Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 2, 1895 · Page 7
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 7

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1895
Page 7
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How It 3iar Happen. ··Jeminy crickets, she's got the rick- is," whi:pc r ed one bean to another in company of a very pretty girl. ]r she Ti'as very beautiful, but -c was a tuilcliiogabout the nerves yl the face which showed Buffering. .'o,' said the other, "it's neuralgia * I she's a martjr to it. 1 ' St Jacobs 9,1 was suggested as the world re- iicd cure for it. Did she try it? aud was cured by it and--married 'one of the fellows"' afterward. The nse of the great remedy for pain will QDt'uriu,; about a mrr.age. tut iu lit, ore of pain t will bring about condi- ions of health to make life more cn- iblc. 2^o man or n Oman ou^-ht o marry who is a sufferer from chronic is. We should not wed woe to -wiq r wretchedness. F O R P L E A S U R E A N D HEALTH. f A Charmer. Sobby--You our/ht to see my big- sister. Everybody says she's u beauty. Johnny--I bet she can't hold a candle to my sister fer looks. Why, sislcr sold t w e n t y - t w o tickets fci- a charity concert. Deafness Can 2iot Co Cnnd r local applications, ns they c»n not reach tbediscnsed portion of tho ear There is only one way to euro Deafness nnd that is conbtitutional remedies. Deafniysg 19 EpjEed by on inflamed condition of the nncoos lining of tho Euftncaian Tube. " 3 this tube gets inflamed you have a , JIDR sound or imperfect hearing, and xvbcn it is entirely closed Deafness is the result, end unless tho inflammation can bo taken out nnd this tube restored to its nor* mil condition, hearing -will bo destroyed forever 1 ; nine cases out of ten are caused bj-c-t-rrh, ^hich IB nothing but au m Honed condition of the mucous surfaces. V« will glvo Ono Hundred Dollars for my cnie of Deafness (caused by catnrrh) that can not bo cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Bend for circulars, free. F. J". CHENEY CO., Toltdo, O. ETSold by Druggists, T5c. fall's Family fills, 25c. Lord Wolscley's great claim to the respect of the Lritish army lies in the fact that he has never lieen beaten. Like Lord Xapier in the Ab\ssini;m war, he wi-nt through the Soudan cam i without a single reverse. i.OOB ECS. V"ondcr. r ul yields in potatoes, oats, com, farm and vegetable seeds. Cut lliis out and send 5c postage to the John A. Salzcr Seed (o., La. C'roste, is-, for their great seed "book and sample ol Giant Kpurry. wnu One of the heaviest snou falls in the history of this country was 1'cb. ]il to 24, 1777. when tlie snow remained fiie to seven feet deep all over Xew England. __^ To Xeiv Orleans the Queen Crescent liout is the direct line. 90 miles shortest from Cincinnati. Vcstibuled Trains Cafe and parlor cars to Chattanooga. DUE AVIT AXD HUMOB. In all the old Horn an calendars Fcb 23, "leap yenj 1 -, ' ivji-s marked as an "unlucky day"' or 4 'critical period." KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement nnd tends to personal enjoyment wlica lightly UBCU. The many, \\lio