The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 19, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Wednesday, August 19, 1818
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" n chancery. Barah Mason, T - 'lr4 Rnrwaett and ethers Aug IS, 181li. an? 17 dfs O mg its patrons.' Richard Varick. ' CalebS. Riegs, George Griffin, Jchn Suydam, and J 30 lm T.rms A stt of ew York.. 1.1 parta - ace ef an order . of this . twoornble J. court, made in, ine a wove,Tisr hr ira (a U the craltlorl of fomcllUt C. Wee ea. deceased, to exhibit and prove tbe " debts da lo then respectively," . neiore uic wmj - her hm .if ll.e in Aiter of Ihil COD ft. at brl Of - fu - .1 ljif Ruildiiu?!. Nassau street. New York. ethe3d4l4ih,7tb,otu,9Wend . dsysof September neit.ot lbs hour of lOo'clock ia the forenoon or ttwse days. ti;o wurum. - . 181S. . JAMES A. HAMILTON, , Master in Chancery. aug 5 lawtw k dlSlO r t:n. IN CtlA.VCERY. ' - r. . . f IS pursuance of a de - Charles Dcbevoise. cretal order oi we wn . 1 or Chancery, made in Hue above cause, will be told under thed'rertioa - .i i u nkii. action, at the Ion - tine e ft House, io the city of New ork, on Tuesday, the lit dy of September next, al l. o'clock at oooo, all that certain 'P'r."'Krf;. eel of ground, .ituate, lyine; end bemg itta 6W. ward of the city of New York, known and dis - tinguisaed, io a certain nap or coin SrTiot No. S3, bounded in front by I nard Itreet ; southeasterly by lot No. 37 in the rear by lot No. 48, and .Uwe.trly by i nt N 39jcootaininsi" breadth in front and rear J St. Md in fongt: i. " tack - . te ft . .. the mim mi conveyed to same Dvig vl i , . - .... ..:jchrlH flehevoise. bv Em ishara r.ra bree and Mary his wife, in and by a certain a, a.,.a lit A, of February. 18 Jl : togeth er with tlie hereditaments and appurtenances Sc. Oated New York, Aug. "J,8 auz'2aw2wdlw Waiter in Chancery. IN CHAMCfcKT. , Slide of JVew York, t IN pursuance of an order of this honorable the 47th da vol June, 1318, iii k - mM i rahlir. auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, io the city of New York, under the direction ol the subscriber, ai one of the matter! of this court, on the SlitdayoiJuly next, at all thoie aeveral blocki, pie ce or parcel of irroaod, lituate, lying and btm? ia the townahip of Brooklyn, in the county oi Kiaga,aiid ttate of New - York, aforeiaid, and know and ditini;iiiihed on a map made by Jeremiah Lott, the 19th day of March, 180, by the following bouodariet, to wit, northerly in front by Water - ttreet, toutheriy ia the rear rty Front - street, eaittrly oo the one tide by Jack - ou - ttreet, ad weterly 60 the other aide ty tiold - f treet, containine four squares or blocks ot i ll il.. ufflfr lots. ivml ClSlllia. rtllV Alt LUUM ,' - ! " " 1 J - - n inimediately in front of the before described blocks, bounded as follows to wit easterly by ' Jackson - street, southerly by Vaer - sreet, and westerly by Oold - streef, containLig io breadth ' oo Water - street the distance between Gold - and Jackson - street, and mining into me rosi River as far as the eimat oY the corporation of the city of New - York extends, with the appurtenances, Ui,e4 JuM',3,J3AMES A. HAMILTON. " ' Matter in Chancery. Note. The above property will be sold in lots and parcels, according io a cenain w made tnereoi, wmco win oo tiuuuun Coffee - house one week before, the day of sale. Je30 lawJwdlw The sale of the above property is postponed to the ceventeentn oay oi ns"" ' hour and place. July 21st, 118. m 1 JAMtS A. HAMILTON. J 21 d(ls Mailer in Chanctry. The sale of the above property is postponed to JAMES A. HAMILTON, Master in Chancery. Kjjuwnusr. YOUNG LADIES' SELECT SCHOOL, Nn 1 t Cb.DAR - STB.KXT. TR. MEAD respectfully nives notice, thai ;VX his Bcbool will be ogain open 00 '1 utnlay - 1.1,1 $;nti inner. Young Ladiet' will be initrurtcd as muni, in a'courne of Education; embracing all tbe im portant branches, from Reading end Penmanship, to Rhetoric and Natural Philosophy. French by one 01 tne mosr apuroven innrucuui Knquirers may sauiy u character of this School, li.fy ichLol, the following gentlemen. Uemeu, Thomas S. Clarkton, Anthony Dey, Amata Jackson, James Renwick, Etqrs. Auru Agent1! OJice, JS'ew - i'urk .irm Tlvi t)TD lUlVTrll the Steam - boat advertises as a lan&ng place, " ic. Ac. The whole will be sold together or dividod to suit porcliaiers. The terms of payment will be made easy, and an indi - putable title given by the subscriber. . P , WILLIAM BARD. . TTnle Park. July 24 tf CORPOaATION KOTICE. VT0T1CE is hereby give to toe iwpfebve I N . n r.