The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 19, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1818
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r i 7 ' . erri m fcc 102hlid.ToitolaRn, 1 bos Tortoit sotu, i - PMSwIij Sugar, 21,000 Martin's y too issns ,andin froi ,b JlVtt id i'P Vabio5to, (Havana. JYST0RE. ttf pipes superior Hollad Gin la tales Sew - Oileana Cotton SKtManufact.reJ Tobacco tt - 64 riouth - itreet. TZuVU BAGGING. 40 bales, Pr brut logU 103 I'earl street. "77 s - lA r,Ai - BMa .iolUe - s. - K tiU Russia 5 il bKnia ' A . a ruin 3riUe Received and Cor sale, 4CU JOSEPH OSBORN. 19 S3 South (reft. A TRW bale, selected for manufacturing, for u, or give. an advance on saleab.e da - a'". lifi Pearl - street upstairs. ' IStlt - TTJTvil' OF A'AI UK Alt lltsiuui. roa it acctios?, . BY JAMES CLKRC'KKR, TilhJv. the 20t.Ii of October, at No. ()' 153 Creenwich - simt, at It o'clock, .Valuable collection' of European and Anje - "... n - ..,,l. heinrnirtof the eNtateofilie kM Archibald Bruce, M. D. selected by him - i If comprising one or the mort exienbivei - imetsof Foreign and Ameiicsn specmens to t found in the United States, particularly d e - k. .it - mum of Universities or scien - tifie individual attached to that branch ofna , Also, a small Zoological co'.lec'ion f. - nm Cijennc. in a state of high prestation, scicn - tificallvmaiked and arranged. Also, a Nortua Tiecus, marked and arranged jrreeably to the system of Linneus. Also, a valuable collection of Antique Gold, Silver, and Cornier Coim and Medals. Also, a collection of drawing and sketches, (fold master. . Also, the valuable scientific library of Ute Dr. llnice, consulting nf works on M inera - jopj - , Bsui' Zoology, AlcJicine, and other lubject. Any information respecting the above, may It obtained from Peter Jay Afunro, Esq cor - Wof Nassau and Pine - strtets; or Doctor B.b - by, Xo. 34 Broad - street, New - York. iu 19 dctOct VQ AjTLEs' Vs EEkLIf REGIS, PER I he sub J.1 st fiber hut just reteived for collection the hill due, and ibte which will become due tin Id of September, for the above valuable work ; tiiuisoii&a received the voltrne, stliih bun been delivered t) many of the subscribe!!. He requ t - A iIiomi who can conveniently smdto hi lodging, fortliis volume, to dn to im Brdiatety, ana to be rcpared t tflUe tlwir oVi, as he wishes t - leave the rity as ih nniule. 1 h'.re v no permanent Ag'ht for the I - 'uter in 4Nf w - Yoilt Complrte sttt can be ftroiitu l at a sho.t noike. KRiMvU.N'.S MEMOIR3 - A fewenpioso. tt Wi.'inm of Ur. Umj. Fran'ilin have at fcajth arrived, and will be opened tomorrow, tiKO a ccpy mity be sera at the ore of the iS . 1 i (ins:te, ua 1 where a subscriptioa book is W. Trice jlS the ", in hoards. Tbe 1st ro - liitr, rnnUin'nz hi Lite, niav be hd separate, KJJ 50. WM. A. COL.MA.V, ; I9end1 61 M - nes'reet. ' Tfc.M UULLAKt KfcWAUU. RANAWAY on the 15th iost. fMra the sub - scriher, tui indnted niTnii - to the i.wel - Iry - , amawl JACOU flCAKO, aVut he kt Ce inchet Liah, slitKivr Oiki and ! oitett drpoituifnt. Had on when ha went a - ty, a blue coat, lipht vet aud pantaloon. It ,ryiriUiundi.d giii'g to i a, Copbin o'rwrfs are n irtii dlarl j c iutioaed a;ain,t m - flayiii( or taJkirg said runaway on board. Any ptnn urtiu ill take up said bty and conCoe tui in any gnnl, willrwciie tlie above rcwarn tad a I reuxiniril" charpt, bv applying to A. ti I. sCRYMCKOUK. No. II Fulton street, New Yoik, or to Lis mter, KDAIOND T. CUAWLF.Y, rhiladclphia. 5. D. It is believed the said b y ii now in New Tork. ang 9 Iw LLi.Ut.sT BOOK.3. AT.GOODrUCilCO. .X.v. 124 Broadway, ot potite tbe Cit Hotel, have recently re - ccifiit and fur sale, beaa'iiul niiniaturv editions of the fallowing works, vis : Tt works ol Dr. BenjaOiia Franklin, 1 vol. Mint. Onian'i Poems, 1 vol J4mo. lb rtev's Meditatons, 1 vol 2 tmn. The wo kt ol Heury Mackenzie, Kiq. com Dlete. 1 vol. 44 mo lay, poeuu, and plars of Oliver GoliLaii'.h, M. B. 1 vol 24mo WatU on tbe improvement of tbe aiiud, t vol ropeU Honer'i lltiad, 1 vol 2tmo Dido do Oddvt - ea. I vol 2 lino Melmoto'i traailation of Cirero't Lettsrs, S volt 24a0 Ditto do of Plina's Letter?, 1 vol 24mo Morro'i lle.1ctiou, 2 tols 2 loio Kranru' Horace, t vol S4mo Miclile's I o ia I, 1 vol 24mo Drydon'i Virgil, 1 vr. 2 luio laiy Voitngue's Letters, 2 vol 14 mo Milton'i roctcal Works, I vol 3 law Hoo'e' Ariosto, 1 vol 32no Chinese Tale. 1 vol 24mo k'andford snd Mert .n, I vol 24mo Tales of the Genii, 1 vol 21mo Tairy Talci, 2 voh J4mo Pope's Poetical Works complete, 1 vol 24m hrtian and Turkish Talei, 2 vols 24aio Junius' Letters I vol S4mo Any of the above may lie had either in board elegant Undings, together with a srreat atty m miscelUueou works in various branrhr MUterature. u; 19 jtbl.ENS' OFFJCcAUGt'STnr&TlBlB: (V'llL List of Prizes .Vledicnl ecieo'e V7 Lottery, 5, now flrawin in ibis city in oTt arawing. No.5,373, Jl.UOO 9.045, flOO. 9rt ztftra Armi'tr4W V 1 3. 