live beU ter than othcn nnd enjoy life mote, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of tliu pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, S y r u p of Figs. Its excellence ia due to Us preFenting in the form most acceptable and a n t to the taste, tlie icf roihing nod truly benefinnl properties of n jicrfcct Inx- ativc; ciTeutiiiilly cle:m=ing tlie system, dispelling colds, headaches and levers ma permanently curing constipation. Ithaspiveii satisfaction to m i l l i o n s and njet iTith the approval of tlie mcc!i_cil profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without v.-t.ik- «ning them and it is perfectly free from "cry objectionable substance. _Syrup of Fig3 in for inlc by all drug gists in OOsnna $1 bottles, but itJB^ma.'i- -.ilO»Ur._u UT Luc ^/ymurliia J 'JJ ^^'""r Co, only, whose name is printed on every package, also the Tinine, Syrup uf Fig-. and bcin(; well informed, you veil] no* *wept any substitute if oDered. BOOKS FREE In order to introduce our line of Standard Novels 16 the public we will, '°f a short time, send one or all of the '^lowing books FREE on receipt of 12c (stamps accepted) for each book to cover postage, packing, etc. Thou«j B 1 ·* Biters Annually. Ilot Spring.,. Ar!;-utisas. located in the iieart of tlie t:znr';s. -Maada to-day nithout a r i i a l . "ocuux. n t no otbcr p"iace in llic worlil so many diseases be cC'ectii^lh- eurcti or greatly bcnclitcd. Thousands 1170:1 ;lio-jsnnils «!io]iavc actually bceu eo:i»nlerr.l by i!:c most e m i n e n t physit.ans tliro'i^ho'-it the land beyond rcco%«ry '.KUC, by Ibc use Of these delt-lir-l'r. 1 n n ' , v^ l i l / ; - , oa "i neir lease of life: linn !-LI!S h a » u como here a a last icsort. \.ilh liti 1 ^ lioic or expectation o£ bein^,- bcr.i-iiteil. who have a c t u a l l y jronc a \ \ j \ « u r u i l , as strong 1 and robust -^ ct any time in their paliaic^t d.n =, These ivatcrs ha-ic allaiacd a reputation e x t e n d i n g to every laml, and it is safe to tay that over sixty ibonsund health and pler^i::-c '·ivke.'a viiit here every year. The hol:l r.LOOranioaa. tions ol Ilot Spvinjfa ; re equal to those of any retort in Air.r:ic:;, the Tark hotel being-the h r s t in po ; nt of excellence. This truly magnificent structure is a m o n u m e n t of bcanly .ind soliility. Xo building- in the south is bettci or more substantially b u i l t . It i;, located out of tlie sbadons of tiic monnla:i:s and in a continuous bath of snnsliinc It embraces eiphl neves of land, w i t h ;i ^rove of forest trccb, :md is beanti[ull\ laid out into lawns, Iloivci- beds, trees, slirubberv, drive«ajs, artilic'ial lakes and ornnmcntal f o u n t a i n s . IL is also provided with ciooni'L and tennis pi-ass plats, sw'injjs, dancing' and music pavilion, and a bonling alley. The hotel w i l l ^.Lcoinmodale over 400 quests. It cost h a l f a. million, and is a giaut of commodious qnartcis and luxurious criuipnicnl. I t has 300 bunny rooms, each artistically f i c s coed by hand and cqulpucd w i t h cheerful furnishings; it 15 l U j c t h l i i t t class in. every d c n n i t m c n t . The i u - | lernal construction embraces all liic i conveniences of tliu moot moilL'vn hotels. T h e rooms are hu^t and e.i--h oncpro\iclcd \\ilh roomy closels. having- an electric lijht, and man^ o' them having :i private bath 10071. .i;id closet connected. The hotel lobby and corridors aic llooi cd u ith Jiaml- somc ti!u \\o/k mid l i c a u t i f u l H n j i n s - cotcd m marble connect v, i l l i the iron porches which encircle the house, ^Holding a u idc pruincnailc 1,200 feet long, giving sunshine and .shade every liour of the day. Connecting viith the hotel aie li\ o liicproof bnilding-s--one for the bath house, the other for tiie kitchen, pantry and laundry--each scpar^.tc fi o-n thi_ other, and both separate from the hotel One of the crowning f c a t u i c s of the Park hotel is its b.ith house coiisUnctcd of matciial t h a t prcLludcs t n c possi- bilUyof musty or other disajfieeablc odors. It is built enliiel;, of biick, marble and tile v i o i k -- a n d besides h a v i n g ' t h e rc^'ul!-.! 1 hot b a l h s is provided w i t h Turkish, ( j c j m a n nccdliv massage and c l c L U i c b a t l i s ^Jnt still more i m p o r t a n t lo invalids is I h c fact of its being- supplied by Uic most celebrated of the luminous h o t s T n n ^ of the place, the water is conlmcd by an air tijlvt tank at the natural outlet u j this sprinif, and c o n d u c t e d uy closed pipes direct to t h e bath, t h u s preserving-all its ciiraliva piopcrtie.s u n t i l used, a. feature that is duly appreciated by those who know anil uudei"-tand this advantage. The manager, Mr. II 13 Jackson is untiring in bis elToit-, to make tlie hotel home like in cicry possible w a y , and one is at oncu impicsscd -ailb the idea, that i L i s bciiif,-- conducted m o i c lo the interest of its p a t r o n s t h a n for the stockholders. Those u ho c u n t u i n p l a l c visiting Hot Springs can c u i i i i n i i n i c itc ivith Mr. Jackson, who will p i o i u n L l y furnish all i n f o r m a l i o n dcsncd. SAYINGS AND DOINGS OF FUNNY FOLKS. THE latrreprrted TViIli Sntlrlcal Jabl M'i-tlvlie*sc^ of IVrsm« anil T TliD»n i:li\cli' Girls--Uulloon anil Cour'^Iilj). W A1 ni iai' T o r, ADORE id lie. IIoiv much Younger Cooks in the art of bread and .! yor, adore me'.' asked Misi llekon- strt-L't, c a 1 m 1 y. "Enoufrh to join o u r B r o w n i n (* s o c i e t y t h i s \\ inter'. 1 ' He s t r n s jr 1 c il w i t h i n himself and lie w h i s p e r e d , "even that' ' Miss Uclsonstrect smiled tenderly upon him and m u r m u r e d : ' One thing,' more; will you take me to the symphony tc morrow in my new bloom- cr.s'. 1 ' Hut he had fled and they arc no lonffc; platouie friends. -- Life. MIC V us No I'olltlcl'iD. "Dili yon see all those dreadful charn-es t h e pacers m a k e against you. 1 '' said tlie politician's wife. " l i i i d . ' u .is the reply. "\Miat am I goinj^ to do about it? "'Uhy, .she iiusucrcd, almost sob- binir, · I--I'd make that horrid cditoi pm\ e u \ c r y " ord of t h e m , so J u oultl." "J'rovc 'cm C.rcat t, r nni' That's c.