( tl, tnlU.winf lotl Of land 10 IbC city of New - York, that toey afe hereby required to par to the treasurer or coamic" said city, without delay, the aeveral sums oriM - ney anuexed to the following desenptwo or toe premiws being the auau assessed and now re - aiaioine unpaid upo the same, for opeaiot;, re - . - j ...uirf airreti. and (or con - structioif wells and paotps therein; together with it,. tk.A. mi ihii rsieol teses per ceBt per anoua, from the time of the confirmation S the vespettlve asscsssnenis o u ,r i uent, with the charges of Oaisi aotic ad 4 - vertitemeot. ...... .,j . u And Ihey are further notified, that if defaalt shall betaade in such payment, the said lots, pieces or parcels of land, will be sold at public auc - lion, at the city - hall of the said vitj, oa TMt - d. tlie 3.1 rlv of November nest, al 12 o'clock, A. M. by virtue of an act of the legislature of the state of New - York, passed the Ittb day ol April, 1816, entitled u An act for the more effect - nf taxes and assessment? ia the city of Wew - York," for tbe lowest term or years ai which any person sUall offer loUke the. same, in consideration of advancing the sum assessed thereoa, with the interest thereoa, together with the charges or this notice and advertitment,and tlie certificate lease, and further advertisement reouired bv the said act. and a'l other cosU and charges to accrue under tbe said act. A'ama of the rrsperlat ountn I timber of hit ; on vhat ttrtft ; sit ttfuch ware ; jot ww - KMtd; and Ikt amount. To Lawrence, or Mrs. Rogers, lots no. 834, C35, Delancey's farm, on Third street, iu tbe I Oth ward, asM!d for paviug Third - street $50 73, and sobject to astesiment lor a cistern $2 40. Joho Halsted, lot oo. 103, on Fulton - street, in the 21 ward, asserted for opening Fair - street, now Fultoo - ilreet, 334 50. Patrick Faghao,two lott, on Manhattan - sire it, io the 9th ward, for opening I25tn - ttreet, $ 00. Do. foor lot, oo Lawre nce - st. Via ward, lor opening 125th street, $4 00. Charles Smith, a plot of ground between J. Lorillard and W. W. WooLey, 9th ward, re - 13. Garret Van Wajrgenen, a plot of ground oo Green wich - laoe, 9tb ward, foropeuibg Bth ave uue. $20. Charles Debevoice. Jot No. 57 Leonard - st 5th ward, widening Chapel - tl. $20. Do. do. do. do. openiog Canal - st. 413 34. Andrew Stockholm or Aaron .Stockholm, two lota. Cross - street, 6lb ward, paviDg Cross - sL J3 10. , Do. do. subject to, widening Crots - tt. $73 82. Charles Dickenton or Kicbard Dickenson, no. 33, 35, 37, Orange st. do. paving Orange iU 100 14; opening Canal st. (23 04. Do. do. do. do. widening Orange st. $ 317. Abifah Arden, no. 49, Mulberry st. 6ih ward, paving intenection of Cross st. $1 38. John R Livingston, 9 lots, Little Water st. in the 6th ward, regulation, $ 155 01. Do. do. subject to, widening Orow st. J 75 U4. Do. do. do. in the Oth ward, opening Canal - street, $184 01. Aaron Stockholm. 9 lots, on Little Water - it 6th ward, aei;ed for regulating Little Water - street, fill 76. I JJo. lo. subject to, Mliogiou, $z iz i - z. Do. do. do. assested for opening Canal street, 257 34 tlie sevenlhday offceptemner next, at ine same on 0rangc ,f 6tn hour and place, when win ceriBiniyinv.iaiv. 0 eit - g 7Q Salomon Wheeler, lots no. 43 1, 498, 4'Jil, the term 6th ward, assented for paring Orauge - ttrcet, ih V ALVA LB rxorCBTT AT JAMAICA, L. ! arOH SALE. That vert xeelUt Utsb. (the Ute rets - deuce of Geo. Codsri , Jr. dries rl) situate at Jamnea, (UL) oa the Boeluway Tarn pike, wNliia aatra mile of tM viuage taontammtaooui Co seres of good laad, in exeellewt fc nee nod . - ditiea. Tfce maaaiea house is wt U boilt and very large and eommodloa, eoaeisUag of a two story main building, with twa wings, making together a frost of nearly 150 teeU The wot booses are very eonveaientaad in excellent repair I the barn' bartieolarlv. ia aeariv new. and supposed to be the largest and best arranged one oa the island. Ua the premises are, also, a gooa ortnara sw Urre nrden. well stocked with a varietv of fruits. ALsO.a good piece of salt meadow, within 3 miles ot tbe term, aontBining about 7 seres, and 2 pieoet ulexeellent woodtana, eoniml. lug, us one about 1 aad the other about 10 acres. ALSO, another farm on tlie main Jamaica turnpike road, about half a mile southerly from the Episcopal church in the said village, con taining about 36 acres. ALSO, 26 valuable building lots, at the eqr - oer of Jamaica and Rockaway turnpikes, oppo site the residence of tlie Hou. Rufua King. Tbe above parcels of property will be sold separately or together, as may be agreed upon, and can be viewed at all reasonable hours. The stock and farming nteiwils may be had with the farm, at a (air valuation. The title is indupulable. Apply to 1). CODW1SE, 13 Nassau - at Or to the subscriber on the premiwe. au 7 tf MARY CODWI?E. Uil 20 bl.ds. new lum, landing iromsioop Sasco, eatstde Feck'S'ip, lor sale by aog7 WANTED, a quantity of locust timber and Ready, lot no. 612, on Bayard's farm, Orange - .r - .it Am,W to the Navy A'ent, at reet, iathsCih ward, assessed for paving O - portion of the a. w..S ,y 7 rang. - str.ct, 17 3, opening Caual - . 16, June U - tf The publishers of th. Ncw - Brun - wick wel and pump, ; 1 60. TimC Newark CruUnal, Long - Lbml itar, Lynch, for 33 feet, orpo..te Bay ard - i Vi.. - Tii. and N.w - lJodooGasotte. street, in ll.o 6th ward, assessed for paving L;il nublish this advertisement one month, Orange - street, 40 43. and send their bills to 1 the Navy Agent's Office. Jy IB I'll ' FOil SALE. LOT of rround on Broadway, bet - .ven Walker tlreet nn l CanaJ - streei, zo ieti lOiochci wide and 175 feet long. Inquwof , P. A. JAY, j f No. 37 Pine - street. Domiuitk Lynch, for 125 feet, north of Frank - I liu street, in the bin ward, assesseu lor paviu, Ulr.iu?e street. 