577, $ 1 .000 - 8,59i, 13,541, 3,973, 3d days drawinr. Nn. fti - ikir jnni rfi onn Jise number marked ( sohl and have al puia at Allen's Lucky UtOce. "in nnt nmtt neit Tu'silay anernorn Ja 'be first drawn number will be cntit!eJ to t'lWO. State of the Wheel. 1 great prise of 100,000 DOLLARS, do do d? of of of 50,000 20,000 10.000 5,000 2,000 l.non do do do do do do do do of of cf 40 do A large propottioa ot smaller Pri j'y 14,500 Tickets All black drrnrs "'sevea dnyi drawing a ratuleJ to 3J. Present pricerf Tickets. JVhole 30 Quarter $1 50 Hslf 15 Ughtb 3 75 the !"le at ALLF.Na' Truly Lucky Office, Ko ttk..t . lirnviwajr. re the l.i5te,t prize? ever sold in the Unite r. .?ia.,el bve bee told and pnid. vn : fct?U lt.W0: 19,506, SJl.OOOj 10,123 fcri. 125.000 t 19,545, 25,OtK tl,i :JM'W ! 4S2. i20.000 : and a nmulr 000. S.OOt). arc. nor 19 gt H a - BU I LEU'. Pru List Medic vvitoce Lottery, No. 5 m . 3d days drawing. . f".t311, SoXifl, 4081. Sltshl each SI iv" y.,c'e" rickets it Shares for snl at ..ugl9 RECENT PUDLICATIOJT3. ' 1117 r'PHE Bachelor oud tl.e Married Man, Ortl.el TT J. t(uililriuui to Uie Ualanre of Cowl tit, vols, price 175' Marriage, a Dovel, 2 vols price S dols UUloricid Ulustratious ol the fourth canto ol Childe Hurold, by John Hobhouie, Liq. pric Jtlol5Uc1s Dusertution third, eib bitins a eeaeral view of tbe progrce i f Ctieniicil Pliilotophy, Irons the early ages to the end of the eighteenth century, by Wui. Thmnai llrHiide, price I dol. for sale at the Minerva Circ ulating Library Book and t5(a tionary Store, 2tj Broadway, opposite the Alus - euro. . . Where also may re had a general aisortraei)' of Italians y, family, st hool and puiket Bibles, Watt's Uwi - ht's, Hippoof,.'Vcl!iy'f, Uabell's, and tbe Keloruied I tulch Church I'saluis and llyuins, with the Common Prayer, id every variety ol size and binding. A general asw rtuitut of Children's Books, tic, bus 19 C K AC It.' a, 140 Broadway, lit of prizes. M T dinwing, Medical Science Lotterv, Ho. 5. Ko. 4i)HI, flOOQ SUiib & 313. fl mating each 10U) First drawu nuuihtr. Drawn again on Tuesday nett at half past 4 o'cloca, first numher drawn eutitled to jlOOU. 'I'Le ii.lluwinir rlontiit iri(os vet iu the wheel. and only three ol the stationary prizes drawn, nf IOOO dollttri eacu, one oi wnisu rerunioeu uniuio l liRACIl - .'a. Tkkbti now selling at $3 and Shaie'in proportion. 1'iize at par nnd foreign bank iu - t received in iia ment at CitUCIL':. 146 Broadr way. 1'iekeU advance io a lew days, aug 19 G' ILLEil'lt'o list of piucs iu the Medical bcience Lottery. l!d'livi drawinr. Nm. 4nai. CI2. 1000 dollars each Irnw again on Tuesdar nest, at half past 4 o'clot k P. M. when the fir3t diawa nuuiber will bcenitMtoliO0. Tht - re are manv valunMn prns bend' thost of IOO,tHK, SO.tKtU, 20,tXJ, IU.000. and 50110. 'I'hosd who wili for buncos io this spit udid Lo'.terj, can be rupp'.ied nt lottery nnd Kx lunge Offi' - e, No, 114 Brouilway,oprxMit City Hotel, where, there isyeta fewcLaucesfor tale. augiyut NKW BOOK - siOKK, So'. 104 Broadway. f)pniic lnnity Church lura. S.' CltOOKE3 rerpectiully informs tl.e puldir, tb:tt he has riminence'd the book - wlhng bu - iness in the store lately occupied by Mr. alen - tine, where he has jut owntd, and will have ciuistantlr for sale, a hanioiue olVitton oi nook in lue variomuosrliunnli ol literature. His itute will becniitjutlv siiDPHtd wi h every new publication f merit that issues from the A - inencan Press. He has now for sale, Holihnuse' lllusirntions of Lord Byrou,4lh C.iiitoof Childe Harold. Marrativeofancspei'itnn toei)Iore the river Jaire. nsuallv callwl lite Con;o, m mm, ny aiurs K. Tiu keV. I'.. IN . to uhii h is adilrU the journnl of pr iiessor Smith, and some nberatioiit on tbe country, itihairiants, in. pun inen ny perniisi"nofihe Lords of the A'liniraliy, 50 I ne UicHfior nnu .'rtrrieo .iao. r r.iiuiii - hriiim t tie linlan:e ol Comfoi t I I'h ini,iliiii'v of ripiironc ui'2 the l oir, as serted by tint Hon. I). BjrringMu. m:iooI ii:i;i - J on re.ionw? xerms. a.i vt - ers for neri'Mlii - al wor!t tlitnk fully received iml punctually attended to. Ordtrs for eiira - in. cper - platfl pruning acri Dooz - biuunig let uted with tiegatue and dispatch. bus 13 It till'JOVlK bl'kKkir ACAUKXV. 1 L. 