichulds t Kichiuds. At your sc-iviei J ) r 11. S. Lames, Office phone 70, Residence phone 2'l, IJysait. Wedding iilinouiice'lnents p r i n t e d while you :n-(? getting 111:11 neil, if you e-all Ibis office. THERESE B E N S O N day evening after having been m . critical condition since he ^ as shot | by a holdup man. | ·····«············-£ LEGISLATIVE LETTER J 2 STATE CAPITOL COSSII* · Twenty-five town and township as- ^ ^ p B B C f l B b l l · B····PMk~ seisors in Black Hawk county started |'_ h b so r u i; O f the 1934 personal property a,sc-s,- ^ k h v.eek that ment Monday under direction of « * J . t ( n M d e r e d . Bailey Barnes, auditor. j Qne ^^ tai(J .. WB arL . p r e l t y well 'ou-ed v.ith liiii liquor legitla- and uon'l know -.vhat w e will be be-fore- 11 ^ eonejueled.' Many A m e n d m e n t s Lo tie original iquor control cornn:i'Lc-e b'.ll are- be- uiB conmdcre-e 1 , though in most part they arc deflated and the pnnuple of tate hcjuor eonirol unde-r a eom- SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. '··11 T . JohP - . H I T ,4 w e ) k n o u n Traer resident, died suddenly at his home * l TM fTM/. early Saturday morning. lie v,as found dead in bed by his wife when she went to awaken him for breakfast. W N U SERVICE THE BoBBS- MERRILL COfflPflHY Of the four Lovely sisters, one became an adventuress. A story of humor, pathos and romance. It will appear serially in these columns, and is a rare treat for our readers. The first installment of this highly interesting serial appears in this issue of the Progress-Review. Don't neglect to read it. J'oliinil Cliin'L for sale. Bert l-'ur sale: HO-.ici c fin MI Mrs. John O ' l t u i l l y , 815 1st A v c . S. K. Ainadic' Apt.s. 2t\., Cudiir liiignds, In. Neighborhood News. Tamil counly h.-is 11 blind people of vanous ages who receive n pension. K « · Mr*. Churlt"; K. DcWald, 17, of FhiKlclon, died Sunday after llnuc \\t-cks illnoss of mllucn^u. A $1.00 Dinner for 4 I T'S holUUy kcnion-- he ua ex- irniaguiiL as you like. Doesn't that noiiml like welcome advice In preparing your holiday niciilii? It'i sound advice, providing you budget the nthcr mcaia of the month. Hero IH a model budget dinner Clutn mid Tomato Broth 2t( llaknl Eilct fn Canerolf 29( rttilJ* ll(,ilril Kier .If Drfmrtl CncHmhfr Snlnd lit Whole ir/iml Itrrail and Uttllcr 8f Meringue Cuftnrd 20f Hcmi.Tane 3( Ctum and Tomato Drolh: Combine onp-half of a No. 2 can of clam bruili und the contcntn or a JO-ounce can o[ tomato Julco. Sea- HOII to lame -with salt, popper. celery soil and '1 noasco sauce. Add ono tcnspnon of lemon Julco and heal lo boiling Baked Kvui en Cov.\cro/c- Sautl) ono small dlccI onion In Four tablespoons buiLcr Aeld three LiblcHiiouMH Hour and stir until smooth. Add ilio conlenU oC a No. 2 can of tomatoes nnd cook u n t i l thick and creamy. Add one teaspoon salt and enough pepper and pnprlkn to season. Cut Four hard- cooked ORES In ImlvcK. Put a little o( the Banco In each or four Individual baking dl»hc«, lay two lialf CKBS In each cllsh,anil covor with tho remaining sauce. Mix one-fourth cup crumbs w i t h Lhrco tablespoons grated cheese and Hprlnklo over the lop. Duko until brown.