212 Bi. Dominick Lvnch. for 92 feet, below Bayard - Utssijown owner, aiU to belong to the estate or aeiiJr. lot do. 4G6, BayanTi farir.t Oraoge - .l. I : ih. tith wsrovNi BMs.fti1 ffr tiBvin Oranfii - t. . e i t ,1 f 7 1 v 1 r eWlUl. ue. zuuu .tt i f23 13. openiu; Canal - street, 1U. y 00 Wednesday, the 2d of September next, Mrl7jjaU 30 feet, Mate - street, hi the lit th. properly of Robert tiourlay, deceased, in tm a5M!aed for paving itate - street, i 208 80. nKf&ffi&Mk street. Jo" R - Lingston 375 feet on each side ... 7 buildmg lott, iron . g H I(ewU.itreet, for regulaUng Uwu - .t. It do ' do do on Water street, . between Rivington and Stanton - tt. I4.0 31. do do do on the 8 Rood - stieet. And 14 - lots of tho above property is assessed Also, a water lot, containing 84 feet front. On for a we aud pump in Lewis - st. near Stanton - the a&ircsndproiiertytlitre.isaaiveiiiiignou - r ,tj 74 m ii h il fit. also one sixteen hy twenty nine feet, and a store house en7 - jr , " Ti! 100 foet south of Grand - street, ui the tenth also, a uarrmrc umci. ur - - - ji 7 - - tlie whole, and which at a small expence may be converted into a coui., - Unknown owner, 1 lot, on Riviogton - .t. next f k - K.whnrirh and Cochecloo turnoikc. with to the comer nf Caunon - st. west side, in the lOlb aher principal roads from the Ulterior, ru ward, as - essed for regulating Rivington - st. il through the centre of the above property, and il I - aac F. Cox. 1 lot. No 59 Bayard's west being exceeded by none in or about th. villa?, farm, on Broadway, in the 3th ward, assessed for for beauty of prospect and advantages for trade, paving Broadway, r70 5j. UU Dined that persons wishing to obtain lots Estate of Solomon M. Cohen, 2 lots, nos. 1210 L .ornrival. dwellings, will not let Ibis and 1251 Bayard's east farm, on Broadway, in ermine oasa. of becoming assessed of those the 8lh ward, assessed lor pavm unity pass, of becoming oossessed of those the 8lh ward, situated id in the most pleasant part of the village. $ 1 17 6 1. 1 to be made known at the time of sal.. J oho I iora, I V - mrlinilin. BDOlv t. MARGARET GOURLAY, Ex'tx. Newburgh. ANDREW GIFFORD, Ex'tor, ' aor 10 tds 134 Greenwich - st. NYork. t'uU SALE, a rmu. fint.iiniuir 300 acres, on the ner would be prefered. wav. 1 b. lot IS Z'i Broadway, Slots, nos. 1179, 1 1SO, and 1181, Dyckman's farm, on Broadway, in the flth ward, assessed lor paving groauway, azzi tj. 13 order of tbe Common Council ' JOHN M'COMB, ' Street Commissioner. N. B. A considerable portion of the above nronerty is subject to back taxes for several years past, which will be fully explained on the feet deep. The house is 65 feet deep, fiuUhed in th. best manner, and replete witn cooviuo - ces for alar. famUy. On th. premises are a rain - water citterns, (one of UM - poncrionTfirttqiiality A. K. Rum, WMw ' fc, .Tbr JAS. D'WOLF, Jun. which is brick) and for - e by 54 Sonth - street. The situaUon is cot. J 17 - a. brick stable, two For UfoUtaffihasefcc6 w ROBERT Nx aug 13 lw Euh &ALK, The HOUSE to LOT. No. 339. BroaJ a well of excellent water. considered equal lo any in this city. particulars, apply to Besyvain Q. K. 6t C. W - DAVk - NfUftl LU. s - FKA K'a OaIA IVKI) AlAGNkblA. A Remedy for a Sour Stomach, Heart - Mum, and a Kurt far liiatneuion. 1ALCINEDMAUNliSIA has been some time L J in ute both in Kurope and America ; but latterly it has beeo more irequently uted than formerly. It was first brought into use in Genoa - np, and was highly extolled by Hoffman, on oo whose authority it was introd'ired, but very confiiiedly, till the knowledge ot it, and its excellence, was more extensively diffused liy the au thor of a medical pamphlet, entitled an " Msay .1. - V L...I M .... - . nr""l.;Mrun.'' 1c This author has bellowed much liuie and attention in the investigation of the virtues of the mlcined maenesia. and ii most instances oat rreut iud?i.iiient and knowledge of the subject oo which he treated, and tlieieby has brought this medicine into .high rrpute. We cannot, therefore, mere proptrfy explain its reputed virtue, than by quoting the pauge inwhich be re - crmmeudt its ute. lie inTi that tlie rti and general cause of mott diteates to which infantt are liable, is the acidity which their food occasions iu their stomachs. This acidity becomes very obvious from the griping and purging occe sioued thereby. It may nut he improper to men tion an easy and generally a certain remedy, or rather pretunlive. u umeiy aaiuinistereu, wmcn . . i - KL. I..'. 