'I UItt)UAMJ bavin, - trthen into part - l . neritiip l.n brother B. TURQUA.NI, lt. - ainviulrout i;aiy, respettiuiiy iiuormi ni trons ami the public, that their academy will ijen on Monday ne it, the I th August init. for ti.e rei - f ntion and eilucr.lion ol voutlt of bothK - i - in tep irate aparlmmlt, in the following ranches of Literature, via : Latin. F.nglith Grammar Italian, Languages French, V Kht - tonc Belle 1 litres Navigation MathemMics, Ylentur ttion, surveying. History, Geogmphv with the use of tbe Globes. Agronomy, accompanied by an Orrery and pnere. Book keep:n by sinpli and d tuble entry, the projection oi .Slaps, Keailuig, v riiniganu A run mrlic. I'wo competent female teachers being attach - d to the Academy, voung Ladies are also taught Needle Work. The accommodation, in the Academy are such as to admit ol' children from the age ol 3 jeurs and upwurds. Lcuin tuition iu any oi me aoove orancnes on moderate terms. A few Boarders may be accommodated in the family where the French and Italian languages are spoken. Italian Bv)ks f. r sale. aug 14 5w TIN Pi. A I Es, BOTTLED. IRON, ice - BV. ROGERS Si CO. No. 235 Pearl - street, have iust received per ship Eilen, from Bris tol, and oiler for sale on low tunas, 11 taken Iroui Uie vessel, 140 hampers Porter Unities 10 thousand St urbridze Brick 1 13 tons 1 - 2 in. square axd 1 1 - 4 Si 1 1 - 2 inch D it Inn 20 d - t Gtii d Stones Tin I l.ttcsof all desrrip'ious In Slore, 100 cask beat English bottld PoiUr 10 d Bar Lead 90 do Trace Chains 20 do (.lass W are 3 case Slates 6 crates coda Jugs tO eases English llats. aug 13 FKE.NCH and J - l'AMflH Bt)OK. 1 TST received frow Paris, nd for sale by P. J BUR I SELL, corner Wad & Broad - streets, Ganthey on lb ; Construction of Bridges, 3 vol. qiarlo K esinrt, 00 liynraunc vvrrxs, z von o Proney on Hydraulic Architecture, 2 vols do Spanish and French Dictionaries French and Ergli h do Dictionariti l)e I.' Aradrmie Cornielle. Kaine, Moliere, Tcleroaque, Don Qmiot e, 10 a;ianish Ami des Emails, par Kerguin, iz vois Lalandes. Itg!trithrn Tabids. aug 18 3t F 'Lt)U R. I Oi AcCt) A; CO! FEE. SOObbls new riiclimood su:tri. flour, lummonii mills brand 20 Imds. prime Richmnmi Tobarro 36 bnei St. IJ.rain;o Coff. - e, landing from schr Lady Tompkint, and i hr llcnrr, for sale by boorman u Johnston, n(rl8 57 3ouih tlrett Vi ELfill SCHOOL is vacated till the last Monday in August instant. "Lr The publi is rerpectfilly infomej, that Mr. J hn R. rmith is engagej as drawing master, and Mr. ScbifTt ly as teacher of tbe French, "pani'h and German languages. o3 tlVAog I UsKi - 1 ug Mir men on n well .. coin - IJ modaled as tw - rnnnent Hoard' - i in a private French fnuily, at No. 31 Courtlandt - streel an 12 w 'SUKCCO. L 20 hhds. p:iine Pirciaia Tobacco 51 hhds. prime Kentucky do 7 kegs Ladies' Twist, Divilson, Saon - d. - r K CVs braod 77 do Negro Heads, No 1 do l 51 do do No. 1 R A'cher' d. 18 do do No. 2livi t - v. Siun - fdrrs Ji Go's do llSdi do Nn. 2 R. Archer's .do For sale at ICW Frot - tret. hv TROKES, PAVIOSON t CO. J29 "VTAILS, SPIKE?, VICES, Ate 6 caks fine he A.1 drawn Clasp .Sails 2iK) cask Deck Spike, from 4 to 8 inches 1 d. black and I do hrisht Vicei 5 d.j S!eilgind Hand Hammer 50 Anvils, l - r sale hr - HEN L R60N ft C A! R"??. au" 8 81 Fine street. M. CAMPBELL, Manouctuser of Domestic Cotton Goods, bus just received a supply of the following articles r: - . 15,000 bieach'a B anbleach'd Slumng s noa Sheetings 1,000 ps white Millinett's, (atsortM Nos.) 100 do black do , 2.000 lbs. O'lton Twist, tit quality, d.i do 200 do Knitting .'i bewmg Cotlou. which now oders lor sale at his stoie Mo. 1D Pearl - street, (upstair ) aug 14 Id CU.VNSIUA OI.S. V PIPES and IS barrels Cranston Gin, For sale by ' GEO. W TALBOT, au IB 55 Pine - klrtet. JXU.i ecu. A A Iihd Kentucky Tobacco, landing at Do - 'I t: ver - street wharf, froui acb Umcn, for ale t.y STEVENS & MACTIER, ail!; Ill 7t No. 157 South st. A t J', r.. HUM. HLJ bbdi landing at Crane wkarf, from tloon .New - York, foraaleby JAMES D WOLF, jun. aug 18 - 54 Soulh - t. SIIEKV itOA", Curi'iLK, BRAZiEHS' copper sheets, Hssortrd izes ,, ' bottoms, raised and flat Bar copper, sheet brass Hrazi'm rods, sheet lead Tin plate, No. I l - 3x lx lit Do. Di - . - u - in Do. SD xx xxx Black plate, iron and brass wire Best Lnndxi sheet iron, double tt treble rollM Bristol single & double ,, lck plate iron F.nglUh wrought nails, rose and clasp heads ip.kes, tacks and clout nails Horse nails, block tin Trace chains, black lead crucibles Sand crucibles, shovel pans Mill, pit and c.oa cut haws Hatters and s id irons, anvils i Vices, wr.ting slates, spades and shovels Tnerctlier with a central assortment of Hardware and Cutlery, for sale on accommoda ting terms by J. B. DASH & SUN, au 13 Iw 117 Broadway. DOMUAZr.T I o, Cl.O 1 11.', 1 1 A i 9, Ac A IJ few bales Uombazctta black anj asserted eiilnur 1 case superfine woollen Shawls, asortedcol ours, tusl rectned ier Mil Financier, and for tale by UAAILL llAKr.i , 51 Williiim - streeL ALW. 5 casr Shepparils best London supf. Cloths aod Casmiueres 10 bulei Yorkshire middling and supf. Cloth 'J do I'tlifse cleths lit rairtmnii brat London fine Hal 50 d wotis wotI Hats iowpriced, suitable for Oic southern market 3 