* Telephone Your News Items Let the people of the community know alive--Advertise in The Progress-Review. to the Progress-Review, that you are [.enter Purdy, ' home in Cedar Miorl illness from Much lo the surprise of the tax jjuyi-rs and much to their disappointment, final figures from the auditor's office shows that taxus in Tamj county will be higher this year than in 1033. January ]5th is the ]a«-t day for the taking of fur-bearing animals according 1 to tho fish and Battle regulations. Fur«i taken within ihc open reason may be held five days after January 15th. m m m Norman Foster, Z'/j -months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Fostt-r, of Waterloo, was saved from (loath by his mother but severely burned Saturday morning when fire dc-moli^hed Lh« Footer home. Miss Dorothy Nessler of Dvsail and John McNcal of Mt. A u b u i n were married Sunday evening at the Peace Evangelical parsonage in Dysart. They will f a r m near Mt. Auburn. * * · Mr. and Mr*. Henry Schwcer, of Waterloo, were the surprised and honored gueats at a reception and obiervancc of Ihtir twenty-fifth wedding anniversary Sunday afternoon m K. of P. hall in Waterloo. · * * Sam Rule, 55, of Waterloo, selected the Fourth avenue interurban bridge, Cedar Rapids, at 1-45 n. m, SaUiulav n.s a likely place to cros^ the Cedar river and landed in the city jail for intoxication after hLs car had lodged against the hteel retaining wall of the bridpc. "Goodbye Love" Stars Ruggles in New Role. Charlie Ruggles will he seen in the one role he has wanted to do above all others when "Goodbye Love," his newest picture, comes to tho Pastime Theatre Saturday and Sunday. The coveted part ii that of butler who plies his trade undei the- very fitting cognomen of Gioggs. Adaptor! from Hampton Del Ruth' 1 original Ktory, "Goodbye Love'" is- said to piof,ent n hilanou 1 : account of the butler's love life when, burdened by alimony payments, he goes to Atlantic C i l y to rest and forget only to fall into the mercenary clutches oC the hoardwal gold digger. I Monday at r City following a I Francis Christian; pneumonia. O'Brien Christian; Mrs. John Wicgarid, 81, of Mt. A u b u r n , sulTclcd f l a c t u i c of her l i g h t hip in » f a l l . She slipped on an icy step. Coin loans lalcd S3-M,100.55 Tins a m o u n t farmers. Grundy county to- Mondny morning, was recorded to -127 Mr. anil Mrs. Henry Korlmeycr of Independence celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary at their home Tuesday. * * * Twenty fires to which the Vinton fire department wag called during 193.3 resulted in damage of a little more thnn $4,000. Checks totaling 525,431.11 were disLiibulcd Saturday to Black Hawk county CWA workers by the foremen on the respective jobs, A G per cent dividend, amounting- to about $G per share, was declared by directors of the Farmcis' Co-Operative Elevator company of Morrison. V « * Rcpai'.a were made to the Hudson Consolidated .school gymnasium during school vacation. Investigation of a "spring" in the floor disclosed several stringers had not been set in cement when structcd. the building- was con- Taking' of the census of business in Block Hawk county will begin Wednesday, Jan. 17. Eight enumerators arc to be chosen in Black Hawk county, of which Waterloo will furnish six and Cedar Fulls and La Poi-to City each one. · · · Clifford Brown, 50, of Cedar Foils, shou-ed marked improvement Satur- Card of Appreciation. We wish to Ljikc Lhis o p p o i t u n i L y to thank oui neighhois and oilier fi lends, the members of Lotos lodge No 705, 1. O. O. V., and 'I lustle Ke- bckah lodge No. 201, for their k i n d ness and assistane-G in oui iccent be- icavcment, tho loss of our dear one. We wish also to express- our appreciation of the floral tributes sent and of the sympathy tendered u.s. Mr. and Mrs. P. \V . O'Brien and W i l l i a m ; Mr. and Mis. Win. Chi Mian and Martha Ellen; Mr. and Mrs*. Earl C h i i s t i a n ; James Christian; Ellen O'Brien. Presbyterian Church Notes. Church School, 10 a. m. A place for onch, which noe but each can fill for him.self. Morning Worship. 