1 TV, . . niifin. iiie luiicnciia miia. vaii - iucu. j mv lutuinut effectually cures all aridiliti, proves a mild and ther observes, that notwithstanding the peculiar excellence of this preparation in removing indk'rMioii. vet still it labors under a disadvan tage difficult to be obviated, at no chemist has at - 1 rt I ii. .1 wyVA - 1. - . .a r a. 1 - .n.i - II 1 - SB banks of th. North River, a mde south from the Jay ofMie or oy calling at Uie collector's office, oamtt and utility, Tillage of Hyde Park, and eighty - six frout New. N)) City - Hall, where every informaUon wU: ,rMt XRriety or oth York. The land is equal in quality to the be't be - j u inlroduc. s i;U AM.1A.a anl iervr! . - . efle. " . order and other , never been inirouuceu in Duchess couuty, and is in high good streel Commissioner's Office, 1 July 23. 1818. July 23. 18 1. fence. Oulh. premises is a good plain lann ) yat, t good barn and other appendages neces sary to conducting a large larm. Also, a duiiu - iug spot commanduig an extensive and beautiful view of the North Rivar. Within half a mile of the farm bouse is ao amioeal Academy, and within two miles an Kpitcopal and a Pr.tbyte - July 2ti Iaw3m fT - t A t.1 RM JV LET Off SHA UES. K The Farm it tituated near Newark, and cot taint about 30 acretof the belt land, including a garden of two acret ; tiit) protnietor w.ll furnish all Decenary articles. Any person cf a rian Church, in each of whinh there is regular I j;ood character, sober, honest, and industrious. service physicians two landings, oo. of which I may app'jr at this Office. A good kittheo uard wim fri - tn Jil I. COX. No. 4 CourtUndt - strfct, near B mid wav, im porters of the LIVEK - P03T COACH a 8TF.AM - BOATUNV r iJn. Mr mi i - rc . IT WAT t9 W.IXAaTBiroWW fOUT. 7 (Through ia On Dy.) . to call and take their Seats at the office No, Courtlaad - st. N. Y SWIFT - SURE MAIL COACHES, FOR rBILADKLrniA, Huv f f sitisre'P Courtlaadt - street. New - York. sp 2 Proprietors. UNION LINE. 1 l.. .J. I J " . John R. Llrinpton, lots no. 40, 42 li 44, on I yet pursued a memou ca.cuiaie.. io i - oui - 1 gir. . ,.r.. - fTl . - " , - .: I I.U.I..I1F ni rmniiin. mm Kin - mm in I I i rfr oo waru, pavuig .5. ience'wlich iu meri(l (,vl,en prcperly prepared) tt.ll7JB. , , . ouldiut!y deinnud lor it is a well established lAhn II I .vino! - M'fTartv lewe. lot no. 54. 1 r .1 : t. - . 1 - - 71 laci. mat iimieesiiou ib uic I'liinoi , .uuc ui ma - ward, assessed for paviug ny of the most alarming and dangerous diseases iiicii'enl to the homan system ; consequently the Do. do. assessed for opening Canal st. .r20 1G.I magnesia alba, when properly calcined, would 1 rVirseattintbe above named Lines, apply to TH03. WHITF1KLD, at the old established Coach, and Steam Boat office, No. 1 Court - inritiieet. near the corner of Broad wav, New - York ; or to A. T. GOODRICH & CO. No. 124 Rrnarlwav. corner of Cedar - street, and at No. VI Whiirlinll.ilrref. New - York. ft - T - AII goods and baggage at the risk of the oWiXr. JOSKPH LON, bO.NS it CO. N. D F.xpresses sent to any part of the Con tinent,by THOMAS WHITFIELD. Je 24 FOR PHILADELPHIA. Twt - nly - five n.iln land carriage, via Bruninick audTienton. lr. ni.tu nn&t ro:ir.lies Do eond stairt s 4 50 Do forecastle or deck patsencers, 3 50 New - Do. do. astetted for widening Orange - street, be the mott tHicacioua rtmcfly biiberto known." c0Iin,cifd by the tteam boats olivk brahch .93 00. fcucceiilul expenmenu nave luuy uemousiraiea, B0(1 pia4I)f..,.pniA. 1' ' D - j. do. subject to assessment lor well and thai I the magnesia here recommended has arrived Ernnch will leave New 1 Do. do. for regulating Leonard - st. f49 10. UndHfLLe BOWNE, Druggittt, 146 Pearl t.Btatc 01 1100 1 a. tionon, 101 no. ij, ur.ingc 1 ,treet, ew - 1 orlt. J ji im it. 6th ward, asteised for paviug Orauge - streot, 1 ; i46 31. Do. do. atteued for widening Orange - street, themselves retpecting Hie o""! ,1 r by calling upon any of J. 0afnS,',, mott of whom are a - Orange st. 97 71 ATI I'l'llATK between Barclay and Alurray 5 street;, Chamber and Reed - streett, Jay and at also those of the Morth River and Sound 1 and Peter Schcrmerhorn or uominick L.yncn, s Harri'on - slree's, and xvonn aioore anu ueacn - tneir several mno.. . Cth ward, assessed for paving UtrceK at a price very considerably less than in - ue, 11 any ueiaj. ' . . J The steam - boat Oave York every dav. Sun - north side or the tsat - Passenisers will lodge the steam boat Thiladel - 1 , I.IL....I...... i..inii..;. oln. ami at me evniratinn nil m. - i - j - .... . lie ell calculated for r jttge bei,.lg much Ins than by any other route be NKW - YOKK SI'KRMACKTl OIL to CANDLE FACTORY No. 52 BROAD - WAY w - niMiiii nrnn k.. r..rl yTav ronuei JUDD t or the f! 1 rA CT'l CJT. JOILV8 HALL ORDINARY 1 Th C5 eoctieuitv of this building to tbe seat l ba sinets, iuduce tbe subscriber to open, for the accommodation of getiflemen connected with public. bdsioe at tbe City Hall and others, a uublic uratnary. uuioer wui oe t ervea up pre cise! r at half past two o'clock, and turtle soups. relishes, with the most sailablo rtlresnmtDU ol the season, at all hours of the day. An elegant Dall - Room, decorated in a per - 1 Mo ;pV;WeVn.use - ..h srtbura, flatulency, gn.wing .winter uretsed and tumrner