do ladies and childrt ps b!k. &(,rnb Hate 1 d n.ens patent silk Ma's 1 d i Band, Buckle. Cords, &e. 10 hhd het London Glue n - ig IS Iw O i r.V i..d .V L'.ViJKiiiilLi., - So. J7i Frout - O street, elli r (or sal. - , 10ft chests llvon tkin Tea, Ontario's cargo f! do do Tea. do oo 39 hhdt. prime Havana Molasses 7 do do Antigua do 10,000 lb. Lump Sugar 15 kg Totiat to, Row' brand 2 piwi Coihuc Brandy 3 N. K. Hum ! t do Jamaica bids bt. C'reit iuar 5 bnie 1st quality white ll - vana Sugar 16 do (to ll.tvai.a hrgart 10 bag Pepper, 4 do crude Sult - Pelre 5 qr. casks Tenetifle Wine 3') keg Pure Ginger. Together with a general assortment of grnce - ri s, wholesale and retail. aug 17 3w FIRE ENGINES, Ac. 1 "JERKINS A - JONES, back of St James' I burch. North Seventh street. Philadelphia, alter a series nl eiperiments, by which Uiey have hnuzht their I'uteui U urtrauiv JVachtne to a high state of, end ascertained the liest nroitortions nnd mode ol working, are now prepared promptly to execute all order in their line of business. Village Engine, which will p'ay over a four story heme, and not reqniimg m re than eight men, will rome at 250 dollaia. First class do. throwing a larger stream and boldtug mure water, 300 dollars. Adding to either ol the above, their improved Copper Suction Pipe, by which tie Engine sup plies itself or other r.hgiue iroui a ponu or gutter, 50 dollars. Ifihe copiier to is lengthcoed to rai. tnc water Iroui a well, or upon a wharf, whit h may readily be djoe to ahont 18 feet, the charge will be 3 dollars extra per foot. Their largest sued engines, svimn coai or.ethour and dollars, will iiM - lmrge a ton and a half of wittr per u.inute, and project it upwards of 180 feet, t:. rough a ioel one inch and an eighth in dinmeter. Intermediate sized Engines, at proportionate ences. domestic Enfincs. tor watering caruens. washing window, A:c. at 42 to 45 dollars f with copper plungers, 5 dollars extra. Large sized do. u - ed iu lactones, A;c. as tire engines, luO dollars. Their new supply pumn, which will return the water that usually runs to waste, after having been played ux,n a tire, or will force it from a pond, A'c. through hose, to any required distance, I rem 60 to 100 ii illars. The cort of hose, will, of course, depend upon its length. These Eogioe are simple in construction, not liable togt out ol order, and may be repaired by an ordinary uiechauic. Their simplicity enables the inventors to sell them at little more Uian Any the price of those 00 Uie EnglUh construction. Thev have but one chamber, with the w hole effect of two hut baif the number of valves and other apiicndagrs, aud lets Ihaa hall the tnctioa. The stream is constant, and so compact, as to produce lets spray than any heretofore made. Lett, rs of inquiry, post paid, immediately answered, and amide instructions given, when Engines are formed. Payments to be made in Philadelphia, and interest charged after 60 days. 'the Editors of the Bton C'entiocl, N. York Eveninz Post, Baltimore Federal Republican, Washington National Intelligencer, Richmond Enuuirer. Norfolk Beacon. Charleston City Ga zitte, and Savannah Republican, are requested to insert tlie above weekly for three months, and forward their accuuuts to PERKINS Ai JU.Sb; for payment, ' aug 18 1m A FULL - BLOODED M.iHE tOR SALF. a GENTLEMAN on the eve of embarking iV. for Europe, offers for sale a very elegant saJJIe mare, 6 years old, warranted sound, re - markably ca?y, trot one mil in 3 minutes and CO recoods, and well broken to any use a horse can be emrlovcd in. Enquire at Mr. Andrew Bc!ies boardinz eslabluument, ureenwicn village. aug 18 6f JUDA1I 4: LAZARUS' correct li - t of priies in the Medical lottery, No. 5, 3d day's drawistg: OCl, 1,000, 1st drawn nam bcr: Six. Z - JOC. 1.000. SidJ at the lucky lottery office ol JUUAll and LAZARUS, 74 Maiden - Lane, to a geutle - man of '.hit c ilv. I ickets and ahares, in a variety of numbers, for ial as aliove. The following are the brilliant capital prises, as yit all in 'Is - wbetl I of CiOt.f.O'J I 1 of $20,000 1 Ml.OOJ 1 10.000 The first draw.j number on the ntxt day of .lrawirg wdl be nulled to a capital prue of IHOO dollars. Prizes in lormerlolterirSjarrro'ed promissory notes, and foreign bank notes, ar receiel in n - ivnv nt f .rtitkits. Onler Pom a distsnee, inclosine the cash (post paid) will he immediately attended to, mid the earliest given of their miccms A C4rr. c clieck Irnuk is keiit at the Lucky tnlirrv OfSre. which auy be exsuulfed at all u 40 111 or a j, ii - lit f time free of expence. . au 10 m FREIGHT M CHARLESTON. ; A quantity of heavy ireigbt for Charks - ,lou. Apply to - AiS.!:UN U. rllLL.t o, au IB 1h3F'oot - tt. tor iiuie, tnlU ur Lharttr, The Gue coppred and coper fastened rchr UNION, 100 tons ; can be sent sea immediately. Apply to iiui.u K rr,Ai.L, aug 18 - CiSouthtt. A ... 