\actly v»hat I'm anxious to keep him from doin^ if I can! --Washington Star. " *tr Tlioat Clrlft. ,' " Royal Baking- Powder It is the perfect leavening agent and makes perfect food. Do not make a mistake by experimenting with any other. 35 G6DI Patterns' lor lOGeirts. 1 , · Ttit-jPFatlcrrsiciail in fashion bazaars ·=«( storc.s for twenl\-ll\e lo forty cctils each, DUCi In onJcr lo intr-Lisc 'be ik-uiaiKl tiuiom; tilranff-. e n v c ofier ihcm to il c- luily readers at thlsi j-nrcr Tor l]ie rcin.irkaliK lov. \~TlcQ of onlylO 1 Cents rnci POSI.IJC one com extra. , The iiatierDs urt: ali ol Uio \ c r j laicit New York «.Uie inil are rnetiLiia'J for style aceti- 1 mcvorill, i-lmphiilj .ind economy Forl«culr-l four \car-, ihc-se i j u r r n s have bctn UMH! UM: counsrj o\er. I^ilt Ui'M'ripilon** :inil dlrcctlqr.c - ab ll'O numlx'r o[ Minis of material required. I The ni'mlMTiiml namo^ of the iIIITeronL pieces le | ll-c iMtlcru. how lo cul and ill a u d p r t ibe K^r« cicr.l lp.,'iMl]er-- .ITO ^c»t caih pQllcrn.i niih .1 pleiurc or me tjrincnt :o eo w Thcsai iMUerus arc eompli'le In e\i'rv pnrllc'Ulnr, lucre- I rnitf u i-cparaio p-iucrn for mc-rj iiniJe p.c«» or iluMln-si. Yoir onli-r "ill Le lined !iesam» AS IT IS M A D E IN ITALY. TIic 'J'.ill One--My doi-lor assmcs me th.iL it is conducive l: Tut: O L l i c i -- M i n e .-^ays I shall MJOU Kill, iliin 1 -- l.iii.'. "" " "' " '""'· The r; room- Nov., v- -«,L a CT e: sel.uuo. i:v. H ( r.,arr,l pi.-tlj ''P«n puople w i l l i,c%er k n u « « L ;..c ju Sew York ]!rlt?.'hop" IVliprc M ir ironl li 1'rcpnreil for thr HiMliiiirailH. M'.icarom 'is largely luudc by machinery in this country, but t h c i c aie still the little Italian b.ikeshops where the tubular paste is prepared by hand much as il was in those old days, v h e n the Sicilians got the-ir customs and traced U i c i r blood to t h e maritime Grcelts. In a certain small bakery in Vlccku:- street, the proprictorof w h i e h comes fro.n Genoa ami bears a his- tonc name, } ou u ill sec the succulent cylinders turned out w i t h a simplicity vhic'li smacks ol the h.ind mill and the u h c a t m o r t a l stage c£ brer.;! making. Tables arc .set iu front and the slio" « inclow U decked with the most templ- ing c o n f e c t i o n s of Hainan t a s t e ; b u t there is a larger room ill the rear, nnd there you w i l l lind ti-.o I t a l i a n s w i t h bared arms g r i n d i n g and cracking the i hard Dakota. v i l i L a t , silling it w i t h I a revolving screen to Kcpaiatc tlie ] bioKcn kcinc'l from the b r a n , and k n e a d i n g the mats w i t h a stout wooden blouk u n t i l it is like p.istc. The u heal h,.s been carefully -n.ishcd at the st.irt, anil i f the day be- line, dried in the sun. A f t e r it has been broken u p and t h u m p e d for an hour the ilnugli is taken out anil plac-cil in a cylinder w i t h a perforated bottom. A p l u n y e r is placed on lop of the r;, lindcr, and the « hole available foice of the .shop bc:id theii u i ' i ^ h l lo the level. l i o i u o u t the perforated bolloin do/eiis of m a c ' a i o n i tubes s t a r t w r i g - gling lov..ud the llooi Little plugs, a trille sinaller t h a n tlie holes nnd h a l f eluMj th d o u g h , Toic-eil rniud i n t o holt h e s u m o w a y held in place by pins, t | , OI . aL ' iuIls . lull U l l . - ' l HE colored clement i^ mereasinc much s rnpnlly tdau the v. hiie -- uot ouly In the country ut large but m the suiulierii statos. Br'"!""'' Cnmplior Ire wllll Ulyrcrlne. urk-ln.l «n'l onb l^nulnf C'ui% Cii.l'l «' ll»mH tacr. Cil1"*crra. .tc. C il. CUrL Cj , ^. HBL;I. L'L EAcurr.