J NeXbuSl CJAMULL a 1 I I: - - i 1 III hi imw ..i".w. w 4f lir strained Sjiennaceti and as cheap as can be purchased in New - Vork. an object. fjT All goodtand baggage at tne run 01 ine niir. ap 4 - v. en a1111.11 uiciinuiui m v i . . , . fnllAMti.. Huvfl utl, at tbe aiiove lactory, or at tbe old stand, Ijii r ly market. Also, SPERMACETI, WAX. t TALLOW MOULD CANDLES. Together with a general as - . - - i.e. snnnieni 01 i.anins, iamp - ft.'iwi'l (ilasset, Lamp W icks ; and L. - "Ti'Mw r .1 - ..t tur 111c anuiuniuiiaiivii ui cuttomert, 1 in Cani'ters, from I to 15 gallons ; Kegs, from 5 to 15 gallons ; Jugs, from 1 to 3 do ; with a variety of other articles, all of which are warranted ot the Crt quality, tween tne i wo cuies. At the Union Line Steam Boat Office, io Mar ketfield street, north side of the Battery, be tween Greenwich and Washington ttreets, or i 'The CAPTAIN on board. Will De IU lUlUre "U ma iii"i l eave New York on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 9 A.M. - Leave Newburgh on 'i - . i.v k'luliv and Sunday at 8 A. M 1'iu. Ahnve ArranEPiurnt wiilcoiumeute by the Firefly leaving Newburgh on Sunday, the 24th May. . , . The Western Stage leaves Newburgh imme diately after tbe arrival 01 we r irenj my 22 tiki OB AMI BBTHl - ICHICM SUV L1SK, VIA KEW - aRDHSWICK POOL PA TEXT froa Eatton Vo Betblehe LAMPS, hare tbe 1 jn theahove line.sonlv t pleasure to inform the I the I'hiladelphia Union Line Steam - Boat Office, public and their menus 1 north side ol the nailery that they have just re - reive dan ex'ensive as - sorim.nt of the above L"min, of the mo;t recent improvements. Likewise A gen eral assortment of Stand Lamp, for chimney tiieces, tide - ' boinK tables.& cf new and elegant patterns, which.ftTor - ocritaD.d - with a Lamps, tuch at have L r . . all ..rwK'.f - K re mr.ieil nerfect. and il oinerwise, may o. re - i.,l Mare alv received a great assortment of Lamp Glasses and Lamp Wicks, suitable fori all k'u.ds of lamps. N. B. All orders iu their line executed with faithful" and punctuality. A liberal deduction to wholesjo dealers, aug 5 tf EOli SALE, A farm on the Hudson, about a mile V..hi.rh. rnntainini' I3J acre. 33 Of whii h are Woodland, tne rt is on mivw uy k.jwi fonre into a due t - ronortioo of meadow, arable feetfrontd remand .SO J ation is eqoalled in beauty by w on the river ; the advantage, from tl vicinity of a doori - iug village, of public worslats aociMy awl eood inarktt, with the facility of communiralioti with new lora.rrnM - - . . - fa a. arnlltimin 4JUu aoiian os iii iiii.i.o Je 13lf lem. is cents, r r seats ROBERT LETSON, Proprietor. FOR PHU - AUELPUIA, Via ELIZ.iiiETU - lOIC.V P01.VT. POaT - COACH l.l.M A.MUOY OS SUNDAY. Through in a day and ty day - light, LEAVEi' New - York in the steam - t - oat Ata - lauta. from the foot of Whittbl - street, near the Batt.ry, at S o'cl ck, A. M. Enquire at No. 1 Courdandt - strecl and Np. 5j bite, hall - street, at which places seats may be taken Je20 tf V - es.v VSwf The Steam Boat OLIVE BRANCH will sail fr Am - 'bov on Sunday next, and "cvery succeeding J - uod. - .y.ft II o'clock precisely. She will leueit al4r U InmriTP at 7 o'clock. Paiteugers mav i ilher dine on board or at any of the taterns. PassasefiOcmtsgoing.the smi nri for returning : dinner on hoard ,5 rents. P. S. In making the trip she will sail round Statrn Island. " BOARIJ1X, SCHOOL. rriHF. MISS BENNETT'S have oieae d a L boarding schiol for young ladies, on tlie south side of 1 owles llook, in a situation very healthy, and although convenient lo tlie ciiy, onite retired. '11 usual English braor lies ao! .Munlle wntk. French. Music. Dancing and 1 'raw inr. i'c taurbt, by llMmselves or by arprmed money may rwtmisi ' - - ..V. ' V.'Jr Tor terms fcc annly to Mr. D, tiSlS XZZ ' GKEK;21Wah - .rc., - r H.iKrnli of cure. This is sufficiently lllustra it n iheilisannointment 01 inose wnu uiuunu nstely suffer under it, as they, for the most p rt, find iKttt ufli - e huvinff tried many things to little or no purpos they are at last obliged o use, for perhsns the remainder 01 me, such - rum. . v.i L..1 1... 1 nulliaie the disease. Under such cir cumstances, any medicine capable of removing the cnmnlamt, must surely oe an anicie mgn ly deserving the attention 01 an uiose wnu r - allliclcd with it 1 such a combination is to J .... - ,.h in lr. MKAIPS AN IT - DYSEPTIC ..croMil ll P1I.I.S 1 thesucctss of which has iSOIICh. .... .., k... ennnlled. for the cure of Dvspep - further accommo - , ',;,., - ropm. - uoh ., loss of - iveneu. naleneu in the countenance, languor, lowness of spirits, pain in the head, vertigo or fCT" Tas.engers will leave , .,:..,: ,K., , one and vigour which is abso - New - York every Monday ....j? ,MMrT to the well being of the animal .l rn:l.i bt It iV .Inrli. ' u,. ...... j, ... .. .,. - ... A. M. in tbe Steam boat .1. k. Ik - r Miuriinn. ISlGreeuwich. The above articles sent to any part of the city Olne Branch j lodge at ew Brunswick I leave ttne, nM fc Rowne, 146 Pearl street, Abraham Anthony Lamb. 1 loton Norfolk - .treet, w t K5. of expence, where the purch.ter .T'niI w I . - ..... . . UUH. UniKKIHl Wl"" " " " " Easton every Monday and Friday, at 5 o'clock, ,, JA A. M . lodge at New Brunswick s arrive at New ' l b Noi York at lOo'clock next morning, in the steam - " pr connected with None boat Oiire Branch. The ttage this line is a good four - horse stage. Passage from is. liruntwiCK tor.oiioo, j,j ju ; A wiMaraiAg piSar asw ia dit'li aish h. friar. - .. - 4 aA,..A .1 s samawwa DOCVOU IfORNE, forrafrt. 