1 - 4 J tr U Jt The ship RUBICON, N. H. Iloldridge, .Sl mater ; havirgconiiderable of her car - ready to go pu toirJ, will commence taking on MouJay uckt, anj sail positively the fir.! week in September. For freight or passage, apply on beard, at Jonas wharf, or to an 1H ro I 1 ii iM'Mi i c. . Fer Fi eiglt! or Chavler, To any port except the West Indies, the fie British brig hl.RICIl, !' ti'l.caii, master, will be ready to take iu in 5 6 days 1 burthen perreginter 163 tons. Ap ply to Uie master on bord, at Gouvei - ncurs hart, or to an 18 BOOKMAN Sc JOHNSTON. To sail on Wednesday next, the fine coppered ship GARONNE, Sterling, maator ; will tail on SVedueiuay next, with what freight may offer n or belore that time For which, or parage, apply uu board, at pier ISO, is. iv. or 10 G. G. Si S. HOWLAND, aug 13 67 Washingtou - st. tor bale, Frtwht or Charter, The; brig JOHN, of Philadelphia, 144 tons, built in Massachusetts, in liiou, and rebuilt in Philad. in 18 16 ; a (launch nssfs. fl'AKsttvl tltirl uphill let 11 till 111 drill Ul.fl ri'f1ttl 111 uroukijio, r or ierui, ui'iy 01 oouiu street. JAMES O'WOLr', Junr - au:; 17 The substantial fast sailing sloop WIL jaiL&lLIAM. 42 tons burthen, four years old, lies at i i ck - slip. f or particular, apply ou ooaru aug 17 3.' Foil LIVERPOOL, The will known, regular trading cop itered diit IMPORTER, IJioglry oiai tui : is now lukini: in. and will be i1i?tialcheu in a few days, r or freight of 20i) bales of cotton, or passage, having nperrT accominodatmns p - nlv loCiiPt. i. on uoaru.nt pier ivo. u, r jw. r..rtn v firi.t'ili wharf i or to CHARLES HALL, I Beaver street. nug 15 For MA V tit., The fist sailing coppered ship ASI A, tiAlexr. S. Sutherland, master, will posi tively tail on or before the 1st proximo ror freight or passage, apply to the mnneron board, it .Murray's svharl, or at ao. 'JU conee House iii, to LAW LAW, GIRAULTSi CO. aug 14 lSt tOH JAMAICA. The ship PACIFIC, captain Hold' - n, V will sail for Falmouth, (Jam.) about the 20ili lu.t. aini can handromely accommodate a few passenger?, if immediate application is made ou board, a little above Calhariue market, or to aui 14 Iw ROBERT LEISUA. tor H ILMIMi UjV, A. C. The staunch and well found schr mV, iJ - Sl' - - ix net. master, win sail wuu ail oun.ilde desnatch. For freight or passage, apply on board at Fir - Market wharf, or to nug 13 8t 165 Front street. rr iuie. FreielU or Charter, The aclir. MOUSING STAR, 90 tons ; carries about 800 barrels, and in complete order fr aeaj lying at Dover street wharf. Apply to R. iC. W. DAVENPORT & CO. an 13 35 Peck - slip tor Antigua, Tt,. RrilUh hric A MP I.I 4. Job ilia!. Humphreys, master; an uncommonly line last sailing vessel. For passage only, apply ou board, at Jones' whan, or to R. GILLESPIE, 112 Fiont - strect. Who offer for salo, 200 bhls new Richm md Flour, Ilaxal.'s brand 8fi hhds Kentucky Tobacco 1 1 do Richmond do 1 2 bales prime Upland Cotton A Chain Cahlc, fit for a vessel of 500 Ions Wine and Porter L'o.tles 2 pipe sund 3 hhds Rci Port Wine White Port aud Claret do Roriz Red Port, incases of three doien each, aug 13 tor Ane, Freight or Charier, Thesch HANNAH, Hampton, master, 140 tons ; la well found, and now ready to receive a cargo. Apply at o svaan - ington - street. ' aug 13 G. O & S. ROWLAND. rVP. CROIX RUM and SUGAR. r 20 i.hds s prime Sugar, and 1 16 do prime Rum. now landing from brig Condon, at Pier No. lis, for stile by G. & II. LEWIS. aug 17 IJROCTOR ii MATHERO, No. 71 fine - street, have received by the Importer, Eu nhrate. and other late arrival, tl.e following gaodi which they offer for sale on liberal terms, hi : 40 bales Kendal Cottons 36 do White Plains 5 do superfine Hroadclcths 4 do middle priced do 2 do Pelisse Cloths 1 do Cassimeres 2 trusses blue sav'd Lilt Cloths 3 do Toiianetts 10 esses woollen Shawls and Scarfs 2 do furniture Chiutx of superior patterns and quality ti dn iinwrfinp London Hats 1 do containins hovs Beaver and cloth caps, ladies and childrens Stuff Bonnets, &c. 1 do Hatters Bowstrings nnd Trimming 2 do Jewellery of various kinds. ALSO, Iff STORE, 50 barrels Seneca Gin . 3 do rectified Whiskey 2 pipes Cognac Brandv 2 do L. P. Madeira Wine of choice quail ty 19 kegs Manufactured Tobacco 15 do Patent Yellow 6 casks Mustard 2 hhds Shoe lirushe, tc. angll 2w l)l'M ii fUMAC 17 puncheon Antigua At Rum, and A few tons Trieste Sumac, , Landing, a'al lor sale at 165 Front - srrcrt. m g 13 Ct A.L. GOMEZ. 