--Onoot the iimlienablo riRhts of Americnus Is froo -pcech Do yon know \ v l m t t l j i i t iiienn^ 1 13oj---Yes'm; frcciloin to sn u b f t t M - l i l i k e to any ouo you CUD lick.- Goccl Jfews. Corn SnI * AaV jour Mm. D ' A v v o o -- I oilvcrtliod tor n French nur?o. AppHcBut-- Oi Uov been la France, uin "hot von- IOIIK- ' giie^B.' 1 ''*o, uin;" Ol only kh'tndc lone enough to E^ 1 e ncccut "--Sen- York Wccklj . It \hi llnliy la Cuttlnj- Tcoth. s o n J u c t l i a l o i a M i l v e U t r l P U re-wxlv, Mn3- a«'aSo(niir " -Svnl r fur U l i l l i l r c n TeclliliiJ. THIS is u K f o ^ i ' J C country. In l^rS, on isl'inil in the Missouri m c r , ncnr Lcnvou- n o n h , c o u t n l n e d t,l)U nere.i. Vovr it linn F]irond u u t l l it cowprlie* 1 400 acres A cudl mine has bcoij found on it 1 Visn's C u r e fnr Consumption both l.imllv :.iul p i i r i i c . . l\; G. \V, TiMjs, inlthtcr. Mich., Xnv, fi, )-':. In H o l l a n d r.ulroad i n a u a ^ e i s aie l i t l d to :i strict personal u-s|ousibility r or the s i f e l y of their pas.scngui v As a rcFiUll railioad i i c c i d e n t s a i o l i n e , unit an aveiane o[ onh ouu death .1 vear results f r o m them. To C'lfBii Cut 01.1^1. Cut glass, -vashrd in \ v n r m soapsuds, rinsed in hot, but not Ij'jiiinjr. «.iter and stood in a pan of il: v s.iv^i-lust t i l l dry, then bnished «ilh a s r j f t b l u s h and rubbed with a piece of U i a m u i s u i l l have every Lit of iis b r i l l i a n t bcautj' das-xlin^ly brought out- 'ihi- Hiiilc-- Oh. ( liarlii'. I could. I't iio sucli a tiling on llic \-i"'y day \vi- U L i n n i r i e d ^ on m u s t ^ t i i t ':i little v. h:\r- · Cnnig. iliui't lit- ^illy It M on I .inytliin^ t" us mill they'll thinl; \\u ve Ijucii in:iri ied :i lonff tune'. ' ' I ' i n i p l j t iln it dear. C ill me a b i n t i : ic lunkiiig ;it us .iionnd t h e m , low thai the h o u s e w i f e shapes her in,!.'. The 11*0111 is cut off in Li n^'ths of ten feet and h u n g to dry upon v. ooilon f i a m e s bc'fo:c: it is put on tlie mai l.i-t I.KASS Is KlSi.'. drass rules, It is t h e must v a l u a b l e c i o p of Ainc'rie.i, \ \ y r t h inoi e coin thu e ii:iv know, t h a n u l i c u t l.ii\'ni'iuus'invr.s' tlelijflil. A them. :ind the oiiH is to ww Mil/cr's K s t i a ' Oh. yes you can. or something. T h i - j ' i e loi now and smiling ' If v i m i c a l l y lo-.ed m c y i a:,l; me lo do suuh a iliing." ! ic.nlers pr.iise them and t,.iv they gel · (IT Louise, i f j o i i w a n t everyliody lo | l(J ( , i 0 ns of m a g r i i l i i enl. l i n y pur aere l.noiv. I dare s-iy 1 enn stand iu 1 ' t\(,u\'.s seeds. Over one h u n d r e d ··liv. hoi rid of you to talk v..i\ dillereiit kinds of diass. I lover and ;ind on our w e d d i n g day. loo " J-'odder J ' l i i n t seeds a l e sold by Sal/.er. ··'I h it s right, lc mean about it a m i make a goose of join iclf.'' ' You're J. h a t e f u l t h i n g and I ^·.isll I'd r e v e l u i a r i i c d y m i -- I do! I've a "·ooil mini'. Iu go slr.u^lil- back home '' if Von win CUL Thin oui iiml \ v i l h 7u post;i(,'c to (hi- J o h n .SLID! It A .S:il/er (« .l-a Crossi.