11 o'clock. The Commemoration of the Lord's Supper shall be the absorbing interest in this hour of worship and piaisc. What docs the sacrifice of the Christ mean to y o u ? Will you come, and with us, renew your allegiance to our King, who conies again 7 Christian Endcavorcrs meet at 0:30 p. m. Evening worship, 7:30. This is proving to be an hour of inspiration and hearty congregational .singing. Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. Bible study. Bring your Bible. We feel sure that you will enjoy all those hours of privilege nnd blessing and we urge you to "get the habit" of regular attendance. The people who do attend, make no claim to perfection but come in food. When did you search of Soul last feed your Soul? "Como Thou with uq and we will do Thcc good." R. Q. LUDY, Minister. The Annual Meeting. annual meeting of the La Porte Building and Loan Association will be held in the office of the KCC- re'ary on Friday evening, January 12th., promptly at 7:110. Reports of the year, election of officers and such other business as mny legally come before the meeting will occupy thc time. Shareholders, whether investors or be present. borrowers, arc urged to in'act. .Many mi 1:1- j J bcis lolinlr i r r i g m a i l j . l u s t for I , one idea and the-n a n o t n c i , but all I realize the-ie is going to be a llqllol Sugar, 5 pounds, 26c; Powdered Sugar, 3 pounds Puffed Wheat ur Whole Wheat Flakes, 2 packages Clear Quill Pancake Flour, plain, 17c; Buckwheat 2 Oatmeal, 5-pound sack Buns and Cookies, a dozen Peaberry Coffee, lb., 19c; Butter Nut Coffee, Ib Milk, 6 small or 3 large cans Ohio Blue Tip Matches, 6 boxes Life Buoy or Lux Toilet Soap, 3 bars Magic Washer, small package, 09c; large Big Four Soap, 10 bars, 23c; O. K- Soap, 5 bars 21 C 17c We 32c 2.\- 26t 2(k 21c 21k M. F. L1ZER, secretary. Radios--Service nnel Supplies-- Ponsford'a. · · Johnson's Bakery ^Grocery best fialure-s they ear. '1 wo Mliil seetH-ns an- U L to come uj--lh" lival c p l ' o n f e - a t b i e and the million i l u l l a i ie\omn;,' f u n i l t h a t i-- pioposed in the bill. 'Ine- Later \ . i l l doubtless e-neounte-t ^oine- -._r"ju opposition, a'ld tlie'ie i^ on*' ani^nd- ment to t u t d o u n tne- a m o u n t to 0. eouise, the l a t t e r liguic w o u l d not -et up disper-ai .'-· in Uie eity of IK'S Momes alone, w h i l e it is d o u b t f u l if half a. million would set them up in more- than half the ^tate. --U-The- pool- I oot'e^'geiV 'lbL'\ eoi- tinue to gel w kmned in every hour of the se-sbion--and yet thej \\ ei e Mich f^ood fiiotut-. of Mime of thuse- \\\)(i are- s k i n n i n g t h e m ! --o- M a v b e this v.eel:, and possibly not t i l l next \\e-ek, the House liquor bill will be leady for printing. ^le-mbern sjiy, \\haL is tlie- huiry'.' The- Senate is not even sta'-tul on pa'-'-aK'j (,f the bie; tax bill and Lhe House \ \ i l l be loanng t i l l the Senate- ta\ b i l l conies o\e'r to it, anyway. --o-K. F. No. 1, Tax Bill. In committee of the whole- the- Se-n- ale has been \uuhne; t h i o u t f h a nnuo j of a m e n d m e n t ! olFeie-d lo the main Lax bill foi jnotbei froek. Still, the main feateiie of the bill remain intact. It may not Lake lone; to pass it when they get back into regular sessior,. 