101 1' N BAGGING, eic 4U8 puce Cot KJ too nagging 22 bales Usn - tlinrgs 1 do Tow Shei lings 2 hoxe Blear hed Linens 3 bales erwmg Twiue 321 pieces Pavement, just received perbrij Llerih. from Dundee, Icr saje hy 1). BElilUNE&CO aug 18 Mi' V. f Hoti.e.siip rsLOUR, tic 3lj0 bhls.ntw .'ichruond lljur, H 01 (Salleeo and other aoiiroed brand 200 do do Haia I and Virginia Mills partly from old wheat 150 do fresh groim I from old wheat 240 do Alcxondtia do 209 do fine do 60 do Fredericksburg do 100 do Middlinrs 200 do ship stuff, for sal by WAtWIfe GALLAGHER. H 66 South street ' QUIPPING FURS 1000 Oiler and Mink O iu, jt UCeive.1 and for me by ANSON G. PHELPF, C0TTO3J BAGGING, OSXA BURGS, i r - 522 pieces uavy 1 1 - 210. tryard Co.tJt. pitces nevy cai.Kiis 7 bales Strelitz Osnaburghs , 2 do I rowa Tow Shining 3 do 5ail Cloth, lSo. I tu7 4 boxes bleat h,d Os. - ialinrgi U do In.i ation Russia bi.eetmg 2 do bleached Linen, landing from brig Elrick, M'Lean, from Dundee, lor ale Ly WJUIVillA.t K JOILIO I t"" mi in 57 Son'h tret. i U.S. ot tiuall tqiiare uaiet wpunu ; Cotton, and 60 round bales, in lots to suit purchasers, for sale by SAL I Al.lib , ang 18 811 Pine - Mreit. 'I 'VVa I. Hm lb. Cotton Twist, fcrsl qimli J. ty and aborted No, jutt received nnd fur sale hv WM. CAMPBELL. ang 14 197 Pearl street, (upstairs.) It 1GA CLEaN HEMP 10 tons Riga t han ritinp, of a lunerior quality, lor tale by ro? tfl w TLCkER : t - ARTFR. t.h.s il.t.L liOAKillSC. r HREF. Or lour gentlemen, disposed to live socinlly toirether 'till the1 1st - May next, may be accommodated in a small family, w ithout rhi'uren, where there will he no other hoarders. The situation is on the IN River side, within nve minutes walk of the Tontine (.'oll. e House. The utunl objection In taking lodgings (in a private family, dial it it tmonrtnunt Io tttlcrtmncont - pant," cannot be made here, as the lainily isac customed to and pleaned with sot iety, tho they they have on hand, and are receiving, at the - do not mix a great desl with it. The terms will I Kmg'i - Bridire Marble and J,imr. - 1 ardt foot of ne according 11 the accommodations rt quired, t Aprly verbally, or by a line directed to A. B. at thts office. aus 17 tf TO MERCH :S 'la. A PERSON of 20 yean of age, of respectable il latuiiy, who has been conversant witnuip ping and comiuision Imsine. for ereral yearr, nd who neaks the hnnnish nnd rrenth Ian guage suffiriently well lor nil the ordinary purposes ol coniuirrre, wishes to lorru a com miision Establishment in New Orleans, or S'jiiie other southern port, m connection with some hfnii nr rBrwrtatim nrl r, itiurcf - li in isew Korlt. rroper reierenees, ot course, win 1 beofTred. AdtlressK. at this olhce. amrl7 4t V Lit F - STH F.ET &C1UUL. fknilE catroniof thiitinsti ill ion and the rub - JL lie, are respectfully informed, that the School will be opened, alter the summer va - cation, on the 24th of this momh. This School is in the new and handsome! bnilding in the rear of St. George' Chapel, fronuni; on Clill - strect. It is provided with everv accommodation, and completely furnish - 1 ed wish books, maps, globes. Ac 1 he course of instruction includes moat of the branches of a useful and liberal education. Pupils ot the larger class are preferred. - None will be ad - milted but such as can read with fluency. Aware that their instructions and examnle. ... inwdv. in nmdptrr Sh. rnrr. I tability, and usefulness of their pupils, the teachers will assiduously endeavour Ittr to CtlS - i charge what they apprehend to be the dutie ot their profession. Parents and guardians, are invited to call and see the school GOOLO BROWN, au 17 2v WM. B. BROWN. FOH SALK. Six years unexpired lease, of the House o. I i Ureenwien slrtel. t.n(uire on site pre mises. am 1 11 A tAlUuFFUrtiLjiti t. A NY GENTLEMAN having five thousand Im. dollars to spare, after settling with hi ere - Aiinn. mi, liv arhancttof iloublin? his monev I 1 ..... . I .. in a small lotterv proposed by Uie subscriber, iuscnooi nn uec.i oiw iwra, . .y.. ,1 the three lollowine ways : . ... . First. Any horse, mare, or gelding, being pro duced, that will trot one mile in Us time than the little erey marc, owned by tbe subscriber. - hall be entitled to $ 1500 ; but, should the little grey have most foot, then the subscriber Io re - ceive g 151x1 Irona ntsopponenu Secondly. For a wager of $1000, the little mare shall trot sixty miles in six successive hours, Third, nnd lastly. For a wager of fWOO.she riiall leave New - York al fire o'clock 111 the morn ing and an ive in Philadelphia the same day at three, being a space ol ten hours. rr Gentlemen deirou ol trying their luck in the above scheme, will signify by letter, ad - Iressrd to WILLIAM JACKSON, 76 Chatham - street : Where mori".vrjoiis may be had in abundance ; likewise, ru''rf Amr, manufactured by steam, ol the first quality, cheaper aud superior to auy in America. N. B. W. J. likewise informs (he public, that the glass cutting establishment of Jackson a: Baggott, is in full operation ; where glass will ne cat to any pattern, equal, if not superior, to any imported. au 17 .tt flat tOH HALF, . An nndivided moiety in tie following tots of land in Kvmn' Patent' nt Delaware County, tate of New - York, vis ; Lot No. SO, containing 17S acres ; lot No. SS, containing 134. Alto, an undivided moiety in the emf half f lot No. 40, ..'