1 1 the city of (jrudja. an nvmoer of the fcciHty of n,',iii - a - , "'iwTOOTiiRisda - r to rtrliefcttomnOLSenrstKa. t. le abuwi of to Lilt l! RY. a rash, indircrimiaate, aad luiirfiab - lied ute tnereoi, has beea pmoue - " mmiio mucoid, inoe - foctly national style, is also at the service of par - saous are annually mercurialised out "of etut - uos nr uun;uiE, vw - iviw uivcuue, v F"' i - v - i ww. u .o no un in view awm il. r. . ... . ' I t .'.. - .I - .1 : 1 ..l:uV.l. ..;!.. I 11) re. tilt. rhiMw In It.;. . ii in. . . AKEW Line of Pott Caadies witn every ton - srs oi ourjumy uinnuij iu .uiuU.u.c ..... - - nnat a pity, veniencafor passengers and baggage, oo ry volunteer corps, for their various exempt. 'it y bopet of hu co - jitry, J Snrines. starts from tbe Coach office, Ko. The subscriber has tpared no pains to render the t - aieuui, suoaia De snitched e - dwrfland - street. near Broadsray, Kew - York, building as pleasant as Us situation would per - txtrj rooming, (Sundays excepted) at 5 n,it, and, by assiduity and the ttrictett attention, DT jew not in its o:nna!!r?0'tB', in tbe bieam Boat Aiaiaoia, via lT"w"": wdl endeavour to deserve tbat patronage which i,;rirni,, Trzr'',rmt w r . ..j wmeHuctfuui iuuvstits iiMi vbuviwcw Linifln v nmvManrrftm nAir 4 o'clock. - - .,l ...o ,m uurst nvniitRrnr. n WCUIIU IjUIC VI BCW . v. . I - from New - York every morning, (Sundays ex - jhk HEMPSTEAD ..C.iOhM X . .1 mmw.wm tient) now perfectly heary aad well, had beea Under physicians of geneml practice, six tears I and reneatedlv il'ivati d : whea nim...i . ' a. la - . " - "vuucu slaw cepted,)at 10 o'clock in tbe Steam Boat Atajan - ri NDKR the direction uf the subscriber, with .fAJn7) ti,.bo ta,K ledge at Treotoo, and arrive at Philadelphia, J ,0 ,Mi,lant is now o(en for the receptmn ,SSLu3?2S ia'aSamBoal, next morning ;al 1 10 V - ofStudenU. The price of Board and Tuition "tuJS" f are 5 dollars, r. s. rassepgers are tij, per term oi nan year or at mai rate iot a . ,. t .'Z4 . " 'iauj Tuition only, from 3 to 6. per half 7rt? Ut' lL fdi - ..i:... ik. 1... a;.. Thi. - :. iub rcvcitu i United States Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, 1 Institution comprehends two distinct depart - o.i.; i i v. f il villi evervi ... .1 1 " - .1 k. 11 k. j w s ure lumi Damujurc wiii n.niif,vi. vm j j j 1 uiciii. uro von iv, juui convenience lor passengers ana m, uited lor the Counting i h 1 1. S. mnil coach will start from tnr wnnn. Initial - bVuse" or Collegr, tlie - y. T Jm.Z .!. in,ir..rilM "" therefore, having contracted a nri. - I b" - 7. .. . oi. I I J - "rt , "... I u 1 r il.mtH.. A, ............ . I. . ' t.iL.VAUl. HEAL t.SJA7E. Lots of Ground House, tweuty lliirtv six feet. ta f binding, and on winch a liberal discount will be made to booksellers. aug 10 xw ADVERTISEMENT. PROPOSALS will be received at the Navy Airent't office. New York, forone week from this dute. lo supdIv a tiuunlilv of Jerney Oak Flank. averuge length 45 feet, 10 to 16 broad, 9 to 4 1 - 2 thick pith of hart mutt be out, and clear I of sap. Also, a number of Jersey Oak Logs, Irom 35 to 65 feet Hog. 18 lo 20 inches square, and n number of While Oak Knees, to side fioiu 8 1 - 3 to U indies, arm 4 1 - 2 to 5 feet long, bod - The whole to be nrsi ouau - 1 he whole to be first iu ies 5 lo 0 1 2 long. IV, and subject to the inspection at the .avy yard, and delivered mere. The proposals arerequireu not to exceeu awu feet of Flunk : not more than 10 Logs, nor more than 60 Knei s as no contract will be given to a - ny individual to excred one ol tbe above namwi iibia. so as to arrive io Philadelphia at lOo'clock u.rt.. m.t he mentioned. lite next morning. in uiue iu ia iuc vmuu nn delivery. Any explanation iimi ranj v Baltimore steam noatt. This line has a connection with the best boats on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; COntracteil, and by which be is to be governed j zt ua:i; tt N. B. All letters most be post paid. )r. Bucbauan. Aug 27 Lv the coacboSice. No. 1 Uourtiandt - st. new - orn, , ,11 the tranches of Literature, proper for their r " ' - - i'.ub pouon, aie every day at 2 o'clock, P.M. and arrive at 1'lul - MI. . " aamonisneonw w lan - per with their cositir. . - i.i - .i. i . . , I lion, or coiicenl the Hiuiritor. fill n..t ancipnia next moruing atoo - viuvB.. umj v f - i i ne tunsenrer na mane arrangrmenis ior - - ,r:"7 ,Z ' , , "vsj enters aumiiuu. 