'Ihe l e t a i l sales lax f e a t u i e still lemair.s and the bi^ ^Kht will be to ^ u b s L i L u L e the gro^s income tax (or K'oss sale's tax) for this s-eetion. It may be a q u i s l i o n of showm*; just how much l e v e n u e v. ill be raist-cl foi- all local, county and state purposes by the K'o^s ineome tax as eominnul iMth the l e t i i i l .salea Lax and the m- eome LLL\ f v a L u i f s . Anil, the allotment of Mien revenues to the counties of the ttate. Trom Lhe sidelines j t appeals L'ne lelail Bait's t:if is sLron;;ei- than it MJ.;, a week befoie, and that relief of leal e-si-.ile L.ixes v.ill be less. Xo Scnntoi will at thib time pie- diet when they \ \ i l l pa's Ihe bill und send it inei lo the House. The ten- .sion ih .still tight, but it may loo.sen (lav, a^ the leave's g f ( _ _ _ cndar are torn off and Fcbiuary first looming up as an ace-using -sign that a quai-tei of a million dull.iih of state 1 money is being spent fur this icssion Senatoi l l n k b n piopgscs an amendment that mil \\ipe out all property taxes lor .state purposes. That would be sonn inmg. Ami \ \ o u U J i r c it t h i o u (be burden and Lhe blame foi all p i u p i i t y laxes d n - c L t l v back on Lhe e-ommuiuties LllaL eau^e Lhein 1 ' -ook al Polk counly and Des MoineV --o-An old .ige pension b i l l lias a chanc-e al HIM .session. The I'i.ule;y- Kimberly bill m Lhe Senate may become a law MI Lhat old people who aic poor and cannot work may have some other lecourse than to ^ L a i v e . ISonie'-t'ntnlnv U i u c e of T'oe-ahon- Las c o u n t y .vavs that hi.s counly raise-; anil sells m o i e eash coin than any olher counlj in the United Klales. M i . Bruce does not consider himself a .spcakci at all, 1ml when he talks he says a mouthful. Like comfortable twins in a comfortable bed Ihe Scnatu Democrats and Republicans continue to lie. (With apologie.s to Senator Frailcy.) --o-They t i l e d in the House lo change the liquor bill .so that private interests, could sell and piofit from the liquor business. Then the plan of giving d r u g g i s t s the l i g h t to sell liquoi on p l c ' e i i p l i o n WTJ voted down. The lillc of Ihe bill is still Ihc "loiva Teinpciance Aet" unless the Senate jom.s in changing it to the Iowa Liquor C'onlrol At-l. Quile a lol of members look w i t h horror upon any advertising of the liquor bus-inc.s.s. Undo Lrol plan it would be B B T . B B FRIDAY AND SATURDAY FOR CASH Coffee, Butternut, 1 pound 2'Jc English Walnuts, 1 pound . 15c Syrup, dark, '/ 2 gal., 25c; Honey, 2 racks 23t Kijj Bars, 2 Ibs., 2Ik; Macaroni, 2 pounds n c Crackers, soda or graham, 2 pounds 2j t Pancake Flour, bulk, 4 pounds ]9c Siitfiir, granulated, 10 pounds . |9c Candy Mix, per pound 09c Prunes, 3 Ibs., 25c; Sweet Corn, 3 No. 2 cans 2k Sani-Fluf,h (box of Melo Free) 23c Soap, Royal or Big 4, 10 bars 25c GOODWIN'S GROCERY !···!!