. l .1.1. - J 1 . IT In 1 1 . conuiuiiiK iwi avic, iuu m nK w. m uv same patent containing ium sere. The above lot are well timbered with pine, tee. he. and their contiguity to the well branch ot ttv Delaware river render ihem worlhv of the atten tion of lumber mei chants. They will be sold reasonable for cash or approved notes. For further particulars app'y to THOMAS ADDIS 1, r.sq. comiSRiior at law, no. i nnt street. New York, (who is utliorisea to mate contract for the sale of the above lots) or to the subscriber, by whom an unquestionable title will be given. MAItTHA KRADSTREET, iiammonosireci, oreenwicn. New York, July JI4th. I8H. er - The Proprietors of Ihe Philadelphia Freeman' Journal are requested to publish the above for two months io their paper and semi their hill to the subscriber. J 95 rl2ra vim it (JUL F.y JUA A'U tAClXjttk'itUti S.ll,t.. THE Eagle Manufactory at Greenwich, about 2 miles from thecitv of New - York. s now ollcreu nr sate. 1 ne esiaousnmeni con sist of 21 lot of eround, one entire block, iu fee, title indisputable. An excellent four - story fire oroof buildine. 70 feet front by 40 deep, with two wings of about 30 leet each by Xj, ana n Dve - bouse 30 feet by 25. The machinerv com prises an excellent steam engine, of 24 horse power, and generally every Ibing complete aod requisite for carrying on the woolen manufactory on an exteii'ive scale. The buildings and machinery may be tnrv ed by application to William Torrev, esq Greenwich. For terms, 4 - hich will he liberal. ipply to JOHN G. COSTLR, or THOS. C. BUTLER. au 14 dictOct.l (Tj Tti uue new Una ve.;l FRONTENAC, ol 700 tons burthen, Jame? Mac Kinrie, Bisster, will oiniiient k runnim on the first day of May neit, .lid will lesve KinK't n, for York and Niagara, on the 1st, I Ith and 21st day of each month, on 1 .S'iagjira, for York and Kingston, the 6th, I611 and'25(ndny of each month, during the sen n, there every f.tteniion will be paid to the east and comfort'of the passenger. Applications for passage to be made to the cap tain on board. Kingston, 6lh April, 181". J 7dSctOc1 i t LET. TO be let 'till the first of May, or 00 a lase for fourteen years, that large and soacious faa - ily Housn, situated No. 46 Broad street, with or without cojc!i house and stables ; the pre mises have been lately put m thorough repair for a lsr - e family, or a respectable Boarding house j the premises are zoo r - t in depth from xne inmv in oroaurren, xo we coacn house in Ne - reet, with a large fsidea and an exten sive Tine ceiier. aulJ u 1 PUBLIC .SALES. . BY M,D1TIIS. ' ' To - morrow, . , - : - ' At half past Do'elock, at kit stores No. 2C3 IVar - st a genel assortment of Dry Goods. At 11 o'clock, 4 packages bard ware J 1 do. Gimp. irr .mill?, jiflvmv u co. Thuraday, Half past IX o'clock, at their auction room. No. 148 Pearl kireet, an extensive asuHiiinitni of and French Goods. Among w h ell are 3 cases book fancy, leno and mull muslins 1 ldo company flaghdkfii 1 box line thread laces, I caae lace shauU, veils, &c. 1 1 do. hair nets ; 1 do. worsted hose t 1 do brown and mixed thread do t 1 do tamb'd mulls s 2 bales black bombazeta ; I do cctton hirling; 1 case 9 - 8 and 6 - 4 cambric muntin ; ldo. worsted stockinet ; 1 do black fc.fletis ribbons no. 4 2 bales assorted cloths andcas - simera; I case ivory stick fans ; 1 bale assort td flannels k 200 pitces long - ytliow rui.keen j and a number of other articles. At private aale, pew No. 9 Garden - etreet Church. MAht,L.t. tUH iiUlljUiSiU, e. THE proprietors of the southern warble qua rics, hear King's - Bridge, give notice, that Beach - street, on tbe Hudson river, an extensive k nf mart.L tnr buihlin". nf tho following de - .,;.;. . , F r Ashlar Coping Foundation Stoo Chimney - pieces J Facings Columns Wutertable Steps PlaUorms Sills, Liutels A rtbet Also Lime of the best quality, tty A constant supply cf tho above materia) utav be calculated uion ; and those desirous 1 1 purcuaimg, or uiasui; m - iii5, wm to UttA tuouow, Feb 11 AttheYartl. t or bnntand. tta Uuhlax. Ji. t. Letters lor His Britannic Majesty's Park - et Montague, will be received at the Post ()llir 'tin eaueuay oner vir - u ui o, yitu. . '"B 14 LtJ Silver Lake, Niagara, Eautoi 11, ii iouth - orn banknotes, received at par for lottery tick - els, by ttt.jiJ.iJUijv ttvtt.ii.ii. aug 14 a' vvau - sircei. 4t - A,i lu.t.on. havini: demand azninst the L,i;iie 0f Doctor SAML. G. MOT'T will plea present them, nnd those indebted will please make immediale paymenw to JOHN G. MOTT, Anm r. , m " lw t i III - . E V tal'ltKEP SEMINARY. 