1 hoarding the young gentlemen wno resort to 11111 r . ." .Z,rZr.Z V i iniiliuuon , l uuiiE board on reasooac ic acainsi ue ann. ngladies may be furnished with rr HTe Wood, a, well u ou - atle terms, iS the village. r coP1I',1R1ult'of 5LdehCa,e. oa,ure ltl TIMOTHY CLOWF.S. ,cx ,L?"ld relrnb' posterity, and do justice HeuipMead, l.cnr - lslHiid. rW further particulars reler to Meurs. Kirk h Mercieo's Book Store, 22 Vill - ttreet,N. t. J 31 2awtf to their consciences, 6y making amiliVaiir.. to Dr. Ii. at bis old and rotaectah e ..i.k liihnicnt. No. 64 Water - street, four bou of Old - slip, to obtain that prompt ainitancs a - lone calculated to prevent discloture. - And hers let me claim your serious attention Reinemhti For sale, leaie or let, in the healthy and a superficial cure is oo cure at all; Buleiiih.h. beautiful villg of Morrittown, statf of iNew - tinessis radically done, you will certainlr k... Jersey, about thirty miles from Iew - York - two the disorder break out sgaiu witli redoubled ica ind nnd an elegant three story brick lignity. at some future period ; perhaps ty eit;ht fet - t front and rear, in dt ptli lie too (ate for remedy. Don't you ote t, and cnotaining ten finished rooms, (he streets miserable, mutilated beings, ten beings, fttr Leae New - York nr(.e garrct, kitchen and cellar, eiy morning (Sundny'sex occupied tlie last seven y ptcd) at Uo'clock, oud ar - idies Boarding School, for wh r. cam nuuie no, i i - vcn a I'll oi uuveon uieir lace : years as a Young I beseech you. then ill meet ia withost i ae warning, rhich iiurrjose it ii I Dr. Il's. character for skill nJ .i.ii,. - Philadelphia next weJ ,(81(1 and constructed, having in the rear grity bong universally koowu iD tliis citv. sinra I .ml Hiaiunt nhnnl twentv fpet . a conioin - 1 lluu. euvrAitee lo imlipnta fh.f w..i: . ' j The publick houses are good, and reasonable diou, lchool - rooro, fifty feet in length ; aloa wahoecy hitherto unknown, and having confined his their charges. The drivers, horses and coach - niiu, cnueduct water, sufficient y soft for practice forrears past, excluiivelv tn(hmri es are not interior to any others now running be - 1 n avtiiue, 4c. Ac, aiwases of th blood sysUm, they may safely cal - tween these two cities. 1 tie Deautnui touuuj, j0 a ajv cf eminence and experience, who culate on toe most decided advantages ia cos and the excellence of tlie roadt on this rout, con - wM diiposcd to entabltth a young la.lie,' board - 1 suiting Dr. H. , . - nertedwiih thesafefr. comfort, and reasonable . .' , . ii k. .,.. i . , ;..,.. nrl Gleets eradicated in twa or three wb exigences, are beleivcd to be strong inducements ' . r , - . nuld be made eatv Strictures removed without bougies or any oth - to travellers in giving tliis line a decided prefer purrhaie, fP8en ' W" ? r DaWd ' instrument ; and alt debilities: likewise enc. The strictest attention will be obterved or further particolar, apply to Mr. Dayul oJ ulcerulioiit Uu by the proprietors in giving general tatisiaction. ianer, urmge - si. iuiti..owu . v. .... A piurn,ty of offices are pror ded, and to sits. All hftf - aee and nackaees will CO at the risk Of his book and pacer ware - 000l,rt0.4a .tdllmt ualientsar not eirmieH In. - h the owner hoIcs insured and receipted for by the Jolm - st. New - York. observation. Open till half pests' in tlie evening, clerk of said office. ROBERT DONALDSON. All pei sons concerned ate invited to bs free it Stage fare only 5, with a generous allowance jjtB. R. D. has for sale at his wareroom, . ailing, and siteaking with which is frte of baggage. Parties wishing to travel at their print ng, writing and ssnd papers of the best qua - of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid the leisure, mnr engage tbe Coach on reatonnble iit - ..0. bookbinder's and bsnd box boards, on tinressinn ofsratitude for iununierahla nrm. lenient purgative, and keeps the body gentjyo - terms exclusively to themselves, by applying our tbe 0wett terma Likewise, II. Wheatoo's Re - mendations, and lor the decided preference (it ie pen, witliout leaiiiig behind it that costive state I day previous to starting. ports of Cases argiicd and adjudged in the Su - presumed ivithjutt cause) long given him by a which lays the lounaauon ior many aangeroui i or khh yyj .i nn.iimu uuini i ppeme uourt oi tne i;niiea auies, in s raiumn, lunicious puiuic. and troublesome diseases." Tbe author ol the above mentioned enay fur XtUHEH AOHJJdtUSl - DR. EVANS' superiii oithod of curing a cei - ' tain Disease, it now naive; tally acknowledged in th city ; his mode of trentmfit is perfectly mild, safe, pemuout. and bit cbar icasouttuic. iu every 1 stance he warrants a cr v and will retain tb nay ifl a dor s not perform agresab e - - loc1,l4,ac,' IH. t.!l ! I.rr.r, aliviiv rwr A Tiere are many persons in this city and its vi - quantities ; the snoriesi time, 1101 ea.eeo g o - f Motin inder various chronic dise. such as cancers, old iavetemtf elcers, scrotala ; i.. u ....... - - - r - .i am tl.e nnttcners Wl leave Iiew - 1 '" - - " - - . - - .. - - - . .. the buildingt to be fairly valued and .r" u "'"i.:;,V. ,n,l arriie in Phila - 1 complaint ol stubborn una, na ai an um" jUrtt surgeon, aiw iuvu u www, aan I. - ! . - ,1 1UI11 Bile. Kv. - j - - ; . 