-. \ V K . v o n w i l l R-I-L a h , i i n p l r - « j f ( i n i i H A . - r i a i i r .ilitiiiri- and llii-ir i n a i i i i n o t l i sc-"-d'iloffiic fi'oc. u n u , J i u t s'.c 1 d i d u ' L . On Lliu, -- Y u i i i l 3'iun' -- K \ . Sollil IM Tr-.ilp. M:^. \ \ a v u p p -- l'"n'l n n i l c tho-ii- l i f r h n p p ^'iii.s ;if,'.'.'i T l i c i r r . i l l i i - r l i . i - . is^i.icril i i i i i i s i ' l f Miss \\.-i.viiiip -Iiiino-.-il»lo'. Hi- is :i Print Good Pjper, Handsome Coiers, Csnlurj Ccok Book UsslsTom-iCibin .' . . . H.B.Stouie. "neries of a Bachelor . . . ffr Marvel- L«l days ol Pompeii . . ButwerLjrtton. Bcycnd th« Clt| . . . K. Conan Doyte. OoraThcmo . -. . -. . . Bertha Clay. Poems ted Yarn* . Bill Nye-J. W. ftiley. Ike Wif'sStcrtl ' . -.- : -H.E. Holmes. cil-Beckel Kietltniry . . .' - jin S«R|«l«r,«llh vMiniKl mitlewnplelb - S ,- ' ., ^ - -, - - 300K CO. on St., Chicago, of toefa. KWSPAPERl A Cli.!t[i Trip -oiitli. Tickets w ill be sold at one f · .'c i m i n d t r i p to points in Tc'iincssec. KeiiU;c:,i,'i, M i ^ i i s s i p n i . L t m i s i i'n ,ri I Florida, on the l i n e of t h e - \ i l l c .fc Na.sliiillc, and Na-hi i l l e ( liall:-- nooga .\- hi. Louis r.iili'oiiils. 01. .Ian. -, i'eb? r , M a r c h ." A p r i l " aad '10. IS!IP . Ask your ticket . n -i n l a b o u t . i t a u d i t he can not sell o » exclusion tiekcts write to C. I'. Annore. (.cnera! I'a··'·'· n- i «ut \,;--- - '·'- '"" "" ' ''" ''· llc.-ner, I). I'. A., ht Louis, :,ii nol.-d scientist i u e s i d c n t i»f f c l l o . L 1 UCi 1 t ! - c ]'. , i i c i - u li nit too.i , lint tin bi' 'il i i I'K U chair \ sor 1 : years Miss Harriet A. Coi:.:-\ has for lli:i-ly been a l i n - h t i i o u s u keeper at au City. MIC i-- n cnusin of the- late .Vici'-l'res'.dcnt Sclinyler Colfav. who secured her a p p o i n t m e n t . Her birtliplacc is Ojfdensbur,.'. N. V. G n l n e 1" Cailforcl.tT The Burlirfrlon route is the on7 railway running "personally conducted" excursions via Denver to Colorado Sprinps, Salt I,a5tc. Clpdcn. Sacra- mcnto. Ban Francinco. fclocktoc. Jlcr- ccd, Fresno, Hakcrsficla ati Ixja Angeles at the lowest rates. I'ullman tourist alrcping car through n-ithont change. Leave Cliieago every n edncsdny. Write or call on T. A. ( i i a d j . ctcursirn manaser. 211 Clark street, (.liicae* The Qnccn · Crescent Koatc is the best equipped and fcliorlcst lino to Florida. Solid Vestibulcd Trains, anil Through sleepers. Parlor cafe and observation cari to Chatt ni i u -- ' I h . i t :'.e is ;v /i .mil c o n n H. ind J ) c , i . c r - H o w ·, dof "Thu roekci-s .in 1 not even, and. a 1 , von rock, it Iwcc-ps i IT. 111^' sidcv, j;, s all u\ cr tl'.e room " M e m C i a c i o u s ' I iiaf iriadu » inei-s- 1 liiki!, i.nJ si-nt.'