'puis snoni win ue openeo b usu m ou uw - S - ISlOl VIII lUUIIUl, oriiiciiiuiy , ui apartment, as heretofore, under the core 01 vVH.I.IAM A. TAYLOR, a rradunte ol Ynle fur iiiklrin lion in the Latin. Greek, and French Lsnguages, anil in a regular tourso 01 " - . . . - 1 English studies, including the different branches 01 the mathematics. Vc. ROBERT F. MOT I' will continue wconauci lh fruialft ilennrlment. in SVblch Will of iniiobt Ihe nlreadv mentioned, wild particular reference In History, Rhetoritk, Geo' srunhy, and other studies, which generally occu iiv nit ,i,itinriRiii iiiai'H in itrninii - riiui Dtitfti. rJ.. ' .lr...:.!. - il. - . t. WAIllll be prehrted, no reference is given, except tolba a a nenouiii aiiinicaiion 10 111c iccit ui:i. nww. manv parent, who. from the lonx time that the ... I. I . .l.i:.t. ..A 1 - Lanm. aiimntfd with it. It is believed that the limit ed number 01 the school will afford opportunities. for a particular and iudividunt attention, lor the neglect, ot which no system alone can compen sate, ror terras, sc. apply at tne rooms, n. 4 Green street, between .Maiden Lane and Li - 1,1 ,treet nug ih MAMMU 1 II CtiD.U, JVwe txhibittns at Pint Flan, 2f3 Uroarfiwy. '1 SHIS extraordinary prodigy in Ihe human la - X mily is but four years ol age, was born in (Im lownol Dundalk, county of Lowlh. Ireland, iml on inspection will be lound to be the largest child now in tl.e world, weighing 122 pounds, meaaiiriiic iu statue 3 feet 3 niches, eXjttlv made, mid ol handom symmetry, of fine and engaging, countenance, gifted with imnntinc intelligence, , and manners attractive nnd interesting ; express - on? in one view nn uncommon specimen nnd mo del of the works ol Providence, whic h even in Ibis instance deviating from the order we are accustomed to, has not left it creature iu any manner deficient iu beauty, quality or proportion. As his parr nts intend removing him to London, his stay in this city will be of very limited duration. Admittance i5 cents Children half price. nug 186t ' At.IV AUblC JUST Rt.t.lVtAt. LADIES are respectfully advised te apply at Mr. Burtscll's, opposite the Custom - house, or at Mr. IJ. Phyfe's, Fulton - st. where (forthcir convenience) the subscriber has furnished part of a large asvtrtnient of tho latest London tV.uiic, chosen lor him by a first rate musician, ana scarce two pieces alike. GEO. i. fthUUtHl, anglO 132Pearl - st. . Where may be purchased, very low for cash, Wm. Dcttmer k Son's patent Piano - Fortet also, Maelsid's patent Metronomes, tic. THE subscriber having permanently died hn residence in the town ol St. Louis, Missouri territory, offers his services as agent, either io the purchase or sale of lands in Ihe Missouri or Illinois territories : he will also act in the capa city of agent generally, and execute such com missions as may iierntrusieu 10 mm. Person havincr landed property in the Atlan tic stales, may make favorable exchanges for land in we territories nnove - roennonen, oy application to the subscriber, and famishing a par ticular description of the property offered for ex - nange, wun an estimate 01 11 rci vhiuo. To tbe eiiauiries of such as are desirous of cmigrstingto either of tbe territories, he will eheeriully mane prompt answers, wnnoni any charge ; postage ol letters 1 1 him being paid. T. W. S.SIllff. St. Louis, Missouri Territory, 1st June, 1818. Messrs. Irving, Smith At Holly, Cheese borough A Patterson, I RefereH - Rathbone & Downer, ces in John Ratline, N. York. Ogden Edwards, Esq. J 1 15 diwc?awlm rssi FOR SALE, Cjjla A country Ilnue nnd Farm, on the east bank of Hudson's River, in the Highlands, about 54 miles from New - fork, lying between the country seats of William Denning, Ltquire, and pt. Phillips, nnd nearly opposite Wst Point. The farm contains 121 acte. The house (which wa built in I8U5) ha U rooms, ex luiv of tbe kifcben.and posse. - scs every convenience n. cessa - rv lor a i.naily. There is also a tarm house, barn, stable and other out - hc - oses, in good order, a garden and a great variety of Iruil trees of the het kinds. A further description is ait given, because person im lined to purchase wi I no Inubt view the premises ; for which purpose application may lie made to Mr. James Thompson, on the farm. For tbe term of sale, enquire of WM. HENDERSON, , 5.') Wall street, New - York. J8W&S3dpn2m VAUXH ALL FOR SA LF - 'I's HE proprietor ol Vmvxholl Garden. A'rss - L Fork, wisbine to retire from public busi ness "j'n Mo," iflers the establishment For Sale. I here are yet 6 years el Ihe lease unexpi red; every u'easil and necewary oojeci lor a continuation of tbe business, and for tbe pleasore of visitors, ire on the spot, and win maae a parv i the tale. Tbe celebritv of the rlce, ihe known encouragement end receipts to roo queocj, are 00 well known to require particular, lerma

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