················ i DRY GOODS AND SHOES ! JUST ARRIVED--30 new Silk Dresses, sale price, S.!.!).') i Wash Dresses, fast colors 59c, 69c, $1.00, $1.39, SI.19 ! Children's High Shoes §1.29, $1.3.1, Sl.n j Ladies Shoes . S1.9S,, $2.19, 52.30. «.79 i Ladies Hose, ISc, 23c, 25c; Silks 39c, 3!)c, Sflc [ 19c Sale GROCERIES 19c Sale i 4 regular size cans Pork and Beans for l!!c [ Crackers, 2-pound box, 19c; Good Cheer Coffee lilt- i Cocoa Mayflower, 2 Ibs., 19c; Raisins, 2 Ibs Ut ! Salt for table, 10 Ibs., 19c; Corn Meal, a Ibs l',c i 2 large cans Hominy, 19c; 2 cans Carrots 19t | Kidney or Lima Beans, 2 No. 2 cans for IB: j Rinso, large, 19c; Palmolive Soap, 4 bars for lilc i Mortorn's Sausage Seasoning, 10c-25c; smoke Sail, sl.PO [ February Patterns in Stock. I P. H. PAIGE a .state con. - just as well \ \ i l h o u t . People w o u l d get their tips from the ladio anil then tnenk up on the liquor .sloies m the night and take their medicine without k n o w i n g w h e t h e r it w a s r e:il Old Hcnne.sey or Templeton rye. Hepicsenlative Dean ot Ducna Vistn proposes :\n a m e n r l m r n t in the liquor bill thai will permit towns and cilics lo hold elections and decide by » majority whether they want stntc liquor stores 01 not. yucer, the d i f - fcicnce on Ihit. jiomt among n.( -t intelligent and w o r t h y people. Some .say such a piov'ision would cause confusion and trouble, and place bootleggers in Ihe saddle again. Olh- ers say the .stale has no right to AN ELECTR WASHER Cleans Clothes THOROUGHLY-QUICKLY EASILY-- GENTLY AND SAVES YOU MONEY SEE THE NEW MODELS AT YOUR DEALERS OR THE NEW DEXTER ELECTRIC WASHERS IN OUR DISPLAY ROOMS E L E C T R I C foist liquor stores and dcale. 1 !, upon towns and cities that do not want them. Take your choice. Rumor has it thnt the Democratic members of the House arc going into' caucus to plan and back a slate on the liquor bill. If they do, there will be results, and what? A party caucus of members is considered binding on nil members who attend, it. There arc T'l Democrats to 34 Republicans in the House. W II A'f~FOOl7s~WE~ BE ! With people -wearing rags, we loan cotton farmers money to buy seed and then pay a bonus to plow up their crop of cotton. With half the country hungry, we destroy wheat and bum corn. With millions of babies undernourished, we pour milk into the streams. When times arc good bunks encourage loans; when men cannot pay, they call them. We loan billions to olhn nation^ while the wolf barks, at our v\ "· door. With the country honcj'-comH with heathens, we spend millions un foreign missions. We encourage strong duns r »' centuries to create revenue, then spend millions to jail men foi tl^ i r cultivated nabits. We pay taxes to feed the piror.- ers and they make f u r m t u i e «'· something to compete -with our job We hand out doles to ablc-bndiw men who would rather work llmi rc ' ceive alms, and there i.s work to i !) --highways to build, ditches to dip. streams to span. We boost prices when people ! a-if lot the money to purchase even a' the cheapest price. What fouls « f be! Down the corridors of lime =" n ' c antiquarian will turn our a^hes, na"i our record and explain, "That tt'a.- thc Crazy Age."-- Ex. i"Pf!||f ~ ? 1 £ ^ = § s § « E o t- S i ^ ^ V tj u u e ci rs g* i ^ irt irj eji 05 S l l * S= S "" -^,° x . H = | s « , - n | : 1 · S S * ; 3 5 J j S 5 s S ft ,,- Zl f 0 ~ S Z - :-| I ^f la"i f l l-« .xl '2 evi « ^ i CM C (.·i _ B ws . o »; _ H ·a S. K B = ~ P~ ° 5- § £ « · = g l · 01 W -= i»l S5| i sf i^i S ial a : l e c -- o I «= s" 3 T. C. O %£ -^ « l t ? g l * !.-·= * a g S ^ t S g s s c J E 55 I Q » - -2 - K a 5 -. w Q « 1 J fel 'T r WSPAPERI

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