.oi. t o n neiv patent roc-Lcr \ . i r i a n l c d n'Kl to vear oud !c cariii-t all in von j i l a e i - Dot U i n d c o s t , V'-'.o dolUll s moro " H u h 1 \Vell it s y o u r mistake, ami I - n r j i i t pay llic t w o dollar;,, and I won't send i 1 - !«·!»-- so there "--c\\ Voi'U I n c l u d i n g stocks and b o n d s Ilia rail- uays of the I ' n i l u d Miili--, are capilal- i/cit at Pi»f),fK)U per n n l o , -.\hile those of l J i c . i l I S r i U i i n arc capilnli/.cd at SJ^O · uri'j per mile, or ni'.iily I U 3 pc'i cent liitrhc'i th, in in t h i s c o u n t r y . Farming unrt M o t J : J J n l n l u c I" ^i-lir.-iFilitt A p . i m p l i l c l c o n L u n i n R \ a l n a b l c in- foijimli'in a b o u t ur:i Kansas and i-iist' rn Colorado, w i t h «. suc' i m p of I l i i i t c o u n t r y , w i l l bi- -i n'- frn- on application lo I*. S. En-lis, f l t i n - i - n l I'.issi-Mi^er Ayeat, C. U Q. U. IL, Clnca;'o, III. 'I lie- ('iiii'iiforiri brooi li once worn by Ilobert i l r i i c e is one o£ the. /.n orile bits of jei-.clry in the collection of Qpccri \ n-tori.i GOLDEN MEDICAL DISCOVERY JIn.iy j f i r , ,iRn Dr R V. Pierce, chief c o M s u l i i n , ; u i n s i c i . i u In Ihc l u v ili'ls Hotel and I n s l i l u i e , liulTalo, X. V . c'oni- pom,(led i h i s i i i c d i c i n c o f M-gi-ljhlc 1 niKfc-di- t u L - w l i i c h had mi L-.pccial efu-cL upon llic .sluinicli a n d 1'ncr. ron-in^ ilie nri;ins lo l i r . i l l h f n l . i i . i i M i - is « e l l .is mir.rjmi: and enra-hnu,' Ihc- blood lly inch UIC.IIH Ihc sioin.-cli .mil Uic i i c r i L s arc s u p p l i e d with Inn r bloail l l l c y w i l l no! do duly wilhoill it a-ij more a locomolne can r u n "ilh- oiu conl Von can nol Ret J-1 i s i i i i K cnii; of Dtspc[isin, or IlldiRCsholl, by l.ikillK arli- fieially dii;cHicd foods or pepsin--llic alom- ach must do in o w n w o r k in H4 own n-ay. I)n iiot put j o u r n c i x e v lo ilc-'_|i w i t h so called celery i n n l n r c * , it is licilcr lo go lo OIL h c a i o r t h i ' clin"iciill and feed Ihc n q n e cc-lH on il.i- fond l l i c y rc'(|iiirc'. Djspipsn, IndiKCslioM, llilionsnc'-s .ind X e n o n s Af- fcclions siicii as slccplc-HMics., .ind wc-iL-, n c r i o n - fcc-liun* urc c i n n p k l t l y fared by Llic " b i s u H . r r j " H pills oil licallli)-(lcsli, b r i n g s refrvsliini; sleep ,md invigor.ilei the whole system. ^ T r ^ . K. irr.NKI'. Of A l' fSitlth !l\lstrtl Sf,. , HI. 'voiles: i iCBJi'l »'y li»|.roi.c- i m p l y Suite . Onlcr p;uitr:i.i by iiumlcr nod cue S1M " Inches E\crv rottcrn ruiwuiwcd to to perfect. THEY AEE (iliOVH FITTIKO. To u'C (,'« HUM' anil UHKAST measure, put the r.i] 0 mi-iiMirc U..L, of [he vijy around am LtMlv. mer Ihc Ure^s I'lose- uudcr the arms. Price cf c^ch pattern, 1° cents, itcc l C P i l on coupon pvliUud Lelo\v ze one n-n 1 . L-\HA on EACH r"«=. L A I I I K S IjOL'NillM: Ko:i:' l»Jllcrn i H t u l I n s l l J.I/CH '.It JJ, 31, JO, a», « JUiS H-i I n t l i u s busl niu.i^uro Uarkreilcimii'N luilr Ishcrcliccoinlnirlv ict oS u l t h n refers tollur ori|iillircl s.nIn nli!' i l w'lh conl. ^ lojul ,o::i«' rnn'.i-l'frr e:ii:!r,-!t:i^ l!ic Wllhl. The lionilv, lnllu nilJiisliiJuliHH Mnonlli Illllii.