501, Bayard's east farm, on Orange - itreet.m the ,iaiJ for, or a new lease granted. deluhia before the hours of business, without fa Alio. 10 lei oy tne year at a mw raio, sevenu ,: - in ... or want of sleep, me land car JO. loll or yards on tbe water, a.d.unon Wheeler, lott no. 497. 493. 499, 501, lumber, blatter of l arii, kc on Bayard's farm, in the 6th ward, atsescdfor Apply to PH. B.IHNELANDER, 31 Tark, ooeningCa'ial'street, 64. near the Theatre. Uuauown owner, saia 10 ocioug iu uta maicw 1 ocverai 01 11m uuc ioi wn u. .uw . .Mo derate price and on a liberal crejn. a smau derate price at money only will De rtquireu. n ne - re - 1 . . :i A.ii.. ;..... r ih. quired, will be obtained at the Navy Yard, where Jjadrm, kfdie old. complicated comptAimi a 0111 win ne iveu ton uiui.n.uoi ... ..... - C(irBiB nature, bilious ana oioer odiitsk tions, rhtiimatitm, c. which they consider inct ,hi. Kiev can certainly be cured (in general) INDIGESTION, nv anil vine at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No, OR. SOUii STOMACH, 0; peck - shp, having practised in extensive S acknowledged by Medical writers to be a hospitals in Europe 12 years, under some of the made Ihoie obstinate dtieajti hiicooitpnt ttoiy (or 30 wenr: vci IX a FRUMENTO. No. 1 Wall street gentle - i. men's ditssing room, has for sale a few Ra - - - g,dd.e..,.nl disturoeo sieep. m - v - r - p,. , the celebraUd these pills in ne aiovei aweasev, .nTnf P.. He ha. al.o received an as - 8 - "leoneinee tbe mojt onUelieving of their ey J""g . . w . (f)e ,.tet je SSL of thee' stomrc'hTnot byn.: and in 'a manner .0 a. .0 adapt i, to the physic - ting the acid, but by eorrecting that morbid state nomy. UMENTO , bi, incer ,h8oki .K!SrJi: tohiscustoers, and the public in gent r.l, for ang 11 Stale Prison. are genuine without the signature proprietor, eicif m NkiW AND ELEUAN T CAB1.NET FURNITURE. Ao. 23 fVarren - sl.afcwdoortfroin Broadu - ay. A CHOICE assortment of Cabinet Furniture, particularly sideboards, patent dining, card and ladies' elcgautwork tables it - is presumed the like hat never before been manufactured in MahoeanT Chain, Sofas and Settees of the r. - .i.i.u The subscribers assure the public, hit none ran unuerscii tiiein, QonipBiii - i, m"" ty. Upholstry worx ann roller wmiiow uunu.. All orders io the above lines will be thankfully received and punctually execntert by au 13 uiL.i.i.3rir.ot ,1 auii.i.. DR. DF. AXGELIS.rormerty prsetiuoner oi .Medicine in the Military Hospitals of Na pies, and admitted a member of the Medical So eietv of New York, where he has resided since the year 179S, and his reputation and success practice IS now etiADiisncu in me Knowmi(c the public oy near iwemj , er ciinricusc tinuesto be consulted at his office, No. 282 ter street, opposite t - rane whurt. In.Kheuroaticaiid enereal cases, ur. ue gelis has been wonderfully successful t and the most terrible effects of llmee disorders have frequently been cured by him in a short space of time without inconvenience to tbe patient. Obstructions, Ulcers in the throat sod paiate, stiffness in ibejoints, pains in the limbs, eruptions of the skin, together widj a numerous train of e - vils arising Irora neglect or improperly ireauiix UHMHI. Its their very liberal patronage, auu solicits a .va - tinuance of their lav ours. He hat likewise procured a very fine bone, anei engages to restore rasors to a very ken edge, and should they not cut well be will receive no recompence. Gentlemen who subscribe by the quarter, WM have their apparatus kept exclusively ior ineu. - Ives. Je 30 APIiES fit SO AJjj VTR. FRUMENTO has received a boiof l I the best perfumed Nuples Shaving Soap,, which I warrants to be ol the first quality, and which he willJell any gentleman wishing to make (he trial of it, at No. 1 Wall ttreet. J 27 Im A COKSTAM will Lt eivcn and leutto inT rirtofthel No. may 'Jt JA. s.ppiy ofi - diet Beaver Hats, Ireth from the manufactory, tuita - blefortue soeth - ern market, and packed at the shortest aci, j! WILSON'S, 160 BroadwkJ. iiiTV PATENT PIANO FOKIM. CtEO. I. NEWBERYretpectfully and eea. J dently assores bis friends and the - " of the most insidious of maladies, have given way th.i at bis ofiiee, IS Peaslstreet, msy F" to his mode of treatment in almost an incredible el ased the above instrument, low.rthsas manner. His extraordinary success is, in a grekt th.r place in the city j where may also oe measure attributable to his well known Anti - Mxl els patent Metroaorae. rheumatic and AnU s pliibc Srup, which wbiist they eradicate every form of disease, restore the enuciated patient lo vigor and healio. N. U. All letters from the counuy (post paid) ;n i siimileil lo. tndihe neeeturv advice and PRINTED AXD PUBLISEZD as MICHAEL VUlUmAMkCO. 49 Willia!s - st:t orrosiTK BariI Corrt.E - Hoos. THXJ BOWNE, HI T'; f ' " - " Je23U L VERI LANCK. I J 14 if Uj jj tj;; soutn wreeu - la 25S, Pearl - sL i

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