- u l i h lomi! f r o n l l l.«i w i d e l y ana I.IOM: linlsliil.v on i l i u Irlt ^lili 1 Tlie Hli'in I-4 In fiislnnn/iLilt 1 nloilo an* nioitoi^ lull m-Mllj mlji Hicil Uic vrliLiana f.i\l IOOHLIV in Ilifl lo.'.-r I'dKi-i Willn Ijll rliouuli in u n c i v i l lln tmulrcii i-nli of fuslilon no l i i i n i M l l u n v i s i n I l l - r i l l Is U-L I 111 t i l l , liuiplo to«n n l i k l i iciiilirs II »n l o l u for lnv.i- lllln null nil UMLi.'iHiiijlj surilLCiihlc f.trnjcut Ci'islinii ri. n.i'ui'-l. C|I!CT ilov.i\ nlilln; cluth. llHTlllcl. 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Jn onlirln^'. rl^c ^'o _ of DiltTiiH J lire, I ' l l l i f i uf llinc p n l l i ru^ u I l i iK-^-nt t lo IIDI nUilru"-, U|io-i r. ivlpi or 10 L ^ m j la T slher or M I iwi[H w l i e u iliK i.riijrKj'1 Is en- T £.lo*"'l ' . i l t h o r i l u r u n i l o n " ' c i i l f o j - 1 oi[a n 'i-, J i ,\ildn.,s OOUBOWPATTTJaH CO.. t Jljl Iioclcfloj:7'17, Hunt Tf art-. _J W. .N. U. C H I C A G O . V O L . X. NO. 5. V/hen Answering Advertisements, Kindly Mention Ihis Paper. ID-IB NEURALGIA V/ITHOUT RELAP5E, COL.1.^PSE, or PERHAPS- Every violent storm on the English ehannc'1 exposc.s an ilnciont bnried forest, which is usually CGV ero.l b sand and irnter. TIic location of this curiosity is near St. Jlalo. Kno I C«. line Cincinnati to As-hcvillc, "Say, Lizzie, put soino diftcrcntkin:!, o' sleeves on tr yourself dc jicxt time | v.-a has n. iceetin'. Dcsc wot yous has, ^ot on nin't intended for love : --T,lfe. BSood Diseases Biich as Scrofula and Anrcmin, Skin Eruptions and Polo or Sallow Completions, arc speedily cured by Scott^ Emulsion tho Cream of Cod-liver OiL No other-remedy BO quickly and effectively enriches and purifies tho blood and gives nourishment tothoTvholo svstcm. It is pleasant to tako and easy CD iho stomnch. Thin, Emaciated Persona nod nil suffering irom Wasting Diseases aro stored to health by Scott's Emulsion. Be suro you get tho bottlo -with our 4 " trade-inark on it; Refuse cheap substitutes! · · Sairl/arfamjl/i/ft ml Settt'i Emiiliion, FREE. ' · Etoott Bowno, N. Y. All druMfata. BOoonts and $1. A ANDTHE SUNNY SOUTH VIA 3!G rCUR ROUTE Best Line From C'lllcne'*. ^1' I^iuU. rr-orln. NniidniNy. Umt"ii Jlnrbor, And Intermediate Pointi. ficllit V r ' l l b T i l ^ d Tlnlli', Klrcnd- Cnirh^*. Tlifitf 1'arJor Cnn., l\ifii*r HlcOf'JnnC*n«, blnjntf CAn To CINCINNATI. Train* w,t)i Tttroiiifli Supine Carn oT UM L'bc-n[mL« A. Oilier tiy,. Quern ,t 'rtt~ i«nt [Uilllr, ami IXdilpyJHc .t roix And. ·!· painiH Jn ilir \lretalmm mid C'nroMnna. Jacksonville, St* Augustine An.l nil ] N . l r f « I n H n r l J - u 3IK\V OICI,KA^M. AnJ Kll |irlnojfmi Southern CiMfc. TlirnDQli I*nlnrp Nlrr[»lnff C«rc ST- LOUIS and WASHINGTON. 1 % la Hie four nnd '. A O. Knntra. «oi;niMT IIATIIM IN r. G. O. KeCOBIRCK, D. B. I'ftjiiicliiicr TluiTIc Marin7-r. fn'l I-AM. A T. CINCINNATI. CM « l ( = MlwPaCK"; p^-^ (rmri. 19 Jl-r Hor«-n: ·itim. '· ll '" tw ' *»·** I" «·»

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